Rumor Patrol: Batman/Superman Film In the Works?

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Both Batman and Superman have major motion pictures currently in the works – Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel – and that’s not even including the proposed Justice League film, which will showcase both Batman, Superman, and a number of other major DC superheroes.

Now there’s a rumor going around that there’s a another film in the works that will utilize both Batman and Superman, which, for simplicity’s sake, will heretofore be referred to as Batman/Superman.

According to our pals at Think McFly Think, Warner Bros. has two plans for a Batman/Superman film. The first, and their preferred plan, is to feature Batman as the veteran superhero who takes Superman under his grizzled wing. Apparently, the hope is that they can convince Christian Bale – with the help of dump trucks full of cash, perhaps – to return to the franchise after Rises, despite Nolan’s absence.

The second path, if they can’t get Bale to return, is to feature Superman as the veteran superhero who takes a newly-cast Batman under his wing. In both scenarios, the studio would like to use Henry Cavill as the man of tomorrow.

On the one hand, this rumor is difficult to swallow due to the fact that, again, both superheroes have feature films coming out in the next two years as well as a third film featuring both in the next … uhh, three years? Four? Maybe five? After all, how many films can Warner Bros. produce with the same two characters before audiences say enough is enough?

On the other hand, as was reported when Justice League was announced, Warner Bros. is interested in continuing the Batman franchise in some manner after Nolan finishes his tenure. Additionally, the recent DC Reboot will most likely see a veteran Batman create the Justice League, which will involve less experienced superheroes than the caped crusader, including Superman.

This would be the second time that Warners has attempted to mount a Batman/Superman film, the first being Batman VS. Superman – prior to Batman Begins – which was to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen and written by Se7en scribe Andrew Kevin Walker. Colin Farrell (eh?) and Jude Law (eh?) were all but set to portray Bats and Supes, respectively, and the screenplay was considered by many who read it to be excellent, with a story that involved the Joker and Lex Luthor pitting Batman against Superman.

Unfortunately, Troy came along and ruined both Batman VS. Superman and the original incarnation of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, which would’ve starred Brad Pitt. In fact, the closest we ever got to seeing Batman VS. Superman was a Times Square poster in the Will Smith vampire vehicle I Am Legend:

batman versus superman in i am legend Rumor Patrol: Batman/Superman Film In the Works?

There’s little doubt, in this writer’s opinion anyway, that a World’s Finest film could be well and truly excellent. That said, maybe DC should explore creative success with their lesser known properties first – from The Flash to Aquaman to Blue Beetle to Booster Gold and on — before they return to the Batman/Superman well once more.

What do you guys think about this rumor? Do you buy it? Not buy it? Do you want to see Batman/Superman regardless? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012 and Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


Source: Think McFly Think

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  1. I personally would rather see a Batman/Superman movie before I see a Blue Beetle or Aquaman movie. In fact, I would like to see a Batman/Superman movie before a Justice League movie. It would work great as a lead in to the Justice League. I do not think Bale would come back for another though. Especially after the director he has worked with for three Batman movies has said that Superman does not exist in his universe.

    • It doesn’t have to exist in Nolan’s Batverse. The Nolanverse is ending with TDKR, so they don’t have to have a Batman/Superman exist in the same universe.

  2. haha. aquaman.

  3. The only actor I want to see play Aquaman is Vinny Chase.

    • I was thinking Ryan Goseling would make a good Aquaman

    • Vinny Chase and James Cameron please

    • …and the only director who could pull it off is James Cameron.

      • Not Nolan? lol just kidding

    • Agreed whole heartedly

    • Vin Chase and James Cameron FTW! Let’s keep them both for the sequel though

  4. I’d rather see a Dark Knight Returns movie with Bale but this could still be good. WB should definitely try some other Heros first. They’ve got to get something going besides Batman and Superman if theyre ever going to seriously compete with Marvel.

    • WB on their own can produce good comic book movie its a fact look a Green Lantern.

      WB only work better with Legendary Pictures.

  5. What happened to the plastic man movie?

  6. Bale said he would only play bats if Nolan was directing the movie so i dont see him coming back but who knows people will do just about anything for the amount of money Warner Bro would offer Bale

  7. Warner Bros and DC Comics maybe don’t want Christian Bale now that the studio admitted that the Batman Nolan movies have been so realistic that there is no way for a Justice League team up movie or a Batman vs Superman movie with Batman in it.

    So maybe DC might not want Bale to reprise his role and have a another actor to play Batman and make the movie look like a reboot where Henry Cavill will obviously return since he is playing the new Superman in the Zack Synder reboot.

    So if Bale and Cavill return as Batman and Superman then this might be the greatest team up superhero movie ever.

    • sorry but WB/DC needs Nolan and Legendary Pictures thats a fact. without Nolan, Bale and Legendary Pictures WB/DC will flop big time. look how they try doing Green Lantern on their own that sucked.

      • Ummm…You directly contradicted your own previous comment.

        • i dont think u realise Green Lantern was not produce by Legendary Pictures only WB. Legendary Pictures know how to handle comic book movies without them WB on their own doing Batman will suck.

          • Legendary is scared to death that WB will cut them out of DC movies. Without WB, Legendary has nothing. They own nothing. WB graciously allows them to invest money in WB’s movies. That’s it. They have no creative input. Directors and writers are indifferent to Legendary, because they are the mere bean counters and are irrelevant.

      • The Tim Burton Batman was successful and Richard Donner Superman films were also successful. WB doesn’t need Nolan.

        • they done long time ago WB/DC nowadays cant handle comic book movies right

          • But it still proves that WB does NOT need Nolan.

  8. Yes more Batman and Superman

  9. A Batman and Superman film SHOULD be made before a JLA fun to establish their relationship with one another.

    I dont like the idea of either of them taking the other under his wing though. Have the two meet up while investigating the same case. They don’t get along or approve of the others methods. They learn to respect one another and have an understanding. Superman learns that Batman is what Gotham needs because his methods wouldn’t work in Gotham because it’s so full of corruption. Batman learns that Superman is the hero the world needs to inspire others to greatness.

    Also on the point of seeing the characters so often, by 2013 we’re going to see Iron Man in 4 films. That’s 4 films in 5 years. I don’t think people will get tired of the characters as long as they are in good stories. People didn’t seem to get tired of Harry Potter. People dont get tired of seeing their favorite characters on a weekly t.v. series, as long as they are apart of good stories.

    • I can’t disagree with a single thing in your post. I think a Superman/Batman team up would be a great move for DC before Justice League and with the right script could pave the way for Justice League. EVERYONE knows who Batman and Superman are, so the names together in one movie would draw lots of people. If the film is done right, DC is set for the next decade with Justice League films AND would give DC some incentive to make other films with their characters (such as Wonder Woman and Booster Gold).

  10. I don’t like this. I think a Batman/Superman movie could be amazing but this sounds silly. The old script was perfect and exactly what a Batman/Superman should be. Batman takes Superman under his wing? And teaches him what? And Superman would teach Batman what? One is an alien with incredible powers and one is an angry off guy with a lot of money. “No Bruce, you squint and then lasers come out of your eyes, like this.” … “Supes you aren’t listening, you need to have throwing stars in the shape of your logo!” (I prefer Batman, it sounds like I don’t… and we HAVE to make that clear!)

    Not to mention, even if this isn’t an official reboot, it’s a step back. While it may not be an origin story, it is going to feature one of them as a “new” hero. So we get them stopping some muggers, a training montage, and then one big bad guy at the end. Just like EVERY other fing comic movie. If they keep rewinding these heroes we are NEVER going to see them as they are after decades of comics, in epic battles to save the world, and Fing **** Up.

    Along those lines, I am excited for The Avengers but I really fear it is going to be “too” Whedon. More about the team learning to co-exist and get along and less about any real threat or action. They will fight but it will be tame and predictable. Then they will banter and argue and people will love it.

  11. A Batman and Superman film SHOULD be made before a JLA fun to establish their relationship with one another.

    I dont like the idea of either of them taking the other under his wing though. Have the two meet up while investigating the same case.

    Also on the point of seeing the characters so often, by 2013 we’re going to see Iron Man in 4 films. That’s 4 films in 5 years. I don’t think people will get tired of the characters as long as they are in good stories. People didn’t seem to get tired of Harry Potter. People dont get tired of seeing their favorite characters on a weekly t.v. series, as long as they are apart of good stories.

  12. A (live action, there’s already an animated one which is awesome) Batman/Superman film sounds like a great idea. But, like Wing Head said, the idea of one taking the others under his wing isn’t not a good idea at all (or a realistic one). They’d do something fresh and believable for it to be worthwhile.

  13. Only if it’s based off Public Enemies.

  14. Also, Aquaman is a cool character. I can’t wait for Geoff John’s run to come put and HOPEFULLY prove that to people.

    WB should start doing other characters. Don’t put the most powerful villain in the first film, dont try and copy other comic films, and don’t give a new character such a large budget. 140-150 mill budget will be fine for new characters. Use the money more wisely and don’t spend a ton of money on CGI for stuff that doesn’t need it, like the costume.

  15. if this rumor is true (which I am hoping beyond hope that it is) that would be the best way for DC/Warner Bros to make their advancement to the justice league more relevent and seperated from Marvel’s formula for the Avengers film. With Superman and Batman being the main tie in, make it a trilogy and have them collecting superheroes for a Justice League movie featuring Darkseid…yeah that would be awesome to say the least. I think Marvel spread itself a bit too thin with the multiple franchises for a each main avenger…but that is not saying that it wouldn’t work for DC, they just need to do something to make up for their recent Green lantern failure…

    That being said, my DC cast for the JLA film would be first original members

    Superman – Henry Caviel (Grudgingly, i dont even care if i spelt his name correctly, personally I’d rather see Tom Welling here)
    Batman – Christian Bale (I would rather see
    Aquaman – Joe Manganiello (Rather see him as Superman, but its not likely)
    Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds
    Martian Manhunter – James Marsters (lets face it, he could pull it off, his piccolo looked more like MM anyways)
    The Flash – Neil Patrick Harris
    Wonder Woman – Oddette Yustman or eliza dushku

    You only really need one or two (maybe three actors with star power to pull this off…it could happen

      • Nathan Fillion and Jared Padalecki = The two most common names being thrown around by fanboys in just about every casting article

      • Cavill will look like a tiny child next to Padalecki’s Batman. This is the problem with casting a shrimp as Superman. It really cuts down on who you can cast as the rest of the JLA.

        • Except that Superman’s power comes from his extraterrestrial nature, not his muscles.

        • Too bad Superman’s marketing power doesn’t come from looking shrimpy.

          Muscles for the win!

  16. hope Bale does another batman movie

  17. 2013: Reboot Superman

    After this here’s what I think they DC should do…

    - Try to keep the entire Batman cast on board and if they can’t then reboot the entire series but make the next movie a sequel to TDKR.

    - After making sure the new Batman and Superman movies are good they can they work on a Justice League movie but only if they can get Cavill as Superman, Reynolds as Green Lantern and whoever either Bale or the new Bruce Wayne as Batman. If they can’t get their movie counterparts for the Justice League movie, then they might as well put the Justice League movie straight to DVD. And before the Justice League movie they release a DVD called Justice League Origins or something like that which explains the origins of the people in the group who didn’t get their own movies (Wonder Woman and Aquaman).

    As for a Batman/Superman movie, I’d rather that than a Justice League movie, but I don’t want it to happen if it waters down their flagship superhero franchises.

  18. True, mace.

    Without Nolan, Bale and Legendary Pictures, DC Comics would had gone downhill.

    Look at Green Lantern, compare to Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger, the movie didn’t stand a chance.

    I watched it and I was amazed and disappointed where it all turned out, I mean Ryan Reynolds did his best as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively was hot as Carol, Strong did a great job as Sinstero and the rest of the characters were not used well.

    The script is to be blamed, not the director but come on, Martin Campbell is a great director and he reboot Goldeye and Casino Royale very well.

    If he hadn’t directed Green Lantern first. he would had reboot the movie well.

    Let’s hope The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t disappoint and breaks box office records just like Harry Potter & DH Part 2, I mean the movie is the third highest grossing movie of all time behind Avatar and Titanic, it is amazing.

    I hope TDKR will be a great end to the trilogy just like DH2 ended the series.

  19. I honestly don’t like Bale as “Batman” but I do like him as Bruce Wayne. I really think the need to move on from the Nolan-verse. There is only room for Batman there. Seems very locked in on just Batman & any sort of expanding such as a Bats/Sups movie would take way to long to explain without massive plot holes.

    • I know I agree on the “like him better as Bruce Wayne” too. If they are gonna make a Supes/Bats movie I don’t want to see Bales gravelly voiced, slow-mo fighting Batman with Superman. And those movies are made WAY too realistic for me to picture a super powerful alien in blue tights showing up anytime soon (and if he was around, how would they explain how no one was talking about Superman or mentioning him in TDK?) If they do make this and a JLA movie, Batman need to be a lot more SUPERhero and larger than life, more along the lines of the animated movies and Arkham Asylum game. When I watched TDK I was like “DOGS?!? Even coming near Batman? Seriously?”

  20. Why do people hate Aquaman so much? I don’t get it.

  21. Rubber musclesuit Vs. Rubber musclesuit The Motion Picture

    • For your sake I hope Cavill has a shirtless scene in MOS

    • Ah Lord Garth, the accuracy of your quip is painful. Let the geeks cry in peace.

      • The following as is brought to you by Marvel Comics:

        Our heroes don’t need rubber muscle suits


  22. That’s funny, A-Bomb. Good joke.

  23. Anyone know what comic that picture at the top is from?

    • Justice League #2 by Geoff Johns/Jim Lee, out in October.

  24. I remember reading that Walker script, it really was very cool. (It’s somewhere out there in theInterwebs…) But can you say “overkill”? I’d still watch it but dude, let the JLA movie rest in peace for a couple of years after it opens… give us a Batman/Superman no earlier than 2020, I say.

  25. I’m torn. While I *want* to see a Superman/Batman combo flick, I’m extremely gunshy about how it might turn out with the way the reboots have been going.

    • And herein lies the question: can this be considered a reboot? If they get a new actor to portray Batman, but make a new story unrelated to either TDKR or MOS, isn’t that a new movie?

  26. Bale says he wouldn’t reprise the role, but that has yet to be tested against a $20 million pay day. He wasn’t artistic enough to turn down Reign of Fire and Terminator Salvation. Plus Nolan is producing the Batman reboot, so why would Bale turn this down?

  27. Spoiler warning for the picture would have helped.

    • Haha, what?

      • The pic of Batman fighting a certain villain. That’s not an official release, for one. And not everyone is like many of us, scouring, sniffing for any Dark Knight Rises pics and video we can get our eyes on.

        • Ben and Hiro,

          The reason I said that is because this is a thread about a Batman/Superman movie and the pic is something out of the The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t want to see anything relating to the new movie because I go into Nolan movies fresh without knowing a single thing about them. I don’t even watch trailers. I did that for Inception and it was one of the greatest movie experiences I have ever had. Just a preference is all.

          • Agreed

          • Sorry, but I don’t consider “Bane fights Batman” to be a spoiler.

            • Neither, a little hard to get interested in a film having not seen anything about it IMO.

            • I agree. Bane is the villain, it’s rather obvious that he would be fighting Batman at some point in the movie.

              • Ghost,

                how obvious is it if I didn’t know Bane is the villian?

                • Well, he’s certainly not an ally to Batman. The teaser trailer showed it that he was gonna fight Batman (again it should have been obvious).

                  • Ghost,

                    There was a teaser trailer? Like I said, I avoid headlines and anything relating to the Dark Knight Rises. I came to this page because it said Batman/Superman. Some people want to know what the whole movie is about before they see it. That’s fine for them.

            • Ben,

              You don’t think saying Bane is the villain is a spoiler? Telling me who the villain will be is the definition of a spoiler. Plus, this is an article about a Batman/Superman movie not a Dark Knight Rises article.

              • No, something that was officially announced by WB months ago is not a spoiler. Something that is in the title of, say, fifty percent of our DKR articles is not a spoiler. If you think that constitutes a spoiler and that’s the sort of spoiler you want to avoid, then you shouldn’t be visiting movie news websites at all.

                • Gotta go with Ben on this one. Every movie news website that covers CBM films has been having articles about Bane and Batman. NOT a spoiler.

                  • Yeah I don’t read those articles.

                    • Do you not read headlines either?

                    • Ben,

                      I avoid anything that relates to the new Batman movie. So if I see something that says Batman I try not to read it. I saw this headline and checked out the article but still had dark knight rises stuff. oh well.

                    • How hard is it for people who like spoilers to understand that not everyone does?

                      There are people, such as Jake here, who avoids spoilers.

                      I did much the same for The Dark Knight. I didn’t look at any stories about. I avoided film websites for at least half a year, if not more. It was tough in the beginning, but I eventually got used to it.

                      That image also shows what Bane looks like.

                      So, people who don’t mind spoilers, that’s fine. But don’t go around acting as if everyone thinks and feels the same way you do. So, Ben, you might not see it as much of a spoiler, but Jake and others like feel much differently.

                    • “I avoided film websites for at least half a year, if not more. It was tough in the beginning, but I eventually got used to it.”

                      Again I say, isn’t this the only way to avoid the sort of spoilers you’re referring to?