WB Executive Dodges Wonder Woman Question for ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Superman Wonder Woman Batman Movie Rumors WB Executive Dodges Wonder Woman Question for Batman vs. Superman

Director Zack Snyder has given a new generation a Superman movie to call their own with Man of Steel, though not without arousing the ire of many longtime Supe fans who’re still getting used to the 21st-century version of Kal-El. However, at this stage, the hotter discussion topic is very much Snyder’s developing sequel, tentatively known as Batman vs. Superman, with Ben Affleck getting prepared to step into the iconic cape and cowl, so that he may play an “older” version of the Caped Crusader (opposite Henry Cavill as a younger and more reckless Man of Tomorrow).

So why, then, has a good deal of the Batman vs. Superman talk shifted gears into a discussion of Wonder Woman lately? Well, it started when the report leaked that Snyder and Warner Bros. are looking to cast a new female character in the sequel, originally presumed to be one of Bruce Wayne’s classic love interests (a la Vicki Vale). However, the description of the woman being someone who is tall and “possess physicality” sparked the rumor that the lady in question is secretly Diana of Themyscira – and the Internet rumor mill basically ran with the story from there.

Variety got the chance recently to pick the brains of WB President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Greg Silverman, with regard to what the future of the DC comic book superhero-verse is. Although Variety‘s question applied to a number of Justice League members (including, Green Lantern and The Flash), Silverman focused specifically on Wonder Woman in his reply:

“We have been doing a lot of thinking for years about how to best use all those characters and we love them. Wonder Woman is an amazing character. I think it’s a great opportunity both for box office success, but also to have an amazingly powerful female superhero.”

Longtime Screen Rant readers – and/or frequent listeners of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast – know that we’ve been kicking around ideas for the best approach to building a DC Cinematice Universe – be it with a Justice League film or solo adventures for characters like Aquaman and The Flash – for years now, while WB makes its own plans behind closed doors. Still, as of late, the studio has started to acknowledge that the drum for either a Wonder Woman movie and/or TV show is beating the loudest right now, when it comes to which Justice Leaguer should be realized on the big screen next (besides the Boy Scout in red and blue and his Dark Knight buddy, that is).

Wonder Woman Metal Leather Logo WB Executive Dodges Wonder Woman Question for Batman vs. Superman

That said, if you thought Silverman’s comment about plans for the budding DC movie-verse was noncommittal, wait until you read his response to Variety‘s question as to whether or not Wonder Woman will, in fact, be included in Batman vs. Superman (to some degree):

“We are taking it all very seriously and are trying to do a plan that’s respectful to those characters and maximizes the stories as best they can. So everything that has been speculated are things that we’ve thought about.”

Screen Rant’s Andrew Dyce has already put together an all-encompassing article, which breaks down and analyzes the pros and cons associated with Diana being in the first live-action crossover between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. The short of it, where it concerns Silverman’s refusal to answer the above question, is that the topic of Wonder Woman and how to bring her to life in the modern age of superhero movies is a highly-debated one right now (as was mentioned before). As such, the last thing that WB/DC wants to do is reveal their hand of cards too early and stop all the buzz-building speculation amongst the fans.

In other words, Silverman’s dodge isn’t something that you should read too much into, as far as how it bodes for the prospect of Wonder Woman being introduced in Batman vs. Superman, be it through a cameo or credits sequence appearance (taking a cue from the Marvel Cinematic Universe). It’s apparent that this project really is further along in development than we might’ve suspected just a few months ago, which also suggests that Diana’s inclusion (or lack thereof) is a matter that has already been settled, away from the public’s prying eye.

Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie WB Executive Dodges Wonder Woman Question for Batman vs. Superman

Silverman alluded to just that (read: having more information than the public), during his defense of Affleck being cast as Batman:

“We knew going in that we had more information than the general public had. We knew what the take of the movie was, we knew what the character was going to be. We don’t take these decisions lightly. We thought about everybody — brand new people, established people. Ben is the perfect guy to play this role.”

That Snyder and Batman vs. Superman screenwriter David S. Goyer have a particular “take” on the Caped Crusader in mind is something that’s figured into many an argument in favor of Affleck playing the Dark Knight in the film. By comparison, it’s also a big part of the reason why Man of Steel composer Hans Zimmer feels so torn about scoring the movie (given his previous musical output for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy).

Question is, should the Man of Steel sequel focus exclusively on establishing a new Bruce Wayne on the big screen (while continuing the story of Henry Cavill as Kal-El) – or is there room to plant the seeds for a Wonder Woman film, even if it amounts to an Easter Egg or background detail (a la the appearance of a Wayne Enterprises satellite in Man of Steel)?


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Variety

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  1. It would make sense for a 3rd movie called Man of Steel: Trinity. :o

    • Same here

    • Since it appears they are going for the Vs. vibe for the second, maybe it could be called Trinity War. (Not based on the recent TrinityWar storyline, but just named the same.)

      • IMO, to be fair, the ‘VS.’ is not the final title. From the announcement they made, they just put superman/batman movie, it is the speculations made by public that it might become superman vs. batman.

        • Ya but remember they also played the audio of Batman saying how he was the man who beat Supes.

          So it was heavily implied as a Vs movie.

          • now that’s new for me! thanks for the news man :D but i hope they don’t take the scenes from dark knight returns, because in that story-arc, batman and superman already had a foundation of friendship then they turned into each other. unlike this next movie, where they both are strangers to one another.

            • I think they’re just going to take their attitudes toward as each other rather than the built up conflict. I think Superman is going to try to win brownie points with the government by accepting their request to go to Gotham and put down a dangerous vigilante. Batman will no doubt be prepared for this, see Superman as a threat, and conflict ensues. How it goes from there and how/if Lex Luthor is involved (I think and hope he will be) is still up in the air.

              • Same here, I think it was just hinting at the relationship between the two.

              • That sounds great. A super-political thriller (like Captain America is shaping up to be). This would be really perfect for establishing a solid dynamic between the two. I could also see why Ben Affleck would be appropriate for something like this (giving even more weight to the positive credentials of Argo)

  2. Another story that, really, isn’t a story. I get it though, people are really looking for any info whatsoever on this movie. So far, I think WB is playing the hype machine well.

    To DC I say this, if you want Diana in the movie, put her IN the movie. Leave the post credit scenes to the mouse house.

    • I dunno, most of the people who I saw MOS with in IMAX 3D stayed behind in case there was a post-credits button so they’re pretty popular in CBM, not just Marvel Studios movies exclusively.

      • Same with my theater, though I’m still hoping they don’t do post-credit scenes. I liked how Batman Begins did it, just hint at it near the end of the movie. Though if they do end up doing it I’m not going to mind, why would I lol.

        • I agree that was so much smoother than doing something in the credits…

        • Yeah. Smoother and classier. Projects our expectations into the more than hyping – and somewhat falling short of – our expectations in and of itself.

      • If the lights stay dim, then there is a post credits scene. If they light up… go home. LOL.

        • Doesn’t work like that here. The lights stay down until the credits finish.

          My brother worked out a good way to tell though.

          If the credits have a fancy background, there’s gonna be an extra scene. If it’s just traditional black background/white text, there’s no button.

  3. Adding WW would be OK with me…the more, the merrier. I am anxious to see if and how DC eventually does Flash, Martian Manhunter, The Atom, and Hawkman (although I suspect they may never get around to the last two).

    • +1 I thought I was the only fan of those four especially MM, Atom, and Hawkman. Next to Batman/Superman, they are my next favorites. I like them better than Green Lantern, Arrow, Aquaman, and WW

    • I don’t think we will ever see The Atom unfortunately… unless Ant-Man is a success and know people like the idea of a character with shrinking and growing powers. I REALLY wanna see Captain Atom though

  4. It’s supposed to be man of steel 2, adding bats already steals alot of thunder from supes. I’m all for WW getting her due but in a solo film or Justice league. I hope it will be a simple reference to lost pilot in the amazon, not Diana as Bruce waynes lawyer! that’s too contrived. And it would mean a Wonder Woman movie would be entirely backstory.

    • Like Oneiros said above, it could quite possibly be a story of Superman proving his trustworthiness to the government and the people by tracking down Batman. But it would be both a character study and a political super-thriller, basically examining Superman’s relationship with the people through various situations. And “a” situation with Batman would make a lot more interesting and what’s more, a potentially awesome movie!

  5. I’d take an easter egg of any future characters or a straight up cameo at the end of the film. The only thing I want for this movie is for it to be strictly about Superman and Batman.

    • Same here. I hope that it really focuses on, and uses Bruce Wayne, to develop Superman. Obviously Batman’s origin has been documented enough that he can just be an ” at present” character. It will be a great opportunity for cameos and teasers, though. MoS was pretty subtle about those things, but since WB seems to have committed to going with it at this point, I expect to see even stronger hints next time.

  6. Well, if this happens, it’s a great way to branch out into non-MOS sequel movies.

  7. I don’t think she should have a big part if she does appear. I’m all for an easter egg or post-credits scene.

  8. Adding any other major character to this movie is a terrible idea IMO. They need to take their time and give some space to WW if there is any chance to successfully bring her to film.

    • Agreed. This movie could end up being a clustefck of material shoved in for the sake of catching up with Marvel, instead of taking time and doing it right.

      • Not really.

        It could be like Cap’s shield in IM, Stark and Cap mentioned in TIH, Stark and Thanos mentioned or hinted at in Thor, etc.

        Why do some people immediately think of the negative instead of being excited for the possibilities?

        • It could be anything really. It’s very doubtful they’d include 2 major character in one film, especially one that is a rebooted and loved character and another who has never gotten a film. So I’m expecting hints and nods similar to the ones you mentioned. I think it’d be cool to have Superman flying back to Metropolis from his alien spaceship in the Arctic and accidentally bump into Wonder Woman’s invisibly plane lol.

          • Supes alien ship was destroyed in MOS when Zod took it because it had the baby pods in it and supes cut the ship in two with his laser vision!! I cant remember the name of it (the room with the baby pods) but I’m sure someone will.

            • Ah shoot, I wonder where he hangs his cape than.

            • It wasn’t destroyed it only crashes through those buildings you never see an explosion or the ship fall apart. Just the birthing chamber things

    • Avengers had a lot of characters, but it worked. Nolan’s Bat-films had lots of characters, but they worked. It’s not the number of characters that’s key, it’s how well they’re integrated into the narrative.

      • You can’t compare those characters to WW. There is an enormous amount at stake with the future of solo and team movies. This interpretation has to cater to fan expectations (comic and simply people familiar with the character) and still work on the screen.

        I agree with others that it could be some kind of low-key Easter egg. I doubt they’ll go as far as to even cast an actress for only a brief cameo though.

        They’ve got their plate full creating a new Batman, and the Superman/Batman is financially a no-brainer. Both those characters have been done numerous times on screen, with different actors even, so there is somewhat of a known track record. I seriously doubt they are even considering messing with this formula by adding a major character. I’d almost be willing to bet a lot of money on it, but then you never know what studios are planning.

  9. My (preferred) theory is that the movie will follow the storyline found in the “Lex Luthor: Man of Steel” graphic novel. Basically, Luthor tries to recruit Bruce Wayne to help him uncover Superman’s secrets, including his weaknesses. The “love interest” for Wayne is actually Luthor’s ***spoiler alert*** female android counterpart to Superman, designed as a replacement for the Man of Steel. Wayne, played by Affleck, would be somewhat different than the version in the graphic novel (though he would still be suspicious of Superman). He’d try to romance Lex’s android, not knowing that she’s an android of course, to gain information. He’d be a sort of James Bond figure throughout most of the movie, only occasionally wearing the Batsuit.

    • That sounds terrific to me.

    • Awesome!!

    • So, “she” would be nothing but a “regular” android then? Couldn’t she somehow be twisted into Metallo? I haven’t read the GN you’re referring to and I’m well aware of what such a drastic reimagining could cause in terms of fan outrage. So don’t completely butcher me in your response, will you?

      • The problem with making her Metallo (or using Metallo at all) is we haven’t introduced Kryptonite into the Snyderverse (yes, I’m calling it that). And I don’t think we should. I am, however, open to the idea of replacing the android with Bizarro.

        • You’re right. I haven’t thought of that. So in your scenario Bizarro would be one of Luthor’s lap dogs, and nothing else? Obviously, the seduction/faux love interest route is out of the question (lol), but is there any way of adding some depth to his portrayal – other than just using him as Superman’s foil of some kind? And are you talking Bizarroverse or clone origin?

          • Clone origin. And I think, like in all (good) sci-fi stories about cloning, it should explore the concepts of identity and ethics. As for the faux love interest, it could be Lex’s righthand woman, instead.

  10. Oh hell, lets just jump right into JL then. Go ahead and add Green Lantern and Flash to MOS II and just call it Man of Steel: Age of Justice League.

  11. Dc is so far behind marvel it is comical. As soon as other heroes started showing up in post credits in the marvel movies they should have jumped to it. The most viable big screeners are supes, bats, ww, and green lantern. Leave arrow, flash to the small screen. Introduce martian man hunter or the hawk people in a justice leage movie. Do you fight a brainiac army or another alien menace in the jl movie or do you go for broke and take on darkseid??

    • DC isn’t really far behind Marvel they started after them… I don’t know where people keep getting that idea they’re just starting so give them some room and stop kicking them while they’re down now THATS comical.

    • So, in your opinion, Arrow and Flash shouldn’t even be introduced to the big screen JL line-up at any point? Or would you consider it a viable option to flesh them out on The CW (which, sadly, doesn’t guarantee a whole lot of a fanbase), then transition them to the established movie members? I for one, would appreciate the inclusion of Stephen Amell, as he’s doing a bang-up job in his part of the DCU. Not so sure about Flash, though … the casting choice for him seems curious, to say the least (especially if you’re toying with the idea of putting him next to Cavill and Affleck).

  12. I do like the idea of WW showing up in some way on the big screen, but I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. First they need to sell us Ben Affleck as a believable Batman and develop him a bit, that will be hard enough to do. Second they still have to finish developing this new Superman character which is still incomplete from MoS. Third, WW is a great character and should be introduced in her own movie, not be some add on or throw in to this movie. This movie will have enough problems of its own, leave WW out of it.

  13. The WW logo kinda looks like someone in knee high boots.

  14. I think that a final-scene cameo by WW/Diana would be just about perfect, and if they could keep it more or less a surprise, it could be insanely awesome. If they are working to build a universe shared by different characters, there is no rule stating that each individual character must be fully developed past his/her origins before interacting with other heroes. Superman can continue to grow in this next one, as Batman is introduced and we get to learn something but not e erything about him (mystery is good), and WW can make an appearance without detrimentally affecting the others . I hope…

  15. Why is everyone worrying about other Justice League heroes? After Batman Vs. Superman tanks, WB is going to have to go right back to the drawing board. Get rid of Goyer and Snyder ASAP!

  16. I wish this was still largely a Superman movie.

  17. I don’t see this so much as a MOS sequel and more of a DC sequel (which as a big Superman fan I really don’t mind). Superman is already established (like it or not) and Batman gets thrown in the mix for the sequel with Wonder Woman getting an introduction or cameo at the end. F*** that Marvel phase format. DC is doing their own thing and that’s what I (and a many other people) have been asking for.

    I hope Diana does cameo at the end and that easter eggs (less subtle this time) are woven through this movie. Bring in Diana for DCCU part 3.

    • After having read the Variety source article I think that Wonder Woman cameo is a damn near lock.

      A couple months ago Gina Carano voiced her support for Wonder Woman and now we’ve got executives coyly addressing Wonder Woman rumors. Reminds me of that that that Henry Cavill voiced his interest in a World’s Finest project weeks before Batman vs Superman was officially announced. Me thinks Dubb-Bee is playing tings close to the chest and dropping minor hints to get the hype machine moving.

  18. She could make a cameo, maybe as a new Ambassador at the end of the film. You could also hint/reference her. I’d like to see a Trinity Film eventually, WW’s waited long enough for her chance.

  19. My excitement level goes down a notch every time I hear something new about this sequel.

  20. as long as ww and bm end up together i’m fine and i’m pretty sure the bm/ww fanbase would agree :D


      for some reason I always liked their awkward relationship on JLU and JL the animated series

      • It’s because of those shows I’m a WW/Bats shipper. The episode “Kid Stuff” is one of my favs “Your girlfriend sure is bossy.” Ah, classic :)

        • +1
          That scene was awesome!

  21. My preferred title: DARK AND STEELY MEN

    • Soundtrack by Steely Dan? Hmmm…no, probably not a good fit.

  22. I doubt it, but it could be possible considering WB/DC is desperate to catch up to Marvel.

    • Technically they aren’t desperate to catch up to Marvel… they’ve had this planned for years which has been mentioned TONS of times before. Also they want money not satisfaction of one upping Marvel ok… maybe they want that too but whatever.

      • There’s no reason for them to compete with Marvel. It’s not like putting Marvel or something out of business will benefit them lol.

  23. I wouldn’t care if they threw in Booster Gold. I just want to see a good Superman Movie with plenty of action a good story that’s not scattered and some good new villains to go with Lex Luthor if he is even in the movie.

  24. This is gonna be the best CMB movie ever I can feel it!!

  25. Here’s what I would like to see,bear with me. Near the end of the movie after Bruce and Clark have settled there diferances they attend a ceremony to have the Mayor of Gotham present A check to the Mayor of Metropolis. Right then Joker and his gang decide to rob the crowd In their civies Bruce and Clark can’t do anything. Suddenly Jokers girlfriend Harley Quinn spots Zatara in the crowd. Joker asks he to do A trick she says”Ok try this” she says in her backwards way”Innocents to safety,Heros appear”. The screen goes white wene it clears Superman and Batman are standing in front of Joker. Harley looks behind them and says”Puddin were in truble. Joker looks and sees Wonder Woman,GL,Hawkman,Flash and so on.

    • There are no words.

    • lolwut

  26. Am I the only one that gets tired of these “non-story” stories on SR?

    I mean, you guys give us a few quotes that mean absolutely nothing and speculate the bejeezus out of it. There is nothing there man! If you have nothing to report, then blog it for crying out loud. Don’t make it seem like news when it’s not.

    Just my nickel’s worth of free advice.

  27. Clark and Bruce go out to a strip joint and guess who comes out on stage to ZZ Top – She’s got legs

  28. Am I really the only one who thinks Wonder Woman is a terrible character. Seriously, why is she considered top-tier. She is outdated in every sense, and sexist in a really condescending way. And this a dude typing this, just so you know! She is in my top three reasons why a Justice League movie is an awful idea.
    Here’s a revised origin story that would piss off purists, but would certainly be better. Paradise Island (which is a stupid name, probably change that) would be a secluded and unknown land populated by a clandestine group of Amazons (which would include men, because reproduction that’s why) who take it upon themselves to monitor and control world events for “world peace” using ultra advanced technology. Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), has a rift with the ruling council and is exiled. She uses tech like power gauntlets and a plane that has a cloaking device to stop international crime and espionage, but has a difficult time ruling over the fates of others, the source of her conflict with her people. I know it’s revisionist, but let’s be real, there’s really nothing worth keeping unless you’re a pervy dude from the 40′s who likes bondage and Greek mythology.

    And for God’s sake, change her costume.

    • Well I think most of us are on board with revising the costume. I’ve seen a lot of cool concept art that has a more gladiator feel to it. I’m not sure if you’re comic reader or not but there are some corrections to be made about your view of Wonder Woman. It’s only referred to as Paradise Island by the Amazons because it’s their paradise. Other people only say it because they hear Wonder Woman say it. They could still call it Themyscira and not have to change the name as you suggested. It does in fact include men. Even before the new 52 where it was revealed that the Amazons kidnap and rape sailors and then sell all the male offspring into slavery, there were iterations of them that talked about reproduction. But mostly they’re portrayed as immortal (don’t age, not invincible) and they don’t need to reproduce to keep a society going. Marvel is very likely to add the magical aspect to their universe with Doctor Strange; I see no reason why DC could not essentially mix their take on Asgard with some more magic and get the Amazons and Greek “Gods.” Or even go with a Neil Gaiman take on the gods and say that the reason we don’t have any interaction these “gods” is because nobody really believes in them anymore. If you’ve read American Gods you’ll know what I’m getting at. Anyway, you’re very correct about the bondage lol, but I think she can easily be made relevant. I don’t think we’d have to change her as much as you’re suggesting. I’d be more interested in seeing her introduced as a warrior who is forced into a sort of diplomatic role. She’s trying to build a peaceful relationship with Themyscira and the outside world and trying not to fight (even though she would like nothing better) because it would ruin diplomacy and any chance her people have of having a place in the world. That being said, I think the first movie may almost entirely take place on Themyscira though. I think that because Batman and Superman will have already met by the time a WW movie comes out, it will be impossible for the studio to believably pull off a solo WW movie in our world without the two of them showing up. It’d be great if she prevented some terrible Hades plot and none of us ever knew about it.

      • @Oneiros

        thats a pretty awesome response

        • thank you sir :)

    • Nope, you are not the only one!

  29. While I wouldn’t presume to know the best course for the story they want to tell, I would think that it would be best to focus on the Bat/Sup relationship and perhaps allude to Themyscira rather than Wonder Woman. Maybe now the government has some access to advanced tech that allowed them to detect the island or maybe they sent Diana to be an emissary or ambassador as has been done in the comics before. Either way I think it’s best to focus on the title characters and save the allusions for later in the movie. There’s a lot to be built between Batman and Superman and the addition of Wonder Woman (who at one point or another has been a love interest for both of them) would just complicate things. I know things are farther along than we the public know, but I would prefer they build these characters more and garner more confidence from the fans and general audience before they tackle THE quintessential female super hero.