Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel to Be Called ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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Batman Vs. Superman Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

In an attempt to show up Marvel continue to expand DC’s Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros. announced at Comic-Con 2013 that their follow-up to Superman reboot Man of Steel would be a Batman/Superman pair-up – and not the direct sequel to that film many were expecting – and not the headlong rush into a Justice League film many were kind of dreading.

Now, scant days after that announcement, a new rumor is burning through the interwebs: according to DC’s screen story guru David S. Goyer (Christopher Nolan’s collaborator on his Bat-films, and co-writer of Man of Steel), the next film will actually be called Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman rather than Man of Steel 2 or Batman and Superman. 

Goyer spoke during a Superman 75th Anniversary panel at Comic-Con – running at the same time as 20th Century Fox’s panel, which apparently blew so many minds that this news was overshadowed for awhile. Here are Goyer’s words:

“So over in Hall H at the Warner Bros.–I guess most people know now–at the end of the Warner Bros. panel, Zack came out and he brought Harry Lennix, who plays General Swanwick in Man of Steel and we–actually, Harry read a bit from [The Dark Knight Returns] and so the next film we’re making, we’re already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and it’s–we’re actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, it’s–that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that’s happening.”

Superman Versus Batman Movie Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

Goyer is referring to Lennix’s reading of the following passage from the seminal Frank Miller comic book The Dark Knight Returns, which focused on an older, bitter Batman who is forced to go up against Superman, now a pawn of the American government:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

It turns out that Warner Bros. has registered a few domain names which back up Goyer’s information: the studio owns and – which pointed out may have been purchased for possible future comic book tie-in titles – as well as

They have not registered, which may end up being the best tangible evidence that Batman Vs. Superman may end up being at the very least the working title of the film (it has the best ring to it, anyway).

So this is happening. It’s something our new Superman, Henry Cavill has said he’d like to see, we have that now-famous Easter Egg in Man of Steel – the satellite with a “Wayne Enterprises” logo on it – and Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has already teased the possibility of this kind of thing: “What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

What story might they tell? Well, we here at ScreenRant have offered our choices, Zack Snyder’s reference to The Dark Knight Returns  hints at the antagonistic nature of the duo’s initial big-screen team-up. This fits in with some of Snyder’s claims that future Superman adventures will have to address some critics’ biggest problem with Man of Steel: the heavy collateral damage left in the wake of the third act chaos.

And frankly, if Warner Bros. wants to establish a cinematic universe with a common enough tone for all its characters to fit into (by 2015?), it will have to convincingly pull off Batman Vs. Superman first. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are done with the character, and their trilogy is apparently a separate entity from future DC movie entries (much to the likely confusion of audiences and probable annoyance of studio executives).

Fans will have a rough time adjusting at first, but this might be a blessing, overall. We were going to see a new Batman eventually, and even if they ignored some good ideas for a reboot (like a Batman Beyond movie), re-establishing Batman within this Man of Steel universe will offer a good opportunity to reset the tone for the multiple characters who will need to be introduce, all of whom are quite different from each other.


Batman Vs. Superman (or Superman Vs. Batman) is expected sometime in 2015.

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  1. Bale bale bale bale bale bale!!!

    • no no no

      • Yes.

        • No.

          • Maybe

            • Yes.

              • YES! They should cast Christian Bale to be Batman

                • That would be great but he and Nolan doesn’t want to!!

                  • YES!

  2. Not sure why anyone would even want to be pro Marvel or pro DC. When Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc movies get made we all win. They are all awesome and give us something great to watch…well, most of the time.

    • +1

    • +1

    • I understand having a preference for one side but I don’t get how you could enjoy one and not the other.

    • +1 for Superman and Batman
      -100000 for new Spider-Man films

      • …Tobey Macguire ruined Spider-Man for me, I find this new Amazing Spider-Man much more enjoyable.

        • Tobey Maguire wasn’t too bad, to be fair; Garfield just happens to be better.

          • ^This

          • To me Toby Macguire didn’t look like Peter Parker or Spiderman

  3. Clark Bartram to play Bats

    • maybe he should just be the actor’s trainer. Dude is fit but can he act?

    • Seconded, might need to work on the voice abit tho, personally im still stuck on Kevin Conroy as he is a legend in his own right to bad he’s not a bit younger…

      • Kevin Conroy would be great as Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond film.

  4. This film should not be made, its too early. I want Superman. And why the hell is Batman always put on the same lvl as Superman. Kal is a god, Bruce is a man. They need to stop over powering Batman. Let his mind purely be his strength alone. And I’m not talking about super armoured suits. #annoyed

    • I agree with you.

    • @ Junior

      That’s kinda the point. He uses his mind to exploit Superman’s weaknesses. He uses strategy to gain the upper hand. That’s why he’s a match. Superman is no tactician so he often doesn’t see Batman’s moves coming. There are many ways to take down a god.

      • Wrong, there is one way. Unless they introduce kryptonite ,and they don’t seem to want to do that, there is NOTHING Batman can do. Absolutely nothing.

        • He could trap him within a chamber that alters the state of the atmosphere and puts him as human.

          • How could he trap him? What could he put him in long enough for an atmospheric change that Superman couldn’t rip apart instantly?

            • Just because they didn’t introduce Kryptonite in MoS doesn’t mean it won’t be in this movie. Snyder said they just didn’t wanna do that for this movie because it’s been do so many times. They even teased the effect Krypton has on Superman in MoS. It’s a well placed tie-in for the effects of Kryptonite rather than saying, “Oh look at this shiny rock I found. What? It’s Superman’s only weakness? What a coincidence!”

      • I took down three last year with an umbrella and a shoe lace.

      • I took down three with an umbrella and a shoe lace.

    • And that’s the reason he’s on his level. His great mind finds a way to beat superman most of the times. They don’t overpower him. If you read the books or watch the animated features, you’d know what I’m talking about. Batman’s thing is that he always finds a way. He’s obviously not going to beat Superman in a straight up fight. Come on now, that’d be insulting our intelligence. Read some books and watch some movies before commenting.

    • 1. I don’t like BatPowerSuits after that it doesn’t make any sense why he is not enhancing his own usual suit even alittle. And personaly i think that Lex should be the first man to face man of steel using power suit if they will ever go this route.
      2. Batman CAN beat Superman. If you watch carefully all their fights in the comics its not the clear winner anyway. Even under mindcontrol Superman still fights control to not hurt Batman while the latter finds a way to get to his mind. Is Batman the winner at such situation ? I say yes, he succeeded his goal.
      At the DKR they were refering to. Even though Superman was writen as different character(comparing to the usual one) you can still see he doesn’t want to hurt Batman much or kill him. He never goes all out on Batman and that IS his weakness.
      Batman is tactitian, he can create tactics and has skills to live through execution.
      Basicaly, there is a way to show them both fight while not downplaying each of them.
      To put it blatantly Superman as a hero CAN’T win the fight versus Batman(especially when Bruce is prepared for it).

      • Umbrella!

        • Don’t forget the shoelace!

    • need to stop overpowering Batman? lmao what are you talking about? you don’t think superman is overpowered? hate to break this to you but superman is not “a god” and batman is not just “a man”. They are polar opposites and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. you’ve got a very keen intellect vs. sheer strength, a pessimist who has seen and experienced the worst of humanity vs. optimism and hope. and even though we all know Batman is nowhere near the strength lvl of supes, (duh), his physical prowess is at the peak of human conditioning, and I’m sure he’ll figure out how to level the playing field. in any event, they both work towards the same goals albeit different methods.

  5. I am so glad that they are doing this! First, because it’s an actual Batman/Superman movie. And second, because this is (IMO) a much better way to approach a possible Justice League movie.

    After this, I think they should follow up with a “Trinity” film (adding Wonder Woman to the mix) and go on from there.

  6. I was thinking about who will play Batman/Bruce Wayne and it’s too bad Gerard Butler wasn’t a tad younger, as he’d make for a pretty decent Batman/Bruce.

    He’s proven he can develop the physique (300) and has worked with Zach Snyder before.

    Granted he’s Sottish, but I’m sure he could shed the accent if needed.

    • Nah he can’t shed it, it always finds a way to creep in.

    • yeah only if he was younger
      i think chris hemsworth would make a good batman if he wasnt already thor

  7. Dumb name. Makes it sound like a B-Grade movie like Freddy Vs Jason or Alien Vs Predator. Come on guys you can’t really believe this rumor that such a name would be used for a movie like this.. Compare it to names like Man of Steel and The Dark Knight… No one would take it as serious..

    • Everyone would take it seriously.

      Batman and Superman are probably the most widely know heroes with the general public (maybe Spidys in there too) around… just look at the successes of the films, that’s not on the back of fanboy/fangirl bums on seats…… that’s John and Jane Doe turning up as well.

      Anyone even remotely intrigued or interested in these characters, even just one of them, will be excited by the prospect of not only having them on the screen at the same time but to have conflict and confrontation between them as well.

      It really is a no brainer.

      How cool is that for buying your ticket… “yeah mate two for Batman vs Superman, 1 Fanta and bag of Skittles”

      Does exactly what it says on the tin….

  8. If Christian Bale is not going to be the Caped Crusader (which I still do not understand the bullshitted excuse fanboys give), I nominate Armie Hammer to play Batman/Bruce Wayne due to his looks, his sharp glare, and his acting is good enough to earn that role. Hell, paint Hammer’s hair black and he’ll look exactly like Bruce Wayne in the Batman Animated Series. I do not know why his height will be an issue since it shows that the guy is fit. If he towers Cavil, who gives a damn; at least Batman will have some sort of advantage over the Man of Steel (besides his intellect).

    And as for the title, I am extremely disappointed by the news that this title will have a “Vs” in it since it will either be misleading, or the overall concept of the movie will detract me (and many) from the film.

    “Batman/Superman: Worlds Alike”
    “World’s Finest”
    “World’s Finest: Injustice”

    Something along those lines.

    • “If Christian Bale is not going to be the Caped Crusader (which I still do not understand the bulls***ted excuse fanboys give)”

      Hm? What excuse are fanboys giving you? He’s not coming back because Nolan feels like he doesn’t want to direct more than that trilogy, the trilogy was his intended story. Bale’s not coming back because he won’t do it without Nolan. I’m curious what bullsh*t excuse people have been telling you.

      • The excuse that seems to be overly used regarding that topic is that Nolan’s Batman “will never fit in quite well in a world full of aliens and divine-powered beings” noting the fact that Nolan’s Batman does not have any superhuman abilities nor will Batman ever have no matter how re-imagined and that Batman’s crusade primarily rendered within Gotham.

        Another excuse that people seem to use is that they want to start this cinematic universe with a loaf of fresh air by disregarding any films before Man of Steel ,which is such as shame since The Dark Knight trilogy was as excellent as it could possibly get, and complicates/increases the issues and prerequisites needed to check off before launching a Justice League film.

        And I would like to furthermore note that both Bale and Nolan have said that they will not return to the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises when both films were under pre-production and yet they have. Maybe they have lied to the public to gain more dinero since they will be up against the Avengers 2.

        • Well Nolan himself said HIS Batman would NEVER fit into a world with ‘supers’.

          Nolan himself said his movies were intended to be a contained story. Beginning middle, end and no more.

          The excuse the fans are using are based on what Nolan said.

          The bulls***ted excuse fanboys are giving is that Nolans Batman was the best no questions asked. Those are people that just cant let go or understand what the Nolan Trilogy was. As much as I disliked it for a complete Batman movie Ive always said Ive enjoyed to movies as a whole and respect Nolan for what he did and him standing by his vision and not cashing in.

          Its over. You wont see Bale as Batman ever again. You wont see the Batman Nolanverse ever again. Which is a good thing if you ever want to see JL.

        • Here’s what’s annoying. And I’ll say this as respectfully as I can. First, the fans are NOT giving bs reasons for why Nolan and Bale are not returning for more Batman films or, for that matter, continuing their series in the broader DCCU. For anyone who wants that, is pining for it, or is upset that it is not happening, I can’t help wondering if they even watched the films to begin with.
          Point in fact, the trilogy followed a three act structure that explored a particular set of themes that bookeneded with DKR. It has also been stated (and it’s a bizarre evolution of fandom that folks refuse to even appreciate the intricacies of a vision they claim to love) that the story takes place in a closed universe that DOES NOT include the rest of the DCCU. If you love the Dark Knight trilogy, then leave it the hell alone like the g****** filmmaker and its star intend to!
          And the point about Nolan’s Batman not fitting in with the rest of the DC roster, that is far from an excuse. It’s a FACT relevant to the design of the Dark Knight films that were meant for a gritty realism that could not even include characters from Batman’s own rogue gallery.
          A quick test. Ask yourself if, say, Clayface or Freeze would work as a villain in one of Nolan’s movies. If your answer is yes, congratulations; you’re qualified to be Joel Schumacher’s protégé.
          If your answer is a resounding NO, then it should be very easy to see where the filmmakers are coming from here. Nolan’s Batman DOES NOT fit in the expanded DC movie universe!

          • “you’re qualified to be Joel Schumacher’s protégé.” :)

            Teach them the way of the Samurai. Great post.

            • lol. Thanks, DMC. But they have to first want to learn the Way. 😉

          • No, the annoying part is that Warner Brothers is seeking a new Batman when there is already a successful one. Why would you heal the unwounded? Why would you fix the unbroken? The thing is that everyone has Bale’s Batman too fresh in their minds. If you say the word “Batman”, most paint Christian Bale’s face. If most have a hard time accepting Garfield’s Spider-Man, imagine the reaction when they find out Batman has been recently relaunched.

            And even if they do reboot it (which is most likely), Warner Bros. will be rolling a huge dice. This new Batman might disappoint many, this Batman might not, and if it does not, what do you gain? Nothing, just acceptance! Why roll such dice when you dont have to at all? If you tag along Christian Bale into this film, Warner Bros. will be earning much more money than having the new actor taking up the mantel as the Caped Crusader.

            • Prince, you just don’t get it, man. If squeamish execs with no vision or balls never let filmmakers and artists “roll dice” then nothing good, great, or standard setting will ever happen. Nolan’s own Dark Knight serious would have never happened. Add to that Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, everything.

              That achieving something comes with risk and challenge attached is never a legitimate argument for not engaging the undertaking.

              Also, Im sure I speak for many of us here when I say that hey, I loved Nolan’s series too. Embraced every moment of the vision, appreciated its subtleties, the moral ambiguities explored, the gritty realism, and sober quazi-real world depiction of the mythology and its core themes. But my friend, too fine a point cannot be put on this, LOVING THIS SERIES is the best argument for NOT continuing it.
              Wanting Nolan’s Batman, and by extension the exclusive universe of his story, shoehorned into the universe developing from MOS almost registers in the mind as tantamount to cynicism or, worse, a passive aggressive hatred of the trilogy itself.
              It’s like it stems from a “Man, why couldn’t Christian Bale’s Batman face off against Solomon Grundy or Dracula in Nolan’s movies?” while evincing, at once, a fundamental misunderstanding of the entire goal of Nolan’s vision.

              Nolan’s Batman not continuing in the DCCU movie universe is good news for fans. Because we don’t have to worry about some lazy money grubbing studio exec ruining the magic by assuming audiences are too stupid to embrace a new interpretation of Batman and instead opting for a familiar face. A destructive decision, both for Nolan’s Dark Knight series and for the continuing DCCU, bearing no justification beyond a star’s name recognition.

  9. Whoever they get to be Batman needs to be JACKED. Seriously jacked. Batman is bigger than Superman. His strength comes from working out, not from super powers. We finally got a buff Superman, now its Batman’s turn.

    • Shoe lace!

      • Umbrella

  10. Gerard Butler as Batman…
    He’s worked with Zack Snyder before on 300, he’s so badass in Olympus has Fallen.. and he fits the gruff-tough as nails Dark Knight

    • Too bad, I beat you to it! 😛 Look 4 posts above you!

      Great minds think alike.

      My only question is his age.

      • Should also mention he has the rough sounding voice without trying to sound that way like Bale.

    • hmm dunno about Butler id rather have Carl urban as bats

  11. Kill two birds and call it “Man Of Steel: The Dark Knight Returns.”

    • +1

    • +Infinity

    • Ohhhhh

      I really really REALLY like that……

    • I like it, but if this is batman’s first appearance how is he returning? Unless your assuming it’ll tie in with tdkr?

  12. I think some people are taking the ‘vs’ part a bit too literally. Superman and Batman are the good guys but they’ve always had differing stances on certain things.

    Sure they’re going to ‘fight’ at some point but Superman won’t be trying to kill batman, he’s done with that now. He’ll clearly be holding back his true strength.

    Meanwhile, batman will feel like someone with that much power is far too dangerous and will be looking for ways to take him down if necessary.

  13. Still haven’t seen MOS. don’t know if I want to put myself through that kind of torture…

    S vs B? wow. DC really doesn’t know what to do with their properties do they?

    • @ dawntreader
      “Still haven’t seen MOS. don’t know if I want to put myself through that kind of torture…

      S vs B? wow. DC really doesn’t know what to do with their properties do they?”

      i said it before; it is extremely LAME to make negative remarks about a movie YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN! especially when it’s a small, but very vocal, group nitpicking a film to death. if you want to have people make your decisions for you, well, have at it then. or you could be more than just another lemming in the slice.

      “your out of your element [dawny]!”

      • *you’re

        • Hey guys, I honestly don’t mean to hijack or anything but these movies are power houses, they will get made no matter what our collective opinions are. How about showing a little love over on the Dredd article and lets get that sequel made!! It’s if not your thing, fair enough, sorry to interject.
          Now up with those umbrellas, knot those laces and gods be damned!!

          • ‘If it’s not your thing…’ Curse my typos!

  14. I think it should be Gabriel Macht. He’s matured through Suits. He’s done some military/police flights. He was a good dude in a jet in Behind Enemy Lines. He’s not too young. Can pull of the look.

    • Exactly my thought. Exactly my thought. Plus he knows how to play smart. How to bluf. And knows what it means to be loyal.

  15. Sounds like a low budge B-movie flick. Nope, not interested.

    • ^^ just interested in letting every know how uninterested I am.

  16. that title sounds dumb..what is this some kind of “Predator vs Aliens “crap? i do like the fact that Batman is involved-maybe there is a Hostile takeover of Wayne Enterprises by LuthorCorp-and then that would involve Clark some how but they really need to work out that title man- sounds like a cartoon or something which is not as dramatic or even connected on the same level as man of Steel..
    Also even though Man of Steel was an origin film-it still left some open ended questions like “will we see Russell Crowes Jor-el again? And is his mother loaded into that key as well-I’m sure there was a backup key,like a back up drive for a computer somewhere..”
    Also is his planets “tree” dead an gone? where is his “Fortress of Solitude?”

  17. I’m not sure how I feel about Superman and Batman in conflict. I mean, obviously the disagreements that they have in terms of outlook and philosophy are part of what make their pairing great, but if this is really the title of the movie, it seems to make that conflict the main plotline of the movie – and I don’t want to see an entire movie of Batman scheming against Superman especially when we know they’ll likely get together at the end. I thought we had a good chance of seeing Brainiac/Lex Luthor as a major villain and it’d be a shame if they just decided to make Superman and Batman the respective protagonists/antagonists instead.

    Hopefully it’s just a working title and isn’t indicative of this. In any case it’s still a little early given that they’ve barely started on the movie. But after getting the awesome news that there would be a Batman/Superman movie, this is a little discouraging – plus, what is this, some gimmicky Aliens vs Predator-type B-movie? No need for such a desperate-sounding title in my opinion.

  18. It all seems pretty simple and logical to me.

    Supes turns up and while driving off a more terrible force (which came looking for him, he was a kid not his fault) causes umpteen billions worth of damage and a fairly substantial death toll.

    Now Bruce, like the majority of the public, won’t see Clark as a saviour, he’ll see him as ambiguous at best, a threat waiting to happen.

    So what’s Bruce gonna do, he’ll do what Bruce does, research, plan (3/4 of film), confront and if necessary take him down (last 1/4)

    Are we going to see Kryptonite, maybe, will we see SOMETHING (Tech/Chemical/etc.) that weakens Clark, definitely. Bats Power Suit, more than likely.

    They’ll fight, Bruce will gain the upper hand and put Clark into the position of killing/SEVERLY injuring Bruce or being defeated.

    Clark won’t take the kill strike (he don’t do that anymore, he’s learnt his lesson) and will submit allowing Bruce to finish him, Bruce will stop = mutual respect.

    They get where each other is coming from and either go separate ways “I’ll be watching you” Bruce final word.

    “How about working together” Supes = JUSTICE LEAGUE for MoS 3. No Bats Reboot, just have the one movie series that expands into Justice League.

    After credits sequence, Clark sticking the watchtower into orbit.

    • This + pi.. I’d prefer they comeback witha solo man of tomorrow sequel&completely redeem Clarks character whilst simultaneously filming justice league (yes the opposite approach to AA/Marvel) instead of goin for the big money grand slam like it seems they’re tryna do with this.. but if they HAVE to(which they don’t PLEASE don’t) they should do it our way

    • This + pi.. I’d prefer they comeback witha solo man of tomorrow sequel&completely redeem Clarks character whilst simultaneously filming justice league (yes the opposite approach to AA/Marvel) instead of goin for the big money grand slam like it seems they’re tryna do with this.. but if they HAVE to(which they don’t PLEASE don’t) they should do it your way

    • If you want to add more reasons for the conflict…. Selina could of been in Metropolis and is injured/killed during the Zod fight…. you know how Brucie like his revenge motivations.

      Or he could be pi$$ed about the satellite, he’s missed the 1st episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D cause his TV went out…. DOH! (This ones a joke peeps)

  19. This “VS” thing doesn’t work… not for me at least. But the movie could work! If it’s gonna be a direct sequel to Man of Steel, with elements like kryptonite, Jimmy Olsen and maybe Supergirl (she still possibly out there – remember the opened cryochamber) and with enemy Lex Luthor it could be a great movie. The Dark Knight should be a supporting character, who helps to defeat Lex Luthor with more Bruce Wayne and less Batman I guess…
    And the title? I think World’s Fines would be a good choice.

  20. It should be a teamup movie, not a vs movie. The only way Batman ever beats Superman is with months or years of preparation and Superman gets caught unawares. If they both have equal prep time then Superman will always win.

    I’m much more interested in a Public Enemies or World’s Finest type story.

  21. Richard Armitage, please. He’ll nail it as Bruce Wayne’s billionaire-playboy-philanthropist schtick and Batman’s badass brooding/butt-kicking


  22. so guess they will be introducing kryptonite. That’s the problem with making a good supes vs bats fight, either batman doesnt have kryptonite and the it’s complete lop sided in supermans favor, however if batman has kryptonite (even if it just turns supes into a “normal” human and not a cripple who can barely move) the fight is completely lop sided the other way.
    You can try to make it compelling by partially de-powering superman but then everyone will feel like batman didnt “really” win.
    I think Frank Miller has come closest to a good sVb fight but still felt like a cop out at the end

  23. Its quite simple. Role reverse Bats and Supes from TDKR books. The Government does not trust Supes as noted in the movie.

    Batman needs to find out where he (Supes) stands after the Zod incident.

    Batman SHOULD be previously recognized. I mean Bats has been training most of his life and the inclusion of the Satellite indicates he is around. Gotham is a small city. He could be doing his thing under the cloak of darkness.

    I live in the DC metro area and quite frankly I could care less what goes on in Detroit.

    Bats confronts Supes etc.

    I like the other suggestion of this with a growing threat introducing WW in a Trinity movie next leading into JL.

  24. I can give a reason why Bale may not come back and I could give a reason why Nolan will not be involved.

  25. Pedal to the metal baby! You (WB) know what was wrong with MOS & you (WB) know what was right with the Dark Knight. Now move forward.

    • WB/DC Cannot do Batman/Dark Knight without Nolans Input. There are two factors that come into play.

      1 Legendary for whom Christopher Nolan as a long standing and fruitful relationship with, is no longer in partnership with Warner Brothers, as such, last film will be Godzilla when it comes to production responsibility.

      2 Can Snyder and Goyer recreate The Dark Knight as Nolan presented him in the long haul, or will they decide to make their own Dark Knight to fall in line with their Superman?

      • *has

  26. this is a joke batman could not beat bane

  27. Just testing my Gravatar avatar…

    • boo isn’t working, stoo-pid internet :(

      • Yeah, now it is :)

  28. At what point in history did we stop going to movies to enjoy them for what they are and replaced that idea with the notion that all movies have to be done specifically to each one of our personal preferences?

    This ‘entitlement’ phenomenon is getting out of hand.

    • Dunno, but in a perverse way it’s kinda funny, especially with the more rabid, incoherent posts.

      Take a trip over to the Pacific Rim review post…. loads of over-intellectualising and nonsense.

      Still as long as it well mannered (which it isn’t always) gives us something to talk about.

      Everyone has a preference as to what they would like to see in a film but a film should be judged on the merits of what’s on the screen, not the subjective irrelevance if what’s been omitted/changed/not the way I would of done it etc.

      Was quite impressed on the Age of Ultron thread…. the majority of peeps seemed pleased that Ultron was going to feature.

      The fact that there’s no Hank Pym didn’t bother too many as it was Ultron they were interested in not Hank.

      There was some dissent (which is healthy) especially as there IS an Ant-man film coming (although I understand it focus on Lang, not Pym) but as it looks like that Hank Pym isn’t going to feature AT ALL in the MCU, it’s great that we’re not being deigned Ultron as a character.

    • That’s Gen y for you.

  29. If you look at the logo, you would realize that the “Batman v. Superman” movie is an animated movie.