Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel to Be Called ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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Batman Vs. Superman Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

In an attempt to show up Marvel continue to expand DC’s Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros. announced at Comic-Con 2013 that their follow-up to Superman reboot Man of Steel would be a Batman/Superman pair-up – and not the direct sequel to that film many were expecting – and not the headlong rush into a Justice League film many were kind of dreading.

Now, scant days after that announcement, a new rumor is burning through the interwebs: according to DC’s screen story guru David S. Goyer (Christopher Nolan’s collaborator on his Bat-films, and co-writer of Man of Steel), the next film will actually be called Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman rather than Man of Steel 2 or Batman and Superman. 

Goyer spoke during a Superman 75th Anniversary panel at Comic-Con – running at the same time as 20th Century Fox’s panel, which apparently blew so many minds that this news was overshadowed for awhile. Here are Goyer’s words:

“So over in Hall H at the Warner Bros.–I guess most people know now–at the end of the Warner Bros. panel, Zack came out and he brought Harry Lennix, who plays General Swanwick in Man of Steel and we–actually, Harry read a bit from [The Dark Knight Returns] and so the next film we’re making, we’re already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and it’s–we’re actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, it’s–that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that’s happening.”

Superman Versus Batman Movie Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

Goyer is referring to Lennix’s reading of the following passage from the seminal Frank Miller comic book The Dark Knight Returns, which focused on an older, bitter Batman who is forced to go up against Superman, now a pawn of the American government:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

It turns out that Warner Bros. has registered a few domain names which back up Goyer’s information: the studio owns and – which pointed out may have been purchased for possible future comic book tie-in titles – as well as

They have not registered, which may end up being the best tangible evidence that Batman Vs. Superman may end up being at the very least the working title of the film (it has the best ring to it, anyway).

So this is happening. It’s something our new Superman, Henry Cavill has said he’d like to see, we have that now-famous Easter Egg in Man of Steel – the satellite with a “Wayne Enterprises” logo on it – and Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has already teased the possibility of this kind of thing: “What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

What story might they tell? Well, we here at ScreenRant have offered our choices, Zack Snyder’s reference to The Dark Knight Returns  hints at the antagonistic nature of the duo’s initial big-screen team-up. This fits in with some of Snyder’s claims that future Superman adventures will have to address some critics’ biggest problem with Man of Steel: the heavy collateral damage left in the wake of the third act chaos.

And frankly, if Warner Bros. wants to establish a cinematic universe with a common enough tone for all its characters to fit into (by 2015?), it will have to convincingly pull off Batman Vs. Superman first. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are done with the character, and their trilogy is apparently a separate entity from future DC movie entries (much to the likely confusion of audiences and probable annoyance of studio executives).

Fans will have a rough time adjusting at first, but this might be a blessing, overall. We were going to see a new Batman eventually, and even if they ignored some good ideas for a reboot (like a Batman Beyond movie), re-establishing Batman within this Man of Steel universe will offer a good opportunity to reset the tone for the multiple characters who will need to be introduce, all of whom are quite different from each other.


Batman Vs. Superman (or Superman Vs. Batman) is expected sometime in 2015.

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  1. …uh….they can(should) do better than that.

    • Yes. batman vs. Superman is a little generic.

  2. This is just getting worse and worse. First the bad logo, the introduction of yet a new Batman, and now a story that focuses on Batman and Superman as enemies. I may have to pass on this one!

  3. How original. Maybe batman can create ultron as well.

    • Batman kills thanos at the end of avengers 3. With a “yhanos killing” spray or batarang

      • *thanos

      • That spray is always in his utility belt.

    • Wrong universe but kudos on sneering at both companies lmao

  4. Ima pee my pants

  5. It’ll be a mistake if this is the title or if this is how this film is going to be. This should be a sequel mainly about Superman, and featuring Batman. I don’t want to see them [frick]ing up Metropolis throughout the whole film. But sadly, that’s probably the thing everyone mainly wants to see besides a good story.

    • @ Tay

      I have to agree, this should be a Superman squel with Batman showing up in it. I thought that’s what they were saying at Comic-con.

      I would like the new Superman character fleshed out a little, and then bring Batman in near the middle or toward the end in a supporting role. Are they going have them fight through out the whole movie? This new Superman is so powerful, I can’t imagine Batman lasting very long against him.

      • If the two of them do fight, Supes can just grab Bats and lay a big wet amnesia inducing smooch on him and all will be well again 😀

      • @Stark

        Exactly. Man of Steel was great, but it left a lot of fleshing out to do. Also, the Batman vs. Superman bit in TDR had gravitas based on a lifetime of knowing one another. A Battle Royale needs to establish the gravitas first; Superman still needs fleshing out, and we haven’t even met the new Batman!

    • That was the problem with Man Of Steel, people saying f*** a good story, I want to see Superman punching people.

  6. Bring back Keaton! HA

    • +1

  7. Sweet. Makes sense after the events of MOS that Bruce wouldn’t trust Supes. I wonder how they will even the odds, kryptonite or something else?

    • +1

      Same, Batman definitely won’t trust Clark after Earth’s destruction and he will and should be one of the first to react to Superman’s reveal. .

      • That’s not the point though. The title makes it seem as if the whole film will be about them fighting each other. This should be a MOS sequel, and Batman should be a supporting character, not a main one.

        • I’m assuming Batman will sort of play the villain in the movie, in a way anyways. I’m into seeing they’re reaction to one another and their chemistry, basically establishing their relationship. After Earth’s destruction in Man of Steel, people are going to react and one of those reactions is Batman.

          • For some reason, I don’t believe this film will have a villain in a sense of how the first one did. I think this film will be about Lex Luthor trying to rebuild the city, turn everyone against Superman, and Batman will probably play along, and they butt heads. I don’t think this one will be as actiony.

          • No I don’t think this will be a “Batman is the villain” movie. They weren’t “enemies” in the Dark Knight Returns. Circumstances put them at odds. I imagine it will circumstantial in this movie as well. Batman is trying to accomplish something or Superman is and they get in each others way and butt heads. the reason they quoted The Dark Knight Returns is because it’s possibly the greatest Batman/Superman story out there. They’ll start at odds but work their way to mutual maybe hesitant respect by the end. Batman will certainly not trust him but I think the “VS.” idea is more related to their methods than either being the true antagonist of the film. they’ll probably trade blows but this movie will create the bond between them as friends and colleagues.

            • Hopefully thats the case. That’s my problem with the title. It implies that this whole film will be about them just fighting throughout it, and I don’t want that. But I’m sure people will eat it up.

              • Yeah i don’t want that either. If this is gonna work to pave the way for JL they have to work together at some point, even reluctantly.

            • Maybe villain is too strong of a word. What I meant was, in terms of the perspective, whether it’s Superman or Batman, they’ll think of the other as some form of a threat. Not completely, but very hesitant of whether or not the other has good intentions.

              • Antagonist is the word your looking for.

                • On the tip of my tongue urgh. Thank you!

                  • Frenemies?

                • anti-hero is the term…

          • @ColdSC

            There in lies the problem.

            Batman to me, was never really a “Hero” nor is he a “Villain”

            He is, and always shall be a Vigilante. He has no moral code except he does not use guns.

            He is not afraid of repercussions of beating the snot out of someone, nor is he above getting information from someone using his fist.

            He is a “By any means necessary” type.

            • also in his moral code i don’t believe that he kills people, where supes is willing to and does as a last resort in MOS

              • and in the Chris Reeve movie with Zod as well. Lois even kills someone.

  8. My god. Get a better title :/

  9. What happened to Snyder saying “you need to get Superman further down the road”? Superman’s character still needs a lot of fleshing out. Man of Steel was a good start and a solid origin story, but now we need the “Dark Knight” of this Man of Steel franchise and really get into his character.

    I’m just afraid in Superman’s own sequel he’s going to be overshadowed by Batman – whether it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Armie Hammer, Karl Urban or someone else – and that shouldn’t happen. He’s a popular enough character to draw causal audiences in and his mythos are deep enough to craft a nice solo trilogy that’s just about him. I don’t know why WB is doing this so quickly. It feels like they’re desperate because Man of Steel didn’t make $1 billion.

    • This is what happens when you try to take a short cut and want to cash in on you golden goose (I mean golden bat). They should have just incorporated the Dark Knight movies and then made a stand alone Superman film and call it something like Man of Steel: Contention. It would focus on how Superman either allays or comes to terms with the mistrust of the world which would include Lex Luthor and initially Batman who would mostly appear in a modest cameo as Bruce Wayne and perhaps a limited conflict at the end in SUPERMAN’S movie. In the end he would earn the trust of Wayne leading into the justice League. But what do I know?

  10. Not really a fan of the title, I’m hoping they think of something a bit more original. Still can’t wait for this film, it’s FINALLY coming after so many years. I really hope they don’t mess this up though, cause if so, the DC universe will just fall flat and die for another decade. But if they hit this out of the park…wow, I’ll be speechless.

    As for the logo, I was a bit turned off at first but I quickly warmed up to it and think it looks great now.

    • I am not a fan of the title choices either. It also reiterates that it is not another Superman movie how Snyder announced it. World’s Finest would have been fine.

      Hell, they can just make it into Man of Steel 2, or another variation of a Superman film, just have Batman be a part of it.

      I also did not like the logo at first, and I still need to become accustomed to it, but when I saw better quality and other renditions of the same logo, I liked it a lot more and kind of supporting it.

      • Exactly, either way, there’s a long way to go before they announce an official title for this movie so I’m taking with a grain of salt.

        The official logo has the ‘S’ symbol still red right? The pictures caught at comic con looked more silver to me.

        • taking this*

    • This sums up my thoughts on this movie quite nicely. ColdSc, always talking sense.

      • Well thank you kind sir.

  11. Okay chillax people, the movie was literally just announced a few days ago. It’s called “Rumor Patrol” for a reason. Jesus

  12. Three words: Not Looking Good

    I am a pretty big fan of both characters, but I do not want to see this, on a scale of 1-10, this is like a 2; of all the things that I want to see coming out of DC, this is not it.

    • Why don’t you think it looks good?

  13. I am no studio executive …but what exactly is the point of this movie? You KNOW neither of them is going to get killed…there is a Justice League movie planned after all in 2017. So therefore the end of this movie will be hmmmm…let me guess… hmmm what could it be? Could it be that they develop an understanding and decide to work together?

    • You’re right, let’s just skip Justice League too. You already know what’s going to happen right? The good guys will win.

      • +1

      • The good guys DON’T always win…at least not clearly. You could argue that in the Dark Knight the Joker won by corrupting Harvey Dent. It was ambiguous.

        • What’s to say something like that won’t happen in this film? It’s only been announced a couple of days ago so there’s definitely a lot more elements about the movie to learn before calling it a failure or a success.

          • You are right I cannot honestly call it a failure yet. But be honest…is that a good title for a movie? It does seem like the Alien Vs Predator or Jason vs Freddy marketing stunt that is just meant to focus on the conflict.

            • I agree, I’m not a fan of the title, but again, it’s a rumor so I’m taking it for what it is. Even if it turns out true, I’m still going to wait on a bit more information.

    • you’re just mad because it’s not Bale

      • I am mad because there is no Bale…but not as mad as WB and DC will be when Superman Vs Batman (or is it Batman vs Superman) bombs!

        • Judging a movie because it isn’t incorporating something you want isn’t the way to go bud. I would’ve LOVED to see Bale back, he’s one of my favorite actors from my favorite trilogy from my favorite director, so i can maybe see where you’re coming from. But I judge a movie on its own merits, not what I wish it would have but doesn’t.

          • Wait one minute. If you KNOW (or at least feel strongly) that the studio is heading in the wrong direction. Why would you NOT try to point them in the right one. It is because I love the characters Superman and Batman that I am so passionate about it. It is funny because whenever I make my points about this issue it is backed up with polls, the history Warner Brothers has had with its characters and even other writers. Yet when anyone offers a contrary opinion…the points are never addressed it is just personal attacks which is a sign to me that I must be right.

            • The thing is, I have Nolan’s trilogy already, he told his story. I want Christian Bale to reprise his role because he’s the live action Batman i grew accustomed to, after all he is a badass actor. But I won’t let that stop me from enjoying another take on the character, Nolan’s Batman was only one side of it, there’s also other sides that should be shown on the big screen.

              As much as I want it to happen, should it happen? I don’t think so. The trilogy was made by someone who has a lot of artistic integrity (incredibly rare these days) who isn’t interested in including it in another series it wasn’t designed for, especially if it’s just to make a lot of money or because it’s easier. Sometimes what I want doesn’t fall in the same line as that and I accept it.

              • I can respect that opinion. But from my point of view I am NOT asking for another “Batman” movie. But I do I want the Batman that Warner brothers spent 8 years and $585 Million dollars making and selling to the public to continue that story in another setting. In the 3 Iron Man and one Avengers film there have been 3 different directors. I don’t care if Nolan wants to continue or not, hire another director! The idea of Nolan somehow standing in the way of someone using his vision of Batman is crazy. Nolan did not invent Gotham city, Batman, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, or the Joker. He borrowed those already established characters not to mention a lot of the story ideas came from popular comics. So he does not own Batman just a take on him. And if he is unwilling to let the studio who gave him the chance to be the director he is build upon what they invested in then he is a first class jerk. I think that Batman with Bale is an almost guaranteed success, but a new Batman is a major gamble that the studio should not be making.

                • Agree to disagree man! I like the trilogy just the way it is and would like them to start fresh. Either way, it’s all said and done, let’s just hope the next Batman is as good if not better than Nolan’s.

                  • this will be a TOTAL of 3 years between the ending of a Batman trilogy and the beginning of a NEW BATMAN????

                    Further proof that DC executives are COMPLETELY INSANE!!!

                    I could have swore I read ON THIS SITE that DC will not reboot Batman until 2017 or 18 at the earliest??
                    NOW we are Rebooting in 2015 without a CLUE even what this Batman will Looklike, Actlike, or EVEN who will play him?
                    I (after MOS) was just starting to believe in DC….
                    and POOOOOF that is out the window in the blink of an eye!!!
                    I really hope that this is just some talking heads that don’t know anything…. Oh wait it is, it’s D.S. Goyer!!
                    I keep saying this cant be it but then I remember reading they have those domain names! I know that is not the end all be all but they could have gotten ALL kinds of different domain names, Usually when you hear a movie is under the “working title” it is something like “lightning bolt” for a Thor working title, or Red, White and Blue for a Captain America movie! It is NOT USUALLY that in your face! SO IM PRAYING THIS IS JUST SOME Blah, Blah, Blah by the talking heads and it does NOT mean these two will be throwing fisticuffs because if that is the case then they just KILLED This “New World’ that they started building (and destroying) in Man Of Steel…


                • I think i see what your saying @Patrick Baynard. You don’t care if its Nolan’s Batman you just want Bale to play Batman what ever version they introduce. Yea if that’s the case i can agree with you ,but I’m still gonna see it no matter what. But people might be confused thinking of Nolan’s batman. I think that’s the studios fear of doing it. Plus Bale said he was done.

                  • Bale said the he had not ““had a conversation with a living soul” about the Justice League. It therefore was NOT his decision but the studios. How could he go to them and say I am going to be Batman in your unannounced Justice League movie?

                    If that is the case, they (WB) should at least ask him and try to persuade him. If he were to say…Nope no matter how much money you offer me I will not do it…then we move on (then I would be suggesting Eric Bana). But if WB does not even bring up the conversation then that means the reason Bale does not reprise the role is because of the studio.

                    • I feel you, but I like your second choice Eric Bana. He might be better than Bale. He definetly has the Bruce Wayne look i think he might be a good batman! You should be screaming for him to play it. That’s a good choice I never thought of him.

                    • @ B. Siegel

                      I will scream for him when WB tries there best to get Bale to come back and he goes crazy and has the brinks truck drive off his property.

                      Eric Bana is a tad bit older than I would like, but on the other hand that may work out better. I think he is as good an actor as Bale and has great acting range. He did great in the Hulk, it was more the script and the CGI that tanked the movie. I loved his pseudo-deranged take of Nero in Star Trek (2009).

  14. So is DC creating any film scripts for people over the age of 8?

  15. 1st Act: Batman’s already been a vigilante before Superman’s arrival. His presence concerns him so he travels to Metropolis to investigate. He begins to close in on Supe’s identity. Lex Luthor is introduced as a man who has generously donated to city projects throughout Gotham and Metropolis. Perhaps does a business dealing with Bruce Wayne.

    2nd Act: A game of cat-and-mouse. Superman wants to be left alone but Batman just won’t let up until he has fully judged Superman’s character. They fight and then decide to team up to take down the real enemy. It is revealed that Lex has pitted the two against each other to take each other out so he can proceed with his nefarious deeds.

    3rd Act: Our favorite heroes team up and take him down. Supes suggest they should work together again. Batman, facing away, growls “You wish.” and jumps off into the night.

    • This sounds plausible especially since Superman destroyed that drone at the end of MoS. He clearly wants to be left alone. It would be a great way to showcase Batman’s superior detective skills.

  16. Yep, I’m excited! And to all of those who will post cynical, negative comments about this and Man of Steel; “No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir.” You all are very annoying, why don’t you go snuggle a kitten or something? Anything to bring some joy into your otherwise obviously gloomy lives. 😛

  17. The movie was just barely announced and already the DC fan boys are crying about it, your all horrible human beings. Anytime I read a post online about how bad Man of Steel was, or complain about the fact that Batman and Superman will finally be in a live action film together. All I hear is “Comic Book guy from the Simpsons, worst trolling ever!”

  18. Why do they keep getting the quote wrong? There’s no second “In all the years to come” that should be “I want you to remember”.

    Anyway having the ‘vs’ in the title means this monster will be following in the footsteps of such classics as Alien vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason :)

    Kidding aside though, i’d like there to be a subtitle Batman vs Superman: ???

    Any suggestions?

    • @ DMC

      Thank you! you’re the only other person that noticed the quote was wrong! also I still think World’s Finest should be included in the title somehow.

  19. Why are there SO many people against this all of sudden? It’s very bizarre.

    • Simple answer: people are fickle :)

    • I think most people are against the title. It says Superman Vs. Batman, and nobody wants to see that just yet seeing as we just had a MOS reboot.

      • Hmm okay I understand what you mean, people are starting to be a bit cautious. This is still a rumor and we literally haven’t seen anything at all. I refuse to make up my mind about a movie without having seen a trailer or hints of the story line.

    • Well there is legitimate different ways to look at this.

      This film if successful, can potentially break box office records including the Avengers 2. I am sorry these two are the biggest Super Hero films ever, if DC, WB, Snyder and Co, get this right, get the critic hype it needs- the film will be huge.

      However, if the film feels rushed, half-assed, mixed to badly received, then you can count WB and DC not running to make any film after. The will hit the biggest road block ever.

      So anything that sounds potentially bad or controversial, people are going to become very fickle about it.

      • True, it’s a hit and miss scenario. I’m sure Goyer, Snyder, Nolan and Warner Bros know this is something that they will have to handle with maximum care.

        If they get it right and like you said, critics praise it ahead of time, I have no doubt in my mind it will be one of the top 5 biggest films of all time. Though if it misses, I won’t be expecting a DC film for another decade. This is something that will be incredibly hard to recover from.

  20. Whatever it becomes, follow it up with a Trinity film to introduce Wonder Woman.

    • Yes. On another note, Jason, I tracked down and then
      watched Deadfall from your comment that Charlie Hunnam
      was great in it in our Pacific Rim exchange and he indeed was.
      I am glad you brought up that film which had escaped my radar.
      I found it quite engrossing throughout and really enjoyed seeing it.

      • Hey, good, glad you enjoyed it! I thought it was a really smart little film with a great ensemble. Very understated. Even Olivia Wilde, who I generally dislike, turned in a solid performance.

        • Understated. That’s the word. A very effective drama.
          Funny, I felt the same way about Olivia. She was
          surprisingly good and she usually is annoying.

  21. A working title (probably. Maybe not). Anyway, the premise sounds good to me. A Batman who doesn’t trust Supes after the damage he caused in Metropolis. It could even take some things from the Dark Knight Returns comic where Superman works for the government – that right there would be a good way to continue his development, he actually feels remorse for his actions so he works for the American government to earn the peoples’ trust.

  22. Ill go both bruce wayne and lex luthor are rebuilding metropolis because lex hasnt done anything evil yet. Batman will be the villain of this film but they will both disagree it could be a great film im really excited

  23. I’m kind of ok with this as long as the entire movie isn’t Batman and Superman fighting each other. There should be a fight or two since obviously neither one trusts the other. They should first meet like they did in the New 53 Justice League #2 or something like that. Eh, we’ll see. I’ve got faith in Goyer and Snyder.

    • *New 52*

    • Take the vs as more lf a diffrence in opinions and way of handling things. Doesnt mean they will fight the whole film

      • Great way of looking at it.

      • I think that is what we will be seeing.

        Of course, the versus implies more than that
        and arouses curiosity which is all marketing.

        The title works with two giant brands
        and people wondering just how they
        could be at odds fueling interest.

  24. Terrible name.
    “VS” is lame.
    But if it´s the case then Superman should come first because he is the protagonist,it´s his film,a sequel of MOS.

  25. I hope that’s not the title. From MAN OF STEEL to BATMAN VS SUPERMAN sounds really sloppy.

  26. I like the name mang and I think batman will win

  27. I’m not liking the “vs” aspect but I can’t complain about a Batman/Superman movie.

    How about “Batman + Superman” and release it on Valentine’s Day? :)

  28. How can you screw this up? call it SUPERMAN VS BATMAN!!! yeah! that’ll work! Are you friggin’ kidding me? Hollywood is INSANE! why don’t they just have Micheal bay direct it? Oh wait , THAT announcement comes tommorrow -_-

  29. And just like Ecks Vs. Sever, Batman and Superman are actually never gonna fight each other.

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