Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel to Be Called ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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Batman Vs. Superman Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

In an attempt to show up Marvel continue to expand DC’s Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros. announced at Comic-Con 2013 that their follow-up to Superman reboot Man of Steel would be a Batman/Superman pair-up - and not the direct sequel to that film many were expecting – and not the headlong rush into a Justice League film many were kind of dreading.

Now, scant days after that announcement, a new rumor is burning through the interwebs: according to DC’s screen story guru David S. Goyer (Christopher Nolan’s collaborator on his Bat-films, and co-writer of Man of Steel), the next film will actually be called Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman rather than Man of Steel 2 or Batman and Superman. 

Goyer spoke during a Superman 75th Anniversary panel at Comic-Con – running at the same time as 20th Century Fox’s panel, which apparently blew so many minds that this news was overshadowed for awhile. Here are Goyer’s words:

“So over in Hall H at the Warner Bros.–I guess most people know now–at the end of the Warner Bros. panel, Zack came out and he brought Harry Lennix, who plays General Swanwick in Man of Steel and we–actually, Harry read a bit from [The Dark Knight Returns] and so the next film we’re making, we’re already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and it’s–we’re actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, it’s–that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that’s happening.”

Superman Versus Batman Movie Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

Goyer is referring to Lennix’s reading of the following passage from the seminal Frank Miller comic book The Dark Knight Returns, which focused on an older, bitter Batman who is forced to go up against Superman, now a pawn of the American government:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

It turns out that Warner Bros. has registered a few domain names which back up Goyer’s information: the studio owns and – which pointed out may have been purchased for possible future comic book tie-in titles – as well as

They have not registered, which may end up being the best tangible evidence that Batman Vs. Superman may end up being at the very least the working title of the film (it has the best ring to it, anyway).

So this is happening. It’s something our new Superman, Henry Cavill has said he’d like to see, we have that now-famous Easter Egg in Man of Steel - the satellite with a “Wayne Enterprises” logo on it - and Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has already teased the possibility of this kind of thing: “What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel to Be Called Batman Vs. Superman

What story might they tell? Well, we here at ScreenRant have offered our choices, Zack Snyder’s reference to The Dark Knight Returns  hints at the antagonistic nature of the duo’s initial big-screen team-up. This fits in with some of Snyder’s claims that future Superman adventures will have to address some critics’ biggest problem with Man of Steel: the heavy collateral damage left in the wake of the third act chaos.

And frankly, if Warner Bros. wants to establish a cinematic universe with a common enough tone for all its characters to fit into (by 2015?), it will have to convincingly pull off Batman Vs. Superman first. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are done with the character, and their trilogy is apparently a separate entity from future DC movie entries (much to the likely confusion of audiences and probable annoyance of studio executives).

Fans will have a rough time adjusting at first, but this might be a blessing, overall. We were going to see a new Batman eventually, and even if they ignored some good ideas for a reboot (like a Batman Beyond movie), re-establishing Batman within this Man of Steel universe will offer a good opportunity to reset the tone for the multiple characters who will need to be introduce, all of whom are quite different from each other.


Batman Vs. Superman (or Superman Vs. Batman) is expected sometime in 2015.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how Hollywood can make Batman go toe to toe with Superman.

    • I’m a die hard superman fan, always have been, but it has always been known that Bruce/Batman is much more proficient in hand to hand combat, as well as martial arts. Kal-El never had to learn any of the arts because, frankly, why would he need to with the power of the yellow sun backing him up. Also Batman is the worlds greatest detective, and foremost authority in profiling(I.E) strengths, weaknesses. Volnarability points and so on. In that treasure trove he calls a utility belt, he always carries a small piece of kryptonite. To you know, make it a fair fight. So,,,,, there you go, in a straight up fight. Batman wins 10 times out of 10

      • 10 times out of 10? I really doubt that. Batman may have a slight chance in a straight up fight, but Superman has beaten a fully prepared Batman in the comics before.

  2. this is an awesome article and some insight if you believe it!!

    • I read this news also. I just don’t like the guy they picked to choose Batman. There are better options out there for sure. Acting skills, hmm I dunno. Looks like they want to please the younger (girly/teenagercrowd) if they’re gonna pick the Teen Wolf guy. He looks a bit too young too. Would definitely try to consider Gabriel Macht or Anson Mount in this case.

      • I agree, this guy is way too young.

        • Yeah probably too young and I’m not sure about his acting skills. I’ve never seen him anything and I also think there are better choices. That being said, he has the look, he’s fit (and can probably be beefed up), and he’s a blank slate. He doesn’t have much experience so he could really be molded into a good Batman given the right direction. I’ll wait for something official before I choose a side.

      • I’m definitely a fan of Anson Mount. Want him to do it so badly…He’s older, but when he shaves he looks years younger, and capable…yet you can still tell he’s older.

    • I am really curious how they will handle Batman in BvS. Will they reference the Nolan trilogy? If they do, there are a lot of questions on how they’ll handle the chronology, Bale’s Batman “leaving”, JGL entering the Batcave, returning any of the actors from the trilogy? If they don’t reference it, how do they “introduce” Batman in BvS? Or do they just assume everyone knows who Batman is and leave an “introduction” out or just to a quick explanation?

  3. From a financial standpoint this is a no-brainer, I think. I do think they should stick with only Batman and Superman instead of going for JL. I also don’t mind the idea of introducing Batman in MOS. But on the other hand I’m surprised they’re going for this cash grab so quickly. It smells kind of desperate on WB’s part.

    • Love how its desperate and a cash grab when DC does lol

  4. 1st Act: Batman’s already been a vigilante before Superman’s arrival. His presence concerns him so he travels to Metropolis to investigate. He begins to close in on Supe’s identity. Lex Luthor is introduced as a man who has generously donated to city projects throughout Gotham and Metropolis. Perhaps does a business dealing with Bruce Wayne.

    2nd Act: A game of cat-and-mouse. Superman wants to be left alone but Batman just won’t let up until he has fully judged Superman’s character. They fight and then decide to team up to take down the real enemy. It is revealed that Lex has pitted the two against each other to take each other out so he can proceed with his nefarious deeds.

    3rd Act: Our favorite heroes team up and take him down. Supes suggest they should work together again. Batman, facing away, growls “You wish.” and jumps off into the night.

  5. 1st Act: Batman’s already been a vigilante before Superman’s arrival. His presence concerns him so he travels to Metropolis to investigate. He begins to close in on Supe’s identity. Lex Luthor is introduced as a man who has generously donated to city projects throughout Gotham and Metropolis. Perhaps does a business dealing with Bruce Wayne.

    2nd Act: A game of cat-and-mouse. Superman wants to be left alone but Batman just won’t let up until he has fully judged Superman’s character. They fight and then decide to team up to take down the real enemy. It is revealed that Lex has pitted the two against each other to take each other out so he can proceed with his nefarious deeds.

    3rd Act: Our favorite heroes team up and take him down. Supes suggest they should work together again. Batman, facing away, growls “Nope.” and jumps off into the night.

  6. As the above article mentions, The Joker is a rumored villain for this movie. While I would not entirely support that decision because of Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal, I would like suggest Burn Gorman for the role IF IT IS TRUE. He was in the TDKR as the business man Bane kills and he’s also in Torchwood. He really looks the part for one thing and he’s a decent actor. I think he’d do the part justice.

    • Heath Ledger turn as the joker wasnt the most iconic to me jack nickolason’s Joker will always be greater to me than his. So it depends on who you are as to was the beck joker! Heath Ledgers joker blew up a hospital and was going to blow up two boats. Jacks joker was going to kill a million people!

  7. Anson Mount was a genius suggestion. Wonderful actor, especially when playing dark, conflicted roles. Has great charisma also for when he plays Bruce Wayne. Perfect age (40) for an older, retired Batman, while also having the much needed muscular build.

  8. C’monnn.

    Superman fully established as the one we know and love – to sate the fans’ anger that MoS wasn’t the “perfect” Superman. Have him going about being Superman and Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, with Louis and stuff.

    Longstanding and rising campaign against him, despite him, just like the Joker did with Batman in TDK (but please don’t have Joker in on this one).

    Next door (city wise) billionaire Bruce Wayne – Anson Mount, calm, cool, collected, surrounded by eye candy as he leaves events – is very vocal about it, making comments here and there in support of some things, critical about other things. He’s largely financing the reconstruction of Metropolitan city, almost in a rivalry of Luthor.

    This is all exposition for the first 30 minutes.

    One day, in the middle of the day, some kind of destructive event happens near Bruce Wayne – something secretly plotted by Luthor to make Superman look bad. It’s actually pretty bad, and Superman barely contains it – building falling over or a horrible crash/”misguided missile”.

    Wayne was about to jump into action to save it, but Superman comes in the nick of time. There’s a focus on Wayne, as he looks up and watches Superman – we look back to Superman and see him in extreme detail, slow motion – kind of like Sherlock Holmes analyzing his opponents; this is Bruce Wayne scanning Superman with “Batman mentality”.

    Shot back to Wayne’s face – his eyes narrow in the trademark Batman glare.

    LATER THAT NIGHT: Pan over the city of Metropolitan. Slight shift in the shadows from afar, but the camera doesn’t acknowledge it. Follow with several jumping shots – dark gray torso here, flash of a black cape there. Shot of the edge of a roof as a dark figure leaps onto it against the dark night – our first full glimpse of the movie’s Batman. He’s tracking Superman as he does the last of his evening patrols.

    He tries to sneak up on Superman as he dispatches some criminals in a dark warehouse or something. He’s a master of stealth, hiding in the shadows. But Superman still senses him. He turns, flies at superspeed towards Batman. He almost reaches him, but suddenly a net of coils shoots out in front of them, forming a screen in between them. Some kind of coils made of supermaterial. It’s actually quite hard for Superman to push through. He doesn’t try very hard.

    Superman is confused, but largely open, honest and unworried, brimming with his usual quiet confidence. He asks what he’s doing there, some light joke about how “it’s not a safe night for criminals tonight.”

    Batman only watches, narrows his eyes. Makes a comment about how he doesn’t trust Superman, and that he has had his eye on him for a while. Superman gets the same sense of distrust as from the military, but this man’s different – smarter, colder, more calculating. Almost…dangerous, even.

    “Who are you?” Superman asks, curiously, almost off-handedly.

    “I don’t need to be played or pandered to like those citizens of yours. You know who I am.” Batman replies, almost in a murmur of a growl *(editor’s note – please not like Bale’s. Good lord, not like Bale’s)

    Superman smiles, kindly, confidently as always. But this time with a little bit of intrigue.

    “Okay, so you’re not one for those kinds of games” he chuckles. “Well what do you call yourself then?”

    “All you need to know is I’m watching you. You’re a powerful man. That kind of power should not be carried alone by one man. Just know that I will always be there, always out of sight, always just behind, always in the shadows. Watching you.”

    Superman smiles as always, humored. “And how should I expect to know when you are going to move in on me” he says, almost as if simply humoring Batman.

    *signature eye narrowing, intense focus – Anson Mount nails this, btw*

    “You don’t.”

    Batman then jumps out the window over the ledge. Superman flies around at superspeed, to watch him go – but somehow he’s already disappeared into the night.

    At some other point Clark Kent looks up research on the new dark character, and learns more and more about Gotham’s Dark Knight.

    • This is quite good.

    • You should not be a writer. It’s also not Metropolitan city. It’s Metropolis. I am a fan of Anson Mount playing Batman. He’s definitely in my top 3.

      • I had this thought as well…Anson Mount is fantastic and knows how to be intense as a motherf**k.

    • @DMC thanks! I appreciate it.

      @Oneiros – you don’t think I should be a writer? :-/ But yeah, I thought ‘Metropolitan’ weemed off but it was late and I must’ve been too immersed in my thoughts on the story. Thanks for the correction! I’ll remember it next time.

  9. Its too soon for another batman movie!!

    • They should just incorporate the one they JUST finished!

  10. The Dark Knight Returns was excerlent as a animation of the comic book and if a live action film inspired by it does actually happen that would be a film and a half to see. Batman doesn’t necessarily have to be the Nolan version so it could work very well if it is pitched right and theres enough meat put on the bones of the concept to make it more of a popcorn movie. Given the people involved and after seeing MoS I have faith they will do a good job.

  11. Looking forward to this, but I don’t think they should be calling it “Batman v. Superman”; if it is a full sequel to MoS, then I would prefer something along the lines of “Man of Steel: Darkest Knight”.

  12. My idea in basic is:
    1st Act: Batman is shown to be a long standing (perhaps 4/5 years) vigilante, still operating with his trademark brand of stealth. Also, Bruce Wayne is introduced, and it is revealed that he is fearful of Supes, but he sees his value. Batman’s concerns are as such. But, as Lex voices his opinions, obviously of his complete distrust of Supes, so he hatches a plan to tarnish the reputation of Batman, linking it back to Superman, to change Batman’s opinion. This s done when Lex bribes Perry White into forcing a report into Batman’s methods, which Clark and Lois investigate. In his plan, Lex has also killed some thugs (who I would make appear to be allied with Scarecrow, but not outright confirmed, e.g. give them Scarecrow-esque masks) and linked it to Batman. Clark, in a renewed sense of stopping every threat ASAP, in response to *SPOILER* his murder of Zod, makes a deliberate effort to seek out and stop Batman. [Use this to introduce the villian, develop Clark's fear of threats, and set up Batman by making him do some crime fighting as a set-up]

    2nd Act: Superman holds discussions with Lois, as she fears that Batman has been set up, noting that he never kills, and that Superman himself has plenty of enemies. But Supes asserts that he can take no risks, and endeavors to find Batman. In the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Bats and Supes fight, in which Batman’s solid expertise and common fighting of bigger enemies but Superman is ultimately superior, and, using his super breath, he stops Batman from forcing Supes into surrender. Batman is held by Superman in the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, we have been slowly learning that Lex has more plans. He had used numerous unknown sources (he’s a powerful man) to track the big fight. When he sees that Batman is defeated (as he should be, he doesn’t have Kryptonite) he uses some inside men to open all the cells of Arkham Asylum, leading the inmates to take over Gotham, who overwhelm all of the GCPD, now lax due to Batman’s presence. Gotham is under mob-rule, and Batman cannot save them.

    3rd Act: The big action. Supes is made aware of the Gotham situation and, despite Batman’s constant assertions that he knows how to beat the inmates better than anyone, Supes goes alone. As he leaves, we see a quick shot where Batman pulls a small earpiece and requests an equipment drop (introduce Oracle here). Meanwhile, Supes is flying all over, containing the many threats to Gotham. But perhaps the biggest threat is Croc, who has been fed a secret muscle building compound (obviously building to a Bane intro for Batman’s own films) making him actually able to go toe-to-toe with Supes. Exhausted as he stops Croc, Scarecrow is seen, spraying Supes with fear gas from the shadows, before athletically disappearing. Due to his Alien nature, Supes is not overly affected by the gas, but it does cause him to have haunting flashbacks of *SPOILER* Pa Kent and Zod’s deaths. This distraction and the exhaustion is made worse, as Lex appears, decked out in Power Suit, loaded with small amounts of Kryptonite which he can use as blasts. Hitting Superman with one, he is severely damaged. Enter the Batwing overhead. This is where we really see Batman work, as he uses his acrobatics to destroy the many blasters, whilst Supes stops incoming threats and gets off the odd pot-shot at Lex as Batman works (who is in slightly advanced armour, loosely based off of Azrael Batman’s). Naturally, the two win, and emergency cleanup is ordered, causing a large border to be set at the land entrance of the area the inmates ran (imagine the area as running on a coast, but they sheilded the area accessible by land(This also gives an Arkham City-esque potential set up)). As things return to normal, Bats and Supes sort of make up, but Batman reiterates his concerns, and leaves, assuring that he has plenty more work back in Gotham. Supes will say something snarky like “call me again if you need anything” to which Batman replies something like “you know I won’t” (I’m not a writer, but you get the idea of the dialogue there)

    After Credits: Superman is interrogating Lex about the odd substance he used in his power suit, which Lex does reveal. Knowing of the threat posed by Kryptonite, Supes demands to know where Lex got it from. Lex reveals that know he’s failed, his supplier will be coming, in a fearful tone, leaving Superman desperate to know. At which point, Lex whispers “Brainiac” and we zoom out to an in-space shot of his ship…(BOOM! JL or MOS3 set up)

  13. If they’re going with an older batman coming back to the cowl, I’m really starting to get behind the Anson Mount choice. I haven’t watched his AMC show “Hell on Wheels” until recently on netflix and he’s would make a very dark, intimidating batman. Trying to find some video on him and I came across this old Smallville episode scene where he is Bruce Wayne-esque.

    This one is just his acting chops on Hell on Wheels.

  14. It’s not too soon to have Batman in a Superman movie, but to name it “Batman vs. Superman” (possibly)? At least have them develop their alliance first? I don’t know. I was hoping for them to just include Batman into this sequel not have him fight against Kal. If they name this movie BvS then it’d take too much focus away from Superman: it won’t really be a sequel to MoS anymore it’d be a mashup of two movie franchises that haven’t been effectively established yet.

  15. To all of those who wanted a batman that was more detective than Nolan’s… Bring back bale, the world is in crisis so he puts the suit back on but he wants to keep the fact that he is still alive a secret so instead of relying on mr foxx he does it himself. Wait they need a living Bruce Wayne so nvm it sounded better before I realized what i was really saying

  16. that will be a must watch for marvel fans but ion which topic will they fight each other ?

  17. I think it’s time to call a spade a spade. This movie is NOT a “Man of Steel Sequel,” just like Avengers was an Iron Man sequel.
    This movie is a Batman reboot featuring Superman. It’s based off a Batman story (Dark Knight Returns). I think it’s about time EVERYONE stops calling it a “Man of Steel Sequel.”

    • Avengers was an Iron Man sequel? That’s probably the most misleading (and objectively wrong) description of a movie I’ve read in quite some time.

  18. Their should not be movie called Superman vs. Batman it’s dumb idea, it’s will be the worst movie of all time. Both Superman and Batman our super hero they fight super villain like Joker and Lex Luthor. They only should be on the same team and that’s all folks.