‘Man of Steel’ Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

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Cavill Talk Superman Batman 1 Man of Steel Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

With the highly-anticipated release of Man of Steel just weeks away, the publicity machine is in overdrive and the rumor mill is in full force. We have featurettes, a new Zod-centric trailer, and an interesting, in-depth interview with director Zack Snyder, producer Christopher Nolan and star Henry Cavill on the deeper themes of their Superman reboot. Plus, there’s already speculation on what else could be in store for a proposed DC cinematic universe.

The bulk of all this attention is turning specifically to a possible Justice League movie. There are broad hints that Man of Steel will somehow launch DC’s movie continuum, and while there are certain problems with notion of a DC superhero team-up, Henry Cavill recently addressed a topic which, for some reason, has not been widely discussed (outside of geek circles like ours, of course): a movie pairing just Superman and Batman.

When asked by SFX about his thoughts on a potential film featuring the World’s Finest, Cavill stated that he found the age-old conflict between the two interesting because:

“…they are two different sides of the same coin and their methods are entirely different. And I think it would actually make for an interesting story as to why, first of all, they were going head to head and how. I think that would make a great story.”

Cavill Talks Superman Batman 2 Man of Steel Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

It’s clear that Cavill is just stating his personal opinion, since he is in no position to deliver concrete reports on the studio’s development plans, soon-to-be-major-star or not. He goes on to say: “I’m sure there’s all sorts of ideas being thrown around at Warner Bros right now.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a Batman/Superman movie. Beyond the speculation from a year ago, Wolfgang Petersen was set to make Batman vs. Superman prior to Christopher Nolan’s 2005 Batman Begins, and of course there’s the famous screenshot from I Am Legend, which was set in the near-future:

batman versus superman in i am legend Man of Steel Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

What a tease.

All the Justice League conversations appear to boil down to one major issue with launching this shared DC universe: there are too many characters to introduce in one movie alone. Marvel wisely took their time with solo-superhero movies, patiently (or not-so-patiently) teasing the eventual, inevitable, team-up in The Avengers. The idea of using Superman and Batman to set up DC’s world might just be the way to go… and Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has already teased the possibility of this kind of thing: “What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Audiences are already loudly wondering when we’ll see a new incarnation of Batman, and with Man of Steel likely to include some Easter eggs pertaining to DC’s universe, why not let these two go to eyeball to eyeball? Batman and Superman have always mirrored each other, and pairing them for one film might just be an ideal way to apply a common tone to future DC movies, bridging the lived-in realism of Nolan’s entries with the intergalactic sweep of much of the rest of the comic book universe.

While this is all just speculation, Warner Bros. might be more inclined to re-visit the concept if their star brings it up. They’re sure to have their own development track, but this feels like a good time to at least consider the idea.

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Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.

Source: SFX

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  1. I would say yes if:

    - They recast Batman….i.e. NO BALE (sorry pipedreamers).
    - Batman remains in his costumed persona through the entire movie.
    - This would be a direct lead in to a JL movie(s)

    that’s it.

    • Don’t really get the costume rule. Bruce Wayne is as much an important part of the character as Batman is.

      • Yeah, I would actually, in a Justice League film anyway, have it be more Bruce than Batman. What use does Batman have being in costume around the super-powered folks?

        • clearly you never watch the TV show.

          • +12357753245675588909753

      • Batman is who he is. Bruce Wayne is the persona he wears to function in the world.

    • If it was a JL movie with lots of characters I’d be all for the only Batman thing. Totally for that. I’ve suggested that before. But only Superman and Batman, you have to have the identities of both, and they’d both have to figure each others out.

      • Pondering it a bit, I agree that for this movie to work we would need to see Batman as Bruce Wayne, at least in the beginning.

        And for those who don’t get why we should never see Bruce in a JL movie (or Clark for that matter)…….it’s simple, he needs to maintain his professional tone ESPECIALLY when around a batch of superpowered beings. Cracking that and letting Bruce Wayne come through would destroy the atmosphere and persona that is Batman.

  2. Man of Steel could lead into Superman/Batman then that could lead into Justice League. Tease the hell out of other superheroes in both movies and then at the end of Superman/Batman(could be a post credits button) have them pop up on the other superheroes video screens(you see a shot of each hero) saying we have a big problem coming and we need your help. End of movie.

  3. I think this is an extremely interesting debate and would love for you guys to read my opinion on it I wrote a blog article a couple minutes ago feel free to comment I would love to hear what everyone thinks good or bad.


    • @ Trey

      Not bad… I too wish for Bale to return. I heard of an interesting way for Bruce (Bale) to return and I actually like it. Blake/Robin becomes Batman and of course attracts the attention of (a newly casted) Joker. The Joker realizes that this isn’t the same Batman at all and holds him captive (meanwhile torturing him and video taping it for the real Batman to see) so this would provide Bruce a reason to return.

      I would like a Joker impersonator for this version though because he was truly legendary.

      • Excellent idea it would be like the beginning of under the red hood but with him actually dieing

      • why not just use the eight-year gap between The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises as a set-up. Superman and Batman could’ve met after the events of TDK and before TDKR happened. 8 years is waaaaay looooong. Bruce could’ve been travelling a bit. I don’t know. Sounds a bit silly knowing how TDKR explained the 8-year absence but it might still work.

    • Personally I would have only Batman Begins and The Dark Knight count. Not that I do not care for The Dark Knight Rises- while it is my least favorite of the three and has it shares of issues, the film is far from bad- but rather I find the film itself feels like an ending as a whole and the character deviates much from the first two films.

      Batman Begins has the comic book tone, and The Dark Knight has the character evolve closer to how is in the comic books. I would personally have an alternative story/direction set of those two films which round out Batman’s first year.

      This is my take on it. Bale can or cannot return, but supporting actors (even those from TDKR) can return, even evolved. Such as Liam Neeson returning as Ra’s Al’Ghul with his Lazarus Pits. Anne Hathaway can return as Selina Kyle but a little bit different.

      The Dark Knight Rises may end up being replaced with a reboot anyways but this way the origin and evolution of the character of the first two films is not thrown away but given a chance to evolve.

      • You could have these justice league films be within that first year like you said, then you can keep the end of his career

        • @Trey, it wouldn’t make since though… when bats is all busted up for three months dont you think other superheroes would step in? Plus “Nolanverse” batman barely got lucky against a powerless (no venom) Bane, and we should expect him to be able to take on super powered characters like Darkseid?

      • i agree…screw all the logic, these are movies and comicbook movies at that…not hard to turn “Nolanverse” around. Omit TDKR and make the first two count. Best idea yet!

    • Well I have to admit “evolving the character” is an idea that could be exploited but from the manufacturers point of view, why? What has been aptly demonstrated is that only certain iconographies are untouchable and only because they are touch points for consumption, everything else is disposable. The only question is the price point. Evolving a character is akin to repairing it. There is no need to do that when you can redesign and replace it with a more suitable product. Nolan’s Batman has served its purpose its now obsolete…

      • From a financial standpoints a know brainer to bring back bale. Though the batman title itself brings a solid fanbase the return of the man who lead one of the most successful franchises in film history is a smart play.

        • Problem is. Know what the Difference between The Dark Knight Rises and Potential Justice League Movie.

          Christian Bale was not an academy award winning actor.

          Batman Begins…9 Million.
          The Dark Knight 10 Million +20 Million Dollar Bonus.
          The Dark Knight Rises 15 Million.

          Now, I do not know if any of you read GQ Interview with Henry Cavill, but he did say something.


          Poor Henry, he seems to think he is Top of the A Listers. Christian Bale never came off as this callous and pompous, but it is the British, some of them can be snotty.

    • I will read what you wrote! If you like video games then you may like my blog. Click my name if you care!

    • Arg! I just read your blog, and then wrote a long response t the whole thing, and when I went to say “publish” it deleted the whole thing and told me to log into WordPress. I don’t get it. I tried several things and none worked. Drat.

      Basically I agreed with your ideas about how Batman could be reworked and focused a bit into a senior role of detective/strategist/intellect. However I still have doubts about putting the real- world character into a fantasy world of super beings and magical powers. I think Batman is better when it doesn’t acknowledge a larger world of magic. I think a case can be made for a Superman versus Batman story, and a modified version of Miller’s Dark Knight Returns might do the trick, but it’s a tricky move. Now that Iron Man has fought aliens, he can’t very well just tangle with greedy weapon manufacturers and other armored humans. My greatest concern is that the more they try to show or imply that we are dealing with the same guy from the Nolan films, and the more they entrench him in a multi character JL continuum, the less likely it is that we will return to what makes him great (in my opinion) any time soon. If he is a JL guy for the next decade then those of us who prefer a realistic mortal world for Bruce Wayne are S.O.L. Plus it undermines the integrity of the previous films if they get too specific about it being the same character or actor. If it were C. Bale for instance, then effectively the Nolan Batman character survives to join an intergalactic super-struggle of magical proportions. Is that really appropriate? A compromise would be to have Batman in the film without ANY implication as to whether he is the same guy from the other films, and to limit the use of the character in this franchise. If it were a one-off movie that didn’t threaten the ongoing Batman franchise then I would have little reason to object, even of it were a weak film. How about utilizing his limited role by having him appear ONLY in costume? Also I love the idea of him older, for many reasons. It was a cool aspect of the Miller book, but suits a world of super people especially well. In his prime he would have been no match for a super being, so the uncomfortable reality of age would be something of a non issue. He already struggles to maintain his edge over normal thugs, but suddenly his physical prowess is irrelevant and he must prevail on his talents and wits. That might be a cool arc. Still, if we can’t get back to solo Batman stories in an unmagical world soon, I will be bummed.

      I also mentioned that the idea of which hero will do the punching when the throwdown starts is missing the point that super heros brawling can be really tedious, and often speaks poorly of them that all they can do is wail on each other. Granted Bruce would be extra vulnerable, and that matters to the story and depiction, but nothing should be solved by fist fights, however “super.”. Furthermore the idea of a smarter, more strategic and wise Bruce is good on its own, and doesn’t need to be a part of a broader universe story, necessarily.

      Finally, I pointed out what a nice site you have, and invited you to visit mine if you like videogames. It’s at Gamehermits.wordpress.com, (or you can click on my name), and visitors/comments are welcome!

      • Interesting perspective. I too was out spoken about the “magical” world because I thought it would cheapen Batman and eliminate his “realistic” approach. Then some movies popped into my head that could solve this problem. Harry Potter.

        In the world of Harry Potter magic is kept a secret. If the magical beings kept it secret then it wouldn’t taint the Batman franchise. For example lets say Batman fought off several thugs who could use magic. The cops show up and cover any and all evidence to “protect” the public. The same could be applied for aliens and such but Batman (detective) knows there is something wrong and figures out that magic and aliens are real. This would then show his unwillingness to trust others and prepare for a Superman attack.

        • While you have outlined a plausible way to introduce magical elements, with some implication that they are a surprising event, my basic concern is not so much the presentation as it is the concept of turning another real world character into a magical and alien infested world defender. Some will insist that Batman is not realistic, but as he is usually intended to be, and clearly is in relative terms a “real” as opposed to magical creature, inhabiting the same world as we do. Others will say that Batman has had off the wall comics before. I don’t really care. Hs character is rooted in the real, and when you make a story supernatural just because you can it suggests a lazy sell out to youngsters more than an inspired reinvention of a franchise. Tony Stark can never go back to struggling with moguls, military men and angry rivals. He defended Earth from an alien invasion. That has consequences on the character and his universe. Some of them are bad.

    • @Trey,
      I like the idea. The only difference is Batman Villain’s would have to be Fantastical, :)

  4. Yes, only if they use Bale and Cavill. This should be their next movie after Man of Steel in Summer 2015. Then late 2015 release Flash. Then summer 2016 Wonder Woman. Then summer 2017 Justice League.

    • Sorry Nolan/Bale’s Batman couldn’t face off against Cavill’s Sup. Bale’s batman was pitiful. So unworthy it barely ranks above the original 60′s tv show Batman.

  5. My name is General Zod. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. Your world has sheltered one of my citizens. He will look like you but he is not one of you. To those of you who know of his location the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El, I say this, surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences.

  6. As cool as this sounds on paper, the reality, unfortunately is much different.

    First, let’s just make a good Superman movie for once. See how that goes and then proceed from there. The fact that WB/DC won’t commit to a Justice League movie before checking out the fans reaction to MoS makes me wonder if they have full confidence in MoS.

    Second, the whole Bale, no Bale, re-cast Batman mess needs to be worked out. That could take some doing. No matter what happens in this situation, WB/DC will piss off and lose some fans. This is a battle/choice they cannot win no matter what they do.

    Third, let’s see how Cavil does as Superman. Brandon Routh looked great in the suit, and sucked as the character. Let’s see if the guy can be the character. The idea of Superman and Baman on the same screen, in the same movie is awesome, and I love it, but not if it’s Val Kilmer and Brandon Routh. The point is, the actors chosen are absolutely key, and at this point we have no Batman, and we don’t even know if we have a Superman.

    Fourth, this is WB we’re talking about here. When was the last time they did something right? MoS might turn out to be awesome or it might be Green Lantern. Either way, I do not trust WB to get a team up of this magnitude right, they’re just not smart enough. It’s a real shame that something as cool as DC’s heros, some of my absolute favorites of all time, had to end up and the ship of fools that is WB. DC’s characters should be every bit as dominating as Marvels are, but WB can’t even get then to the starting gate, let alone out of the blocks. As a DC fan and an overall CBM fan, it frustrates me to no end to see these ass clowns flounder with these classic superheroes. I want to be excited to see MoS, and look forward to a Justice League movie, or a Baman-Superman team up but I can’t, because I can’t trust the jackasses in charge to do the right thing. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, WB are the Detriot Lions. They might as well just put a big Lions logo over the W and B on their logo. Both organization don’t have a clue.

    Fifth, as I’ve read in some of the other posts, WB/DC needs to take their eyes off of Marvel, and focus on their own movies. This “beating Marvel” or “beating The Avengers numbers” stuff is really old and really childish. Frankly, it just stupid. That’s like working at trying to have a better lawn than my neighbor has, while ignoring the fact that my house is on fire and is burning down to the ground. Right now, Marvel has no competion in the CBM genre, because there is no competition, because WB can’t seem to manage to walk two steps without their pants falling down (Green Lantern, Cat Woman, Superman Return, etc.). Focus on getting your own movies right WB/DC, and the numbers, fans, and success will speak for itself.

    Before I’m mauled by DC fanboy, or MoS deffenders, remember fellas, I’m one of you. I love Marvel and DC, really all superheroes. I am not a “Marvel only” guy or a “DC only” guy, not at all, I’m a “WB sucks guy” and I’m sick of some of my favorite DC superheroes being laughed at on the big screen because of the idiotic leadership at WB.

    Goodnight and pleasant tomorrow.

    • @Stark,
      Well said! :)

    • Wow!

      I agree with all of that, except at least the Lions have Reggie Bush now.

    • Well stated points. I agree with everything you’ve said up there. I especially liked the point about the desire to see these projects come to life, but not if the actors chosen can’t deliver a fitting characterization. I’m cautiously optimistic for MoS, and I can’t help but to hope that Cavill nails it; but again, I think the wise thing is the “wait and see” approach at this point. Good post!

  7. I’d rather see Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash team up.
    I’d also like to see Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman (Rex Tyler) team up. I would watch Supes and the Bat team-up, but instead of still doodling around with those two, shouldn’t DC be more concerned with laying groundwork for JLA–and that means prepping other characters (Hawkman, Atom, Flash, Martian Manhunter?

    • teaming up Batman and Superman is a good way of laying groundwork for a JLA movie. Even before a JLA movie, I think The World’s Finest Trinity should come after Batman/Superman Team-up.

  8. i would have an after credits scene in man of steel with clark kent in gotham doing a story or whatever reason, just have batman show up out of knowhere n say “what are you doing here?!” BAM!! batman n superman movie!! in the post credits of that movie introduce green lantern. after that have wonder woman and flash introduced in JL then you have a wonder woman movie and flash movie if they want and in the second one JL comes martian mandhunter and aquaman.

  9. I think it will be a great idea to see Batman and Superman join forces to take down their arch enemies Lex Luther, Brainiac, Metallo, Joker, Scarecrow, and Two-Face.

    Here are the Supporting Fictional Characters:
    Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Jimmy Olsen (Daniel Radcliffe; TBD), Perry White (Laurence Fishburne TBD), Ron Troupe (TBD), Steve Lombard (Michael Kelly), Catherine Grant (TBD), Lt. Daniel Turpin (TBD), Capt. Margaret Sawyer (TBD), Dr. Emil Hamilton (TBD)

    Vicki Vale (Keira Knightley: TBD), Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine), Commissionar James Gordon (Gary Oldman), Harvey Bullock (Bill Paxton: TBD), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman),

    • Brainiac would probably be the perfect villain for a Batman/Superman crossover.

      • certainly!

      • Good Idea

    • Ok, what is your budget for this movie?

  10. Would be better they do a Supe’s Batman crossover than a Justice League. Justice League outside Superman and Batman just dont have the screen presents to make a movie work the same as The Avengers

    • presents? I love christmas!

      • Couldn’t overlook there grammar mistakes, could you?

    • I don’t get this when people say this? I can understand if you mean that they set up The Avengers with solo movies first, but to compare Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow to Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman is insane, the Avengers are B list Marvel heroes and most of the JLA are A list comic book heroes. Cap and Hulk are A listers, but even Iron Man is a B lister in the comics world.

      • Really would not call Green Lantern and Flash A-Listers.

        The Top Three are Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, though they really want Green Lantern in that role instead of Wonder Woman.

        But to me, it not about A List Heroes, these are heroes, not Movie Stars.

        I rather see Superman team up with Spiderman like they did in the comics.

        Now that would be a TEAM UP FOR THE AGES.

      • Yeah, but Iron Man became THE A List Marvel Hero in the movie universe, so it doesn’t really correlate to the comics…Right now, Iron Man and Batman are the biggest Superheroes out there…regardless of their comic standing…their movie standing is different…and Frankly Iron Man has earned it…
        You can’t go by comic standards for the movies…it’s a different animal…Wonder Woman may be Comic A list but bringing her to any screen big or little has been a string of failures really…She’s hard to translate I think without seeming campy or just lame…Green Lantern can translate well…the last movie didn’t do great but it showed potential…I’m still wondering where the Flash movie is…It seems stupid they haven’t made one…he’s a big property that WB and DC seem to be ignoring…He should have a standalone before any team up…
        As for black widow and hawkeye, they were treated right by marvel…as the b listers they were and were introduced slowly thoughout other movie franchises…I think that worked well…not sure who you could do that with for DC though…You can’t just introduce the Flash on the side, maybe martian manhunter, as the catalyst for the Justice League to team up somehow like in animated series…which is fantasic I think…and so are the animated movies…
        Justice League: DOOM movie adaptation would be awesome…New Frontier too…

        • Might I add that I said “Right now, Iron Man and Batman are the biggest Superheroes out there…”
          That will change when Man of Steel Comes out cause I think that it’s going to be awesome and Superman will take his rightful place as the grand daddy superhero again after this movie…

  11. If they to a team movie with Superman and Batman they need to bring Jason Gordon Levitt as either Batman, but if they really need to bring Bale back they should make Levitt Nightwing.

    • I would rather see no Batman film ever again than more of Nolan’s sh*tty Batman.

    • I really wish people would get off him…him as Batman would be terrible. Leave that Nolan mess alone. I liked the first two but Rises deviated waaay too much.

  12. hehe two brits :), if Bale would give into the fans :P.

    I’m thinkin, Superhero Version of Hot Fuzz XD

  13. Yes as long as it isn’t a sh*tty Nolan Batman.

    • haha
      what kinda goofball repeats the same comment 3x in the same thread?

      • The kind who is sick of people trying to support the extension of the worst modern incarnation of Batman. Nolan’s Batman doesn’t belong in the DC universe. He couldn’t even take out a lame and weakened version of Bane and these folks want to match him head to head with Superman.

        I’ve had to endure 5 bad (live action) Batman movies in a row. Can we please move on now?

        • To be fair it was a fist fight. No incarnation of batman should ever be able to straight up fight superman. Cripple, manipulate or out smart superman is the way to go

          • haha. exactly @Trey. Akai is missing the point of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

            • Oh I get it. You take everything great about Batman away in the Nolan movies. Batman is a man who is able to fight against Super Beings because he is so much smarter and works so much harder to compete in that world. When Nolan drug him out of the comic world, and into the real world he made him just another human non-comic movie hero. He wasn’t Batman anymore, he was just some regular guy, fighting other regular guys. Even Ledger (who did a fantastic performance) was not the Joker. When you rob all of the origins and all of the powers from everyone it ceases to be that spectacular a feat for Batman to win.

              • When you watch a comic book film you shouldn’t expect to see what was on the paper. Nolan’s Batman is and always will be my favorite. Batman was smarter and stronger. I am not going to tell you Nolan’s Batman was the best but it certainly wasn’t the worst. Besides maybe a Superman/Batman team up could be what you are looking for. Batman realizes that villains aren’t what they used to be and he has to train harder, faster and longer.

                Remember when someone makes a movie about any character already created and one that is not their own they will only show the character from the perspective that they see him in. In Nolan’s universe he saw Batman as a man who wanted his city to be redeemed. To me this isn’t that far from the comics.

                • exactly. it asn’t how close the movie wqas to the comics. it was about how they interpreted the character. making batman live in the real world made sense because that was the world in his perspective.

        • Woah, hey! There is no “weak” version of Bane, there is only the beast. I can hear the chant now…

          Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara..


          • Is that what the chant said down in that pit? I thought they said “Fish Pasta.”

            • They may have been saying both, I’m sure they were hungry.


            • it’s deshi deshi basara basara. check the behind the scenes. doesn’t sound like it though. haha

  14. Definitely a good idea if done correctly. That’s the key thing though. DC doesn’t need to go down the road as Marvel. I just watched the Avengers for the first time the other night and it was honestly one of the worst superhero movies I have ever seen. It was just plain boring. DC needs to remember that action action action action and effects doesn’t make a movie good. Action and effects are just a plus. The stories need to be deep and interesting. If Nolan and Bale aren’t going to return and a new Batman must be introduced to this shared universe, then I do believe that a Superman/Batman movie is the best way to do it. That way a repeat of Batman Begins isn’t needed. Obviously no movie could ever compete with Nolan’s take on Batman anyway. A movie about Superman and Batman meeting for the first time would be the perfect way to re-introduce Batman while also showing the interesting relationship the man of steel and the dark knight have. The conflict that is always going on between the two is definitely worthy of its own film. I say Superman/Batman movie, then a Wonder Woman movie and possibly an Aquaman movie, then the Justice League movie. Again, all of these movies have to be done correctly, meaning actual interesting story and characters instead of just flashy effects and action, as well as at least some degree of realism. Personally I would prefer Nolan do all these movies but if he will not then they must at least try to make it similar to how he would. DC does not have to turn into Marvel. They need to separate themselves from Marvel and establish their own unique characters and stories in the film industry the way they have in the comic industry.

  15. I think they should just throw caution to the wind and make “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” It’ll be twelve hours long and will cost about a billion dollars to make. And the only one that will like it will be me! Well, me and Don Pardo.

  16. I think a Superman/Batman movie would be a far bigger draw than a Justice League movie and probably easier to write.

    I would love them to do the fight scene where Batman unleashed a cloud of Kryptonite.

    But rather than it be synthesized I would prefer to see Batman break into a heavily guarded military instillation during the film and during the fight it is revealed that was for the purpose of stealing kryptonite that the U.S army had been keeping under guard just in case they ever needed it.

    If they could get Christian Bale to play Batman this could be the biggest box office success of all time.

    • ^ this.

      The money potential. That’s why I can’t refer to Bale returning as impossible.

      Improbable? Absolutely, but not impossible…

  17. If a Superman & Batman movie were to work, I’m thinking of the following ways it could;

    1) Recast Bale and treat Nolan’s Batman as its own thing, an alternate reality if you will.

    2) Address the power difference between the two by having Batman acquire Kryptonian technology left over from General Zod’s forces after his defeat, and Bruce Wayne augmenting his suit and gadgets with this technology.

    3) Follow the Star Trek reboot story of two people with different approaches come to an altercation, but eventually set their differences aside to team up against a common enemy, resulting in a friendship.

    • easiest way to go and very doable! rather than stick with Chris Nolan’s version of Batman (even if it was great)

    • My word, a logical, concise comment with a plausable way of “equalising” the two characters with a sensible story for the film to follow.

      Two questions.

      1. What villian would you use? Would need to be powerful enough to need both of them, so Darkseid? Brainiac? Doomsday?

      2. Would you have Clark and Bruce meet first in an informal setting (Wayne Enterprise Charity Dinner or at the Planet)? or leave the “disguises” out.

  18. If they make Superman and Batman movie after man of steel not a good idea, maybe batman cameo on man of steel would be good I think. And I like to see Bale repressing his role of Bruce Wayne /Batman part. A nice cameo will be great from Batman or the existence of Gotham City on Man of Steel, just show the news that Gotham City just been hijacked and if any outside force helps Bane will nuke the City, that’s why we don’t see superman to the rescue. And make it after the TDKR event that Superman introduces him self to the world and on Man of Steel’s after end credits show that Bruce Wayne is alert and returns as Batman. I can’t imagine any other actor playing Batman than Bale, he is the Dark Knight of the 21 century, think of it like this, what Robert Downey Jr is to Iron Man, Christian Bale is to Batman. Warner Brothers and DC need to rethink the choose they make for the money sake bring Bale and Nolan back and Cavil as the big blue boy scout and give us the Justice League Movie.

  19. This discussion makes me want to find my copies of The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

  20. This makes the most sense. In the old TV shows Batman had his own series, then Superman in which they did a team up for 2 episodes, and then came the Justice league cartoon. They could easily do the same for the movies. There’s plenty of time to give the audience a taste of each character. Seriously though, enough about Christian Bale. He and Nolan have said they’re not doing it. It’s not WB/DC trying something new. I’m sure they’d be happy if Nolan just made it easy for them and took over but he’s not and Bale doesn’t want to do Batman without Nolan. It’s over. Done. Shut up about it. Besides, do any of you rooting for Bale to return even read the comics or are you just Nolan fans? His Batman was pretty far detached from the source material. It’d be better to leave the Dark Knight trilogy as is and start a new story.

    • yup. have a batman film without the origin anymore. just show a tormented bruce wayne who cannot get over his parent’s death.

    • @Oneiros

      Which TV Show did Batman and Superman team up? I know it was not the Batman Show from the 60s, because the only Team up in that show was Batman and Robin teamed up with Green Hornet and Kato.

      There were no teams up in the 80s Superman Shows, or the Lois and Clark.

      There were no team up in The Adventures of Superman, or the Older Batman Serial from the 40s.

      Only team up I know came in the Animated Series and of course Justice League Cartoons back in the 60s.

      The first Worlds Finest team up with Superman, Batman and Robin was in 1941-1986.

      • I’m sure Oneiros means the Paul Dini and Bruce Tim cartoon shows from the 90′s and early 00′s, it’s how most people got into DC comics in the first place.

        • Wait, are you saying that is how people got into DC Comics in the first place?

          Two 90s Animated Shows??

          Yes, Comics were not around before those two shows.

          • Yes those are cartoons I was talking about. People get into these characters from via many different avenues. I was just pointing out a version in which a Batman/Superman team up worked well and led to a popular JLA story. I didn’t feel it necessary to go all the way back to the super friends to make my point.

            • You said “old,” when people say “old” in this context they are usually referring to “one of the first versions of …” which is why no one thought you were talking about a show from the mid Nineties.

              you honestly think a cartoon from 1992 was how MOST people got into comics? lol….um.

              • Well I really don’t think arguing semantics furthers this discussion at all. Batman the Animated Series started over 20 years ago. In pop culture that’s “old.” Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that a Batman/Superman team up would be an easy way for WB/DC to set up for a JL movie and introduce a new Batman. There’s so much story between the two of them to pull from the movie practically writes itself. They could easily introduce Wonder Woman and Flash and Green Lantern wouldn’t need much of an intro because he’s a had a movie more recently (as terrible as it was and I’d actually prefer them introduce John Stewart for the JL movie.) And no Christian Bale. Those movies are separate.

                • Was not semantics as much as it was oversight assuming everyone started watching or reading about Superman and Batman.

                  The fact you mentioned Superfriends which was the watered down version for younger kids int he 70s.

                  I was referring to the Aquaman/Superman Show from 1967.

                  So, even you mentioning Superfriends was not even what I was talking about.

  21. Miller’s classic comic of an old Bruce Wayne redonning the cape, entitled “The dark Knight Returns”, features Superman prominently as the antagonist. This idea was teased in the movie “I am Legend” where Superman/Batman posters are visible in New York. Setting them against each other is interesting, and effective in the comic, but some problems arise. For one thing there is an animated version out now, I think, and also the depiction of Superman as mostly just a problem for Bruce Wayne could use a lot of balancing if the story is supposed to make them BOTH likable heros and plausible rivals of some sort. A film that makes Superman seem like no more than a naive fool and impasse to the efforts of a real hero, is not what DC wants, but the story could be used as an inspiration point to be fleshed out.

    • @Josh

      You know that was because it was a Warner Brothers movie.

      Like 2012 Movie poster in Zombieland.

  22. I don’t think a Batman VS Superman is a good idea. A World’s Finest movie as a sequel to MOS has been an idea of mine since MOS was being rebooted, with the JL movie to be the last. So of course I am all aboard for this. I also think the WF movie could include the introduction of either Wonder Woman or Aquaman at the end of the film to help defeat the baddie. And then of course a teaser at the end of the film before the credits to give reason for a JL movie. As much as I love The Dark Knight Returns, it is the absolute last thing we need to have happen if we are all trying to get a JL movie established. Down the road… it would be awesome! Just not now. And not for a while.

  23. WB should:

    Man of Steel
    MoS 2
    World’s Finest (reboots Batman and completes MoS trilogy)
    Justice League

    *imo, which isnt worth much, Lex Luthor is the antagonist in MoS 2 and possibly WF as President. You introduce John Jones as a detective in World’s Finest and possibly mention Barry Allen. Then in JL you go to Paradise Island to introduce Wonder Woman and start the battle with Darksied. Boom done! Write it up David Goyer.

  24. Christpher Reeve Superman 6’4
    Tom Welling and Brandon Routh are both 6’3
    Henry Cavill 6’1???

    I know height does not make much of a difference, but damn. I know the standard height for Superman is 6’3-6’4. Two or three Inches does make a difference. A Guy 6’1 Next to my 6’5 is going to be shorter and show it.

    • Yeah but he can fly so…

      • No, technically..I can fly.


    • They’ll probably just throw a little extra height in on the boots or just have him depicted on camera as “larger than life” next to everyone else. Like have him stand closer to the camera so he appears taller/bigger in certain shots, for instance. Maybe make all the humans look like the Hobbits did next to him lol (just kidding about that last part).

      There are ways around it, if they’re even paying attention. I’d place my faith in Movie Magic. A good film maker who cares about the portrayal would, in my opinion. Just looking at that scene where he’s cuffed and being escorted down the hall, he seems taller/bigger than most of the extras they used for that scene. Either they intentionally picked shorter, less bulky male actors, or because of the way the camera is angled, they made it work there.

      One thing I actually did like about George Reeves in the Adventures of Superman was when he entered the room, his presence was unquestionably felt. Yet, he was only 6′ 1″ also. It was the way he “wore” the part, if you will. When he entered, it was like Superman stepped into the room. It looked like it and everyone reacted to it as such. Especially in the very beginning (like the first season) when the show was far less campy and you could tell George Reeves was still “into” the part. Later on in the show’s run (particularly those color episodes), it eventually dwindled.

      Point is, I definitely see and agree with your concern here. But as long as Cavill “wears” the part right, he should hopefully be able to deliver despite his height disadvantage. Routh tried, but it wasn’t really his fault. He had what he had to work with (script, costume design, director). You could tell that Singer was banking a little too heavily on the notion that Routh somewhat resembled Christopher Reeves, to really care enough about making Routh himself really shine through the character. While he was tall, for me his build wasn’t right, and the suit didn’t lend to how buff he might have actually gotten for the part. Christopher Reeve had good presence. Good balance of height and build. To me, he was a very precise live-action depiction of the Curt Swan Superman motif; which worked extremely well for that time. Even when he was being campy (not his fault, due to the writers really), he still had a great stage presence most of the time while he was in character. He worked at “selling” the part most of the time. Tom Welling never really had to turn it “on” or “off” between depictions of Clark and Superman, because he was pretty much always Clark on the show, whether doing something super or not. Dean Cain, eh… kind of just looked like a guy in a Superman costume standing around in most shots. He had great charisma and even delivered good stage presence in some rare instances as Superman depending on what the scene called for, but more often than not fell short of that “Holy crap! Superman’s in the room” feeling you should get when you see the character. While even some of the other characters on the show like Lois were all “Wow! Superman!” because it was scripted, it was hard for me to really draw that feeling naturally and organically from Cain’s depiction myself as a viewer when he came on screen.

      Off topic too, I think George Reeves’ build and body type also reminds of what they would need for a Kingdom Come version of Superman on the silver screen.

      • The Adventures of Superman.

        dodging phone and books, but yet standing there when bullets bounce off!

        Loved it!

    • Personally, I don’t need Superman to be all that tall, or even all that buff. Sure, he should look strong, but his power doesn’t come from him being the biggest guy around, or because he’s a fanatic bodybuilder. It’s because he’s an alien.

      I like in the Justice League: The New Frontier film how Wonder Woman was clearly depicted as being taller than Superman.

      Pity for both Welling and Routh that they weren’t given better material to work with. I never watched Lois and Clark.

  25. Biggest Problem facing a potential Batman/Superman Team up.

    New York City, Aka Metropolis…Aka Gotham…Aka

    Wait! What? how can they both be the same city?

    Well they are. Live with it and accept it. Batman and Superman hail from Gotham City and Metropolis, but in reality both cities are New York.

    • I swear Bruce. You come up with every random excuse ever! LOL

      • @Leathercheerio

        It is what I do!


    • Metropolis is New York in the daytime; Gotham City is New York at night.

    • For whatever it’s worth, I kind of like the idea of Gotham City being modeled on Chicago in look and location. I believe that at least one of Nolan’s films utilized Chicago in some way?

      Anyway, in that scenario, Gotham and Metropolis are separate, similar but different, counterparts.

      • Oh, which city has a Statue in the middle of its harbor?

    • oh my goodness. that’s so shallow

  26. Yes that would be extremely awesome enough said.

  27. SEriously? Nolan’s IMAX camera work will work well on supe/batman team up movie. It will be beyond epic.
    This movie definitely does over 1.5 billion if they team up w/ Bale and Caville. This is the only natural progression towards Justice league. They can even do some brief cameo of wonder woman or flash.. This is gonna drive everyone insane.

  28. I’ve got five bucks saying someone tells Superman to put some underwear on in the movie, haha.

  29. The whole JL movie idea is such an obvious knee-jerk reaction to Marvel success. Basically, a very BAD idea. A JL movie is just not necessary… at all!

    Batman and Superman are the only two big DC properties who can fly on the big screen (pun intended). Look at who else is there… Green Lantern – already failed. Aquaman? PUHHHLLEEEEEAS!! The Flash – He runs fast – who gives a sh*t? Wonder Woman – She’s a “maybe”, at best.

    Just give me a great Man of Steel trilogy to put next to my great Dark Knight trilogy blu ray set, then come up with an original f-ing idea!