‘Man of Steel’ Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

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Cavill Talk Superman Batman 1 Man of Steel Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

With the highly-anticipated release of Man of Steel just weeks away, the publicity machine is in overdrive and the rumor mill is in full force. We have featurettes, a new Zod-centric trailer, and an interesting, in-depth interview with director Zack Snyder, producer Christopher Nolan and star Henry Cavill on the deeper themes of their Superman reboot. Plus, there’s already speculation on what else could be in store for a proposed DC cinematic universe.

The bulk of all this attention is turning specifically to a possible Justice League movie. There are broad hints that Man of Steel will somehow launch DC’s movie continuum, and while there are certain problems with notion of a DC superhero team-up, Henry Cavill recently addressed a topic which, for some reason, has not been widely discussed (outside of geek circles like ours, of course): a movie pairing just Superman and Batman.

When asked by SFX about his thoughts on a potential film featuring the World’s Finest, Cavill stated that he found the age-old conflict between the two interesting because:

“…they are two different sides of the same coin and their methods are entirely different. And I think it would actually make for an interesting story as to why, first of all, they were going head to head and how. I think that would make a great story.”

Cavill Talks Superman Batman 2 Man of Steel Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

It’s clear that Cavill is just stating his personal opinion, since he is in no position to deliver concrete reports on the studio’s development plans, soon-to-be-major-star or not. He goes on to say: “I’m sure there’s all sorts of ideas being thrown around at Warner Bros right now.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a Batman/Superman movie. Beyond the speculation from a year ago, Wolfgang Petersen was set to make Batman vs. Superman prior to Christopher Nolan’s 2005 Batman Begins, and of course there’s the famous screenshot from I Am Legend, which was set in the near-future:

batman versus superman in i am legend Man of Steel Star Wants A Batman/Superman Teamup Movie

What a tease.

All the Justice League conversations appear to boil down to one major issue with launching this shared DC universe: there are too many characters to introduce in one movie alone. Marvel wisely took their time with solo-superhero movies, patiently (or not-so-patiently) teasing the eventual, inevitable, team-up in The Avengers. The idea of using Superman and Batman to set up DC’s world might just be the way to go… and Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has already teased the possibility of this kind of thing: “What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Audiences are already loudly wondering when we’ll see a new incarnation of Batman, and with Man of Steel likely to include some Easter eggs pertaining to DC’s universe, why not let these two go to eyeball to eyeball? Batman and Superman have always mirrored each other, and pairing them for one film might just be an ideal way to apply a common tone to future DC movies, bridging the lived-in realism of Nolan’s entries with the intergalactic sweep of much of the rest of the comic book universe.

While this is all just speculation, Warner Bros. might be more inclined to re-visit the concept if their star brings it up. They’re sure to have their own development track, but this feels like a good time to at least consider the idea.

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Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.

Source: SFX

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  1. Well, duh!

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself

    • I’m sorry, but as awesome as this sounds I just don’t see ANY POSSIBLE WAY a live action Batman/Superman film would work?

      • Why not? It’s worked for decades in the comics. There’s even been a comic series titled Batman/Superman, featuring several team-up stories over the past decade.

        And it’s already worked in no less than THREE movies already: The animated Superman/Batman DTV movies. You should watch them.

        • @ For real?
          That question is exactly why WB would be guaranteed a billion dollars if they team up Bale and Cavil: Curiosity alone would sell tickets.

          • I could not have said it better myself!

          • You are absolutely correct.

        • I’ve seen EVERY animated movie and i loved every single one. That’s why i specified i don’t see it working in a LIVE ACTION version. There are certain liberties you can take with animation that I can’t imagine making a clean transition into live action. The ANIMATED Batman does so many things just to seem like he belonged on screen next to Superman. Things that allowed him to seem superhuman. They just wouldn’t work on screen. Keep in mind i sincerely hope that I am wrong and someone is able to pull it off.

          • Are you insane? Honestly animated films are great but a live action movie with Bruce Wayne and Clark kent? To be honest that’s wat I really wanna see. A movie with Clark kent and Bruce Wayne becoming best friends. Driving around Lamborghinis going on panty raids at wonder woman’s house. They won’t even suit up once except in one scene where Clark gets way to drunk and dresses up in batmans costume. And the Bruce grabs him and says “were gonna get you home bud.”

            • +1
              That scene would be beautiful!!! hahahahah

            • Awesome…. Like a Harold and Kumar movie, but with Bruce and Clark instead. Brilliant! ;D

          • If you don’t think a Batman/Superman Teamup could be done then you also don’t think a Justice League film would be possible since its the same concept. Weirdo

          • I think its simply because to date every live action incarnation of batman hasn’t really portrayed him as the pinnacle of humanity when it comes to fitness/fighting/intellienge. Though the various film have been interesting in their portrals, they aways “gimp” him. No thug ahould ever remotly vome close to hitting batman and yet in the films thats always the case. Show us a batman in his prime, with all his gadgets and it could be very different.

  2. Should be the first installment in a 3 part justice league story

    • Not a bad idea.

    • That’s what I was thinking.

  3. I would only enjoy it if Bale was returning as Batman but this would only work if Nolan was involved. Of course if Nolan said he was producing it Bale might return.

    • Yes yes YES. And you can bet that is EXACTLY what will happen.

      • Wrong on both counts.

    • What’s so great about Bale though? He was decent as Wayne but under the mask I don’t see how much he stands out from any other guy under Nolan’s writing. Be aggressive, be intimidating, and say the lines the writer writes and wear the costume the designers made. How much space is there for individual actors to make their mark? I don’t see why Bale is so integral – I really think it’s just association to the rest of the movies.

    • Now is the time to strike. If Cavil is interested, than it should be done while he is fresh. If MOS hits it big, everyone is going to want a piece of this dudes talent. Let’s lock it in now WB DC. Imagine if just a Superman and Batman movie knocked The Avengers out. What would a Justice League movie do? Those are my thoughts anyways.

      • A Batman/Superman movie would definitely knock the avengers down!!! I mean just seeing bruce and clark sharing the same screen is gold in itself!!!

  4. Actually, the more I think about it, I’d like a World’s Finest flick before a Justice League movie. Seeing these two teamed up would be pretty awesome, and it hopefully wouldn’t be too unwieldy compared to a JL flick.

    • See you have the right idea. This could set the record and beat The Avengers. I would rather see this first as much as I love all DC Characters together.

      • ^ What’s with the all the “beat the Avengers” stuff? I like both and don’t care who “wins.”

        • Good question Cave-ish Man. I like them both as well. What I mean by it is the only way WB DC will consider something like this (I think) is if MOS makes Avengers like money. I did not say as much just numbers more like that movie has. For them it is a bit of competition. Not to beat the other, but to match up to the other. Unfortunately money does the talking so WB DC have to see it. With that said, I am cheering for this movie, not because I do not like Marvel characters, but definetly because my favorite comic book character of all is Superman. I just want to see them make more, and now with the talks about a Batman Superman team up I just think this is what has to happen before we see anything like this.

          • If mos makes avengers money… Then thed prob just keep making mos movies. Why change something thats working..

            • When you wrote Avengers money, do you mean within the ballpark or truly Avengers money? If the former, that’s one thing. If its the latter, then that’s not going to happen.

        • + 1000 ^^^^^^^^

  5. Make it so.

  6. I said no because in my opinion, the two going head to head wouldn’t work because Superman could literally kill him with his (over)powers while a team up would have to end with the two in peril and needing the other heroes to form the JL and it’d be a weird thing to see in a movie ending.

    I know it’s been done before in animated and comic book form but movie wise, no thanks.

  7. Oh hell yeah!

    With a new Batman though, not Bale. I feel his Batman would actually trust Superman like any other member of the Justice League…and I want a fresh rogues gallery for all villains. We shouldn’t be limited by the ones who are dead or irreplacable.

    I’d imagine the villains of that movie would be Lex Luthor and someone else from Batman’s universe.

    • I like the way you think, sir!

      • Dr.Strange and Lex Luthor, that could be interesting

        • Sadly willl NEVAR happen. Wishful thinking though

          • Hugo Strange and Lex Luthor? That actually has a good chance of happening

        • Dr. Strange is Marvel, no?

          • *facepalm* you’ve got it all mixed up, it ‘s like saying Deathstroke is Deadpool

            • There is a BIG difference between Dr. Strange and Professor Hugo Strange. Cave-ish Man is just correcting him

        • LOL
          Dr. Strange and Lex Luthor?


          • Dr Hugo Strange… Not Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

    • I disagree about Bale a little. The original Batman trusted Superman but still created plans to immobilize them should the time arise. In Justice League Doom Batman also created a plan to eliminate himself should he become a threat. What I am trying to say is that Batman can trust but he is also aware and I think Bale’s batman can do that.

    • Well if we get the Batman Begins/The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne/Batman rather than the one in The Dark Knight Rises , then we would have a Batman character who is first seen spying and making sure everyone is clear as a threat- such as when Alfred sees Bruce watching Harvey Dent closely. By the end of the film Batman is a hunted fugitive responsible for the deaths of six including two cops and the famed D.A, while also responsible for other crimes. He took down two SWAT teams. Superman would not trust him, and Batman due to his experiences would not ever stop not trusting anyone without countermeasures.

      Bale does not have to come back just saying this a route I would take.

    • I understand where your coming from ACW but snyder doesnt need to the path that nolan set for bale. He can be written diffrently and act diffrently. I think bale would automatically sky rocket the hype and fan support for worlds finest

      • Those are kind of my thoughts as well. Just re-wright Batman while keeping Bale. No recasting, rebooting or re anything. That stuff just gets old. There is no doubt in my mind that Bale could play a slightly different Batman that does not have to tie into Nolan’s. You want hype, sales, interest, do this and I can’t see why it would not do just that.

      • I’ll pass on lung cancer Batman. Everything I loved about Bale’s Batman from Begins was butchered in the final 2 films. And believe me when I say it is much more confusing to re-write Bale’s Batman than to just use a new guy. You don’t have to go through another origin story, Burton proved that. It’s a new universe, let’s have new people

        • I will continue to take my growling batman over every other one who uses their same voice and isnt intimidatinf at all. Better yet id take a mute version of batman over someone who uses there same voice. I hate how superheroes can
          Wear glasses or speak the same and nobody recognizes them.

          • I can agree with that. I honestly didn’t mind Batman’s voice in the Dark Knight trilogy. I mean it certainly wasn’t perfect but it added to the role. I hope Bale returns and I will be a little upset if he doesn’t.

            • Yeah me too, He should however go back to that same voice from Begins though. Why did they do it different in TDK and TDKR? Does anyone really know? Let’s stop and think for a minute. Bale changes his accent to an english one, than to the BB one, only to change it to a growling one for the ohter 2 movies. Give the guy a break on voice everybody. To me that is just amazing talent. if you want the BB voice just campaign for it. The man can act and try to do different things with his voice it is totally amazing to me.

              • @ Ben Dutchover

                “Why did they do it different in TDK and TDKR? Does anyone really know?”

                You have to do some digging, as most of the stuff released about this subject has all but disappeared… but the voice switch from BB to TDK was all Christian Bale, and Nolan decided to go with it. If you remember back in 2008 at the time of release every review praised TDK in just about every which way, the number 1 complaint about the movie that kept coming up was : “What was up with that voice?”
                The Ledger performance was more than enough of a distraction, and I’ve read in a few places that it was in fact the over-shadowing presence of Heath Ledger’s character that prompted Bale to do something “attention getting.”
                Makes sense. Bale is supposed to be the star and here his spotlight is getting stolen so he goes out of his way to bring attention back to him.

                I’ve always HATED that stupid voice. Every time I watch that scene in TDK where he is talking to Lucius Fox about the sonar device, I keep expecting Morgan Freeman to talk right back to him in a similar voice asking “Why are you talking to me like that? Y’know I know that’s you… right Bruce?”

                To me, someone who sounds stern and intelligent will always be more intimidating then someone who is deliberately changing their voice in an attempt to sound intimidating.

            • Love or hate it thats fine but it gave his batman something that no other batman had, it was much more tamed in begins and i prefer that one the most. To me it made him original instead of just another rehash

          • Not the point I was trying to make. Batman is supposed to be intimidating; acting like you swallowed sand paper is not intimidating. He was intimidating in Begins, but from there on out he was more annoying than anything.

  8. If a World’s Finest movie can lead to a Justice league movie, then yeah, they should get on that now!

    Batman and Superman are two of the most lucrative and recognizable franchises in the world, so it’s not like they’ll have a problem making bank. All they need is a good story with a director who has a clear vision for the project.

    The DCCU needs to get on the fast track ASAP!

  9. I’ve been saying this from the beginning. Man of Steel should only be concerned with telling a great Superman story. Forget Easter eggs. Forget DC references. If Man of Steel doesn’t connect, it doesn’t matter what WB has planned. If they have anything planned to begin with…

    The studio’s claim all along is that they’re going to wait and see how Man of Steel does at the box office before determining the next step. I’m sure this will do fine, but I’m wondering how successful. We all thought Star Trek Into Darkness was going to be huge, but it fell way below Paramount’s expectations. Nothing is a guarantee.

    And Into Darkness was a sequel for an established franchise that already had a big following. This is a relaunch of a series and is the first film in a new trilogy. I wonder just how big it will be and how big it has to be for Justice League to be green lit or if we’ll just get a Man of Steel sequel.

    • Agreed. I think it would be awesome to catch people off guard if there were no hints towards a Justice League movie. The hype and excitement would skyrocket

    • I agree with your first idea that MOS should be a great movie by itself, and hopefully nothing has been put in just to establish other characters. However I disagree about Star Trek. It’s been awhile since I saw the first one and all I can really remember is that it seemed way too long, so I am not at all surprised that the sequel isn’t doing record breaking things.

  10. no brainer..plus it owuld be different to have to iconic heroes “beefing”..it be like an extention of Captain America & Iron Man arguing in Avengers

    • Not sure about the “beefing” part but the way both handle dishing out justice would provide just enough tension between the two to make for a great film

  11. Yes do it Warner Brothers! I would like to see World’s Finest, a few more solo films (like Flash or Wonder Woman), then the big daddy, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE which would possibly introduce one more member that was teased in previous films.

    • My guess would be Aquaman as a surpise introduction

      • Go the justice league tv show route where aquaman comes to the service and lays the beatdown on superman and batman they need to show he means business. Of course he would only be fighting to protect his people in the end they would come together

  12. I want Karl Urban as Batman! In a non-rubber military-esque bat suit, grey and black.

    • I like the sound of it

      • To old, if they wanna stick around cavill age then armmie hammer is the obvious choice 26 years old and 6’5! He would be a beast in the suit

        • I think Karl Urban would work if they were making a Batman movie that was more like Marvel’s movies, however I think if they continue making movies like the TDK trilogy and how MOS is looking, his acting skills would be under par. I also do not think Armie Hammer would be a good choice either. I’ve only seen him in a couple things but each time he reminds me more of Brendan Fraser than Batman. However I haven’t seen everything these guys have done, what is/are the movie(s) that they have been in that really makes you think they would make a good Batman? Just curious.

          • You need to watch Dredd, Karl Urban is stone cold in that. I agree with you on Armie Hammer although I’ve only seen him in The Social Network. He’s too pretty and, I dunno, goody goody? Boy next door kinda thing is the vibe I get.

    • I like the actor but I don’t like the “non-rubber” thing. Which is more intimidating a guy who looks like he can take a bullet or a guy in tights?

      • Not tights man, a thick military fabric with kevlar reinforcements. I’m sick of the rubber suit, it’s impractical, how are you meant to walk in it let alone fight in it, Batman is supposed to be a martial artist. Have you seen TDKR, the full body shots of Bale in costume? The rubber on his legs just looked floppy as he’d walk. It’s time for a new suit just like Supes sans red undies. And grey and black. All black would look sh*t next to Supes or any other Justice League member for that matter

        • I thought the suit in TDK was pretty good and was pretty much what you are describing. However I also did notice that the legs sometimes did look weird in TDKR.

          • Yeah but it’s rubber, man. Even something resembling a S.W.A.T uniform. I’d just like to see Batman actually fight, ya know? Superman’s gonna be flying and sh*t and what’s Batman gonna do? Throw a few punches? He needs to be more rough and tumble and combat ready not reliant on camera shots to make him appear agile. He needs to BE agile.

  13. Batman/Superman movie would be amazing

  14. Karl Urban would be a GREAT batman! I say no to bale. His batman just got awful at the end. New Bats and Cavill as Supes. Use it as build up to an eventual League film!

  15. Im looking for the part where he says he wants it.

    I feel like im at the store reading the headlines of some of the tabloids at times when seeing what is posted as the title and then reading the article.

    But of course you end it with this all may be speculation…. so I guess that covers the misleading title.

    • Is there some way to favorite posters here so their comments are highlighted?

  16. World’s Finest Film? Yes. Should it be the next film? Not sure but makes more sense than the Justice League film.

    Personally I think reestablishing Superman is more important than anything here. Plans on what to do with characters like Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman etc, is more important.

    However, this idea makes the most sense than the Justice League film. Honestly I been saying they could tackle a Justice League films without the need of solo films (The Avengers in retrospect did not need it as much) but defining the universe and the relationship between these two makes more sense and is logical to pursue as both are arguably the biggest super-heroes known.

    Of course this is just theorizing at this point, and Cavill’s comment did not really point this as a reality. It makes more sense to explore these two characters in context with one another.

    Whether to have Bale or not goes back to having the Dar Knight films still be canon. Personally Batman Begins at least could remain in continuity and maybe The Dark Knight because it leaves Batman in a peculiar place at the end and we do not have to deal with repeats of Joker and Two-Face. You logically have background for the character of the Batman but can now take him into a different direction. The tone is similar to Man of Steel seemingly. Supporting actors could come back-

    Liam Neeson to return as Ra’s Al’Ghul 😀

    But yes I would watch that film.

  17. This would be a disastrous idea to do a World’s Finest movie for the following 4 reasons.

    1) For it to work you would have to have Christian Bale reprise the role of the Caped Crusader…but wait… if he did that then it would create HUGE gaping plot holes set up by the Dark Knight trilogy which would taint the crossover continuity.

    2) If they chose to introduce a NEW Batman, they are running the risk of confusing audiences as to whether it is the same Batman from the Dark Knight Trilogy but just a recast or a completely new one.

    3)Who would be the villain? The antagonist is an integral part of the Superhero genre…if you put two star heroes and tried to focus on the complexities of their relationship, it would overshadow whoever villain was part of the film.

    4)The more we see Superman and Batman (who between them have been on film 13 times over the past 40 years) BEFORE they interact with the Justice League, the more likely it will lead to viewer fatigue and less interest in a Justice League movie.

    Moving ahead with the World’s Finest is a recipe for disaster for WB/DC just when it looks as if they have the formula to make the most epic crossover films in cinema history. Under no circumstances should they entertain a Worlds Finest movie until AFTER Justice League.

    • Wow. Okay. Let’s start with number 1.

      1. What plot holes would a 4th installment make? The alien invasion stuff happens after the events in the Dark Knight Rises, prompting Bruce Wayne to return to the game. That’s really not that hard to fathom.

      2. Agreed

      3. Brainiac, Darkseid, Lex Luthor + Gov’t creates Doomsday… there are plenty of options there.

      4. Superman and Batman have been on film 13 times in the last 40 years… BUT NEVER ONCE TOGETHER WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT FOR THE HYPE.

      • 1) BRUCE WAYNE IS BROKE … or at least not a billionaire. His home was turned over to an orphanage…his gadgets turned over to “Robin” and everyone thinks his alter ego Bruce Wayne is dead. That is a lot they would have to reverse or navigate around.

        2) I am glad we agree on something!

        3) Those are great villains … THAT WOULD BE WASTED … because the point of the World’s finest is to focus on the uncomfortable relationship between Batman and Superman. If you saw Superman 3, who was the villain. I can’t even remember his name…why? Because the movie focused on Superman fighting his alter ego. Movies are only two hours long (maybe three) you cannot do justice (excuse the pun) to a story about how Batman and Superman don’t get along and ALSO do justice to an iconic villain.

        4) EXACTLY…if you put them in a Justice League movie THAT WOULD BE THE DRAW! If I have already seen them in a World Finest movie…seeing them in a Justice League movie won’t be as big a deal.

        • just @ #1

          It’s Bruce Wayne, keep in mind. It’s not hard to say that he had a hidden muti-million dollar stash disguised as this investment or that investment. All his gadgets were left to his “side-kick” so technically they all still belong to him. That really isn’t a whole lot of anything to work around.

          • I don’t know!?!? …I could see people getting upset by it. Think about it. It undoes a lot of the Dark Knight Rises. It might work but it is REALLY risky!!! and I say don’t take that risk

    • 1) Agreed. They reallly should move on from Bale.

      2) Wouldn’t we be able to tell that it’s a different Batman from the fact that it’s a different Batman? If this is an issue, then it will be an issue whenever Batman resurfaces in another film, so it might as well be this one.

      3) I agree w/ Dr Mindbender that there are plenty of options here. Also for what it’s worth, The Avengers was IMO pretty weak on the villain front. It was a huge hit because of how exciting it is to see the heroes interact with each other.

      4) A couple of *good* films does not doom characters to viewer fatigue. If the buildup is well-executed, it creates anticipation.

      • @JerryoftheWest

        RE# 2
        No because since there is no set up for a new Batman, people MIGHT assume this Batman is the SAME one from the dark Knight trilogy…he was just recast…which is what happened with the original cinematic Batman. Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Micheal Keaton played the same character despite being different people. even if it is the intention of the producers to make it a different character, confusion will set in…in what ways would he be different. Because you have no set up movie to go from it will leave the audience lost.

        The Avengers was an example of what i am talking about. i disagree with you in that I think Loki was a very formidable villain…and here is the important part…had the benefit of being established with the Thor movie…and still the conflict between the Avengers was to me rushed and while mildly entertaining. Why did Iron Man have beef with Captain America…Why did Thor just attack them, especially since his solo movie ended with him finding humility and compassion…Why did Hulk attack Black Widow when she was not threatening him at the time? my point is that the Avengers could not go deeply into these issues because they have to also deal with the villains activities and motivations. So a world’s finest (which would not have the benefit of an earlier solo film in which the villain is established) would suffer moreso as a result because now you would have to introduce them from scratch.

        All I will say it is rare that the sequel of movies outdoes its predecessor (yes it happens) but not often. I think that the current Star Trek movies are suffering as a result…it is doing well but not as well as people hoped because it is no longer novel. A Superman Batman team-up runs the risk of making Justice League that much less novel.

  18. They would need to reboot Batman, which is too soon to do. Bale’s Batman cannot exist with a Superman like we’re seeing in the trailers. Nolan’s Batman wasn’t a crime detective. The reason Batman works so well with Supes is that Batman is always one step ahead of Supes in the mind games. Superman isn’t stupid, but so far you’re gonna have a Superman that’s just coming into his powers and you’d have a Batman that is physically weak and not very clever. I just can’t see Nolan’s batman contributing to anything outside of his own personal life.

    Nolan really screwed Batman in film for at least another decade unless someone does what Marc Webb did with SpiderMan.

    • Nolan’s Batman was much more crime detective in Begins and TDK than he was in TDKR, no doubts there.

      I say team them up and have Batman behave like he did in the first two and then we can all just act like TDKR never happened.

      Sounds good to me.

      • He was rusty by the time TDKR happened. That whole bit with Bane and Talia got his mind back in the game. He would be ready by now with more intellect and more experience.

      • @Dr.Mindbender

        Thank you!Ignore TDKR! Leave it intact for those who like the film and trilogy as a whole but take an alternative direction. Batman Begins worked great and The Dark Knight saw the events which really make Bruce become the Batman we all know. The way how Bruce was spying on Dent, using radiated bills with Gordon, the Bullet Sequence, and ultimately his secret plan to take Fox’s design for the sonar and transform it, adapt it, into a tool by the end of the film. Beyond that he has already predicted how Fox would react and created a failsafe.

        I am not saying to reject TDKR as it never happened but frankly the film too a direction that cannot really be continued. By a full reboot the film, along with the first, would be replaced anyways- so why not keep the first two intact.

  19. I agree with a batman/superman film that would lead into the Justice league. The two DC animated films that teamed up sups and bats (Apocalypse/Public Enemies)were awesome. The teaming of these two iconic heros would be a great start at building a shared universe for DC.

  20. I would love a team-up movie! I think it would be a great vehicle to reboot Batman. No origin story, just the movie starting with Batman doing his thing. By now EVERYONE and his mother knows Batman’s origin story. Possibly a few flashbacks and you’re done. Having him there with Cavill’s Superman would IMO really help the audience accept the new Caped Crusader as a part of the DC universe.

    Honestly, I’m getting pretty tired of people saying they’ll only watch if it’s Bale. Bale was an AMAZING Batman, but there is only like a 10% chance at MOST that he will come back. It’s time to let go of the Dark Knight trilogy and just enjoy them for the awesome movies that they are. Bale is not the only actor out there that can do Batman justice. A couple of my picks would be Karl Urban, Anson Mount, or Richard Armitage.

    Back to the team-up. I think this would also be a good lead up to a Justice League movie. Maybe Supes mentions the good heroes can do when they work together, with Batman being cynical about the whole idea. We can have a stand alone Bats movie after JL.

    I have always loved the dynamic between these two super behemoths. I think a movie focused on them would be epic.

  21. the animated worlds finest still holds up really well, i watched it last week and its pretty much the perfect batman meets superman tale.

    personally i think they should make a batman/superman film instead of justice league and then MAYBE build from there, slowly introducing heores through bats and supes’s combo film and then maybe do a justice league to top it off.

  22. I’m not one to say I told you so but I told you so! Holy cow I had a dream about this and knew it was coming to fruition. I really do hope Paul walker plays aqua man. Who else could play him? I really do hope they add batman in a scene maybe a quick clip where we see just te tip of his ear on his cowl. Or maybe have supes have a conversation with someone about how he hates bats. I can see it now superman: “sir, you know I hate bats. Especially bats that are the size of mans.” And then he’ll look at the screen, breaking the fourth wall. And then at that brief moment batmans toe will be visible on screen.

    I don’t know that’s just my honest opinion. What do you all think about my theory?

    • LOL. I’m laughing at the thought of a re-occuring theme for MoS to be breaking the fourth wall and Supes turning to the screen repeatedly to proclaim ” I hate Bats. ”

      He does it 3 times in the movie, starting with a young clark kent on a hiking trip. Bats startle him at some point, and young clark looks at the camera –
      ” I hate bats. ”

      Then it’s when he’s discovering all the Superman stuff left for him, when the ships door first opens a bunch of bats fly out and Cavil turns to the camera and says –
      ” I hate bats. ”

      Then the final time is the big reveal at the end, where the back of the cowl and cape enter the screen and the movie ends with Cavil turning to the camera and saying-
      ” I hate bats. ”

      Roll credits. And ROFL.

      • @ Dr Mindbender – really had be laughing. A little I hate Bats as he moves a box in the barn would be awesome.

  23. Should MAN OF STEEL make bank, satisfy its benefactor, then one approach for a Justice League film is a sequel that introduces Wonder Woman and the Flash — and then the third leg of what will be a trilogy, bringing Aquaman and Green Lantern into the fold.

    Beyond anything now imagined is the story for The World’s Finest (could be Superman’s romantic interest in Wonder Woman foiled by Batman with his own secret agenda). No, it’s not subtle, but the trouble with subtle is the audience’s belief in appearance over truth; realism can play a role, sure, but frequently enough you notice the movie-goers’ love of romantic cliches. (The Flash would be introduced in the 3rd Act, setting up the next film.)

    In the third film, others (who will eventually form what will become the JL team) come together as the result of some established, pandemic villainy.

    The devil, of course, is in the details…where the writers earn their fee.

  24. In an ideal world WB will be going crazy behind the scenes at the moment to make sure all the pieces are in play for someone to say, ” GO! GO! GO!” when MOS is a mega success. At this point I would hope for the following to go into production. They would be fools not have at least some of the following scripts outlined.

    For Dec 2014 – Flash. Origin story. Super mega loads of promotion. Get an up and coming star for the main role, surrounded by quality supporting actors.

    Summer 2015 MOSII – it would be the only one that can stand up to the truly blockbuster summer season 2015 will be. Brainiac as the villain.

    May 2016 Wonder Woman – LOTR style war epic. They need to create amazing swords with names etc etc. Create an amazing world, no green screen when possible. Get a really, really good female actress, who also looks like they could give Supes a slap and he would say ‘ouch’. Again give this super mega promotion.

    August 2016 – Green Lantern reboot – not much to say really, it has all been said. This film has to happen as he has to be in JL, that is my justification for this reboot. Super mega loads of promotion.

    June 2017 – Worlds Finest – Told from Batmans (reboot, has to be, I don’t want DKT to be tarnished) POV for the opening part. He is an established character, bat cave already built. New vehicles, gadgets etc. I like the Armie Hammer suggestion as he is huge, the fact that he would be taller than Supes I think is really important. Odd occurrences in Gotham which turns out to be Brainiac. Supes barges in during an interrogation by Batman of a brainiac spy. They fight for a bit. I would like to see the camera angle still from Bats, him running and then Supes just appears in front of him, show how intimidating it would be to be confronted by Supes. Bats would obviously escape. Then the next scene could be Clarke waking up and he checks his mail. It is a picture of Lois with “I know who you are” written on it. Again, this would establish this new Batman as being a hard ass as he would be mega scary during the interrogation scene too if I had my way. The dude being interrogated would hung upside down (camera in this instance from his POV). Don’t really see Bats face, just his voice with a light just shining into the camera. After settling differences they foil Brainiacs plots to take Gotham. Ends with the threat of him returning with his most powerful army yet to just decimate Earth as his initial approach in metropolis failed, his more stealthy approach in Gotham failed so now he will just kill us all. This leads to…..

    Summer 2018 – JUSTICE LEAGUE. Need I say anymore. Hans Zimmer score please :)

    Sorry for the long post but this would be very good for all involved, fans and studio. MOSII, Worlds finest and JL would all be billon club films as far as I’m concerned. So would a solo Batman outing which would be the first to follow after the JL in my opinion. I so hope that Bruce Timm is announced as executive producer of the DCCU at SDCC this year!!! Make it happen!!!

    Also if WB is going for 3D in all of these then shoot the bloody films in 3D, enough of the post production conversion bs. This is a chance to get one up on Marvel.

    • Sounds pretty good to me. If they did reveal a Flash film set to release next fall/winter, fans would go CRAZY. That would be an excellent plan. I suspect that they do already have some serious tracks laid out behind the scenes as we speak…but what?

      I like the Wonder Woman LOTR comparison. I really want a WW solo film that is extremely good, a masterpiece. I would cast Lynn Collins as Diana.

      Green Lantern does need to be rebooted, but WB should wait as long as they can to do that…and blow up their creative model from the last film. GL needs to be streamlined intensely to work in live action with the rest of the JL.

    • @Space Cadet.

      Not going to happen, not even in perfect World. Warner Brothers has to find a way to keep Legendary and Syncopy before they bolt, and if Syncopy goes, so goes Nolan.

      Would be irony if he went to Disney/Marvel.

  25. Nolan said that Superman and Batman should never co-exist in the same universe. Now he’s cool with it? Man, gtfo. Let’s get a better director in here. And no, I don’t mean Bryan Singer or that kiwi who gave us Green Lantern. The GL movie we’ve all been waiting for…. teh!

    • Nolan isn’t in charge, nor does he want to be. Honestly? I’m glad. Because regardless of how much praise he gets as a director, DC characters should all live in their universe together.

      • Perfectly well put. They should all indeed. WB needs to not allow seperate universes where they never have a chance to tie in. I bet they will now.

    • Yeah but he never said Clark kent and Bruce Wayne should never co exists in a movie universe. Marinate on that

    • I think nolan’s correct words is HIS batman shouldnt live in the same universe as superman

    • Trey is right, Nolan said HIS version of Batman (from TDK trilogy) wouldn’t work in a universe with a super-powered alien.

      Obviously Batman and Superman can co-exist in the same universe since it’s been done successfully in the comics and the tv shows/animated movies.

      The key is finding a tone that correlates with all aspects of the heroes, their stories and their villains. Marvel did this by taking a less serious, more fun & fantastical route. TDK was very “dark, gritty and realistic”. Now, Superman can also be dark and gritty, and realistic in the sense that the world surrounding him is real and the way people react to him is real, but in terms of an alien sent to earth and gets powers from the sun, there’s very little “realism” to it.
      When I imagine Bale’s Batman standing next to Cavill’s Superman, it just looks off… I mean, they didn’t even want to portray Bane the way he was done in the comics because they thought it was too far out there, so how’s it going to look when we see a man in a brightly colored costume with a red cape, who can fly… and has super strength… and has lasers coming out of his eyes, standing next to Nolan’s Batman?

      So, it’s perfectly possible for Batman and Superman to co-exist, and team up, in the same universe. They’ll just have to come up with a less realistic version of Batman (closer to the comics) to fit into said universe.

      … In my personal opinion of course 😉

      • I wouldny say a less realistic version is necessary but a more advanced version. I mean he doesnt need to go toe to toe with superman he just needs to know how to stop him. You can go with bales batman but he needs more stealth, more brains and more gadgets. I dont want batman wailing on superman but to outsmart him is the necessity. But the avenger pretty much hit everything on the head

      • I forgot to say that nolan or goyer couls advance bales batman to that point with some creative thinking

        • IMO Batman would have to be younger as well. Now, Nolan and Goyer are amazing writers, but I doubt they’ll be able to get around the fact that Bruce is in his late 40’s, going up against the strongest and fastest being on the planet, who on top of that, happens to be in his prime 😉

          Another thing that just dawned on me: TDKR hinted at Wayne’s retirement from crime fighting. The world thinks he’s dead and he gave away all his money and assets. How can he possibly be Batman again?

          The latter point could probably be figured out with some creative thinking though, I’m sure.

          Still, I’d prefer a new version of Batman for the DCCU. TDK trilogy was fantastic and I just think that the ending and message/theme of the story would somewhat be cheapened by continuing it in a universe with all these fantastical elements.

          • I prefer a loose continuation from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight which would have a younger Batman finishing his first year.

            There supporting actors could return if they wanted too

  26. I think yes and a big hell of YESS!!!…they should a solo superman/batman movie (with cameos with another leagers) and later made wonderwoman (with cameos with other leaguers), this will give time to think and make a solid history for justice league….

    When the story is ready join all togehter and deliver it. Not necesary same as Avengers.

  27. I’d prefer to see a Justice League movie.

  28. I will leave it to those smarter than myself to figure out how it would work, but I’ve been saying from the beginning they should do a Batman/Superman team up film instead of the Justice League. I think that is what movie audiences want to see. I believe it would just as good, if not better than the Avengers at the box office, not to mention it would b pretty f-ing awesome to see on the big screen.