Top 4 Stories A ‘Batman/Superman’ Movie Should Adapt

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Superman Batman Movie Story IdeasWarner Bros. is using the success of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel to their advantage, as it has been confirmed that their next step will not be a sequel, but a Batman/Superman movie releasing in 2015.The news is sure to send fans reeling, since a team-up film including both of DC's most bankable - and beloved - superheroes has been on the lips of many close to the project. Henry Cavill has voiced his interest in seeing the pair on screen, and Snyder's well-placed Man of Steel easter egg all but confirmed the studio's intent to some extent.Pairing the last son of Krypton and Gotham's dark protector may seem like a guaranteed success, but the film will need a solid story. Batman/Superman stories are some of the best DC's writers have crafted, so here are the Top 4 Stories the Batman/Superman Movie Should Adapt.

The Dark Knight Returns

Batman Superman Dark Knight Returns MovieZack Snyder made it clear when he announced Batman would appear in the Man of Steel sequel that Frank Miller's pivotal comic book would be playing a large part in the film. Explaining that "The Dark Knight Returns" wasn't going to be adapted into live-action, but that it would allow he and David S. Goyer to tell a story they both wanted to - and we think we know what they're getting at.Anyone who either read the comic book (or watched the animated adaptation) knows that the fight between Superman and Batman is one for the ages. A Superman who thinks he can't be touched is brought to his knees by Bruce Wayne, who views the world not as one of hope, but of despair and fear. If Snyder and Goyer were looking for ways that comic writers had brought the pair of titans together as foes, not friends, Miller's series is the best example.If that's truly the path being taken, the chance to tell a story in which Batman and Superman disagree and ultimately face off seems right up Snyder's alley. Forgetting the size of the battle that would ensue, it would also open the door to far more grounded and less-than-formulaic standalone superhero films. Not to mention lay the groundwork for a Justice League that is anything but simple to maintain.

World's Finest

Batman Superman Worlds Finest Movie

We certainly aren't the first fans of DC Comics to suggest that adapting the "World's Finest" animated film is the correct course of action in realizing the Batman/Superman onscreen, but it bears repeating.The film manages to bring the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight together not as a force for the betterment of society, but as a result of the forged alliance between two other DC characters: Lex Luthor and the Joker. With each villain entrusted with killing the other's nemesis, Batman is forced to face an egomaniac not all that different from his Bruce Wayne identity, and Superman is forced to suffer the Joker's unique brand of torture.With a final unveiling of Lex Luthor (his presence was teased at length in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel) and yet another chance for an actor to portray the most famous of DC's villains (Joker), a live-action World's Finest would be a marketing dream come true. And with large action sequences throughout, it could match the size and scale of competing blockbusters.

Public Enemies

Superman Batman Public Enemies"Public Enemies" was a good enough story arc to send the "Batman/Superman" comic series off to the races, so millions of comic fans can't be wrong. The original story, written by Jeph Loeb, put the two DC mainstays together in the fight of their lives.When billionaire Lex Luthor is elected President of the United States, he sets his sights on eliminating Metropolis' big blue Boy Scout by positioning him as an enemy of the state, and placing a bounty on his head. With few people to trust besides the Dark Knight, Batman and Superman team up to fight off not just mercenaries, but superpowered individuals looking for a payday.Both Lex Luthor's wealth and the public's fear of Superman were established in Man of Steel, so a film based on Public Enemies would keep developing those same themes. The story has already been adapted into an animated feature that was essentially one prolonged action sequence, so it would be sure to earn its admission price on special effects alone.

The Supergirl From Krypton

Superman Batman Supergirl Apocalypse MovieAs memorable for the art style as the changes to core DC fiction, "The Supergirl from Krypton" arc in the "Batman/Superman" series is one most fans of either hero will keep fresh in their memory. Beginning when Kal-El's cousin Kara crash-lands in Gotham Harbor, her emergence (and discovery of her powers) draws the attention of both Batman and Superman, who quickly restrain her, and discover her as yet another survivor of the House of El.Questioning everything Kal-El has believed about his loneliness and isolation - and proving that Batman's suspicions about god-like aliens aren't soothed by blood relations - how the story plays out from there seems destined for blockbuster success. Darkseid appearing to kidnap the young girl for his own purposes, Batman and Superman forced to work together in rescuing her from Apokolips, and even an appearance from Wonder Woman would gets fans on board with not just the core group of heroes, but the Justice League's future foe.Of course the action must hold meaning along with spectacle: Superman is forced to fight not one, but several of Darkseid's Female Furies at once, while Batman shows the paths he's willing to take combating evil that Superman never could. Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer already included Supergirl in their film's universe, and while Kara's arrival might take a different form, the foundations to make it happen are present.


Release Dates for Batman 3 and the Superman RebootThat concludes our top ideas on how a Batman/Superman movie could not only stand on its own two feet, but build toward the larger Justice League continuity that Warner Bros. finally seems willing to acknowledge is their best strategy for the coming years.What's your take on the announcement? Should Snyder and co. focus on adapting one of the best stories from the past, or come up with something completely new? Leave your thoughts in the comments._______Stay tuned to our Comic-Con 2013 Coverage for more on the Batman/Superman movie.Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.Featured Image Source: Balsavor @ DeviantART 
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  1. Supergirl would be great.

    • considering everyone already knows batmans origin story, they might as well just skip it, I would like to see the new batman be more of the detective that batman is supposed to be. the movies never show him as a detective, and in my opinion Zack Snyder already knows how to do it, considering how awesome rorshach was in watchmen. I say, have Lexcorp show up to help reconstruct metropolis, Lex gets popular with the public because he “saves” the city, but obviously Lex is evil and is taking advantage of the prior catastrophe, then enter batman who is investigating lexcorp, batman meets superman, the rest is history

      • That sounds like the way they should go with it. I hope they maintain Bruce’s paranoid side.

    • That’s a great idea

  2. too early man of steel 2 first….give him more character development. introduce luthor first

    • Too late, it’s already confirmed that this movie is happening before MOS2

      • Isn’t just a really big rumor as of right now?

        • I dunno, the article description pretty much says it’s been confirmed with a release date of 2015.

          • Ah understood!

          • Officially revealed!

    • @ kal

      Agreed. Would have much preferred MAN OF STEEL 2 before a “World’s Finest.”

      I completely believe that the only reason WB/DC are diving into a Supes/Bats flick is to go toe to toe with Marvel and Avengers 2.

  3. The Supergirl story would be AWESOME.

    • Supergirl has to be introduced through the SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGINS cause, Zack Snyder has gone over that. I know the Superman Mythology from DC Comics are making decisions to see what’s going on in the future making the Superman films. Remember watching “The Making of the Superman Movie” that Richard Donner went through. Right now, we don’t know what’s going on ? Keep Talking People.

  4. So it’s confirmed?!
    Sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. Wait…Batman/Superman has been confirmed?

    • We expect it will be by the end of the day here at Comic-Con. Stay tuned. For now, I’ve softened the intro.

  6. Honestly not excited for this. Man of Steel wasn’t good enough to throw superman into a team-up, he needs a sequel that’s a lot better than Man of Steel and gives more character development.

    • And character development can’t happen in a team-up movie?

      • I’d prefer a Man of Steel sequel first but it’s World’s Finest, how can I not get excited.

        About the character development, I think Superman meeting Batman early on in his career would be pretty cool, it’d establish his view on society a bit more. The two have a very unique chemistry, which benefit both their perception on things in the world as well as growing as a character by being more open minded on some matters. This movie can have more character development than a stand alone Superman film now that I think about it.

        • have very unique chemistry*

        • Couldn’t agree more, ColdSc.

        • I would have preferred Man of Steel 2 to capitalize on the success of the first one and really expand on the themes and aftermath of the first. It would allow the filmmakers more comfortable with the mythos to develop fully their rendition of the character, and allow audiences to become accepting of the “new” Superman.

          But at the same time the events of Man of Steel kind of pushed the filmmakers into a corner in terms of universe building. How can you have such world shattering events occur and have that its aftermath not get the attention of a character such as Batman.

          In fact, I am wondering where is the Green Lantern who should investigate this alien known as Superman? lol

      • Really? Why not? It’s only two guys. I can see the case being made if this were the Justice League movie.

    • I feel exactly the same but maybe they’ll correct the mistakes of MOS with this and use it to make the sequel better?

      • Well, I believe a lot of the “issues” people find with MOS is the fact that he’s not the fleshed out Supernan people identify with. It’s literally his first week on the job, and he doesn’t quite understand what it means to create the traditions he will set later in his life yet. You live and you learn. Clark was raised a human and now he must understand that he has the power to prevent careless human mistakes (I’m referring to the near total destruction of Metropolis, not the “controversial” ending).

        Perhaps with his teamwork with Batman, Superman will pick up on what it means to be the proper protector of something he really cares about.

        • @ACW

          That’s honestly not the issue I had with MOS. I just felt like the writing was a let down in parts and the non-essential human characters were pretty one dimensional. I also didn’t think Zod presented much of a threat and the Krypton sequence at the start went on way too long.

          • Have to partly agree with Dazz on a few things. The writing did feel like it went down hill a bit in some parts and the character development on a few characters weren’t really fleshed out. One of my favorite superhero films nonetheless but I cant ignore its flaws. Let’s hope they fix them for the sequel and Batman/Superman. Goyer, it’s on you man!

          • I agree.
            I loved the film.
            My problem with the film however was that as much as I found it fun and exciting, and interesting, there was some elements of either plot, themes, or just in general ideas that were not played out far enough to have a bigger pay off.

            For example, a simple examination of the aftermath of Metropolis in the end would have done wonders. Show the lives lost and damage, the public outcry, etc. Have Lois deliver an article which explains the events of the film to the public, slowly allowing the public to better understand Superman- for better or worse.

            Show Kal-El destroyed over the feeling of failing to defend all of humanity. Show him hovering over massive memorials, erecting new buildings and helping find survivors and offering help. Most will yell and shout. But then the family from the end speaks in defense of Superman, Lois’s article inspires a movements.

            In the end, while many do not trust him, some do. That is enough for now, as Kal-El will repay his debt and follow his destiny as Superman, forging himself as humanity’s protector just as steel must be forged.

            All of this could have been addressed in a beautifully shot montage. It can tie up some themes, ideas, and character development. Feel more cohesive and solid while still building up for a sequel.

            There is more examples, but it is something like this that if included in the film would have made Man of Steel more effective.

            • +1

              Agreed. There were so many parts in Man of Steel that were great but still had a lot more potential. Just several little scenes that could’ve been altered a bit to have more of an impact on the audience.

            • Excellent ideas. If the goal as stated was to present what it would really be like to have someone like supes in the real world, the aftermath of the battle should have been addressed. Still liked the final scene as it was.

            • They could do just that in the beginning of this next movie…

              • They didn’t include all of that closure because I’m sure that they want to explore those ideas in the sequel. Obviously Batman will be aware of Superman in the aftermath as well.

    • Could someone please explain to me what character in Man of Steel was under-developed?

      • Seriously. Most people seem to be such expert writers and directors. Maybe they should get into the business.

        • We’ve tried.

        • Well I thought the whole tornado scene felt a little too forced, tolerable but forced, but that’s just my opinion.

          • That’s understandable.

            …but the phrase that keeps getting thrown around is “character development” and I have yet to hear one solid argument to back up this claim.

            • +1

            • The scene with Perry White and Jenny Olson in the building felt pretty empty since you didn’t really get to know any of the characters.

              While he is a villain, it’s a shame they didn’t expand on Zod’s character any more, especially with an actor like Michael Shannon. Once they arrived on Earth, I felt like Zod was mostly pushed back into the background a bit.

              It is understood that the story is very focused on Kal-El and his journey so I won’t necessarily fault it to an insane extend. But it is still a movie in the end, so each character should at least get a bit more fleshed out than they did in the movie.

      • I agree.
        The only argument I have heard was for some of the supporting cast such as Perry White, maybe even Lois.

        But the point of the film was Superman. This was Kal-El’s story. Those character got short character arcs suitable to their roles in the story.

        Some feel the latter half of the film dropped character development in favor for action. I say there was a transition from spoon fed character development to more subtle character development that is engaged through action rather than action supplanting it.

        It does make the film kind of not cohesive yet it was there. Maybe not executed properly or to its fully potential- which is honestly the only complaint I have on the film- but it was there.

        People just choose to be blind or dead to justify their own biase.
        Not saying, you are fool to not like the film. I love the film but acknowledge its weaknesses. I do not make up faults that do not exist.

        So instead of “There is no character development” it should be said, “The character development could have benefited from more carefully designed, and cohesive, execution in some parts of the film”.

  7. Fantastic! Finally!

  8. I’m not really a fan of Supergirl, I would be open to her being in one of the DC films though, just not a Batman and Superman film, especially if it’s the first live action film to have both character on the same screen. I’m not trying to be narrow minded or anything but I’d much rather have the film focused on Superman and Batman’s first rival as well as the clash of both their rogue’s gallery.

  9. no waaaayyyyy…y put supergirl in it? shes not in the justice league…only if she dies would it make sense that she doesnt appear in the justice league movie…..i mean she cant go back to krypton so shes gotta be on earth if she is alive….also its to early to have joker return for a worlds finest movie ..every one still has heth ledger joker still in mind…i think public enemies is the way to go

  10. Ugh, no Aquaman. That sucks but I’m glad this is happening. Hopefully this will not be a young Batman but a older more experienced one instead. Its going to be hard for Snyder or whoever to put Batman and Superman together in a fight and make it look good.

    • If ANYONE can make a Superman AND Batman flick work, it’s Zack Snyder.

      • I have to say Zack Snyder is a fan of DC and has a fantastic vision. He’s not the best director out there but he does have qualities that very few other directors have.

        • I love Zack Snyder and his crazy action and unique visual style. I’d put him around the same level as Del Toro, Whedon or even Neil Blomkamp. Not on the same skill level, but they are all geek centric directors with awesome styles.

          • +1 Totally true.

        • +1
          Man of Steel is Snyder’s best film in terms of direction yet.
          He is greatly gifted as a visual director and storyteller. As a writer, I am not convinced yet thus worried about his input to the story on the page, but as a director he is a brilliant choice for this film.

          • I’m not convinced about his writing skills either, though he is only co-writing the script. Plus he came up with the ending of Man of Steel, which I thought was a great scene so maybe there is talent there, or just great ideas.

      • Back in 1999, Wolfgang Peterson made a decision about directing BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. I think Zack Snyder should go over that too. I remember reading Corona’s Coming Attractions during that year, that DC Comics asked Wolfgang Peterson to direct a World’s Finest Movie on Batman Vs Superman. During that time nothing was being mentioned.

    • I don’t think it’ll be hard at all. They have tons of stories to get inspiration from.

  11. I think the The Supergirl From Krypton would be perfect.

  12. This is the best news!! I’ve been waiting for this, i knew a WORLD’S FINEST was gonna happen or a MoS2 Yes!!

  13. Supergirl For The Win!

    More bang for your buck, gives us ANOTHER character at the same time.

    A female character.

    This news is good. But I wanted a MOS sequel. More Superman.

    And why a Flash flick?? Where the hell is WONDER WOMAN?

    Wonder Woman is MUCH more deserving of a solo flick!!!!!!

    Why DC?? Why can’t you get Wonder Woman right??

    • Barry Allen Flash is good and deserve his own movie. His stories(and origin) are right for the MoS tone. I do hope its him because Wally West won’t make much sense.
      Also his origin is far better(and more emotional) than WW. But yeah WW must be done anyway, even though its not easy job to mix supernatural stuff with scifi.

  14. Supergirl would distract the whole point of having Superman and Batman in the same film.

    • Have you read the story they’re talking about in the article? Unless they screw up the writing, she shouldn’t be a distraction. The book did a great job in conveying the contrast between both personalities.

  15. These storylines brought before us are not good enough for a cinematic World’s Finest film since Batsy and Supes will be going up against the sequel film featuring the Avengers.

    • Not good enough?

      It’s Superman and Batman. That’s HUGE alone

    • Superman alone is the most iconic Superhero of them all.

      If it wasn’t for Superman there would be NO Avengers. A FACT.

      And Batman is right next to Supes, in terms of notoriety.

      How many peeps out there know who Quicksilver and Ant Man are? LOL!!!

      Supes and Bats together are twice as big as any Avengers team. ( And I love the Avengers. )

      • Gotta agree, as HUGE as The Avengers are and as cool as they are, Superman and Batman are at the top of the food chain!

        • + zillion ColdSc!!

        • Yeah, I don’t get these people who say this movie won’t be able to compete with the Avengers 2.

          • I think it’s because the movie has several movies behind it already. It not only has fans of the characters, but also fans of the movies themselves. I still think the Superman/Batman film can outshine The Avengers though. I find people have to keep in mind that EVERYONE knows Superman and Batman, even outside of their movies, these two characters have been introduced in several iterations, whether it’s small screen or the big screen. People have also been dreaming of the team up for 20 years, this movie will without a doubt be humongous. They just have to get the right actor for Batman since they’re coming off a stellar performance from Christian Bale.

      • Batman and Superman might be the most recognized fiction protagonists but that does not guarantee success against an all-star 1 plus billion dollar super hero dream team. Everyone loved the Avengers and once TV Spots and promotions pop towards the public notifying them a sequel of that exact film, everyone will go nuts. The title alone will guarantee a billion dollars in the wallet of Marvel/Disney.

        Unless Christian Bale reprises his role as the caped crusader, I do not see World’s Finest dominating the box office against Avengers. It may be a success, but not as much of a success as Avengers 2.

        • Pretty much this. They have Dawney JR and Hulk – people who bring some joy to women and kids, and the ones who wanted to relax watching the movie while eating popcorn.
          Unknown actor + unkown actor = good movie or bad noone cares. Look at the WWZ, if not for Pitt movie wouldn’t get even half of what he gained.

  16. I vote world’s finest mixed with public enemies I’m not the biggest super girl fan

  17. It’s just been confirmed!!

  18. The thing about Public Enemies and The Supergirl From Krypton is both of those stories have a minor reliance on Superman and Batman already knowing each other, and being the best of friends. World’s Finest seems like the ideal one to adapt because it depicts them first meeting each other. However, that occurred during the animated series, so both of them already have established rouges galleries. How Batman is gonna be handled has yet to be seen, but Superman hasn’t even met Lex Luthor one time for Lex to suddenly hate the air he flies on, but I do suppose Lex could be introduced in a World’s Finest. Just because it’s a crossover film, doesn’t mean it can’t act as a legitimate sequel that continues Superman’s story and character development.

    • Completely agree. Those may be great stories, but I do not believe the two characters are at a point where any of them can be used. Perhaps using one of them as a jumping off point, but the changes would need to be substantial.

  19. I’m not a fan of this. I don’t like how WB is just erasing the Nolan trilogy for a rushed cash grab. I know that Bale isn’t coming back. I’ve accepted that. I’m just shocked at how quick we are getting YET ANOTHER Batman reboot…

    They better have a damn good actor to play Bruce Wayne. They better have one HELL of a performer to make us all forget about Heath Ledger. They better know what they are doing. I would much rather have seen an epic Superman standalone trilogy like The Dark Knight. But no…. we need to rehash Batman again.

    • In what way is the Nolan trilogy being “erased”? Are they going to burn all the DVDs or use the neutralizer from MIB on everyone who saw the movies lol?
      Come on. Nolan’s story had a beginning, a middle and an end. It was great and it will go down in history as one of the best movie trilogies of all time.

      That version of Batman would not have worked in a universe with Superman in it though. It’s time to move on.

      • Yes. It is great. It is one of the best trilogies ever made. That’s why I don’t see the need for this reboot. Especially so quickly after the Bale trilogy. I mean, really? We’re going to have to watch some poor schmuck try to act in Heath Ledger’s shadow as the Joker?

        They very easily could have just done a solo Superman trilogy. Superman is a strong enough character to carry his own franchise. I don’t understand why the studio is rushing this. It reeks of a cash grab.

        I know they’re not literally “erasing” the Nolan trilogy from our minds, but it’s still so fresh in our minds. It’s like what Sony did with Spider-Man.

        • Think about it this way.

          We’d need a rebooted Batman anyway. What better than to debut him in a movie with an established Superman to soften the blow for those who might not like a rebooted solo Batman flick?

          Plus it’s a test to see how audiences react in box office takings before the Justice League movie happens.

        • Why? Because fans want to see a DC movie universe. Because fans want to see a Batman that’s closer to the source material. Because fans and movie goers alike want to see The Justice League on the big screen.
          That can only happen if they reboot Batman.
          Besides, no one is saying they’ll use Joker in the sequel (I’ll admit that I’m a little worried about whoever takes on that role next since imo, Ledger’s Joker was the best comic book villain ever to grace the screen). There are plenty of great, compelling Batman villains that can be used. It could be years before we see the Joker on the screen again.

          As for the Spider-man example. I loved TASM. The original trilogy did nothing for me, so I welcomed the new one with open arms.
          And I’m fairly sure this new Batman will be a LOT different than Nolan’s version.

        • You two both have very fine points. Warner Brothers is thinking of taking Batman in a whole different direction i.e. Batman Beyond, which is actually a good idea, considering we’ve seen all the best versions of Batman already, something a bit darker, (like the Arkham Asylum games), or gritty realism is the only way to make a superhero fresh. Nolan’s had dark elements, but it wasn’t dark, it was reality. They need to take it down the darker, somewhat science-fictiony path in order to find an audience willing to accept a new version of Batman. So I think Batman Beyond is a good idea. As far as it being too soon? It is a cash grab. I have little faith the Batman/Superman team up will happen because its too quick, they haven’t given Snyder’s Superman room to breathe. I would like to see this film, but later. The reason why they
          re rushing Batman is because they want to get the Justice League out of the gate to make a boatload of money. Who do you use to start a franchise like that? why the best known superhero of course. Superman. And they will inevitably need Batman for that when the time comes. But A Batman/Superman team up this early? That’s a mistake.

          • Yeah, you make a good point about giving this Superman “room to breathe.” I remember Snyder saying that you need to get Superman “further down the road” before you do anything like this. I don’t know how they’ll do that now…

            I actually kinda like the Batman Beyond angle. I’m sure fans would want a Bruce Wayne Batman, but we’ve seen so many versions of him in films already. I’d like to see WB do something different here with a new opportunity.

            And – in good jest mind you – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, anyone?? 😉

        • I hate Nolan’s Joker, I think it’s a huge waste of potential for the character. Ledger made it bearable, but I look at that character as a great version of Victor Zsasz that Nolan didn’t like and then put clown makeup on him so that he could incorporate a big Batman villain into the series.

          The Joker is a character driven by subtle vengeance, he wants Batman to suffer the way he suffers. Why? In a way, Batman created him (a crucial point of their relationship ignored in TDK). Joker sees Batman as his ultimate challenge because in spite of all that they’ve been through together, that “one bad day” happened for different reasons to each of them.

          Nolan’s Joker is just some guy who pops out of the blue. And something very traumatic literally scarred him for life, but it doesn’t involve Batman. In fact, it doesn’t involve anyone specifically, just a constant series of unfortunate events that caused him to cut himself out of his own sanity. He just longs to kill people in order to make himself feel better, a crucial characteristic of Victor Zsasz (and the scars, too).

          Zsasz and Joker are characters that have many similarities, but it’s their differences that make them 2 unique characters. IMO, they took advantage of the similarties and figured no one would notice.

          • @ Ultimate ACW

            I agree with your statement about Nolan’s Joker. Ledger’s performance was good as Nicolson’s but not better imo. I too didn’t care for how Nolan’s Joker looked like in the film. I mean war paint? How could anyone be intimidated or scared unless they had a knife to their face of-course? Id be more intimidated by Nicolson’s Joker who’s skin was bleached & was more unpredictable aswell as Danny DeVito’s Penguin was more menacing lookin from his comic book counter-part & 60’s tv show. Made me like the character more in Batman:TAS after they took aspiration from that film. The Joker I always enjoyed is from Batman:TAS aswell Nicolson’s version. I bet Ledger’s version Joker would attempt to blow up the two ferries minutes earlier to get a laugh.

            • +1

              I’ve always loved Hamill and Nicholson

      • Plus, Nolan even said he believes Batman and Superman should’nt live in the same universe.

        Do you really want a guy onboard who doesn’t even like what he’s working on?

        Also, that whole universe of Batman is minor compared to MOS alone and it shouldn’t be like that. These villains are all capable of becoming global threats and Nolan made them so small in comparison to pretty much every other film supervillain.

        • I still do not understand how fanboys believe that Nolan’s Batman cannot fit into this DC Cinematic Universe being structured emphasizing the fact that all events during the Dark Knight trilogy occurred within the boundaries of Gotham. Maybe Batman might not have the same strength or power as Kal but isn’t that the reason what makes Batman such a great super hero? When you unify Batman and Superman, you are unifying intelligence with strength, experience with power, a human being with a Kryptonian and since we already have a successful Batman that represent those same aspects, why waste time trying to reboot it? Hell, the reboot can be an epic failure or fall as a joke in comparison with TDK; why roll such a dice?

          Maybe this Batman wasn’t true to the comics but at least it did not fail to deliver a great story. I was not much of a fan of Christian Bale’s performance as Batman since his portrayal of the Caped Crusader appeared to be a marble-gargling kick-ass machoman who gets his ass wiped by Alfred. If a different actor ought to take his place, then I approve, but to reboot the whole franchise? It would be spitting against the masterwork of Nolan, Ledger, and everyone who made that trilogy possible if that happens.

          • Nolan’s Batman wouldn’t give any benifit to JL, he is not smart enough, he can’t fight non human enemies(his costume is a joke that makes his martial art skills and years of training go bye bye), he is not g****** Batman.
            The story is good but because of the storytelling. It has enormous amounts of plot holes. The whole trilogy was made very cinematical. I do like such stuff but they usually say “*u*k logic it will look and sound good, lets do it” far more often then they should.
            You can think of Spiderman old and new. Old still looks good because its real cinematic experience but this stuff is less realistic(emotional wise as well) than what we have in ASM.

            And ofcourse the biggest one. He quit, and its not because of the fact but because of how he did it. After such ending bringing him back would be anticlimatic.

        • This is why WB is rebooting Batman. Nolan’s Batman has a beginning,middle and end.

          Now WB can skip the origin of Batman and have a Batman continually in his prime like James Bond was for decades.

      • LMAO!

  20. in the description of this list. *on the way

  21. hahaha oh man I so wanna see the face of every sucker fanboy when they finally realize this ain’t happeing.

    Yeah, Snyder “announced” the project, and another guy read a quote, and showed a símbol and people already go apesh*t over nothing. Doesn’t anyone realize WB has no f**king what they are doing. They are making a Justice League by 2015, wait they are making a sequel to Man of Steel, oh what they are really doing is making a Batman/superman movie. F**king joke, if you ask. Naivety at its best.

    • Funny, none of what you said were necessarily official, they were all complete rumors that Warner Bros never confirmed. Now today they finally announce official plans. There’s a difference between rumors and official announcements.

    • If anyone is being naive, it’s you.

      Or perhaps blind for that matter, shrouded by a longing hate for WB and DC. It’s quite a popular bandwagon trolls like you love to jump on so I expected a comment somewhere along the lines of whatever you love to rant about.

      What I didn’t expect was someone who refuses to believe this isn’t happening after they showed a giant picture in front of a crowd at San Diego Comic Con. This wasn’t a board meeting at WB leaked out of secrecy you dunce.

    • Actually, the joke is on you.

  22. So, why announce it at a major venue like Comic Con, only to renege on it later?

    • My previous response was @polokem.

  23. I’d totally agree these are the 3 stores WB should look at for a Superman/Batman team up. They also already exist as WB animated features so it’s proven they can be adapted in 90 minutes rather then a 2.5 hour Nolan self-indulgent train-wreck of unnecessary changes to cannon.

    I’d also have to agree with the sentiment the WB has no clue what they are doing in regards to future DC superhero movies. There’s no way Justice League is going to be ready by 2015. A rebooted Batman with Superman team up is probably the way to go.

  24. The problem with World’s finest is it utilizes to WELL established villains. MoS didn’t do that with Luthor and there just wouldn’t be the time to also properly bring in a new Batman AND introduce his villain.

    The problem with doing the Supergirl story is also one of established characters and adding Supergirl to the mix (something we do not need or want really for a JL movie). This movie NEEDS to be about Batman/Superman’s interactions not Batman/Superman/Supergirl.

    So that leaves us with Public Enemies which I think would cause the least amount of problems. They could use this story as a way to introduce Luthor as someone who is firmly entrenched in the Government’s perception that Superman is not to be trusted (despite having saved the world). My only worry in doing so is placing Luthor in the President’s chair as an introduction to the character.

    If it was my choice however I would abandon all three in lieu of something completely new that no one has thought of or already made into a story.

  25. Maybe we should all take a deep breath to digest this news.

    For example; Imagine a Batman in the world that Zack Snyder created for Supes in MAN OF STEEL. Imagine the possibilities of this new Batman. Possibilities that he never had in Nolan’s restrictive world.

    If this new team up is gonna take any cues from any DC books/storylines, it’s gonna be, ” The Dark Knight Returns.”

    The way Zack Snyder announced this, it sounds like there’s gonna be a MAN OF STEEL 2, but with Batman in it, as a character.

    A lot of possibilities. This project can still function as a sequel to MAN OF STEEL while at the same time serving to bring back a new Batman with many possibilities. It may be the perfect way to re introduce the NEW Bats without having to go the “Reboot” route.

    Maybe Batman is a villain to Supes?

    There are many creative opportunities here.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize how Nolan really took the air out of the tires for Batman.

    I imagine the next big news will be WHO will be the next Batman….

  26. Initially I thought this was too early and that Worlds Finest should be a lead into JL. However, if they do a story from a point of view, that would almost I guess make Batman the “enemy” (using the term very loosely here), who does not trust Superman then I’m sold. If you actually think about it, this makes total sense for Batman to react like this to Superman appearing. It does not feel forced.

    Things that need to happen:
    Batman as a pure badass who destroys superman in a fight and recites that dark knight returns speech word for word.
    Have this Batman already established.
    Have Luthor appear in a meeting with Wayne, a nice way to introduce him. Possibly appearing in a few news reports bashing Supes a bit.

    Finally, mid credits scene in which Bats and Supes are now pals in the Batcave. Have Batman who now trusts Supes inform him of an anomaly that he has come across that would turn out to be Themyscira leading into a Trinity film in 2017 and JL in 2018. Boom! Batman Superman = 1.5 billion, Trinity = even more provided B/S is high quality and if they add a high quality Flash film too JL will seriously get near 2 bill. Ahhhhhhhhh so excited :) :) :)

  27. Id like to see World’s Finest be done or Have Supergirl be introduced in the universe since she’s due to be on the big screen & erase Helen Slater’s Supergirl film. Even though Helen Slater was perfect in the role, the film itself was awful.

    • i liked tom welling superman mom (ish)

  28. Only way this movie will be any good would be to get rid of Snyder and Goyer.Nolan as producer seems a token gesture to try and bring it credibility

  29. Though i enjoyed all of these stories I think the writers should take the ideas set with this tales and craft an original story from it. Run with the Luthor coming in to,”save” Metropolis idea that has been parroted by many and run with that. I like the idea set in World’s finest that had the two heroes learn each other’s identities;however I think there is too much to cram into a 2+hour movie to deliver the needed weight that comes with these established stories.