‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan-Made Trailer – How the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Could Work

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Say what you will about Warner Bros., director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s plans to include Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, but you cannot fairly accuse them of playing it safe. Indeed, the mere announcement of Batman vs. Superman (or possibly Superman vs. Batman) at the 2013 Comic-Con incited near-equal amounts of excitement, wariness and outrage amongst the hardcore comic book superhero fan community. Bear in mind, that was the situation before Ben Affleck had been cast as the Caped Crusader.

We here at Screen Rant have gone into depth with our examination of how Batfleck (as he’s colloquially known) may prove to be an inspired creative decision; in addition to, having provided several reasons why a Batman/Superman feature may be the best next move for the DC Cinematic Universe right now. Helpfully, a fan has gone ahead and constructed a faux-teaser trailer for the Man of Steel sequel – one that illustrates what we’ve been saying about how this movie could work.

On the “Ben Affleck is Batman” installment of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, it was mentioned that Batman vs. Superman could be to The Dark Knight what Man of Steel is to Batman Begins; that is, the chapter that deals with the consequence of escalation resulting from the superhero’s actions in the origin story installment. That direction seems all the more likely to be taken, if only because Goyer is the one writer to have worked on all four of the aforementioned DC comic book adaptations.

The fake Batman/Superman movie teaser trailer (posted by Youtube user “solyentbrak1″) hints at the potential for intense conflict and drama that would be inherent to such a storytelling approach, just by cutting together clips from films/TV shows like Man of Steel, Breaking Bad, ContagionDaredevil and State of Play, among others – with Affleck playing Bruce Wayne, opposite Man of Steel cast members Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne (not to mention, Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor).

Ben Affleck as Batman 570x300 Batman vs. Superman Fan Made Trailer   How the Man of Steel Sequel Could Work

Moreover, this fan trailer demonstrates just how the Ben Affleck version of Batman could stand on his own, even when stacked up against Christian Bale’s take in director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Here, we see how Snyder’s Bruce Wayne – officially described by the director as someone who “bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter” – could serve as a calculating, shrewd-minded and (not just a little) paranoid foil opposite Cavill as the well-meaning, yet emotionally-volatile Superman. The cynicism/optimism and brains/brawn dynamic between the characters offers enough drama to be mined, even before you figure the villainous Luther into the equation.

Obviously, there are still a number of variables that need to be accounted for, with respect to Batman vs. Superman – like, whether or not Lex Luthor is even going to be in the sequel (much less if Bryan Cranston or someone else will portray him). That said, if you know anyone who argues that this project is doomed to fail on principle alone – or remains convinced that Affleck is still the pretty boy-type from the early 2000s – then have them give this video a watch (and to consider everything that was mentioned in this article).

Are you hopeful that the real Batman vs. Superman trailer will look something like this fan video? What are your expectations for the Man of Steel sequel, right now?


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Youtube [via MTV]

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  1. Wow.

  2. This trailer is beautifully made…and it just confirmed for me WHY I loved the music from MOS (among MANY aspects of the film…and the film, as a whole).

    • The trailer gave me chills but I think it’s mainly because of Hans Zimmers epic score. I hope he returns for MoS2.

      • At this point, it’s hard to see anyone else doing a Superman or Batman movie without Zimmer’s work aha.

      • Hans is coming back. He mentioned it in an interview a while back.

    • This YouTube user has made quite a few impressive fan-made trailers. If you love the MoS soundtrack, then you obviously love ‘Flight.’ You should check out the trailer he made with ‘Flight’

  3. Great trailer, the best fan-made trailer I’ve seen actually. The part where Batfleck is looking at the satellite footage got me really excited too aha.

  4. Will anyone be cheering for supes in this fight? Lots of batman supporters out there.

  5. God Affleck is going to be horrible.

    • -1

      • Oh NO! Please don’t deduct imaginary points! Affleck is a bad choice. Nothing to do with him personally, everything to do with the Character. Everything about Affleck is wrong for the character. Oh, but he’s tall and can fill out a suit…whoop-dee-doo.

        • You hate him because it’s Ben Affleck. The parallel to that and Bruce Wayne/Batman is there.

          This is exactly why Ben has the potential to give us the best Bat yet.

        • Haha, talking sense in here JG, what!? That’s just NOT allowed

          • Ummm, you DO realize the way you phrased your stated your comment, you are implying that YOU and JG aren’t making sense either…You see that, don’t you?

            Sparkling wit…

            • Sigh..obviously, “your stated” should not be present in my comment.

              Telepathokinetic typing canNOT come soon enough…

    • God, Affleck is going to be fantastic.

      • He’s going to be the best Batman ever! lol

        • +1 imaginary point


        • Ben Affleck is already the best Batman ever.
          Who else could frighten all the whiners
          out there without saying a word.

          • lol!

  6. Yes, very well made trailer. I liked the nod to the mechanical suit from The Dark Knight Returns with the clip from Elysium. I definitely think the dynamic will be Batman throwing all of Superman’s failures in his face in an effort to sort of shock him back to reality; bring him down from the god-like dream Jor-El wove for him and remind him that tackling Zod through a gas station and blowing it up probably killed people, not to mention actually snapping Zod’s neck. Sure people were gonna die, but Batman’s view of it is going to be that there are always going to be people in danger of death. It’s your job as a hero to not stoop to that level. Fly up with him, cover his eyes with your hands, do something instead of killing him. The other dynamic I would like to see is how Superman is exactly what Batman wishes he could be in that he wishes he could have had super powers all his life and be a shining example for people to follow instead of the Dark Knight. The deeper desire, however,would be that if he had had super powers all his life he could have saved his parents. On some level Batman would be very angry that Superman is taking his gifts for granted and not helping the little people. He will remind him that he is not a god and he’ll do that with his hands around his throat if he has to.

    • I hope Goyer and Snyder are thinking along the same lines as you are. They better not screw this up.

    • good thoughts

    • Funny that you saw a nod to TDKReturns, I saw a nod to Metallo.

      • I saw a nod to Luthor’s exo-skeleton, probably phase 1 type.

    • awesome way to look at it. So Bats will put supes in his place and make him a better hero? I love it! and watching this trailer only made me more excited to see cranston as luthor. I was starting to sour on this movie but i think i’m coming around….

  7. How is Zimmer going to make music for Batman when he already gave everything he got for Dark Knight?

    They should give the Batman music for someone else if they ever make a Batman solo film.

    • I wouldn’t even mind if he brought back the TDK trilogy score but that’s unlikely.

      • Yeah it was a really awesome score but like you said, unlikely.

    • Uh, I don’t think you are giving Zimmer enough credit. This is not Nolan’s Batman. Zimmer is talented enough to find new inspiration to create a score perfect for the new incarnation. But keep in mind this is a SUPERMAN movie with Bats as a SUPPORTING character. Who knows, if they get around to making another solo Batman film, Zimmer might not want to do it but my point is he could if he wanted to.

  8. Love this so much, if this trailer was an indication of the basic plot for the movie I’d be stoked

  9. It really didn’t look half bad. I don’t think Ben Afleck is the potential problem here. Its the writers and producers. If they write a good story, and create the right look for the character it will be great. I do think they need a better title. Batman vs. Superman is no good. Either something like Worlds Finest or maybe some foreshadowing and call it, “Man of Steel; Justice for All”, you get the word justice in there and it speaks to the potential plot line of a god versus an everyman. Or they can go the Artist formerly known as Prince route and not title the movie and simply use the Batman/Superman symbol.

    • Other potential titles. WB can feel free to use any free of charge!

      Superman Returns: Again!

      Superman and Batman Strike Back

      A Tale of Two Cities

      Wayne House Down

      2 Heroes, a Girl and a Billionare

      Lois Lane VS Vicki Vale

      Revenge of the Batfleck

      Justice League Limited

      Men of Steel

      Fast Times at Metropolis High

      Pride, Prejudice and Krytonite

      Jimmy Dies at the End

      • lol. A Tale of Two Cities was very clever. I also like Justice League Limited. Well played

      • @Avenger
        Do you think your funny?

        • Yes.
          Do you think “you’re” funny?

      • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

        — Charles Dickens A Tale Of Two Cities

        • One of the best opening lines of a work ever.

          • Too true. A contender for the best ever.

    • Man of Steel/Superman and Batman/MOS and the Dark Knight: Aftermath
      Man of Steel/Superman and Batman/MOS and the Dark Knight: Fallout

      • “Man of Steel: Shadow of Vengeance”

  10. I’ll Be There.

  11. that trailer just blew my mind

  12. I’m not on the Brian Cranston bandwagon. I think he’s too old. Maybe as Lionel Luther?
    I’d like to see Patrick Wilson play Lex Luthor. He has a relationship with WB and Snyder(Owl from Watchmen). I also thought he was an awesome villain as Lynch in the A-Team reboot.
    He’s the right age that 4-5 years down the road with MoS 3 he won’t he too old to be believable. The younger Lex from the animated series(or Smallville) was always better than the older movie versions.

    • How is Cranston too old to play an evil genius businessman?

      • I think he’s too old to be a recurring villain for the next 6+ years of movies. I’d hate for him to be a “one & done” villain. Lex should always be around if a Superman story is in Metropolis or on Earth.

        Its not a deal breaker, I’d just rather see a Luthor in his mid 30s-40s than one in his early 60s. (Even though he’s only 57).

        Honestly though…they could cast Gene Hackman again and I’d still be in line opening weekend. I thought we’d get this movie with Bale & Routh back in the day. I’m psyched.

    • @Schitzoid Avenger I totally agree with your Luthor comment He is too old especially if you want more sequels. I just dont want an old Luthor.

    • I think Cranston has the looks and skills to be Luther, but physically, he’s too small. Maybe they can do some reverse hobbit trickery to make him seem a little more menacing.

  13. Damn good trailer, best I’ve seen!

  14. Awesome trailer… it made me feel a little better about Ben being Batman.

    • Agree about the trailer, not sold on Ben yet, especially since this guy used a few lines from the god-awful Daredevil. I just really feel the voice has to be right for Batman. You think they can alter Affleck’s voice to sound like Conroy? :)

  15. Okay. I thought it was terrible, and laughable. That’s just me.

  16. I think this movie will be great. However, I don’t think that it will beat the Avengers sequel in either ratings or box office.

    • Why?

    • It really depends on whether the movie is good or not. The Avengers was huge because critics hyped it up long before the movie was released, with good reason, it was a great movie. And the same team is working on the Avengers 2 so Superman Vs. Batman has some tough competition and they have their work cut out for them. Snyder and Goyer really have to convince audiences that this is the real deal before the movie is even released, whether it’s a couple of weeks before or a couple of months. Even if it has two of the biggest names, I don’t think that’s enough. It’ll obviously make a difference but to beat a huge franchise like The Avengers, the movie itself needs to be good.

  17. Nice work…i really liked the part of showing Daredevils scars

  18. Thinking of the recent Dark Knight Trilogy,
    I think of Nolan’s Batman. Not Bale’s Batman.

    After Man Of Steel 2 my sense is I will not think
    of Snyder’s Batman, but rather Affleck’s Batman.

    • That’s probably because Affleck is going to improve whatever script they’re writing.

      • Actually, it will be more like it was pre-Nolan.
        Batman was more associated with the actor than
        the director, Keaton’s Batman, and Kilmer & Clooney.

        However, on your point, I can see Ben suggesting
        dialog improvements particularly for his lines
        and I am sure they will be considered.

        • I think Ben already made sure that there would be no need for him to have to suggest improvements for his lines. If he feels they need improvement he will improve them. All this time they have been working behind closed doors on this. I bet he made sure that he gets to do what he feels he should have to in order to help make this movie much improved. He has earned that freedom. It must be nice to be looked up to in the field you are best at during some point in your career instead of trying to always keep clawing your way up. Especially when you earn it.

          • I meant on set before lines are delivered, perhaps improvising, etc, and not doing any script rewriting, of which I think he has seen a working draft of and is quite pleased which is another reason he accepted.

    • I like how you made the distinction between Nolan’s and Bale’s Batman. Bale was no Batman. :)

  19. This trailer actually makes me feel good about Ben Affleck as Batman!

  20. I kinda hope superman beats the s*** out of Affleck that is only way i’d wanna see the film with Affleck as Batman! Affleck is a decent actor don’t get me wrong but there are some actors that just don’t belong in superhero roles and he is 1 of them I’ll see it hoping someone beats in Bruce I mean Ben’s pretty boy face lol

  21. The trailer is well-done!!! great job!!!

  22. The constant fading to black is really annoying. Way to make your trailer look like every other one nowadays.

    • Oh yes, because sequencing frames and sounds from multiple movies to create a believable trailer is so simple. I’ll be looking for your trailer some time soon

  23. I’ve decided I’m done bitching about Affleck. It is what it is and frankly who cares. At the end of the day I still get to see Batman and Superman fight and that’s all I care about. It’s not like Ben IS batman. Just and actor, just a face and a voice. Nothing more.

  24. Well over a million views already.
    Quite a petition statement itself.
    An lot of interest in Bats/Supes.

    • That is in NO way an indication of people’s support of Ben. Get over it. Most people don’t want him, they are purely interested in Batman Vs. Superman and therefore would watch any trailer that featured 2 possible actors. Most people were probably watching it for Crantson anyways, since he’s the best actor in the trailer by far.

      • It is a measure of interest. And a lot more interest than petitions.
        You do not speak “for the people”. Most people do not even know he is cast.

        So, you “get over it”, Sunshine.

        • hehehe…sunshine…now i gotta go watch Remember The Titans!

      • Most people don’t even care except fanboys. The vast majority of people will watch it anyway.

  25. I read somewhere that Cranston has been cast but they’re waiting untill Breaking Bad is finished to announce the part, which kind of makes sense as it gives everyone a reasonable amount of time to absorb Afflecks casting

    • Abc evening news had it on sunday but it was a very brief announcement

    • nah dude it wasn’t legit. The Rolling Stone reported it yesterday cuz some illegit news site (I think it was like cosmic news or something) reported it and they were just referencing that article. After that 2 or 3 other semi-high profile publications published articles on it referencing the rolling stone article. Its not confirmed yet. I hope its true tho :)

      • Hope it’s true too, Cranston could deliver the best Lex ever, no offense to Gene Hackman.

      • oh im not saying its confirmed, i read it on yahoo that some website has insider news that Cranstons been cast and that it wont be officially be announced till after Breaking Bad. I really hope its true, it’ll stop everybody whinging about how terrible they think the movies gonna be for one thing 😛

  26. I was one of the few supporters of MoS from the beginning. I was not disappointed. I don’t think there are many out there better than Snyder when it comes to action. Letting him do this will show a side of Affleck and Batman that we haven’t seen before. I’m down. I am more excited for this than any other cbm being made. Great writing and direction will do this title Justice.

  27. Cool Trailer.So cool they actually showed this on my local morning news.

  28. It just occurred to me, people are getting excited over this fan made trailer, can you imagine what will happen when the first actual teaser drops.

    • +1
      Hopefully the teaser trailer blows up the internet more than Affleck’s announcement.

        • I’m proud of the person who owns that channel, he deserved those views. it was an excellent fan-made trailer and had great intentions.

          I figured the petition would lose steam around this time. I don’t think it had any lasting mark, it was more of a knee jerk reaction to me and now it can slowly fade away. I’m sure it will be brought back up in the future but just as an example of people’s initial reaction.

  29. That trailer is awesome… it does give a good idea of what Batman vs. Superman could be like.