‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan-Made Trailer – How the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Could Work

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Say what you will about Warner Bros., director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s plans to include Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, but you cannot fairly accuse them of playing it safe. Indeed, the mere announcement of Batman vs. Superman (or possibly Superman vs. Batman) at the 2013 Comic-Con incited near-equal amounts of excitement, wariness and outrage amongst the hardcore comic book superhero fan community. Bear in mind, that was the situation before Ben Affleck had been cast as the Caped Crusader.

We here at Screen Rant have gone into depth with our examination of how Batfleck (as he’s colloquially known) may prove to be an inspired creative decision; in addition to, having provided several reasons why a Batman/Superman feature may be the best next move for the DC Cinematic Universe right now. Helpfully, a fan has gone ahead and constructed a faux-teaser trailer for the Man of Steel sequel – one that illustrates what we’ve been saying about how this movie could work.

On the “Ben Affleck is Batman” installment of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, it was mentioned that Batman vs. Superman could be to The Dark Knight what Man of Steel is to Batman Begins; that is, the chapter that deals with the consequence of escalation resulting from the superhero’s actions in the origin story installment. That direction seems all the more likely to be taken, if only because Goyer is the one writer to have worked on all four of the aforementioned DC comic book adaptations.

The fake Batman/Superman movie teaser trailer (posted by Youtube user “solyentbrak1″) hints at the potential for intense conflict and drama that would be inherent to such a storytelling approach, just by cutting together clips from films/TV shows like Man of Steel, Breaking Bad, ContagionDaredevil and State of Play, among others – with Affleck playing Bruce Wayne, opposite Man of Steel cast members Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne (not to mention, Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor).

Ben Affleck as Batman 570x300 Batman vs. Superman Fan Made Trailer   How the Man of Steel Sequel Could Work

Moreover, this fan trailer demonstrates just how the Ben Affleck version of Batman could stand on his own, even when stacked up against Christian Bale’s take in director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Here, we see how Snyder’s Bruce Wayne – officially described by the director as someone who “bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter” – could serve as a calculating, shrewd-minded and (not just a little) paranoid foil opposite Cavill as the well-meaning, yet emotionally-volatile Superman. The cynicism/optimism and brains/brawn dynamic between the characters offers enough drama to be mined, even before you figure the villainous Luther into the equation.

Obviously, there are still a number of variables that need to be accounted for, with respect to Batman vs. Superman – like, whether or not Lex Luthor is even going to be in the sequel (much less if Bryan Cranston or someone else will portray him). That said, if you know anyone who argues that this project is doomed to fail on principle alone – or remains convinced that Affleck is still the pretty boy-type from the early 2000s – then have them give this video a watch (and to consider everything that was mentioned in this article).

Are you hopeful that the real Batman vs. Superman trailer will look something like this fan video? What are your expectations for the Man of Steel sequel, right now?


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Youtube [via MTV]

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  1. Anybody else catch the anti-gravity machine noise at the end? Good noise. Comparable to the Inception WAAAAAAH!!

    • Soon, someone who knows how is going to make an awesome sound gif of just the ending with the symbol.

      BWAM BWAM BWAM VRRrrrrrrrrrrr


      BWAM BWAM BWAM VRRrrrrrrrrrrr

      • I would watch that sound gif all day.

    • So ScreenRant…my comments sit in moderation for hours but you let insultingly obvious junk advertising through? Well that’s fine. When someone gets their identity stolen because they clicked on one of these links posted on your site maybe you’ll start paying attention.

      • The post was by a spambot designed to evade filtering systems.
        There is a link below the reply box to notify a post not posting
        and awaiting moderation and you can drop the site a note.

  2. I think everyone needs to settle down and let’s see how this plays out I believe there’s a reason why they picked Ben Affleck for this role.

    • There is, and it has nothing to do with him being a good fit for the role. Affleck has a tight relationship with Jeff Robinov (former WB exec). WB pretty much pushed Robinov out the door, and then got scared that Affleck would follow. So, they gave him the reigns to their biggest cash cow in exchange for Affleck continuing to write and direct for WB.

      • Link? Source?

        …or (as I suspect) biased, bitter guess?

        • google is your friend. There were several pieces written the day of the announcement that did everything but flat out say this.

          • So…you INTERPRETED them…in your own, special way.


      • yup !…Affleck also can direct and write and he pretty much knows DC comic books I`m glad they picked him that way he can assist Goyer and Znyder while filming.

      • I call BS.

        • Good call. The stink is obvious.

  3. I would almost guarantee 100% that they will make this story in a way that no one expects. They will go out of their way to keep people from guessing. This is Avengers material – they don’t want predictability to be a problem, so they are going to keep you guessing as much as they can.

    This trailer may give us just the faintest idea, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

    • Especially if Goyer and Nolan are involved, plus Snyder picked up that method from Nolan in the first film. Hopefully they do keep people guessing. While I would like to see Metallo next to Luthor, I’m hoping they go a different route for the sole reason of it not being predictable and different than other incarnations of the character in both comic books and cartoons.

    • You mean, “this ISN’T Avengers material” Avengers was too predictable and lame.

    • “Avengers Material”

      I baffled in hysteria when I have read this statement. The Avengers was in no way keeping me guessing throughout the movie. It was an overrated piece of a mediocre sequel to the Iron Man franchise since Tony received way too much credibility in the Avengers film instead of spreading some of that grace to Captain America, Hulk, and Thor (not to mention the immense disrespect to Loki’s character). Maybe I despise it because Loki was totally misused and have expected something bigger and better than what we have received, maybe it is because I yawned 23 times while watching it on my own. The Dark Knight is the best comic book movie so far, I hope this sequel (and further comic book hero movies) topples TDK off the throne for such title. Amen.

  4. Snyder should watch out, cuz Affleck as Batman (he didn’t even audition for the role) looks to me as part of a deal for him to direct the Justice League movie, project that should be Snyder’s calling. WB probably told Ben to learn from Snyder so when the time is right, kick him out of the project.

    Mark my words…..

    • How do you know he didn’t audition?

      I like Ben Affleck, but I don’t think anyone in Hollywood would just let him have the role. That goes for any actor.

      • He did not audition because nowhere has it been mention he beat out other actors auditioning. When other actors get a part, you read about who they beat out when they land a role.

        for example, cavill beat out the wolf from true blood for the role of superman

        • So you’re assuming they didn’t screen test other actors because they haven’t announced anything a few days after the announcement? Why would they announce the runner ups only a few days after the announcement? My guess is someone will let slip they were approached sometime next year.

          There are reports that they approached Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin, though I’m not sure if it’s true or not. My guess is it’s not.

          • I think they also approached Karl Urban but couldn’t because of scheduling conflicts. Just keep in mind, there may not be an ounce of truth to these reports.

        • Ben was not just recently cast. Just recently announced.
          The stealth manner in which the announcement played
          out with no hint anywhere tells me Ben auditioned
          and was cast before the sequel announcement.

    • That is one of the most noobish coments I have read on SR. Yes, he auditioned. He auditioned in the costume. You will see the screen test on the bluray. I don’t need to read it anywhere to know it happened. That is how you get the job.

    • I’ve marked your words as false, ahead of time. He will not be directing JL.

    • +1

  5. I have to disagree. It seems to me that putting Batman in the MoS sequel is most definitely playing it safe. It’s going to put butts in seats. I’m hoping for a great movie, but it could end up being awful and still break the billion box office mark. Look at the reactions to casting choices and fake trailers. The world is in love with the idea of Bats and Supes in the same movie. No chance they’ll lose money on this project.

    • ^This. This is partly what worries me about how the actual movie is going to be. They don’t need to do too much, the excitement is already hyped. The other part that worries me is DC’s rush-job to catch up with Marvel.

  6. I’m telling ya:

    Ben Affleck has the potential to be the best Batman. The guy looks like a Bruce Wayne, acts like a Bruce Wayne at times, was a good Daredevil (essentially Marvel’s Batman with super abilities) back in a tough time when his career was laughable, etc.

    But you know what? I think the only people who are only going to see Ben Affleck being Ben Affleck are the ones petitioning the casting choice, the ones who will watch the movie and try to rack up “hate likes” on Facebook as people always do, and the ones who didn’t even watch the movie but said they did.

    I trust Snyder. More importantly, I trust Ben. I like it when something takes me by surprise. In this case, I didn’t even hate the idea. I simply said “Huh. Interesting”.

    Because I’ve never really hated Affleck, I actually thought Argo was going to be this overrated film that once again made America look good. I was dead wrong. I didn’t have doubts because of Affleck, I had doubts because Americans REALLY get tired of having movies about America and how they can do no wrong. I should know because I am American.

    • Wow ! …thought the same thing lol

    • Well said..could have said it better…most people that didn’t even see Daredevil or know what the movie was about are the ones screeming crap and using Daredevil as a yardstick to judge Ben…Ben is now Batman..deal with it!!!

  7. that just made my dick wiggle

  8. I know it’s all based on a matter of relative opinions, but I can’t see how so many people have a problem with Affleck as The Bat. He shares a closer resemblance to Bruce Wayne than anyone who has ever played him. In a live-action film anyway… Look at the comics, look at the cartoons. He’s definitely got some physical similarities. I re-watched Daredevil last night and I felt that his voice WAS Batman. He can do that shady, raspy voice naturally. He doesn’t have to force it like Bale did (who I was a fan of as Bats). I think Affleck will do the role….JUSTICE…

    • Eh, the Daredevil voice is good for Daredevil. Suits the character well in that instance.

      But when he mutters “…justice” right before the bar sequence starts, that one moment alone screams Batman IMO. As does a lot of Affleck’s scenes as Matt Murdock in regards to Bruce Wayne. It’s just this vibe of him thinking “The law can put you on trial, but the law can’t save you tonight”

      • I cringed when he said ‘justice’. He can’t use the same voice for Batman.

        • Once again, whether you liked his DD or not, it’s been 10 years.

          And once again, I said that voice is suited for DD and DD alone.

          • No, I hear you dude, I just can’t picture any other way for anyone to ‘speak’ like batman without forcing it like Bale did. I mean he was really the first batman I can recall anyway, that actually differentiated his voice so people wouldn’t notice Bruce Wayne’s voice underneath. Keaton ( which was my favorite interpretation and the one I grew up on), as well as Kilmer, Clooney all used their voices for the role. Affleck can pull off both given the opportunity. I just don’t see any other way to do the “voice” without sounding ridiculous

            • You should check out Beware the Batman. I know a lot of people hate the CG animation, but the voice acting by Anthony Ruivivar is really interesting. There is a subtle difference between his Bruce and Batman voices that are so natural you hardly notice it, but in one episode (I think “Toxic”) he answers the phone as Bruce while in his Bat costume and it’s very jarring.

              • He is a great Batman, a nice change-up for once.

                I love Kevin Conroy and will probably always consider him to be my favorite Batman, but Anthony brings a lot of what I like about Conroy’s Batman. You can still hear the Bruce Wayne, but there is a darker level to that tone as Batman.

                I think Affleck might bring that.

            • Maybe he should do a French accent for his Batman.

            • That’s actually why I wanted Jensen Ackles to play Batman, there’s such a big difference in his voice when he’s being interviewed to where he’s Dean on Supernatural. I just hope Ben doesn’t sound like imitating Bale when he’s in the Batsuit.

  9. …justice league….

  10. Haha…Indeed!…

  11. cant wait for this movie!!!

  12. That trailer was actually pretty sweet. I even got chills a couple times.

    I think Ben Affleck will be just fine. The surprise of the movie being amazing will be just as surprising as the casting of Batman. (confusing sentence aside) I am just excited to see Batman in another movie. And if Bryan Cranston gets the role of Lex Luthor I will be even more on board.

    I say, have a little faith.

  13. Yeah but thats the thing, it IS Affleck’s voice. I know he has a more outspoken voice when he’s talking louder or whatever, but when he is speaking somewhat quietly, he sounds the same way he did as Daredevil. And I have heard that in many of his films which leaves me to believe that he can pull off the voice NATURALLY. Should be good.

    • That works for DD because, as Kingpin laughs in surprise, no one would guess a blind lawyer would be the guy taking everyone down. So even if people thought he sounded like Matt Murdock, no one would’ve believed it.

      Regardless, Affleck has evolved. So I think he’ll pull this off nicely

      • Totally

  14. Awesome clip – I for one am looking forward to Affleck as Batman – regardless of anything in the past – he’s got something to prove, and I think he might just know it. If he didn’t before, the internet outrage should have given him a little shove in that direction.
    I wasn’t so sure until watching Argo and Hollywoodland, he’s definitely got the chops to do it, and anyone who says anything different needs to let go of the past and realise good acting when they see it.

    • I totally agree. That’s the exact same thing I’ve been saying.

    • Agree. I have a feeling many of the haters haven’t seen any of his recent work.

  15. Reading through comments on this movie anywhere makes me hate the internet.
    People just make s*** up as they go along.

    Separately, Ben Affleck is going to kill it and I think what this trailer shows is the potential
    for this film to be less about “SUPERHERO VS SUPERHERO BATTLE”
    and more about drama, suspense, discovering the truth with clark as a journalist
    and batman as a detective, and making a comment on what it means to be a hero (with batman
    schooling superman)

    • Hell, I’m all for that

    • One can only hope. I have lost it with the fans. First they whine about Snyder/Goyer messin up the movie, then an Oscar winning screen writer and director is cast as Batman… And they whine more? I hope they allow Affleck to help out in developing and executing of this movie. And we just may get your excellent assumption of what this movie could be. Add in a little Snyder action (I don’t think many do it better) and we should be in for a hell of a ride.

  16. I know it isn’t official but Bryan Cranston playing Lex would be awesome. Chills went up my spine after watching trailer with Cranston saying “Did you get to close to the sun?” Theirs been rumors but nothing official that I know of yet. I hope writers monitors our chats and listens to us and bring Bryan Cranston in as Lex. This could really work.

  17. An idea for Warner bros and MOS to make a little bit more money.

    Re-release MOS in theaters maybe add a few deleted scenes or whatever but have a post credits scene. The scene will be Batman(affleck) sitting in the batcave and looking at the monitors and seeing the destruction of metropolis and maybe saying something Batman would say or him just staring with a cold hard look on his face. BTW I think Affleck can and would pull off the Batman role IMO.

    • If WB had really planned all of this properly, they could have included it in the general release.

      On the other hand, its also a good thing that MOS stood on its own rather than be burdened with Batman’s appearance in his standalone film.

    • @JTru84

      That’s an excellent idea! I’d like to expand upon your suggestion.
      Re-release MOS a few weeks before the BMSM movie and include within it several Batman/Lex Luthor scenes bearing witness to some event from MOS or being directly impacted by it.


      MOS opens with the Krypton battle scene but at the point where the focus switches to Earth the following is shown before the scene with Clark-el on the ship:
      It is a late evening meeting between Luthor Corp CEO Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, owner of WAYNE Technologies. In the room with them are the US Secretary of Defense and his assistant. Also there are lead R&D researcher at Luthor Corp and Bruce Waynes Butler, Alfred.
      SECREATRY OF DEFENSE: Our world is about to change gentlemen and our future depends on what both of you can deliver in terms of next generation weapons.
      Luthor and his researcher demonstrate the latest in Luthor Corp tech, a new high impact hand held weapon that fires what can best be described as laser bolts. Its powered by the radioactive energy found within a meteorite that fall to Earth a long time ago. The secretary is impressed. Wayne then goes on to explain that Wayne Tech is focused on defensive technologies, ways to make the world safer and not how to make invasion and conquer easier. The secretary scoffles at this and says that it’s clear that Luthor Corp is the real patriot since it works to strengthen Americas military power. END OF SCENE

      Fast Forward to when Zod announces to the world they are here for Kal-el. Wayne is in the bat cave monitoring the police bans. He’s dressed in the bat suit save for the hood/mask. Alfred asks him if this changes his stance about Wayne Tech developing next gen weapons for the military. After a short silence Bruce stands up, puts on the hood/mask, looks at Alfred and says. “No. It is however critical that I find this alien this Zod is seeking.” “Why is that sir” asks Alfred. “If I don’t find this Kal-el soon, before Luthor does, the Earth could pay the ultimate price for Luthors lust for the presidency and global domination.” With that Batman exits the cave in the batwing; a new experimental craft from Wayne Tech that is “off the books” and which is invisible to any earth based radar/detection.

      Fats forward to the scene in MOS just before the fight in Smallville between Superman and the Kryptonians. Wayne and Luthor are in a café on mian street arguing about the future when they hear a loud boom outside. They exit to see Superman fighting with the aliens. While Bruce watches with concerned eyes, Lex is smiling as he envisions the possibilities that the alien tech could bring him. He calls his secretary and tells her to do whatever it takes to make contact with this General Zod and to setup a meeting with him. Bruce tries to warn Lex about such a dangerous alliance but Lex brushes off Wayne and leaves. Just then Wayne notices that behind the café they are in there is an alien staggering as if they were seriously harmed. He approaches the alien and sees a glowing light coming from the hole the Kryptonian was in. As he approaches he notices that as the kryptonian move further away he quickly recovers as if he had never been harmed and all the cuts and bleeding he had previously shown are quickly disappearing. Being the word greatest detective Bruce gathers up some of the rocks and soil in the crater to take back to the bat cave for analysis.

      Fast forward to the final battle scene in Metropolis where ZOd and Superman are in the train station and superman has Zod in a sleeper hold. Bat Man is hidden away in the upper areas of the staion watching what Superman does. Down below Luthor is also watching the fight. As Zod forces Superman to make the hardest choice ever and kill Zod the camera zooms in and we see Luthors face quick go from that of a child at Christmas to one who has seen death and is fearful of the future. The camera pans to Batman who is emotionless. Batman continues to watch as Superman is in tears at what he has done. Batman then whispers into his communicator to Alfred “Alfred, I may have mis-judged our alien visitor too harshly. I see hope on the horizon so long as Luthor can be kept in cheque”. “After todays performance I can’t imagine any weapon Mr Luthor possessing that this Superman could not deal with” says Alfred. Batman reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small greenish glowing crystal and says “I can Alfred, I can. This super man may be able to jump over sky scrapers, outrun high speed trains, resists bullet fire and even move fast enough to dodge bullets but if Lex can find a way to neutralize that which empowers our Alien friend then none of what he has now will be of any use if Luthor should decide to go after him”. “Why sir would Mr Luthor do any such thing?” asks Alfred.

      Camera pans in on Batmans face who is now holding the green crystal up to his eye. “Because he fears this alien and Lex destroys anything that he cannot control or is fearful of. Luythor was here Alfred and I saw the look of fear in his face when Superman twisted Zods neck like as if it were a twig. Luthor is not only fearful of this guy but I fear Lex already has within his possession the weapon necessary to not only stop superman but quite possibly to kill him as well.

      Cut sceene. End film normally.

      In the post credits sceene we see Superman fly to a dark alley were someone is screaming. It is a local thug crying out for help. Superman notices a dark figure in the corner and tells the figure that it’s no good to hide and that he need not fear Superman so long as he has not broken any laws. After a minute of silence Superman walks over to the corner only to find another thug dressed in a batman ciistue with his hands tide and his mouth gaged. From the other end we see Batman come from out of the Shadows. It’s clear this catches Superman by surprise.

      SUPERMAN: “That’s a pretty good trick. You are the only human to ever sneak up on me like that. No matter. I am now going to take you to the police as there is a warrant for the arrest of the vigilante known as the batman. “

      BATMAN: Guess that nifty radar vision of yours has trouble with certain metals like lead, huh?

      SUPERMAN: Do not resist and I promise you no harm will come to you.

      BATMAN: We are not going anywhere. I’m here to warn you. To warn you about Lex Luthor.

      SUPERMAN: Your concern while unnecessary is appreciated however I must insist that you come with me to police headquarters.
      AT this Superman moves towards batman who then pulls something from one of the compartments on his belt. Instantly Superman stops and then stumbles trying to gain his balance. He feels weak as if the world just collapsed in on him.

      BATMAN: You and I are alike in many ways even though we come from different backgrounds and use very different methods. I may be considered a vigilante by the police but most of the department is filled with corruption, with Luthors money and agents. You may be the golden boy now but if you get in Lex Luthors way or on his target list you will quickly find that it’s easy to go from hero to vigilante in this world. I may not be a super powered kryptonian like yourself but I am the one who will be walking away from this while you stand here with that sick to your stomach feeling.

      SUPERMAN: I don’t understand what’s happening. How are you doing this to me.

      BATMAN: For a superior alien race with a higher level of intellect you sure can be thick headed. Think of this as a lesson in humility so that when you have to deal with Luthor you will not be caught off guard as you were tonight. You are not as invincible as you think. Even with all your powers you are unable to take me into custody and that’s because I know your weakness and have exploited it. You can bet that Luther knows this too but unlike me Luthor will not hesitate to kill you with it.

      SUPERMAN: You’re just a vigilante who takes the law into his own hands, why don’t you kill me now?

      BATMAN: I am not some 2 but thug seeking fame or fortune or even power. I protect my city, Gotham. Luther is the ultimate representation of corruption in this world. While you and I disagree on what justice is ad how best to serve it I believe you are genuine in your claim to want to help. You are the last real Boy Scout left and I believe Earth has the chance for a better future with you assisting us. However that will never happen so long as organized criminals at the top, the world’s elite are allowed to do as the y please and Lex Luthor is the head of such a criminal organization. As much as I want to stop Luthor myself I need help, the kind that a super powered alien like yourself can offer. Just think about what I’ve said and how easy it was for me to counter your super abilities rendering your harmless and don’t think that this was just a lucky effort. I will be in touch. Good night Superman or should I say Mr Kent?


      • Sorry for the long post but it didn’t seem so long within word pad. Oh well. The point of my example above with the extar sceenes interwooven in MOS is to provide some back story for the start of the BMSM movie. To setup how Luthor would go afteer superman and how we could kill supeman and how the only person on the planet who could save superman is the one person superman would rather not ask for help, Batman.

        You have the almight all powerful alien that when down is dependint on a fragile human to save him.

  18. I think majority of the fanboys would want Bryan Cranston to play Lex Luthor.

    • I actually really want Jason Isaacs

      • Jason is a fav of mine for the role too. He would own it.

  19. Before the Avengers movie, all the essential characters were launched in their own personal movies. Then, the characters were brought together to form Marvel “super team”.
    I’m wondering if DC is going about this differently–Starting with one hero (Superman) and slowly building one character at a time into HIS universe and eventually forming the Justice League?
    To me, it seems like a quick and convenient approach that might create a Justice League with deeper, more meaningful and dynamic relationships between the characters than what was seen in Avengers.
    Any thoughts?

    • Snyder & Co. have said any other DC characters
      will be incorporated into the Man Of Steel
      universe and starting with Batman.

      • Thanks Robert.

  20. Lex last seen as EPICC

  21. Even I could figure out Clark Kent is Superman. “The Greatest Detective in the World” better figure it out in 5 minutes of the opening scene….

  22. What a sublime piece of editing art. After watching it for the umpteenth time, an idea popped into my mind: I think none of us want Kryptonite to be introduced into the MOS universe that soon (if ever). So instead of using that cheap plot device, Lex Luthor could use Lois Lane to get some sort of tracking device on Supes (maybe it could be transmitted by skin contact?), thereby monitoring his every move. This could somehow lead to him wanting to fly (no pun intended) under the radar by using ordinary means of transportation (see the scene taken from “The Cold Light of Day” with Cavill sitting in the passanger seat of a car).

    The confrontation between Bats and Supes could be fueled by Luthor’s mass media manipulation and deception, leading Bats to believe he should take care of business himself. When they finally figure each other out by the end of the movie, they could find out about the true threat that is Lex Luthor. But he already has a back-up plan in the form of Metallo = set up for MOS3, where Bats and Supes will collaborate.

    This way, they wouldn’t even have to include any additional antagonists/villains in the sequel and could focus on the relationship of two thirds of the JLA trinity. Any ideas how they could weave Wonder Woman into the third one?

    • *passenger seat, sorry
      plus, Luthor’s tracking method should also entail (perhaps temporarily) weaking Supes when he uses his powers (I obviously haven’t made up my mind about the details yet).

  23. i really expect zack snyder to pull this kind of awesomeness to batman/superman to create both gritty ,engaging , charming(superman and bruce wayne not batman),thrilling ,thrilling, action packed superhero movie looking at this fan made trailer i am thumbs up for ben now it’s all upto zack snyder

  24. Snyder should look up this guy he seems to be able at figuring out how to to a good Superman movie with minimal plot hole than that s*** holed filled mess of Man of Steel..

  25. Could anybody tell me who that Elysium-like bald guy is? Is that supposed to be Luthor in his power suit?