‘Batman vs. Superman': Hans Zimmer On Whether He’ll Score the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

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Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer’s drum-tastic score for Man of Steel ranks among his most impressive work in recent memory, but there’s been some doubt surrounding his potential return to provide the music for the Man of Steel sequel – not least of all, because the movie will include Batman, who’s a comic book character that Zimmer previously helped bring to life when he scored director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Zimmer, who is reuniting with Nolan on the space travel adventure Interstellar, has spoken in public about him being (until further notice) not officially committed to scoring Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2. This is the first time that Zimmer has spoken openly in public about the project, since WB/DC dropped the (figurative) atomic bomb that was the announcement that Ben Affleck is playing the Caped Crusader in the film.

Nolan and the “Dark Knight” himself, actor Christian Bale, have always maintained that they are finished with the Batman character, ever since their superhero movie trilogy finale Dark Knight Rises was released in theaters. Zimmer admitted to Red Carpet News that he too finished work on Rises, with his mindset being that he would not be revisiting Gotham City in the future – and thus, isn’t certain about reprising as composer on Batman vs. Superman (much less, what his approach would be):

“This is really complicated for me. Because we all went, ‘Okay, we’re done with Batman,’ and now it’s sort of getting smuggled back in. I’ll have to have a think about that one. I might give you a new Batman if I do it.”

The task of creating “a new Batman” (read: different musical themes) in the Man of Steel sequel could present an interesting challenge for Zimmer. His score for the Dark Knight movies tends to fall more on the ambient and atmosphere side, with less emphasis on creating a definitive theme for the eponymous masked vigilante. Unlike Heath Ledger’s The Joker and Tom Hardy as Bane, Bale as Bruce Wayne is not associated so closely with a specific leitmotif (beyond the general theme for the Dark Knight trilogy).

hans zimmer superman Batman vs. Superman: Hans Zimmer On Whether Hell Score the Man of Steel Sequel

That arguably gives Zimmer more room to breathe, even while facing the intimidating job of constructing a theme that’s both unique to Batfleck and stands a healthy distance apart from those for his predecessor(s) in the cape and cowl. In fact, old-school Batman actors Michael Keaton and Adam West’s theme songs rank among the more iconic in pop culture history (to mention nothing of the superhero genre) – the question is, should Zimmer be the one to attempt and give Affleck his own memorable Bat-tune?

On a final note: Zimmer – like seemingly everyone else on the planet – was asked to offer his thoughts on the casting of Affleck:

“I actually think it’s a really good choice, because #1 he’s a great filmmaker. He’s smart. He wouldn’t have taken it if he had set himself up for a fall. And, you know, he’s a bit older these days and that’s what we need, and he’s got a good chin.”

Do you think Hans Zimmer should return to score the Man of Steel sequel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Red Carpet News TV

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  1. Loved his Dark Knight trilogy score. For a new Batman, a new sound. I say try to mix in the old Batman themes from Burton’s films with his Dark Knight score.

  2. I really hope Zimmer scores this, no Superman or Batman movie is complete without him aha. I also like his sentiments on Batfleck’s casting, very true.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. Affleck is a lazy choice for Batman. Unimaginative. Hans Zimmer had his run, it’s time to find a new composer better suited. Didn’t care for his Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel scores at all.

      • Must suck. You know, to like hate EVERYTHING.

  3. Hans was expected and intended to score the Man Of Steel sequel.
    This was before the film has now incorporated Batman and committing
    to this Superman / Batman means revisiting a character Hans had closure
    on and as he indicates in this interview if he does it expect a new Batman.

    Which is what he has to do and as an artist who was once asked give us
    something unique for Batman to now be asked the same question
    there is a natural hesitation to say he has to think about that.

    There is more involved now as well than one sequel.
    DC has a outline for future films for Superman and
    Batman each with their own solo entries as well
    as shared universe possibilities down the road.

    And DC would like Hans for all films ideally.
    At the minimum now DC is probably offering a
    multi-picture deal, a major commitment for Hans,
    and he should take time to think about such a deal.

    In the end I think Hans will stay onboard, at least
    for the next film and any Superman films that
    follow with whatever he creates for Batman
    being used as the template for another
    composer to take over those films.

    • Hard to argue with this, you pretty much covered all the points I was about to make.

  4. Would prefer to see James Horner but whatevs.

    • I would probably be against that, I didn’t like he did with The Amazing Spider-Man at all. Funnily enough, Zimmer is taking over for Spider-Man’s sequel.

      • what he did with*

    • Nah dude, I’m with @ColdSc Horner totally blew it with The Amazing Spiderman. The music took me out of the movie too much. I didn’t think the score fit the movie at all.

      Zimmer’s taking over for TASM2 so I guess whoever’s in charge of that wasn’t too impressed with Horners score either :/

      • It sounded like generic “hero music.” Kind of cheap. Was not an ASM fan at all, and that really didn’t help.

        • The music never fit the movie. Spidey was getting his a** kicked at the school and the music is sweeping and happy with all these major chords. totally ruined that scene for me.

          And earlier when he’s taking all the food up to his room stacked up in his arms it could have been this great comedic moment but the music conveys mysticism and wonder. totally wrong for the scene.

          There are other examples but I haven’t seen the movie recently enough to remember them specifically.

          • Hm. I liked ASM, both the movie and the music.

            This coming from someone who never realised the ASM music was written by the guy who created that iconic theme music for Commando until recently.

          • Wow, lot of Horner hate around here. I didn’t care for his TASM soundtrack btw. Terrible movie, terrible film score. He’s incredible in everything else.

            • I don’t dislike Horner. Some of his stuff is ok. I just didn’t like the TASM soundtrack, and if the music for that movie sucked that doesn’t bode well for any future superhero movie scores that he could potentially do.

              On another note I don’t think Zimmer is the man for the job either. His work is too recognizable and he just scored the TDK trilogy. It would be too similar.

              But I dont really know who to nominate in place of Zimmer so….

            • Totally agree with this guy right here. Amazing Spiderman was terrible! Just awful. Andrew Garfield was the worst choice ever for the role. He’s a great actor but not even remotely convincing as Spiderman.

  5. I started thinking that maybe they incorporated Batman to have Zimmer create another great score for the character. It’s like he said “smuggled” in there. I’d hope that he does do it, I love Zimmer. It’s a creative challenge but who knows, it could become the next catchy theme much like Danny Elfman’s.

  6. Agreed, it’d be much cooler if
    Supes and Zod had to fight in a field or a desert or something.

    • are you being sarcastic? cuz your comment gave me a good laugh haha..

      if not I totally misread your comment and thats a my bad.

  7. Christopher Nolan hasn’t left the project, he’s still executive producing. But it includes very little work, he won’t be hands on like Man of Steel.

    • Also, I’m starting to get annoyed with all the rumors, speculation and ideas for Justice League. Not because it may or may not happen soon but because I want to just enjoy what we have right now. We’ve got Batman and Superman coming up, my attention is geared to that completely. I’m enjoying the ride then the prize.

      Hopefully no one takes that last statement the wrong way aha.

    • But he no longer needs to be hands on because they’ve already built the franchise and now they merely have to continue–so technically his efforts carry over.

  8. I’m a huge Hans Zimmer fan… But dare I say that maybe he isn’t the guy for the job? His work is too easy to recognize. I worry that his score for MOS2 will be too similar to his work from the TDK trilogy, and that will come off as weird since it wont even be the same batman.

  9. why are the comments getting all mixed up again? same thing is happening on the “super hero tragedy” thread..

  10. After that Man of Steel score, I hope he does the next film!

  11. I’m against this; they should reuse his music from Man of Steel but for Batman they have to have a different composer especially if they’re going to make a spin-off Batman movie. Zimmer has done whatever he could do for Dark Knight and if you make him do another Batman it’ll be repetitive or bland sounding.

    Also Zimmer doesn’t want to be typecasted as a superhero guy so it’s in his interest to avoid composing for the new Batman.

    • I disagree, it won’t be bland if he chooses to make it. In fact, I believe that he is so talented that he can give a new and refreshing take on the character especially because it will be a different Batman, different is what he said we should expect.

  12. I really like what Zimmer did with MOS and TDK films, but I would like Michael Giacchino to score the new Batman – ideally they would both work on the next score together, or at least Batman’s theme. To be honest I expect Zimmer to end up doing it on his own, but a brand new composer for a brand new Batman franchise would be preferred. I think Giacchino would be able to create an awesome theme for the new Batman, my main reason for backing this is the fact that I love the new Star Trek theme sooo much!! We shall see

    • I think Giacchino should’ve actually been the composer for Man of Steel.

    • Good idea.

  13. hope not, he seems to have lost his charm from back in the day and is resorting to making like 2 soundtracks for a movie and calling it a day… just listen to man of steel, all they play are 2-3 soundtracks, same with the pirates series, which gets more and more boring (in terms of score) with every new release 😛

  14. Bring back Danny Elfman!!!

    • +1 I don’t remember any of the music from the Dark Knight Trilogy or Man of Steel. But I remember all John Williams Superman music and all of Danny Elfmans Batman music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Loved both their scores, how can you NOT!?

        I will say though that Hans absolutely KILLED it on The Dark Knight, but on Rises there are some almost comical missteps that you can hear. I think Catwoman’s theme is really silly sounding and almost too bright and obvious. I loved the widescreen panning shots of the city, now THAT was the best part of the Rises soundtrack. It had the hopefulness to it, the scope and reminder me of Blade Runner big time. The Bane chant was great too, but I think it got overused and lost it’s luster by the end of it. The lamest part was when Bruce falls down the pit for the second time and the music rather rapidly declines. I know it’s meant to be a descending feeling, but it was TOO obvious and pretentious to me as an audience member and it ended WAY too abruptly, making me feel so much less emotion for the scene. It felt very contrived. I think he lost his touch a bit on “Rises” but The Dark Knight stands as a testament to him getting it right. Those power drones waving over sound amazing.

        • To each, his own, I suppose…I loved Catwoman’s “theme” because it conveyed an image of a cat slinking and sneaking around. I thought it fit the character AND the story points perfectly.

          Of course, I loved the DK and MOS theses, anyway, so…

  15. Good Idea for Hans scoring the Batman/Superman MOS (Part 2) sequel

  16. Horner would’ve been suited more towards Superman with all of the horns he uses. Even then though, it would’ve felt like a cheap John Williams wannabe.

    I just hope that the new Batman score will be greatly different from Nolan’s trilogy. Sure, he won’t be the key part of the MOS 2 music because it still revolves around Superman, but regardless.

  17. Maybe Batman’s theme in this could be a somber, downbeat style of drumming from MOS and then he can take elements of that as a definitive Batman theme in future?

  18. I want Zimmer to return to score Batman VS Superman! I want to see what he comes up with :)

  19. John Williams. That’s it. He sould make just the Batman theme. I know he’s going to work on Star Wars 7 but still.
    Would be an eargasm, wouldn’t it?

  20. john williams is still alive aint he ? If he is bring him back.

  21. I would love to see Han’s do this. Man of Steels theme Arcade was bad ass. I would love to see what new tone he would create for The Caped Crusader reboot!
    The Dark Knight Trilogy was epic stuff! DO IT HAN’S! DO IT! And then JL!

  22. Well given that the film will still primarily be, you know, a Superman film, most of the work Zimmer would have to do would go into developing his MOS score further. You don’t have to make half the score about Batman, even if he figures prominently (at least, this is the impression I’m getting about the movie – even if it IS being called Batman vs Superman, it still seems to be sold as a MOS sequel with Batman in it). I’d say Zimmer should stay but I’d like to see another composer co-write the score or at least work on the Batman parts.

  23. Just combine both soundtrack from MOS and Dark knight trilogy. THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE EARGASMIC EXPERIENCE!

  24. I love that Hans Zimmer initially debated Christopher Nolan on not wanting to give his batman a trademark theme or sound, but sort of be fluid and tailor the music to the situation. this approach works for me and I’d love to see Zimmer attached to other DC projects down the road.

  25. if the price is right…

  26. I downloaded 9 minutes of his score from Man of Steel and I listen to it most days. Really terrific stuff.

    I hope he does it.

  27. I have both Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel on my iPod and I play them both on random so they go back and forth from each score. They seem to blend very well and often times come across as “similar”. But It’s still cool cause it makes me feel like i’m watching Nolan’s knight, and Snyder’s Steel. And for the longest time I figured it would be the closest thing I would ever get to a Batman/Superman film soundtrack. But anyway, I think Zimmer should stay on to maintain the Man Of Steel theme and have someone else come in and collaborate for the Batman theme. I think that would work relatively well…