‘Batman vs. Superman’ To Be Shot by ’300′ Cinematographer Larry Fong

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman To Be Shot by 300 Cinematographer Larry Fong

Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne/Batman – colloquially known as Batfleck – will be the major new onscreen addition to the Man of Steel sequel (unofficially known as Batman vs. Superman), where he joins Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fisburne, who are returning from director Zack Snyder’s divisive, yet ultimately successful relaunch of the Superman movie franchise.

Snyder is co-writing the Batman vs Superman screen story with David S. Goyer, who is back on screenwriting duties for the sequel. We’ve heard rumors about the side characters that could be included in Goyer’s script, ranging from Superman’s other iconic billionaire antagonist/foil, Lex Luthor, to a love interest for Affleck’s playboy Wayne; for the time being, though, nothing has been confirmed as far as concrete plot details go for Supe and Bat’s live-action cinematic team-up debut (other than the story will address the collateral damage that resulted from an inexperienced Kal-El’s city-demolishing battle with General Zod and his forces).

Additional casting announcements will be arriving over the next few month, as we count-down to the start of principal photography on the Man of Steel sequel (with production in Detroit and other Michigan cities expected to get underway early next year). Cinematographer Larry Fong – who collaborated with Snyder on 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch – will serve as director of photography on Batman vs. Superman, according to his Worldwide Production Agency resume (hat tip to Coming Soon reader Glitch for uncovering this). The film, as mentioned before, is still officially-untitled, despite Fong’s resume indicating otherwise.

Fong, in case you weren’t aware, did not shoot Man of Steel (pardon the wording) for Snyder; instead, the latter collaborated with cinematographer Amir Mokri, whose other credits include Fast & Furious and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Meanwhile, Fong was busy serving as the director of photography on this year’s popular magician heist action/thriller, Now You See Me, after having shot the sci-fi throwback Super 8 with director J.J. Abrams. (Mokri and Snyder, as it were, also used the occasional Abrams-favorite lens flare effect in Man of Steel.)

zack snyder larry fong Batman vs. Superman To Be Shot by 300 Cinematographer Larry Fong

Zack Snyder and Larry Fong filming ’300′

Man of Steel was shot using documentary-eseque techniques similar to those used in cinema veritae (handheld camerawork, snap-zooms), which bothered some moviegoers and cinema buffs – possessing an avid knowledge of the technical side of filmmaking – who aren’t fans of “realism” in cinematography, when it comes to superhero films and blockbusters. As opposed to, being okay with that approach in docudrama fare made by the likes of director Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips), where the style is often simply identified as shaky cam.

However, Snyder and Mokri’s decision to forgo visual slickness for more rough n’ tumble imagery did imbue the catastrophic destruction in Man of Steel‘s third act with a heightened sense of awe and immediacy (in this writer’s opinion, anyway). Snyder and Fong’s previous collaborations were far more smooth and stylized in form than Man of Steel, but it stands to reason that the duo will at least partly carryover the (intentionally) rougher aesthetic for Batman vs. Superman instead (if only to maintain storytelling continuity and for thematic purposes).

Let us know if would are hoping that Batman vs Superman will be shot more in the vein of 300 and Watchmen rather than Man of Steel, now that Fong is reuniting with Snyder on the project. Or, rather, sound off if you approve of the shot choices in Snyder’s Superman movie reboot and feel that it’s all the more appropriate for the sequel, seeing how the Man of Steel universe is being expanded to include Batman and (possibly) his crime-ridden home turf.


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. THIS IS D.C!!!!….

    • How dare you tell me how to act. I’m a God like being and could crush you. This is madness.


      This… is… GOTHAM!!!

      • +1

  2. Well, this movie will probably look amazing at the very least.

  3. Dam! Can’t wait!

  4. This is good news. The fight scenes in those movies are beautiful. They are going to make Batman look so bad ass in a way he never has before.

  5. Guess I’m the only one who wasn’t a fan of the cinematography in 300.
    Aw well, as long as the movie looks good. Hopefully it’ll have more resemblance to Man Of Steel than 300 though.

    • The cinematography was top-notch, I just didn’t like some of the slow-motion shots.

      • Slowmo was waayyy overused in 300.

        • But done well. The shield bash is probably one of my favorite slowmo scenes of all time. right up there with hammer to the face hulk.

      • I love how Snyder plays with film speeds. it’s not just slow mo, it’s fast mo too, and the transition between.
        But it was definitely overdone in 300.

    • Ya I don’t like 300′s look neither, my wife thinks they are too fake. I do like Watchmen’s presentation though, hope they don’t overuse the green screens

  6. I think the return of Larry Fong working with Zack
    means a return to a more Zack signature style, not
    to the level of Sucker Punch or 300 but somewhere in
    between the two and the realistic style of Man Of Steel.

    Which I think is a good style change, the alien has arrived
    and now the canvas can be more cinematic, less realistic,
    and I’d love to see Zack paint a Gotham Snyder style.

    • +5000

  7. Slowmotion batman incoming. lol.

  8. I’m not a fan of “shaky cam” but I did enjoy 300! Hopefully this will be a good team up!

  9. some MOS with more sucker punch style would be really cool. could work well from a narrative aspect if you consider growth of superman

  10. I liked the styalized feel of 300 but don’t think it’s right for MOS2. Hopefully they’ll just some of the good elements of that style and integrate it with the style of the origin MOS movie.

  11. Not seen 300, but does this mean we’ll get less shaky-cam? Used for too match in MoS

  12. Th action in Man of Steel was mindblowing. Can’t wait to see how Batman fits in it. And I really enjoyed the action in Sucker Punch even though most people hate that movie. It may have been sloppy but super fun movie.

    • I actually thought the action in MoS was rather mindNUMBING after awhile. Too much shaky-cam, quick-cut editing and drawn out action sequences made MoS lame in 3D. I liked it much better in 2D, though it still had major issues.

      • I agree with all except the shaky cam.

        Then again, Snyder managed to make epic action sequences boring in Sucker Punch and did the same again in MOS somehow.

      • I thought it was pretty dull myself. The movie didn’t look like Snyder’s other movies, but I really thought it could have used some clarity and slow motion. I was expecting something like regular speed fights btw Zod and Superman while everything and everyone in the background was reletively still, then switching the perspective to people seeing blurs and destruction.

        Anyway, I think Synder’s usual style could work better, if not overdone.

    • Mindblowing? LOL, it was a bunch of generic CGI overkill.

  13. I just wish someone would say how much or how little this will follow The Dark Knight Returns if all. I would think it cant follow the ending since this will be the springboard into the Justice League. I just watched the animated movie and it was pretty bad ass, especially with the Joker story line. So much potential with this…I just hope they don’t screw this up. easily could be a 3 hour movie.

    fingers crossed on this one.

    • If you haven’t read the actual comic yet I really recommend it. They go into more of their disagreements and more of Batman’s mentality. They did a fantastic job adapting it to film though. i loved the animated movie.

      A 3 hour movie is definitely possible. Movies like Harry Potter and LoTR have proven that if a movie is good enough, people will sit in that theater with their bladders ready to burst to see how it all ends. So yeah, I can see it being longer than a typical movie.

  14. If they can find a really awesome cross of the two styles, I’m all in!

  15. Guys relax he did the film Watchmen with Zack Snyder, I think it’s in perfectly safe hands now. Forget about 300 and Sucker Punch cause if you know and have seen Watchmen you know what I’m talking about. This is going to be a down to Earth hardcore gritty and grounded superhero film. This is a major improvement from MOS.

  16. Just the thought of Batman and Superman on screen with the visual style these guys bring to the table is exciting because their work is exceptional.
    As far as I am concerned every new news that is coming from this epic cinematic event gets better and better and I can’t wait to see some real top of the line fight choreography for the Batman in action too.

  17. The fact that Batman is now called Batfleck proves every point I made about Affleck being a horrible choice.

    • He’s not called “Batfleck”… People just keep being reminded of that name by the whiny crybabies who can’t seem to move on to other matters.

      • +1

      • Really…I could have swore this very article calls him Batfleck…OH look, it does. Shall I list the hundreds of others doing the same?

        • Whiny crybabies. Pervasive and unstoppable meme. Same thing.

        • Like I said, he’s not being CALLED Batfleck…as in a name or title. The expression is being used as a term of familiarity and/or to mock those who can’t let go and move forward. It’s precisely the same situation as “Obamacare”. Detractors used the term derisively. Even many who supported the idea (or who simply remained neutral on the matter) picked up the expression for the reasons I mentioned above. THEN, Obama decided to use the term, himself, to take ownership of the policy and its (he hopes POSITIVE) legacy. It wouldn’t surprise me if Affleck eventually adopts a similar attitude on a similar matter.

          He’s not called Batfleck, but the term keeps being bandied about. Whatever your personal problems with this choice, get over it. He’s been chosen to play the role. You hatred won’t change that fact.

          I hope that’s clearer.

          • Sigh…

            *YouR hatred*

          • I find myself using Batfleck as a term of endearment. Do I use it now every time I talk about Batman? No! I say it because I’m lazy and don’t want to use all of the syllables in “Affleck’s Batman”.

            • +1
              When talking bout Nolan’s Batman, I don’t even use Batman a lot of the time, just Bale. Considering there’s so many incarnations of the same character on screen, ‘Batfleck’ is just a way of distinguishing this incarnation from the others. Well, it’s how I see it anyway.

              • Exactly! In another article I mention I convinced someone to give Batfleck a chance. Did I convince them to give the character of Batman a chance? No, I convinced them to give Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman a chance. One actor does not define a character as legendary and beloved as Batman, be it good or bad.

                • Huntress and ColdSc…

                  THANK you…THAT is precisely my point. :)

    • I don’t see how it proves anything…am I missing something here?

      • It’s not the same thing at all. This is more similar to George Clooney, or maybe Michael Keaton, but really this is new territory. Heath Ledger wasn’t that well known, and he disappeared behind make-up that included lipstick, major facial scars, black around the eyes, and greasy green hair. And his voice and mannerisms were unique. There is no way you could confuse that role with any of his other roles, or even his appearance as himself.

        Ben Affleck won’t have that opportunity at all, especially as Bruce Wayne. He’s a well known personality on the tabloid pages and shows. I like the guy and he’s really turned himself around with his director. But I still don’t consider him to be a strong actor. I don’t see him creating a Batman role that can overcome his presence and persona as Ben Affleck. Plus, he’s following a very popular run of Batman films unlike Keaton. But we’ll see. I’ll still be seeing it in theaters but I can’t predict I’ll like it. Didn’t care for MOS.

  18. Nice choice, while I really liked the cinematography in Man of Steel, I have to say this is quite an improvement if you ask me.

  19. I absolutely hated the hand held camera work in Man of Steel. Even during a simple two person dialog the camera was jittering like crazy. It was beyond distracting.

  20. Thanks, Spammer.

    • I’m thinking it’s less spam, more trying to sell a crime thriller about an out of work woman’s attempts to distribute thousands of dollars of drugs from her suburban bedroom while evading curious police officers and DEA enforcers.

  21. “Man of Steel was shot using documentary-eseque techniques similar to those used in cinema veritae”

    I didn’t mind it for the most part, except for that one part where Kal-El’s ship was heading towards Earth and the camera did a slight zoom and auto-focus, completely pulling me out of the movie and making me literally sigh and roll my eyes at that ridiculous cinematography decision.

    • You must HATE Joss Whedon then. That’s like his signature move. Zoom and auto focus.
      Or at least it was in Firefly and Serenity.

      • I take it you’ve not seen my previous comments over the past year when I said I’m not a fan of Joss Whedon and the only thing he’s ever done (whether it be TV, movies or print media) that I’ve mildly enjoyed was The Avengers but I didn’t even find that movie to be as good as others claim it was.

        • Sorry Brother, I only recently started posting here. I am only just starting to get the know the “regulars.”

          But my assumption was correct is seems, you in fact do not like Wheddon as a director. Me neither, I think he is a little overratted and inspires near cult like following in his fans. Avengers wasnt bad, it was a good fun flick, but I dont understand how Avenger fans arent a little upset by the slight waste of potential.

  22. All this Batman/Superman movie needs is a GREAT SCRIPT. Sydner has the visuals down, and Fong can knock it out of the park with cinematography. ALl we need is a writer who will re write David Goyer’s VS script. HAve Ben Affleck or someone from his team re-write the screenplay after Goyer and BOOM instant classic. The big problem that most people had with Man of Steel was the poor screenplay. If they fix that I think we are good.

    • This is why Affleck makes more sense than 90% of the other actors who were mentioned for the job. I will take a slight trade down in actors (maybe) for a film maker of his caliber being on board.

      • Yea, because Affleck can’t possibly refine a script without being cast as Batman himself. What does Affleck being cast have to do with Affleck writing a script? He is incapable of doing one without the other?

        • He is perfectly capable of just acting in a movie without doing work behind the scenes but with the talent he has in writing, it’d only make sense to use it. Who knows what the contract he has with Warner Bros entails to be honest.

          • Ben is the type of actor who will offer alterations
            at times to his dialogue on set and in character,
            changes he thinks could be more effective, and
            some of those changes will be incorporated.

        • Because one may have had to happen for the other to be true.

          WB: We want you to be involved in our DCCU
          Affleck: OK, I want to be Batman.
          WB: (thinking of recent Oscar win) OK. Heres the keys to the Studio bro.

          Why would Affleck get involved if he wasnt directing or starring in the movie? Like, seriously.

    • Very well said. Pieces are there, just need to be put in place.

    • @razorstar90 Agreed. While Goyer and Snyder can come up with some great story lines and ideas, neither are very good writers and I was really disappointed by the MOS script. Kind of wished they replaced Goyer, but whatever.

    • I said it since day one there’s a reason why Affleck was cast

  23. 300 was one of the most visually stunning comic book movies ever made. You might not like the slow-mo, but you have to admit the shots were beautiful. IMO, only Sin City is as good visually. I thought some trade mark Snyder was missing from MOS, now I know why.

    Play a game, put in the 300 blu-ray. Close your eyes and press fast forward. Wait a few minutes. Now press pause.

    The image on your screen will be amazing.

  24. Hey, as long as he keeps the bloody camera still, I’m okay with this.

  25. “collateral damage”…of course Superman has to wreck the place…look who he is fighting and what Zod can do! When you are brawling in a bar against some big lug who can possibly kick your hiney and wants to use your ribs for either a washboard or a xylophone, you don’t have time to worry about if you mar or crack the good china!

  26. In Watchmen, with smooth camera work and occasional overcrank, Snyder shows the audience that Ozymandias’ speed is above average humans.

    On the other hand, with handheld camera and unchanging framerate in Man of Steel, he shows that Superman is so beyond normal human in speed.

    Balance the two and it will be epic.

  27. The slo-mo in “300″ wasn’t nearly as absurd as the amount used in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, but it was still overdone in a lot of parts.

  28. If you guys want a petition than petition against too much slow motion. I doubt Affleck will want too much either. Just my opinion. All I ask for is that it does not look like a Jean Cluade Van Damme movie with a bunch of slow motion.

  29. The Batman fight scenes do need improvement from Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

    • I was watching beware the batman and it got me thinking about batmans fighting style. I just can’t picture Affleck doing bat-ninja convincingly but I guess it’s pretty easy to use a stuntman for Batman.

      • His daredevil fight style is perfect for batman. However it was 10 years ago he has aged and idk if he can do that anymore. Guarenteed he will be a bruiser type

        • Seasoned Batman knows what he needs to do to win the fight