‘Batman vs. Superman’ To Be Shot by ‘300’ Cinematographer Larry Fong

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman To Be Shot by 300 Cinematographer Larry Fong

Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne/Batman – colloquially known as Batfleck – will be the major new onscreen addition to the Man of Steel sequel (unofficially known as Batman vs. Superman), where he joins Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fisburne, who are returning from director Zack Snyder’s divisive, yet ultimately successful relaunch of the Superman movie franchise.

Snyder is co-writing the Batman vs Superman screen story with David S. Goyer, who is back on screenwriting duties for the sequel. We’ve heard rumors about the side characters that could be included in Goyer’s script, ranging from Superman’s other iconic billionaire antagonist/foil, Lex Luthor, to a love interest for Affleck’s playboy Wayne; for the time being, though, nothing has been confirmed as far as concrete plot details go for Supe and Bat’s live-action cinematic team-up debut (other than the story will address the collateral damage that resulted from an inexperienced Kal-El’s city-demolishing battle with General Zod and his forces).

Additional casting announcements will be arriving over the next few month, as we count-down to the start of principal photography on the Man of Steel sequel (with production in Detroit and other Michigan cities expected to get underway early next year). Cinematographer Larry Fong – who collaborated with Snyder on 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch – will serve as director of photography on Batman vs. Superman, according to his Worldwide Production Agency resume (hat tip to Coming Soon reader Glitch for uncovering this). The film, as mentioned before, is still officially-untitled, despite Fong’s resume indicating otherwise.

Fong, in case you weren’t aware, did not shoot Man of Steel (pardon the wording) for Snyder; instead, the latter collaborated with cinematographer Amir Mokri, whose other credits include Fast & Furious and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Meanwhile, Fong was busy serving as the director of photography on this year’s popular magician heist action/thriller, Now You See Me, after having shot the sci-fi throwback Super 8 with director J.J. Abrams. (Mokri and Snyder, as it were, also used the occasional Abrams-favorite lens flare effect in Man of Steel.)

zack snyder larry fong Batman vs. Superman To Be Shot by 300 Cinematographer Larry Fong

Zack Snyder and Larry Fong filming ‘300’

Man of Steel was shot using documentary-eseque techniques similar to those used in cinema veritae (handheld camerawork, snap-zooms), which bothered some moviegoers and cinema buffs – possessing an avid knowledge of the technical side of filmmaking – who aren’t fans of “realism” in cinematography, when it comes to superhero films and blockbusters. As opposed to, being okay with that approach in docudrama fare made by the likes of director Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips), where the style is often simply identified as shaky cam.

However, Snyder and Mokri’s decision to forgo visual slickness for more rough n’ tumble imagery did imbue the catastrophic destruction in Man of Steel‘s third act with a heightened sense of awe and immediacy (in this writer’s opinion, anyway). Snyder and Fong’s previous collaborations were far more smooth and stylized in form than Man of Steel, but it stands to reason that the duo will at least partly carryover the (intentionally) rougher aesthetic for Batman vs. Superman instead (if only to maintain storytelling continuity and for thematic purposes).

Let us know if would are hoping that Batman vs Superman will be shot more in the vein of 300 and Watchmen rather than Man of Steel, now that Fong is reuniting with Snyder on the project. Or, rather, sound off if you approve of the shot choices in Snyder’s Superman movie reboot and feel that it’s all the more appropriate for the sequel, seeing how the Man of Steel universe is being expanded to include Batman and (possibly) his crime-ridden home turf.


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. Any idea if the Bat symbol is going to look like it does in this add, the image they released when it was announced this summer?

  2. I’m really hoping they pull from their differences in approach to criminals and authority rather than just fighting each other. I think, after the events of MoS, Superman is going to want to prove himself to the people of Earth and come into his big blue boy scout role. This may lead to him wanting to do favors for the government or police i.e. “Go take care of this vigilante in Gotham that’s causing us so much trouble,” just like in TDKR (The Dark Knight Returns.) I hope that they spend a lot of time focusing on how they are basically two sides of the same coin. They both have the same goals and the same moral code but they go about things so differently. I hope that the film starts off quickly with their confrontation, Batman establishes himself as Superman’s peer (not physically obviously before you all jump on that), and then they team up to fight Lex or something. I’m also hoping for a nuanced story. In TDKR Superman is sent after Batman, Batman doesn’t go after Superman. While it’s logical to say that after MoS Batman will see him as a threat to the world and come after him, I’d posit that they may choose to establish Superman as the big blue boy scout by having him try to win people by doing favors for the government, say going after that crazy vigilante that’s causing them so much trouble. Maybe Batman broke into a government facility, got samples of Kryptonian stuff like samples from Zod, and the government wants him gone. They send Superman, Batman has been preparing for him (maybe this is where we’ll get kryptonite or Batman will utilize what’s he learned about the affects of Krypton on Superman. There was that Wayne satellite afterall. I bet Batman was watching everything up until it was destroyed)), they have words; mostly Batman calling Superman on his BS and giving him a thrashing about all the people he killed while fighting Zod. Words turn into a skirmish and Batman wins but they learn each others’ identities; Superman because of the x-ray vision and Batman because, well because he’s Batman. Fingerprints or something. All the while, Wayne Enterprises and Lexcorp have been partnering to rebuild Metropolis and we find out Lex has been stealing Wayne tech to build weapons to defeat Superman, maybe even for the government or CADMUS. Batman figures this out because he tracks everything (he puts the NSA to shame) and comes to metropolis to investigate. As Bruce he’s there to smile and look good for the cameras, but as Batman he’s there to interrogate Luthor. Things get out of hand, Superman intervenes and then Batman tells him what Lex has been planning. Without any real proof (it’s not like Batman can testify in court) Batman plans to beat it out of Luthor and Superman tries to stop him. They skirmish a bit, Superman comes out on top because he actually learned from his past confrontation with Batman. This leaves Batman a little incapacitated when Luthor, after having gotten away while they were fighting, shows up with the anti-Supes weapon. Superman is losing when Batman comes to and saves him, defeating Luthor. Superman suggests they sing kumbaya and be friends and Batman is pretty much like $@#% that. I don’t trust you. Ends with Superman bringing Luthor to justice and exposing the government’s involvement in theft of Wayne Enterprise’s tech and Batman updates his files on Superman. Maybe a cameo of other heroes via Batman’s files.

    All in all, I don’t care how they do it, I just want a good, nuanced story that focuses on how similar yet different they really are.

    • “I just want a good, nuanced story…”

      Will you settle for a mediocre story and a whole lot of flashy effects? This IS a Man of Steel sequel after all.

      • I found the story and its development to be very well imagined and presented, so I look forward to more of the same.

      • Man of Steel was very clever. Very good sub text and typical of the realities that Nolan films are known for.

        • With Affleck seemingly having some input on story and character development, I am more hopefully for a nuanced story. I still want my flashy effects though. Multilayer story with great action and flashy effects. This movie needs to blow everything else out of the water or it will just remembered as a decent attempt to bring the 2 most famous comic heroes to life.

  3. DMC if they use a stuntman than I wish they would use Scott Adkins. He is much shorter than Affleck though.

  4. Prepare for a lot of shakycam and slo-mo batarangs

    • A slomo batarang sounds cool. As long as there is only one.

      • I thought MoS could’ve done with a bit of slo-mo. There’s a bit of slo-mo in the Arkham games when Batman lands the knockout blow to a fool and that’s always nice.

  5. now they are speaking my language!

  6. Great, so a lot of overly dramatic shots in slow motion…

    • That’s what I was hoping for the first time honestly. I think that style is perfect for Superman, but now that Batman is a main player I don’t know if it will work as well. I don’t think it is an appropriate style for Batman.

      • It’s STILL a superman movie.

        • That’s true, and if that style is what they go for in the movie, then if fine with it, I just think it works better for Supes than Bats.

  7. using the term Batfleck is just very very juvenile. If we were marketing the movie to brain dead bimbo’s then sure.

    If you want to paint the picture that Ben Affleck has grown into a serious A grade actor then let’s stay away from that kind of cutesy names that would appeal to fools or very young children.

    Completely incongruent with the more serious tone that DC has taken with it’s movies.

    • +1

    • Provides some much needed levity if you ask me…

      …I think injecting just a teeny, tiny ounce of fun into this will go along way.

      • +1
        No need to take everything so seriously, it’s pretty much just a nickname for the guy.

    • People are simply using the term, the studios aren’t marketing it.

    • You must have missed the word “colloquially” or just not know what it means. Watch Archer. He’ll tell you.

  8. Slow-mo nightmare in the works.

  9. Please god bring back the slow-mo and locked down camera work. Shaky cam is terrible. I was let down by MoS mostly for that reason alone.

  10. Christian Bale for The Joker(American Psycho, he could totally pull it off)

    I luv this choice for filming wit 300 style especially for when Affleck ND Henry have there epic confrontation