Ben Affleck Comments on Being Cast as Batman in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ [Video]

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[Batman Talk starts at 1:42]

WB fast-tracked development on a sequel to director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel before the Superman franchise reboot had even opened in theaters, but what really surprised the superhero movie-loving masses was when the news broke about how Batman will play a role in the story constructed by Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer. We spent the subsequent month speculating about what version of the Caped Crusader will be featured in the movie (and which actor is going to bring the Man of Steel franchise’s iteration of Bruce Wayne to life).

It was then that Ben Affleck was confirmed to play the Bat opposite Henry Cavill as Kal-El, in the Snyder project tentatively referred to as Batman vs. Superman – and now that the Internet has begun settling down (following the initial meltdown over this revelation), it’s fitting that Affleck has finally spoken in public about his casting.

Affleck made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night in order to promote his upcoming crime drama/thriller Runner Runner, but it didn’t take long for the discussion to make its way onto the subject of Batman vs. Superman (around the 1:43 mark in the video).

The Oscar-winning actor/filmmaker avoided being too specific about what Snyder has in mind, but he alluded to a couple of issues that are now public knowledge: that his version of the Caped Crusader will be getting on in the years, in addition to having the personal traits that many fans associate with an experienced and world-weary Bruce Wayne often featured in comic book form – more cynical and hardened by years of fighting crime, yet sharp-minded and still able to keep up the playboy act – as opposed to, the emotionally and physically-battered older version of Bruce Wayne portrayed by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises last year.

Ben Affleck Workout Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck Comments on Being Cast as Batman in Batman vs. Superman [Video]

The backlash against “Batfleck” has been well-documented, so it does make sense that Affleck would’ve quickly decided to just take a break from the ‘Web while so many people suffered a knee-jerk reaction and despaired over this casting announcement – even as others, like Screen Rant’s Andrew Dyce, took some time to explain why “Batfleck” could be a good thing.

Moreover, credit where credit is due: the folks over at WB knew well-enough that Snyder’s pick would be controversial, so they went ahead and provided Affleck with archived reading material to show that he’s far from the first rabble-rousing casting in superhero movie history. However, only time will tell if Affleck will follow the example set by his fellow controversial Batman pick Michael Keaton and defy the negativity in response to his casting.

Are you onboard with, against or still withholding judgement on “Batfleck” at this stage?


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will open in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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  1. It’s so awesome. I’m so excited. They called me up and said ‘Do you want to do this?’ And I thought ‘I’m not 25 man, are you sure about this?’ And they said ‘Come down, we wanna show you what we’re doing.’ It was incredible. Zack Snyder’s directing it and he has this incredible take on it that like, obviously you can’t do what Chris [Nolan] and Christian [Bale] did, those movies are amazing. And so he wants to do something different but still in keeping with that.

    And I thought this was a brilliant way to do this and I really know how to hook into this. And I said ‘Okay I wanna do it.’

    Part of it is when you see the materials and when you see the take, it’s a very hard thing to describe without giving away the story and giving away what it is. But I really feel like I have a lot of opportunities now which is really great and this is something that’s really exciting.


    Ben is offered a lot of quality material these days and
    his assessment of what is planned for the character
    and movie is the most encouraging thing he said.

    • Hmm when he says in keeping with that, I’m guessing it’ll still be as grounded and realistic as Nolan’s take. Sort of building on that in a way that can fit with Man of Steel. I’m totally down for this.

      • I would like them to continue the same feel, even though I’m not a hardcore fan of the trilogy, but it would make sense.

        • I hope so too, I thought they nailed the tone in those films.

          • Yeah, keep the tone and make it as grimy looking as possible while still adding the fantastical (still hoping for Killer Croc and Black Mask in the movies).

            • I find The Amazing Spider-man handled the realism and fantastical elements pretty well. Killer Croc would be pretty intense. If they do indeed end up using him as a villain, I’m hoping they make his teeth over-sized and just make the character looks absolutely horrifying. Maybe similar to Arkham Asylum’s Croc, I thought that was a great interpretation. Black Mask and Hush are at the top of my list. Imagine they end up doing Solomon Grundy? I wonder how they’d approach that.

          • So then why not just have him play Bale’s Batman so we can continue that storyline, Bring back JGL to become Nightwing. That’s what I believed all along once Bale officially decided not to come back. This Batman still needs a back story.

            • not exactly, everyone knows the basics of batmans origins so i dont see the need to sit through it again so soon after nolans trilogy. But they might throw in a flashback here and there to show how he got where he is

              • By saying everyone knows you are assuming that, in fact, everone on the planet knows, and I would have to disagree with that. With all the complaining that people make over the fact of how weak Bale or Nolan’s Batman (call it whoevers) was as opposed to how he is in the comics, and than to have their version do so well in the box office supports my belief that not everyone knows. In fact I would venture to say that most do not. If everyone knew everything about Batman (even outside just his origins) then more people would be ticked off as to just how different Nolan did his version from the source material, villians included. I am not against Affleck as Batman, he just was not my choice, as many have expressed here on Screenrant and around the web for that matter. I think the average movie goer might be confused once they found out that it is a different Batman than Nolan’s. Of course you guys get it. I think most of you are deeply dedicated fans, but people these days are more confussed than ever in recorded time.

                • Well just like mostly everyone who would see a Superman movie knows he came from krypton almost everyone who like Batman knows his parents were killed by a mugger and that’s why Bruce vowed to become Batman. While the only thing consistent on how he trained to become him in the comics was that he traveled the world learning different skill sets. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they kept Batman as a former member of the League of Shadows like Nolan’s trilogy.

                  • That would be cool. I guess you do not think they will keep a continuation of Nolan’s triliogy either like most believe.

    • I’ve heard it might be dope.

      • That’s the rumor 😀

    • +1

      As long as the Justin Bieber rumor isn’t true, then I’m still keeping an eye out for the next installment.

  2. Can’t wait for Ben Affleck’s performance, I think he’ll knock it out of the park! It’s also kinda cool for WB to warn him not to go on the internet first lol good thinking.

    • “I handle sh*t.”
      -Ben Affleck

      This guy truly is Batman aha.

      • +100000

      • Or Robin.

        • Why would he be Robin? lol

    • @ ColdSc

      Sandy is late to the party bro…

      … I heard this from you first.


      • Thank you Dr, though Sandy gathered up a great article first! aha

  3. The great thing about Ben is that he gets it, that was a great clip. I get more excited with every little tid bit that is coming out. I love the fact that he acknowledged the great work Chris and Christian did and laid the mystery of “The new take” that Zack has and how it will be different. I’m not going to lie I feel like a little boy waiting for Christmas.

  4. Wow,Ben Affleck is definitely being off about his casting, no humility in refusing to see that he has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with Batman. I was only afraid it was going to be bad, but now i’m sure the movie is doomed.

    • Biased much?

  5. Please Ben Affleck, I only have one request. Come up with an awesome Batman voice and don’t just growl. Please….

    • Now Batman’s going to use his hands to talk like Affleck is doing in the interview.

      • Don’t you mean, Tony Blair?

        • I don’t get that reference, but if Tony Blair can pull off a half-way decent American accent, I’d be fine with him as Batman.

          …You know,… forget the accent.

  6. “I handle sh^t!” Love it. To all of you naysayers….Take that! (oh wait that would include me) Oh well; I’ve been wrong befoe.

  7. Problem is that ben like myself is 41 but we both can pass for 30 and that tells us that he does not look old and seasoned. If not for his comedies and body language i could see him as a young batman, but old lookingg??? Nahhhhh

    • Two words. Argo beard.

      • I’m really hoping he rocks a bit of scruff aha. We need that Batman on the big screen. Make it happen!

        • ooooh!! like arkham asylum!!

        • I’m kind of hoping he grows a reverse beard, everywhere over his face and head EXCEPT around the mouth and chin. The Batman Cowl could be all natural hair. THAT would be different.

          • Lmao aw man, I’m eating! I can’t stop picturing it.

  8. Some of you act like we who think this is a bad choice are insane or just ranting crazy people who had some adverse reaction, and as the shok wears off we are gonna see how cool this all is……. NOT !

    Will I keep an open mind ? Certainly. Do I think he’s gonna suck YES ! Do I think there are a myriad of better choices for this role, or that MOS vs BM is a bad choice to kick off DC Universe ? YES !

    I don’t care what anyone says, we are gonna compare this to the Marvel Universe set of movies and in the end when all this is said and done and we look back, DC I feel is gonna be made look like the “bastard child” of Super Hero Movie Franchises. A bootleg lackluster attempt to equate DC with Marvel. In fact I think it will hurt not only the comics, but the DC Universes ability to market it’s properties in the long term future. In part because Marvels Universe was sooo eloquently crafted, and DC’s Universe not even a close second as far as overall presentation is concerend.

    • il admit DC should have introduced a few other Justice League characters before Batman. IMO they should have slowly built up the franchise to have it take the place of Avengers a few years down the line when Joss Whedon finishes his trilogy, but i do think Affleck will only benefit the franchise, he may even direct some of the movies, which would be brilliant because whether you like him or not, Ben Affleck is a great actor, and a brilliant director.

    • @emortal1

      You can go back to your Marvel thread now and leave DC to the big kids.

    • Well…you ARE entitled to your opinion. MY opinion is almost exactly the opposite of yours.

      The fun of personal preference…

  9. “In Keeping with that”, those specific words keep me hanging on the thread of hope that the Nolan continuity remains intact.

    • I am with you man. That is the only thing that can resolve some of the issues out there, if you ask me.

      • No, Nolans trilogy is over, it was great but its in the past now. Nolans trilogy was a more realistic interpretation of Batman, in a world where there was no men of steel or a justice league, and to build the justice league off that universe would only ruin the trilogy.

        • No it wouldn’t, anymore than the dark knight strikes again ruins the dark knight returns.. guardians of the galaxy and thor don’t fit tonally with iron man 1 at first glance.
          I believe that the success of games like Disney infinity are training audiences (especially kids) to expect and want there favourite universes to expand, tone be damned. I think it’s great that people want bigger toy boxes, and it opens so much opportunity to stretch imagination and tell bigger stories.
          Comics have been doing it forever, it’s part of why it’s so cool.

  10. I don’t think you’re insane or just complaining. You have every right to your opinion. The fact is that Affleck will play Batman, and there is very little we can do about it (I did not say there is nothing we can do about it). However, WB will do what WB feels they should do. That’s what they and pretty much most studios do. We have yet to make our voice seriously count, and until that time we will never be heard. With that in mind, how would you suggest they handle their combined universe as opposed to this avenue?

    • (Ben’s son Samuel Affleck)

  11. You go Ben! Never doubted you!

    • +1

    • So wait, maybe this was the site he was talking about! Maybe he read our comments! Maybe he commented as well! Wait, that means any one of us could be Batman! OMG BATMAN ARE YOU THERE?

    • Did that once. Something I ate. You can thank Heaven for 7-11, but ya gotta thank H*ll for Taco Bell!

    • That picture in the link is pretty funny Oneiros.

  12. ScreenRant…How do my comments sit in moderation for hours but this BS gets past you?

    • Tricky words, bro! Just email Paul. He will get it done quick.

    • It’s a spambot designed to evade filters.
      They get banned but the resurrect cleverly.

      • they resurrect

      • Lame. This one posted this comment on a couple more pages as well.

  13. Ben Affleck is going to do a great job. I can’t wait.

  14. The only thing I love more than the casting of a new Batman is the fact that after all the hate and petitions he’s put up with, Ben Affleck simply smiles and says “I handle this kind of s**t”.

    • Ben has been very Batman about everything since the casting.

      • @ Robert

        Lol. Listen to yourself. You talk as if Batman is a real person.

        • Well he IS a character O.o

          • Yea, I suppose you believe anyone can really be Batman as Nolan puts it, right?

            • You’re comparing a casting to an idea in a story? You really are looking at any reason to bash Affleck and the people who support them aren’t you? lmao

              • I was being sarcastic. I expect you to know the difference.

                • Sure you were.

                  • Lol

                  • This is the most anticipated movie in 2015 for me! ben will rock it!! but lets not forget this is MoS 2 but BATMAN is the highlight

                • You might wanna work on you sarcasm a little bit. That sounded more like fanboy ramblings than anything remotely resembling sarcasm.

                  • Seriously, if that was sarcasm, I really wasn’t able to see it.

      • Lol very Batman indeed!

  15. I have a feeling we’ll see some work from Ben in Runner Runner that will make people think twice about all the hate they’ve been spewing.

  16. It’s hilarious how these comments are the epitome of bandwagon mentality. Everyone hates him because everyone else does, then he talks about it, a few people (writers) change their mind about it and everyone loves him.

    Thus is the nature of the trash heap we call the internet.

    Since it was announced that he was cast I’ve been looking forward to it. He can pull it off.

    • @ Brian

      I remember that time when lost of people hated Affleck, saying he’s not a good actor,etc. Now they love him dearly over him being cast as Batman & responding back to naysayers which is unprofessional for a actor/director such as himself.

      • How is it unprofessional?

        • Think about it.

          • lol

        • You have to ask? If I was him, id just keep it brief by saying the people voiced their opinions was all. Didn’t bother me as it won’t change things. I wouldn’t mention about reading people’s feedback,etc.

          • Why not? He was simply telling his story and what he honestly saw.

            • Still could’ve been professional at the sametime.

              • You still haven’t said what’s unprofessional about it. He didn’t swear, he didn’t tease, he didn’t insult…nothin unprofessional if you ask me. Wonder if anyone else thinks this is unprofessional.

                • I have. He was clearly mocking the people that were against his casting. Id say it bothered him by the way he talked about it.

                  • Mock? So stating exactly what he say in the comment section is mocking? Stating what Warner Bros. warned him about was being unprofessional? You got some high standards there buddy. Especially when it’s a global knee jerk reaction being dropped on one man.

                    • It what he was doing on the late night show. It bothered him as it did his wife. Would you deny that?

                    • Also, if you’re going to look for these things, you’re obviously going to find it.

                    • Obviously it bothered him, it would bother anyone wouldn’t it? But the question is, did he blatantly mock them about it? No. But again, if you’re looking for something like that, you’re gonna find it.

                    • So you’re denial

                    • About what?

                      Listen, it bothered him, he’s human right? Global reaction on one person right? I’m basing it on the situation at hand. If that happened to one of my fam, I’d be pretty pissed off.

                      Now for the video. Explaining how he dealt with it, shook it off with laughs. Done. I guess you’re taking a sense of humor as unprofessionalism?

                    • He was mocking or do you prefer imitating someone on twitter saying NOOOOOOOO. Of-course laughing about it with Jimmy. I noticed some peopled responded when he mentioned how can they critize the movie when they haven’t seen it yet. People said it ain’t the movie they got a problem with, it’s his casting & how does Affleck know the movie will have a good turn out if not many people goes to it.

                      That was after his interview.

                    • LOL that is true, he was imitating a comment off a website. Which actually is a bit of mocking but aren’t you overblowing it just a bit? He even made fun of his kids in the interview, does he hate his kids now?

                      Of course people have a problem with the casting, that’s what always happens. Reason why Warner Bros warned him about not going on the internet. They’ve gone through it so many times they’re expecting it at this point. Not until you see the movie will people understand whether or not the casting is the right decision. Who knows what Snyder, Goyer and Warner Bros have in mind.

                      Oh of course, when someone says they won’t see a movie without even an image or teaser, they’ll of course skip the movie.

                    • If we’re talking about the interview shown above, there was no mocking taking place. Reporting what happened and what he observed is not “mocking”. It is “stating”.

                      The interview actually made feel EVEN better about the casting of Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

  17. I still believe he is going to be a bust as batman. My rationale is based solely upon all of his acting (not directing) work to date. He just doesn’t have the presence, nor the ability to portray the genuine conflict that that character needs to show.

    • @ dan

      I agree. Acting & directing are two different things & we know he’s not directing the film he’s attached as Batman. I didn’t enjoy his performance as Daredevil which is closest thing to knowing if he can play Batman.

  18. I just can’t get his characters from Chasing Amy and Daredevil out of my head. Certainly you see his love for the comic medium peppered throughout his movies, ARGO included.

    How well he separates past performances from his take on bats will determine success or failure.

  19. I watched the entire interview. I really like Affleck’s attitude and the way he is approaching the iconic role of Batman. After watching the interview, I am more optimistic that he will do well. I, like many others, have been wrong in the past at least once in adversely judging someone before seeing someone in a new role. I’m going to give Affleck a chance.

  20. ben you suck.

    -the batman

  21. Still on the fence.
    I really do want him to kill it as Batman, and I expect him to kill it…as Bruce Wayne…Batman on the otherhand I’m still not seeing. I hope to be pleasantly surprised and I hope the action has minimal collateral in this one.
    To be fair to the first movie, while the collateral was excessive, it made sense. In the comics when Supes lost it, everything got destroyed. So what’s going to happen if four more of him show up to ruin the day? Still, the neck snapping would have been much more awe striking if there had not been SO much destruction already. And while, yeah, that was “uncharacteristic” for Superman, it’s really the only way that could’ve ended. There would’ve been no other way to stop Zod, and he’d have just kept killing. Kal did beg bitterly not to make him. It added depth I thought and gave a strong show of conflict. Bold. I do applaud Snyder for that. Just…don’t do it again. Then it would just cheapen who Superman’s supposed to be.

    • It being uncharacteristic of him to kill is one of the reason why it’s so messed up. He was forced to be someone he wasn’t for 5 seconds, after that, his real self was devastated. And I agree, don’t do it again, like you said, it’d cheapen it a bit. Same with destroying all of Metropolis aha.

  22. You know what, while i thought at first possibly not the right casting, im actually quite excited to see how he does – personally it comes down to the look of the Cape and Cowl and the voice he brings to Batman (heres hoping for Arkham City look) as Bales Cowl just was…well…weak, it was to closed of, and he just didnt have the strong Jaw to support it in my opinion, good movies and all – bad look, so you know what, screw any nay sayers give the guy a dam chance

    its him playing bruce wayne that will be the biggest challange of all…will we see Bruce Wayne? or will we be only able to see Ben Afleck?
    Iv been seeing a lot of pics of people putting his face into the cowl – just look through Deviantart for the new posters people are creating, there are some good looking pictures there with Afleck front and centre, so I believe he can pull it off.

  23. He’s gonna be fine. He understands the material, and knows that he has expectations to meet.

  24. Nice

  25. Thankfully, Justin Bieber won’t be in this “Batman/Superman” movie. Ben Affleck would have vomited so bad.

  26. If I was Ben I’d bide my time, don’t do a lot of interviews, give the performance of my life during the making of the movie, then watch as it makes a crap-load of money and receives award nominations then when I walk up to receive my Oscar I’d start my speech with…..

    “(In a Boston accent)..Didn’t I tell ya, didn’t I fu**ing tell ya I’d knock it out the fu**ing park? All you fu**ing fanboys who doubted me can eat my fu**ing nuts” (Insert crotch grab).

    Obviously that’s just what I’d do but Ben Affleck is a more civilized person than I and he’ll rise above the bull**it that’s been coming his way.

  27. Still cant wait for this movie. The only thing that would get me even more hyped would be if they announced plans for more DC movies. Aquaman WW, Flash etc.

    • I have a feeling that is coming.