Ben Affleck Comments on Being Cast as Batman in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ [Video]

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[Batman Talk starts at 1:42]

WB fast-tracked development on a sequel to director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel before the Superman franchise reboot had even opened in theaters, but what really surprised the superhero movie-loving masses was when the news broke about how Batman will play a role in the story constructed by Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer. We spent the subsequent month speculating about what version of the Caped Crusader will be featured in the movie (and which actor is going to bring the Man of Steel franchise’s iteration of Bruce Wayne to life).

It was then that Ben Affleck was confirmed to play the Bat opposite Henry Cavill as Kal-El, in the Snyder project tentatively referred to as Batman vs. Superman – and now that the Internet has begun settling down (following the initial meltdown over this revelation), it’s fitting that Affleck has finally spoken in public about his casting.

Affleck made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night in order to promote his upcoming crime drama/thriller Runner Runner, but it didn’t take long for the discussion to make its way onto the subject of Batman vs. Superman (around the 1:43 mark in the video).

The Oscar-winning actor/filmmaker avoided being too specific about what Snyder has in mind, but he alluded to a couple of issues that are now public knowledge: that his version of the Caped Crusader will be getting on in the years, in addition to having the personal traits that many fans associate with an experienced and world-weary Bruce Wayne often featured in comic book form – more cynical and hardened by years of fighting crime, yet sharp-minded and still able to keep up the playboy act – as opposed to, the emotionally and physically-battered older version of Bruce Wayne portrayed by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises last year.

Ben Affleck Workout Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck Comments on Being Cast as Batman in Batman vs. Superman [Video]

The backlash against “Batfleck” has been well-documented, so it does make sense that Affleck would’ve quickly decided to just take a break from the ‘Web while so many people suffered a knee-jerk reaction and despaired over this casting announcement – even as others, like Screen Rant’s Andrew Dyce, took some time to explain why “Batfleck” could be a good thing.

Moreover, credit where credit is due: the folks over at WB knew well-enough that Snyder’s pick would be controversial, so they went ahead and provided Affleck with archived reading material to show that he’s far from the first rabble-rousing casting in superhero movie history. However, only time will tell if Affleck will follow the example set by his fellow controversial Batman pick Michael Keaton and defy the negativity in response to his casting.

Are you onboard with, against or still withholding judgement on “Batfleck” at this stage?


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will open in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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  1. Looking forward to the movie, but is it just me or does he not look like he’s in Batman shape at all yet? Hopefully because he just started working out for it. There should be NO hint of a double chin!

    • They can just CGI that out of existence. Speaking of which, is Ben a lot taller than Cavill? They’ll need to appear to be the same height on screen.

      • They could but they shouldn’t, especially since it was reported that Ben went into training shortly after the announcement of his casting. If Cavill went through all of that effort to get as yoked as he did for MOS, then Affleck probably should too, especially given that everything in regards to his portrayal, including his physique, id going to be under heavy scrutiny. Besides, a lack of preparation in any way is going to be taken as a lack of respect for the role he’s taking and would validate his detractors. And besides that he’s playing Batman, even if its an older Batman, he would still be in beast shape. And Affleck is actually taller than Cavill. He’s 6 feet 4 inches if I’m not mistaken.

  2. We don’t need him as batman

    • Who would you have prefered?

  3. Still against the idea of having him as Batman but the choice has been made. I won’t go to see the film though. I think he might play an OK BW but he won’t play a convincing Batman. By and large, it will be an average film.

    • totally blaming everything on Zack Snyder. crap decisions.

    • I find really funny reading people like you saying that you won’t see the movie just because of one particular casting choice.. If the movie comes out and the word is that not only is the movie great but Ben Affleck did a great job as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, both you and thousands like you will rush in the theaters to see the movie, despite anything you are saying right now.. So say what you want about liking or not the casting decision, but don’t say you won’t see the movie because that is just *..

  4. MAN OF TOMORROW!!!! how hard is that?! They need to ditch this tentatively titled VS crap you can’t follow an epic move titled Man of Steel with Batman VS Superman…

    That’s retarded as hell… Plus luthor’ll be in it (Cumberbatch) so Man of Tomorrow is the only title that makes sense.. As it describes all three protagonist antagonist &anti-protagonist

    • No one has actually called it SVB its just been dubbed as that

  5. I feel much better about my life when I see how worked up people get about him being Batman. Wow…

    • Agreed! Man people need to get themselves a day job right?

  6. Best image of Ben Affleck as Batman I have seen yet

      • That’s all to do with that ridiculously awesome suit.

        • You are right, but I don’t think Clooney would have looked good in it no matter how hard he tried. What I am saying is that he will at least be better than him. Way more physical too.

    • That’s Wayne alright, except for that stupid hair

      • You mean the hair in the interview or the hair in the image I linked?

        • ?

          • It would have been nice if they would have listened to the fans, but I think they are tryiing nontheless.

            • oops

        • Both come to think of it :)

          • Who did you have in mind to play Batman?

            • I guess my favourite for the role would have been Karl Urban. His Dredd was basically batman with guns and I think his voice would’ve been perfect. I also would have liked Fassbender and I suppose I wouldn’t have minded Luke Evans. I didn’t ever consider Affleck. I’m still not convinced that he can do it but I hope he proves me very very wrong.

              • Mine was Bale or Adkins. I know he is a grade B actor but boy the martial arts is amazing.

  7. Is it just me, or is Jimmy Fallon (who I usually love) being really annoying in this video. He keeps interrupting Ben, trying to kind of take control of the conversation so they have equal talking time. I’ve watched the video 3 times and its apparent. Also, he touches Ben’s shoulder several times, keeps interjecting. Idk, maybe its just me. Still love Jimmy though!

    And for the record Batfleck is going to be awesome!

    • Yeah he is way to worked up! I thinks it is because he really likes Ben and is really happy to have him on the show. It would be better if he would do that off camera.

  8. The Man Of Steel delivered an over hyped empty suit of a movie. When you manage to look past the multi-million dollar blitzkrieg of special effects, there just was nothing there. The plot sucked. The character development had all the depth of a dead goldfish. Lois Lane was crawling up his a$$ before he was even working as a reporter at The Daily Planet & what’s this Pa Kent being killed in a tornado Bull$hit?! Affleck being cast as Batman is the first nail already being hammered into the lid of the coffin on this sequel before its even begun filming. Yeah, sadly this franchise is shaping up to become nothing but a high dollar fiasco that only goes from bad to worse with each successive sequel.

    • So you’ll be there the first weekend then. Also, what does “Lois crawls up his ass” even mean?

      • It means Chad is just jealous and lonely…

  9. Who cares who is playing Batman? The basic concept is so mind-numbingly stupid, that the execs should all be tested to see if they have a body temp or have gone over to the zombie-side.

    Batfleck would be fine if the premise had any way of not making Superman less of a Superhero than these morons made him in MoS. So unless the title itself is a lie (and this will probably turn out to be the case), and they end up working together by the end of this thing, it will not sell. We will all be cheering for Batman, even if it is Batfleck.

    I would really not be surprised to see some lame BS about ‘colored’ kryptonite turning superman (he is not that Super any more) evil, and Batman warding him off until he can get ‘the cure’ (which of course involves more BS colored kryptonite). Then then end up going to a cafe for coffee, joking about what happened and who would actually win in a head-to-head, and then in the middle of the credits, they decide to team up as part of a league for truth, justice, and the American way (which gets truncated to Justice League). This Bait & Switch is about as predictable as the Abrams lie that Cumberbatch was not Khan. Did not fall for it then, will not fall for superman vs Batman (or Batfleck if you prefer). Sure hope Affleck signed with a lot of up-front money, and did not back-end his contract. If so, he will end up *losing* more than just time and sanity with this project.

    • …and yet you’re here commenting that you don’t care. Methinks that you might just be in a tad bit of denial. Also, I’m betting you are completely (amusingly, even) off-base.

  10. This will be the movie of the century. I cant wait!!!!!!

  11. I think he’ll do a great job as Batman/Bruce Wayne

  12. Watch trailer for his new movie coming out “Runner Runner”. What you will see is his acting skills have matured over past movie failures. In the trailer he portrayed a great character with intensity that I can see being used towards the Batman side. The choice is made. Like others have said don’t say you won’t go see it 2 years before it even comes out. Runner Runner looks like a promising title for Affleck. So let him prove his worth then decide. Cheers!

  13. The Affleck haters are probably the same people that hated on Bale before he proved himself.

  14. He’ll be a terrible batman.

  15. Ben afflect is a terrible super hero. May I remind you of daredevil? Stfu and get out. How can you defend man who ruins the role of a blind man!?