‘Batman vs. Superman’ Filming Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Scene in LA?

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Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Batman vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman Filming Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Scene in LA?

Things didn’t go so well for Gotham City’s football team in The Dark Knight Rises (Bane rigging the playing field with explosives didn’t help), but maybe things will turn out better for the college athletes from Batman’s home in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel – otherwise (read: unofficially) known for the time being as director Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman.

Snyder and director of photography Larry Fong (300, Watchmen) aren’t expected to begin filming scenes with Batman vs. Superman main cast members – including, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Ben Affleck as the new face of Bruce Wayne – until early 2014. Nonetheless, a report is making the rounds, claiming that Snyder will shoot footage for his Man of Steel sequel this weekend in Los Angeles, during the upcoming football game between East Lost Angeles College and Victor Valley College.

Back in September 2013 (i.e. last month, at the time of writing this), Batman News reported on a Batman vs. Superman casting call for extras in the LA area for October 19th. However, that ended up being cancelled (until further notice) when it was announced that the scene in question was under consideration to be cut from David S. Goyer’s screenplay. (On an additional note: the company behind the Batman vs. Superman casting call was the same one that sent out the Heinz Field casting call for The Dark Knight Rises.)

Batman Vs Superman Logoish Batman vs. Superman Filming Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Scene in LA?

Jump ahead to the present and East Los Angeles College Campus News (as uncovered by Latino Review) is reporting that Warner Bros. has announced through a press release that Snyder and his Batman vs. Superman producers are looking for people in the LA area to play extras at the October 19th Husky football game at the ELAC Weingart staudium (preferably, ELAC students). The stadium and its occupants are intended to serve as the backdrop for a scene in the Man of Steel followup, depicting a football game between the Gotham City University and rival Metropolis State University football teams; as such, filming will only involve “three plays during halftime [and] capturing the actors and crowd’s reactions.”

Put the pieces together and it sounds as though the Batman vs. Superman casting call that Batman News reported on last month was not only legitimate, but that the sequence (as described above) was the one that was being considered for elimination. That suggests that the scene in question may not be all that important in the grand scheme of things in the Man of Steel sequel.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Batman vs. Superman Filming Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Scene in LA?

Still, the implication that Snyder, Goyer and the Batman vs. Superman producers gave serious thought to cutting this sequence could be taken as evidence that they’ve since realized that it’s more essential to development of the central story conflict than you might think, at a passing glance. That is, how the scene reflects upon the battle of wills between an inexperienced Ka-El – who inadvertently did his part to reduce chunks of Metropolis to rubble in Man of Steel - and a more experienced Bruce Wayne, who’s spent years patrolling his crime-infested Gotham City as the Caped Crusader.

Either way, the vast majority of exterior shots and on-location shoots for Batman vs. Superman will take place in Detroit next year – hopefully, for the better, in part because Snyder will work again with his trusted cinematographer, Fong (the two were unable to collaborate on Man of Steel).


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Batman NewsEast Los Angeles College Campus News (via Latino Review)

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  1. Lex and Bruce having a chat over dinner as they put a friendly bet on the game while watching it on TV?

    • The dinner scene scene from Lex Luther “Man of Steel” was good they should use that

      • what dinner scene man?

        • There is a series of comic books call Lex Luther “Man of Steel”

          • called*

          • It’s a very good graphic novel.

            Cant wait for this film.

            • No it was a series of comic books. ;)

      • Agree! I loved how Azzarello showed Bruce’s chummy relationship with Lex and his… ‘wariness’ of Superman. Great concept.

  2. Cant wait for July 17 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is it just me or does Latino Review just release whatever it feels like then goes back on it?

    • No its not just you. They have one good scoop a year if that, the rest they just make up as they go.

  4. what if the football helmets had the logos from each superhero.

  5. Id rather not have sports.

    • +1

    • said the fat pikachu

  6. A quick secene featuring any kind of a allusion to the match is ok.
    But Im done if they use that like something “a la Dark Knight”.

    • That’s why they said they’re going to do it during a game, that way they can get a few quick play shots and some shots of crowd and minor actor reactions, unlike the entire day spent in Pittsburgh for TDKR for the major set piece.

      Why didn’t you like TDKR scene anyway? They just used a scenario that terror experts have been trying to prevent anyway, that of an attack during a major sports event (which is why paranoid people have claimed that the Olympics or the Superbowl would be bombed/used as first contact events for the last decade).

      The Gotham Rogues game made sense therefore since Bane was a terrorist in TDKR.

  7. Another sports scene like TDKR?

  8. I really doubt they would do anything like that again, however it makes sense as in it ties the two cities together in a believable way and also you have 50,000 (or however many) spectators from each respective city in one place to witness events?

  9. This is ironic because Los Angeles doesn’t have a football team.

    • Really ??
      I thought all major US cities had one.

  10. Cool, I wonder what it’ll be for. I

  11. I love that it’s college and not pro, coming from a college city myself.

  12. cool.

  13. I like that they’re using Detroit for exterior shots. The city is a rubble-strewn urban wasteland, so they won’t have to do many fx shots to recreate the post-Zod Metropolis.

    • I’m thinking they are shooting in Detroit for Gotham City and Canada for Metropolis

    • Maybe it’s just me but I thought Gotham looked great in Begins but then really generic in The Dark Knight and Rises.

      • Drilled it, Eddie.

  14. I agree that Gotham looked great in Batman Begins but in TDK/TDKR the city looked more clean & shinier. Like a nice place to live.

  15. I don’t like how it seems like Batman is going to have a huge presence in this. I hope Superman doesn’t get outshined.

    • @ Tay

      I agree. And I hope theres not a lot of fighting between the two because imo that could get old. Looks great in comics & animated shows but some things like that shouldn’t drag on for half of the film. IMO.

      • I absolutely agree with you on that one, hopefully we get to see more Super scenes and of course LEX LUTHOR

  16. But I remember how Dent along with Batman cleaned up Gotham in TDK & Gordon & Batman kept what Dent did a secret so those he put behind bars wouldn’t go free.

    • Yes but that was during The Dark Knight it just didn’t look like Gotham anymore, I still liked the films I just hope that Gotham will look like Gotham again.

      • valid point Eddie.

      • I think it was just the locations they used.

        Begins used completely different areas of Chicago to show the grime and the filth Bruce was getting himself involved in as a vigilante while the events of TDK and TDKR were bigger in scope and used the whole of Gotham, meaning they had to film outside of the locations used in the first movie to contrast the gritty, crime-ridden parts of the city with the view that politicians would see where everything is clean and with a little less crime.

        It’s like Robocop. The OCP employees are in a shiny, expensive building away from the worst aspects of Detroit while the cops are shown in the heart of “Old Detroit”, where it looks dirty and grittier because it’s right there in the bowels of the criminal activity.

  17. What’s the over/under on this game?

  18. Anybody else hoping that the movie contains the entire quote from the Dark Knight Returns that Harry Lennix recited/read at ComicCon?

    • Aha I hope so too, but at the same time I don’t. It’s a Superman film, so it’d be kinda weird to have Batman beat Superman by the end. Sure give Batman victories here and there to prove he’s a formidable foe, but I wouldn’t want him to come out on top.

      • +1 on both counts

        • I have to assume that the prod/direct/writers would have to throw Batman a bone, and allow him to victor over Superman at least once to prove that he’s got the intellect, and not necessarily the brawn, to do it. This would establish mutual respect, then collaboration and hopefully this would lead to the formation of the Justice League (sooner than later). =D

          • I cant see how they would team up if Superman could beat Batman to a pulp and brush him aside like “how are you going to help me?”. Saying that they set it up in MOS by having the military or Team America help him bring down General Zod and his minions. Means Superman is open to team ups for the “greater good”

  19. I hope once Batman goes solo again, we see Robin,Batgirl,their origins done properly as Batman’s been done. Aswell see Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Harvey Bullock & Renee Montoya by Gordon’s side as one supports Batman as the other does not which would be Bullock.

    Id like to see proper versions of villains done from the Burton/Schumacher films & more new villains we have not seen yet on film. More new villains from Superman’s rogue’s gallery.

    So much WB/DC id like to see be done, so little time it seems.

    • I don’t know, Robin would be kinda weird to see in a live action film. Having a little kid running around in tights would sort of put me off, especially if it will be set in a realistic world. It’d be cool to see Nightwing with an origin being retooled a bit though or maybe even Thalia Al Ghul having Damian (is Damian the name? I’ve forgotten lol), and have him grow up with the League of Shadows and return to Gotham. I think that would make the most sense, especially if Bruce will be older this time around.

      • The way Robin would work in a realistic setting would be acknowledging the very real danger a child/teenager/young adult would face were he to fight alongside Batman. The story wouldn’t necessarily have to deal with his death, though that has been and would be a good story, but would just have to show the very real consequences for Batman taking on a protege. Modernize the costume of course and all that jazz but there absolutely must be very real and terrible consequences for exposing a child to that kind of world. It would have to be a story about Batman’s failure, lapse in judgement, and ultimately learning from that kind of colossal mistake and coming to his famous conclusion of “never again.”

  20. They could have Dick Grayson as Robin or Jason Todd.

  21. Maybe Batman and Superman will be rival coaches, and this becomes the first sports/superhero hybrid movie. Throw in Katherine Heigl for the romantic comedy twist. BAM! History made.

    July 17th, 2015. The fanboy riots…zero injuries reported, but thousands of keyboards, monitors, and smart phones had to be replaced after angry nerds ranted, blasted, and smashed their devices.

    • Lol on professor pro. Its a shame how warners never had a plan and they sat on their
      Darknight rears since none of disneys marvel movies were not beating the darknights
      numbers until the avengers came along and then they reacted.

      • Well there was Green Lantern in 2011, but that was a dud and Man of Steel was in plans in 2010 I believe. If Green Lantern did well, It may have been connected to Man of Steel.

  22. Here is the kicker…

    “Superman vrs. Batman” is a “Man of Steel” sequel, which means its going to be a Superman film. Other words, Superman will end up winning.

    Case closed.

    “Man of Steel sequel” ~ Sandy

    • …continued…

      Comic-books have certain rules: (1) you never ‘permanently’ kill off your main hero, (2) the title character never loses, and (3) good guys always win.

  23. David S. Goyer’s “screenplay” LOL That’s funny. Almost makes him sound like a writer.

  24. Is that Bill Cower standing behind Hines Ward?

    • Yes, and that’s Mike Wallace #17. All of them are former Steelers.

  25. In New52 before transformation Cyborg is also football Player.

    • I had not thought of that but you’re correct. That would a nice subtle intro

    • I believe he was always a football player at the school level at least, even before 52.

      Dont have the energy to go looking at my books though so I could be wrong.

  26. Hee-hee…we could have one football team be DC Superheroes, and one team be Marvel Superheroes, and they could play each other. Could you imagine all the super-hero zapping and action as the two teams battled for possession of a dropped ball?

  27. The more pictures I see of Affleck photoshopped into the costume, the more it affirms my feeling that I he’ll be a good fit for the role. Note the pic in the above article. As for the football scene, if they write the scene well, they can easily use it as one of the many instances Batman/Bruce Wayne beats Superman/Kent in wits. Maybe they’re having a discussion/argument at the game as Bruce and Clark and the football game mirrors the way their conversation is going and Gotham wins as Bruce delivers a famous Bat-burn one liner and then just gets up and leaves like a boss. Or could be a trivial scene that’s just used as a filler. Maybe it’s a chance for Bruce to flaunt his money. “I’ll donate $10 million to a charity of the coaches choice if Gotham can come back and win this game.” Something like that. I dunno. It’s easy to extrapolate and speculate but really, this revelation doesn’t really tell us anything about the movie except that the two teams will be facing off at some point. Not really news.

  28. I still stand by my opinion about Affleck being Batman.

  29. The villain must be Sportsmaster then.