Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Script?

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Batman Vs Superman Logoish Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the Batman vs. Superman Script?

The fanverse has finally calmed down in the wake of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steelwhich we’re referring to as Batman Vs. Superman. We were finally moving on and entering a discussion about what kind of Batman Affleck would be playing (a Warner Bros. executive said he’ll be “tired and weary and seasoned”). Affleck has not yet commented on his involvement, but no one really expected him to do so, as even a diplomatic, carefully-worded statement would likely be the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a bonfire.

Which, it seems, is exactly what teen pop star Justin Bieber has done. Bieber recently Instagrammed a photo of himself holding a screenplay up to a mirror. The title of the script is Batman Vs. Superman, credited to David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder and supposedly based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson (that’s the last issue of The Dark Knight Returns). Bieber’s un-subtle caption reads: “#robin??

The script has a big “Bieber” watermark stamped across the title page. It’s even bound by just two brads, one in the top and one on the bottom, which the middle one left open (it’s quicker and easier to copy scripts this way, ask anyone who’s ever been a development reader).

It’s also a fake.

Is Justin Bieber Robin 570x569 Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the Batman vs. Superman Script?

How do we know for sure?


NEXT PAGE: WHY it’s a fake….

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  1. Oh yea wait for it ..wait for it ..Lindsey Lohan as Batgirl and Kim kardashian as catwoman., this is where i see this piece of sh*t film going.

    • Dang it, it didn’t work, it was Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity saying, “What the f***?”

  2. I agree this has to be a joke, but to Tim who made a good point in saying that a Musician using his famous name to be in a film is a insult, I would answer back with Eminem acting in a movie and how he has an Oscar now? I’m sorry but everyone uses their ‘name’ to get into movies look at how many movies 50 Cent is in? There use to be real talented actors who took this seriously, but now it’s more who will bring more headlines and CASH in. The studios are ruining the talented real actors, but that’s just my opinion.

    • Eminem’s Oscar is for a song NOT for acting. So, your Eminem point is invalid.

      • It’s sorta like Lady Gaga being encouraged by Kanye West to stop writing songs for other people and try to become famous herself and she admitted early on that she only agreed to do it because she wanted to be a fashion designer and thought wearing her own outfits would get attention on that and she could sell clothing instead off the back of her music career.

        Or maybe I completely missed the point of the previous comments.

        • Maybe Bieber will be the famous boy wonder?? LOL

  3. If he does or doesn’t does not mean he’s so special. I just wish the little goof goes away soon, or please somebody run over him for the sake of humanity!

  4. On the road right now coming back from far, far north but had to comment.

    Fiancé jokes to me that maybe Bieber is doing song for it, lol

    • He’s also doing the theme song for Bond 24.

      • SHUT.

    • @Rob

      Maybe Bieber will release an updated version of that awesome Partyman song Prince did in the 80s? Ruin two great things in one fell swoop.

  5. I know it’s a fake, but to the people saying Christopher Nolan would never allow this, Nolan is not producing this film.

    From IMDB

    Produced by
    Benjamin Melniker….executive producer
    Charles Roven….producer
    Deborah Snyder….producer
    Michael E. Uslan….executive producer

  6. They might as well put Bieber in the film having already pretty much destroyed Batman with Afflecks casting. Bieber could be Robin!

    • Destroyed Batman’s casting by having a good actor that can play the role just as well as (most) other actors in the role have?

      Holy terrible logic, Batman!

  7. If this were legit warner bros would never allow him to show that publicly.

    Anyways it’s clearly a joke.

  8. I can’t believe we have 3 pages of comments talking about this blatantly obvious prank as if it were actually being considered.

    • I can. This is going to be the most talked about movie for the next 2 years. People are going to take any chance they can get to comment about it. Almost 3 pages of comments for this load of BS and Marvel announcements barely get 2 pages. Just wait for the first picture of Affleck in the suit. 10 pages at least.

      • But that’s the thing.

        This movie deserves to be talked about in great detail, I just don’t think people should pay any mind to the blatant prank.

        I mean, what if the lengthy discussions tempt WB into actually following through with it?

        If so, I’m writing down everyone’s screen names and hunting you all down, one person at a time.

  9. They need to lose that LAME Bat symbol ASAP. Of course they just HAD to differentiate themselves as far from the Nolan Bat symbol, which is much sleeker, simpler and FAR superior. That was the best Bat symbol since Burton’s, which was also very simple and elegant. This should be dubbed the FATBAT, because of it’s sheer oversized ugliness and proportions. There is absolutely nothing good about it at all, epic design fail. Makes sense they’re using this for a Batman using Affleck, what a joke. And now that Cranston is not Lex Luthor, this studio can enjoy their box office bomb. I can’t wait to see the unprecedented collective backlash after this movie is released and reviewed by the general public.

    I personally feel bad for Henry Cavill, because he played a pretty darn good Superman and carried that emotion well. It’s not HIS fault Snyder sucks at directing and writing. Snyder and the studio have done nothing but surround him with a shaky situation.

    • Enjoy eating your words.

      • Looking at his comment here, even if Affleck ends up doing great, he’d be too full of himself to even eat his own words. Instead, he’ll just keep spewing out nonsense.

        • Probably. I bet he secretly loves Ben Affleck. He’s a closet Batfleck fan.

          • You gotta come out eventually!

            • I’m still scratching my head at the thought of the movie being a bomb because Cranston isn’t Luthor.

              First of all, where’s the official cast announcement and second, so what if he isn’t? What if there’s a better actor out there to play Luthor (and having only seen Cranston in Malcolm In The Middle and a few episodes of Breaking Bad, I don’t even rate him that much as an actor anyway)?

              • I think you’re looking for the word ‘nonsense’. No reasoning, just nonsense aha.

              • +1

    • That is the bat symbol from The Dark Knight Returns comic. Which is supposedly an inspiration for this film.
      Also, Nolans Bat symbol could barely even be seen on the costume, so its “superior” design is largely irrelenant.

      • Hurawl?



  10. Beiber is not a musician. he is only famous because 11-15 year old girls are too stupid to know how to uTorrent so they buy his records and he gets famous. that’s the bottom line. This must be a joke because this kid is an A-hole who spits on is fans and has no respect for his fortunate position in the media. If this kid gets cast as robin, I will forever boycott DC movies. not that what I think and do matters to anyone, but, that would be some serious crap. I recently saw that Mark Ruffolo is doing a chick flick with Pink. so sad that people who don’t actually write their own music and have no real talent are being handed scripts for movies.

  11. I would like to point out that red only prevents people using Xerox 2007 to 2013, Xerox 1998 to 2006 cannot see blue, and Xerox 1997back cannot see any color. Honestly most people who boot leg have both Xerox 2006 and Xerox 2011 so all colored scripts can be copied.

  12. you know what

    he could totally pull off terry mcginnis

    think about it

    • Well, McGinnis being a whiny, intolerable brat and a terrible superhero was one of many reasons I hated Batman Beyond so you may be right.

  13. I can deal with the fact that Ben Afleck is Batman and Bruce Wayne, but I will skip the movie solely if Justin Bieber is Robin, that alone will keep me away. So with that in mind, I think it’s a prank of sorts (at least I hope so).

  14. Bieber in MoS2….? Next you’re going to tell us that Ben Affleck is Batman… oh snap. This could be true. Studio feeling us out.

  15. Remember when the rumor came out that Gordon Levitt was Robin in Dark Knight Rises…? That turned out to be right on the money. Man of Steel was NOT good. I’m going to pass on the sequel. WB/DC can “Arr go… themselves,”

    • He wasn’t Robin not really, the fact his real name was Robin was just a shout-out.

      • +1
        Plus, why would he become the alter ego, ‘Robin’ when his actual name is Robin lmao. I think he was just going to be the successor to Bruce Wayne, what with all the Bat being symbol and anyone can be the hero idea.

  16. If he’s in I’m so not going to watch this. Forget bieber get someone else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might already be ruined with affleck in it, but to add bieber in just totally ruins it.

  17. I’m not worried about Ben Affleck playing The Dark Knight…I’m want to know what will the batmobile will look like.

    • I would honestly be very surprised if you saw the Batmobile in this film. The Batwing, maybe, but I don’t think the car will be in it at all.

  18. Please god bring back Adam West and Burt Ward, much better than Afleck and Beiber – I just died a little more inside.

  19. If Bieber did score a role in the film, I would hope it’s a flashback sequence of him getting crushed by a collapsing skyscraper. I could happily watch that.

  20. If its fake, than why the fudge posting this news anyway?

  21. I think this is as unlikely as Joel Shumacher being asked back to re-invent the franchise again. The image isn’t convincing really is it, who’d be taken in by that shoddy photoshopping?

    • It’s not photoshopped….. Photoshopping implies they took an image of a real script and inserted that into the photo, which they didn’t. They’ve produced a fake script and taken a picture of Bieber holding it…

  22. Pages upon pages of DERP makes me smile. :)

  23. The limited attention I’m going to give this obvious attempt for more publicity (bad or good) is this: there is no way WB alienates their audience this much, this quickly after batfleck was announced. Bieber, much like Miley Cyrus’; relevance is quickly fading, being devoid of talent is becoming more and more clear, and both have officially had multiple menstral cycles thus no longer excusing their ignorance.

  24. I agree that the Bat symbol they are currently using looks terrible. It looks like a cartoon Batman symbol honestly.

  25. I pray a joke. If not I’m done! I want some serious Batman/Superman movie and JL! No cheese!

  26. Photoshop!

  27. First off all I think ben is a great actor.. but has is previous superhero was a flop.. why should we let him kill the batman franchise please give bale what ever he wants billions if that is what it will take. OK now to bieber he is horrible singer and horrible actor if you people put him in this movie will I start ban on this movie..