Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Script?

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Batman Vs Superman Logoish Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the Batman vs. Superman Script?

The fanverse has finally calmed down in the wake of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel – which we’re referring to as Batman Vs. Superman. We were finally moving on and entering a discussion about what kind of Batman Affleck would be playing (a Warner Bros. executive said he’ll be “tired and weary and seasoned”). Affleck has not yet commented on his involvement, but no one really expected him to do so, as even a diplomatic, carefully-worded statement would likely be the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a bonfire.

Which, it seems, is exactly what teen pop star Justin Bieber has done. Bieber recently Instagrammed a photo of himself holding a screenplay up to a mirror. The title of the script is Batman Vs. Superman, credited to David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder and supposedly based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson (that’s the last issue of The Dark Knight Returns). Bieber’s un-subtle caption reads: “#robin??

The script has a big “Bieber” watermark stamped across the title page. It’s even bound by just two brads, one in the top and one on the bottom, which the middle one left open (it’s quicker and easier to copy scripts this way, ask anyone who’s ever been a development reader).

It’s also a fake.

Is Justin Bieber Robin 570x569 Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the Batman vs. Superman Script?

How do we know for sure?


NEXT PAGE: WHY it’s a fake….

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  1. To be fair, the guy does have acting talents. CSI, everyone? Where he played a bomber?

    I’d hate to see him playing superheroes, though.

    • Just because someone has acted on film or television doesn’t mean they have talents. Paris Hilton was cast in a major Hollywood movie too. It’s because they have a built in fan base.

      • *shrug* Non-fans did find his performance good, so yeah…

        • Actually his performance garnered mixed reviews. And by “mixed”, I mean the producers of the show said he did well, and actual critics said he sucked. So yeah.

        • @Marl

          Non-fans (which means more people than his actual fanbase) only liked it because he got shot and killed in the episode, with the gif being passed around for ages after and people hoping it could happen for real.

          Take your Belieber BS elsewhere please.

          • I feel dirty for even knowing what his fans are called. Ew. Somebody give me a napalm shower, please.

            • Yeah, no idea what people are talking about when they praise his acting there. I found him terribly unconvincing, and he was obviously trying for drama but failing.

              • He had one of the worst acted deaths in TV history too xD

                • Be fair…. of course he can act. As long he’s cast as a whiny wannabe teen who believe his own hype, he’d do a stellar job. Also don’t forget the character must have at least one of his names so he don’t goof his line (point at the yound disney spoon fed actors).

        • I love CSI, and to be honest, his performance did not impress me. At all.

      • She was in at least one other movie I seem to recall…

        • Yes, she’s played characters in a few different television shows as well. Doesn’t mean she’s any good.

          • LOL at first I thought you guys were talking about the biebs and I was like “YES” xD

      • Just watched your video….could you be a bit more clearer on the date it was ‘tweeted’?!
        What date was it again?! :-)

    • Justin monkey…realy??? would never step in the theater.. ahhhrrrrgggg…

  2. Justin Bieber can be Kyle Kelly (lol). Oh and one more thing about the tired and weary Batman, i saw the bright side to it because in the Justice League Unlimited Cartoon Batman was in his late 30’s and little tired and weary, but he was still the ultimate badass of Justice League. That was just a positive note

    • He can be Snapper Car

  3. What they should do is have this point of batmans life the part in between jasons death and tim showing up, that way nightwing can still show up and batman can be all dark and emo for a good reason.

    • can’t agree more. really good idea


  5. Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and now Justin Bieber?
    It’s all making sense now.

  6. I could see Bieber dropping a million to get a rough super-early draft of it.

  7. In The Incredible Hulk sequel Miley Cyrus will be playing a gender-swapped Absorbing Man

    • Do an image search on The Absorbing Man, you will immediately get the joke.

      • I see what you did there xD

  8. Ben Affleck has no business to even be considrred for the of Batman. But even more so when it comes down to Batman vs Superman. Are you people stupid or something. You are pissing all over something that deserves more respect than Ben Affleck.

    • Bale is on another hemisphere of acting compared to Affleck. I’m not against Affleck, I’m just saying. Christian Bale is a top five actor.

      • +1

        I’m for Affleck being Batman but Christian Bale is in an entire different league than Affleck.

        • He may be a great actor but Affleck will be a better Batman.

          • I think Affleck definitely has the potential to be. We’ll have to wait and see!

        • Listen Claahk, ah’ve benn doin this for a laang time now. All the pain and haartache that comes with this jaab isn’t easy. We’ll catch the Jokahh and Lex Luthaa together.

  9. Just as long he’ll be doin JASON TODD….and should die. WHy the heck not. ANd if JB pulls it off maybe he could get my respect. But seriously? This is just him promoting himself to the Franchise coz I heard he is a fanboy too (I just saw his pimped out Batmobile on TV this morning), so that could’ve answered your questions.

  10. For starters, even WB isn’t that daft. Also, I don’t even think the script is finished yet.

  11. If Beiber has anything to do with it, someone will kill him.

    • Hahaha so blunt but so true.

  12. Jennifer is the new catwoman/crapwoman. calling it

  13. If this happens I will cause the next 9/11

    • And no one would blame you.

  14. If this were real, wouldn’t the text on the screenplay be backwards?

    • No. Its not reflected in the mirror like his big stupid face.

  15. If someone really wanted to kill the batman…this is how to do it.

    • Thank you. many people i knew have said this same thing. They already neutered batman in TDK and made him this weak pathetic figure.The true batman legend struck fear in criminals .He had balls and Bane .. that was such joke . TDK bane was not the bane we knew in comics.

  16. this sequel sure isn’t suffering a lack of press.

  17. Ridiculous! But then, you never know for sure. The sad thing is that adding Bieber to Supes vs. Bat might actually draw some teen girls to see the film. It would be like THREE giants meeting for the first time.
    Like it or not. He is a major star with a HUGE following. I’m sure he played a major part in the success of that “Karate Kid” remake though he was only doing the end credit song. The kid is walking, singing money.
    I would cast him as “The Flash” though…

    • Yeah, the all the pre-13 year old girls climb on board while the rest of the world climbs off. Its not going to happen, WB arent anywhere near this stupid.

  18. I agree with Michael Scott.

  19. ya never know. I think there is gonna b a Robin in 1 of the next movies. After all, the way the last 1 ended with Jason’a character picking up what Batman left him in the ‘will’, & he said his real name is Robin. Who knows.

    • I hope Robin eventually shows up in the next string of Batman movies. He has to!


      2.I hear the Batman reboot series of movies will be set in Year Two. Batman’s second year as a crimefighter. That’s when Robin first appeared. Robin/Dick Grayson has to appear in the next series of Batman movies!!

      As for Justin Bieber playing Robin. He could pull it off. Maybe he could be Tim Drake(Robin)from the 90’s

      • Whilst I agree that we should get a Robin (actually I want Nightwing), the Batman reboot won’t be set in Year Two, unless Year One was so tough for him that he immediately became “tired and weary and seasoned”.

        And yes, Justin Bieber would bring in lots of 12 year old girls…but a Batman Vs Superman movie made for little girls….I truly hope not!!!!

      • If you heard it takes place in Year Two, you heard wrong. Like Captain Britain says, all sources report this version of Batman will be, “tired, weary, and seasoned”. Not to mention the fact that Ben Affleck is 41 years old.

    • First off, the Nolan trilogy is in a completely different continuity of its own than the Zack Snyder Man of Steel continuity. Secondly, his name is Joseph-Gordon Levitt and he played a chracter named John Blake. Not sure where you’re getting “Jason” from. It’s too early in the morning, did I just get trolled…?

      • That’s what I was thinking.

        Robin John Blake (to give him his full name) got the Batcave and the orphans of Gotham got Wayne Manor while Bruce and Selina retired to France.

        It ended the trilogy but wasn’t a part of this DC Movie Universe. It was standalone.

        I can’t believe some people still believe TDK Trilogy is taking place in the continuity WB/DC started with Man Of Steel.

        • Thanks for the support Dazz, people under the impression that this is a sequel to the Nolan movies is always a source of annoyance for me. But didn’t they retire to Italy, not France? I might be wrong.

  20. It’s a prank… Zack Snyder/David Goyer/Warner Bros Pictures/DC Comics and most importantly, Christopher Nolan WILL NOT ALLOW THIS. If they did, then the movie will be much much worse than Gigli.

    • I hate to break it to you, but Nolan is not producing this movie.

      • He still is actually. A WB executive thought it was odd his name was left out of the press release for Affleck’s casting.

  21. I didn’t know they celebrate april fools this early.

  22. I think this is to poke fun at the way people have been reacting to the Ben Affleck casting by pretending to make a casting that’s even more ridiculous. I’m glad this was a prank though, I genuinely would’ve boycotted the movie had this been true.

  23. If Justin Bieber is going to be Robin, then that’s a insult to all the talented REAL actors who actually try to make a living and a difference in a performance. Not just rolling in the game by their famous name in music business. That’s an absolute insult. I could think of so many potential Robin’s in this case.

  24. They gave him a book with that cover but the actual content is probably 50 pages of Justin Beiber’s face since he likes looking at himself so much.

  25. I would of loved to have seen Beiber in MOS, doing one of his awful shows…then Zod walks in.

  26. Batman vs Superman is still getting more exposure than all of Marvel phase 2 movies combined…

    • Well that is one of the real problems Marvel will have moving forward, outside of getting the rights to Spidey and/or X-men back, they have no big announcements left to make. Ultron, GotG, and Ant Man may excite the comic book crowd, but GA are like “who?”

      Same with adding Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Those who know may be interested, but that is a small fraction of the movie going public.

      DC on the other hand, still has several huge announcements to make if they move forward with a DCCU. That’s the big “if” though.

  27. Maybe he thinks this A chance to kiss Starfire if he’s playing Robin.

  28. OK This film is already doomed to fail #1 they have cast the wrong actor for the batman role , Ben-A**fleck is not batman, he sucked as daredevil. #2 Zack who? yea that’s what i figured..#3 Justin “beaver”Beiber the only reason they picked him is they know this film is failing before it has begun and they figure they can GET $$$ From all those empty headed hormone driven teeny girls wand morons who will pay the wasted money on it ..Marvel is going bury it .,this film already sucks ass from wht i can see in casting. i wont waste my $$$$$$$ On it.