Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Script?

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Batman Vs Superman Logoish Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the Batman vs. Superman Script?

The fanverse has finally calmed down in the wake of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steelwhich we’re referring to as Batman Vs. Superman. We were finally moving on and entering a discussion about what kind of Batman Affleck would be playing (a Warner Bros. executive said he’ll be “tired and weary and seasoned”). Affleck has not yet commented on his involvement, but no one really expected him to do so, as even a diplomatic, carefully-worded statement would likely be the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a bonfire.

Which, it seems, is exactly what teen pop star Justin Bieber has done. Bieber recently Instagrammed a photo of himself holding a screenplay up to a mirror. The title of the script is Batman Vs. Superman, credited to David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder and supposedly based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson (that’s the last issue of The Dark Knight Returns). Bieber’s un-subtle caption reads: “#robin??

The script has a big “Bieber” watermark stamped across the title page. It’s even bound by just two brads, one in the top and one on the bottom, which the middle one left open (it’s quicker and easier to copy scripts this way, ask anyone who’s ever been a development reader).

It’s also a fake.

Is Justin Bieber Robin 570x569 Does Justin Bieber Have a Copy of the Batman vs. Superman Script?

How do we know for sure?


NEXT PAGE: WHY it’s a fake….

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  1. Wheeew!!! That was a close 1. I was hoping it was a cruel joke. Unless he was the 2nd Robin, I would pay 2 see the Joker beat Bieber with a crowbar.

    • But then he’d come back, and who would want that?

    • Now that is funny! I’m in.

      • it’s scripT, not scrip. do you just make this up as you talk? like you said…

      • When your proved wrong make sure to block everyone who laughs at you jabba

  2. Yeah, if this was real, then everyone would be cutting themselves. But it is real shame that we probably won’t be getting a Robin anytime soon. Since this Batman is “older”, it’d be nice if they skipped Robin entirely and jumped to Nightwing, played by Ian Somerhalder which would be epic.

    • Ian Somhalder is only six years younger than Ben Affleck.

      • It could still work, he looks young enough to be Nightwing. Andrew Garfield is 32 and he played Peter Parker who’s 17 or 18.

  3. The fact that people fell for this makes me sad.

    • +1
      People were actually getting outraged over him ‘probably’ being Robin. I mean, really? People actually thought that ANYONE at Warner Bros or the Man of Steel team would speak his name during casting ideas? Before reacting, people have to take at least one second to think about the probability of it even being considered…or thought about lol.

      • Why would people believe it?

        They cast Affleck as Batman…that’s why.

        • Except Affleck is actually talented.

          • +1

            I’m starting to get the opinion that people who still complain about Affleck as Batman are as id*otic and weirdly obsessed as Bieber fans.

            • Agreed

            • I’m starting to believe people just like to be upset lol.

              • Starting to? haha

            • People don’t like Affleck. Get over it. We have just as much right to express our opinion as you fanboys of the guy.

              • lol

              • @ Jeff

                Im beginning to think most people on here would approve on whatever decision WB,Nolan,Goyer, & Snyder would make for a film. And on who they cast.

                • Nah, it’s just called optimism and trying to think about their side of the decision and what he may bring to the table.

                  • Can’t blame people for being skeptical. Im sure everyone in here at one point has been skeptical about this actor/actress in a film or a film. Maybe both even. I know people over the net don’t want every single DC film overseen by Snyder,Nolan & Goyer. They want more talented writers & directors involved.

                    • I don’t think stating the film will surely fail, Batman is ruined or comparing Affleck to Bieber (who isn’t even an actor) can be seen as scepticism.

                    • @ Coldsc

                      You might not think Batman/Superman might fail but surely you theres been films you thought would or didn’t like certain actor/actors in this or that film as anybody would.

                      Tell me something. Would you be sold on the cast of Justice League Mortal back then if that film was to be a reality with Josh Hartnett in the role of Superman or Batman?

                    • I don’t even know what Justice League Mortal was or who is Josh Hartnett is to be honest lol. And no, I can say without doubt that I’ve never ‘completely’ discounted a film and franchise because of an actor. I’m a huge fan of TMNT, they cast Megan Fox as April O Neil, would I say the whole film will fail because of that? No. I will say it will because of Bay and Liebesman.

                      You still didn’t answer my point, how is stating a film will for sure fail, skepticism? And comparing an actor to a pop star for a film? Where is the logic in that?

                      I accept people’s real scepticism with open arms. They can only see Affleck in his roles I can understand. Or they don’t think Affleck can play a hard Batman, I can understand that as well though I look at his performance in State of Play and The Town for that. But pretty much 80% of the things that come from naysayers comments include Daredevil, Gigli and just plain nonsense.

                    • @ ColdSc

                      Justice League Mortal was one of the attempts WB was wanting to make a Justice League film. Josh Hartnett worked w/ Affleck in Michael Bay’s film Pearl Harbor. Imo Megan Fox may be pretty but she’s not a that good of a actress to play April O’Neal in TMNT. I wouldn’t approve of her being Wonder Woman. There’s more than looks to being a popular character. Not sure how you can be optimistic about Megan Fox as a actress but not Bay or Liebesman for how they will make the film she’ll be in.

                      I never claimed Batman/Superman would fail. I stating how how people are skeptical about Affleck & other films. Not Snyder’s next film. I never compared Affleck to Bieber as I dunno what movie that he would of been in lately.

                      Everyone has their own opinion if they don’t think Affleck will be a good Batman if they thought he wasn’t good in, say Daredevil? I know people who didn’t like the movie & Affleck in that role both. I rented the movie a while ago again to get a idea what he was like playing a hero. I only thought he was decent since the first time I watched the movie. For me, I wished they casted a unknown but that’s just me. I understand the studio wants Oscar winners in their films,etc.

                    • I did not say I was being optimistic over Megan Fox. I think it’s terrible casting decision, but I would’ve still retained hope that it would be a good film if not for Liebesman or Bay. Megan Fox is attractive but a whatever actress if you ask me. Her best roles are as a secondary character in romantic comedies.

                      I didn’t say you, specifically, said the film will fail, I meant the the naysayers in general. Same goes for the Bieber and Affleck comparison, Jeff up above brought it up. Reason why I said I can’t take several of the naysayers seriously.

                      I believe people grow, both their careers and the people themselves, especially within ten years. Henry Cavill said he was in the running for Superman in 2006 and was glad he didn’t get the part since he didn’t think he would’ve been able to deliver. But now that he knows more about the industry, he can.

                      Similar situation for Affleck, he saw the backlash and the what can’ts and what cans with Daredevil and his other early films. He’s proved his worth with the majority of his films since 2006 as well (films several naysayers fail to acknowledge). He’s at the peak of his career right now, he wouldn’t take another superhero role if he didn’t know what to do with it, especially with the risk of costing him a good chuck of his career.

                    • @ ColdSc

                      Since you put it that way. I still plan to see Batman/Superman. Just aslong some people know I don’t have to like everything I see within the film. Hopefully Affleck delivers as I didn’t want Bale again or JGL taken his place.

        • Yeah cause that’s the same. This comment is the reason why I can’t take so many people who sign those petitions and reject Affleck seriously lol.

    • When I heard about it, I completely didn’t believe it. And yes, it’s sad how people would believe this.

      • Well, someone thought it was a good idea to let Justin Bieber record his “music”. His acting could not possibly be worse than his musicianship, which is non-existent. If it brought in millions of dollars, anything could happen in todays corrupt pop-culture.

        • +1 to you Pete.

        • It would lose the company money lol. Bieber isn’t an actor and casting him in such a large role is ludicrous and WB and the team know that. Say what you want about Snyder, Goyer, Nolan and Warner Bros but they’re not id*ots.

          • Agree to disagree

            • Also Nolan is not going to be involved in the making of this movie.

              • He may have been involved in the casting of Ben Affleck.

          • @ ColdSc

            WB aren’t idiots? Id have to disagree there. They made bad decisions outside the Nolan,Synder,& Goyer group. Without Nolan & especially Goyer, they probly still would.

            • Keep telling yourself that.

        • @Pete
          This movie isn’t aimed at his demographic.

          • Very different demographics to be honest.

        • to be fair, he can play the drums pretty well. he is no neil peart or anything, but he was ok [from the little bit i saw him do on the vma's a couple years ago] but yeah, he sux.

  4. Fingers crossed, hoping for him to be Jason Todd (Robin) who gets brutally killed by the Joker! Is that wrong? Too much?

    PS: I also hope the Lazarus pit doesn’t exist, and that he stays dead. Also too much?

  5. I love your last paragraph.

  6. I thought it was odd that the cover page reads “Based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls” and that there was a logo on the script, but since he posted the picture himself, I assumed it was legit. I mean, what kind of a narcissistic @$$hat would do something like… oh, wait… never mind

    Glad to know it’s a fake. Now I can sleep easy :P

  7. I figure it’s a fake, too. My only problem with the whole thing is the fact that Bieber is essentially pissing on a project (and, most likely, series) he probably knows very little about. I wonder if it’s even occurred to him that though ‘Robin’ is in story, this one’s actually a girl. So he’d be auditioning for a female role.

    • Why not, the first time I heard one of his songs I thought it was a girl.

  8. Well, if it were real, the Batman/Superman film is supposed to be based on the ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ storyline…in which Robin is played by a GIRL.

    So it figures that J-Biebs would be in line for it…haha :D

  9. come on. just skip the robin part and go straight to nightwing. it would be cool.

  10. Its a prank. The lighting of the script does not match the lighting of Justin bieber.

  11. Some people believe this SH*T !!!

  12. so yea basically its just a peice of paper that says “Batman vs super man” layed ontop of a picture bieber.

  13. i almost had a heart attack when i heard about this….

  14. Good prank. Anne Frank.

  15. I didn’t know he could act. LOL.

    • He can’t. Your assumption was correct. LOL

  16. In the dark knight falls, robin is a girl do there’s that

    • So

      (We’re long overdue for an edit button or at least a discuss style comment section )

  17. Amazed that anyone believed it.

    Next it’ll be One Direction as the Teen Titans.

    • But who will be cyborg ?
      Bur again being black is not fundamental to play cyborg so I guess it’s okay to change his race

      Cue the fanboys rage

      • Their race is not fundamental to the character only if they’re white, if their black of course their race is fundamental to their character.

        • I feel you bruh
          Sick of the anti-white world were living in

    • Amy Adams drops out, Lady Gaga fills in for role. Confirmed.

  18. Good God don’t even joke about this….

  19. “the introduction of the character in the ’90s film series was the beginning of the end of that continuity”

    How so? Looking back it doesn’t seem that just the introduction of the character was the big problem.

  20. Miley Cyrus is going play Supergirl.

    • yeah in porn !

  21. I knew it was a joke from a punk like him. If it were to be true, may the force be with WB. I know I wouldn’t see the film with him as Robin.

  22. Anyone with eyes should know that this pick is fake, considering how dreadfully photo shopped this looks. They even put the Batman/Superman logo on it, except… MOVIE SCRIPTS USUALLY DON’T HAVE THE FILM LOGO!

    Guys, it’s a fake. Even ranting about the “possibility” of Bieber being Robin is just ridiculous.

    • +1

  23. on behalf of all canadians we are all sorry for giving u justin bieber, celine dion and nickleback

    • DaredevILL

      No need to apologize for one people like them. Being embarrassed by the likes of Margot Kidder is enough.

    • It’s okay, since you have given us Rush, Theory Of A Deadman and Crown Royal.

    • You gave us Rush, it’s all good.


    • That’s Ok, we forgive you, because you also gave us delicious Canadian bacon, which rules the drool school! Yum!

      • MMMMM, Canadian bacon pizza is always good to me.

    • you gave us Rush, and Triumph, and for that we thank you [at least, i do] :)

  24. Have they even finished writing it yet?

  25. It’s official Beyonce will be in the post credit scene as Wonder Woman.

    • It’s official: Beyonce will be in my arms all during the movie!

  26. Justin Bieber just proved how STUPID internet fanboys are. This was CLEARLY fake from the get go. Every superhero script is under lock and key. I think it’s brillaint and Beiber’s probably laughing his a@#$ off at all the stupid people that believed this.

    • They send scripts to actors and actresses when they want them in a role.

      • Superhero scripts are so secretive it’s pretty ridiculous. Let me put it in perspective. When Christian Bale first read the script to The Dark Knight Rises he said he had to go to Chris Nolan’s HOUSE and read it in his study all by himself. Then he left and he couldn’t take it with him. This is Christian BALE the STAR of the MOVIE. He COuldn’t even take a script home. Man of Steel, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner all had to read it in a room and hand the script back to the keeper in one day couldn’t take it home. DO YOU REALLY THINK WB WOULD SEND A SCRIPT TO JUSTIN BIEBER AND LET HIM TAKE PICTURES WITH IT????? EVEN IF HE WAS IN THE MOVIE IT WOULDN’T GO DOWN LIKE THIS. This is so fake it’s SICK. It’s sick that people are actually thinking this is real. Plus how did they announce Affleck was Batman. Affleck didn’t say a word the studio said it for them. If Robin is going to be in this movie the STUDIO not the actor will release it.

        • It’s kinda funny cause most of the Warner Bros executive didn’t even know about Affleck’s casting until much later.

  27. Hey Justa Beaver: Leave It!

  28. I’m hoping this is not true I’m pretty sure it isn’t though

  29. Yeah and Snooki is going to play Supergirl.

    C’mon people, lol