‘Batman vs. Superman’: Jen Garner Praises New Batsuit; Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Lex Luthor?

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Batman Superman Movie 2016 Lex Luthor Costumes Villains Batman vs. Superman: Jen Garner Praises New Batsuit; Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Lex Luthor?

Thanks to a year-long release date delay, it’s almost exhausting to now talk about Batman vs. Superman  - or Superman-Batman, Batman/Superman, “Untitled Superman-Batman Project,” Man of Steel 2 or whatever it is we’re calling it before somebody announces something official – especially with the knowledge that this conversation will now be lasting another two years. But here we are.

Today we at least have something a little more solid to report than the recent trend of wild character and casting rumors that sites all got from differing “inside sources” who can’t all be correct in what they’re saying. In that context, “a little more solid” means hearing praise from one of the stars’ wife, as well as an echo of an old casting rumor – albeit from a much more solid source. 

Jennifer Garner (wife of Ben Affleck) was attending the 2014 SAG Awards when she was accosted approached by ET‘s Rocsi Diaz, who managed to broach the subject of the new Batman costume in just the classiest way possible. See for yourself (it’s just the first 33 seconds of video):

You stay classy, ET.

So far, we’ve heard rumor that the BatAffleck version of the costume will adhere to the designs of artists Alex Ross, with a classic grey-on-black spandex or padded color scheme. Kevin Smith has also seen the new suit, and said the following:

“You have not seen this costume on film before. For a comic book fan, it was mind-bending… Because every other movie does this Matrix-y black armor thing…There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit. I think everyone is just gonna be like ‘Holy S**t!’ It’s its own thing. We haven’t been down this path before. Even the hardest core [most skeptical] person will be like ‘Alright, I’m ready.’…It seemed like it was very [Redacted] influenced.”

 Batman vs. Superman: Jen Garner Praises New Batsuit; Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Lex Luthor?

Garner’s comments basically corroborate that yes, it’s awesome, while also adding the insight that it’s tight. Take that how you will.

If “Alex Ross” is indeed the name that Smith has in his redacted section of the quote above, then Ben Affleck’s Batman will be sporting a throwback costume not yet seen on film – begging the question of whether or not the confirmed Superman suit re-design will also be headed in a more classical direction. We’ll see.


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  1. I wouldn’t mind a “House of Cards” Kevin Spacey as Luther.

    • Kevin Spacey would have been a great Lex Luthor if they didn’t try to make him play as Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor. I still thought he was amazing in Superman Returns though.

      • Not that Gene Hackman’s Lex was necessarily a bad thing, but I do agree, Spacey was pigeon holed into paying homage to that version since it was a quasi-sequel to Superman II.
        My favorite Gene Hackman-Lex Luthor moment is when, in the first film, Ms. Teschmacher learns that one of the war heads is headed for Hackensack, NJ and informs Lex that her mother lives in Hackensack, he whips out his wristwatch, looks down at it, then back up to her, and just silently shakes his head. Dementedly hysterical.

    • He was already Lex Luthor in Superman returns.

  2. Very intrigued to see what the new Batsuit looks like. Sounds pretty cool. As for Joaquin Phoenix playing Lex Luthor…I’m behind that 110%.

  3. It was going to be a long year and a half.
    Now it’s going to be an impossibly long 2 and a half year. Ugh.

    The suit is the one element I expect Snyder gets right no matter what. The man has a talent for aesthetics.

    Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor. Can’t go wrong with that choice as long as you give the man good material.

    • A talent for aesthetics? Really? What version of Man of Steel did you watch?
      I saw the one where everything on Krypton was a brown, over-designed mess and Superman’s costume was a dull collection of muted colors and busy textures.
      Maybe you watched the director’s cut?

      • I’m sorry, I thought Krypton was great.

        • no, no, Ezee – you’re not “Sorry” – xigbar is.

      • You obviously don’t get the tone and feel they were going for but whatever. Not everyone’s ind is fully capable of grasping every detail and concept.

      • 300 – hardly has a single shot that doesn’t look like it came straight out of the graphic novel.
        Watchmen – Even when everybody said the aesthetics of watchmen couldn’t be reproduced onscreen, he did.
        Man of Steel – regardless of what the haters (like you) say, that was the best Superman I have ever seen on screen.

        So yeah, you can expect the most authentic Batman you have ever seen in Snyder film.

        • Watchmen was definitely aesthetically beautiful, but didn’t exactly match the graphic novel, the film had a darker color pallet. And Zach Snyder, love him or hate him, like other ateurs such as Tim Burton and Sam Raimi, has a very recognizable mise en scene.

          • What are you talking about. It matched perfectly

        • + 1,000,000

  4. If Joaquin Phoenix is in this movie, I lose all hope for it. He’s a psycho and I have no confidence in his acting skills. Affleck was one thing, but there is no way I could get behind this move.

    • What kind of drugs are you abusing?

      • The kind that make you lose all kinds of taste.

        • + 100

          Absolutely “tasteless.”

  5. I think Joaquin Phoenix would be a great Lex Luthor if he decides to take the role. I’ve enjoyed David S. Goyer’s DC villains from the The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel so I have faith in his plot written Lex Luthor. David S. Goyer writes amazing stories/plots but he’s a little shaky on his screenplays. Chris Terrio writing the screenplay is one of the best things Warner Bros. decided, maybe that’ll sway Joaquin Phoenix.

    Interested to see the Batsuit but I thought Kevin Smith said that it was inspired more by Jim Lee? Not that I don’t mind Alex Ross’ artwork but it’s a little too Silver Age for my taste.

  6. I hope to god its Joaquin Phoenix. And I can’t wait to see Zack Snyder’s version of Batman on screen. Every time I see the scene in Watchmen of Nite Owl beating the sh*t out of those prisoners I think of just how epic a Zack Snyder directed Batman would look on screen.

    • I think of that too! Snyder and Batfleck are going to kill it!

      • You are right – they are going to kill this franchise…

    • Absolutely, I don’t know how some people can rag on this combination at all. This is gonna be epic.

  7. Totally down for Phoenix, he’s an excellent actor and I think would fit well in this universe.

    • I think l he’s a great actor but I’m not sure I will be able to suspend my disbelief if Phoenix is cast. A flying, invincible alien and a guy dressed as a bat is one thing, but a billionaire who can’t afford the cosmetic surgery to hide a cleft lip scar…? That’s pushing it.

      • Understandable but I also think Phoenix has the talent to pull off a Heath Ledger type of performance. I would still love Cranston but from articles that I have read over the weekend, it is sounding like he isn’t interested in the role and has other projects going as well. Right now, I’ve read an article that has been very reliable in their source and they are claiming that Phoenix is close to being a done deal in which it’s at a 95% probability that he will be Lex. The article states for several reasons, but the main ones are that he is a close friend of Snyder and Affleck as well as has ties to Chris Terro.

  8. I can’t wait to see the suit! And I am all f

    • sounds like its the gray suit, so cant wait to see it

  9. I can’t wait to see the suit! And I am all for Joaquin Phoenix as Lex.

  10. “… It seemed like it was very [Redacted] influenced.”

    Redacted = Jim Lee

  11. Kofi, you’re comments regarding Rocsi Diaz are spot on! lol

    • your NOT you’re…

  12. i would rather have Joaquin Phoenix as lex… these cranston rumors really made me laugh. he is old and i am almost positive lex will get his suit in this universe. i am also positive he will make the suit with the help of general zods armor.

    As for the suit i dont want it to be armor heavy. batman is a freekin ninja! how is armor gonna help him with sneaking about and stuff? i know nolan did his own thing, batman wasnt even a detective so i hope this batman will be more comic like.

    • How’s he gonna survive a bullet or knife without armor. Spandex is stupid as well as underwater outside your pants….

      • Batman is very well trained. He doesn’t get stabbed or shot. He’s too good for that to happen to him. Besides, he’s also been trained to ignore pain. He can get hit in the head with a baseball bat, and he won’t even cringe. He wears lightweight advanced kevlar, and nothing else. With heavy armor, he’d lose speed, agility, and range of motion.


          Ugh, that’s the common sentiment by DC fans. “We want our heroes to beat the crap out of everything and not have any chance of being beaten”. How is that a hero? That’s just a bully.

          Batman is the one main JL member who will always be a hero and not a bully because of his ability to be killed, yet never lose, even to the big guns like Darkseid. yeah, there are other DC guys (Green Arrow, Nightwing, Black Canary etc…) who are vulnerable and can be beat, but talking big time heroes, DC has 1 that is a hero for what he can do, and what he shouldn’t be able to do but does, and that’s Batman.

          Now, yes, Superman and Wonder Woman are heroes because of their beliefs, I agree with that, but when it all comes down to it, who that they fight can actually beat them?

          Sorry, kind of derailed there.

        • I don’t care how well trained you are, no human can dodge a bullet, and bats is human. Also fighting more than 1 opponent in hand to hand no matter how good you are is almost impossible to survive without weapons. You watch too many movies…. Spidey can do it because he has POWERS!

    • for*

    • it wont work. the movies themselves would best marvel if they are good not the cliffhangers. marvel may be known for the post credit scene but people dont go just to see them lol

      And it could damage their movies. i wouldnt be happy if they decided to do a cliffhanger on a massive battle. i would wait till the next one comes to see it because i would want a break between the movies. and it also damages DC the fact they make movies every two years. What they need to do is announce they are making 2 movies a year like marvel and its only then will they challenge marvel

      • wouldn’t*

      • Have to agree with you on the whole cliffhanger thing. As much as I like the LOTR movies, I always hated the way they ended them somewhat abruptly. I get the whole “leave them wanting more” thing, but they always seemed to end at a good part and make you wait a year. Star Wars would at least let you leave with some sense of closure. I’d hate to see WB do something like that with these movies.

      • We don’t know that keep in mind this is all rumour till confirmed but if done right it would send the masses nuts. Not necessarily a battle scene but the emergence of this giant new threat would work great.

        As for the post credit scenes yes they don’t but at this point ppl look out for them after a superhero movie. In my mind the short films cold work as they might be for just maybe 3 characters aside from Bats, Supes and WW. Im all for it. Again the LOTR/Hobbit movies formula could work well here.

      • But can’t you see?…who cares about challenges & who makes the most money? Why should we care about such things really, I know its a business and allbut iI can’t be alone in my thinking that all I want to see is a good movie/movies.

    • All of that sounds great and I hope it happens.

  13. Daniel Craig would make a good Luthor, but I know he’s busy with Bond.

    I’m still crossing my fingers that he’ll wind up as Mr. Freeze somewhere in the future.

  14. You’ve tweeked my interest with this talk Superman’s suit getting redesigned, …GOOD. I had zero complaints with the general design which has been around since my Grandfather was a kid. It works.

    I’m tired of every other hero/protagonist having black/armor/swat gear. When I was a kid I hated that Batman was so colorful, Burton’s Batman was like a dream come true…. but now that every director since has beaten that look to death, I’m ready for a new take.

    I wasn’t opposed to a slight redesign to the Superman costume, but the color palette was all wrong in ‘Man of Steel’. Superman is a white hat, to turn a phrase, and his color scheme was always representative of that.

    This news of a redesign is welcome, though I hope it’s not to extreme. When I saw those pics from back in the day of Nicholas Cage fitting up in that black Burton-style Superman costume, I knew how close to insane Hollyweird could be ::shudder::

    SO please, please, let it be something more in the direction of the classic look ::fingers crossed::

  15. Are you people THAT naive?? What do you expect her to say, its dumb looking?!

    Ok, this movie, IF it ever gets made is two plus years out, can Screen Rant find something ELSE to talk about besides a delayed, probably never to be made movie.
    Oh, and why was it “Delayed”? The truth is it was over the budget. Typical WB, squabbling over a few bucks.
    It’s all over the internet, but its not at WB/DC’s “bought” website Screen Rant now is it? Nope, cuz that would reflect poorly on who is really paying the bills for this site now wouldn’t it?
    This movie, had it been released in 2015 would have been smashed by Star Wars & The Avengers, & WB/DC knows it.
    WB/DC wet themselves & ran away. We’ll never see this movie.

    • Everything you stated has no truth in it. And is all in your head. And it’s time for your meds.

    • Take a chill pill dude.

      Now deep breath and relax. First off budget question? Where are you getting that information? We have heard only of the min of 131 mill in detroit alone. Nothing else.

      Second movies are delayed for various reasons. Avengers was delayed a whole year remember? Also by july 17 avengers would be out of theaters. And star wars is coming out in dec.

      Also free speech is a right we all enjoy. So if screen rant is talking about bvs or a wb film or a fox film or a disney film its there right.

      Gocry somewhere else.

      • That theory seems real stupid. Why would WB annoucne a movie they know they are not going to do. Its going to make millions so I can’t see a delay about budget unless it would make the budget go up to 500 mil and i doubt that.

        I think you may be letting your imagination run away from you but it’s ok. just stay calm and watch Superman returns. Then you will appreciate MOS.

  16. Totally for this and can’t wait to see the suit. No matter the decisions. No matter the rumors or casting I’m behind this movie not a fan of Man of Steel and im like 80/20 a marvel guy but I’m rooting for this.

  17. I’m behind Phoenix as long as he’s in it for the long haul, if he makes one film as Lex and then thinks ok, been there done that on to the next, and they have to get a new guy in to replace him I’ll be p!ssed.

  18. ps I was kinda thinking the same thing old Bob myself when I heard the news..

  19. Please no damn trunks ontop…thats silly and I rebuke that. Has always been a silly suit imo. Burtons first suit is what it always should have been, just more movement and more fabric than rubber tho, but the Keaton look >>>>>>> anything since or before

  20. Joaquin Phoenix as Lex…somebody please make this happen.

  21. Normally, I hate anything that has even the faintest wiff of an ad hominem attack. On top of being a completely fallacious mode of argument, it’s needlessly rude and disrespects the entire notion of reasoned discussion.

    That said, if you think Joaquin Phoenix would not be the best Lex Luthor imaginable, you’re an idiot.

    Seriously though, who would be better? People complaining about casting, ponder this; If David O. Russel had this cast for his next project, what would the buzz be?

  22. Knowing Zacks design sense, I’m positve the new Bat Suit will be sick!, especially if rumors are true in regards to robotic bat armor being implemented in some fashion. Joaquin is a very intelligent actor. Soulful yet diabolical in many of his previous roles. The fact that they decided to push this project back gets me even more Excited!

  23. Jason Isaacs is still my favorite for the role, that guy can be absolutely chilling when he wants to be.
    Great underrated actor.

  24. I can sort of see Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luther, mostly because of Snyder’s choice of using Michael Shannon’s role as General Zod. I didn’t really expect him in that role, and I didn’t end up disliking him as much as I thought I would (based on my dislike of him in some of his other roles)…So I can see why he’d choose him…they are similar in a lot of ways. They have a similar “feel” to them. I love Cranston as well, and was warming up to him as Lex, but he’d fit in nicely as any other role (Commissioner Gordon, perhaps?)

  25. This “news” story smells of desperation to get everyone to accept Affleck as Batman. If this movie is good it will be a miracle.

  26. OMG, Let there be a scene where GPS Jor-El ask Phoenix if he’s not entertained.

  27. Well…kofi I’m glad you will be willing to keep us up to date on these. For that I’m grateful.

    Now I can’t imagine jen saying ben dear you look fat in those tights. But I am looking foward to see ing the suit as well as gal’s and henry’s Suit. Also pheonix would be an excellent lex.

    One issue would behaving him used as a one and done villian. Marvels main weakness in my mind is they have yet to really have a villian. Like thanos is expected to be the main baddie I want to see a villian who could appear in say thor 3 and show up causing trouble for black panther.

    That is a great villian and pheonix can nail it.