‘Batman vs. Superman’: Jen Garner Praises New Batsuit; Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Lex Luthor?

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Batman vs Superman Batsuit and Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor Batman vs. Superman: Jen Garner Praises New Batsuit; Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Lex Luthor?

In their report about the Batman vs. Superman release date delay, Variety claimed to have inside sources telling them that Joaquin Phoenix (Her) is still very much up for the role of Lex Luthor in the film. In fact, “ball in his court” was the idiom referenced to explain the current situation.

When Variety dropped the first Phoenix casting rumor late last year, fans were instantly intrigued by the notion that it was Lex he was playing. Despite the antics surrounding his 2010 mockumentary, I’m Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix has come back and proven his acting prowess with standout performances in The Master and Her. The actor seemed to inspire hopes of a much more layered and complex Lex, rather than the hammy megalomania that actors like Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey brought to the role – an approach that people seemed to expect from the other Lex casting favorite, Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston (i.e., that old “Walter White/Heisenberg rountine”).

Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor Batman vs. Superman: Jen Garner Praises New Batsuit; Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Lex Luthor?

Personally speaking, the necessary switch between corporate tycoon – possible political shark – and evil genius is something that I would entrust to no one less than Joaquin Phoenix. I can see him in a board room matching wits and veiled threats with Bruce Wayne; I can see him staring down Superman in a public form, or trying to break his neck in a rabid superpowered third-act battle. I also see in Phoenix the necessary components of Lex – the smugness, psychotic indifference, god-complex mania, and most importantly, total conviction that he is mankind’s savior against “The alien.”

That’s all to say: I want this rumor to be true – do you?

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Sources: ET & Variety

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  1. I like Phoenix as an actor.
    I guess he’s a bitter, evil Lex because he grew up getting picked on not because of his baldness, but because of his hairlip…

  2. Im really sick of Lex Luthor in Superman movies there are other villains than Lex Luthor and zod that would be awesome on screen like Doomsday,Parasite, etc.

    • I know right, Lobo or Brainiac or Doomday would have been cool to see, but nope…Maybe with some rewriting we could see that change. I mean I doubt they’ll scrap the idea of Lex because he is part of the MAIN cast when you think Superman, but I do think they should be giving other villains a chance too.

    • I honestly don’t think Lex Luthor is going to be the true villain in this movie. He’s going to be introduced and I’m sure he will be involved with Doomsday, but overall I think Doomsday is going to be the main villain. There are so many strong rumors supporting Doomsday in this movie that I would be surprised if he isn’t in it. The ending of Batman vs. Superman should be the Justice League coming together for the first time and the reveal of Lex’s power suit.

      • Yeah – maybe they can bring back that nuclear powered guy from superman 4 – ha ha

    • @Jeremy

      100% agree, the constant use of Luthor is just tiresome. I’ve never really liked him as a main antagonist to Superman because he could be defeated in a milli-second. Also that kryptonite has to be used to make him threatening (just like Batman really)

      Man of Steel proved that more dangerous foes can now be convincingly translated onto screen.

    • I have to disagree. I was against the idea of Lex Luthor being the villain in the Man of Steel sequels, but seeing the movie and saw the destruction of Metropolis, I think having Lex Luthor in is a great idea. I don’t want a villain like Doomsday in this movie because he wouldn’t be that interesting. I want villains that originated from Earth like Metallo and Parasite. You can have Lex be the main villain and have a secondary villain.

      The reason why Lex Luthor should be in the movie is because the entire world aren’t fully excepting Superman. I can Lex using that as an advantage against Superman, he’s the reason why Zod is on Earth. I don’t want Lex Luthor portrayed like in the old Superman movies, I want the Lex where he’s top of the world, everyone looks up and sees him as a hero, etc. Then when the Kryptonians shows up and Superman saves the day, Lex sees a threat and he’ll anything to stop him.

      I can picture a scene if Lex is the villain in his battle armor suit fighting Superman and Superman defeats him and grabs him by the throat and Lex says, “What your going to do? Kill me? Just like you did to your own”.

      • Having Lex in the movie would also be a good way to introduce CADMUS into the franchise.

      • “I want villains that originated from Earth like Metallo and Parasite. You can have Lex be the main villain and have a secondary villain.”

        That is the dumbest-ass comment I have seen so far today, and I hang around at comicbookmovie’s comment section for their articles so that’s saying something.

        The main character…who this movie is named after…originated…is not from…is from OUTER SPACE. SUPERMAN, the man of steel, ORIGINATED from outer space. He is “NOT” from Earth. How could you want an ALIEN to fight a HUMAN?!?!?!

        It’s bad enough we got Batman in here, and Lex Luthor “again” in here, but now you want him dealing with even MORE human characters?

        “NO” Brainiac, no Darkseid, no Doomsday, no Imperiex, no Lobo, no Mongul, no Mister Mxyzptlk, not even Ultraman. Zod, a”GAIN”! Lex Luthor, a”GAAIN”. Batman in another movie, a”GAIN”. Tired of it.

    • I don’t mind Lex Luthor being the villain as long as he is not the only villain. Lex was always the man behind most of Superman villains, like Bizarro, Metallo, and Parasite.

      But another villain is needed to go along with him because I still want to see some action. And Luthor in the suit can only do so much. I know this film will be epic and I cant wait!!!!

    • How can you be sick of him when you barely know him and not that clown version?

    • Thats crazy talk!
      Lex Luthor’s the best villain ever. I bet he’s going to have some evil plan to steal some land. He hasnt done that since his last movie.

      • He’s not interesting aside from the comics for the audiences. He’s just a brilliant, devious, conniving, cruel, bad-ass killing and using type of villain. No, he’s weak alright *roll eyes*. The thing is Lex hasn’t been utilized effectively onscreen. When you compare his plan of killing MILLIONS of people just like that to say the Zod fight in the city, Zod is pitiful. It’s just that the Zod fight gets the fan smiling. For me I smile at Lex’s killing plans, Millions of people dying just like that without a care. That’s a villain.

        Plus, the Superman movies hasn’t done justice to the franchise so I don’t know why people are bashing Lex to begin with. Lastly, because Superman has all powers they want him fighting someone that is more indestructible, not some low life human like Lex that could 95% kill him with a kryptonite bullet he paid a homeless to trick Superman with.

        Good arguments though…

  3. Lex doesn’t have to be the main villain. Anyways, am I the only one that though Joaquin looked like Commissioner Gordon in the film “her”??

    And I must see that new bat suit!

  4. so… i kind of wish they’d have Lex as the man behind the villians sent after Supes.

  5. To me, Phoenix will do commendable work in his role as Lex Luther. Looks to me this will be his best heavy role since “Commodus” in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” Joaquin sure has the acting chops to pull this off. Unsure if he’ll do it but if he does, he’ll do a superb performance in the movie.

    • Your right about Phoenix being a good pick because I honestly hated his character in Gladiator you know you’re doing something right when you make the audience actually wanna hate you

  6. How about mitch pillegi as lex luthor ?, i can really see hil in that picture up here

  7. Joaquin Phoenix could be our Lex Luthor, he DID just do some amazing work in Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’, which is produced by Warner Brothers so he’s already within the family and he is related by marriage to Ben Affleck. I am sure that he would love to get a paycheck this big, he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t pleased with the material. I like that they are going after higher caliber actors, because they will NOT tarnish their reputation just to be in some CBM.

  8. If there is anyone, other than the late Heath Ledger, able to give an oscar-winning performance based on comic book adaption hero/villain I think that would have to be Joaquin Phoenix. He would bring a whole new dimension to the character and the movie itself. Just like Nolan did with Batman/Joker. It would be less campy and have a more “realistic” feel to the film. Not to mention all the different types of movie-goers this would attract. It would be a whole new ball game. As long as they don’t fall behind on the writing and directing(we have all watched MOS). Which I also believe is the reason for year long delay. WB knows they have a winner on their hands, but also realize that MOS should’ve grossed a lot more money. So, they’re recruiting better actors(Joaquin Phoenix, Ben Affleck,etc), writers(Chris Terrio)and buying more time to make this movie compete with (if not surpass) the Avengers movie. Which it should be the way. And I’m definitely praying Ben Affleck periodically jumps into the directors chair even though I know he wasn’t hired for that, he still should. Final note; if the rumors are true and based on their physical appearances in the comics. I feel Duane Johnson would fit Cyborg and Jason Mamoa would fit Lobo.

  9. Looks like Affleck’s costume is “Garnering” alot of praise already!

  10. I wonder if Garner and Affleck used the costume in role play games? Thats the only explanation why women can praise a comic book based costume.

  11. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahahahah

  12. I think Diana will also be a political shark/tycoon and feminist that rivals Lex

  13. Costume is irrelevant. Affleck has Batman. That makes the whole project irrelevant for many of us.

  14. People please, don’t get your hopes up for this one. It’s going to set records for being bad. Only Batman gets 3 movies to set himself up but, the rest don’t! From what I’ve read everybody’s in this one… bat’s, nightwing, kryptonian wonder woman….. don’t get me started on that one. What if marvel did that… hulk a skrull

    • Superman is the only superhero character in this film’s continuity that has had a previous film to establish himself. And that includes Batman.

    • Phil your talking crazy.

      You are spewing the rumors. The only confirmed info is that batman and wonder woman are in it. That’s it. We don’t know the villians the story or if they are seting up a jl. Also it would have been 3 years since mos…by using your marvel reference how many heroes can show up in 3 years. Batman has been hinted to have been active for a few years. Having a grown robin on his own would add to the already known batman mythos….really how many times are we gonna have to see mom and dad killed by joe chill. I see the other heroes banding together and people seeing that superman and batman are not the only heroes in the world. That would be jl and then we can do solos.

  15. I’m really trying to reserve judgment on the batsuit until I get a look at it, but I fail to see how an Alex Ross interpretation will translate into anything but cheesy and corny on the big screen. Add that to the fact that it will be worn my Ben Affleck, and Joel Shumacher could be celebrating the end of his tenure as the laughing stock of batsuits.

    • So Joel Schumacher’s suits were laughing stocks but those Nolan suits where he couldn’t even move his neck were all that? “ALL” the live-action suits were lame, not just Schumacher’s. Burton’s, in retrospect, were the least offensive, even though they had the same neck issues as well.

      • What are you talking about? Nolan’s TDK suit is the ONLY one that allowed neck movement. Every suit before that film had the same single mold cowl and neck piece. There isn’t much difference between the Begins suit and Burton’s suits. I’m not even sure why we are having this discussion, it’s universally accepted that bat-nipples are the low point in batsuit cinematic history. Now they are talking about sticking Affleck what sounds like a padded version of Adam West’s batsuit, and I don’t see how that could look anything but horrible. I hope that’s not what they are doing.

  16. If they don’t use Darksied as the bigbad for the JL movie I will torch all my DC comics.

  17. In my opinion, making the new bat suit out of spandex or anything other than armor material would be a unrealistic choice. Part of what made Batman a little super human was his suit to protect him. Spandex doesn’t protect you.

    Also, who gives a s*** if Ben Affleck is Batman it’s not like he’s a bad actor he made some poor movie choices but what actor hasn’t? Besides Leonardo Decaprio.

    As for Lex Luthor I think a black or mixed actor should play him and he should have a bad*** armor suit along with robot minions to help him fight Batman & Superman.

    • I give a s***. What has he done to show you that he is a good choice? And don’t bring up his so-called Oscar-nominated movies ’cause how many of you have actually seen them? I’m the last to equate money with quality but if his Oscar-nominated movies are so universally praised than how come they haven’t accumulated lots of money? How come “MORE” people haven’t seen his Oscar-nominated, “finally-made-some-good” movies? If he has finally found some talent after all these years, so what? No one’s seen Argo or The Town or Hollywoodland to merit him landing the role of Bruce Wayne. Everyone hated the idea and official announcement when it was announced. How the hell can you defend this?

      • I know a lot of people who has always praised Argo/The Town. Maybe like 5% of the people I know didn’t like those movie. I think Affleck is an okay actor but a great director. I will give him a shot as Batman and hope it all works out. I think the guy can pull it off. We shall see though. This film will either be a huge success or a huge disappointment. It sounds like, based on some articles around, they are placing it all in with this movie to hope it gains “Avengers type of success”. I won’t be able to tell whether it’s good or not until the trailer no matter who they cast because of Snyder is still attached. I thought MOS was good but then again I didn’t think it was great. To me, it didn’t live up to the hype

      • Wow, what an ignorant and uninformed comment. The Town made 4 times it’s budget ($154 million) and Argo made 5 times it’s budget ($232 million) and wasn’t a “so-called Oscar nominated movie”, it won Best Picture last year. Which means a lot of people saw them, and I’m sure most of the people commenting on here saw them. Just because your close-minded @ss didn’t see them, don’t make the silly assumption no one else has.

        • Is that right? Well, “Kieran”, Ben Affleck was courted by Warner Brothers to play Batman in return for more-than-likely directing whatever he wants down-the-road with the studio. Batman alone, from The Dark Knight specifically on, has generated at least a billion each or close to a billion in worldwide revenue.

          Far more than each of those movies I mentioned. Youc an defend him and his recent turn of “finally quality” movies being made all you want, but the whole world didn’t see those movies, and make a big deal out of him, like YOU and people who defend him seem to think.

          Those numbers you listed for those movies, regardless of the amount it cost them to make them, would be considered “FAILURES” if they were attached to Superman or Batman, or in 2016′s case, both. You want me to clap my hands, and bow down on my knees, because his Oscar-bait movies were either nominated or won?

          I don’t give a damn. Just as you stated yours I’m stating mine. My opinion. There are a LOT of movies that have won or haven’t won that are just as good or better than any of his recent movies, and I don’t want to feel I’m “not getting it” just because I didn’t praise one of his movies. The hell with him.

          Out of the billion choices for Batman Ben f_cking Affleck was the best choice? And you want to throw up two or three movies out of his sh_tty career? Out of “ALL” the actors “HE” had to be chosen? And (I hate Marvel Studios but) you wonder why Warner Brothers is f…messing up (with their DC Comics properties)?

          Had they played this RIGHT from the get-go they could have had Nolan’s Batman movies be a glorified prelude, or prequel, to this…”new” version of Batman they’re doing. “Veteran”? “Older”? “Experienced”? No sh_t. Of course “he’s” older. They’re not trying to differentiate from the SUCCESSFUL Batman that Nolan/Goyer (re)started.

          No need to reinvent or fix what ain’t broken. Had they used his Batman, had that Batman been allowed to actually be BATMAN and not this bastardization of not only Batman’s universe, but the DC Universe in general, then they wouldn’t have this problem of trying to tie up their characters and those characters worlds in general.

          There could be a Superman showing up in Gotham without the staff at Warner Brothers “no-imagination-having-@sses” thinking that it couldn’t be done. Aquaman could exist, if it weren’t for Warner Brothers giving Nolan free reign to even make Robin seem implausible in “Nolan’s” world view and perception and take of Batman.

          But you can’t have an Aquaman, or a Robin, or a J’onn J’onzz, when Ra’s al Ghul can’t even have a Lazarus Pit or Scarecrow can’t seem more Tim Burton-llike freakish. Hell, ironically, Batman Begins seemed more Smallville-like, more tv-like, in that the makers of that movie acted like they didn’t have a budget to pull such fantastical elements off, when they had a movie’s budget, and Smallville had a measily WB/CW network tv channel budget.

          Smallville, especially in its later years, showed WAY more imagination, especially with its HORRIBLE beginnings, in envisioning the DC Universe through the meager means of television and all the financial trappings of telling a story through the TV medium than Warner Brothers EVER did and EVER has through live-action film and movies!

          Warner can make Harry Potter movies from 2000 or so and on, about 7 or 8 or 9 of them, they can make Lord Of The Rings movies, especially squeezing every letter out of The Hobbit book to create THREE movies, but can’t do more than Batman or Superman?

          They can’t do a Superman sequel without Batman’s help, but can do three Batman movies without the mention of Robin, let alone Superman or any other major character in the DC Universe? Ben Affleck’s casting is the LEAST of my complaints with Warner Brothers and how they’ve handled this.

          • It’s okay, my name’s actually Kieran, no need for the quotation marks. Of course those kinds of returns would be considered failures for blockbusters, because those movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make, but when a movie even doubles it’s production budget, it’s considered a remarkable success. And blockbusters see those kinds of returns because they appeal to a much more broader audience. When a kid wants to go see a superhero movie, he has to go with at least lone parent or guardian, so right there, multiply the intake by two. I LOVE superhero movies but they are far less cerebral than films that are usually considered for award contention, and with the exception of a select few, the projects can be given to any particular director and still see significant returns, because when people go to see them, they are not there to see a unique piece of art by a gifted director, but to escape for a coupe hours and enjoy the bright colors and special effects.

            Comic book movies are so rarely considered for awards like the Oscars because their plots are usually simple and noncomplex compared to a film like Argo, or any other movie that was nominated last year for that matter, because those movies are articulate and have messages to send about history and culture.

            You are absolutely right about Affleck being chosen by Warner Brother’s to keep him with the studio, so the fact that you understand that surprises me since you don’t seem to have a firm grasp on the difference in politics and expectations between a multi-hundred million dollar blockbuster and a serious film tailored for intelligebt, cultured adults.

      • Screen Rant is the only place in the known universe where you can find people that will defend casting Affleck.

        • What Kieran said!

        • jp…

          So…you mean intelligent, reasonable, open-minded people?

          Sure, I’ll go with that.

          • Heh, Archaeon, so The Town, Hollywoodland, Aro, and maybe one other movie or two I’m missing made you guys “intelligent, reasonable, open-minded people” in reference to articles about Ben Affleck and his Batman casting?

            Those movies turned the tide for you guys in favor of him? I genuinely am jealous and wish that I could be on your side, because I just don’t see it.

            I especially don’t see it when the director is Zack Snyder, the writer is David Goyer, the producers produced those anti-Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan, written by Goyer, and the company is the company least likely to produce a quality comic book movie.

            Knowing how the internet works I’m most likely gonna get a response accusing me of being some Marvel drone. I am SO far from it, but, knowing how the internet works, as I said, if I don’t get that, I’ll still get some sarcastic remark of how I’m stupid for dissing Lord God Darkse…I mean Nolan, or criticizing “all-of-a-sudden-everybody-likes-him” Ben Affleck. Do your worst.

            After having watched the DC Comics cartoons over the years, from Batman back in the 90′s, all the way to Young Justice which was recently cancelled, I can’t accept this blatant half-assedness Hollywood puts out for live-action comic book movies.

            The standard for comic book adaptations was raised so high by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Andrea Romano and company that I can’t accept anything less than that.

            And Hollywood thumbs its nose down at comic book as proven by the works and views of Bryan Singer and Christopher Nolan and the thousands of actors who routinely say they don’t and never read comics and could give a f_ck about any of them other than the paycheck they pick up for starring in a movie based off a comic.

            Sad fact is comic books don’t make money. if they made Harry Potter books money, or these young adult romance books money, or be as revered as a Lord Of The Rings, or something with prestige of that ilk, or never had the stigma that’s NEVER been erased from the 30′s throughout the 60′s, than maybe the live-action movies of them would be taken WAY more seriously.

            But as it stands, there are perceptions of comic books and anything associated with them that are way more severe and negative and ACCEPTED than anything regarding racism.

            And I find that ironic because we lvie in a world or are “TRYING” to lvie in a world where we’re knocking down stereotypes, borders, bigotry, prejudice, you-name-it, one-by-one, slowly but surely, and yet, the views and stigmas and sterotypes associated with merely READING comics, and wanting to be faithful to them, are treated with vitriol and looked down upon.

            Just look how people react in THIS article’s comment section and other genre websites’ comment sections when mentioning live action Batman’s Ben Affleck’s suit possibly (and “FINALLY”) resembling the comic book version (AFTER SEVENTY-FIVE F_CKING YEARS, sans Adam West’66).

            Look at the reaction of actually looking like JUST the comic. I’m not making that vitriol up and I’m DAMN sure not over-exagerrating the comparison between the stereotypes associated with the medium of comic books and bigotry. I see the comparisons like I see the snow outside at 6:36 right now.


            Have more fun with Goyerlogue.

            • @miklonus

              The script is being re-written by the ‘Argo’ screenwriter so your point is a little thin: http://screenrant.com/batman-vs-superman-movie-writer-chris-terrio/

            • Again, Goyer only supplied the STORY for the batman films. They were WRITTEN by Nolan and his brother. So your point being?

            • I actually agree with a lot of what you said esspecially the really one dimensional veiw people have with comic movies.

              I feel that people use nalaons batman as the batman anyone needs to strif towards. For the suit I would like to see a more traditional bat suit then alll black.

              Also I have come to the conclusion that arguing with the fans who say gadot needs a boob job cuz ww don’t have b’s she got double dd’s…its pointless and stupid to. Judge a character on looks alone or actting alone.

              To enbody any character we need to see an actor care about him/her. It also comes to the script and the story.

              Look at green lantern. Say what you will about the script sucking and the story making no sense…I saw hal jorden the young and cocky a$$ I grew up reading in ryan renalods….the concern was the suit was crap. It also destroyed the relationship with sinestro. But the suit sucked.

              You could have a neddicore actor play a role…but if the costume is solid and the script favors them…it could blow our veiws out of the water.as personally I don’t care about batman….I’m more concerned about aquaman and the flash….and maybe green lantern….and several other dc heroes.

  18. Lex Luthor is great villian but, I’m really wanting to see Darkseid on screen, and like made rendering of Apokolips maybe even introducing a good amount of fourth world in a cool way would be awesome. Lex should be in it but, more as the man who can’t be touched, a legal upstanding supportive member of society with no illegal ties to be seen by the general public. Darkseid is the way to go on this one and maybe even begin there with Darkseid seizing control or having something to do with banishing King Yuga Khan to the Source Wall. Not Smallville cloudy mist possessing folks either…solid rock looking like Thing, Darkseid!

    • He should be the villain for the Justice league movie. Only they could handle a threat that big.

  19. Check out my WOLVERINE vs BATMAN animation ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXTDAoLfNfU

  20. The only thing that bothers me about this film already is the so-called new BatSuit. What functionality comes from wearing a spandex suit? They need to bring some sort of practicallity to the table for the Batman suit.

  21. My name is Bruce Wayne. You destroyed my Satellite…Prepare to die.

  22. Kind of sick of Lex would rather see Parasite and some others team up against the heroes. That is a big thing I have a problem with, it is seeing the same villain in every sequel and it gets boring. like Magneto how many times have we seen that villain, and Wolverine takes the spot light instead of building the x-men as a team. Then there is Loki I mean he is interesting but I would have used Enchantress in the sequel and created a unique dynamic between the two and showed how they stab each other in the back as they plot on the heroes. I know Lex is a main character in Superman but this is also a Batman film, wonder woman, and others so introduce Lex but have him pulling strings in the background before the heroes realize he is evil too. maybe use Riddler, Parasite, Cheetah, and Brainiac all coming together through Lex.

    • I’m not sick of Lex I’m sick of the same version of Lex being portrayed. It always seemed to be a goofy Lex who always had a plan to get land. I’m really sick of that.

      I want to see Lex from the animated movies who is rich, evil and has his armor suit. But I do think it needs to be more than 1 villain. Because Lex is cool but I want to see major action. I hope they do Lex some justice and not have him be some 60 or 70 year old guy. You can keep that Lex. But i’m sure it will be more villains in this movie besides Lex Luthor. Brainiac would be nice, but I would like Doomsday also.

      I just hope they stick to the formula to batman and Superman.
      1. They butt heads because of their different styles of handling crime
      2. They wind up working together and become best friends.
      3. There friendship is the foundation of the Justice league

      I’m also sick of Magneto and Loki always being the villain too.

  23. Forbes is now reporting “creative differences” as the reason for the delay. Someone knows this thing was heading downhill fast, and they pumped the brakes. Some of you will stay in denial mode, and praise the Batfleck and Gadot casting, the rest of us can sit back and say we saw the writing on the wall a long time ago.

    • Creative differences is usually dealing with the story or the script not the casting. If it will make the film better I no problem with it. Because this movie can launch several new franchises for DC.

      The old Fantastic four movies and Superman returns had spot on casting they all looked like the comics but they had boring terrible stories with almost no action. and they falied. If they are tweaking or even rewriting some of the story I have no problem with it.

      Since they decided to film BvS and justice league back to back, I am sure they have to make both stories run smooth together. and they have to have all the actors schedule’s fit to make the movie. I don’t think they are even finished casting for both movies.

      • that JL and SvB back to back thing isn’t even confired.

        • No but it’s the only thing that makes since i’m sure creative differences weren’t because of wonder women’s boobs being too small.

    • Yes, I saw a couple of articles today about that with some reporting there are some difference in the tone and script. One article reported that a “source within the project” is saying there is a “creative differences within the Nolan/Snyder side and the Terrio/Affleck side”. This is rather interesting to me because it kind of makes me think that the turmoil is already starting and they didn’t even start filming. I am all for them hashing it out to make a better film but also considering Nolan’s success I would be more inclined on seeking his thoughts more so than Terrio/Affleck, at least for right now. This all kind of has me nervous though

  24. I always thought this kind of Batman costume could be made while others thought it’s better to stick to previous films style.

  25. Joaquin Phoenix as lex luthor ..good pick …but he is little short.. but ok