‘Batman vs. Superman': Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

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jesse eisenberg lex luthor Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit
Warner Bros. continued their trend of mind-roastingly unexpected casting choices for their Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman with the recent announcement that Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons had joined the cast as Superman’s traditional nemesis Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne/Batman’s loyal valet Alfred, respectively.

Following the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (who will be getting her own solo movie as well), bucking all the reports which suggested someone like Bryan Cranston or Denzel Washington would be cast as Luthor sent the Internet back into meltdown position for a bit. We think casting Eisenberg can work, due to several factors which include the Oscar-nominated actor’s talent and the fresh direction the filmmakers are apparently attempting to take the character.

According to a new report by THR, a new approach to the classic villain was director Zack Snyder and the studio’s plan from day one. After discussing the idea of going with an older actor – in the tradition of Gene Hackman as Luthor from the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and then Kevin Spacey as Lex in Superman Returns – Warner Bros. “ultimately stuck to a next-gen mandate” and cast Eisenberg.

Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that Eisenberg was not the only actor of his rough age group considered for the role. Girls star Adam Driver – thought to have been offered the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing – was approached for the part but “had conflicts” with (presumably) the shooting schedule of the HBO series, but he also has several movies in his pipeline. This report also apparently confirms that Her star Joaquin Phoenix was offered the role of Luthor, but passed.

Lex Luthor Character Batman Superman Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

For months, the popular choice to play Lex was Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston (remember that fake Batman vs. Superman trailer?) – seemingly because he had become famous for playing an evil bald man. In fact, it turns out that when Cranston denied any involvement whatsoever, he was telling the truth. Evidently:

…multiple sources say Cranston never was approached for the role, nor was 57-year-old Tom Hanks, whose name had been discussed internally.

Tom Hanks? Well, he played wonderfully against type as a hit man for the Irish mob in Road to Perdition, and that casting news would have melted some servers… but it also is in line with an older Luthor, rather than place him as a contemporary to 30-year-old Henry Cavill. We may never know exactly who was considered, but it seems that Zack Snyder does not exactly hold open auditions. According to a source close to the production:  “Zack doesn’t see a lot of people.”

The current speculation is that Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor could be similar to his role as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: a rather chilly, distant genius possessed of a ruthless intellect and relentless drive, but whose ego requires a certain level of personal recognition (LexCorp is everywhere). The main point to all this – and the reason we’re intrigued about this decision – is that we’ll definitely be getting something new.

Speaking of something new – Ben Affleck’s Batman will certainly be an entirely rethought and redesigned take on the character. Fans are itching to see – and either bemoan or approve – the choices Zack Snyder and company have made when it comes to how Bats will be utilized within this newly established DC Cinematic Universe. First and foremost for many: what about the Batsuit?

Despite a slew of rumors and questions (Two costumes in Batman vs. Superman? Has the redesigned suit’s inspiration been confirmed? What exactly was Kevin Smith gushing about?), there are only a handful of people who actually know what Batman’s new look will be. Besides Affleck, Snyder, the studio and the film’s creative team, Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner approves, and now so does Affleck’s longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon.

In the video above, Damon confirms to MTV that he’s now part of the inner circle who have seen our new Batman. According to Damon:

“I’ve seen a picture, I have seen a picture. It’s excellent. And I’ve talked to him about the story line, and it’s great. Look, I’ve known him for thirty-something years. I’d be the first guy being like, ‘Buddy, what are you doing?’ But I think the movie is going to be great.”

And when asked if Affleck is making the right call, Damon responds: “Yeah, definitely.” 

Batman Versus Superman 2015 jmattisson Fan Art Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan Art by John Mattisson

Whether or not this news will convert fans who remain skeptical (or downright hostile) about this incredibly ambitious sequel’s chances remain to be seen. The delay of the film’s release to 2016 may have been disappointing (and a bit maddening), but from a creative standpoint, it can only benefit the final product. Judging from the positive reaction of everyone who has been let in on the story and design details, it will hopefully be worth the wait.


Batman Vs. Superman will be released on May 6, 2016.

Source: THR & MTV

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  1. Someone get some concept art on the suit, or just stop reposting how awesome “x” celebrity says it is. Godzilla had all kinds of “speculative” *hint* *hint* but really cool pics that left you wanting more.

  2. We can all sit here and defend or condemned the casting choices ( which I don’t agree with at all) but its up to the general public.. N personally I don’t think they will accept eisenberg . I know for a fact my group of friends who don’t read comics don’t accept affleck as batman.. And when it comes to ticket sales its them who count not “us”.. I am worried about this movie but I hope I am worrying about nothing. Only time will tell

    • They will see the movie if they like comic-books or their characters AT ALL. It’s a shame people would miss out because of an actor.

        • Except, these people are just noisy. Not ubiquitous. They just try to make us think they are with the noise. The fact of the matter is, actors have nothing to do with whether the movie will be a hit or not. It will be the story that sells it. And you’ll be hard pressed to actually find one of those haters who didn’t actually go see the movie if it does well, in spite of them.

          • If events in recent years have proven anything it’s that the general movie goer is a fickle lot. They can be turned off of a movie for any number of reasons including bad reviews from a site like RT. I can guarantee you, if this movie get’s mediocre reviews, there will be a lot of people will go see something else, especially if they were already skeptical about casting choices like The Batflek.

            • I agree. Looks at flicks like Pacific Rim. People in the states started hearing some bad word of mouth which caused a lot of people who would have gone to not go. People are already not taking this film seriously and some already think it’s a joke so now throw in Eisenberg and you get more doubt. I liked the chance they took with Affleck. Then the chance they took with Gadot. Now Eisenburg as Lex? It may work out or it may not but right now it seems they are taking too many chances with these castings. You might have had 9/10 people excited for the film at the beginning, then came the Affleck casting so it goes down to 8/10 people, then the Gadot casting so it went down to 7/10 people and now the Eisenberg casting probably took it down another notch. A comic book fan site did a pool of the level of anticipation for this movie and when it was complete they noted that the level of anticipation has gone down by 25%. To a CEO, that’s not a good thing

    • Yes, I know soo many people who just got used to the idea of Affleck as Batman and when the Eisenberg casting was announced they asked me if this movie was one of those comic comedy spoofs. I told them no, it’s a real Batman/Superman movie and they just laughed. This is the “general audience” perspective on this movie.

      “Oh, so Jesse Zuckerberg is playing that bald guy from those comics?”
      “And that chick from Fast and Furious is playing Wonder Women?”
      “Yeah, I will wait for it on DVD. It doesn’t sound interesting to me”

      I’ve heard this soo many times.

      • I started off so excited and couldn’t wait for this movie to come out in theaters…then Ben Affleck came along and it ruined it for me. It’s not that I don’t like Ben, it’s just that he has so much baggage that when I see him, I see Matt Damon, Daredevil, J-Lo and Boston. I’m not thinking Batman which takes away from the film. With all of that, I was still willing to check it out at least on Bluray but now, every casting choice made actually pushes me further to the “I’ll wait for it to air on HBO” thinking. At this point, I’m afraid of what they will announce next!

        • The Rock as John Stewart, LOL

        • J-Lo as Catwoman
          New Batman and Catwoman movie aka Gigli part 2.

  3. The first MOS movie was based on Superman: Birthright,so it makes sense that the sequel will also be based on that origin where Lex is genious,superman’s childhood friend,prodigy kid but certainly lacks social skills,almost identical to Eisenberg’s role in “The Social Network.”Besides,Znyder was known for following as close to the source material.

    • That’s the thing though, he’s not with this movie. There are soo many reports since the Eisenberg casting that this will be a whole new take on Lex. He may be pulling some things from the comics but in the end, it’s all Snyder’s vision

      • Of course, when reports of “a whole new take on Lex” are made, they generally are speaking strictly in terms of film – a more traditional comic version would be viewed by most entertainment reporters as “a whole new take…”.

        • This is a report comic from a comic book site doing the interview. His take (which he said he couldn’t reveal too much) was that this version of Lex is completely new (not from the comics or TV). He went on to say some will love it and some will hate it.

    • That’s cause you have eyes, my good man

  4. I sort of get casting Jesse Eisenberg as Alex Luther, which eventually becomes Lex Luthor. (in two different past DC storylines). He really looks a lot like Alex Luthor.

  5. Warner Brothers is to DC Comics characters what Disney was to The Lone Ranger.
    And that’s putting it nicely.

    • Not Ant-Man OR Black Panther.

      Ant-Man AND Black Panther (AND GotG) combined and multiplied by ten.

  6. Yeah, I’m saying it helps to save your money and wait for it to be on cable

  7. The film is being delayed because they dont know what the heck to write about. Playing
    Chicken with antman is like me staring down a poodle to see who is toughest. Screenrant
    Apologetic stance with dc cinematic universe gettting old.

    • “Playing Chicken with antman is like me staring down a poodle to see who is toughest.”

      What does that even mean?

    • I can wait. Considering this all crap cast

  8. Read through the discussion, and this just reinforced my thoughts before of one naysayer pretending to be an army. Different usernames kept using “I” in defense of each other. lol.

    • wow, were you in Colombo?

  9. So, I’ve come across some sites which I really trust and some of these are close to being confirmed.

    “Lex Luthor will be bald and have many of his comic characteristics but also the storyline will be different. He is a 20’s century version and will also look the part sporting some tattoos. He also will still be the richest man in the world based of his company in which he is a tech genius, ruthless businessman, and eventually starts his own company, i.e. Facebook. While we still do not have a lot of details on how this all plays out we at least now have some details of the character himself”

    Also, did anyone see The Rocks status on FB?
    Wow, well, here we go

    Looks like it’s unofficially confirmed,

    “A few months ago, Johnson confirmed that he was teaming up with DC/Warner Bros. for a project scheduled to shoot in 2014, leading many to believe he was referring to the Man of Steel sequel. The Johnson rumors picked up again when the actor posted a photo with his trainer with the caption, “#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”.

  10. I guarantee that people will still pay their money to go see the movie, no matter how much they log on, click & whine. There’s a good reason why internet complainers aren’t casting directors in Hollywood. I’m sure these folks know what they’re doing. Leave it up to the crybabies, & every Superman movie would still include cheesy catchphrases like, “Up, up & away!!!” or “Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s Superman!!!”- And I wish people would stop calling this Superman VS Batman. Isn’t this sequel still untitled? The internet really can screw people’s minds.

    • So can bad movies

  11. Lex was best played on Smallville.

  12. I’m not a fan of Jessie Eisenberg but based on what I have seen in Episode 1 of TV Series of Smallville (since I have seen all most every episode of the TV series except for the finale and what I just remembered that in the comics That Lex Luthor has Red coloured hair until an unfaithful accident at the cost of his hair falling out and him becoming Bald due to an lab accident, so perhaps that could be the ending of Batman Vs Superman but Kevin Spacey could replace him in the seqaul as the current Lex Luthor or the older version perhaps, as anything is possible and that Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg is redone as the younger Lex quite possibly. And when he goes bald he becomes The Kevin Spacey Lex Luthor but gradually and eventually And all or some of his backstory is revealed in Batman Vs Superman. This fan made idea is not Fact but based on what I have seen Chris Nolan’s Superman reboot Man of Steel on DVD. being the start of Superman anything is possible in regards to what he could think up for Batman Vs Superman in regards for an younger Lex Luthor.

  13. For gods sake wait to see a trailer or some pics before saying yay or nay on there choices.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying.

  14. I can’t wait for this crap to come out and bomb so I can laugh my @ss of at all of you for wasting your money

    • I can’t wait to not care…hrm, why wait?

      • Oh THIS will be worth the wait, trust me…

  15. They must of announced it wrong, real announcement: Jeremy Irons will play Alexander Lionel Luthor, with Jesse Eisenberg as Bruce Wayne’s foster brother/best friend Alfred.

  16. If I offended anyone, that was not the idea as this is not an profanity or personal attack at all. as it just was an fan made idea (as listed above) and nothing else. If it is at all Important I will wait for The Batman Vs Superman official Trailer If that helps but thanks for the input.

  17. I’m so sick to death about hearing about how Luthor will have tatoos, belong to a gang and be a twenty five year old billionare. How Wonder Woman will be skinnier than Kate Moss and act worse than Will Shattner in Star Trek. How Batman will be portrayed by an actor that singlehandedly butchered Daredevil. How WW may come from Krypton, how WW may have different armor and how even Alfred is miscast.

    Then hearing morons insist that we should wait to see the trailer before we judge this obvious s–t sandwich waiting to happen. Maybe you can be served a bowl of turds of smile and say MMMMMMM DELICIOUS… but not me.

    This is why Marvel’s been kicking the crap outta DC for the past 15 yrs!

    • Maybe you should be more selective as to what you listen to. More than half of those aren’t even true. In addition to switching to decaf.

  18. First we get the guy that ruined Daredevil to play Batman,
    then we get a no talent scrawny bimbo to be Wonder Woman,
    we then get a twenty five year old to play Lex Luthor,
    and now we’re hearing stuff like;
    Wonder Woman may come from Krypton,
    Luthor has tattoos and was/is in a street gang,
    Wayne and Luthor grew up together,
    and to top it off I got to listen to a bunch of f—ing dum–hits drone on about how we should give this piece of garbage a chance!

    Maybe you idi0t$ like being served a warm bowl of $h1t and say MMMMM Delicious, but not me! I’m not brainwashed like you and people with eyes and A functional brain will easily see the only way to enjoy this worthless picture is to watch it st0ned and hope for a view of a side b00b from Gadot.

    But since she has the body of a ten yr old boy I won’t get my hopes up

    • Er, didn’t you just say the same thing above? Also, those ten year old boys you’re hanging out with…yeah, those are women.

      • You could cast a bunch of ten year olds the movie will still suck @ss!

        • Definitely not the best attempt at trolling I’ve run into.

  19. I’m not so sure pot will help

  20. Thank god for other superhero movies.

  21. I just love watching dopes like these defending this movie as it goes down in flames before it’s even finished

    • Irony overload.

  22. ??? Why can’t you speak english?

  23. yo momma

    • Oh, look…

      The sad, little poppet thinks he can talk to adults.


  24. Oh look…

    Another wimp that likes to talk s–t on the internet

    Ain’t that cute?

  25. Thank god Marvel’s making a Black Widow movie. They can show DC how films are supposed to look.

    • Wow…you whiny trolls are getting more and more desperate to be heard and accepted. Sad.

      WB/DC already proved they know how to make excellent films: the “Dark Knight” trilogy and, more recently, “The Man of Steel”.

      You keep whining, though…you seem to NEED it. Awww…

      • Can’t hear you, archaeon, take your head outta Zack Synder’s butt when you talk to us

      • Dark Knight trilogy and MOS were successful due to Chris Nolan, Emma Thomas, and Christian Bale. None will be working on the new movie. Plus Bale walked once he read the script and Nolan and Thomas walked when they learned Affleck was going to be Batman.

        Now you have Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jessie Eisenberg as Luthor.

        The movie has also been delayed til 2016 when it was originally supposed to come out summer of next year.

        Next time get the facts before you start name calling.

        • Actually, Nolan just won’t be directing. Which is already a sign that this movie will suck big time!

          • Ami and hennesy…

            That’s so sweet that two whiny toddlers have found each other…a friendship forged in the depths of Hades. That is so cute.

            As for Nolan, the fact that he had completed his trilogy and decided to move on to other projects, of course, would not have been the driving force in his desire to give up control of this sequel…of COURSE not.

            BvS seems to be developing quite well, DESPITE whiners coming out of the woodwork to “share” their particular brand of irritant…but you enjoy your whining.


            • Archaeon, why not just admit you’re Synder’s girlfriend or something.

              Bats vs Supes developing quite well???????????

              We have a Batman worse than Clooney,

              a Wonder Woman that weighs twenty pounds

              and a Luthor barely out of high school!

              Spare us your defensive attitude, you just want to Gadot in a bathingsuit, lonely boy

              • THAT is the best retort you could come up with…REALLY? Wow, that almost makes me want to pity you…almost.

                You have your opinions about BvS; I have mine. I am okay with that…are YOU?

                • Hey, I’m not the one being a d1ck.

                  And save your pity for those that see this in the theater

                  • Save your breath. Some people will never learn.

                    • True, Billy…some people will never learn, hennesy being a prime example…as are you, in fact.

                  • Oh, and hennesy…you are actually the ONLY one of us being a “richard” (with due respect to the site’s censor).

                    • Really? I don’t remember saying anything negative about you.

                      All I did was comment about how this movie will be lousy, and you start acting like a little brat. You attack anyone that doesn’t agree with you.

                      So grow up and move outta your mom’s basement already, you arrogant little d0uche

                    • Well, if you don’t remember the reason YOU are the initiator, simply look back to where you insulted me above. Unless you are just an absolute dunce, you will see why YOU are the instigator between the two of us and, thus, all of those various terms you have been childishly throwing at me seem to fit much better in your quarter.

                      With that, I bid you adieu,since stupid has a limited entertainment shelf-life, and yours has certainly expired.

                      Toodles… 😉

  26. I guarantee the Lego movie rakes in more money than Batfleck vs Lex Eisenberg.

    God, this is going to be one stupid movie!

    • You call everybody a troll, Archaeon, yet I’M the one who’s out of line, yeah right. Everybody you talk to, you talk DOWN to them, so quit the preaching. And give our regards to everyone leaving the theater on opening screaming how they want their money back!


      • Good night, “Richard”.


        • Enjoy your movie. Try to see it on opening night cause it will be outta the theater by morning.


  27. The story for this better be mind blowing, cause this is by far the worst casting job i’ve ever seen in my life! First GG as WW and now this??? WTF?!