‘Batman vs. Superman': Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

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jesse eisenberg lex luthor Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit
Warner Bros. continued their trend of mind-roastingly unexpected casting choices for their Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman with the recent announcement that Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons had joined the cast as Superman’s traditional nemesis Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne/Batman’s loyal valet Alfred, respectively.

Following the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (who will be getting her own solo movie as well), bucking all the reports which suggested someone like Bryan Cranston or Denzel Washington would be cast as Luthor sent the Internet back into meltdown position for a bit. We think casting Eisenberg can work, due to several factors which include the Oscar-nominated actor’s talent and the fresh direction the filmmakers are apparently attempting to take the character.

According to a new report by THR, a new approach to the classic villain was director Zack Snyder and the studio’s plan from day one. After discussing the idea of going with an older actor – in the tradition of Gene Hackman as Luthor from the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and then Kevin Spacey as Lex in Superman Returns – Warner Bros. “ultimately stuck to a next-gen mandate” and cast Eisenberg.

Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that Eisenberg was not the only actor of his rough age group considered for the role. Girls star Adam Driver – thought to have been offered the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing – was approached for the part but “had conflicts” with (presumably) the shooting schedule of the HBO series, but he also has several movies in his pipeline. This report also apparently confirms that Her star Joaquin Phoenix was offered the role of Luthor, but passed.

Lex Luthor Character Batman Superman Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

For months, the popular choice to play Lex was Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston (remember that fake Batman vs. Superman trailer?) – seemingly because he had become famous for playing an evil bald man. In fact, it turns out that when Cranston denied any involvement whatsoever, he was telling the truth. Evidently:

…multiple sources say Cranston never was approached for the role, nor was 57-year-old Tom Hanks, whose name had been discussed internally.

Tom Hanks? Well, he played wonderfully against type as a hit man for the Irish mob in Road to Perdition, and that casting news would have melted some servers… but it also is in line with an older Luthor, rather than place him as a contemporary to 30-year-old Henry Cavill. We may never know exactly who was considered, but it seems that Zack Snyder does not exactly hold open auditions. According to a source close to the production:  “Zack doesn’t see a lot of people.”

The current speculation is that Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor could be similar to his role as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: a rather chilly, distant genius possessed of a ruthless intellect and relentless drive, but whose ego requires a certain level of personal recognition (LexCorp is everywhere). The main point to all this – and the reason we’re intrigued about this decision – is that we’ll definitely be getting something new.

Speaking of something new – Ben Affleck’s Batman will certainly be an entirely rethought and redesigned take on the character. Fans are itching to see – and either bemoan or approve – the choices Zack Snyder and company have made when it comes to how Bats will be utilized within this newly established DC Cinematic Universe. First and foremost for many: what about the Batsuit?

Despite a slew of rumors and questions (Two costumes in Batman vs. Superman? Has the redesigned suit’s inspiration been confirmed? What exactly was Kevin Smith gushing about?), there are only a handful of people who actually know what Batman’s new look will be. Besides Affleck, Snyder, the studio and the film’s creative team, Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner approves, and now so does Affleck’s longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon.

In the video above, Damon confirms to MTV that he’s now part of the inner circle who have seen our new Batman. According to Damon:

“I’ve seen a picture, I have seen a picture. It’s excellent. And I’ve talked to him about the story line, and it’s great. Look, I’ve known him for thirty-something years. I’d be the first guy being like, ‘Buddy, what are you doing?’ But I think the movie is going to be great.”

And when asked if Affleck is making the right call, Damon responds: “Yeah, definitely.” 

Batman Versus Superman 2015 jmattisson Fan Art Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan Art by John Mattisson

Whether or not this news will convert fans who remain skeptical (or downright hostile) about this incredibly ambitious sequel’s chances remain to be seen. The delay of the film’s release to 2016 may have been disappointing (and a bit maddening), but from a creative standpoint, it can only benefit the final product. Judging from the positive reaction of everyone who has been let in on the story and design details, it will hopefully be worth the wait.


Batman Vs. Superman will be released on May 6, 2016.

Source: THR & MTV

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  1. To be honest, the fact Cranston was never asked to play the role makes me feel relieved. He’s a decent, hard-working actor and a really nice guy but I wouldn’t have taken the movie seriously if he’d been cast as Lex, purely because it would’ve been one of those “who are people going apes*** over currently that would guarantee more ticket sales?” decisions rather than “who is right for the role?”.

    • I find it funny when people say only Cranston can do it because he is so menacing. However i bet that a year before breaking bad started those same people only saw him as the crazy dad from Malcom in the middle and the obnoxious dentist from sienfield. And when you examine him and other actors who suddenly played bad guys you’ll notice most of them started out doing comedy of some form; Robbin Williams before one hour photo, Micheal Keaton before Batman, Cranston before Breaking Bad. I know im only naming a few actors but i hope most of you get what im trying to say.

      • Also, Tom Hanks did comedy before becoming recognized as a premier dramatic actor.

      • Funny thing is, I have not been able to get ONE of the people howling for Cranston to answer that question. What would you have thought of Cranston being cast prior to Breaking Bad?

        I can see these Message boards then:

        “Brian Cranston? The silly Dad from Malcolm in the Middle? That is so dumb! WB doesn’t know what they’re doing, this movie is going to bomb!”

        I am not saying the opposite of the crybabies is true, Jesse isn’t going to “definitely kill it.” But I do realize he almost won an Oscar for a similar role and that many actors have had break out roles where they were able to shed previous type casting (and fan casting) Basically, I wouldn’t have chose him, but know that he has the role I am going to… SHOCKING… wait and see how it plays out.

      • Micheal Keaton was the WORST Bruce Wayne in my opinion. Does he scream playboy ? He’s not even gold looking. He only got that role because he’s Tim Burton’s buddy. Period. He sucked, and the saving grace of that movie was Jack’s Joker.

        • I wholly disagree with you, Michael Keaton, in my opinion, was the best batman and Bruce wayne, and that film was great because it looked good, and all the actors were great

    • And you honestly think Eisenberg is “right” for the role???

      • I think he’s as right for the role as I think Adam Sandler is right for the role of The Flash, LOL

      • Yes. Yes, I do.

        Why do you ask?

      • I think he has the potential to make this role his own.

      • What role?
        How can you (or anybody) think he is right for a role you know NOTHING about other than the fact that it is in some way shape or form based on a character from DC.

        If you think he is wrong, or somebody else thinks he is right, you are both just kidding yourselves into thinking you know more than you actually do.

        Many people were crying that they didn’t want Lex Luthor again, so maybe he isn’t even going to be a main baddie. Maybe (like in current stories) he is actually going to start off on the side of the Justice League, maybe he is going to be a comic relief villain (think Justin Hammer) while the real villain hatches out his plan, maybe he is only going to be seen in flashback this movie, maybe they want a young version of the Gene Hackman Lex, Maybe he is going to get killed in the first 5 minutes, maybe, just maybe, he is an Oscar nominated actor who is going to surprise the hell out of all of us by becoming Lex Luthor… point of course being NOBODY KNOWS! What you or I think at this point means less than nothing. Only thing that means anything is WB has us all talking about this movie over 2 years before its release. Now THAT is brilliant.

  2. Listening to the podcast you guys had this from the jump on Luthor being inspired from the birthright comic, growing up with Clark etc… And I like it in Smallville so why not

  3. it would be great if superman and zod killed lexs dad lional. i think it would make him a sympathetic character and a great motovation

    • He wouldn’t even need to though.

      Look at all the protests and anti-war sentiment since 2003 and translate that to make Lex popular in the movie for taking a similar stance due to the destruction in Metropolis. That could make Lex as villainous but understandable for movie fans as The Joker was in The Dark Knight.

      • Something personal driving him would be 100x more effective. what would make even more dramatic would be if clark was close friends with lex. lex could also be responsible for rebuilding the kent farm

        • I agree, Lex could use some sympathy. I personally don’t like him but that is because of me reading the comics and seeing what a bad guy he really is. I was even thinking about him being bald due to the attack on Metropolis. Maybe he was in a fire and the back of his head is scarred. Not that I have a problem with bald people (my dad is bald) I just thought it would add some intimidation.

          • New 52 forever evil is showing the soft side of Lex, theres a moment when he tries to encourage Bizarro who is afraid of the dark, and he even looks around to make sure no one is watching him sypmathize with the guy. As for how he went bald, i think he just chooses to be bald. I mean the guy is at least worth 5 Bill Gates in the comics, you’d think he would’ve just bought hair implants at this point.

            • “New 52 forever evil is showing the soft side of Lex”
              When he threatened to businessman and his whole family, dreamed about taking down Superman with Bizarro, and killed 2 people and all of that in 2 issues? Yeah, as soft as a baby.
              The only time i could sympothise him is when he was looking at moving moon sitting on his knees and said something like “this is a job for Superman…than were the hell is he?”

          • if Lex Luthor did go bald because of the destruction of metropolis, its not gonna be fire or something, its gonna be because of the terraforming zod did to metropolis, think about it, radiation + potential kryptonite under metropolis!!!

        • I dunno, it could seem like extra stuff they don’t really need just to make him sympathetic before showing him as a massively arrogant and horrendous person.

          They never really showed Joker in a sympathetic light but you could still relate to him and even agree with some of the things he did and the reasons he gave for doing it. I’d prefer that kind of thing with Lex rather than make viewers pity him and then try and turn it on a dime moments later.

          • Luthor is a villain that is on Magneto and Loki level. He will be in most superman movies. He wont be doing much in MoS 2, Batman and the main villain will be center stage but Lex will be a character on TV and maybe some visits with Clark. I would love President lex so i wouldnt mind if he was running for Mayor of Metropolis in the movie. Lex will probably be revealed to have created the villain. I think the villain will be Metallo. When Lex becomes the main villain after this movie i can see him using Zods suit as the basis for his power suit to fight Superman.

          • I don’t really want a sympathetic Lex. I want a Lex who comes across as a humanitarian, but is jealous of Superman. I would rather have it where he was one of those types who did stuff for the recognition. Maybe have him at the forefront of rebuilding the city and doing it for the praise of doing it. He would be in the news talking about doing everything in his power to make this city great again after the tragic events and then have it where Superman was given the keys to the city, a parade, and just the recognition that Lex wanted.

    • Lionel Luthor was only ever in Smallville. He is not a character from the comics.

      • @Oneiros, I could have sworn Lionel was in something else… Lois & Clark, maybe? Weird.

        Either way, it’s not as if a DC character has never been put in the comics after being in a TV series first…

        • Yeah, Harley Quinn was created for Batman: The Animated Series but then she became so popular they began to feature her in mainstream comics.

      • Actually he has before Smallville ever started.

        • Ah. my bad

    • I can see them waiting until The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is about to release and then BAM, release the Batsuit for everyone to finally see to take the wind out of Marvel’s sails slightly.

      • the Batsuit will more than likely make an appearance during comic con 2014, either out on display or a promo picture like the first photo we got of Cavil in his outfit. AOU will probably get a long trailer to batman/superman attached to it.

        • A long trailer over a year before its release?

          That would be a brave decision. Or did you not know about the movie not releasing until 2016?

          • Maybe not a long trailer but one that can really get audiences attention, and plus from here until 2016 the studio can either decide to release the film later or earlier than its scheduled release. Its obvious they are doing their best to surpise everyone and catch people of guard with their announcements

  4. “Zack doesn’t see a lot of people.”

    Perhaps he should. Good writers, maybe?

      • Its nice seeing optimistic people on this site but Terrio only has just one award for Argo and that was his first big film, besides that he has two small indie films i think… but Argo was the only film that net him an Academy Award and that film was pretty recent. As for Affleck, Im not sure if he’s doing both Screen writing and acting for this film. Although I hope if Affleck is as big a batman fan as kevin Smith likes to blab about, maybe he can inject some of his own ideas kinda of like what Robert Downy Jr. did with Ironman.


          That’s it, this movie’s going to suck. Between Terrio and Batfleck there’s only an average of 1.5 academy awards. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE A BATMAN/SUPERMAN MOVIE WITH THAT LITTLE TALENT?

          We need Peter Jackson in here to bring the average up or this movie is doomed.

        • Yeah, I see your point.
          This movie only has two people involved who won Oscars for writing. One of them being given the writer credit. They should strive to have the 0 most other Comic Book Movies have.

          “Its nice seeing optimistic people on this site but…”

          Yes it is. You know what isn’t so nice and not any fun? Debbie Downers who love to try so hard to discredit a movie that hasn’t shot a single frame yet that they will even try to spin an Oscar winning screenplay writer as a negative because he only won ONE!

          • I don’t have anything new to say, I just have to much snark to express over the fact that Terrio was criticized for only having “just one award.”

            Like, I come back and read it every couple hours. It’s my most favorite microcosm of the problem with geek movie detractors.

            Like, somebody actually typed that out. Terrio has “just one award.”

            Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino are the only living people with more than one. Quentin Tarantino only has 2, so he’s not all that great either. Woody Allen has 3. I’d prefer 7, but I suppose we can settle for Woody Allen writing Batman vs. Superman. It’s the only way we can get good enough talent!

  5. That audition video in SR Geek pics today was pretty spot on. I expect that caliber of acting from the whole cast.

    • Yeah….
      Amy Adams – Oscar Winner
      Ben Affleck – Oscar Winner
      Jeremy Irons – Oscar Winner
      Laurence Fishburne – Oscar nomination
      Diane Lane – Oscar nomination
      Jesse Eisenberg – Oscar nomination

      No, but that’s a terrible caliber of acting.

      • To be fair, we are discussing “caliber of acting”, and not all of those oscar wins/noms are related to acting.

      • And also to be fair, Amy Adams hasn’t won an academy award.

        • …and she was terribly miscast as Lois. Weakest casting of MoS in my opinion.

          • I second that. Wasn’t Lois suppose to be some hot reporter as well? From the comics/cartoons it always struck me as though she would be some hot, just below super model type. I was just never sold on Adams as Lois. She did okay in MOS and I got pasted it but was never sold on her character

  6. so matt knew ben for over 30 years and would told him what are doin maybe he did told him but he would not bash his friend in an interview not a good argument to me

    • @lex, Yeah, I don’t buy personal, anecdotal arguments like that. The reality is that Matt Damon is helping pitch the movie to fans. Why would he sabotage it, particularly after his last big sci-fi outing didn’t bank so well? As Spielberg told LaBeouf, “Sometimes you have to sell cars.”

      • I’m talking more about the plot of the next movie, of course. The plot is more important, and I’m sure the suit will be great and all its grey-and-blue or grey-and-black glory the way it should always have been. You can’t do much worse than those ice-themed suits from Batman & Robin.

        I’m just saying, yes, of course Matt Damon praised it.

  7. Trust me guys. Tom Hanks and Bryan Cranston will appear in the DCCU. WB has plans for them.

    • They probably do actually, Tom Hanks could play Lionel Luthor and Bryan Cranston could play Ma Kents old boyfriend lol

  8. Yeah… & part of a friend’s job is to be honest in order to avoid embarrassing you.

  9. Confirms my theory that Eisenberg was 2nd choice, after Phoenix probably.

    Still love the casting decision and fully behind a “next-gen” take on the character.

    • Yeah, I was reading a report that Phoenix was the first choice all along and when he declined they “went in a different direction” with Eisenberg being the second choice. So this film will mostly be based on acting chops rather than that person having the “look”. This kind of now throws out the usuals for these other roles and we now have to start thinking “outside the box” when it comes to casting other characters. One name that was thrown out last night was Jude Law as Barry Allen/The Flash. The site went on to explain that, like Phoenix, Law is a good friend of Snyder, is an Oscar winning actor, and has knowledge of the character. It seems this whole movie will be “a whole new version of the DC world that hasn’t been seen before”.

  10. Urgh…At this point, with these casting decisions, and more bat nipples for our new metro batman, and anorexic wonder women… I am expecting a “fresh” take on this by making it a musical.

    • uh, Kevin Smith said “There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit.” So yeah. Nothing is pointing to that and your statement is invalid.

      • Well, at least the movie has that going for it so, ya us movie goers! But the casting debacle remains, so it is not “invalid”

        • It’s definitely invalid because the only casting debacle exists in the minds of those who want to hate on the movie for whatever ridiculous reason they can think of.

          • The same could be said for those pie eyed, everything in their own mind is grand. I do not WANT to “hate”, I want this to rival Marvel movies. My favorite comic book hero was Hal Jordan…what happened to him and his movie? (which personally I did not think was as bad people made it out to be) However it is unlikely we are going to get another Green Lantern movie. If this movie bombs, and it has that potential to do so, it could ruin DC movies for years. I like DC superheros, and I want them on the big screen.

            • Everybody has different opinions, using “debacle” to describe castings based on an opinion is kind of strong and it seems like you assumed that everybody felt that way. What if people do like every casting that has happened? It doesn’t mean anything other than they like the casting.

                • I personally like these choices. I can understand that some people don’t, but I do. I know Ben Affleck was in some horrible movies as well as some good movies, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be a great Batman. I know that Eisenberg comes off geeky and not what people see as Lex, but maybe this role will bring something out in him that we never saw from him before?

                  • Sorry forgot to mention this in my previous post, but the only casting choice I honestly have apprehension about is Jeremy Irons as Alfred.

    • You won’t know whether the casting decisions were good or bad, until the film comes out.

      You’ve got to start realizing a basic thing in life: your personal preferences do not dictate reality. If you don’t like Affleck, fine. That is valid. But acting like Affleck can’t do the role, or wouldn’t be any good in the role, when he has a long proven track record is just absurd.

      He was in a couple bad movies over 10 years ago, and those movies weren’t bad because of Affleck. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that thing is objectively bad. Learn to distinguish between what you think/feel and what is actually there. I don’t like Eliot Smith as much as I did when I was younger, but that doesn’t mean I think Eliot Smith songs are “bad.”

      Also, there are many body types out there. Calling Gadot “anorexic” is pretty messed up considering there are thin people out there who aren’t anorexic. What about her acting ability, or her physical training and military martial arts training…You think wonder woman needs to have giant jugs to be valid, but you don’t think playing the character in a convincing way, or having experience with hand-to-hand combat is important?

      You are seriously jacked up in the head. Or from 1930.

      • Affleck does indeed have a record. Some good, sure. But he has plenty of stinkers. His persona kinda fit Dare Devil, he does not fit Batman. I never said anything about Wonder Woman’s “jugs”. She is a powerful woman, with a powerful physique. Gal Gadot is neither. The most I have heard about her acting is “wooden”. Maybe she will improve. But lets take your logic to another character. There are rotund men that are strong, maybe we could have Butterbean play Superman? If you think not, well that is just messed up

        • @ TT
          1. Just because you see a person not fitting the role doesn’t mean the role can’t be done justice. RDJ like 5’8 and played the perfect Iron Man. Famke Janssen, IMO does not look like Jean grey but did the role justice. Tom Hardy is also like 5’8 and started off a lot smaller but they put him in like 4 inch lifts and bulked him up. Affleck’s face shape looks a lot like the original Batman. Google it.

          2. Also, you said Gadot is neither powerful nor has a powerful physic. I will agree with the latter but think about Bruce Lee, small but powerful. Plus, last I checked Wonder Woman has god-like powers. Being big isn’t a trait you have to have in order to use god like powers. IMO, actually seeing a smaller WW exude super strength might be cool.

          3. Saying that Green Lantern movie was underrated demeans your credibility.

          4. It is Daredevil not Dare Devil.

            • I read that Affleck started working out the day after he got the news he was going to be Batman and a few sites have said he’s working out something like two hours a day. So this sort of tells me that he’s taking this role seriously because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be doing that.

      • That there is what you call a two edged sword. Nobody knows anything about how this movie will turn out. Not you or anybody else. Your personal preference to think it will be great doesn’t dictate reality either. It’s not like anybody’s “right” about what they think of this movie. And there’s no such thing as “objectively bad”, it is quite literally a contradiction in terms.

        • @ Tyr..

          Are you referring to an actual sword?

          Or did you mean the actual saying, “Double edged sword.” Not sure I’ve heard anyone ever say two edged sword unless referring to an actual weapon.

          If you meant double edged sword then explain how what he said is double edged? I’m not sticking up for Ken but I’m confused by how what he said is such.

          • Hey but….. Affleck was the bomb in phantoms.. Owned it like a mother f***** lol

            • Lol…Seriously though, I thought he WAS good in that role

          • Besides, who needs sticking up for here? What I talked about should be practiced more in people’s thought processes.

            actually I’ve heard “two edged sword” but it’s usually from someone trying to use the phrase and not knowing how it’s said.

        • Don’t be a fruit. I didn’t say I thought it would be great. I’m not sold on many of the things they’re doing for this film. Don’t make the mistake of assuming I hold an opinion one way or the other, just because I’m talking about realizing an opinion doesn’t change what actually happens. I could be talking about any movie, or any situation in life for that matter.

  11. Cranston is a good actor but for some reason he always reminds me more of that weird dentist from Seinfeld more than Breaking Bad.

    • Yeah, he was great on television in Breaking Bad, but he has been just all right in movies. As the bad guy in Total Recall remake he wasn’t the greatest and did not impress.

    • “Curse you and your power bow!”

        • Cranston was also a villain on the Flash tv show…

          • @saavik001, Wow, so he was! In an episode called “Be My Baby”.

        • One of my favorite things about Power Rangers is that awkward way the ADR voiceovers doesn’t really match with what a person jumping and running around would say. The voiced never sound winded and they speak overly long for a person doing jump flips and everything. It’s a blast to watch

          • @Ken, when I watched that clip again, I had completely, completely forgotten that the Putties make this “buppity buppity buppity” sound and I about sneezed my milk… Haven’t seen it in years, but that stupid detail made my day.

  12. Now where did you get the info on “bat nipples”?!?!?! That statement is absurd.

    • What info? Who are you talking to?

      • lol i was replying to TT, read and follow the comment chain.

        • Your comment is posted at the root level. It’s not replying to anyone.

        • I didnt get it from anywhere, I was more or less venting. Pretty sure there are no bat nipples

          • I find it odd that TT is ranting about bat nipples but if you say his/her name, TT, it sounds like what he is complaining about….

            • haha! Not intentional, but funny

  13. Oooo, I wish I could see that picture!

  14. This movie has the potential to bomb so horribly it’ll make Gigli look like Ghandhi.

    • You could say that about ANY movie you haven’t yet seen though so that’s a pretty pointless statement, isn’t it?

      • But DAAAAAZZZZ !!!

        don’t you know? every commenter on SR has an extensive history in film making. They can judge a film without seeing any of it.

  15. On paper, Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey sounded like they would be good Lex Luthors. However, the material they were given to work with was bad, hence they made for very bad villains. Luthor’s evil plan was all about real estate?! I think Eisenberg will also be smart enough to hopefully differentiate his portrayal of Lex from Zuckerberg. He had a manic quality in Social Network which would be wrong for Lex. I’ll reserve judgement till I see the finished film.

  16. I have no problem with a younger take on luthor. it happens in the real world and so is totally appropriate for this movie. it also worked well in smallville (michael rosenbaum being one of the few good things about that show). My only issue is casting eisenberg, who only seems to play variations on the same character (he’s not exactly known for his acting range). and while he got the job on the strength of his performance as mark zuckerberg, lex luthor is one of the most iconic and long lasting villains in comicdom. Eisenberg may be able to do a credible performance as a young billonaire, but I remain unconvinced that he will be able to pull of the necessary level of evil required to do luthor (unless synder and co are going either further away from the source material with their take).

  17. As long as they don’t turn Lex into some dumb evil real estate agent like they did in past films I’ll remain interested in seeing what this version of Lex will be like. Honestly outside of the DCU animated series, there hasn’t been a good adaptation of Lex Luthor. Yeah Gene Hackman and kevin Spacey did a good job acting with the script and dialouge given to them but I don’t recall a story in the comics where Lex was so intent on gaining access to missles or breaking into superman’s fortress just to sell real estate.

  18. Oh man, I cannot wait.

  19. dammit Joaquin

    • My thoughts exactly.I think in the future he’ll look back and regret he didn’t take the role.

    • That’s what I thought too. Then again, he seems to attach himself to good film projects so the guy won’t be hurting because he didn’t take the role. I think had he taken the role he would have owned it. I just don’t feel the same with Eisenberg but I hope the guy proves me wrong

  20. This is really shaping up to be a fantastic new take on the DCU.

  21. Bryan Cranston should play Commissioner Gordon

  22. And once again yawnnnnnnn. Bring in Damon to settle the real fans, stop ruining his credibility already. If it takes someone respectable like Damon to have to “pitch” the merits of the this film it’s already in the crapper.

  23. So does that mean Bryan Cranston can still play Commissioner Gordan?

    • Yeah, of coarse that will be a great idea for Bryan Cranston to play Commissionar Gordon

    • Why not. I doubt it will happen though. They will probably get someone like Clint Eastwood to play Gordon, LOL

  24. These news are non-relevant because it doesn’t matter whether the decision to have a young Lex Luthor had been made at the very beginning or later on. It is still entirely wrong.

    “Downright hostile” is an understatement when it comes to my feelings about that casting choice. But obviously Fox wants to outscore this madness by making Dr Doom female!!! So it’s not SvB/DC going downhill only, it’s the entire genre…it’s basically but not limited to entire Hollywood…

      • I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t like Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor because I can’t see him becoming President Luthor, which would have brought up interesting storylines for future DC movies, even the head editor of IGN said that while he was praising the choice. I also can’t see Jesse Eisenberg being in the robot suit to battle Superman without it coming off as Toy Maker, which knowing Zack Snyder, it’s crazy to say it won’t happen. But I don’t know, maybe it will be good maybe it won’t. Too bad Joaquin Phoenix didn’t take the role.

        • Yeah, I agree. I read an article in which they had a “theory” in which they think the Lex character will play a new role and not of the comics(since it’s a whole new take on Lex based on Snyder’s vision). So we might see Lex as a tech genius CEO who runs into issues for scamming customers or a real estate guy, LOL. Who knows. All that we do know based on reports is that this is going to be a new Lex. All those comic versions of Lex are out the door and in Snyder we trust

      • In many interpretations of the Superman story, he and Lex are the same age. It’s out of the ordinary that they went that way.

        I believe people assume Lex is older because he’s bald, but the baldness is not from how old he is. That’s my theory, I don’t know for sure why people always think he’s 40-50 years old;

    • Fox wants to outscore this madness by making Dr Doom female

      This better be false. I am about to fly into a rage. PLEASE tell me you just made this up.

      • They aren’t ruling it out. They aren’t looking to cast Doom as female no matter what, but they are testing women along with men for the role.

  25. I wanted John Malkovich as Lex, always have:

    • that would have been intense.

  26. Joaquin would’ve been a great Luthor. But, not into the big blockbuster kind of thing. Wish he would of taken it.

      • Joey can be very intense…it’s a shame we won’t see him as Lex now :(

  27. so my dream of seeing Lex in tighty whities is over

  28. Supes vs Bats was a good idea, but throwing in bony wonder women and pubescent Lex Luthor seems like two really lame ideas. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor bring the same tools to the table as far as adversaries go, I don’t get why Snyder wants an both an established Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp in its infancy represented in this film, its corporate over kill.