‘Batman vs. Superman’: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

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jesse eisenberg lex luthor Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit
Warner Bros. continued their trend of mind-roastingly unexpected casting choices for their Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman with the recent announcement that Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons had joined the cast as Superman’s traditional nemesis Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne/Batman’s loyal valet Alfred, respectively.

Following the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (who will be getting her own solo movie as well), bucking all the reports which suggested someone like Bryan Cranston or Denzel Washington would be cast as Luthor sent the Internet back into meltdown position for a bit. We think casting Eisenberg can work, due to several factors which include the Oscar-nominated actor’s talent and the fresh direction the filmmakers are apparently attempting to take the character.

According to a new report by THR, a new approach to the classic villain was director Zack Snyder and the studio’s plan from day one. After discussing the idea of going with an older actor – in the tradition of Gene Hackman as Luthor from the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and then Kevin Spacey as Lex in Superman Returns – Warner Bros. “ultimately stuck to a next-gen mandate” and cast Eisenberg.

Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that Eisenberg was not the only actor of his rough age group considered for the role. Girls star Adam Driver – thought to have been offered the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing – was approached for the part but “had conflicts” with (presumably) the shooting schedule of the HBO series, but he also has several movies in his pipeline. This report also apparently confirms that Her star Joaquin Phoenix was offered the role of Luthor, but passed.

Lex Luthor Character Batman Superman Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

For months, the popular choice to play Lex was Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston (remember that fake Batman vs. Superman trailer?) – seemingly because he had become famous for playing an evil bald man. In fact, it turns out that when Cranston denied any involvement whatsoever, he was telling the truth. Evidently:

…multiple sources say Cranston never was approached for the role, nor was 57-year-old Tom Hanks, whose name had been discussed internally.

Tom Hanks? Well, he played wonderfully against type as a hit man for the Irish mob in Road to Perdition, and that casting news would have melted some servers… but it also is in line with an older Luthor, rather than place him as a contemporary to 30-year-old Henry Cavill. We may never know exactly who was considered, but it seems that Zack Snyder does not exactly hold open auditions. According to a source close to the production:  “Zack doesn’t see a lot of people.”

The current speculation is that Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor could be similar to his role as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: a rather chilly, distant genius possessed of a ruthless intellect and relentless drive, but whose ego requires a certain level of personal recognition (LexCorp is everywhere). The main point to all this – and the reason we’re intrigued about this decision – is that we’ll definitely be getting something new.

Speaking of something new – Ben Affleck’s Batman will certainly be an entirely rethought and redesigned take on the character. Fans are itching to see – and either bemoan or approve – the choices Zack Snyder and company have made when it comes to how Bats will be utilized within this newly established DC Cinematic Universe. First and foremost for many: what about the Batsuit?

Despite a slew of rumors and questions (Two costumes in Batman vs. Superman? Has the redesigned suit’s inspiration been confirmed? What exactly was Kevin Smith gushing about?), there are only a handful of people who actually know what Batman’s new look will be. Besides Affleck, Snyder, the studio and the film’s creative team, Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner approves, and now so does Affleck’s longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon.

In the video above, Damon confirms to MTV that he’s now part of the inner circle who have seen our new Batman. According to Damon:

“I’ve seen a picture, I have seen a picture. It’s excellent. And I’ve talked to him about the story line, and it’s great. Look, I’ve known him for thirty-something years. I’d be the first guy being like, ‘Buddy, what are you doing?’ But I think the movie is going to be great.”

And when asked if Affleck is making the right call, Damon responds: “Yeah, definitely.” 

Batman Versus Superman 2015 jmattisson Fan Art Batman vs. Superman: Young Luthor Explained & Damon Comments on Batsuit

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan Art by John Mattisson

Whether or not this news will convert fans who remain skeptical (or downright hostile) about this incredibly ambitious sequel’s chances remain to be seen. The delay of the film’s release to 2016 may have been disappointing (and a bit maddening), but from a creative standpoint, it can only benefit the final product. Judging from the positive reaction of everyone who has been let in on the story and design details, it will hopefully be worth the wait.


Batman Vs. Superman will be released on May 6, 2016.

Source: THR & MTV

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  1. Y’know, as I read the insults traded back and forth, it saddens me to think this will be more entertaining than the upcoming MOS sequel lol

    • Nah…the film, I think, will be great.

      The constant whining until it opens (and, likely, even after)? Not so much.

      • I thought you were leaving toolbox.
        Just can’t get enough of me can you?

  2. On a positive note, the Batman suit looks cool, but that won’t be enough to save the film. I just don’t see this working. And I can’t help but question, are most of the people in favor of this thing secretly fans of Fast & Furious and could care less who’s in the sequel to Superman? Hmmmmm……

    • I’d say that’s a safe bet!

    • To your question, I say: Doubtful.

  3. Well, Ami…

    At least you and I have successfully started another page of this thread.

    I look forward to reading comments by a third person with a functioning brain…soon, as that person hasn’t yet arrived.


    • Is it lonely up on your pedestal?

    • I believe you mean a person that will agree with you.

      I’m certain you and hennesy are familiar with the term,

      “Better to appear the fool, than to open his mouth and remove all doubt”?

      I find the two of you to be equally immature. You merely insult others and hennesy simply doesn’t have the patience or understanding to ignore your condescending behavior.

      Good night gentlemen, I leave you to your schoolyard brawl.

      • I like to think that I just can’t handle him being a stuck up @ssh0le, but yeah, see your point…

  4. The problem with this film is there is too much that is riding on this. Gal Gadot needs to bulk up, Ben Affleck has a bad reputation as an actor. If he was replacing Nolan as the director, I’d be pleased. I think he great when it comes to directing. But as Batman?

    And now we have Jessie Eisenberg, who granted is a talented actor, but as Lex Luthor?
    Luthor is supposed to resemble a man of fiancial wealth, confidence, and most of all power. I don’t think of Eisenberg when I picture a scary and intimidating villain.

    I can’t help but feel DC & WB are making the superhero movie THEY want and not the fans.

  5. Though I disagree with much of your response, I will say, “Fair enough”. You ARE taking high ground, and I can appreciate that.

    Good night.

    • How about that? Making friends everywhere you go! LMFAOAU!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Seriously, what is WB smoking???

    How could anyone believe this will be a hit???

    Did we learn NOTHING from Batman and Robin???

  7. only “ten” reasons the new Batman will stink?
    I can think of more than that

    • I call your ten and raise you twenty reasons the film will (hopefully, since neither of us KNOW) succeed.

  8. check out the article if you think otherwise…

  9. I’ll take that bet!
    ANd when u lose your money, I’ll even give it back 2 u.
    Just the kind of guy I am.

    We all deserve better than this

    • KOOL…

      If you are responding to me (hard to tell from the placement of your response), I can only say: You’ll lose.

      From all evidence of how this film is developing, I believe we’re getting a much BETTER film than quite a few of us (those people being the whiners) deserve.

  10. They whinning cause it will suck ballz

  11. I find it interesting how a few people keep insisting and arguing about all the negative response this flick is getting….

    It will suck rocks!

    And not just cause of the s–tty casting!

    The script will be rushed because of the Avengers movies which are waaaay better!

  12. And Arch?

    Exactly what “evidence” are you talking about?

    Cause I see nothing good about this movie….

  13. He working for WB

  14. Marvel’s been kicking DC’s butt in the movie world. All they got are a few Batman and Superman films to brag about. So they panic and mAKE a Man o Steel part 2 with a moron that already destroyed another superhero film and a starving ugly bimbo that can’t even act to save her worthless life…


  15. Yeah, this movie’s gonna blow

  16. Funny, still no answer from Arch….

    Must not have one lol

    • So I guess your logic is, if you troll the related movie pages hard enough, and use enough screen names, the movie will do badly. Rock solid thinking, there.

  17. Ya got me! I also wrote all the articles out there too that said this movie will suck. lol

  18. Two days and STILL no answer lol

  19. Hey Digital Jedi? We all know you also Archaeon so shut up already

  20. I understand that this movie intends to portray Luthor as a younger man, but could they have found a bigger wuss to play the character???