‘Batman V Superman’: Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman [Updated]

Published 10 months ago by , Updated October 10th, 2014 at 4:04 pm,

Aquaman Batman Superman Justice League Movie Batman V Superman: Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman [Updated]

[UPADTE: Other sources are confirming that Jason Momoa is Aquaman!]

Rumors are brewing thick around Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ superhero movie plans; the last few days have brought rumors that paint of very ambitious portrait for the evolving DC Cinematic Universe. A rumored lineup of DC movies point to upwards of three films hitting theaters per year, including everything from sequels (Man of Steel 2) and big team films (Justice League), to more art house prestige material (Sandman) – to unique hero team-up events (Batman V Superman and a rumored Flash/Green Lantern film).

In all these plans, however, was a notable absence: Aquaman. The character has quietly been positioned for mainstream exposure (comic relaunches, big debuts in the animated universe, etc.), but his long-rumored feature-film has not yet confirmed – nor has the long-standing rumor that Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa has quietly been cast as the King of Atlantis.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Batman vs Superman and Justice League Movie Batman V Superman: Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman [Updated]

UPDATE: THR is now confirming the earlier report that Momoa has been cast to play Aquaman in the DC Movie Universe, starting with his introduction in Dawn of Justice.

A website dropped a pretty juicy rumor report regarding the Aquaman situation – specifically how the character will be introduced into the DC movie universe. Needless to say, if you do not want details on how this is going to happen, then SPOILER ALERT – MAJOR DCU REVEALS MAY FOLLOW.








Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Aquaman Cameo Scene 1024x736 Batman V Superman: Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman [Updated]

According to Hitfix, Aquaman will indeed be making an appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it WILL be Jason Momoa in the role. The King of Atlantis will reportedly be another person who is not pleased with the appearance of warring Kryptonians during Man of Steel – especially since Zod’s world engine damaged the Indian Ocean. No doubt that destruction prompts Aquaman to come to the surface seeking answers and/or retribution.

If true, this latest rumored scenario builds on the idea that the controversial Battle of Metropolis will indeed have big ramifications in the DCU. Already it looks like Batman, Lex Luthor and now Aquaman will all be looking to hold Superman accountable for the destruction, and the motivations of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman still remain unknown. Could the Princess Diana also have some gripe with the Man of Steel?

Story details aside, people are probably going to focus on the rumor that it is indeed Momoa who has landed the role. Playing Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones has cemented a certain image of Momoa in the minds of a lot of mainstream fans – but as you can see below, he can (and has) play a majestic man of the sea pretty well (thank his Hawaiian upbringing). We also presume that his version of the character will borrow from the more regal/militant bruiser version we saw in Flashpoint Paradox and other such DC titles. As we have said several times before: This casting could work.

Jason Mamoa Aquaman 570x802 Batman V Superman: Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman [Updated]

It seems that a LOT of big things are brewing over at DC/WB, and the time is getting close where these rumors will cease, and the official casting and film plan announcements will get be made. All reports seem to indicate that Comic Con 2014 could be the major launchpad for the next level of the DCU – and with the rumored lineup of films and cast members we keep getting, they may be poised to steal the show this year.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Hitfix

Update source: THR

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  1. Blame Superman Day XD

    In other news, this is actually a casting that didn’t come out of left- field, unlike the film’s previous announcements. Could there possibly be an article where all the previous rumors are categorized?

  2. To Superman…

    Batman: You wrecked Metropolis, now I have to pay for the damage!
    Aquaman: Your people’s machine destroyed part of the Indian Ocean, killing thousands of my subjects!
    Chandler Bing: And you left the toilet seat up, you bastard!

    • Good one. Not sure he has any ‘subjects’ in the Indian Ocean unless you mean marine life in general but it was still funny. :)

  3. The fact that Momoa’s look as Aquaman is going to look more imposing than how Batman should be is a big no-no for me. Momoa kinda has this bad ass look to him must be the scar and the facial expressions of the eyes.

    • Yes… i feel like Vincent Chase would have been a better casting.

    • The DCCU is dark. All superheros should look intimidating.

    • http://www.comicvine.com/images/1300-3516541

      I think of Aquaman as being intimidating depending on interpretation and he has appeared bigger then Batman in various forms of media.

    • aquaman is huge man a lot of times depending on who had drawn him. Pretty sure you were just making a backhanded jab at the new Batman.

      you said “The fact that Momoa’s look as Aquaman”…..what look? have you seen still images or concept art for his look? …and then you said “….is going to look more imposing than how Batman >should< be …." ..Why compare him to Batman, Mamoa is imposing to Cavil too. Your selective pick and "should" reveal your agenda. I hate people like you. Just let the movie come. It will be a good movie. Ben Affleck will be a good Batman and all the peeves you dinks complain about will all be great chess pieces for this production. It'll work. GTFO talking about how much you hate this new suit when it is probably the most faithful to a batman costume we have seen in years. GTFO complaining about Gadot. just GTFO

      • *Chris Crocker voice*
        Leave Batman alone ! !

        • What are you talking about? I was defending him

  4. Great pick. If rumors that WB will only use Superman in JL films with no more solo films that means the chances of getting a solo Aquaman increase. Can’t wait.

  5. for the third he would be in conflict with his former team The Others…Mera and Ya’wara(Amazonian) would go at it coz Ya’wara has unresolved feelings 4 Orin(feminists would go nuts).Heres an idea 4 Bruce’s solo he should team up with his Army of batmen(batman incorporated)..espclly Batwing(Luke Fox).What do u guys think?….oh try tell any1 who’ll listen 2go c Dawn of justice in 2016.

    • Don’t ever use numbers in place of their homonyms if you want anyone to take you seriously ever again. Don’t ever do it.

  6. Awesome news if true! I loved him in Stargate: Atlantis, he was a true badass Mothersmurfer.

  7. other potential villains could be The OTHERS..Ya’wara would attack Mera as she has unresolved feelings 4 Orin(feminists would go nuts).4 Bruce’s solo his should team up with his army of Batmen(batman incorporated) espclly Batwing(Luke Fox).What d u guys thnk?

  8. As 4 villains THE OTHERS now mercinaries team…Ya’wara has unresolved feelings 4 Orin..she and Mera go at it(feminists would go nuts).

  9. Man he has a real Gritty look to him, He Could’ve Played LOBO If They went with a movie on that Character.

  10. I love all the news but for whatever reason my favorite parts about upcoming superhero films are the costumes. I’ll be curious to see what Supe’s new suit will be like, and what Aquaman and WW will be wearing.

  11. The dark knight grossed $1blln…with just Bruce headlining the film now imagine Bruce,Clark,Diana,Victor(cameo) and Arthur in 1 movie i predict $1,6blln…more money 4 d studio means more movies 4us.Mind u mst ppl including me ,outside d comic book cmmnty ddnt knw who Tony Stark or d avengers was/were.Batman n Kal-El are the most recognised heroes in the globe.”MARVEL” haters g Eff urslvs

    • That was the Joker, the marketing, and Heath Ledger’s death. Look at the other Batman films. Even TDKR only got as much as it did because it followed TDK’s Joker. But really not an excellent film.

  12. As stated by the note, Jasson has no prototype Acuaman blonde in the comic, but it was a swimming athlete in his native Hawaii, so I think I can performance very well on paper, like a fish in sea.

  13. It’s getting pretty crowded for one movie. They keep throwing heroes into it. Wonder if Bats and Supes would have enough time to tangle with each other and flesh out and resolve the tension between them. Hope it all works out though. Or it’s gonna be one huge mess that’ll make DC crawl back into a very deep hole.

  14. Good point,thats hollywood for you man but you have to admire Tom Hardy’s perfomance and Michael Shannon’s (i exist only to protect krypton).Alexander(Oliver Stone) and Gladiator(Ridley Scott),two of the greatest films I’ve ever seen yet they didn’t make much in the box office.

    • Agree on both the performances you mention. But I have to correct you on Gladiator. Unlike Alexander, it was a box office success. It made $500 million globally (on a $100million budget) and won the Best Oscar that year. So we weren’t the only ones who liked this movie.

      • I know but IMO it should be up there with TDK and Titanic,some say its because of Mission Imposible but “Who knows these things”


  16. Niceer im happy aquaman

  17. I thought Aquaman was Blond?
    this guy looks more like the Sub Mariner

  18. Mamoa can have that role. I want to see Joe Manganiello (Alcide in true Blood) as Lobo in the upcoming Justice League movie. :) Don’t agree? watch Arnolds new Sabotage.

  19. I want Jason Momoa to play as Aqua Man in the Batman vs. Superman movie. I want action figure toys for the movie.

  20. It seems DC will actually be first with their aquatic hero, since Namor is nowhere to be seen. However, if they really want to be first with something, a Lobo movie would be great (I don’t have a problem with Momoa being Aquaman, but I think he’d be a better Lobo.) If they beat Sony and Fox (with Deadpool and Venom) to an anti-hero movie, they would finally be the ones breaking new ground.

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  22. Is Jason playing Aquaman, or Rob Zombie?