‘Batman vs. Superman’ Casts Three New Characters

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batman vs superman holly hunter Batman vs. Superman Casts Three New Characters

There’s been plenty of discussion about Batman vs. Superman – officially known as the Man of Steel sequel and/or Zack Snyder’s Untitled Superman/Batman film right now – in recent months, following the casting announcement of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth. However, with no additional confirmed details or casting on the project since then, that discussion that begun to run in circles, with regard to arguments over Ben Affleck playing Batman, Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, David S. Goyer’s original script, and so forth.

Today, though, we can provide some new official casting news, instead of just continuing to stir the pot. Warner Bros. has confirmed three additions to the Batman vs. Superman cast, in the forms of Oscar-winner Holly Hunter, along with lesser-knowns Callan Mulvey and Tao Okamoto. Hunter is new to the world of mainstream comic book adaptations, though many know her as the voice of Elastigirl from Pixar’s animated superhero feature The Incredibles (as well as her many film roles and work on the TV show Saving Grace).

Mulvey, by comparison, played Greek warrior Scyllias in last month’s 300: Rise of an Empire (which Snyder co-wrote and produced), and portrays the character Jack Rollins in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the latest Marvel Studios release, while Okamoto was Hugh Jackman’s costar/sort-love interest Mariko in the most recent X-Men film to hit theaters, The Wolverine. Here is Snyder’s official statement, with regard to these new cast additions to his upcoming DC superhero feature:

“Holly has always been one of my favorite actresses; she has immense talent and is always captivating on screen.  I had an opportunity to meet her a while back and knew instantly that I had to work with her, so as we began writing the script I made sure to create a role specifically for her.

“I just had the good fortune to work with Callan on ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ and was very impressed with his incredible talent,” the director continued.  “He’s a fantastic actor and I’m looking forward to having the chance to work with him again.  And, quite simply, Tao is a striking presence whose beauty is aptly rivaled by her amazing abilities as an actress.  I’m really excited to have her joining us on this adventure.”

batman superman mulvey okamoto Batman vs. Superman Casts Three New Characters

Callan Mulvey and Tao Okamoto

Now, before anyone starts weaving elaborate theories about who these three people will be playing in Snyder’s next project, it needs to be mentioned that WB’s press release specifically states that their characters were all “newly created for the film.” Not that this will – or even necessarily should – prevent fans from considering the possibility that one or more of these new Batman vs. Superman characters will have a secret identity.

That said, it’s highly doubtful that such is the case. There have been situations like that in past DC movies – see when Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard were cast as “new characters” for The Dark Knight Rises – but, in those instances, the star power of the actors brought onboard was a giveaway that something fishy was going on. Mulvey and Okamato, while they’ve done fine in supporting roles, are not in the midst of a boom in popularity (yet), while Hunter seems more likely a fit for a down-to-earth role (though, you never know…).

Regardless, these casting additions do nothing if not stoke our interest in finding out just what exactly Snyder is cooking up for Batman vs. Superman, especially now that Goyer’s initial script draft is getting a rewrite by Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio (Argo). Feel free to speculate about the latest cast additions as you like, in the comments section.


Batman vs. Superman is currently scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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  1. First off let me say I love superhero movies, I own them all and like all of them outside of IM3 which is garbage and trash. I love the Marvel films but IMO compared to MOS they are very fluffy and superficial and no matter how deep you dig their is not a serious tone or moment in these movies and I can’t invest emotionally in any of the characters…. To many flippant lines meant to invoke a laugh and they do among the the youth and female gender. The movies are a hoot and I enjoy them greatly.. but this going for the laugh and live in the moment fun time doesn’t register with me as much as the serious,gritty pseudo real world that was showcased in the MOS. I get it I’m in the minority in this regard. The fun yuck it up,lack of substance,go for the giggle world of Marvel appeals to a broader audience….but so does the chemical burgers at McDee’s and I eat them as well.

    I didn’t find the movie at all hard to follow and the flashback scenes registered with what was going on at the time in the current time stream. A point was being made on two levels. The twister scene was a Hard explanation point of the love and devotion of Pa Kent to Clark. It was a analogy of what any parent would do for their child to protect them no matter the power or greatness they had. Now I could of done with the sacrifice being for a Family dog….Cause I just don’t get that at all it’s a freaking DOG it get’s swept away you mourn and get another!! But hey some loons are more attached to the animals they own than to the people so what ever.

    As I said I get why MOS was not as popular as the Marvel movies…because going for the real gritty down and dirty superhero movie doesn’t bring about that fun up lifting feeling when watching. MOS was mostly devoid of any laughs a few but not many, and the darker tones to some feel out of place in the Colorful,light and campy superhero world of Marvel and most previous Superhero movies. I’ll take MOS if a choice has to be made…most will take Marvel I’m glad we have both to watch and enjoy.

    • +1 Very well said, I agree a lot with your comment.

    • “To many flippant lines meant to invoke a laugh and they do among the the youth and female gender.”

      Am I to take this to mean that because I am a lady that I have no idea and/or interest in what I’m watching because girls do not read comics and therefore are only there at the behest of their male significant other? So the jokes are thrown in so our eyes don’t glaze over in boredom and want to go watch a real movie…like The Notebook?

      • Oh please. I am a woman, comic book enthusiast (as well as gamer) and I didn’t get offended by this comment. A lot of women who went to see MoS (and Thor mind you) just went for the eye candy. It seems quite a few were upset because it didn’t focus on the love story between Lois and Clark/Superman. I believe that girls like us are a minority. We are, as I have been called before, a rare breed. Oh, and btw, I love my comic book movies, my manly action flicks, my video games, but am still a sucker for rom-coms, and in the case of The Notebook…dramatic love stories. I just would rather spend money to see movies like MoS in the theatre.

      • Notebook a real movie?
        A side effect of feminism in work here

    • I like you post very much. I prefer that DC movies have a darker tone and more realism as much as possible. The Dark Knight movies and Man of Steel should be looked at as cinematic epic films. Marvel is too funny for me with one liners and off the wall jokes. WB/DC should stick with their formula of gritty and darker movies!

    • You wonder why we can’t all get along, then casually drop a silly generalization like “To many flippant lines meant to invoke a laugh and they do among the the youth and female gender.”. First, it’s “too many”. If you’re going to make negative insinuations about other peoples’ intelligence and/or maturity at least have the decency to use proper grammar while doing it.

      I grew up in the 70′s and 80′s, and smart-ass remarks and bantering back and forth was a commonly used device, from Lethal Weapon to Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Die Hard. It didn’t make the tone of the movies less serious, it often made the movies themselves more enjoyable and accessible and sometimes just made them less needlessly pretentious… but it certainly didn’t make them “colorful, light and campy”. Just like a few witty exchanges and one-liners don’t make the MCU campy… it kinda shows those of you complaining about it to be pretty humorless yourselves.

      Which explains a lot. More than you know, in fact.

      In addition, it’s like the hardcore fanbase of the dark and/or ultra-serious CBMs don’t understand what a monopoly they’ve had on their tone of choice. Since the first Batman and Superman quadrilogies, we’ve had the Blade trilogy, Nolan’s Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Sin City, 300, Dredd, Daredevil, 2 Ghost Riders, 3 Punishers, Dredd, 4 Crows, 6, soon to be 7 X-Men (X-stories are always serious, as well as allegories for segregation and racism, definitely not “campy” subjects). If you want more even storytelling with a touch of humor there’s the MCU, the original 2 FF movies, ASM and GL. /groan Hellboy is closer to horror/fantasy and Raimi’s Spider-Man was melodramatic super hero soap.

      There just haven’t been many options if you weren’t into overly-serious stories about comic book super heroes, and it’s why I think Marvel is also more likely to survive a saturated CBM market: because they are providing quality entertainment in a way that differs dramatically from their competitors. If that above list didn’t make it obvious, being dark and serious does not guarantee a good movie either, a statement which I would also apply to MoS. It “wasn’t as popular as the Marvel movies” because being dark and serious didn’t magically make it good, and those Marvel movies were largely much better AND more entertaining overall, even though MoS had the overwhelming advantage in people knowing the character.

      Frankly, I’d consider every MCU movie, even the couple I don’t particularly like, to have more rewatch value than either MoS or DKR, both of which I just find joyless to the point of blandness. The darkness and seriousness just brought out the flaws in the plot and characters, instead of helping conceal them. It obviously has the opposite effect on those who prefer that tone of story.

      • I agree mos needed a lighter tone and the marvel needs a more swrious tone…
        As christopher priest(author of the prestige) himself says…
        That the dark knight/nolans batman were unnecessarily dark and too pretentious…… frankly i enjoyed only the second one that too only because of heath ledgers the joker…
        And superman is always meant to be as a ray of hope and light….so making the overall tone of the movie istoo dark with unnecessary krypton planets start just dragged it along….
        Also the Fast and furious series also has lost all the sanity…they are entertaining but feels like i am watching trailer of a game rather than a movie….
        Also loved MOS but expected it to be better….
        Anyhoo all of these still don’t make The Notebook a ‘real movie’

        • That was just sarcasm based on what I took the quoted text to mean.

  2. Can’t bring myself to look forward to this anymore…
    Its all true, I haven’t seen a trailer…I’d be going to see the movie….all of tht..
    However, expectations, as a word…is mostly about what you think about something before you actually experience it.. And the expectations for this movie..shdnt be too high.

    No One has seen the trailer. That doesn’t mean it will be good.

    MOS…was average at best. I thought it was okay. That is my opinion. Also, consensus. Critically it performed well below expectations. Financially, it made about as much as Thor 2..which has higher critical ratings.

    On top of that, Snyder has cast Eisenberg as Luthor. WW…meh…cud be fine… But Eisenberg as Luthor,….Affleck as Batman..??
    I mean, the whole Snyder does know how to stick to source material is probably out then. Batman is older than superman…much. N its not like Affleck cud take over the role for a long time…the guy is over 40 all ready. So..the possibilities of a Justice League movie being great are soo little as Affleck would be so damn old when that gets made, if that gets made.
    Add to all this the fact that snyder is a decent director..not a great one..

    This movie might be decent. Saying it would be a rental..is silly. Its batman and supes…its gonna make some money. Maybe over MOS. But its just not going to be legendary..its not gonna kick start something special. Its gonna be average…again.. Its all ready dividing opinion soo much..and its years away. When it does come…its a realistic possibility that it could crash and burn. The very fact that its a realistic possibility that a superman/batman movie may not be good..is a sign of something not being optimal..

    • I agree 100%

    • One could always look at the glass half empty or half full. For you my friend, you’d consider the glass half empty and that is where we differ. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that this movie could very well be a major success. Rather it be the inclusion of Ben Affleck, in which you mentioned to be a disadvantage, or Jesse Eisenberg. Let me explain:

      Ben Affleck has recently redeemed himself as an award-winning writer and director. He has also shown that he can be taken seriously as an actor. While at face value his inclusion in the film could be seen as something negative (as you’d suggested,) I believe it could be advantageous. One reason is because Ben used his strings to pull in his Oscar-winning writer from Argo to work on the script. Additionally, after just reestablishing himself, Ben could have easily avoided this projected however he saw something in Zach’s vision that inspired him to continue forward. Now let’s include Holly Hunter who is an award-winning actress, and is in a similar position as Ben. She could’ve easily turned down the role for the film, but again she was inspired to take the job. The fact that Zach Snyder is able to pull in elite artist such as these individuals tells us that Zack is definitely focused and is taking this very seriously. Warner Brothers knows how vital the success of this films is for their DC plans. As a studio that produces critically-acclaimed, award-winning, popular, diverse films and film franchises like Harry Potter, Nolan’s Batman, Her, Gravity, and the Lego Movie, WB is a forced to be reckoned with. Now ofcouse when it comes to their DC properties they’ve have a hard time finding their foot. However just last year WB hired Kevin Tsujihara a new CEO, who has recently voiced his intentions to get DC back into the game. According Variety Tsujihara is taking the necessary steps to get their DC properties going:

      “As for DC Entertainment, cross-studio collaboration to make better use of its comic book characters appears to have accelerated considerably since Mr. Tsujihara took over, in part because he eliminated some management layers. (He has not named a chief operating officer and did not replace Mr. Rosenblum and Mr. Robinov, choosing instead to divide up their duties and assume some himself.) Two new television shows are coming to the CW and Fox, including one based on the Flash and another on a young Batman, and a film series will be announced in the near future, Mr. Tsujihara said. It is expected to include a “Justice League” movie.” http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/30/business/media/warners-ceo-is-bullish-on-the-big-screen.html?_r=0

      I completely understand you’re disagreement with the casting of Jesse Eisenberg, however I feel that many hold this view because we can’t imagine how such a seemingly timid and small person like Jesse, could be a worthy adversary when juxtaposed against the monumental Henry Cavill. We say things such as “This will suck” or “He’s just so nerdy” or even “Zack is being too creative, we want a Lex Luthor just like in the comics.” While these statement are understandable, instead of saying “this will never work” we need to begin asking ourselves, “how can this work.” Zack is obviously staying committed to his vision and has a story to tell. It’s clear that it’s going to be something we’ve never seen before, which is a turn off to those who simply want their favorite comic story arcs interpreted on the big-screen.

      While still in the early stages, WB/DC has yet to to firmly establish a shared cinematic universe in addition to having consistently good films that assure audiences security in their brand. For this reason, when WB/DC takes risky moves, like what Zack is doing, it becomes very uncomfortable for many people. Whereas if Marvel were in a similar situation with one of their directors, there wouldn’t be as much negative feedback because Marvel has earned our confidence.

  3. What the heck is with the hatred?

    Geez get over it nolanoids bales out affleck in…eisenberg in…gadot in….I geez its a fing movie….would the movie be any different if orlando bloom or rosario daweson was cast or vince vaugh or jim carey…..actors don’t make bad movies….its the writors you blame.

    Now as to these castings I think holly hunter may be queen of the amazons…as for tao no clue but callan has been mentioned before.

    If we all go back to dec 4th 2013 we recall miss gadot being cast and another name was thrown around was callens. He was slated to be the villian..

    Now we knew another villian was in town I think we may have metallo folks. That or Ares god of war, or heck maybe he’s another hero. Perhaps tao is playing dr light….or hawkgirl or katana or lady siva or manhunter or judomaster. Or a element woman or jeez to much fun.

  4. I’m stil about that Wonder Woman April fool’s joke!
    I wanna see Wonder Woman and Black Widow solos come out in the same summer. Gal Gedot & Scar Jo for 120 mins!?

  5. I think they’ll play supporting characters

    Holly Hunter – Possibly Hippolyta
    Callan Mulvey – Main villain? Or a villain for Batman
    Tao Okamoto – A villain too for Wonder Woman. Or a character that might stem a new film, like Zatanna the movie. If so, she could play Madame Xanadu in MOS 2.

  6. I wish these are just minor role casting.
    Movie is crowded as it is.
    Man of steel didn’t flesh out Superman’s world ie. Daily Planet stuff so this movie will have to do that with Perry white, Jenny, Clark/Lois.
    + It has to introduce a new batman [ who will be compared to Bale instantly] and so has to stand out. Even Batman’s world will need to be developed a little
    + Wonder woman
    MOS had a huge problem wrt character development. I just hope Affleck gives some directorial input to Snyder coz Snyder isnt the best guy for character driven dramas which this seems to be aiming for.

  7. Apparently, Think McFly Think said something about Callan Mulley being Metallo last December.


    That would be cool! Main villain is a man and the story can tackle on how how evil man can be to his fellow human being. Superman can question if mankind is really worth saving for when there are evidences of them being so hateful like this psycho destroying things around. Batman can then prove that there are humans that are struggling for the good too and that not everyone of their race is bad.

    Also John Corben has a history with Lois. Clark and Lois’s relationship can be more fleshed out.

  8. It would be nice if we could get something…. ANYTHING, that is really news about this film. Don’t get me wrong, the actors described here are solid choices, but I grow tired of the non-news. How about a title? A pic or two from the filming so far? Is that too much to ask? Oh, wait, the paps would rather snap celebrity boobs. My mistake.

  9. My lazy guesses:-

    Holly Hunter = Vicki Vale
    Callan Mulvey = Aquaman
    Tao Okamoto = Lady Shiva

  10. I am now convinced that This is the Justice League movie being filmed.

    DC/WB are rewriting the rules to creating a superhero universe. Who says they have to follow Marvel’s lead by giving each character a solo film first? Fans are way past those types of introductions which can take years. This is becoming one of the biggest secrets in film history, but they can’t keep it for long. At some point, they will announce that the movie being filmed in Detroit is NOT the MoS sequel, but it is indeed the Justice League.

    You heard it hear first!

    • This is almost certainly a Justice League film – why make a MoS ‘sequel’ with still no title and multiple characters and which is delayed until 2016 by which time the Avengers sequel would have been done? No, this is not MoS 2 but…


  11. Outlandish as it is but maybe Callan Mulvey is actually Lex Luthor revealed later on and Jesse Eisenberg is just the face, just like IM3 with Ben Kingsley’s ‘Mandarin’.

    Now nobody would see that coming!

  12. Holly Hunter as Martha Wayne or Vicki Vale.
    Callan Mulvey as Thomas Wayne or young Alfred Pennyworth.
    Tao Okamoto as Talia Al-Ghul or a female Joker.

  13. So my ideas

    Holly hunter is the amazon queen…aka dianas mother. Minor role and potential to appear in wonder woman movie.

    Callan is metallo…gov still worried about superman brings in lex to help develop defense of him and mettelo is born…goes crazy and nearly beats supes but the batman comes in as does wonder woman.

    Toa…..honestly I have no clue….id say she could be dr.light or katana or lady shiva or judomaster or maybe and this is a srtress…circe. sets up villian for wonder woman filmm. Or chart. Or idk. Now the guessing games begin.



  16. Mulvey is Steve Trevor

  17. So I think tao may be Chesire. As a world renown assasin luthor may hire her to take down superman and batman may intervein as they are fighting. Or maybe even mercy graves as rumors were circulating back in november that she was a possible addition.

    As for callan I think he could be metallo, atomic skull, parasite, or perhaps a younger deathstrok? As for filler maybe steve trevor?

    Still say hunter is amazon queen.

    Looking foward to the fact film begins production in a matter of weeks if not days! Hopefully some leaked photos sometime in near future…

  18. I loved MOS,it was epic sci fi at its best and a new look at the Superman mythology with out all that cookie cutter Bull Crap,WB need to keep up the tone of this universe,I dont want SUPERMAN to be taken lightly and for laughs,and I dont want a silly whimsical universe with the stakes of a DisneyXD cartoon.Comic book movies with an edge and real weight are what truly grip me.MOS is the example of how to do a CBM similar to TDK Trilogy/WATCHMEN Directors Cut/VforVendetta/DREDD/First Class/SIN CITY etc,etc seperate the comedic from the Art.

    This is how I want the DCCU to be,not cookie cutter,real stakes,real sacrifice and no win situations.

  19. Gal went from this: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/wennpic/gal-gadot-uk-premiere-fast-and-furious-6-04.jpg

    To this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-i8KPjbKpyhM/UzXmdLVGBmI/AAAAAAAAK3E/UwvFg1THVMc/s1600/CAM00300.jpg

    in the short time since she’s been announced. I bet she fills the duds quite accurately, friends