Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Be ‘Tired, Weary & Seasoned’

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Ben Affleck as Batman 570x300 Batman vs. Superman: Ben Afflecks Batman Will Be Tired, Weary & Seasoned

Now that the dust has settled on the Ben Affleck as Batman casting news (after nearly 1000 comments on our original article), we can move on to exactly what kind of Batman Affleck will be playing in Man of Steel 2, otherwise known as Batman vs. Superman.

We’ve known for a while now that Superman would be squaring off against an older, more mature Batman in Batman vs. Superman. But what kind of shape will the Caped Crusader be in?

In a recent interview at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference (via CinemaBlend), Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara had an answer, remarking that the Batman seen in Batman vs. Superman will be “tired and weary and seasoned.”

But “tired, weary, and seasoned” shouldn’t be misconstrued as weak. As Zach Snyder and company reminded Comic-Con audiences, Batman is the only man to have beaten Superman. Here’s the famous quote actor Harry Lennix shared from Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Anyone who has read The Dark Knight Returns will recall that Batman defeated Superman with his brains, not his brawn (though he had some help from his money, too). That’s what’s always made Batman such a great superhero. He’s the ultimate tactician. He literally has a plan for everything. Of course, as we all know, Batman and Superman will ultimately end up working together in the film, which puts Tsujihara’s comments in an interesting context.

Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Batman vs. Superman: Ben Afflecks Batman Will Be Tired, Weary & Seasoned

If Batman is truly “tired and weary” of crime fighting, he will likely see Superman as a potential savior: someone who can take over the burden of protecting society. On the other hand, Batman’s also “seasoned,” meaning he knows when something is off. His innately suspicious nature will recognize Superman as a threat. After all, he is a super powerful alien that’s partly responsible for destroying the better part of Metropolis.

That’s one thing that Batman (or more accurately, Bruce Wayne) will have in common with Lex Luthor. You can bet that both tycoons will be spending endless resources trying to figure out just how to beat Superman. The difference is that Bruce Wayne will recognize Superman’s dual nature (that he’s as much a human as he is an alien).

Anyway, these comments don’t necessarily give us any new information about the film, but they do provide some confirmation on a subject that’s been hotly debated.

What do you think of seeing Batman as an older, more experienced crime fighter in Batman vs. Superman? Let us know in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will hit theaters July 17, 2015.

Source: CinemaBlend

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  1. What do I think? I think this is sounding more and more like Nolan’s Batman. Tired, weary, and seasoned.

    • That’s the only thing I think these versions of Batman will have in common. Besides, Nolan pulled a good chunk of his 3rd movie from TDKR which this movie is also pulling from. I just think this one is gonna do it better. Nolan’s Batman gave up. He was pathetic.

      • I think the realism factor in the trilogy called for him retiring. There’s only so much a man can take (both physically and mentally), which is what the whole trilogy was kind of about. One ordinary man, though the Bruce Wayne in the trilogy was still a pretty damn impressive individual. Him retiring also lent to the idea of Batman being a symbol, hence him retiring with John Blake taking the throne.

        • No. Batman of any realistic parallel of human being capable of BECOMING batman in the first place would not train for nearly ten yrs to then operate for three catch a knee injury then retire n feel sorry for himself for eight yrs….. It MAKES NO SENSE
          jes sposed to be obsessed beyond the “ordinary” human beings level of reasoning.. Finding ways to makesure his body can handle it then pushing past those “ordinary” limits….

          But instead we get a mediocre defeatist decidely average whiny little b**** (played well by bale don’t get me wrong with better script/direction hedve still killed it)
          Who was just looking to pass off his burden at the nearest opportunity….

          Which of those characteristics define the batman you know n love? Coz unless begins was your jumping on point NONE of that rings true..

      • ^^This

    • They didnt say “broken” and “P**** whipped.”

      • @ DragonArcher23

        HA! Yes!

      • Lol. You’re right. They did not say that.

      • True. This is Bruce Wane/Batman, not Casper Milquetoast!
        This might work….???

        Still want Flash and Green Lantern as well as Doctor Fate and Hourman, tho.

      • How was he p**** whipped?

        • Are you serious ColdSc?
          They might as well call it the “Batman Cries about Rachel Dawes” Trilogy. It was a downward spiral of pathetic.

          Movie 1: The best of the bunch when it comes to Rachel, sure Bruce wanted to sniff her britches, and went out of his way to impress her, but it wasn’t overdone.

          Then came…

          Movie 2: Bruce gets kicked to the curb, and carries on like the creepy stalker guy from work. He should be flat out embarrassed. I would mercilessly harass any friend of mine who acted like that over a girl WHO CHOSE ANOTHER GUY! Second, does the Batman you know, not the movie one but the comic one, go after his crush instead of the “savior of Gotham” like this one did?

          On to

          Movie 3:
          8 years later he is still crying about the chick WHO DID NOT WANT HIM ANYWAY! Instead of fixing his injuries, which proved to be quite easy for him, he hung up the cowl and sat around crying into his cereal and wanking to old Rachel pics locked away in his room. Then he disowns his lifetime friend for spoiling the memory of a girl HE WAS NEVER ACTUALLY WITH!!!!!

          Oh now I understand your question, he never got any, so how could he be whipped over it. It was more like “Friendzone whipped”

          • Wow. Your view of the trilogy is downright horrible. I didn’t see any of that. I saw a man who had lost everything when he was a child and struggled to hold onto whatever remaining link he had to his past.

            He loved Rachel because she was an important fragment of his childhood. She was pure and knew him like no one (except Alfred) knew him. He’s a real man in the real world trying to carry on overwhelming burden. When he finds that she may not want to spend her life with a crimefighter, he buckles and decides to drop the cowl. Go watch Mask Of The Phantasm to understand this better.

            Even in the comics and cartoons, Batman admits that his greatest weakness is that he is only human. Distracting him by attacking his loved ones will break him. He admits this in his contingency records that he has created to destroy the Justice League in the event that ANY of them go rogue.

            How you managed to ignore all that and focus this narrow-minded view on someone who’s p*ssywhipped is beyond me. You failed to enjoy a really good movie, my friend.

            • I love people who try to tell me that if I didn’t like something, it must be because I didn’t understand it. I understood it just fine, I just did NOT like the Rachel Dawes storyline. I thought it was way too front and center in the trilogy. That is my opinion, it is not incorrect because it differs from yours. Just as yours is not incorrect because it differs from mine. You liked the Rachel storyline, good for you, I am glad you were able to enjoy it. I now fast forward through it when I rewatch the movies.
              Also, I am exaggerating at an attempt to be funny. I liked the first two movies in the trilogy quite a bit. I think the Dark Knight is probably the best CMB ever made. That doesn’t mean that I have to think of it as a perfect movie. I did not like Bales Batman, I hated the throat cancer bear voice, and I thought they made him kind of a wuss. Maybe not physically, but mentally. I liked his Bruce Wayne though, he was very good in that role.

              • So being upset over the loss of someone you love is what? Babyish?

                But dressing up in a costume with a big cape and pointy ears? That’s mature?

                Okey dokey.

                • Begin upset is one thing…

                  Are you trying to say that if your best friend was still holed up in his room crying over a girl he was never actually with 8 years after she died you wouldn’t go smack the s*** outta him and ask “WTF is wrong with you ya pansy?!?!”

                  Some friend you are, I’m taking you off my Christmas card list…. YOU’RE NEVER THERE FOR ME!

                  • That, specifically, is a valid point. I didn’t remember too much crying, but yeah, there was something up with his not moving on.

                    I remember that scene of Alfred burning the note in DK really killing me (honestly, that struck me more than anything in the movie). Those were her lasts words for one thing, and Bruce should have faced them at some point.

                    I guess that’s what they wanted to do with the character though. There would have to be something about Bruce Wayne that simply isn’t able to “move on.”

              • Here here!!

            • And I didnt “fail to enjoy” brother. I loved BB and TDK. Doesnt mean I cant point out flaws, like how Batman and Rachel fell from a skyscapper and didnt even get a scratch.

              • **Skyscraper

              • I’m completely with DragonArcher23 on this one. The Rachel Dawes crap was ridiculous.

            • i agree with u. and this wont be nolans at all. expect animated series / comicbook batman.

            • Cant you guys see, Dragon is hurting! he got dumped by a ho and is in some serious pain! Lay off him!

              NOTTTT! LMAO, get over your girl dude, your story is NOT everyone else’s story!

              • But… But… How did you know?

                Seriously, if others like it good for them, I just would rather see other things from a Batman movie. I’ll watch the Notebook or something when I want that kind of stuff. But hey, it’s all JMO anyfreakinwho.

          • I completely agree DragonArcher23. The way Wayne acted the last two movies was embarrassing. Crying over spilled milk every chance he got about ugly ass Rachel Dawes. Threw away his lifetime friendship with Alfred because he dared to tell him the truth. What a f**king loser!!! She wasn’t leaving him for you. Lol fix your leg and go brush your teeth. Your clearly stink in that dirty ass robe grandpa

            • “Lol fix your leg and go brush your teeth. Your clearly stink in that dirty ass robe grandpa”

              That made me spit out my banana! HAHA!

              • “That made me spit out my banana!”

                You had a whole banana in your mouth?

            • I couldn’t agree more.

              “Fix your leg and brush your teeth” will go down as one of my favorite lines ever.

          • GREAT-F-ING FRIEND YOU ARE BUDDY!! you must be EVERYONES bestie!

            you act like one of them tough guy types but in reality your the one that is P***Y whipped, because you really only see them signs when you know exactly what to look for! AND BELIEVE ME, YOU know what your looking for!

            I’m sorry dude! she probably wasn’t the “RIGHT ONE” for you anyway!

            • Are you trying to be funny or serious? I’ll reply to both I guess.

              Funny reply:
              But… But… We were meant to be together, until that dang stripper and midget showed up. How can I live without her!?!?

              Serious reply:
              Tough guy? Huh? Did I threaten to beat Rachel up or something (although that may improve her looks)
              I just don’t much care for love stories in action movies. Yes, I know what I am looking for, when a Batman acts in a manner that makes me question whether he has boy parts or girl parts (no offense ladies, many of you are probably emotionally stronger than Nolan’s Wayne/Batman) I then know I am looking for a superhero that is not a wussy.

              • DragonArcher23, Ultron already beat Rachel Dawes’ as (literally) in Secretary.

          • @Dragonarcher23

            I don’t think you’ve been paying attention to the trilogy at all.

            1. Bruce Wayne doesn’t go out of his way in Batman Begins to impress Rachel. Where in that movie does he make reservations to spoil her senseless? The guy disappeared for 7 years and returns out of the blue to Gotham City on a mission to SAVE his city. He didn’t go out of his way showing off his utility belt to her.

            2. A man still on a mission is spying on rising star (Harvey Dent) making sure he isn’t in leagues with any mobsters and probably heard rumors of his behavior towards locked up criminals which constitutes any crime fighter to keep a watchful on this shady character where Rachel Dawes is conveniently there that makes him more interested in this guy so she’s not in danger of brawling with the wrong folks hence the reason why he says in DKR that he wears a mask to protect the people he loves and why wouldn’t he have that same interest in keeping her out of harms way? In the comics Batman / Bruce Wayne’s only weakness were women. Being close to women have a devastating effect on him if he gets too close that’s why he keeps his distance.

            3. The guy wasn’t crying over Rachel in DKR he pretty much felt as though he had failed someone that he loved as with the tragedy of his parents. Her death brought up old wounds that he thought he over came when he had his first confrontation with Ras Al Ghul. What further devastated him more was the fact he thought Rachel loved him and wanted to be with him. Remember Alfred had the letter from Rachel? He did Bruce Wayne a disservice by not telling him cause he didn’t have faith in Bruce’s reaction that he would process things in the proper manner and become a true vigilante seeking revenge in the most destructive manner. Alfred is fully aware of Bruce’s rage and is almost afraid of him on what he might turn out to be if the restraints he had were suddenly pulled away knowing that she no longer loves him and she is primarily responsible of placing a code of ethics into him. Also, Bruce never gave Alfred the boot after he told him the truth about the letter he merely allowed him to leave if he wanted to. After that scene when they had that discussion about the letter in the next scene you can clearly see that Bruce didn’t take him seriously because he was calling for him when the doorbell kept ringing. The Batman trilogy is really about a guy that is primarily lost and doesn’t know how to move on from what he considers tragic in his life and he is that way because of the absence of his parents to guide him through life which makes him a tragic hero. You can see that this is a concurrent theme carried throughout the trilogy. Rachel Dawes instills code of ethics into him while Ras Al Ghul whom found him in a jail cell referring to him as a lost soul with a forgotten purpose guided him giving him a purpose to a mission in which Bruce converted into a grander scale which is saving Gotham with his new found abilities. The last piece to the puzzle in completing Bruce is giving him a reason to live and that’s what DKR was all about. Bruce got over Rachel Dawes right away after Alfred broke the news to him and raised himself out of the pit where catwoman restored his faith that he can have a life beyond Batman. Does that sound like a wuss to you?

    • Weary? the last thing Bale’s batman was, was weary. He escaped his own harsh realities through crime fighting, and it was the same constant fight that he and alfred had. Bruce wanted to continue to fight, because the streets needed cleaning up. A weary Batman will be looking for a way out.

  2. That Batman/Superman battle was pure BS. Frank Miller is a known Superman hater, so he had to make Batman look good.

    • How was it BS? Batman clearly used his weaknesses to beat him (one of which was that he didn’t go after Batman full force because he didn’t feel like he was a threat).

      • No dude. BS was there from start to finish. Superman is not a dog of the government and never was(unless its Miller), Superman is smart in the fights and can perfectly calculate the fight incuding the check of people in the houses so that noone would get hurt, he was also very resourceful. Yes, back in the day he was the biggest boyscout and naive but never as stupid as Miller draw him to be. Superman’s powers were altered alot too.
        That said, Joker wasn’t really like Joker there, more like your average maniac.
        And Batman not finding any other way other then the fight is not good as well. Thats the whole point of him, he is detective first fighter next. He is manipulator. He could hang out with Amanda Waller, do you think he couldn’t show the corner to the president?
        And why would president even need to kill Batman? Was there really a need to go that far because…because of what again? Same with other heroes, this is pure b*******, Miller never gave a good reason for any of this. His story is good and i did enjoy it but it has alot of issues and is not a masterpiece.

        • I agree. TDKR isn’t the magnum opus of the Bat’s catalog. But, what TDKR did right was give a new generation a Batman that could be taken seriously as opposed to the campfest he’d become in the post-Adam West era. So for that it deserves props.

          • Miller is overrated and his art just flat out sucks sometimes.

        • Supermans ALWAYS been the govt boy scout. Regraess of millers interpretation.. He just overemphasised what supes not so latent submission to authority develops into in the long run… &as racist hackneyed &basically cringeworthy ad some of his work has become.. TDKR is still THE QUINTISSENTIAL batman story

      • I thought it tried very hard to make them on a level playing field (having Superman nuked, Batman in an Iron Man suit) but Superman was still better. The fight is pretty epic (especially in the animated film) and some of the touches, like x-ray detectors linked up to rocket launchers, were nice, but Superman would always beat Batman in a fight in much the same way Flash would always beat Superman in a race.

        Writers work very hard to try to convince us that it’s close, but it’s all rubbish, really.

  3. I get that all this “Batfleck” stuff gets your website more hits than you’ve ever known how to deal with, but seriously. There is not a single thing in this article that is new to ScreenRant’s articles. I love this website, so I am not trying to rant as a random fanboy. I come to this website several times a day to read well-written articles about movie news that I care about. When you write an article about 3 words that a person said about something, it comes off as lazy and desperate. Once again, I’m a huge fan of the site and will by no means stop visiting or recommending the site to friends. But really, post articles of substance. I’m sure this post will get you plenty of reads/shares around the web due to its subject matter, and a small percentage of those visitors will become full-time readers of the site, but really…have some respect for your regular readers. There is virtually no substance in this article. I apologize for my lengthy rant. I forgive you. Goodnight.

    • Well said.

    • Very true after reading the article I couldn’t help but feel it was really short and didn’t have very much new information. Just for the record I’am also a huge Screen Rant fan.

    • Who cares if its a small article?

      A.) It’s still new information.

      B.) It’s interesting information.

      C.) It increases speculation.

      One off small articles here and there aren’t a big deal. All this site needs to do, and does very well, is give the news. Not be all wordy derdy and sugar coating news with poop. You’ll find most articles, when just adding a few new words of news, will just take all their old ones related to it and mesh them together to make it look like their is more. Screenrant don’t, and good on them for not conforming.

      When Affleck was cast, they could have just made a new thread WITHOUT an article and just have the title, ‘Ben Affleck is the new Batman’ and everyone would have understood. They’d be stupid to do so but could have done the bare minimum there, but didn’t.

      Basically, they’re not lazy.

    • Blake S, precious space for us to praise or condemn this movie runs out pretty fast. It’s nice to get a fresh string every now and then.

    • Hits for a website or not… the best part about this site is the freedom to talk about what we love most. So to re open a current trending topic isn’t a bad thing. Maybe in the last couple of days, some of us have come up with new or different reasons to love or hate an idea? Also, come join the OD if you want to just rant about random. We have lots of room for more.

    • Give ‘em a break. They’re as excited about the movie as we are. So of course they’re gonna want to share every tidbit of info that they get, substantial or not.

  4. im okay with seasoned. But tired? I mean come on. Why is Batman in his prime so hard to do? I guess you could point to Tim Burton’s films but…ehhh. I guess its just hurry up and wait

  5. lol

  6. Tired and weary? I guess I understand where that’s coming from. Though I think that description is a bit too heavy for a person who’s only 40 or so. Seasoned was good enough for me!

    • I’m chronologically 55, but I have more energy than Ricochet Rabbit on rocket fuel!

      • Exactly!

      • I can tell by your perverted posts, Goldilocks! HAHA just messin!

  7. “The difference is that Bruce Wane…”

    Misspelling on Wayne.

    • He was weary…he is wane-ing!

      • HA!!!

  8. Even if the article was based on 3 words, I’m still glad Rob took the time to write it. It may not give the clearest picture of what’s to come but this is all about the speculation game. To a huge fan like myself, even if it’s a tiny hint like this, it’s still nice to know where the studio’s (CEO let alone) heads are at. Also, little things like this can spawn some very interesting and out of the box conversations.

  9. tired, weary, seasoned. the more i want christian bale to play me. daredevil doesn’t have what it takes to be me.

  10. Crap. I respect Frank Miller’s work but hate his interpretation of Batman. Give me Bruce Timm any day. I was hoping for a more Arkham Asylum / World’s Finest / Batman TAS vibe for this. I wanted Batman to be wise but also in his prime. That would have made for a badass dynamic.

    I hate that they’re channeling so much of Miller here. His Batman is void of any real heroism. He’s just a grizzled, vengeful vigilante out to quench his thirst for revenge. He’s Batman because that’s all he can be. A sociopath.

    Bruce Timm’s Batman is far better. He’s a hero. He has wit. He’s a genius. He’s reclusive and constantly suspicious, but also trustworthy, composed, and focused. I wish they had leaned more towards that than what they’re trying to pull here. Old and weary? No thanks.

    • Where did they say old? Chill and stop reading so much into things they’re just letting us know he wont be green &fresh but already well into his career as batman &pissibly abit cynical by the time he meets the boyscout

  11. the thing that interested me were the CEO’s comments about coming announcements concerning other DC properties. figures they’ll start to trickle in with NYCC coming around.

    • The next few months to Warner Bros is like a whole year to us aha. I’m betting nothing will be announced until next summer.

  12. I can’t wait for this movie!!

  13. i really hate that these sites keep saying that is what will happen in the film. they keep pushing this story that batman is going to be untrustful of superman. they don’t even know what the film is about and here they go speculating what’s going to happen in the film. they also told us that ironman was going to go meet up with the guardians of the galaxy at the end of ironman 3, and that didn’t happen. they hype up these movies with what they think will or according to them should happen and everyone who reads these articles get a misconception of the movie they are going to see and when what they read doesn’t happen they bash the movie. just wait ti;; the movie comes out and then you can discuss it all you want.

    • Any writer at an entertainment news site can speculate all they want. It’s just their opinion and guess at what might happen based on the info they have. It doesn’t mean that we, as the readers, have to treat their opinions as fact. Most people should know how to think for themselves and not believe everything they read anyway.

    • If you get misconceptions based on what they write, that’s your fault. If they waited for the movie to come out before discussing it, what would they post in the meantime?

  14. I dont know, im not entirely excited about seeing batman beat superman in the movie, i dont want a movie wear superman becomes batmans b****!

  15. Okay I loved MoS, I got used to the fact of Affleck playing Batman, I was pro having a film with just Superman and Batman from the start, but to this I just have nothing positive to say anymore. I don’t get it.

    I don’t get how you’d not want a young Batman on the edge of reaching his prime for this. Someone who’s a few steps ahead iof SUperman in terms of having grown into his role as Superhero, but still someone who has just a few things to overcome and improve upon himself too. They’re seriously gonna give us a Batman past his prime in the film DCU!? Really!? Or are they REALLY gonna mess with alternate timelines to make it even more confusing to general audiences…?

    I don’t know what the hell this is all about anymore.

    • Take a deep breath and understand you are probably taking “tired and weary” a little to seriously.

      I don’t think we are going to get a Batman that is constantly out of breath, if that’s what you are thinking…

      Comic Book Batman, (at least in canon) has always been portrayed as a salty veteran.

      • Yeah, I thought tired and weary was a bit too much lol.

  16. Good, this is more confirmation of the Batman I’m hoping for in this movie!!! A young, fresh Superman gives a seasoned Batman the hope to continue the fight? Awesome.

  17. I really wish they’d make me another movie -_-

  18. A tired and seasoned Batman sounds great.

    Too bad we’ll never get to see the stories of how he got to that point.

    It’ll be much like the Khan reveal in STID. Meant nothing because the characters – and audience – have no history or context in these respective rebooted universes for a new iterations of Batman and Khan.

  19. I just wish they’d get the f****** quote right.
    And I agree, batman should n

    • cont’d. not be ‘tired and weary’ he should just be hitting his prime. How’s he going to take on Superman and (hopefully) form the JL if he can’t be arsed anymore?

  20. I just want a fantastic Batman/Superman movie for the ages…. Snyder/Goyer you better not screw this movie …. or hordes and hordes of fanboys will devour you.

  21. Who wants to see a tired and weary Batman? And what the heck is that suppose to do for the series moving forward? I mean is everyone in the JL going to be young and Batman the old guy ala Iron Man in Avengers. If that’s the case DC needs to stop jocking Marvel because Batman is suppose to be young and spry. This old Batman makes no sense. Batman and Superman are suppose to be contemporaries. What’s going to happen with the Batman movies? If Batman is old and seasoned that means he’s fought all of his major villains. You can’t be 40 and just meet Joker, Riddler, Penguin. Two Face, Black Mask, Hugo Strange, etc etc. This old Batman is just a bad idea

    • I suppose any upcoming Batman solo movies could take place before he actually met Superman but then the question is, how does Affleck then play a younger Batman? That facial CGI thing they tried on Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen is not quite there yet.

    • Yes they all exist already and any Batman movie will just be about dealing with them and flashbacks to their origin stories only.

  22. They’re gonna have to flex som creative muscle to get this movie to work; it’s just so weird to reboot batman and then risk the awesome MoS franchise like this.

    WB has already struck a deal with JK Rowling to make a Harry Potter SPINOFF series(at least 2 movies will be made). This is actually a smarter idea than rebooting Batman(which I consider immature and desperate).

  23. Old, tired and weary from being in France with Catwoman.

    That totally makes sense.

    Continuity is a b****.

  24. I really dont care what kind of batman they use I just want there to be a true animosity between the two characters. I want there to be a true divide between Supes and Batman. I want Superman to HATE batman and have their coming together to be of something of more circumstance than any actual want to be teammates. I think that will make for a real interesting dynamic between the two if they EVER decide to green light a justice league movie.

    Im talking about something more than the little spats between iron man and CA in avengers. I mean I want there to be a legit beef between the two characters so that their eventual respect for each other (in future movies) holds more weight.

  25. this movie sounds good to me….batman would need alot of experience to take down supes so it makes sense that he is older(however, snyder already hinted that superman will win the fight at the panel at comic con)

    since he is kinda the leader of justice league it also makes senses that he is older and wiser to be able to lead and be tactical

    also i say green lantern 2 should have flash in it….dont need a solo movie for flash….wonder women or aquaman need there own movie cuz there more “out there” and have a bigger story to tell then flash

    • Older does not necessarily mean wiser. Leaders are not always older. Maturity has nothing to do with age.

  26. oh man they better do a stand-alone prequel to superman vs batman at some point, because everyone and myself included will be wondering what the heck
    he is weary from. synder totally screwed up by not having this planned out before and having a meaningful scene in MOS showing someone sitting in the batcave watching the destruction of metropolis unfold old and weary describes more of jim cavaziel or josh brolin look. its a shame that cavill is now second fiddle to the more famous affleck and if this story does not pan out, it will be the clusterfunk of the DECADE…..

  27. Ben Affleck as a “tired”, “weary” & “seasoned” Batman. Lets be real here. The only thing that carried The Man Of Steel was special effects. It sure as Hell wasn’t the crappy plot & superficial character development, but then even Nolan’s rendition of Batman was crap too when you think about it. No reason to have high expectations for the Superman sequel because it’s not going to get any better. I think it’s funny how Hollywood likes to cite today’s movie going audiences as having more “sophisticated tastes” than they use to. By that standard given the crap tinsel town’s churning out these days they must really mean most viewers are just a bunch of retards.

  28. I can’t help but point out that in terms of the ‘canon’, Batman has never defeated Superman. In the comic The Dark Knight Returns:The government doesn’t like how Batman is running things by this time and so they send Superman in to stop him. Batman, even using an exo-suit and kryptonite is beaten and his suit torn by Superman, who is holding back anyway (for the plot, Batman expected and wanted this), when Green Arrow suddenly shows up and hits Superman with kryptonite tipped arrows. While Superman is momentarily weakened, this is when Batman grabs him and says that line about remembering who beat him. Then Batman goes into cardiac arrest. This was all apart of a greater plot to let Batman go “underground” and fight crime the way he did when he first became Batman, from the shadows. Just had to point this out because too many people take this as canon AND they tend to overlook the part that it is all one long con done to the government. Superman can say he beat Batman and the government leaves. Batman can still fight injustice and crime, but without the bat signal or other things that place him in the limelight. He will cease to exist to everyone but the criminals that cross his path.

  29. Does anybody know if there’s a robin role up for grabs? I’m trying to be a you g actor and I’m 18 so I would really like to know.