Eddie Murphy As The Riddler & Shia LaBeouf As Robin = B.S.

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People always love to run wild with rumors, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. And one of the movies that has been getting and will undoubtedly continue to get rumors kicked around is for the sequel to the much loved The Dark Knight, known for the time being as simply Batman 3.

But I don’t think any amount of past rumors could prepare you for the ridiculousness of the one that the UK’s The Sun newspaper has reported: that Eddie Murphy will play The Riddler! I think this is easily a flat-out false piece of news (it was posted on the newspaper’s Bizarre Movie News page so perhaps it was intended as a joke?). This is so out there that there’s no way it’s true.

On top of that ridiculous notion The Sun also reports that Spielberg favorite Shia LaBeouf will portray Robin in the next installment of the franchise. Collider officially debunked both these pieces of via an interview with head of Warner Bros, Alan Horn, that reveals that not even Nolan has signed on to do another film never mind any new characters implemented and cast. Horn had this to say:

We’ve been talking to Chris Nolan and what we have to do is get him in the right place and have him tell us what he thinks the notion might be for a great story, but Chris did a great job and we’d love to have him come back and do another one.

The story is everything and we are very respectful of Chris. We have a wonderful relationship with him and we are going to be respectful of his timing and we want to get it right. Also, I think the fans expect that – they want us to make a terrific movie – we have to give them another great movie.

Without Nolan on-board there’s no way Warner Bros. would cast this thing, so I think we can consider these casting rumors false.

Other, more believable Batman news comes from respected Batman movie news outlet Batman-On-Film. They are insisting that the rumors of Rachel Weisz playing Catwoman in the next film (which Screen Rant already covered):

“…she may not ultimately nab the role, but it isn’t BS.”

I personally think the notion of Weisz portraying the Catwoman character is a very believable one. As BoF already said she may not ultimately get the role but it’s not a complete load of rubbish either.

But as AintItCoolNews reports:

No talent has a finished contract yet. Specifically, Chris Nolan doesn’t have a deal. There is no story treatment on anybody’s desk at Warners. No accepted pitches. No talent beyond Chris Nolan has been approached. Now… would Warners like to be immediately in development on the new caped crusader film with Bale and Nolan? You betcha, but that’s why they’re giving Nolan the room he needs to come back to the cowl.

I think specifically the Eddie Murphy and Shia LaBeouf rumours are just another example of people running wild with any little piece of news that comes out. It seems these people will never learn.

What do you make of the casting rumors? Isn’t Murphy as The Riddler just the most ridiculous idea ever?

Sources: BatmanOnFilm, AintItCoolNews, Collider and The Sun

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  1. This is so funny if Warner Brothers would have to be really dumb to cast Eddie Murphy as the riddler, i am not a Racist, the fact is most of the Batman Villians were White… (although Batman is black in the standalone Comic what if stan lee made the Justice Leauge or something like that)
    and if Shia LaBeouf was Robbin i think it would thae the whole Franchise and put it in the gutter…
    Jeez i posted about this in an ols post
    “I think with all due respect in order to continue the batman films after the third film (if that happens) they would need to make a justice leauge film and continue doing those with all the Actors from thier respectful Films Bat Man Super Man etc.
    I am shocked Bale would not want to see a Robin alongside him in a Film Just like in the Comics if done right you can have a kick ass Robin…
    think about it adapt his new Costume for the Film from the current comics black and red. he would have to be a young Actor about fifteen who can play a serious roles like Cameron Bright who played a really messed up kid in the butterfly effect. what do you guys think.”
    so there

  2. @Ross
    You should have phoshoped the picture with Jim Carreys Riddler outfit, illustrating how riduculous the rumor is.

    I agree that Catwoman Should not be filmed Again, however You can’t go wrong with Rachael Weisz playing the role.
    But only time will tell.
    And in another Tangent somewhat related, I still can buy in the acting vehicle that is Shia Labouf, he thus far still has not proven to be a worthwhile talent for me to waste my time watching. Perhaps he should deviate from all these action/adventure/thriller films and move into more dramatic, rather than the 2 Hours of “No, No, No, No.” (that was Transformers for the most part BTW) dialogue that any bafoon can play. He is always seen running from or to something, Tip for Spielberg and anyone else who casts him, save your money for a stuntman or a dialogue/acting coach.

  3. Transformers would have been a far better movie, had it focused more on the transfomers and less on Sam inabilty to woe Megan Fox. And if Sam was recast, I am sure Haley Joel Osment is looking for work.
    I am not saying I didnt like Transformers, but it had the Knock the socks off my feet potential, and only accomplished the Wow thats was pretty cool.
    I just cant wait until Shia either finally Mans U and does something meaningful with his film choices, or becomes like all other fads before him and fades into non exsistance except into cheezy Direct to DVD release or even worse Direct to DVD Disney sequels.
    In my ioinion he can go either way, he has the makings to be a talented actor, he needs to fire his agent.

  4. Personally I think that these rumors are completely crap. He said that he would not make a disappointment but if he casts them I don’t think people would like or even watch it.

  5. oh and by the way if anyone cares for my opinion, they shoud make robin in leauge with Frank miller’s all star batman (which btw is a great Batman Comic and i love Franks Miller’s Writting in this comic which is great a Most Read.)
    (and yes i like this Batman, For all you batman vs iron man posters!!! remember???) this Batman makes himself crazy but underneath he is noble and cring and even loving, can not wait for batman all star volume 2…

  6. oh btw i do not agree with frank millers idea that batman treated Dick Grayson like Crap…
    and that he enjoyed every momment that he beat the living hell out of the baddies but i still believe unlike most critics (and i bet even frank miller did not intend that either) that batman made him self the way he is in this story arc (which is not Cannon) in order to acomplish his goal like a drill sargent will treat you like crap but one they “brake distance” in advanced training you are thier buddy and you see how they even can grow to like you…
    which is why in the end of all star batman and roin volume one you see batman and Roin Crying…

  7. Hahah, yeah, the “No no no no no no” from Transformers brought it to a squealing halt every time Shia or anyone else started shouting it.

    What I’m worried about is whether or not the poor “no no no” dialogue was Shia’s idea, Michael Bay’s, or the Transformers dialogue writers, who are now working on the Star Trek movie.

  8. The Sun rarely has any clue what they’re talking about, so sure this is BS.
    Moment I heard about it I thought it was too dumb to be true. Certain movies and companies I can imagine it (FOX for instance) but not with Nolan about.

  9. I think this one is one of the silliest rumors yet.

  10. This is almost as silly as that rumor they were going to get George Clooney to play Batman. Oh wait….

  11. IF this rumor was true, I would cry

  12. I was told about this today. How crazy would that be huh? Shia being Robin is out of the picture because Christian Bale said he’d leave. Eddie Murphy as The Riddler? Might as well recast Jim Carrey.

  13. I don’t think it’s true because Christian Bale has already said no to the idea of Robin being in a future movie, but Shia Labeouf has helped every film he’s been in so far. Anyone see Eagle Eye? He’s the future of films in Hollywood, and he maybe doing a film or films for Warner Brothers very soon if he’s cast in Y: The Last Man. Could be true! You never know.

  14. This rumor doesn’t even deserve the publicity, especially since Chris Nolan hasn’t officially signed up to do another movie. I’m hoping he does because i personally like his incarnation of the Batman series and how he’s presented the characters. Which ever direction WB/Nolan plans to go with the Dark Knight sequel, i’m hoping they bring the same intensity that this film has. Joker was utter chaos and unpredictable, kept the film on edge and interesting. I’d like that same feel if a sequel DOES get inked.

  15. Put Eddie in white-face, and he’d be an incredibly awesome riddler, but you’d need a damn good script

  16. With Eddie as the Riddler they won’t even need a Batman to make the movie. I’m there.

  17. I think who will play as robin is similiar to dent and joker. It might be scarecrow and i am not convinced dent is dead. Watch the seond scene in darkknight what did scarecrow say then tell me who will be robin.

  18. It kinda seems to me that The Riddler needs to be a guy with glasses in his basement, at his computer with the knowledge of Batman's identity already figured out. But that's just me.

    As for Robin: NO! Batman is WAY too young to need a sidekick right now. Maybe after he's defeated someone like the Penguin, or something.

  19. It kinda seems to me that The Riddler needs to be a guy with glasses in his basement, at his computer with the knowledge of Batman's identity already figured out. But that's just me.

    As for Robin: NO! Batman is WAY too young to need a sidekick right now. Maybe after he's defeated someone like the Penguin, or something.

  20. i think Milo Ventimiglia should have the role of robin and eddie murphy should get kicked out