Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone ‘Justice League’

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

While a Justice League film may seem like a must in today’s industry, DC and Warner Bros. are showing they’re not exactly in a rush. The attention, for now, is on Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman in Man of Steel (2013). The presumed plan was that Superman’s return would launch a Justice League universe, followed by the blockbuster team-up introducing new heroes, and rebooting Batman in the process.

But the newest rumors claim that not only has the team-up been delayed, but the studio may be so unsure of anything beyond Man of Steel that Justice League may even come after the re-launch of Batman, which is still years away.

A source close to Batman-On-Film (which may or may not be the same source that claimed the earliest Batman solo movie wouldn’t be coming until 2017) provides the report, once again implying a new, non-Bale Batman rebooting in an effort to protect all the company’s franchises going forward:

“Don’t worry about the Batman [film] franchise…it’s [Warner Bros.’] most valuable [DC Comics-based] asset…I believe that they are now looking at introducing [the rebooted] Batman in a solo film, though that will likely take place later than they initially had planned. They are extremely worried how a [Batman film franchise] would be affected if Justice League bombs…and rightfully so.”

“The fact that what should be the core fanbase of a Justice League film isn’t on board is making them sweat as well.”

The source largely voices the concerns expressed since Warner Bros. was reported to be putting all their eggs into one basket, as opposed to green-lighting numerous films. Since then, reports from the studio say there is no concrete plan until Man of Steel is released, along with rumors that the existing Justice League script has been tossed out (no complaints from us, since the proposed story made little sense for a movie launch).

It’s hard to know exactly what the source means by assumed fans not being ‘on board’ (besides Mark Millar, apparently) but it’s probably best that the studio get its ducks in a row before rushing to film. The right director, the right script, and the right creative team and talent should be the first steps to success – regardless of how many films Marvel and Fox are putting into production.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

The good news for DC fans is that a successful Man of Steel doesn’t just mean a Justice League film will suddenly be steamrolled into production. In fact, the source goes on to speculate that DC and Warner Bros. may just choose to capitalize on Man of Steel‘s popularity with a direct sequel:

“If Superman is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years. The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”

DC has got two proven properties in the bag, since Superman never needs help finding an audience – and coming off of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, fans have never been more motivated to see a movie featuring the Batman. But, for the surrounding cast of characters, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have made it clear they’re not taking anything for granted.

We’ve given our reasons for why Justice League might be the right path for introducing DC’s best and brightest; if the studio decides to take its time introducing The Flash, Wonder Woman, and any other Leaguers in a massive event film with a colossal budget (reaped from the Batman and Superman box office earnings), who’s to argue?

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

Up to this point, any enthusiasm to copy Marvel’s movie formula and bankroll films of all their solo characters has been stalled by studio infighting and a good amount of reluctance to repeat Green Lantern‘s critical slaughter. So while many comic book fans will be disappointed to see the prospects of a live-action League (once again) disappear in front of their eyes, maybe it’s best to just make the most out of a popular reboot of Superman for the time being.

Whether Batman or Justice League comes next, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. If a Super-sequel is planned in their stead, both projects will likely be pushed back several years at least.

What do you think of Warner Bros. and DC’s hesitance to push Justice League into existence? Do you agree that the film should only happen if the pieces come together properly, or is this a sign of trouble? Given the collapse of George Miller’s Justice League film in the late 2000s, are we seeing a “curse” on the JL movie property?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: Batman on Film

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  1. So when are we going to get some real news? Non rumor, factual news? These rumors are lame and are doing nothing but stirring up useless fanboy drama.

    • Dude the source is from the founder of batman on film, the guy has respect from Nolan and WB.

      The source is not from cbm or other messy sites

      • Until the news is released directly from the studio who is handling the film, its not credible. If we can’t trust the POTUS to be factual and state the truth, how can we trust a reliable source?

        • Ummm, shouldn’t that be: politicians IN GENERAL…no matter which position or party?

          As for the rumor, Batman-on-Film focuses on Batman information, so although it doesn’t mean that information will prove accurate, it DOES at least imply a hopeful desire to provide news from sources that are TRYING to be truthful and on point.

          • Yes, there are rumors from certain websites that says TDKR’s villain will be killer croc because they are shooting a scene at New Orlean, or there are rumors that says TDKR will be about League of Shadows, Catwoman, and definitely the conclusion to the Nolan Trilogy.

            It’s about credibility, BOF has credibility, if people can’t differentiate sources from poor credibitlity and good credibility, and read between the lines, then that’s too bad.

  2. A Batman/Superman movie would be epic and a great way to move into a Justice League movie.

  3. If they have plans to never make a JL then Superman/Batman would be epic, BUT as a lead in? No way, keep that special moment for when they team up in Justice League or the excitment wouldnt be as intense because youve already seen it..I just want an Aquaman or Martian Manhunter movie, is it really that hard?!!..I dont know how it all works but cant DC just tell WB to go do one, and go to a company that will take their charactors seriously? Then again this is just all rumor, who knows what the Hells going on..

    • Exactly. All rumors. I’m bored of rumors. What does the studio have to say? Post something of truth, Andrew! LOL.

  4. If Warner Brother’s isn’t careful, there may not be any VFX shops left by the time they get around to doing Justice League movie to the same caliber of an Avengers. Disney owns ILM and it appears Warner Bros stood by and did nothing to help save Rhythm and Hues these past few weeks… yeah, by the time WB gets around to doing a JL movie, it will all be outsourced to India and will only be fit to run on SyFy Channel.

    Warner Brothers better start planning ahead, it’s going to take allot of skilled VFX artist to pull off a JL movie, it took every VFX shop in Hollywood to do Avengers and get it right.

    • In case u didn’t know a lot of the special effects are already being done in India, Korea, etc. And they look great. so stop whining.

      • I have seen VFX done by Korean and Indian shops.

        Some of it is like ILM or WETA when they are not excited by the project.

        Other productions are of the caliber of the cheesy Sid & Marty Kroft 70′s TV productions or the airing at 2 am SyFY channel movies.

        It’s not the type of middle of the road quality I would be excited to see in a Justice League Movie.

  5. See, now THIS makes more sense! Finally coming around to (hopefully) do this properly.

    There is hope.

    Fox, take notes!

  6. The Justice League, Starts and Ends with Batman, more to the point one thing they need is Bruce Wayne, and the Wayne Fortune. Now here is where it gets stupid.

    From the Hall of Justice, to the Watchtower. All funded by Wayne Enterprises Slush fund. Now, in the real world Wayne has to account for Billion of dollars being used to build god knows what?

    Plus, Batman would never ask Superman for Help, nor would Superman’s Moral Compass allow Batman to bend the law.

    Superman fears Batman, Batman does not trust Superman, nor will he ever.

    • What are you referring to? Im quite….. weathered…. and have been reading comics for a bit.

      Im pretty sure on SEVERAL occasions for good reason Batman has asked (he may not have come out and bluntly said Superman will you please help me) Supes for help and Superman on several occasions has concurred with Batmans compass however would never partake in that brand of justice.

      Superman does not fear Batman. As a matter of fact he trusts him and respects him.

      Batman trusts Superman to ALWAYS do whats right.

      This is pre 52 of course. Im not sold on 52.

      • Batman never trusted Superman, or why would he constantly carry Kryptonite with him?

        The Dark Knight Part II Indicates how Batman went to battle with Superman. It has always been a Misnomer with Batman and Superman are friends, and for the likely hood of team ups, it is more cursory than out of need.

        And if you think Superman does not fear Batman, think again, Batman knows all of his weakness and Superman Does have weakness.

        Batman, of all of DC Heros, has no weakness.

        • To the best of my knowledge Superman GAVE him that kryptonite. Of course it has been changed a few times but I believe the latest (timeline wise) is Supes gives Batman the kryptonite as Batman is the only one he trusts with it and he knows if need be Batman will use it.

          TDK is the unwritten future that may or may not happen sorry you cant use something that may or may not happen.

          This is POST crisis “Superman took possession of the ring and entrusted it to Batman, stating that he was the only person he could trust with the ability to kill him if necessary; Batman subsequently kept the ring available whenever circumstances required him and Superman to work together.”

          Further along in the history (with some changes as they do in comics):

          “Once again, as in the 1971 storyline, virtually all kryptonite is destroyed. The remaining fragments are wrapped in lead and hurled into the sun by Superman himself, except for one fragment, which Superman gives to Batman. It is later revealed that Batman has acquired a fair amount of every variety of the alien material, keeping his samples in the Batcave.”

          Batmans one weakness is he is just a man. Dont get me wrong im a big Bats fan but I dont kid myself into thinking he has no weaknesses.

          • In certain time line. Batman or more to the Point Bruce Wayne paid 70,000 dollars for a piece of kryptonite.

            As for the Cartoons, it always good vs bad. I always viewed Batman best when he is not depending on others.

            Superman to me, always will be, an Alien with powers far greater than others, plus. Who is to say one day Superman wont snap.

            Batman has no Weakness, he knows he is without super powers, he knows he can suffer severe bodily damage or die if he makes a mistake. It does not stop him however, he has no weakness because he does not care, he will save a life if he has too, but he will not let one Victim stand in the way of justice, you can threaten the ones close to him, Ala Jason Todd but he wont back down.

            • @ Aknot: I think I’m with you. There are different timelines and different explanations all over the place, but when the best writers take over, the respect for the professional partnership and respect between Superman and Batman is always fairly clear. Frank Miller took things into speculative fiction where the world fell apart, so that’s entirely out of canon.

              Batman doesn’t need to ask for help from Superman, Superman offers it, and knows when it’s best to just act, so Batman can throw out a quip how he ‘had in under control’ with a wink or hint of smile. And Superman knows Batman possesses parts of humanity that Superman can’t.

              I think it’s a great partnership and yes, friendship.

        • Batman never trusting Superman is your opinion, but based on the most of the comics, including the Superman/Batman comic, I believe he has quite a bit of trust in Superman.

          The Kryptonite is a failsafe (like Brother Eye with JL) that Bats will use in case something happens. In Supes case, he is not distrusting of Superman as he is, but if someone takes control of Supes against his will (like with magic, which Supes is vulnerable to), Bats has something to defeat him.

          Bats trusts people, but he also makes sure that if that trust is compromised, he is prepared for it (which I saw as a flaw in TDKR since he put so much trust into Selina Kyle without a contingency plan).

          • You do not keep a Failsafe for someone you know is your friend. Plain and Simple.

            You either trust him,or you dont. Supermans Powers allow him to have an advantage over other Superheroes.

            The Cartoons as campy as they sound, and this was always the problem with Justice League, always thinking Superman was the absolute end.

            • @Jeff W:

              “You do not keep a Failsafe for someone you know is your friend. Plain and Simple.”

              You’re missing my point… if someone uses magic or some other mind control on your “friend”… there is no guarantee they are still your “friend” and can do bad things… plain and simple. It’s for the exceptions, not the rule.

              • Maxx Lord anyone?

                Is that still canon?

                • Yes, Max Lord is still there…and still causing trouble.

              • Missing my Point.

                Superman/Batman Dynamic are they are not friends. More Associates, they work. You, I and others have worked with people we were friendly with, or we just work with them.

                This is group dynamic, they work when needed. They do not hang out at social events, they do not go to parties.

                Most of the comic books have them as friends, Some dont. Not all of them have them as friends, and all do not have them as enemies.

                From Superfriends to Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns, Batman has a way to deal with Superman.

                Me personally, rather they stay in their separate worlds.

                • @Jeff W:

                  Again… your opinion.

                  From all the comics I read (did you even read Superman/Batman?), there is a trust there… you’re the one who brought the word “friends” into this discussion which is just obfuscating the discussion.

                  Your claim of Batman having a failsafe to prove they were not friends (your words) or back to the main point, to prove Batman did not trust Superman doesn’t wash. In an alien-bound, superpower, metahuman, magical universe… things happen, so failsafes are needed… even between the best of friends.

                  In fact, L4YERCAKES’ post also demonstrates that the trust goes both ways because Supes understands his weaknesses and if his powers are abused against his will, he wants to know that someone can stop him. That’s not distrust on the part of Batman, that’s Superman trusting him and Batman trusting Superman as long as he’s not under someone’s spell… “plain and simple”.

              • Superman approached Batman in his own Batcave to give him the kryptonite as his failsafe in case he was ever taken over by an outside force in issue #654 of Action Comics (‘Deadly Covenant’, June 1990).

                ‘I want the means to stop me to be in the hands of a man I can trust with my life.’

  7. This is actually great news. We don’t need to see another Batman film until the 20′s. Hoping it goes Sci-fi, would love to see what can be done with Mr. Freeze.

  8. WB have the golden opportunity of going second…improving on everything Marvel did…yet they cant even promote Man of Steel properly.

    We have a few photos….2 trailers, without any original music….and some action figures that have actually done more to show us what the film is like.

    Im a DC fan, a big one…however im really starting to worry that WB are clueless. Why are they so reluctant with MOS? Why cant they make a good JL script from DC’s 50+ years of source material? Its all there infront of them.

    A JL film after MOS should be fine…as long as they make a story that can at least go on for 3 films, with the individual ones linking in..thats similar to Marvels plan, however if anyone remembers the ‘Our Worlds At War’ storyline…thats exactly the sort of thing you could do…you can have someone like Brainiac causing havoc in every part of the DCU…therefore the individual films make sense…you can include origins in segments…flashbacks…any way you dont need a whole film dedicated to it, you can explain this over time….for example: Flash could react badly to a certain situation, this confuses the others, then through a bit of dialogue or flashbacks someone explains its because of..*insert part of origin story* and so on.

    We already have Superman and Batmans stories….thats 2 characters out the way…3 left….easily done over the course of 3 JL films and several individual ones. This could work with decent writing.

    Continuity is important to, cant change the actors…id like to see this sort of thing happen:

    Superman – Keep Cavill, regardless of WB’s lack of anything on this film I still think it will be great.

    Batman – Use the Arkham game version, plenty of gadgets, more detective work, less emotional and more broody…hesitant about the rest of the JL

    Green Lantern – Terrible film, however Reynolds wasnt bad..the script was. Change the suit and write the character better, solved.

    Flash – Id like to see both Barry and Wally…so some form of dramatic death would be cool. Im not fussed which one though.

    Wonder Woman – Not as hard to do as people say, essentially just needs to be a toned down female version of Batman without the paranoia towards the JL. Proud. Hard as nails. Strong but not brooding. Casting is a problem though.

    The others im not fussed about or can be put in at a later date.

    Its tough I suppose, however it wouldnt be as tough if WB just sat down and actually tried with this instead of expecting a blockbuster to just fall from the sky. Its a tough job, it will need a hell of a lot of effort but Id wait for this film if I knew it was meticulously planned and written. Wont happen though.

    • Ryan Reynolds has actually already said he doesn’t want to return as Green Lantern, he wants to do a Deadpool movie and is more excited for that then another Green Lantern movie. The guys behind the GL Movie were assholes for giving Ryan fake abs (I saw the train wreck those abs were fake) when he clearly showed in Wolverine Origins he was capable of buffing himself up for a role like Green Lantern.

  9. I love how everyone is despising the fact that Warner Bros. has control of DC…

    Who DO you want then? Fox? PFFFFFFFFT

    • Disney.

  10. Good Lord, at this rate I will die of old age before the JLA movie ever comes out.

    • This is my fear Dan. The technology is there. Actors are there. Writers are there.

      To me it is just the vision in getting this all down. However and I still stand firm it is not rocket science.

      The JLA/JL has been around for a long time. Bats and Supes have been around in the public for a long time.

      I would just like to find the idjit that thinks they need to make it thought provoking and down to earth (or what ever the reason is) so I can strangle him or her.

      I can understand not rushing. However this has been going on for YEARS.

  11. Justice League will be based on the New 52, so therefore. I have no need to see a Justice League Movie. I do not read the New 52, and since I was a monthly buyer of Superman, Action Comics, Batman, Detective Comics, Flash, Green Lantern and Justice League.

    My generation is complete.

    • I think that only applies for comics since they are actually titled for the New 52 universe.

      If that was the case, you wouldn’t have any need to see the Nolan Batman movies because they don’t stick to the original universe.

      • @ACW

        But Batman was in production long before NEW 52. And stayed true to the corp concept of Batman.

        Man of Steel…Who knows.

  12. Lets Put Zack Snyder under the microscope
    Man of Steel 225 Million(Estimated)

    Sucker Punch 82 Million dollar Budget-88 Million Worldwide Gross + 6 Million

    Watchmen 130 Million Dollar Budget-186 Million Worldwide Gross +56 Million

    300 65 Million Dollar Budget-210 Million Dollar Gross + 145 Million

    Dawn of the Dead 28 Million Dollar Budget-Worldwide Gross +102 Million + 74 Million Dollars

    Disturbing, the higher the movie budget, the lower the Gross, conversely the Lower the Budget, the bigger the return. Now what Path do you think Man of Steel will take. Everyone wants Man of Steel to succeed, but with almost a Quarter Billion dollars.

    Contrast to The Avengers with a 220 Million Dollars, and a 1.3 Billion dollar return in Gross. You see the Magic Number for Man of Steel is just a bit under 1.8 Billion dollars worldwide.

    So, there is a track record with Zack Snyder that the bigger the budget, the lower the gross revenue. Everyone wants a good Man of Steel, the vast majority of them are Old School Superman. The New 52 Superman wont cut it with hardcore Superman fans, and word of mouth can either make or crush it. The Avengers, had a large lead in with the Stand alone movies, then word of mouth propelled it past fanboys.

    Man of Steel has a large shadow lurking over it.

    FYI Green Lantern Budget was 200 Million with a Worldwide Gross of 219 Million +19 Million. Even fanboys failed to make it successful.

    • Im one of those Old School Superman fans. And im not ashamed to say The New 52 doesnt cut it for me. But like anyone else, i want to enjoy a great Superman film.

    • I can’t speak to the other movies, but for MOS Snyder is just directing (no writing or producing). As a director I like his work and with Nolan and Goyer writing the script and Nolan producing, I have faith that the quality will be exceptional. The Nolan’s wouldn’t allow crap to make it to screen.

    • You forget the fact that haters will still go and see it. Everyone wants to see a new Superman. Even the haters and hardcore. Even the people who hate the new costume and “its an origin story again!” crap. I think the movie looks great. I think most people would also agree. But like I said, even the ones who don’t agree will still see this movie. It will make plenty of money. I remember when Batman Begins came out and people were like “Another Batman ppffft!”….And then we got two more.

    • Why on Earth would I want to see Dawn of the Dead, 300, Sucker Punch or Watchmen? Pretty sure none of those have Superman in them, this does. It could have Michael Bay directing for all I care, its got the main man in it and that is good enough for me and a lot of other people too.

  13. Growing up i was always a Marvel fan, the Dark Knight Returns turned me on to Batman but other than that the DC Universe has always left me cold. I was not a fan of The Dark Knight Rises , i felt it was a deeply flawed movie and a major let down after the first 2 Nolan films. I am looking forward to Man of Steel and a darker take on the Superman Legend but I don’t see Nolan as someone who can be a creative force behind a whole Universe in the way that Joss Wheedon is. I hope one day DC fans get the movie they desire as we Marvel fans did but i think DC/Warner Brothers are about 10years away from that at the moment. IMHO.

    • Thank You, Nolan May have Make A Good Batman, But That Dose not qualified To Do Every DC Character.

      • Agreed.

  14. Marvel has got to be pinching themselves. They’ve got dozen’s of movies under their belt, with a dozen more on the way. They’re making household names of second tier superheros, and are now looking to do the same for third and fourth tier characters (let’s be honest). Meanwhile they’ve got other studios making movies out of they’re more obvious properties (Spidey, X-men, FF), keeping them in the public eye, and planting them firmly into mainstream culture.

    Meanwhile DC is worried about two of the biggest movie superhero properties ever.

    Who knows, maybe things will look different in 10 or 15 years, but for now Marvel is ruling.

    • Marvel is definitely Ruling.. But for all my marvel love.. I do LOVE DC their animated series and movies are so Good and I did like the Nolan movies.. Still excited for MOS I just think marvel is in touch with their fanbase way more than WB/DC.. WB only cares about money.. Marvel LOVES its characters..

      • I lean Marvel. I know about DC of course but honestly their characters do seem less interesting to me. But WB has made some great cartoons, and I remember in the 90s they had consistantly better art in their comics.

        But if they make some great movies, I’m there. I do think DC has room to make a more serious, “textured” universe, in contrast to Marvel, which is kind of cartoony (not that I mind so much).

      • I could not agree with you more!!! Marvel loves his/her characters! WB loves Money! Very Well said!

  15. I think the way to do it is bringing Superman to Gotham or making Batman go to Metropolis within a SUPERMAN movie. Batman has to be shown that he can also handle BIG supervillains, not just street level criminals or terrorists. He needs to show that he can handle worldwide threats too. This can be briefly done in a mid credits scene in a Superman sequel, just to see movie goer’s reactions, if it’s received well, then that may mean that a world’s finest movie would be well received.

    In a World’s Finest movie it should be shown that Superman and Batman were worn down and barely won the fight they were in and that a BIGGER threat is on the way that they won’t be able to handle together. Cliffhanger

    • Nailed it.

  16. I haven’t read the New 52 comics but it seems the best way to reboot batman and bring batman to team-up with supes in a live action movie is to just give batman a healing factor attribute..Yes I know part of what makes batman so great is that he is a regular man with brains, detective skills, and money but think about it for a sec..this would fill alot of plot holes like the bats run in with Bane and batman even wanting to go toe to toe with superman. Because he know he will heal. Maybe not have him heal as fast as wolverine but yeah. Just spit balling

    • Batman with healing powers?

      • Do you want fanboy rioting to take place all over the world?

        • IDC what fanboys do I can defend myself from nerds like myself lol. And think about it, it would make sense if they ever wanted to do a bane vs batman scene again. Nobody bought into the whole prison thing. Or maybe they can at least bring in the lazerus pit. Idk but something to counter that he is a man amongst people with god-like people because your average movie goer will not find it believe able. Even in the animated movies most times batman is evading and dodging attacks from superpowered beings so imaging how hard it is to put him in a live-action flick with superman who is bulletproof.

  17. The pic on top,..the next moment Batman is done !
    X-Ray vision…then super fast in punch to the moon ! Or just laser eyes ..gone !

  18. After the World’s Finest, then solo films started with Wonder Woman should be made.

  19. Warner bros really have NO confidence in DC lol

  20. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern as members of a team is called “Super Friends” and NOT Justice League. You need a lot more heroes to call it the Justice League.

    • Crud you are right. What is the lowest number of heroes we need to call it Justice League? Do we have to have a certain number of Females? Minorities? Aliens?

      A league is just a collection of people. There is no set limit on how many it has to be.

    • Calypso…

      Ummm, no.

      Aknot is right.

      By your nitpicky logic, The United Nations, United Kingdom, and United States should not have those names, because, in so MANY ways, they are not.

    • Justice League.

      Super friends is a misnomer to get kids to understand the value of friendship and teamwork.

      Justice Society of America or Justice League. They call it Super Friends, then it is not canon.

      And before any of you go off on “YES THE SUPER FRIENDS ARE CANON!”

      Three Factors. Superman and Wonder Woman both appeared in episodes of the Brady Kids and Batman and Robin Appeared in Scooby Doo.

      Filmation and Hanna Barbera has rights to Batman and Robin and Super Friends. So not till the purchase of Hanna Barbera did the rights revert back. However, they only could be called Super Friends, and not Justice League. Although Justice League was mentioned a few times during the run between Super Friends and Challenge of the Super Friends.

      • The idea of there being ‘canon’ doesn’t apply to Batman, Superman, or Justice League et al. That’s like saying that Mickey Mouse has canon, it just doesn’t work, those characters have been around for far too long in way too many guises to count, all of which are legitimate on some level, and all of which contradict or negate the previous incarnation. Star Trek has an applicable ‘canon’ argument to be made for it, same goes for Marvel comics up til about 1993 or so, some might argue longer than that but it’s stretching it at a certain point, same goes for Legion Of Super Heroes, of all things.

        And the 1970′s Superfriends cartoon was named just that because the networks considered the title ‘Justice League’ too violent at the time, and I’m pretty sure Filmation and Hanna Barbara never owned any part of any of that, they simply were the recipients of the properties being licensed out to them and had no ownership in any part of the characters themselves outright or ultimate control in what they were called, that was a business decision made by corporate types.

        For what it’s worth, the difference between DC’s characters and Marvel’s is that DC’s are mythological, larger than life, like Zeus or Hercules, Marvel’s are more soap opera by nature, super powered average people with normal problems like everyone else, in fact Jack Kirby wanted to call them science heroes instead of super heroes when he created them, but it never stuck. If DC had made a Green Lantern film that treated the character as mythic and heroic instead of a hapless slob they may have had a big hit instead of the dog they ended up with, plus they would have proved they understood the very reasons that made their characters tick and set them apart from their competitor.

  21. WB Should get the creative teams who are making the DC Animated, films, and TV shows. Jeez Batman the Animated Series, was one of the best animated series ever. The folks who are behind all these awesome animated films and TV shows know what they are doing, in every way. Just have them use live actors and CGI. Frankly I wouldn’t care if they made more TV, hour long action dramas like Smallville was and Arrow is now, but film is good too.
    I think a Batman TV series would be awesome and would not have to be special effects heavy. They should do it as a noir, with narration, Batman always in the shadows. In fact if they really wanted a realistic take on the character, TV would be the way to go. Have you ever watched Person Of Interest on CBS? That show is a variation on Batman with out the mask.

  22. Having Superman and Batman in a film together before the JL would ruin the impact, it needs the build up to make it effective when it happens.

  23. I don’t think it would. They would part their ways at the end & both could make a short cameo in a solo film. Id have Superman cameo in Flash so maybe we see the two of them race each other somewhere within the film or at the end when Superman offers to work together if they needed to help each other. And Bruce Wayne maybe appears at some ballroom dance & dances with Diana & kinda hints theres more heroes in man’s world who would offer their assistance. Maybe turn her off with a remark like that by thinkin she’s weak & later by film’s end she sees Batman on a rooftop peering down at her then disapears into the night.

    Stuff like that.

  24. That picture above of Batman. That’s what id like to see more of in the next Batman reboot & shared universe. In every Batman film, his costume hardly gets torn up, or Superman’s which would be great aswell when goin up against the likes of Darkseid.

  25. Batman and superman vs apocalypse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could be an epic movie

    • Apocalypse is a Marvel mutant villain.

  26. At this point I honestly believe that I could create a better DC cinematic universe than WB. I don’t know why these studio execs and “professional storytellers” are having such a difficult time creating a quality Justice League movie.

    If we want Man of Steel to be a standalone film, fine. Instead of a traditional Superman sequel, we can have a World’s Finest movie. That will add to the MoS franchise and reboot Batman (not Bruce Wayne just Batman); two big birds one big stone. The World’s Finest movie will have the caped crusaders fighting an enemy (Brainiac) that requires Bat’s intellect and strategy and Supes’s powers to overcome.
    Detective Jones can also play an important part of the story by giving information to the journalist Clark Kent (it’s more Superman’s move than Batman, because Superman is the leader of the JLA). And detective Jones can also provide clues to the ever skeptical Batman. We can also have easter eggs alluding to the presence of other heroes (Hal Jordan found dies in battle, Amazon Ambassador/”Wonder Woman” on CNN, etc.)
    At the end of the World’s Finest movie Superman and his new partner Batman defeat Braniac, but detective Jones reveals himself to be Martian Manhunter and says something that basically says “what we’ve done was only the beginning…”

    MM/Jones recruits John Stewart (or my personal favorite Kyle Rayner)
    Jones: “Do you want to be part of something greater? A global force for good?”
    John Stewart or Kyle: “‘Global force for good?’ Are you trying to get me to join the Navy?”
    Jones: “Not exactly.” (trailer intro material).

    MM/Jones also convinces Princess Dianna to join. She trusts him because he convinces her that mankind are worth fighting for.

    If Aquaman was in the movie (or JL sequel), he can be reluctant to joining the cause because he doesn’t care about the problems above land and he has a distrust for surface dwellers. Wonder Woman can persuade him that not all surface dwellers are evil, and that some are worth fighting for/defending (she can relate because she had a similar prejudice towards outsiders).

    That’s the gist of how I’d handle the JL situation. If you want to see how I would handle the costumes check out my Deviant Art page . Thanks so much for reading my spiel. Have a good day!

  27. Omg yawn, superman batman superman batman rinse repeat. That’s all wb know’s how to do, so boring. I want a justice league movie now! D: lol

  28. ITS SO EASY!!! HOW ARE THEY STRUGGLING IN THIS??? They should just continue with the Chris Nolan’s batman just with different actor other than Bale (an older guy because Bale portrays young Batman).LIKE IN THE COMICS! Let Joseph Levitt try and be Knightwing (considering that TDKR ended that way), and then defend Gotham but struggles which forces Batman to return which sets it up for another batman film. Batman movies can be 5 to 10 years after TDKR. A few actors can change, maybe an older alfred, and screw catwoman and in this movie Batman is smarter with more experience, can develop his own weapons that way he won’t need Fox no more. LIKE IN THE COMICS! More educated in his sciences, and more of a detective as always.LIKE IN THE COMICS! After the Knightwing film, Kightwing can come out in the Man of Steel’s third installment and maybe be the reason why Batman and Superman meet, LIKE IN THE COMICS! SEE NOT HARD AT ALL!!!!

    • Josh…

      You keep yelling a certain phrase: “LIKE IN THE COMICS!” I don’t think you actually, really read those comics; otherwise, you would not have decided that Catwoman and Lucius Fox are throwaway characters or that Bruce does not already have more than enough skills and talents (the character, whether or not you believe the film version possessed those qualities) and merely needs more experience.

      • I did read them as a matter of fact..and i didn’t say that catwoman and fox should be thrown out because i know that they are main characters in the batman world. But what I am suggesting is that batman start doing things for himself like innovation..and u can check almost any batman comic book that bruce wayne is very intelligent in his sciences and is always coming up with his own cures and developing his own weapons. Batman in these past 3 movies hasnt been all that intelligent, he keeps getting outdone by his foes and thats not supposed to happen because Batman is always steps ahead. But i do like how Fox helped him at first, now its time for the older batman, which would be in his prime because like mentioned before Bale was just portraying a young bataman (nolan’s own words). Now catwoman had her film time in a batman movie thats all she needs for now until more batman movies are made then she can make more appearances. They should take a more Arkham Game approach but tweek it to seem a bit more realistic.

        • @Josh
          That’s where you’ve not been observant enough. Since where has Batman failed to express his innovation with his gadgets or succumbed to villains’ competence in Nolan’s trilogy?

          Bats has used a plethora of his trademark gadgets (even more ingenious) starting from memory cloth cape, sake bombs, a gas-powered magnetic grapple gun (in the comics, its not gas-powered but on recoil method), batarangs, sonar transponder, sticky-bomb gun (its parallel to explosive gel Bats has used in the comics and Arkham games), sonar tracker (the giant one Bats build it on his own in TDK), sonar vision (like Batman’s detective mode in the Arkham games) tranquilizer batarangs etc. Batman’s crime-solving prowess was evident in TDK, similar to how he does it in the comics (for example, he retrieved the Joker’s prints via some receiver that picks up police frequencies, then drilled the brick with the bullet out and ran it through a ballistic-fingerprint test). The Arkham games overdid some factors as some seemingly advanced tech have been used for tracking.

          Nolan’s trilogy has been made on a practical basis with our present 21st century outlook (not like the gothic backdrop of the comics, except Earth-52) and concoction of cures and serums done by Batman in comics is only when countering villains like Poison Ivy (antidotes for her poison), Mr. Freeze (anti-freeze capsules) or to detect surgical crimes done by Hush, and such villains never made it to Nolanverse, so why the need for cures?
          (Although Fox may have helped him out with Crane’s toxin in Begins, but that was only first time. Even in Year One (comics), Bats had a lot of help during his first exploits)

          Lucius Fox didn’t help him out completely in the movies, but only supplied the raw materials for his suit, (Fox supplies the chest piece, arm gauntlets, utility harness and Bruce assembles the complete suit in the Batcave). The tech’s been given out by Fox like how its done in the comics. Fox talked Bats through the climax of TDK with his sonar vision, while in the comics, the walkthrough is done by Alfred via the Bat-computer.

          Batman has never been outsmarted in the trilogy the manner of which you’re speaking. The Joker only tested his soul apart, shuffled the locations of Rachel & Dent and caused wanton massacre. But Batman suffered even more heinous times with his allies in comics (The Killing Joke) when Joker captured Gordon, tortured him mercilessly and brutalized Barbara to a paraplegic in front of his eyes. A horde of goons from Gangster Alley trashed Batman and crushed his skull before Huntress barged in and saved his ass in Hush: Part I. In TDKR, even after Bane broke Batman’s back and dumped him in The Pit, Batman successfully retaliated while in the comics (Knightfall), he was admitted to a wheelchair and summoned Azrael to take on his mantle and bust Bane.

          This may be a long post, but I hope it answers to your doubts about Nolan’s Batman meeting the required expectations.

        • Josh…

          Bale’s Batman (actually, more Bruce, but still…) DID show his techno-scientific aptitudes on a great many occasions throughout the trilogy (the “bat darts”, bullet test, Bat autopilot repair, Batcave updating, and cellphone conversion are the more memorable ones). Batman, in the comics, has been around longer than in the trilogy, so he, of course, would have more experience (and more paranoia) to create deterrents for practically any situation (even then, he’s been caught off-guard many times). Batman, in the trilogy has been able to figure out and understand quite a few things that others could not (when he rescues and re-inspires Robin being one of the best in my opinion…it involved anticipating his enemy, locating a prime attack position, and systematically removing the threat).

          I say AGAIN: Watch more attention.

  29. If only DC could get away from WB. Other studios would jump at the chance for Wonder Woman (MGM?), Flash (Fox?), Aquaman (Universial?) and other DC properties… and they’d get it right. Warner Brothers, let our heroes go.