Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone ‘Justice League’

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

While a Justice League film may seem like a must in today’s industry, DC and Warner Bros. are showing they’re not exactly in a rush. The attention, for now, is on Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman in Man of Steel (2013). The presumed plan was that Superman’s return would launch a Justice League universe, followed by the blockbuster team-up introducing new heroes, and rebooting Batman in the process.

But the newest rumors claim that not only has the team-up been delayed, but the studio may be so unsure of anything beyond Man of Steel that Justice League may even come after the re-launch of Batman, which is still years away.

A source close to Batman-On-Film (which may or may not be the same source that claimed the earliest Batman solo movie wouldn’t be coming until 2017) provides the report, once again implying a new, non-Bale Batman rebooting in an effort to protect all the company’s franchises going forward:

“Don’t worry about the Batman [film] franchise…it’s [Warner Bros.’] most valuable [DC Comics-based] asset…I believe that they are now looking at introducing [the rebooted] Batman in a solo film, though that will likely take place later than they initially had planned. They are extremely worried how a [Batman film franchise] would be affected if Justice League bombs…and rightfully so.”

“The fact that what should be the core fanbase of a Justice League film isn’t on board is making them sweat as well.”

The source largely voices the concerns expressed since Warner Bros. was reported to be putting all their eggs into one basket, as opposed to green-lighting numerous films. Since then, reports from the studio say there is no concrete plan until Man of Steel is released, along with rumors that the existing Justice League script has been tossed out (no complaints from us, since the proposed story made little sense for a movie launch).

It’s hard to know exactly what the source means by assumed fans not being ‘on board’ (besides Mark Millar, apparently) but it’s probably best that the studio get its ducks in a row before rushing to film. The right director, the right script, and the right creative team and talent should be the first steps to success – regardless of how many films Marvel and Fox are putting into production.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

The good news for DC fans is that a successful Man of Steel doesn’t just mean a Justice League film will suddenly be steamrolled into production. In fact, the source goes on to speculate that DC and Warner Bros. may just choose to capitalize on Man of Steel‘s popularity with a direct sequel:

“If Superman is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years. The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”

DC has got two proven properties in the bag, since Superman never needs help finding an audience – and coming off of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, fans have never been more motivated to see a movie featuring the Batman. But, for the surrounding cast of characters, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have made it clear they’re not taking anything for granted.

We’ve given our reasons for why Justice League might be the right path for introducing DC’s best and brightest; if the studio decides to take its time introducing The Flash, Wonder Woman, and any other Leaguers in a massive event film with a colossal budget (reaped from the Batman and Superman box office earnings), who’s to argue?

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

Up to this point, any enthusiasm to copy Marvel’s movie formula and bankroll films of all their solo characters has been stalled by studio infighting and a good amount of reluctance to repeat Green Lantern‘s critical slaughter. So while many comic book fans will be disappointed to see the prospects of a live-action League (once again) disappear in front of their eyes, maybe it’s best to just make the most out of a popular reboot of Superman for the time being.

Whether Batman or Justice League comes next, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. If a Super-sequel is planned in their stead, both projects will likely be pushed back several years at least.

What do you think of Warner Bros. and DC’s hesitance to push Justice League into existence? Do you agree that the film should only happen if the pieces come together properly, or is this a sign of trouble? Given the collapse of George Miller’s Justice League film in the late 2000s, are we seeing a “curse” on the JL movie property?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: Batman on Film

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  1. Oh GOD! I wish a different studio than warner bros would own the DC characters because WB is killing me. As much as I love Marvel and GOD I do, the DC Characters ARE BY FAR THE BEST, my favorite character of all time is The Martian Manhunter but I dont think he will get a movie anytime soon. Last point Marvel is coming up with Ant-Man, the Guardians of Galaxy and Doctor Strange and WB hasnt brought wonder woman, flash to the Big Screen SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG WITH WB!!! hell with them!

    • I like MM as well. If I was WB, I would throw out a new movie every year and see which ones did well. Atom, Flash, Hawkman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Spectre, and Green Arrow just to name a few would all do great if they had the right team and script.

      • @Staziak

        Bad Business Model. If you throw a glut of Super Hero Movies out every year based on characters, that do not translate well with the target audience, then you risk WB/DC Wasting Billion of dollars for Duds.

        3 Batman Movies Did Well.
        Superman Returns did poorly.
        Green Lantern sucked.
        The Losers was mediocre at best.
        Watchmen was Good, but lacked attention grabbing detail.

        It is easy for us to Want WB/DC To make a rush of Superhero Movies, but we do not have shareholders, nor do we have to pay billions of dollars to make them.

    • You know what’s wrong with them? They don’t want it to SUCK!!!

      • I agree with you! If they dont try they will never know! I didnt think that Green Lantern was horrible! If I was them I would do what Marvel did with Joss Whedon just find a great director to launch the universe give christopher Nolan a boat load of money and the keys to DC universe

        • No way. Kick Nolan the f**k out and put someone WHO ACTUALLY LIKES AND RESPECTS COMICS in the captain’s chair.

          • While I agree that Nolan isn’t right to helm the entire DC universe, you’re out of your mind if you think what he did with Batman wasn’t showing absolute respect for the character. Stop being a raging, illogical fanboy. Nolan did a great job with Batman. Saying otherwise is just being contradictory for the sake of being contradictory.

        • Green lantern had potential, they just had lame bad guys that no one cared about. I think WB needs to seriously take their heads out of their asses, find someone capable of producing a good scriped and get the fn Justice league movie made. They don’t need to do individual movies first.

    • Cool. You don’t really see Martian Manhunter fans that often. He definitely deserve his own movie. He’s a very interesting character with a good story.

      On topic(haven’t read the entire article, sorry if I’m stating things that have been said): Why not make a Superman/Batman team-up movie after Superman is established? All you need is like a 10 minute intro of Batman catching a villain or something, since we all know his backstory, and don’t necessarily need that to be retold right now. As for how they could make it work, I don’t know. Depends on how powerful Snyder makes Superman

      • That is a great idea!

    • I agree. WB is the worst thing that could happen to DC, and it isn’t the blame of DC characters, their powers or that they’re god-like beigns…it’s WB that doesn’t know how to handle characters like this. They suck!

  2. I know Bale is out, but what better way to explain the 5 second discrepancy at the end of Dark Knight Rises, then to have a post credt scene of Sups rescuing the Bat from the Nuclear blast. A simple two or three minute segment could establish their relationship, and tease us for a possible team up in the future. I think this could be done and not impeed whatever direction they finally settle on with the Justice League.

    • There was a discrepancy?

      I thought the movie made it pretty clear that Bruce fixed the autopilot and got out before it flew the bomb out towards the ocean or did you chew your popcorn to lodly to hear that part?

      • There was a lot of controversy as to how he could make it out alive while he was still in the batwing thing with only 5 seconds left before the bomb exploded. I think that’s what he was talking about.

        • Yeah. That was very bad editing. Probably to convice the audience he really died. I’d probably have been more satisfied if he had. The whole end just seems like the Nolans wimped out.

          • I like that eveybody cares so much that they discuss the 5 second thing, but he can disappear from Gordon faster than that, so…

            • Yeah but Gordon isn’t setting off a nuclear bomb that Batman has to escape from.

    • Or they could have teamed up in the suggested decade of time separating the events of Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises

      • Their was clearly more than one bat. And with 5 seconds on the bomb and the last shot of batman in the cockpitt the left side of his face shows shadows going on and off. Which means he couldnt be in the bat in the middle of the ocean there wouldnt be shadows. Therefor he was in the originally shown grey bat which he probably jumped into around the time the explosion happened. Then he parked the bat back in wayne enterprises and fled.

    • Dude, really? I hope you know that five seconds in a movie are – well, as a general rule – not five seconds in real time… 😉

  3. It’s still a pity that Bale will not reprise his role as Bruce Wayne again. However, I would LOVE to see Matt Bomer as Bruce Wayne / Batman in a reboot. He’s got the perfect playboy-/billionaire-look, he’s a great actor and with the necessary workout he will be in the right (superhero) hero. I mean, who could imagine Bale as Batman after his role in “The Machinist”? 😀

    • Oops. I wanted to say “… he will be in the right (superhero) shape.”

    • Who could imagine anyone WANTING him to reprise the role with that godawful voice and after that s****y last movie. Nolan really s**t the bed on TDKR.

  4. I think a shared universe is not necessary. I think blatantly copying what Marvel has done, just makes WB just look uncreative and feeble. I think if MOS turns out awesome, then make a sequel. Make a rebooted Batman film, don’t worry about sequels or franchises, take it as it comes just make a great movie. Make a great movie about Flash or Wonder Woman, make a better GL film. Learn form your mistakes. Let a justice League film come about when there’s a great script and director behind it. I think WB should concentrate on making great stand alone Superhero films that are well written, that respects cannon but not necessarily has to follow continuity exactly. I think they should find great directors who really want to make these type of films. Look at how many ways Sherlock Holmes, Dr Who, Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian, and tons of other literary and comic book characters have been reinvented over the years, in books and film. With different writers, and illustrators. Why is it OK for the comics that these characters are based on, frequently have stand alone stories, that divert from continuity? Why is it OK when they do it but not in films. It is a huge amount of work to include every character and story in shared continuity, and to be honest it can’t last forever. Actors get old, new writers want to take a fresh approach and fans get bored.
    Let WB be the stand alone quality films studio in the superhero genre. They could have a blast with out all that continuity baggage. What do you think?

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • This is what I’ve been saying all along. I agree with everything you say. It sounds like Man of Steel will be a standalone series and I think it’s better that way.

    • I agree with almost everything you said. You are right about Warner Bros. looking like a copy cat. But I am curious on your take on a Suicide Squad movie? If you are not familiar with it then you can Google it but a brief description is that a group of Criminals are forced to do the governments dirty work. Basically the criminals attack terrorists and other “bad guys” even though they themselves are bad guys too. In exchange for their services they are given time off their sentencing. The Suicide Squad I think should have these members plus a couple of villains to kill off to and add drama with realization: Deadshot, Bane, Harley Quinn, Black Spider, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang and other Misc villains. I personally think this would be an awesome movie because it can be realistic and provide new back stories and not be in any way similar to the Avengers.

      • Suicide Squad movie? Why not. No different than any other comic book property. As long as it’s well written, with a great director and cast.

    • tedlee that is very well said I agree with you completely

  5. I say just forget about the whole Justice League film franchise and try to dominate TV instead. Batman will take some time to reboot, Green Lantern failed miserably and Man of Steel is as yet unproven (though promising) – if they do get around to doing a JL movie, Marvel will have been even more well-established by then, and they’ll just be competing in the same space.

    But they’ve already got a pretty solid series in Arrow, which has already started introducing other DC characters – why not build a shared universe there? It’d be a great opportunity to reboot characters like Batman too – the last trilogy was pretty well-received, so the scope of what any director can do in a reboot film can be pretty limited – but if given a whole TV series to work with, I think Batman could be done in a way that Nolan’s never could, in terms of really fleshing out the various subplots and characters.

    Plus I don’t quite remember there being a truly integrated TV movie universe before (beyond the few crossover episodes for a handful of TV series, that is). It’s also a more solid way of introducing characters – you have one do a guest appearance, and if the character works = backdoor pilot. After a season or two of each different series, you could either do a shared two-hour JL finale, a made-for-TV movie (unlikely) or a full-blown cinematic JL release (though this might confuse people if there are other DC movies out at the same time).

    At the very least I don’t think having films and TV shows on the same character would be confusing – no one gets confused with Sherlock the TV series and the Robert Downey Jr. movies, the animated cartoons have been running alongside movies and comics for years, and so on.

  6. Safe to say MOS will be a stand alone trilogy

    PM #1
    The cut he was shown was 2 hours and 24 minutes in length.

    All Superman’s powers are on full display, although no freeze breath was mentioned.

    Krypton is destroyed. Zod kills Jor-El; however, Zod is not killed in the planet’s destruction.

    Lois knows Clark’s secret pretty early on in the movie.

    Kryptonite is not used, but it has been discovered and is being studied.

    Three main battles take place with the last being in Metropolis and a significant amount of the city is destroyed between the gravity ray that Zod uses on the city and the final battle with Superman and the robot space force.

    Faora is killed, with Zod taken to a prison planet…now left for Superman to manage (I guess it’s where he will take future super villains) as that is what is implied in the movie.

    Lex is mentioned twice, but never shown.

    No cameos from other heroes.

    Brainiac is mentioned, but never shown.

    Krypton is described as more of a futuristic city with no ice crystals at all, although he said most of Kryptons effects were unfinished.

    There is a robot army that Zod brings to earth. They were with him on the prison vessel and he reprograms them to serve him. They were originally designed to be guards on the prison planet (phantom zone) where Zod was being taken.

    I believe my brother said there were around 30 or so with one being bigger and stronger than the others; I guess like the lead robot. When it’s destroyed by Superman, Zod takes the armor and designs a suit with it to aid him in battle with Superman.

    That’s all I can think of right off the top my head. I’ll talk with him tomorrow and get some more info. Thanks for being positive and you can share what you like.

    PM #2
    I just spoke with my brother for a few minutes over the phone. It seems Snyder is busy cutting another trailer – I don’t know when it will come out – but that’s what they’re working on at the moment.

    He claims Shannon’s Zod is probably going to end up being one of the greatest movie villains on screen.

    He says that Zod is amazingly well written.

    Shannon gives the best performance of the movie, and he has just as much screen time as Cavill.

    Cavill looks really good in the suit. He’s a massive presence on screen and he looks like Superman straight out of a comic book.

    The colors look different on the suit than what we’ve seen. I’m not sure if it’s cgi enhanced or just the lighting, but its a lot brighter and vibrant looking in the actual movie footage.

    Zod wears a similar suit, but basically all black. He does have a cape when he’s first shown wearing his suit, but mostly he’s shown without it.

    The quick shot of Superman flying down the building towards Zod to do battle is from the final fight scene, and there’s an epic collision that shatters windows and shakes buildings when they clash.

    He used the words epic every time he described an action sequence.

    The movie goes pretty deep into trying to understand how it would go if these aliens just showed up one day out of nowhere.

    There is definitely a Nolan feel to the movie.

    The military plays a large role in the movie; there are experiments going on behind the scenes.

    Metallo is never mentioned or shown, but there is a scene with an injured Air Force pilot where they talk about using him for a secret project and the kryptonite is mentioned – although never referred to as such – it’s called “the meteorite.”

    PM #3
    I had a conversation with him just now and I tried to get all your questions answered.

    The budget was initially $185 million but later increased to $215 million after Snyder showed higher ups his quick story boards ideas of some of the action sequences he had planned for the film. It was later increased to $235 million to account for extra cgi cost and the added 3D.

    The movie is more massive than you can imagine with huge sets built and amazingly shot action sequences. Snyder makes great use of every penny in the budget. The only thing he can compare this to is the action in The Avengers, although he claims this is better shot and feels more real.

    The original script only had two main battles; the third was added by Snyder himself.

    Jonathan Kent dies, Clark is fully grown at the time, but not yet Superman. Zod does not kill Jonathan, although in the original script he did. Zod does kill several military personnel and civilians in the movie. The loss of life gravely effects Superman.

    The robots, except for the main guard, are disposed of very easily. If you’re expecting a huge scene with Superman fighting all these robots you will not get it. They’re all taken care of at one time – and very easily – using his heat vision.

    He is called Superman in the movie, but not at first, he’s called “the alien” originally.

    Lois is the first to call him Superman, and the name catches on.

    He learns of his origins in different ways. Jonathan is the first to tell him where he came from after his powers start to show up. After discovering his hidden ship, Jonathan tells Clark more about his origins and gives him the key that was found with it. Clark also triggers a hologram message from Jor-El using the key that explains details about his home world. Later in the film after Clark opens up the fortress, he talks with another hologram of Jor-El and discovers the suit and how it works and the source of his powers on earth.

    Faora is killed by Zod.

    The prison planet is an actual planet. It’s smaller though and described as something like a moon to another planet, although very far away from Krypton itself.

    A scientific explanation is given for all Superman’s powers, and it grounds this movie and makes it feel even more real, or as real as a movie about a super powered alien can be.

    There’s a huge twist at the end of the movie that I’m trying to get out of him now.

    Will update you later.

    Lastly, the suit will be nano-tech like the New 52 DC Comics.

    • @Acein210
      Spoilers all the way huh lol

    • If this was all true id be extatic

  7. My ideas for a timetable for the DCCU:
    2013 MOS
    2015 Flash – introduce character, keep it simple but of high quality
    2016 MOS II – use this film to branch out universe e.g. Cadmus, Lex Luthor but as a behind the scenes, don’t reveal him until the end of the film, brainiac as main villain.
    2017 Green Lantern reboot, early May – get this dude some credibility on screen please!!! Again solid, simple plot
    2017 Wonder Woman, August – plot similar to WW animated film
    2018 Batman reboot – still of the tone we are used to but no origin stuff, more gadgets – listening bugs, gas pellets, the foam pellets that stick to enemies faces etc, I liked the gadgets in the The Batman cartoon series, obviously only the more realistic ones, no jet packs though. Have it as more of a gangster movie, Black Mask as main villain. Leave out the Gordon in this one, show more of his skills side – chemistry, engineering. Have him be friends with Harvey Dent like in TAS. Again Cadmus could show some role in this with some dodgy dealing if they go for more of a gangster theme……. leading into
    2019 Batman/Superman Movie!!!!!! – Investigate Cadmus plot that has bothered both of their cities
    2020 JL – Bats/Supes not fully solved the case, explanation that they realise that being megastrong/brilliantly clever is not enough to solve plot thus they assemble team and kick some ass

    As far as I’m concerned their is no rush. It’s all about quality. If it has been cancelled then they should get the young justice writers on board to help create a coherent DCCU as I was impressed with the story established in cartoon, evidently appropriate adjustment is required for the big screen.

    • At least by the time they come out with a JL movie, we’ll have 3D holographic technology perfected.

      • LOL

      • LoL

    • I agree with your idea and analysis, even though your proposed timetable seems a bit too lengthy.

      • I know it does seem like a while but to be honest that doesn’t bother me as I’d rather not go and see a JL film that utterly sucks. If they rush it, they may well ruin these characters for 30 odd years. Superman ,when they originally did him, had good films for the times and people still talk about them now. I know it is hard to get support for rebooting a good film but it would be even harder to get support for a rubbish one.

        I just wish they would set out what they are going to do. If they do a superman triology that is epic I can live with that as I am not expecting a JL film. If they have no clue and then start to create continuity that was not originally scripted then you end up with a X-men level of continuity.

        Thanks for replying though. It is all mere speculation at this point – it is fun to a degree but equally frustrating. WB I ask you this, ‘why so mysterious?’

  8. I’m at the point now where I’m just going to wait until I see a headline that has the word “official” in the title before I try to make sense of what they’re up to anymore.
    MoS has been done shooting for a pretty long while now (remember, it was supposed to release last December) so WB/DC should have a pretty darn good idea bye now of what they’ve got. So unless Snyder made another Sucker Punch you’d think WB would be more confident and really be pushing torwards a JL film.

    • I agree with this. There are too many rumours flying about the place and who knows how accurate they are.
      I’ll just continue to look forward to MoS and hope its amazing and makes a gazillion dollars. Then maybe dc will announce their plans to do flash, ww etc

  9. Iam so impressed that the Justice League is In-Development and Batman Vs Superman shall be called WORLD’S FINEST. I think Wolfgang Peterson shall get involve in directing WORLD’S FINEST: BATMAN VS SUPERMAN that will bring Christian Bale and Henry Cavill teaming up together as 2 Heroes fight their own enemies alone. I heard back in 1999 Wolfgang Peterson made a decision about directing, and that was Producer Jon Peters’ idea. Iam not positive on that. I also heard a NIGHTWING film may work.

  10. WB/DC, the whole organization is just a debacle. They are the Detroit Lions of the superhero movie making business. What a joke! Other than Arrow, ths company can’t get anything right, let alone settle on any kind of clear direction.

    I like what Banner said in the Avengers describing Loki, as it fits WB/DC perfectly
    “(their) minds are like a bag of cats!”

    It’s clear these people have no clue on how to set or run any kind of shared universe plot line or more than 1 superhero at a time. What a joke they are! They really are the Lions.

    This organization will never figure it out under this current leadership, period. “infighting”? Really? Come on, get it together already.

    To bank everything on Man of Steel is crazy, especially with the why it’s looking. A trilogy? Really? How about you make one good Superman movie first jackass!!

    Thank God for Marvel! They have the best heros & stories & management in place to make good movies. Marvel is what WB/DC wish they could be. Marvel has changed the game! WB/DC can’t even find the field.

    • +1. And this is coming from a lifelong Batman and Superman fan.

    • Dang. I agree Stark, but I had just finally got my mind off my Lions and you bring the pain back. So I guess the question that should be the poll is: Which comes first? A JL movie or the Lions in the SuperBowl? ( I actually know the answer. Even WB/DC isn’t as dysfunctional as the Leo’s).

      • at least JL will be in our lifetime (maybe). Leo’s super bowl will never be in our life time, never.

    • @Stark

      Okay that was a little harsh. You obviously don’t know anything you arre talking about. According to IMDb the Avengers made $623,279,547 bucks in the U.S. However a standalone Batman film which only had ONE hero made $448,130,642 in the U.S. I am a life long DC/WB fan and one day hope to work for the Warner Bros. Now imagine Batman which made this amount of money along with the greatest heroes within the DC universe and then we’ll see who can’t even find the battlefield.

      Plus your statement about Marvel’s heroes having better back stories is completely absurd. DC has characters with a wide variety of histories which if told correctly can bring upon Marvel’s downfall.

      • @ Writer

        I know Writer, I know, nobody on this thread is as informed  or bright as you, but just indulge me for a moment as I correct you on a few things.

        Any studio, even WB, can take a character that has a built in fan base and make a successful franchise/trilogy without screwing it up too bad. Case in point, Batman.

        Let’s see them do that with relatively  unknown, (at least to movie audiences anyway) characters. Let’s say for example, oh I don’t know, maybe Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, oh and The Hulk.  Marvel did that, and they built those franchises from nothing. Batman, my clueless friend, was put on a tee for WB, and they still almost screwed it up. ( and in fact they did screw up Superman. This current Superman effort has a lot to make up for) 

        Give WB those kind of characters to make into movies and they would wet themselves. Oh wait, they did!! That’s why we haven’t seen any Wonder Woman, Flash, (good) Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, etc. movies because those fools can’t figure out what to do with them. 

        Hmmm……now I know you’re sharp, so can you guess why? Because WB/DC doesn’t know what there doing, where as Marvel does. 

        No, I’m sorry, Marvel does have the best characters and stories, BUT, even if they didn’t, the people they have running the show over there at Marvel know HOW to tell a good story, even if the source material was shaky. 

        I am a fan of all superheroes no matter where they are from, and would love to see WB/DC get there act together so we could see some good quality movies from them, but under this current regime, I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen.

        As for you Writer, you seem bright, so why would you want to go work for these ass clowns at WB? Do yourself a favor and go work for a real studio if you want into this business.

        • @Stark

          I understand what you are saying. Sadly WB is making mistakes but with the new Superman movie coming out it may improve upon and create an existing universe where the heroes can come together. Although I am against a Justice League film I think it could greatly benefit WB. As for why I am against a Justice League film it is because I think Marvel has beaten WB. I know WB currently doesn’t have hardly any good super hero movies. However there is a great potential. To list a few Justice League Dark, Suicide Squad, Blue Beetle, Shazam and Amethyst. All of these great stories are not going to be put into production any time soon and I wish to change that.

          All the characters you listed as “unknown” were “well known” even before their movies I who am not a Marvel fan have heard and even read a comic with the characters you mentioned as have most of the people I know who even hate Super Heroes. the only one in the avengers I really did not know about was Black Widow. Another reason WB doesn’t know what their doing though is because they only know how to do super heroes one way. The Nolan version or the “realistic” way. Although this has worked for three and maybe even four movies it can still be used in plenty of other comic book movie adaptions. So I agree with you in insulting WB but don’t blame the DC characters.

          Another thing that gives Marvel the advantage is that Marvel has nothing better to do then work on a superhero movie. I mean Marvel can’t do anything else. Meanwhile WB has to keep up on all of their movies which are not just Super Hero movies such as: The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug, 300 rise of an empire and the Hangover part III with many more. Now Marvel has their new Wolverine, Amazing Spiderman 2, Thor Darkworld and Iron man 3 with a couple more I think. So you see they have all their time to see what people like and dislike. I am not saying that WB has made all the right decisions but I wouldn’t give up on them yet. As one day I hope to produce the comics I listed above into some proper movies.

          • @ Writer

            I hear you, although Spidy is at Sony and Wolverine is at Fox (unfortunately). WB should have a whole separate division dedicated to their DC properties especially now with superhero movies being so hot and vertically cash cows. 

             You’re right, Marvel gets it right because they are dedicated and focused on these movies. I would love to see DC break off on their own one day. 

            Well Writer, I hope you do get into WB then, maybe a clear thinker such as yourself can make a difference in that place. 

            • Thanks I really appreciate the discussion as it has given me even more drive to get into Warner Bros. I want to act, produce, screen write and direct movies. I know chances are I won’t be able to do all of these things and I am actually only 16 currently. I wish the best of luck to you and I hope to eventually make at least one DC super hero movie in my life.

  11. We want Wonder Woman!

    • Seconded.

    • agreed. it’s about time we see a good Wonder Woman movie :)

      • Yes Amazons need love too so get a Wonder Woman movie already.

    • Although I agree with you I would want to see a movie with Harley Quinn in it more.

  12. Just to play Devil’s Advocate here, I do think WB has a plan but it’s not necessarily the one that comic book fans want them to have.

    First, WB should be applauded for not just rushing into a Justice League film. I give them a lot of credit for realizing that Will Beall’s script was bad (allegedly) and just scrapping it as opposed to diving into it and watching it fail (if it was that bad).

    Now, these movies cost A LOT of money to make and market. I think the budget for Green Lantern was in the $200s at least and that was seen as a flop. It was not profitable for the studio so they naturally have cold feet about doing something like Flash. It’s understandable. If Thor bombed, I’m sure Marvel would get cold feet as well.

    Looking at it from their perspective, they have two surefire safe bets from DC to play with: Batman and Superman. They already broke the bank with Batman and have a nice $2.5 billion money mountain to sit on. Now they’re working on Superman and it looks like that will be a standalone trilogy as well. Superman is a well known property and one of the most iconic pop culture characters ever. From the studio’s viewpoint, it’s a lot easier to sell a trilogy of Superman films than try to connect everything with secondary characters casual audiences may or may not care about (see: Green Lantern).

    Also, not doing the shared universe actually allows the filmmakers and the studio more freedom. Marvel’s been lucky so far but one day they will have a flop. For argument’s sake, let’s just say Guardians of the Galaxy bombs. That doesn’t just impact a potential Guardians franchise, it will have a domino effect on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe because all these films tie together somehow. WB doesn’t want to take that risk. Green Lantern failed, but that only hurt the progress of Green Lantern 2. It didn’t affect Dark Knight Rises or Man of Steel, so WB is still able to pursue other franchises with different characters.

    And Marvel has gotten a reputation of being a very controlling studio. This site published an article about how creative limitations are pushing filmmakers out of the director’s chair. If WB continues with this solo standalone series method, it allows for a director to come in and freely make the movie he/she wants to make without having to worry about making sure everything fits into the mold of a shared universe. Nolan was allowed to do whatever he wanted with Batman and we saw the results. I’m guessing Snyder & Nolan will be able to do whatever they want with Superman. I think this is better. It allows writers and directors to deeper explore a character and create something really special.

    Nobody’s saying WB will NEVER make a Wonder Woman film or a Flash movie. Maybe they’re just waiting for the right filmmaker to make a pitch to them. After all, this is the same studio that waited until Nolan came to them with Batman Begins and Nolan & Goyer to come to them with Man of Steel. They’re not against making superhero films, they just want to make ones they feel will be great and make money for the studio.

    Sorry for the long post. Here’s to Man of Steel and an epic Superman trilogy!

    • Um, firstly, Marvel has had “flop”, it was called The Incredible Hulk (U.S. returns, anyway), and we still got The Avengers.

      “They’re not against making superhero films, they just want to make ones they feel will be great and make money for the studio”, so, by that logic, a critically praised and commercially successful superhero film would have been great, right…unless it was called Superman Returns, which, in the pre-TDK movie world, did pretty good, but they weren’t satisfied with the box-office returns, so that’s why we’re getting the rebooted Man of Steel (not that I’m not excited for MOS, but a 7 year gap between Superman movies, for no good reason, is inexcusable).

      There is risk involved in making any film, especially a superhero film, but Marvel is willing to take those risks, WB/DC is not, which is why Wonder Woman has been in Development Hell for years (they could have had Joss Whedon, but declined). Until WB/DC is ready to take risks with a decent product, which I’m sure we’ll all agree GL was NOT, then all they will churn out are Superman and Batman movies, get used to it, because sadly, that’s how it’s gonna be.

      • The thing is WB doesnt need justice league yet. They still have 2 more hobbit films which is bank.

    • I think what has people scratching their heads about Warner Brothers at this point is the fact they have owned DC for nearly 20 years now I think. And outside of Batman and Superman they have not pulled the trigger on much else as far as films go. They seem to like to tweak characters and put them on television, and it has worked for them. The thing is I think Green Lantern scared them off of anything that is not Superman or Batman.

  13. STOP REBOOTING…Why would they want to reboot Batman after an incredible trilogy that made BILLIONS? Are they simply out of their minds? I know Nolan wants it that way but I don’t care. Just pick up where TDKR ended and get this team together! Man, this is madness. The same cr*p that has just happened to Spidey. We paid billions to see the original trilogy and then the just offend us by rebooting it altogether? Why would anyone care about a reboot?

    I hated The Amazing Spider-Man, not because it was a bad film, but because it was entirely pointless and unnecessary. They could have retconed any changes (web blasters etc) into the original movie series instead of flushing billions through the toilet…What a waste! And now this! I’m done with that sort of thing. Why should I care about any of these characters and films if they just scrap them every ten years as if they had been losing any money on them?

    • Well, considering Nolan’s Batman “retired” and Wayne is “over the hill” by TDKR, a reboot is the only possibility (unless everyone wants to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Robin” as Bats… I don’t).

      I see nothing wrong with reboots… Bond has been doing it for decades.

    • Why continue a Batman universe that ended with TDKR when you could start fresh and have even more iconic villains that wouldn’t have been realistic in Nolan’s world?

      Also, Amazing Spider-Man was entirely justified after the piss-poor original trilogy that was too campy and badly written/acted and killed off Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus and totally ruined Venom. There was nowhere else that trilogy could’ve gone and thankfully, they rebooted Spiderman and gave us a much better movie than any of Raimi’s were.

      • I agree with you about Venom, who is my favorite spidey character. But Spider-man 1 and 2 were great films. Particularly Spider-man 2, which is viewed by many (including myself) as the one of the greatest superhero films. I agree that the rebooted was needed, however.

        • Spider-Man was cheesy and I couldn’t figure out why everyone found it so awesome. 2 was good- not great, but good. 3 was an abomination. The reboot is superior in every way.

          • You are saying the reboot is superior in every way when what the new studio mostly tried in the first reboot is copying the 1st Spiderman. 2nd sequel from the first franchise was great & it was the most reviewed Superhero film of that time & still the second highest rated superhero film tying with ‘The Avengers’. As a kid it was my most favorite franchise of that time till the third sequel was released. There are few things i disliked about first two films:
            -they didn’t completely follow the comic book story line
            -didn’t introduce Gwen Stacy and killed her off at the first film.
            -Green Goblin was not like what the comic book fans would have expected.
            -Toby Maguire as Peter, Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane.
            -I agree with you that spiderman3 was abomination.
            What i hated about the reboot? almost everything, except new spidey dress and few of his moves.

            • Let me get this straight:
              – You didn’t like the Spiderman actor, the Mary Jane actres, and on top of it all, you didn’t like DAFOE?!
              Maguire and Dunst, I can grasp that. Dunst was annoying as hell. But Dafoe?!?!? He was outstanding.

              Not what comicbook fans expected? u mad, bro?

              • Pl’s will you be generous enough to point out exactly where i said i hated DEFOE or mentioned anything about his acting skill at all? I quite liked his portration of the green goblin character… what i didn’t like was merely the costume which didn’t completely represent the Green Goblin from the comic book. Maybe i should have been more specific to make it clear to you. But anyway, nice to know you like previous version of Spidey movies, because i love them too (except Spiderman 3, obviously).

  14. I think i like this plan better than the original plan

  15. A big mistake imho to ONLY work on a Superman trilogy if the first one is successful and rebooting Batman so soon cries of desperation.

    Like Marvel, they need to be moving into a group dynamic, ala JL movie, as soon as they can while still doing the individual Superman movies. Get the JL movie going and THEN do Batman and the rest of the JL individually or as team-ups because quite frankly I’m bored with seeing both Batman and Superman in solo movies.

    • ONLY making a trilogy if the first is successful is just like most other Hollywood franchises. If a movie flops, why invest money on sequels?

      Then again, after the Dredd debacle and US audiences not going to see it (causing Hollywood to see it as a flop despite its popularity in the rest of the world), I have a feeling that Hollywood really doesn’t have a clue no matter which studio we’re specifically looking at.

  16. not that i wouldnt see the movie if it was made, but i really dont think a justice league film would work in the way the avengers has. even if it did, the stories would be so similar it couldnt possibly avoid comparison and even cries of ‘just an avengers rip-off’ from the general public that doesnt follow comics or typically care this much about these types of things like most of us. I think a better move would be a batman superman team up film since thats really what most people want to see, especially if DC doesnt establish their other characters in stand alone films and throws them all together as supporting players around the more popular batman and superman in a justice league film. another problem is that DC and Marvel are just diffrent and marvel has typically more relatable characters, while DC goes the route of having their heroes be less flawed and more like icons. in comics that works, in films, not so much.

  17. I can understand waiting to see how Man of Steel goes, and it looks like it will be pretty good. If it is a resounding success, WB needs to seriously get in gear with the other characters. It is incredibly frustrating as a fan for them to spend so long just sitting on all of these properties. They should have learned all the lessons they need to by this time, about what makes a smash, a lukewarm reception, and/or a flop.

    Green Lantern was very problematic. In theory, it should have been very cool, but there were so many things awry with it that WB is right to be afraid of repeating the experience. These films need the approach of filmmaking as a fine craft, starting with a genuinely good screenplay, the right cast (which need not be trendy) and special effects used carefully and only to make the story better.

    I don’t know about a Flash film or most of the others, but what I really want to see badly is WONDER WOMAN. She already has fairly broad cultural recognition, she is the third part of the DC Trinity, she will pull female viewers, and she is an awesome character. Television prequel series or epic film, make it so.

  18. There is at least one compelling reason why a JL movie should come sooner than later… breadth of marketing and money.

    I don’t remember people complaining there should be a Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, or Aquaman animated show before the Justice League ones came out. Heck… SuperFriends predates many single hero shows. Teen Titans even got their own animated series. Group properties have a huge draw because there is something for everyone.

    Did anyone ask for an Optimus Prime trilogy? JL is an iconic brand in itself and can be done without solo intro movies… and should be done sooner than later. Anything else other than the Trinity (Bats, Supes and WW) is a crapshoot at the box office.

    • Iconic to who though?

      Again, just like with solo films about Flash etc, not everyone in the world has heard of the Justice League so going on brand name alone isn’t gonna guarantee success.

      • I’m going to say that JL is more iconic than Avengers (but I might be biased).

        In the end, it won’t matter if anyone recognizes “Justice League”… as soon as they find out it’s a movie with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (and whoever else is lucky to make the cut), I think people are going to watch.

        That’s why it doesn’t need solo intro movies like The Avengers, because most of the DC characters are already known and for those who aren’t, they don’t require any movies to educate anyone (did we need one for Hawkeye and Black Widow?).

        A good way to create buzz of a JL movie is if Man of Steel had a cameo or an after credits scene with Clark Kent talking to Bruce Wayne.

        Look… if The Expendables can get box office money with those crappy storylines… why can’t The Justice League?

          • It’s okay… Superman and Batman will carry the film… just like Iron Man and Hulk carried The Avengers (even though Cap was supposed to be the leader).

            I find it hard to believe that outside of the US, Wonder Woman and The Flash are not known, but then again… I’m sure the same goes for a number of the Avengers. You don’t really need to know who they are… just what they do (WW = female Superman, Flash = fast guy).

  19. There are numourous storylines/comics that involve Batman/Superman teaming up. Their relationship being so opposite is one of the best features of the Justice League (plus the Wonder Woman/Batman on-off again flirting is also a fav, but I digress). To intruduce all the characters in one film would be too much, explaining all the backstories.
    Keep it simple. After “Man of Steel” do a Batman/Superman team up film, with an after credits teaser like Marvel has done of one, or two other JL members. After which more stand-alone films, linking and introducing the other key members ending with the beginning of the Space Station being built. Then – when everyone has had their solo film – do a Justice League.
    But that’s just how I’d do it, and I’m not a multi-millionaire director (yet!)

  20. I think they really should ‘postpone’ JLA for as long as they can until they have a solid standing ground to make it. Eventhough these are just rumors, I actually think this showed that the studio is definitely not 100% sure of what they are doing (without comparing to their competitor). Sounds like they enjoy making BIG statements without carefully planning in advance. A trilogy of Man of Steel? They don’t even know if the 1st one will do justice or not. And already a Batman reboot plan? I don’t mind, but why not try to focus on another League character first (Wonder Woman or Flash) before milking yet another Batman flicks. I even think they should forget the JLA plans altogether and just make more solo movies instead.
    Well, I hope WB can get their work done and not displeasing fans of the superheroes. They need to stop thinking of getting easy money and try to deliver the best for fans and moviegoers without straying too far from the original comic book root.

  21. Why cannot the Nolan Batman universe exist WITHIN the Man of Steel universe? This is ridiculous all this worring over semantics. As a DCU fan I understand that each chatacter is in their own city; Metropolis, Gotham City, Boston, Star City (not Starling), Central City! With the appearance of Zod and Superman, Batman (Bale) could come out of his “retirement” and join the fight! DUH!

    • If Superman had existed in the Batman movie… Than Batman should be really mad at him for not instantly saving everyone with his mad superpowers.

  22. World’s Finest is the only solution to conect Batman Nolan Trilogy with Man of Steel of Zack Snyder/Nolan Producer and Justice League movie. …

    • Dude! How many f***ing times are you going to post the same dumb comment? Nolan’s done, other than producing, he’s out. Later. Bye-bye.. And he’s not coming back because he’s not a comics fan. Get your tongue out of his a**hole and move the f**k on! Christ…

      • But wouldn’t it be great if Nolde – oh, sorry. I’ll stop.

  23. I dont see the need to rush a JL movie at all. They can afford to wait and see with Superman, which I think will more than likely be a financial success. Like was said above, that will buy DC time to really have a plan as opposed to just fast tracking something to rush to the screen, because that always works…

  24. I recken MOS will be huge but I dont want to wait till the trilogy is over, Then have a Batman reboot after it, I mean this will take years!! something aroung 2025 or something! are they kidding or what? WB are a joke, DC must be in dispair having to deal with this lot, They have the best and most iconic superheros and havnt got a clue how to use them! Ive been waiting so long for a proper Justice League movie, and this rumour if true wouldnt be good news for me at all..

  25. They just need to tackle a new series like the Nolan trilogy never happened. Introduce a future JLA member in the movie, fighting alongside Batman (or Superman) in their respective franchises, and you won’t have to spend precious screen time introducing each character in a future Justice League film.

  26. I think DC realizing that a Justice League film will be rushed and bad supposedly with Beal’s script is a great start in a good direction. I enjoy both Marvel and DC, and when one company succeeds it pressures the other. Both brands found their niche over the years: DC has dominated animations and television, whether animated or live action, and Marvel Studios found success recently with the Avengers and is now trying to move into television playing field. As much as I can enjoy movies based on Marvel Xmen and Spider-Man these films or their studios are not associated to Marvel Studios so I will leave them out.

    Marvel struck gold with Iron Man that only gained more attention with the end button scene. The solo films were successful in each of their own right for the most part, but the studio was more concerned in selling the Avengers for years before the film came out. Hence, instead of four different film franchises combining to an event crossover, all seemed like parts in the same series that served as advertisement teasers for a larger group blockbuster. Some films while not bad and sort of pulled off felt cheated of true potential in order to accomadate the Avengers. Thus Avengers spent more time trying to redeem some characters and have a story that, while certainly taking advantage of characters having been introduced and prepared for the Avengers, is overly simple to compensate the characters. In fact one can watch the Avengers film without needed the other film. A film should do this of course but The Avengers did not combine four franchises but only served as the film needed for Marvel Studios to now move their characters to their true potential.

    Marvel Studios unfortunately have been left with some of their most generally unknown products while their more popular heroes lie in other studios. The Avengers,despite how well the film turned out partly due to Joss Whedon who recognized what the film needed and trying to deliver a film even with Studio limitation , started as an epic way of advertising new characters many have never heard. Some films were limited along the way as Marvel played them safe and use hype to further their goals, including the Avengers, but now Marvel is obviously realizing the brand sells themselves now and they can now take risk with old and new characters and dig deeper to the story. This is where Whedon becomes even more important. Whedon was limited in the type of film he could make as Fiege et al knew what the wanted and the weaker elements of the limited films before hand but Whedon was able to make top dollar and deliver a the second great film Marvel Studios needed. Now Whedon has sway and influence on these other products and Whedon wants to dig deeper in each characters while still keeping the films fun. Thus Phase 2 are more comprised of stand alone adventures that will be subtedly connected and reach their own individual potential rather than play hype for Avengers 2 which at this point sells itself and Guardians will be the only true lead in. No more lead films but now Marvel can finally make the film we fans and audiences deserve.

    DC is understandably wanting a piece of the billion dollar pie but what started as a knee jerk reaction is now seemingly being halted and reflected on, and for good reasons. The film would have been rushed and seemingly with a bad script. Marvel played the Avengers having lead in film that were made for pure hype but DC has the advantage of seeing what worked and what didn’t work for the competitor. The success of each company pushes the other to reinvent itself and they both learn from their own and the others mistakes- I already commented on this in another thread.

    DC wanting to capitalize on the success of solo films that do not need hype of others characters or crossovers but rather good writing and reach their potential. Man of Steel seems to be heading this course and The Dark Knight trilogy did so. They offer audience fantastic stories that audience relate to and a bit more mature and grounded. This is nice way to differentiate from Marvel. They tried making Green Lantern have the tone and such of Marvel films but it did not work for the most part. So that alone will further the cause to find a mature tone that can still be fun and fantastical for audiences but seem more real and relative. Arrow seems to support this theory on the small screen and to much success in its own right. The Young Justice series also employed complex character driven mature arcs and have a more grounded element relative to past animated series. Even DC animated films Seem to follow the mold. So differentiating the tone for their Justice League film is a good way to seperate from Marvel and supporting their own winning method.

    DC supporting to make standalone stories is a good option. Why not have a bunch of standalone films of their characters that allow each character to reach their own potential? They can make stand alone films that all take place in the same universe but not necessarily make utter connections for the sake of telling audiences. Let the audience get the good movie appeal them to watch the other and they will realize on their own. Make it like a tv series: vastly different episodes with different plots stand alone from one another, yet each posses clues to a larger story the audience can recognize in the long run but for the moment only work in the immediate story. And then what initially seem like unrelated details then combined to a larger more overarching story that is only becomes clear and recognizable in the finale. Each film will work to its own potential, references can be made to acknowledge the larger world/universe, and certain details and story lines will eventually run the course along the film ideally to full potential and each possessing clues that serves a purpose in that film or just small to be of immediate consequence. Have then all these seperate story lines then meet head on and collide in the Justice League which not only takes advantage of introduced characters and stories that have already began but also seeds of a much more epic story that connects these seperate stories and characters to one.

    DC can definitely follow Marvel’s route if they now choose to do so but they don’t really have to; and if they do it can be done better and differently. Marvels phase 2 seem to be going this route now but DC can offer it from a beginning and start strong as Marvel but different

  27. I honestly wish DC the best with their future films you caught lightning in a bottle with Nolan’s Batman films they approached the comic book genre in a way that neither DC or Marvel has done before but to reboot it so early seems to forced. Man of Steel looks promising and I wish it the best and I think it will surprise alot of people. DC has Great characters but they won’t push them, Green Lantern wasn’t all that but just because that failed does not mean they shouldn’t push characters like Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, Teen Titans etc. It would be so cool to see those characters on screen and become a joint film. I hear people say “Do it like Marvel!! Marvel found out what worked for them even if DC did take that approach fanboys would be complaining about how they copied Marvel smh they have to find out what works for them, if they choose to go with more of a realism aspect to their films GREAT. not saying dark but to portray their films as more so realistic cool that’s not Marvels thing and they can build off that and be orginal in their own right.
    I wish both compaines great success because I’m a fanboy and love both compaines regardless.

  28. DC/WB SUCKS the water from my bong! what a bunch of delinquints! that place needs to be SHUT DOWN and sold to Marvel/Disneyso we can FINALLY GET A GOOD DC/WB movie other than Batman and Superman, I lovethem characters but GEEZ C-MON im almost sick of them and would WELCOME ANY OTHER DC CHARACTER….. at least they tried with GL but that was too goofy for the mainstream movie goers. GROW A PAIR OF BRASS BALLS DC and make some movies (but) WITH A PLAN FIRST.

  29. I havent read all the comments so I apologize if this has been said already, but I think the perfect was to introduce a new Batman is in the sequel to Man of Steel.

    We know Batmans origins, so we dont need to see that. Make Batman’s plot be the B plot of the movie and just ease him into the story. Superman will remian the focus, but the audience will get small bits of information along the way regarding this new Batman. If we understand who this Batman is and we are comfortable with him then having Batman and Superman start the Justice Leauge will feel more natural for the story as well as for the audience. If the other 3 leauge members are introduced in the JLA film, I think it will be better than having to also introduce a new Batman (especially coming off the Dark Knight Trilogy, which say what you want to say, is extremely popular).