Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone ‘Justice League’

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

While a Justice League film may seem like a must in today’s industry, DC and Warner Bros. are showing they’re not exactly in a rush. The attention, for now, is on Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman in Man of Steel (2013). The presumed plan was that Superman’s return would launch a Justice League universe, followed by the blockbuster team-up introducing new heroes, and rebooting Batman in the process.

But the newest rumors claim that not only has the team-up been delayed, but the studio may be so unsure of anything beyond Man of Steel that Justice League may even come after the re-launch of Batman, which is still years away.

A source close to Batman-On-Film (which may or may not be the same source that claimed the earliest Batman solo movie wouldn’t be coming until 2017) provides the report, once again implying a new, non-Bale Batman rebooting in an effort to protect all the company’s franchises going forward:

“Don’t worry about the Batman [film] franchise…it’s [Warner Bros.’] most valuable [DC Comics-based] asset…I believe that they are now looking at introducing [the rebooted] Batman in a solo film, though that will likely take place later than they initially had planned. They are extremely worried how a [Batman film franchise] would be affected if Justice League bombs…and rightfully so.”

“The fact that what should be the core fanbase of a Justice League film isn’t on board is making them sweat as well.”

The source largely voices the concerns expressed since Warner Bros. was reported to be putting all their eggs into one basket, as opposed to green-lighting numerous films. Since then, reports from the studio say there is no concrete plan until Man of Steel is released, along with rumors that the existing Justice League script has been tossed out (no complaints from us, since the proposed story made little sense for a movie launch).

It’s hard to know exactly what the source means by assumed fans not being ‘on board’ (besides Mark Millar, apparently) but it’s probably best that the studio get its ducks in a row before rushing to film. The right director, the right script, and the right creative team and talent should be the first steps to success – regardless of how many films Marvel and Fox are putting into production.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

The good news for DC fans is that a successful Man of Steel doesn’t just mean a Justice League film will suddenly be steamrolled into production. In fact, the source goes on to speculate that DC and Warner Bros. may just choose to capitalize on Man of Steel‘s popularity with a direct sequel:

“If Superman is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years. The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”

DC has got two proven properties in the bag, since Superman never needs help finding an audience – and coming off of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, fans have never been more motivated to see a movie featuring the Batman. But, for the surrounding cast of characters, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have made it clear they’re not taking anything for granted.

We’ve given our reasons for why Justice League might be the right path for introducing DC’s best and brightest; if the studio decides to take its time introducing The Flash, Wonder Woman, and any other Leaguers in a massive event film with a colossal budget (reaped from the Batman and Superman box office earnings), who’s to argue?

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

Up to this point, any enthusiasm to copy Marvel’s movie formula and bankroll films of all their solo characters has been stalled by studio infighting and a good amount of reluctance to repeat Green Lantern‘s critical slaughter. So while many comic book fans will be disappointed to see the prospects of a live-action League (once again) disappear in front of their eyes, maybe it’s best to just make the most out of a popular reboot of Superman for the time being.

Whether Batman or Justice League comes next, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. If a Super-sequel is planned in their stead, both projects will likely be pushed back several years at least.

What do you think of Warner Bros. and DC’s hesitance to push Justice League into existence? Do you agree that the film should only happen if the pieces come together properly, or is this a sign of trouble? Given the collapse of George Miller’s Justice League film in the late 2000s, are we seeing a “curse” on the JL movie property?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: Batman on Film

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  1. I think they should do a Superman/Batman crossover first. Get the relationship between these two characters established frst. Then bring in The JLA if it seems manageable.

    • While this idea sounds awesome on the surface (who wouldn’t like to see a Superman/Batman movie?) it would DOOM a Justice League movie even further. If those two characters had already shared a movie together, how much of that ‘cool team-up factor’ is left for JL? It would be significantly reduced at the very least. Half the fun of The Avengers was just seeing all these awesome characters together in the same movie for the FIRST time! In additional to this, a Superman/Batman film would further push the ‘other’ JL characters of GL, Flash, WW to the background, making it EVEN HARDER to make their solo movies a reality.

      • I actually see it as a safer way to ensure there is a Justice League movie. They can still introduce the other characters in seperate movies perhaps. It would be good to team them in pairs, so then these groups eventually come together in the JL. But, you have to admit, Batman and Superman are the heavy hitters in the JL, if only in the eyes of fan popularity. But their dynamic works.

        • Yeah, they’re definitely the heavy hitters which is why I think it would take too much away from a JL movie, having a Superman/Batman movie as a kind of lead-up vehicle. If they did Superman/Batman, THEN separate solo films for the other characters, and THEN Justice League – then yes, I could see it working. That strategy would give the studio two big ‘event’ movies either side of the solo stuff.

          • Sounds like a plan.

      • But see that cool team up factor would be still centered on them in the JL movie and take away from the others.

        Bats and Supes need a team up movie just to get all of that good interaction OUT of the way so you can focus on a team movie and not make it about Bats and Supes.

        While they are the heavy hitters I do not want to see a movie centered on Batman and Superman with the other characters playing second fiddle.

        It wont work IMO.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing such a movie and it’ll be a lot safer for the studio too, since both characters are well-known and loved

      • No question it’s the safer bet. And going by the comics, having a Superman and Batman already friends can be worked in with new heroes.

    • There is no relationship. They are not friends, they are associates. Batman trust Superman as far as he can throw him. Hence the reason he carries Kryptonite in his Utility Belt.

      The Animated Series diluted their working association. Batman trust very few, let alone Superman.

      • Actually in the comics, at least in the last decade they have been portrayed as the closest friend and allies (the Superman/Batman comic World’s Finest is the biggest highlight of this but it shows up elsewhere in continuity). If anything Superman is pretty much Batman’s closest friend outside of the Bat family.

        For what it is worth the relationship may have been retconned again since the new 52 reboot.

        • That took establishment though, didn’t it? Fact is, Batman is a loner. Batman shouldn’t be best buds with anyone and should really only trust his butler Alfred. If anything, they should introduce Bats like a Nick Fury character in the JL.

  2. I think a Batman vs Superman will sound great. I think Christopher Nolan shall get involve

  3. If there is no Justice League, fine, but what about Flash and Wonder Woman solo movies? Get something going besides Superman and Batman! I know Green Lantern flopped, but they shouldn’t just give up.

    • I feel like WB needs to pull the DC heroes out of the teenybopper trash bin that is the CW. Arrow was ok for a while but the tv budget just makes these great characters look silly.

  4. Definitely a Batman v Superman film that ends in the two joining forces. That would be huge and could catapult a further Justice League down the road. I hate the fact aht Green Lantern scaree everyone off, they should have known that movie was doomed from the start, everything about it was wrong. They couldn’t even get the freaking suit right smh.

  5. Just take their time. If they want to strengthen their Superman and Batman properties and then take off into Justice League, then that’s perfectly fine. As long as they don’t rush then I’m ok with whatever.

    I’ve been thinking that it would be cool if the Man of Steel sequel was actually a team up film between Superman and Batman. Everybody knows about Batman and this film could continue Superman’s journey to being a superhero.

    • My bad, looks like everybody is saying the same thing. (Thought I was the first person who posted hehe).

      • No worries, I’d actually like the idea of marketing it as a Superman sequel from the get-go, and save the Batman appearances for a surprise announcement later.

  6. I’m just gonna set back and watch how this unfolds. I hope they push Justice League back and do solo films first but who knows? For sure WB doesn’t. As a big DC fan all of this is just frustrating. If all DC can do is Superman and Batman I’m gonna get real board eventually. What kind of world do we live in when we get a Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy movie before Flash and Wonder Woman! Get you crap together WB.

    • Agreed, WB/DC has really been lackluster in getting their products to the big screen.

    • very well said. WB just seems clueless and it’s really annoying.
      also, all this constant talk about seeing how Man of Steel performs and everything depending on it kind of puts me off..

      • True. Then again, DC could come along with a new Batman and Justice League and have everyone saying “wait…I thought Ant-Man was an awesome idea for movie?!?” ;)

        • meh, I don’t want another Batman movie and I see I’m not the only one. too soon. and we don’t want over saturation with this character, don’t we?

  7. This is a great idea IMO. Why rush the JL movie if we aren’t gonna have the right batman? I hope MOS is a huge success.

    I agree with you :) they need to start with the little things then move onto the big things.

  8. Superman trilogy, get Batman going again, leads to World’s Finest; then Justice League, eventually. Otherwise they’re just clumsily trying to imitate Marvel which will mean trying twice as hard with half the success or less. I’m seriously hoping Man Of Steel rocks, but generally speaking my faith in DC knowing what to do with its characters on the big screen is pretty much lost at this point…

  9. Why do people want DC to do the same thing Marvel did? Then all we would get is more complaining and gloating that DC must do everything Marvel does in order to be successful.

    I say Superman, Batman, team-up, Justice League

    • @ACW 007
      Well said man.

      • +1

    • Another possibility would be to have Batman acknowledged in the Superman sequel. One way to do it and it’s surely not the only way is to have Batman chasing down a villain and have Superman step in for an assist. He could acknowledge Batman’s work and express a desire to talk at a later time then fly off. If it happened as a montage somewhere in the film where Superman is on a criminal catching spree it could be made to fit as part of an overall story about Superman’s activities around the world or something. He just has to acknowledge Batman and have him or just his presence in the movie that establishes a shared universe. That way you could save all the meet up stuff for a shared movie and do it any way you like.

      Personally I would like to see Martian Manhunter introduced in the first Justice League movie and make him and a story around him be the catalyst for a superhero team up. That of course would reflect the comics and they can still introduce the other hero’s any way they like too, whether it be in a shared story or not. What about a first story called The World’s Finest that introduced two or three of the DC line up like Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman that didn’t involve Superman or Batman but loaded the movie with a story that linked those three heroes together? They could even do semi-origin stories for them that would launch them on a world stage. If you make such a story under the premise that those three know of each other you can fill in the movie with back-story about how they met or origins or whatever while the main part of the movie is about the immediate problem and goal. The beauty of Warner/DC’s position right now is that they still have a wide open field, they can put it together almost any way they like they just need the VISION and WILL to carry on…

      • I think the first time superman and batman meet up it had to be somewhat epic. I’m not sure a montage would suffice.

        • There’s nothing that says it can’t be memorable but you have to be careful that you don’t steal the possible dramatic impact their team up dynamic in a Justice League movie needs to succeed. Remember if they want to do that it will be the most expensive and you need anticipation for that, not deflate it’s potential by stealing it in what could arguably be seen as a second act movie. A real balancing act to be sure…

        • The best way to introduce the two together would be in a Batman movie. Have Bats fighting some random criminals and see a superman like blur beat him to the punch. You could also introduce the two in a more subtle way. Have news reports in both movies about the other hero, just basic background noise.

      • I like the idea of having the other 3 heroes in a movie of their own. I say have this movie and a then have the sequel for man of steel introdue a new batman, then do justice leauge.

    • Why not? I could care less what people gloat about. I go to the movies to enjoy the show.

      And no offense but IM, Cap, Thor, Avengers is not to far off from Superman, Batman, team-up, Justice League.

      Especially with Nick Fury pulling it all together on The Avengers side.

      You do it 1 of 2 ways. You go through the whole process of insulting the viewers by explaining Superman and Batman (AGAIN) team them up and have them find other heroes. That is almost 8-10 years before a JL movie.

      Or you jump in with both feet. Batman on one foot Superman on the other and introduce the other heroes. No origins. 2 min overlays about them is all that is needed. If they are strong enough they can branch off on their own or just show up for the other 2 JL movies.

  10. I still think they should go ahead with the Justice League movie in the LOTR trilogy style. I don’t think they should tie into solo films at all…different actors for all the roles. Marvel has done a decent job of building their universe, but they’ve also had some creative issues (Iron Man 2, directors and actors bowing out due to creative control, etc.). If done correctly, DC/Warner Bros. could create a massive story released over the course of three years and at the same time continue with their Man of Steel franchise and reboot of Batman as well as any other characters they feel should have their own movie franchise.

    • Interesting ideas, but I’m not going to disagree with them at all.

      • The “Trilogy as in LOTR” is a great idea. I had never had that occur to me in so many words. The parallels are there, i.e. a large cast of characters and a story that needs to be given time to develop. I am liking this more every second. Forget copying Marvel. Do the epic trilogy – these characters are mythological in scope anyway, many of them.

  11. If they feel the need to start more Batman films, they should skip all the origin. Everyone knows who Batman is by now.(That to an extent was a small failing of TA Spider-man.)

    Start him as an established character (Somewhat how Burton did), so we can get to the bones of the character. And I don’t want to see Nolan’s Batman up there on screen. That was great, but, we need him fresh and just a little more pulpy. (As in comicbook/fantasy/detective/noir etc…)

    • True, in fact, the Court of Owls story line from the New 52 would be a damn interesting place to restart with Batman not just established, but taking his role of ‘Gotham’s secret’ for granted.

  12. Boy these guys can’t make up their minds. I think the best thing is actually what they are supposedly thinking of now. To wait for at least the next Batman to come out, and maybe, one other major character’s movie to come out before doing Justice League. What’s the point in rushing it. They’re already screwed because they need to reboot Batman. Even if they wait ten years, it seems too soon. It still feels like they need to reboot Batman only for Justice League, because it’d be very hard to incorporate the Nolan Batman into Justice League. They’re also appearing to be very uncertain about Man of Steel. I don’t know whether this is a good sign or not about how good the movie may be. Then again, don’t ever go by the opinions of the executives about how a movie will be.

  13. If there’s gonna be a DC team up with the major players, I’d rather see Justice League than a Batman/Superman team up movie because that’s just a terrible idea. Batman should begrudgingly join up with Superman after being coerced by Green Lantern and The Flash because they need his skills.

    Anyway, I always figured it’s best to go solo first to introduce the JL characters to the vast majority of the world who don’t know who people like The Flash are. That way, a team up will work out for the better.

  14. For the love of Christ, if there is one superhero we dont need another movie for, it’s the g****** Batman. Don’t get me wrong, Bats is my favorite superhero and I love the Nolan trilogy, but we seriously need some different DC heroes in the mix. The Flash, Wonder Woman, hell, Let’s go even crazier. I’d rather see del Toro’s “Dark Universe” rather than another Batman flick. Why not Animal Man? His comics right now are absolutely amazing. Give a Green Lantern movie to a better director and writer. Just think outside the box because honesty, I am sick and tired of the exact same thing over and over. I may be a diehard DC fanboy, but at least Marvel is actually branching out with its movies. I could not be more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. Why? Because there different from what we’ve already seen.

    • so true!

      • Couldn’t agree more.

        • I concur. Well said.

  15. World’s Finest is the solution to conect Batman Nolan Trilogy with Man of Steel of Zack Snyder/Nolan Producer and Justice League movie. …

  16. A step in the right direction but please don’t wait until a Superman trilogy is done before launching JLA. I’d rather see them do Superman 2,rebooted Batman,Wonder Woman and Flash solo films leading into a JLA film. Use the JLA film to reboot Green Lantern and possibly launch Manhunter and Aqua Man.

    • No.

  17. I don’t really care about Justice League. I’ve mentioned on this site several times before that I’d rather see Man of Steel be its own separate trilogy and that looks like what’s going to happen.

    From WB’s perspective, it does make a lot of sense. If Man of Steel is a hit, they’ve got a big franchise to hang their hat on with one of the most iconic pop culture characters ever. Superman is big enough to carry a franchise on his own.

    I am 1000% against any sort of Batman reboot. In my mind, Nolan’s versions will be the definitive film versions of the character. I love those movies.

    • Are you saying they shouldn’t ever make a Batman movie or appearance again?

      • Batman NEEDS a reboot.

  18. either way, dc is always two steps behind marvel these days. does the credit go to stan lee? or disney’s powerhouse stream of cash? I believe most of marvel’s recent success is due to Jon Favreau – but no one gives him credit.

  19. Do a batman/ supernan team up first and have a few cameos then make the jl movie

  20. World’s Finest is the only solution to conect Batman Nolan Trilogy with Man of Steel of Zack Snyder/Nolan Producer and Justice League movie. …

  21. Now it seems like a no-brainer, but Avengers didn’t really wasn’t a certainty until Thor and Cap were well underway. Even then Marvel was white-knuckling it with Thor. And Avengers still might have been a dud, I think Joss Wheadon really found the right balance.

    But they announced Avengers in 2005. Iron Man and IH came out in 2008. Nothing in 2009. Iron Man 2 in 2010 (with a Thor tease). Then Thor and Cap in 2011, Avengers in 2012. So it took them seven years at least.

    DC should try to do something before (and if) superhero movies start declining in popularity, but they have to at least see if they have a winner with MOS.

    Completely rebooting Batman is a bad idea. I think they should just tweak the Nolan Batman, and have him turn up as only Batman in a team movie. No Bruce Wayne, just a shadowy, brooding Batman.

    • Hell, I’d even prefer a Batman solo movie where he is ONLY Batman and never Bruce Wayne. If it wasn’t all from Batman’s perspective it’s be great.

      • True. I’m not exactly reading the comics to see Bruce Wayne all the time, not in his most pivotal storylines, anyway. Don’t get me wrong: I love the dichotomy, but at this point, I’d welcome a different take on Batman than a repeat performance of ‘playboy millionaire.’

      • I like Bruce Wayne, I just think a JL movie, with Batman part of an ensemble, would provide a opportunity to show Batman from an outsiders perspective, the way the rest of the world is supposed to see him.

        Plus I think it would be a good way to introduce a new Batman.

  22. I can´t understand WB! They have the most valuable team of heroes! They have Nolan’s Batman! They have Nolan’s overseen Sups! They reach out to guys like Bruce Timm… What’s the problem!? Are they trying to ruin their heroes but simply “p*ssing” on them? like GL?? It’s so easy: put Bruce Timm in charge, get Jonah Nolan on board and continue the universe of Nolan, even if it takes putting another actor doing Batman (a la 007)! Cross Superman & Batman after Man of Steel and introduce a third hero on that one…

    • No. Keep Nolan out of it. He already wiped his a$$ with Batman. Let someone else helm the JL ship.

  23. World’s Finest baby! World’s Finest.

  24. Would it be too much to ask for Snyder to direct a Wonder Woman movie after Man of Steel? Because that’d be awesome.

    • Yes, it would be. Wonder Woman needs to get some wheels already.

      And even just a quick, subtle non-disruptive cameo by Diana (or alternatively, maybe Bruce Wayne) in a Superman film would be deliriously cool, hard to exagerate how much our inner geeks would bliss out.

      • I’d probably start convulsing in my seat at the theater. My friends would call me an idiot and I’d probably get kicked out but the pure, unadulterated, joy I would feel couldn’t be sullied by anything.

  25. I say stick to solo films, I mean the Dark Knight trilogy showed how huge movies about one character can be. Marvel’s doing their own thing and I suggest DC do their own as well. Man of Steel can be the next big thing to take Batmans place in the meantime, as well as several other heroes in the DC Universe, ranging from Green Lantern to Martian Manhunter to the Flash. These are all great characters that deserve being developed on the big screen instead of being thrown in a team up just for the sake of it.

  26. You’re all crazy…
    Yeah, that’s just what I want, ANOTHER 6 Batman and Superman movies before we see Flash, Wonder Woman, or the other DC Heroes.
    Enough with Batman already. I’m willing to give MOS a chance, but that will total 6 or more films of each hero, with NOTHING from Wonder Woman or Flash. Hell, I’d even take an Aquaman movie at this point just for the damn variety!!

    Get off the one trick Batman pony (or two-trick if you count Superman) WB and take a page outta’ Marvels book. Plagiarize if you have to, but get your ass on the ball!!

    • Rawhide!

  27. Pay no attention to the man behind the WB curtain. He is in charge, but he’s not a comic fan, and all he cares about is money.

    Where is WB’s Kevin Feige?

    Where is DC’s Joss Whedon?

    Until a talented, creative person is put in charge of the WB/DC Movie Universe……. the WB Universe can’t exist.
    The Justice League is a beautiful dream. But it’s only a dream.

    • “Where is DC’s Joss Whedon?”

      DC’s “Joss Whedon” is with Marvel. His name is Joss Whedon.

    • I agree with you. Avengers so easily could have been average or below if not for JW.

      Part of me thinks DC should take it’s time because finding the right actors and designing costumes that work on screen is important. But then I think about how fans were and are up in arms over every aspect of Avengers. In the end it comes down to story and direction.

  28. I have to say that I think however they go about it, at this current point in time a Justice League movie is just going to look like a cheap avengers rip-off. I KNOW IT ISN’T but I fear that that is how will look to the majority (and probably non-comic book fans) of the movie going audience.

    The major advantage that Marvel had was that they could introduce their characters without having to constantly reboot and rehash them. At the current rate, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern will have all been rebooted within recent memory just to be shoe-horned into a Justice League movie.

    I think DC should do Superman VS (Bale’s) Batman, set between the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight rises. Hell, its the film almost everyone wants to see.

  29. No more dead rumors!