Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone ‘Justice League’

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

While a Justice League film may seem like a must in today’s industry, DC and Warner Bros. are showing they’re not exactly in a rush. The attention, for now, is on Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman in Man of Steel (2013). The presumed plan was that Superman’s return would launch a Justice League universe, followed by the blockbuster team-up introducing new heroes, and rebooting Batman in the process.

But the newest rumors claim that not only has the team-up been delayed, but the studio may be so unsure of anything beyond Man of Steel that Justice League may even come after the re-launch of Batman, which is still years away.

A source close to Batman-On-Film (which may or may not be the same source that claimed the earliest Batman solo movie wouldn’t be coming until 2017) provides the report, once again implying a new, non-Bale Batman rebooting in an effort to protect all the company’s franchises going forward:

“Don’t worry about the Batman [film] franchise…it’s [Warner Bros.’] most valuable [DC Comics-based] asset…I believe that they are now looking at introducing [the rebooted] Batman in a solo film, though that will likely take place later than they initially had planned. They are extremely worried how a [Batman film franchise] would be affected if Justice League bombs…and rightfully so.”

“The fact that what should be the core fanbase of a Justice League film isn’t on board is making them sweat as well.”

The source largely voices the concerns expressed since Warner Bros. was reported to be putting all their eggs into one basket, as opposed to green-lighting numerous films. Since then, reports from the studio say there is no concrete plan until Man of Steel is released, along with rumors that the existing Justice League script has been tossed out (no complaints from us, since the proposed story made little sense for a movie launch).

It’s hard to know exactly what the source means by assumed fans not being ‘on board’ (besides Mark Millar, apparently) but it’s probably best that the studio get its ducks in a row before rushing to film. The right director, the right script, and the right creative team and talent should be the first steps to success – regardless of how many films Marvel and Fox are putting into production.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

The good news for DC fans is that a successful Man of Steel doesn’t just mean a Justice League film will suddenly be steamrolled into production. In fact, the source goes on to speculate that DC and Warner Bros. may just choose to capitalize on Man of Steel‘s popularity with a direct sequel:

“If Superman is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years. The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”

DC has got two proven properties in the bag, since Superman never needs help finding an audience – and coming off of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, fans have never been more motivated to see a movie featuring the Batman. But, for the surrounding cast of characters, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have made it clear they’re not taking anything for granted.

We’ve given our reasons for why Justice League might be the right path for introducing DC’s best and brightest; if the studio decides to take its time introducing The Flash, Wonder Woman, and any other Leaguers in a massive event film with a colossal budget (reaped from the Batman and Superman box office earnings), who’s to argue?

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Batman Reboot, Superman Trilogy Could Postpone Justice League

Up to this point, any enthusiasm to copy Marvel’s movie formula and bankroll films of all their solo characters has been stalled by studio infighting and a good amount of reluctance to repeat Green Lantern‘s critical slaughter. So while many comic book fans will be disappointed to see the prospects of a live-action League (once again) disappear in front of their eyes, maybe it’s best to just make the most out of a popular reboot of Superman for the time being.

Whether Batman or Justice League comes next, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. If a Super-sequel is planned in their stead, both projects will likely be pushed back several years at least.

What do you think of Warner Bros. and DC’s hesitance to push Justice League into existence? Do you agree that the film should only happen if the pieces come together properly, or is this a sign of trouble? Given the collapse of George Miller’s Justice League film in the late 2000s, are we seeing a “curse” on the JL movie property?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: Batman on Film

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  1. WB are cowards. Marvel, Sony(with Spiderman), Superman and Batman have all worked really well. Why is WB so afraid just because Green Lantern didn’t work? It was a bad movie with a really stupid villian. There are so many great animation and comic writers why don’t they use them??? Why don’t they use popular stories? Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc are all iconic characters that have proved popular over 60 years. Of course people are going to see those movies if they are done reasonably well and stick to the proven successful story. Less well known comic characters(outside the comic world) are usually difficult to make successful, like Dredd, Ghost Rider, Steel, Jonah Hex maybe even Green Lantern. These should be supporting characters like War Machine, Black Window, Hawkeye, etc in the marvel universe. Looks at Bryan Singers Superman, the movie was very bland yet it still was a financial success because the character is so successful. With so many great stories is would be so easy to make a character based movies about Superman, Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman all at the same time and then make a Justice League movie and throw in some other characters. If marvel can have success with Captain America with that costume in modern day and Thor with Gods, planets and aliens there is no excuse for not making Wonder Woman or Flash or Green Lantern(just avoid a big yellow bloob attacking the earth). Please WB, grow a pair and make a decision!!!!

    • Please excuse typos.

    • “There are so many great animation and comic writers why don’t they use them???”

      Because that would make to much sense.

  2. Now that I’ve thought about this a little more, I think DC is fine.

    Marvel really needed something big to get some momentum behind characters like Iron Man, Thor, and Cap. Those movies might have never been made and promoted (some more than others) if not for Avengers.

    But a Superman movie is a big event. If it’s recieved well and leads to sequels that will be huge for DC. A new Superman series of movies is as big as Avengers. I think they should drop some subtle “easter egg” type allusions to other DC charaters. Maybe just have someone mention Gotham and compare it’s character to Superman.

      • A successful new Superman series is humongous (that’s if it is successful). It’s bigger than any single marvel character on his own. If they want to build a shared Universe with Superman and Batman, that seems a lot more solid, to me, than Iron Man and Hulk (without the benefit of hindsight. Of course now we know how Marvel is doing, but it sounded like a pipe dream even in 2008). IF they have a new Superman they can, if they want to, start building a shared Universe on that, and they can do so easily. They don’t have to force the issue. A suggestion of Batman or Wonder Woman in a big movie will get the ball rolling just fine.

        I don’t have a crystal ball, so I don’t know how MOS will be received, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out to be a mega hit, a colossal dud, or somewhere in between. What Marvel did is incredible considering what it had, but imagine if it could have started a shared universe with Spider-man, X-men, FF, etc (on the downside we might not have seen Iron Man or Thor). I’m just saying Superman and Batman, and even WW are some pretty nice “cards” to have, if WB can play them right.

  3. I wish i was a multi-Billionaire I would buy all DC properties and give whatever share and money Christopher Nolan desires in exchange for his services aka THE GODFATHER OF THE DC UNIVERSE!!! If you are A DIE HARD MARVEL FAN FIRST you must be delighted because the future is BRIGHT FOR THEM. IF YOU ARE A DIE HARD FAN OF DC COMICS THE FUTURE IS BLEAK and being a DIE HARD DC COMIC FANS im disheartened all we get is BATMAN and SUPERMAN all the time, GREEN LANTERN being the exception! Gosh!!!! bring THE FLASH, WONDER WOMAN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER AND AQUAMAN at the very least!!! GREEN LANTERN was not good because of the writers not the director! when will WB understands that the director does not really matter as long as the writers nail the script! Example i am not a big fan of Zach Snyder at all but when i found out that Goyer and Nolan were writing I bought into Man of Steel!

    • Sorry, Nolan is the wrong man in every way to oversee the DCU.

      Hes not going to commit to something like that, hes to wrapped up in his own thing. Which is fine by me, its what he does best.

      The DCU needs to have someone ideally from DC just to make sure it all makes sense, the other side of it WB should be able to find people who can do that vision and put it on screen.

      • I would kill to be the next director of the DC comics movie. Of course I would do films that people actually want to see. Like: Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, Suicide Squad, Justice League Dark, The Flash, Shazam and Blue Beetle. These are really cool stories that probably will never be told because of Green Lantern. If I had the budget and WB support these movies would be awesome.

        • Apart from the Flash I wouldn’t want to see any of these movies right now. They are too unknown. They might make a great movie but only fans of those comics are interested in movies about them. DC has so many huge cultural icons to make movies about and when the general public starts to see inside the DC universe they will want more and then would be the time to introduce your movie ideas.

          • @ClassVI

            If you market the movies just right then it can cause the viewers to want to see the movies. Iron Man for instance wasn’t exactly as famous as Spiderman yet it was HUGE and people loved it. This is because they marketed it perfectly. Marvel had amazing writers, directors and actors “Robert Downey Jr.”

            If your right then we wouldn’t have any more new movies we would just be seeing a bunch of sequels. Though you are right about the comics being too unknown. If advertised well the films could do better than the Dark Knight trilogy because they would appeal to a wider audience. The Nolan fans want to see another Batman but instead give them a “realistic” Suicide Squad. It has Batman elements meanwhile giving them a different perspective on the harshness of Super Heroes and it would give the Joker fans a Harley Quinn without ruing Heath Ledger’s performance.

            As for the Super Hero fans who want a female hero give them Amethyst. Now the reason I think Amethyst would do better than Wonder Woman is because she could appeal to kids and adults. Although Wonder Woman is older and more well known she does not really appeal to the average girl. Why? you may ask is because she is dressed scantily and doesn’t have an exceptional history. Amethyst on the other hand uses a weapon not bracelets. She has a different world to save along with Earth and is not dresses so scantily. Also the idea of a girl turning into a Super Hero makes the kids like it all the more.

            Now I know these may sound cheesy but it would be like Black Widow getting her own movie. Action of course would be more present than in the Dark Knight Rises which would get the action lovers involved as well. These movies would increase popularity in the comics and thus it would create more movies with better quality.

      • Having someone in charge who is currently from DC Comics is the wrong move. They don’t know who their characters are, and Justice League would just be a Green Lantern movie with the other JL members looking inept. Hire someone who is a talented film writer who has a passion for all of these characters, not just someone looking to put over one or two characters at the others’ expense.

  4. As long as JLA comes out eventually…

  5. Since DC claims to have so many problems with Wonder Woman, I sometimes feel that maybe DC should moth-ball Wonder Woman entirely.

    • Or do an Amethyst Princess of Gemworld movie? And did you use “moth-ball” because of Dark Knight Rises?

      • To answer your question ‘Writer’, my use of the term “moth-ball” was not related to any other character or movie.

        • Sorry I was just curious… Because Mr. Fox says it in Dark Knight Rises and I don’t hear the term often.

    • They need to make a Wonder Woman movie. That should be on the top of WB list right now after Man Of Steel.

  6. Just introduce Wonder Woman and/or Batman in the Man of Steel sequel (assuming MOS is huge).

    The origin stories do not need to go into a great deal of depth – just tell it quickly. For Batman, the story can even use the Nolan story – except in this universe it diverged off of it sometime after the first or in the middle of the second movie (moviegoers know this story). For Wonder Woman – give us 10-15 minute recap with flashbacks as she tells Superman or someone where she came from.

    At the same time – have another movie introducing Flash and GL (keep the the GL movie or no as canon – it makes no difference). Have the movie be a buddy movie which builds on their relationship. At the end, introduce the cataclysmic event which only the Justice League can solve.

    Done. With the right person overseeing the entire project (Jon Favreau, Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, or someone of that caliber who will require in their contract to keep the WB execs out of the storytelling process), and we have a winner.

    Three movies – which begins with Man of Steel (heck, they could throw in a reference to Batman or WW, if they wanted – but that’s not critical) being hugely successful. Easy, easy.

    Do not reboot Batman already. Just use what’s there and diverge off at a reasonable point to make it consistent with the new universe.

  7. I, for one, have been aching for a Batman/Superman movie.

    Honestly, it was really too soon for a JL movie (which sucks to admit, cuz I was getting really ramped up for it). You can’t do it like Marvel, cuz everybody’s gonna say, “You’re doing it like Marvel”, and you can’t do the movie itself cuz nobody cares about the characters enough to invest in them (aside from the obvious Batman, Supes and possibly WW). Let MoS come out and get people all reinvested in the DC brand, take a few years to develop a solid “Bat/Supe” movie (see what I did there? cheesy, I know, lol), throw in a WW cameo, a couple of button scenes to set up the JL, and VOILA! The perfect petri dish for a successful JL franchise.

  8. Supergirl shall be introduced to Man of Steel (Part 2), and become a spin off reboot. I read the Superman: Brainiac crossover and I think it makes alot of sense to get MOS (Part 2) to be titled THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON (LSOK). The Origins of Superman’s home planet Krypton was invaded by an alien called Brainiac who harnessed the civilization of Kandor that left the citizens of Argo City flying off into space after Krypton was destroyed. We see a civilization of Argo survive in a shielded bubble where Anti-Kryptonite Meteor Showers are striking Argo’s orbit. Zor-El is Jor-El’s Brother is a scientist and he builds a ship who sends his teenage daughter Kara to Earth.

    On Earth Kara gained Super-Powers similar to her cousin’s and she flies and learns how to be super motivated. She becomes “The Girl of Steel” and she is adopted by Clark’s Mom Martha (Played by Diane Lane) and she is named Kara Kent and she becomes a secret weapon to the world. In the spin off she is all dressed in the Red and Blue Mini Skirt by her adopted Mother Martha and she flies from earth to Argo City to meet up with her folks Zor-El and Allura In-Ze. She protects her People from a super powered villainess of Kandor Lesla-Lar.

  9. DC has reached the most important junction of their chartered plans for a Cinematic Universe, now that Man of Steel is packed and ready for execution. Finishing a Superman trilogy for the next decade will have made no sense for Nolan’s Batman to have been rebooted because trilogies (when fathered by Chris Nolan, (or produced, as in Man of Steel)) always tend to end up in full circle.

    Out of all the would-be characters in the JLA film, at least the heavyweights like Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, maybe Green Lantern 2 (if WB wants to undo the damage done by GL’s first film unless they have a better continuation for him in JLA), Hawkgirl and most importantly, Batman deserve solo introductions like what Marvel’s doing.

    A core player like Batman really requires a strong foundation with at least one solo film before JLA. Nolan’s trilogy gave him the best foundation but at the same time, ruined his prospects for team-up by retiring him. However, Joseph Gordon Levitt as Batman Beyond would help redress this problem but a wholly rebooted Batman requires a lot of exposure before giving him the guns for JLA. For instance, Marvel put Iron Man in special limelight with 2 films before The Avengers, to make us feel Iron Man’s central role in the film.

    So, I feel WB should complete Superman’s trilogy only after pitting the other solos and JLA in between.

    • No, Batman doesn’t need a solo film. Batman is so well known to modern audiences that people literally know of the character through cultural osmosis. Reintroducing him again would only be redundant. WB needs to invest money in their other properties if want ANYTHING to happen in the future and do Batman after the Justice League.

      • @ Colt

        No, the way you are envisioning Batman won’t be much of a “Nick Fury” experience, but more of a “Hawkeye” one. Nick Fury had considerable exposure with 3 films before The Avengers and one of them (Iron Man 2) had him get sufficiently subsidiary screen time. That will not be possible with Batman, as he may get a cameo in Man of Steel only (if lucky, he may get one in 2014 which depends on whether a Flash or Wonder Woman movie comes up, but it won’t because there’s no plan for such projects in 2014) before JLA’s slated date in 2015.

        Now, the big question:

        Why Batman needs a solo movie before JLA???

        It is evident from Man of Steel’s Superman that DC’S turning over the latest leaf from its comics and imposing it on its upcoming movies. Superman in Man of Steel is based on the Earth-52 comics, and Superman possesses its latest and the most coolest avatar yet (no undies, somewhat stylized armor and superb designing). Batman too is upgraded with robust armor and a host of new technologies.

        Not only have they been materialistically upgraded over their their former Earth-1 counterparts, BUT THEY’VE UNDERGONE NOTABLE CHANGES IN THEIR BACK-STORIES. Here’s what changes Batman has undergone:

        “Bruce Wayne of Earth-52 shares the same history with his pre-Crisis Earth-One counterpart, only up until the death of Jason Todd that caused him, as Batman, to hunt down and kill the Joker. This event drove him towards targeting and eliminating super-villains, in which his strategic mind allowed him to succeed where so many other heroes had failed. Unaware of his actions, the other super-heroes reacted to the disappearance of their nemeses by revealing their secret identities and becoming more publicly accepted. However, in contrast to many heroes who decided to retire from crime fighting, Bruce continued his career as the Batman waging his aggressive war on crime and injustice.

        Batman (Earth-52) shares the same abilities as his New Earth counterpart, but is noted for using fatal and aggressive tactics and also the use of guns and other armaments”

        There’s also significant changes in and around Gotham, its people (Barbara Gordon’s handicap, Gordon’s retirement, etc.). Common folk are only aware about the conventional Earth-1 story-lines and events. Nolan’s trilogy too has taken the Earth-1 path and based the trilogy’s installments on classic novels like, “Year One”, “The Long Halloween” or “Knightfall”.

        DC will not obviously skip any of Batman’s back-stories (Earth-52) and need a solo film to make the audiences realize that the Batman at present in the comics is no longer a shadow of its stereotyped 1970 or Earth-1 counterparts.

        Same case for Superman in Man of Steel, as Nolan and Goyer has penned down the script in an Earth-52 format:
        1)Superman’s suit is not the original comics’ Martha Kent’s sewing machine product, but rather a uniform from Krypton’s House of El.
        2)The ‘S’ shield does not mean “Superman” as in the original comics, but is a symbol of “hope” in Kryptonian symbology. All core members of the House of El must have it on their uniforms. That’s why Jor-El (Russell Crowe) bears it on his armor.

        Many such new and pivotal changes are imminent in the Batman reboot. It is only through Man of Steel, people will get to know these fundamental modifications to Superman’s back-story before jumping to JLA.

        If there is no solo film for Batman before JLA, how will the audience come to know about any new of Batman’s basic modifications???

  10. We don’t need a Batman reboot yet. I say WB wait for the release of Man of Steel, then a Flash (or Wonder Woman) movie, followed by the JL one.
    If Batman is to have a reboot, it needs to be later. Get all the other movies out first before trying to re-milk his character. We’ve seen enough of the caped crusader in the past few years, it’s time to give him a little break. Hopefully it will help build up anticipation for his next movie.
    Also, WB need to get a good Green Lantern movie in the works, but this should be done after JL.
    Writing and releasing a Flash or Wonder Woman movie would give WB time to actually come up with a good script for JL. We already know everyone is going to compare it to Avengers, so there needs to be a lot of thought put into this instead of just rushing a poor film out.
    I’m also wondering what the limits will be for a Justice League film. Will it focus on the original seven from the old Justice League show, or from the New 52? Will there be secondary members like Question or Green Arrow, or will they introduce them in a second film?
    This is all very intriguing. I can’t say I’m not scared for the outcome of this situation.

  11. @Annie Definitely, Earth-52 for sure, if you’d look at Superman’s suit from Man of Steel

  12. I’m not a DC comics fan so fro those of you that are feel free to disregard my idea for building the DC universe. Anyway though i am not a DC comics fan i love the Dark Knight Trilogy and superman a lot, i have no video games and never have but i enjoyed watching the play throughs for Arkham City bottom line i like Batman adn Superman just fine :) so it looks confusing as to what DC will choose to do if i were in their position i would be very hesitant to make any of the choices because any one of them could easily result in a flop just like any movie choices can, my personal thoughts or idea if you would say is to release Man of Steel (obviously) and maybe hint at a connection to a rebooted Batman universe (one that is not a movie based off of Arkham City but one that is similar to the tone and style and all) then as soon as quickly as possible but being very cautious with the speed being used get to work on the Man of Steel Sequel and a Batman Reboot and also begin working on Wonder Woman and Flash and maybe Green Lantern (depending on whether or not they want to use him considering his first movie wasn’t what they hoped they may hold him off and reboot him fro JLA 2) so maybe early 2014 for the sequel for Man of Steel is released then maybe April comes the Batman reboot (which also ties into Man of Steel with reference and cameos) then early in May 2014 release Wonder Woman and in late May release the a Green Lantern Reboot and then come 2015 release Flash and Then end on JLA. So i would shoot fro something like that i mean honestly it may not be the most realistic approach, i mean they said that it was a rumor that the batman reboot may come in 2017 or something. I think Gina Carano or Gemma Arterton would be good for Wonder Woman, maybe Jude Law or Guy Pearce for Batman, if they reboot GL as well i will say this i do not care for Green Lantern that much after the movie which i really didn’t like at all (for those of you that did i am glad you enjoyed it) if were talking Hal Jordan though someone always told me when i was kid and i really loved GL that a young harrison ford would have been great for Hal Jordan he’s too old in my opinion now so maybe Ryan Gosling or Nathan Fillon i’m not sure (again i’m not that familiar with the character(s), i think Cavill will be awesome as Superman so obviously keep him, and Flash who i am afraid to say is one of my least favorites (i do not wish to offend any fans of the character i am glad you like the character i personally just don’t care for him) but if i was to cast the flash i would probably want Wally West because if i am correct and feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but he is the youngest of all the flashes and i would enjoy seeing a young version of him maybe a college or a high schooler (i tend to enjoy the teenage superhero more than the adult i just find it more interesting) so anyway if i were to cast Wally West i’d probably go with Garret Hedlund for Barry Allen Bradley Cooper and for Jay Garrick i’d vpte Richard Gere. It sounds like Snyder may direct this one though i am not a fan of his past works I think that Man Of Steel will be awesome and he sounds like he’s in to the project so that could play to an advantage for them. So these are my first thoughts for the Justice League movie what do you guys think?

  13. what needs to happen with dc is before they make a justice league movie they need to set up the back ground for the charecters by making solo movies so people can know where they came from and their story if not it wont make much since to the poeple that dont read the comics so basicly they need to establish the justice league before they make a justice league movie i dont think their ready for the justice league quite yet iwould love to see it but to pull it off they need a better back ground to run off of and honestly all they’ll really need is 2 mor movies if they can convince everyone else to go with it they all ready got the green lantern batman and now superman they just need to set up flash and wounder woman and if i ws them i would hint at a justice leage movei with one of those thier getting in to much of a rush trying to compete with marval that their making things more comlicated than it has to be

  14. I wonder why Screen Rant doesn’t reveal the source of this “new Information” about the future plans of DC/Warner Brothers. The fact is by releasing alleged comments with out a name to validate the claims there is absolutely no credibility in a single word in this little article or what ever you want to call it. All we have here is a lot of unsubstantiated gossip from a fanboy rag that somebody hopes will influence the outcome of the thinking at DC/Warner Brothers. When real news is actually released by a credible source, not a fan rag, then we can go with it. Until then, we get this crap!

  15. Although the Green Lantern film wasn’t great, I thought it wasn’t that bad either. And if handled carefully, I think that movie could be linked to the DC Cinematic Universe in some way.

    That being said, I surely think that a Justice League needs to be made, but I also think WB shouldn’t rush into it. Just because the Avengers did so good in the box office, doesn’t mean that WB should start producing the Justice League film. Let them (WB) take their time; Green Lantern has already been released (though most of the audience hated it, apparently) and the Man of Steel is going to be released next month. If the Man of Steel is succesful, I am sure more solo/standalone movies will be produced (Flash, Wonder Woman etc), BEFORE they will continue on with Justice League….

  16. I say the most important thing right now is getting their solo hero movies out. They should not try to do more than they can handle. DC has the two most popular world renouned and longest standing heroes in the industry on their side (superman, batman). Everyone LOVED the dark knight and chances are EXTREMELY good that everyone will love Man Of Steel. Dont worry about what Marvel is doing, right now focus on making the Man Of Steel trilogy. Than as much as I’d hate it at this point, make a batman reboot, god help us because Christian Bale will be the BEST batman. Than worry about the other heroes. Justice League would be a bad move right now because nothing is set up. If DC does get their ducks in line I think they could bury Marvel. Because DC can beat Marvel hero movies in the box office like we have seen in the past with Batman.