Batman to be Rebooted in ‘Justice League’ Movie?

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Batman Reboot in Justice League Movie Batman to be Rebooted in Justice League Movie?

Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale The Dark Knight Rises may have been a great critical and financial success – but it also left the character of Batman stranded in a strange situation off-screen. With recent news that  screenwriter Will Beall is working on a Justice League movie script – and continued rumors that next year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel will also launch DC/Warner Bros.’ shared movie universe – fans have been wondering where Batman fits in; especially since Chris Nolan made it very clear that his Batman is not a part of that equation.

We’ve said it before here at Screen Rant that one strategy DC/WB might take is forgoing any relaunch of Batman as a solo movie franchise – instead reintroducing the character as part of the Justice League team. Now, sources are rumbling that this is exactly what might be happening.

Batman on Film is pretty meticulous about what they report and who they believe, but the site claims to have a source who is asserting that Justice League is indeed the next step after Man of Steel. The article speculates on 2015 as a release year for Justice League - which makes sense, considering the necessary timeline for production (only now in the scripting stage); not to mention that it would compete with Marvel’s release of Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.

DC/WB is also not likely to get anything out before 2015. Aside from Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld’s upcoming adaptation of DC’s Metal Men – which is not yet specified to even be part of the DC shared universe – there have been no real strides to put any solo character films into production. The same FlashWonder Woman or even Lobo rumors of yesteryear still persist today, while Disney/Marvel is launching headlong into sequels to blockbuster character properties – and introducing new properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man to the market. In short: At this point, DC/WB may need to go big and do a Justice League movie - with a skilled director like a Ben Affleck or Wachowskis at the helm.

superman batman movie Batman to be Rebooted in Justice League Movie?

Inevitably, there will be those who feel that launching into a team-up film so quickly cheapens the introduction of each respective character in the DC universe (Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, etc.). But after the disappointing returns on films like Green Lantern and Superman Returns and the still untested mettle of Man of Steel (of which only two brief teaser trailers have been seen)…

If Justice League fails to firmly establish the sort of brand that Marvel did with The Avengers (and make a lot of money, to boot), then at least the wound closes off there, and self-contained solo films (like Nolan’s) are still possibilities down the line. If Justice League is a rousing success – in terms of box office earnings and introducing audiences to the heroes of the DCU  - then the post-Justice League solo films will have an easier time launching themselves than they arguably do now.

While this BoF rumor is just that – a RUMOR – logic suggests that DC/WB, at some point in the next year, could (will) officially make it known that Justice League is up next. How Batman will be portrayed in that shared universe – young, angry, rookie crime fighter, cynical seasoned veteran (my vote), or something else entirely – remains to be seen. But it should probably be the main topic of fan concern, for the time being.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on Batman, Justice League, and all other DC Superhero movie news and rumors.

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Source: BoF

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  1. 2015 world war 3 marvel vs DC! Justice league /avengers 2. I actually love the competition between the 2 of them. Reminds me of the Monday night wars between the wwf and wcw back in the days when wrestling “used “2 be the s***!

    Here’s the thing,if JL comes off like it should (hopefully) they have a very good chance at upstaging the avengers. These are after all the world’s greatest superheroes and you can just see and feel the anticipation from everyone regarding this film.

    Who ever directs this film,please don’t screw it up.I’m a marvel Guy, but I really hope JL and DC /WB come out on top in 2015.can’t wait !

    • Nah the Justice league is gonna get their asses kicked by Avengers 2. You have a new movie with only 5 heroes vs a sequel to a masterpiece with more than 5 characters to show off

  2. I don’t like the idea of Christopher Nolan’s Batman being placed in the Justice League movie. And I also don’t like how Nolan’s Batman is the definitive Batman; the character can be interpreted in many ways, and I feel for a Justice League universe that the uber-realistic approach of the Nolan Batman does not logically work alongside the likes of Superman or Martian Man-Hunter. Granted I think the smartest thing for DC to do is let Batman have time to breathe, give it a rest for a few years. Focus on Wonder Woman, she desperately needs a movie. And then focus on the Flash and possibly a new Green Lantern. The brilliant thing about the Phase I of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the films before the Avengers helped us understand the characters we were seeing. Honestly who would have thought that a film about Thor or Captain America would have gone so smoothly if they were just stand-alones? But the buildup to something bigger than them really helps gain a perspective of the Avengers universe. They are lesser known characters to the general audience, as are the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, etc. The audience needs to know who these people are going into the JL movie.

    • I find the idea of nolan’s batman being the definitive version laughable…and insulting. Not really interested in PoS – I mean MoS either. I think a REAL superhero needs to came back to the silver screen. A hero name Pootie Tang.

      • The Pootie has to come back..

        He must..

        He must.

        • sadatay.

    • Lets be serious the flash and wonder woman had their own live action tv series. Hawkman was introduced live action on tv. Green Lantern had his own movie. So does Superman!

    • the flash and wonder woman had their own live action tv series. Hawkman was introduced live action on tv. Green Lantern had his own movie. So does Superman!

    • the flash and wonder woman had their own live action tv series. Hawkman was introduced live to action on tv. Green Lantern had his own movie. So does Superman!

  3. Warner Bros. can simply reboot Batman and Green Lantern without even having to acknowledge those previous movies. Give us John Stewart, Jonn Jonzz, cast a total unknown to play Batman, bring on Darkseid as Jack Kirby intended (Happy Birthday, King), give Bruce Timm the director’s chair, and get the out of the way.

    • Bruce Timm? A complete rookie in terms of live action directing.
      He’s the worst possible choice in the world. The best he can do is act as some sort of a consultant

  4. They better not fuq up JL. And Nolan’s Batman definitely doesn’t deserve a place among JL’s ranks… give us the Batman we all deserve. I agree, Bruce Timm is the perfect choice in this case.

  5. So tired of the same 2 superheroes being rebooted over and over again, let Henry caviell play superman and give batman some time off leave green lantern how it is and start to focus on the rest of the universe, with cgi at the level it’s at now a Martian man hunter movie is a no brainer also flash and wonder women .. Stop with the damn reboots make a decision and live with it DC !

    • Justice League with no Batman? He is not only a founding member but in recent incarnations is the main driving force behind the JLs creation (not to mention he is DCs first and longest running character so to not include him in arguably the biggest undertaking EVER, would be nothing short of a travesty of justice)

      • Batman was not a founding member of Justice League, nor was Superman. Also superman came out a year before Batman.

        • You’re kidding right? They most certainly ARE.

          Now if you are going to try and argue the original JLA story with Flash bringing everyone together and only at the end of the story did they bring in Superman and Batman…..they hadn’t officially formed yet.

          As for when they came out….see my comment like 10 posts down.

          • According to the DC Comics Encyclopedia, published by DC, the first iteration of the Justice League was Martian Manhunter, Flash, GL, Aquaman and Black Canary. They joined together to fight off an Appellax invasion.

            Superman fought with them in a second invasion of plasma aliens, but he and Batman did not officially join until the third iteration of the team.

            So you believe wikipedia if you want, I’ll go with DC comics.

  6. I have said it before and will say it again…….go BIG or go home. Avengers took that to heart and did something no other superhero movie had EVER done (other than having an ensemble cast), introduced an epic villain.

    DC needs to also pay heed and “GO BIG” in their own unique way and not sit back and try to copy the Marvel Way and make a bunch of origin films first. This means Start with a JL movie, make it memorable and make it epic (no more dinking around with 2 bit antagonists).

    • You said it man!

    • I think they should announce a JL trilogy and shoot them all at once like LOTR, if only for the huge amount of buzz they’d get.

      I’ll concede that coming up with a story, production, cast, and director worthy of such a project presents some hurdles.

  7. Definitely reboot Batman. Supes might be Ok in the new film coming out, we will see. Green lantern (Hal Jordan) does not need a reboot, he is fine (just fix the stuff that was goofed up in the first GL solo movie, do GL#2, and put him {Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but make him more serious} as is in the JLA movie). Get the Flash solo movie (Barry Allen, please) going, too. Introduce a few more in a triple team-up flick (Martian Manhunter/Hawkman/The Atom).

    • You dont want to reboot GL with one movie under his belt. You “definitely” want to reboot Batman who has MANY movies with his name already on it. Why?

    • sad news Barry Allen will not be used as he dies in the beggining of the Flash movie. Instead we will get Wally West(my favorite) as the Flash. I vote James Franco

  8. Batman should always be solo. If not, then within his Bat-family.

  9. Can we just state the inevitable right now- Michael Fassbender will b cast as Batman! End of story.

    • I heard the new cast for Batman Bruce Wayne would be John Hamm

  10. I like the idea of a JL first. They will have Superman in place. Reboot GL in the JL, forget the first one ever happened, the same with Bats.
    People seem to think we need to know these characters. I think they should just have it where Superman has the idea/need to form a group of heroes. Have it where even he doesn’t really know who WW, GL, The Bat, etc. are exactly. That way the veiwers will get a crash course on their skills and background the same time he does. Then after JL have the spinoffs and flesh out the characters more. People will then know WW from the JL (hopefully like her) and be interested and invested in what happens next with her or Aquaman or The Flash. I think that would be a smart move by DC.

  11. reboot? how about a boot up ur candy arse wb? sick of reboots.

  12. Instead of rushing to a jl movie, why not make the trinity. Featuring Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman. They can focus first on these 3 comic book heroes. Batman does no longer need re-introduction he is already an icon, there were already a lot of batman movies and the truth is if they make a new solo batman it would hard to top nolan’s trilogy.

    • I like that.

  13. Just a quick correction Batman is not DC’s first and longest running character. Superman is. Batman first appeared May 1939 Detective comics later became DC comics and Superman was created in 1932 and first appeared in June 1938

    • Sorry, in my rush to type that I inadvertently left out “one of” (I well know that Superman was the very first, thanks ;) )

      Batman however is arguably more closely related to “DC” because Superman was originally published under the “Action Comics” series (yes, still published by DC).

      There is a reason why Batman has always been known as “The World’s Greatest Detective”

  14. When I said give batman a rest for a bit I just ment leave the character alone for a few years no more reboots replace him injustice leauge when it comes time but no more reboots , I do think you really need bale in on this movie to make it a success everyone is so familiar with him right now it would be a great staple actor for the movie .. I think..

    • Bale playing a brand new batman would be nothing short of confusing right now

  15. My vote is still on doing a Superman/Batman movie first with Superman being taken by Darkseid’s league and a few cameos from the forming JL. Who are banding together to bring back superman. And a big show down in a JL movie, so that way no bog down of origin stories.

  16. It’s probably better to make another Batman solo movie that connects to the Justice League movie, like the ones that Marvel made. Only 1 movie. The rest of his story is in Justice League.

  17. The problem with any version of Justice League is that it ends up boiling down to the conflict between Superman and Batman. It’s a good thing because it’s a great conflict, but it does tend to push everyone else to the back. If they are going to be in any way serious about this, they cannot have Superman and Batman just be buddy-buddy friends. I’m not of course talking about Dark Knight Returns straight-up fighting but more like how the relationship is portrayed in John Byrne’s Superman reboot. They are on the same side, but clearly opposed in philosophy, methods and ethics. I like how the Batman is portrayed in that one issue. We see him from Supe’s perspective, so there’s no mention of him being Bruce Wayne. Supes just sees a guy who is more willing to do whatever it takes to defeat crime. However the Justice League forms, whose idea it is, doesn’t matter, because at some point, Bats and Supes are going to butt head severely. They have to. But again, it all depends on what versions of both are used. If it’s the Snyder/Cavill Supes, then we can assume he will be fairly new at the game. Who knows what Batman it will be. I think we should be safe and say that it won’t be the Nolan/Bale version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Will it be someone else playing Bruce Wayne/Batman? Will Batman’s alter ego even be acknowledged in the movie? If it’s the Cavill Supes, and everything points to it being him, then Bats has to be a veteran, cynical version. He has to be skeptical and suspicious of the rest of the team. Especially because they will all be much more powerful than he. Because then, the only thing he has to go with is his brains and experience. If he’s new like the rest, then what’s the point? There has to be someone who is the grizzled old head. With no Nick Fury type, someone has to step up. By default, it’s Bats.

  18. Batman in a justice league MOVIE seems like it could be a big let down. I mean just look at how hawkeye, or even captain america got underrepresented in the avengers, simply because they could not match up to the other guys( captain america was, IMO the goofiest comic book character to hit the screens in recent memory). HOWEVER, Bruce Wayne in a JL movie, now that could work. Superman, Green lantern….they are all just average guys when it comes down to what really matters, money. But Bruce Wayne, as a character, could be a real intrical plot point for this movie. Maybe in the second JL movie they could begin to introduce batman as a real acting member, but it needs time I think. I also think, and I dont feel as strongly about this as my previous point, but if they want to really make batman mean something in these movies, they need to somewhat ground the other characters a bit. I hate to say it but in the new JL movie, maybe bullets don’t simply bounce off superman’s eyeballs

    • I’m not sure about that.
      I kinda like how Batman is quite protective of his secret identity like in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse with the lead lined cowl. He has a secret identity for a reason.

  19. cool i had the same thoughts how they could begin.

  20. Justice League movie after Man of Steel!

    Green Lantern doesn’t need a reboot. Just use the character already put to film and use that world that is already established. Zack Snyder is going to blow us away with Man of Steel so we have our Supes. Batman doesn’t need a reboot. We know who he is and this “new” version of Batman can be fleshed out after the JL movie. We do not need to use Nolan’s Batman. Incorporate Wonder Woman and Flash into the story and give them their own solo efforts after JL. Martian Manhunter would be a good addition if the hero list isnt already to high.

    • I like the idea of using the Big 7 minus Aquaman.
      They could use Hawkgirl if they want another woman like with the animated series.

  21. A JlA movie should be told/seen from batman’s perspective. He’s the only normal human amongst gods. If not then use snyder’s new superman. Its either a too down or a bottom up approach. Unlike avengers which had solo films to explore each character, if they jump into the JLA the film needs a strong character point of view/reference to help the audience make sense of the DC world. Just like avengers was rumored initially to focus more on cap america’s perspective and how he intepreted the world.. Which via edits etc got dropped for a more uniform non specific overall view with everybody getting more or less equal screen time.

  22. I say bring back Adam West as Batman for the JL movie. Hell, he’s not doing anything right now, is he?

  23. Once and for all: there were no disappointing returns from the box office of Superman Returns-it was bad Hollywood studio accounting that resulted in the perception that the movie was a failure. This article at Cinema Blend should set a lot of people straight; You’re Wrong: 20 Common Box Office Misconceptions

  24. Just a few years ago WB/DC looked to be the king of Super Hero Entertainment on the big screen and the small (TV) with MARVEL playing a very distant second fiddle. How did they stack up?


    SUPERMAN 1, 2,3 & 4 – Even though most of us pretend parts 3 & 4 never happened the fact is they did and that’s more sequels then any MARVEL character has ever gotten. SUPERMAN RETURNS may have been a box office disappointment for most it still was financially successful.

    BATMAN, BATMAN RETURNS, BATMAN & ROBIN and BATMAN FOREVER: 4 Batty films that between the 4 made DC a lot of money.

    Christopher Nolans DARK KNIGHT Trilogy – The definitive Batman movie series that has set the standard by whcih all other super hero films will be compared for a long time to come.

    MARVEL: Most of Marvels big screen presence pre – IRON MAN was due to other studios licensing Marvels characters and not any major effort by MARVEL. With the exception of the SPIDER MAN Trilogy most of the Marvel films were either disappointments or under performers.

    THE SMALL SCREEN – TV: In the world of network broadcasting and more recently cable, DC has still outshine the competition. Other then the highly successful HULK series of the late 70′s to early 80s and a few Cartoon ventures here and there Marvel was not a player on TV. DC however was very prominent from the highly acclaimed JUSTICE LEAGUE series on Cartoon Network to the highly successful SMALLVILLE series, DC has had one hit after another. The only surprise here is that they never perused a Batman series return after the very campy one form the 60s. I guess it would be hard to take another Batman series serious after that one was so bad. The success of SMALLVILE and the launch of what will hopefully be another hit in GREEN ARROW, proves that super heroes play on the small scr4eeen as well as on the big screen.

    JUMP AHEAD a few years and with the unmatched success of IRON MAN 2 and the purchase of MARVEL by DISNEY we see MARVEL has turned the tables on WB/DC with several successful major theatrical releases including the only one to ever give Nolans DARK KNIGHT a real run for the money.

    If WB/DC hopes to get back on top of the mountain it needs to do something and soon. Even with the popularity of its YOUNG JUSTICE and GREEN LANTERN animated series, DC needs to do something and not just hope that Marvel will see red

  25. Perhaps it would be better to cloud Batman with a lot of mystery. Have him show up when he’s needed but don’t follow him when he leaves, making him as much of a mystery to the team as he would be to us. I like that idea, make him more like Bond: Shows up, saves the day, and leaves as quickly as he came. Don’t show where he lives, but have Wayne appear in the news, while the team is oblivious to his identity, it would be an inside joke for the audience. To make sure his identity stays secret his mask should have some sort of lead lining or spray.

    • Or be covered in a type of lead spray. Sorry people I’m tired.

  26. why not make another batman movie by C.Nolan and make it more different like Freeze attacking gotham or joker’s return something like that.

  27. Though I’m not the biggest DC guy I do love batman and superman a lot I even like Wonder Woman and I hope she gets a live action film or series soon. For the justice league movie I guess id be okay with them reintroducing batman in the justice league but they have to be careful as to how they do it, I wouldn’t like to see superman and the justice league waltzing through a city fighting a bad guy and then Batman saves their lives and then they say who are you and he just runs away and they look for him and unmask him, I’ve seen that before and really gets old, I’d like it more if they introduced the batman beyond version instead I really thought that was such a creative and interesting idea and I’d be such a new look at the character the audience couldn’t compare it to the Christopher Nolan stuff, they’d have more freedom and could associate it with more sci if stuff that wasn’t really used in the Nolan trilogy.

    So I’d like to see the Batman Beyond version of batman really becaus ei want to see something different and I’d like a more interesting introduction. I picture Henry cavill’s superman working well with Batman Beyond just my opinion no such thing as a bad one

  28. It would better to see Batman reinvented in a justice league movie. Then having to watch another origins movie like spiderman, let’s just move on and start getting down to business.

  29. First off if DL starts off with the team movie its going to be shadowed over the avengers 2. DC should make Flash movie, wonderwomen, greenlandern 2. And at the end of those movies (including Man of steel) Have batman come out in the end as ether talking to them about a team or meeting. By that they will be able to have a build up towards the 2015 or 2016 JL movie. It’ll be alot of work and money but it’ll work. Think about the people that go watch the movie that AREN’T fans, they are going to be so confused.