Batman to be Rebooted in ‘Justice League’ Movie?

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Batman Reboot in Justice League Movie Batman to be Rebooted in Justice League Movie?

Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale The Dark Knight Rises may have been a great critical and financial success – but it also left the character of Batman stranded in a strange situation off-screen. With recent news that  screenwriter Will Beall is working on a Justice League movie script – and continued rumors that next year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel will also launch DC/Warner Bros.’ shared movie universe – fans have been wondering where Batman fits in; especially since Chris Nolan made it very clear that his Batman is not a part of that equation.

We’ve said it before here at Screen Rant that one strategy DC/WB might take is forgoing any relaunch of Batman as a solo movie franchise – instead reintroducing the character as part of the Justice League team. Now, sources are rumbling that this is exactly what might be happening.

Batman on Film is pretty meticulous about what they report and who they believe, but the site claims to have a source who is asserting that Justice League is indeed the next step after Man of Steel. The article speculates on 2015 as a release year for Justice League - which makes sense, considering the necessary timeline for production (only now in the scripting stage); not to mention that it would compete with Marvel’s release of Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.

DC/WB is also not likely to get anything out before 2015. Aside from Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld’s upcoming adaptation of DC’s Metal Men – which is not yet specified to even be part of the DC shared universe – there have been no real strides to put any solo character films into production. The same FlashWonder Woman or even Lobo rumors of yesteryear still persist today, while Disney/Marvel is launching headlong into sequels to blockbuster character properties – and introducing new properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man to the market. In short: At this point, DC/WB may need to go big and do a Justice League movie - with a skilled director like a Ben Affleck or Wachowskis at the helm.

superman batman movie Batman to be Rebooted in Justice League Movie?

Inevitably, there will be those who feel that launching into a team-up film so quickly cheapens the introduction of each respective character in the DC universe (Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, etc.). But after the disappointing returns on films like Green Lantern and Superman Returns and the still untested mettle of Man of Steel (of which only two brief teaser trailers have been seen)…

If Justice League fails to firmly establish the sort of brand that Marvel did with The Avengers (and make a lot of money, to boot), then at least the wound closes off there, and self-contained solo films (like Nolan’s) are still possibilities down the line. If Justice League is a rousing success – in terms of box office earnings and introducing audiences to the heroes of the DCU  - then the post-Justice League solo films will have an easier time launching themselves than they arguably do now.

While this BoF rumor is just that – a RUMOR – logic suggests that DC/WB, at some point in the next year, could (will) officially make it known that Justice League is up next. How Batman will be portrayed in that shared universe – young, angry, rookie crime fighter, cynical seasoned veteran (my vote), or something else entirely – remains to be seen. But it should probably be the main topic of fan concern, for the time being.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on Batman, Justice League, and all other DC Superhero movie news and rumors.

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Source: BoF

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  1. I’m cool with this. Everybody pretty much knows Batman’s origins anyway so there really no need to reboot via a solo film. I’m all for using Man of Steel as a lead in for the DC Cinematic Universe then go JL movie and then go solo films.

    • I like the suggestion floating around the internet of having the next Batman movies be based on Batman Beyond.

  2. Im disappointed. I don’t care about the Batman reboot tidbit, I’m more concerned that DC is apparently going straight for a JLA film without properly introducing the characters in solo adventures v

    • Dc/WB is too dumb to realize Avengers was so successful because the solo were pretty good and have been building up the hype to Avengers.

      I think they should make quality solo movies first and Batman should have a reference, cameo in one or two of them. He could be Avengers’ Nick Fury. No origin story at all or maybe flashbacks in JL. Every f****** person knows Batman’s origin story already.

      • @mseci – That is the best idea I have heard so far. Use Batman as the WB/DC tent-pole upon which all the other characters/movies are based. It makes the most sense as Batman would be the one keeping track of these characters anyway. “Tower of Babel” anyone? As for my opinion on releasing a JL movie first – That is disasterous. It MIGHT work (and that’s a big ‘might’) if and only if “Man of Steel” cross-pollinates with a SIGNIFICANT cameo (or two). And I mean in the film, not as an “end of movie/after the credits” stinger. That’s the ONLY way going straight into a JL movie next might be successful for WB/DC.

      • I think they should just call back Christian Bale and get a few others!!

    • Totally agree. I’ve never liked Marvel Characters much, even as a kid. So the sad truth of how much better Marvel movies have been over DC’s is truly depressing for me. With this rush into Justice league, WB has effectively guaranteed their continuing failure. Unbelievable.

  3. I’ve said it befoure and I’ll say it once more: I just don’t think starting out with a Justice Leauge film will work. You need character development beforehand or else what character development they do have will feel short-changed, because there are so many main characters. Take Hawkeye from the Avengers for example, his character wasn’t very well fleshed out, especially compared to any of the other main characters. Now imagine the whole cast with that much character development. I’m not saying you shouldn’t introduce any characters in the team up movie, and I really liked Hawkeye in the Avengers, but you shouldn’t introduce everybody in it.

    Just my opinion, of course. :-)

  4. Im for a straight jump in, I dont need 5 more origin stories. These heroes have been around for years if you cant grasp them now without someone holding your hand you never will.
    Some say that you need movies to build up to a crossover and use avengers as an example, however barely used anything straight from the other movies. Just small tidbits like this is loki, this is the cube and this is shield and none of that really mattered as I believe avengers would’ve just as successful without them.

    • Says someone familiar with comics. Meanwhile, the rest of the audience (the vast majority of customers) barely know anything about Wonder Woman, and nothing about Flash and Aquaman. This is a devastating mistake that makes WB seem insecure, desperate and greedy.

      • What I worry about the origin stories similar to the marvelverse is that they will be too focused on the main thing e.g. JL, Avengers. That they make average films, which I thought Thor, CA and Iron man 2 were

      • the flash and wonder woman had their own live action tv shows.

  5. Everybody knows who The Batman is. What, between the comic books,the cartoons & the movies, is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the whole Batman story by now? Now, the Hawkeye background story, not a lot of “lay people” know that one. That character needs his background fleshed out for those who, like my wife, have never heard of him. Introduce The Batman in a new JLA movie and the vast majority of folks won’t even blink an eye.

  6. I’ve said this several times already. I am not ready for a Batman reboot and I don’t think I ever will be. The Dark Knight trilogy was great in my opinion and I’ve got three Batman films I can go to whenever I want. I want something new.

    I seriously hope that Man of Steel does not get roped into a shared DC movie universe. I want that to be like the Dark Knight series. A trilogy that allows the filmmakers to do whatever they want with the characters as opposed to movies that have to fit a certain mold in order to lead in to a Justice League film. As a movie fan, what made the Dark Knight trilogy better than Phase I of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the fact that I felt like I got three amazing films with Batman. I didn’t feel that way with Marvel. Iron Man and Avengers were very good, but Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America struggled in terms of quality because they were rushed to meet a schedule. I’m more of a fan of directorial freedom.

    • You mean you’re a fan of one director you like having lots of freedom.

    • as a movie fan, i felt like i got 5 great movies (IM, TIH, Thor, CA:TFA, TA) and 1 good movie (IM2) from marvel. with the Batman 3some, i got 1 very good (BB) 1 good (TDK) and 1 huge letdown (TDKR) for me, i cant wait to see a real Batman film, and if DC/WB wants to re-launch,boot,imagine, whatever in a JL film, fine by me. I’m keeping an open mind about all of it and will see the films as they come out. am looking forward to MOS now, as far as comicbook films go.

  7. Im actually more concerned on how they plan to do batman aesthetically. will he keep the realistic stuff from the nolan films or will he be more like his comic book/videogame/cartoon self(which I am all for.)

    Also I should note by saying that that I do not mean like how he was in the films before nolans, I meant his kevin conroy or newer 52 self

    • If they are going to reboot the Bat then do a Batman Beyond, or what I would love to see on screen would be “Batman – no mans land” now that would kick ass, If they do JL then I hope we see Martian Manhunter, a solo film would be cool as well..

  8. I’m game for it. They should also do the same with Green Lantern. But I do agree, I would rather they make solo movies leading up to Justice League. Because now in Justice League they will have to tell the origins of Wonder Woman and Flash, re-tell Batman and Green Lantern and any other new character. So that will be difficult especially for Wonder Woman. Whereas Avengers we already knew and loved the characters so its gonna be hard for non comic fans to relate to newcomers like Wonder Woman and Flash.

    • justice league tv show showed origins in an hour I think it Will be fine. and who cares about flash origins he just is comic relief

      • He’s only shown as the comic relief because if he actually used his powers to their full potential like everyone else, he would annihilate his enemy.
        This is WHY we need a flash movie, because no one understands that kind of speed is unstoppable. Same goes for Aquaman, people need to be re-introduced to these characters because everyone already has a skewed opinion of them.

        • ^This.

      • Wait, Flash is nothing but comic relief? He has arguably one of the more interesting and powerful set of abilities!

        I would suggest researching the character first rather than thinking he is comic relief simply because of his personality.

        @Zach…excellent link on Flash and the “Speed Force”. Nothing like doing a a move through around the circumference of the Earth to ruin someone’s day. :D

  9. SR and GL were bad movies (creepy/boring and badly scripted, respectively) but the nervous suits will assume they failed because no one was demanding movies about those characters. So even though SR and GL -had they been good movies- would have pleased a lot of people, the lack of apparent major demand for Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman movies will probably convince the marketing podmen not to back those projects. Despite the face that viewers would like well made movies about their heroic exploits. The JL movie will probably be half-baked but the animated universe is always there to squeeze dimes from hardcore fans. Matching mainstream success like what Marvel’s enjoying must be a daunting proposition.

  10. I would love to see this. Make Batman kind of the brain behind the team like he is in the comics. And a gray costume instead of the padding we have seen in all of the major batman films. But what can the story be that brings these heroes together? There is no S.H.I.E.l.D. to connect them, they can’t do aliens or Darkside or they risk copying the Avengers. I think they would have to do Legion of Doom which involves rebooting some Bat Villains too, which may be harder consider the mastery of the Nolan films inthe villain market, this could be harder then rebooting batman

  11. I like this.With very well known mainstream charachters like Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman you have enough of a pull to get audiences in the theatres without having solo films for each JL member.

  12. Dc needs to make at least a few solo movies before doing a jl movie. Ww, flash and a second green lantern movie

  13. The problem with team ups IMO is that the inner conflicts that adds depth to characters take a back seat to other characters. batman becomes far less compelling in a team. the avengers did a good job with hulk and widow. but cap and ironman were extremely one dimensional. its an extremely difficult thing to do. without depth characters are plain boring

  14. Awesome idea! Put all your eggs in one basket and see if it blossums or crashes, if it works, you get extra $$ a few yrs earlier, if it doesn’t, just do what batman did, wait for 8 years for the next reboot!

  15. I’m partially cool with this. Use the Man of Steel movie to kick off the DCU. The extended Comic-Con trailer for Man of Steel was awesome. I have no doubt that the movie will be a success. After that movie though I would start with the solo movies for some of the mainstream characters with the exception of Batman. I agree with you what you said Kofi. Bats could come in as a seasoned vet. Just concentrate on getting the next perfect guy for Batman. We know Bats orgin already. No need to waste time on getting a story, locations, and actors together for another Batman universe. If the Justice League movie is a success whenever it hits theatres and the new Batman is a hit with everyone then DC/WB could go from there with solo Batman movies without the need to start from the beginning again. DC can pull this off if they are willing to be patient and do this right and they will still get their money from us fans and the general public from each movie as long as they put the effort in to making these movies good.

  16. Hit TV series is where its at these days. Hire the writers for Dexter and breaking bad somehow and make a justice league series for television.

  17. It’s pretty clear they’re just riding off of Marvels success now if they just throw us a Justice league movie without any info on why they will need to team uo

  18. If this is for real, then I won’t be surprised to see people walking out of the theater feeling confused with questions like:
    “Hey, isn’t Detective Blake the new Batman?”
    “Hey, Bruce Wayne is married to Catwoman right?”
    “Wow, I thought there were no aliens in Batman’s world”
    “Who is that chick that wears the same color like Superman?”
    “Isn’t Ryan Reynold the Green Lantern”
    “Wow, that red guy can run so fast, is that the kid from The Incredibles?”

    I heard similar questions after watching The Avengers, but there were always people next to them who can explain and answer, “Oh, then you need to watch this title then…”. I went with a cousin who only watched Captain America but she enjoyed it, and immediately watched the original movies of the other heroes before eventually coming back to the theater to re-watch The Avengers with deeper knowledge. It would be hard for JLA because there’s no background reference to refer to (beside Superman), and that even goes for Batman and Green Lantern (because they will be re-booted). Not saying that it won’t work, it will definitely work for comic readers… but for moviegoers in general? It will truly be a challenge to make them enjoy it.

  19. Like most, I was quite happy with Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

    If they were going to reboot Batman or any other DC Hero, I prefer it not to be the NEW 52. Because in all honesty, not a big fan…

    But here is an Idea, if you want to Reboot Batman, base it on the other Most popular Batman Based on the Arkham Asylum and City Games. They would make an intresting backstory.

  20. If they want to do this right and give origins to some of the Characters then here is an idea.

    1.JL must remain a serious film on the tone of Man of Steal and Batman, If it starts to get to light hearted (Green Lantern) then its going to fail. You need a different tone from Marvel.

    2. Wishfull thinking here ( have Christain Bayle Appear as batman after the film in the end credits.

    Super man on a rooftop, looking over the city, Superman hears something behind him, turns around startled, Batmans shadow behind him, He steps up and says 4 words, “We need to talk”. Close scene. ( everyone in the audiance will loose there Minds) But if it were me, they would no nothing of it until its out.

    Sets up for JL.

    I dont know how doing a large group movie without any kind of build up will work, I know it will make money, but I am not so sure it would have the impact that Avengers had.

    By the time this movie comes up the Avengers 2 will have figured out what quirks needed to be adjusted from the first set of films. Where as this movie will be trying to figure it out.

    DC/WB will be pushing the envelop on this, but my thoughts are get your hype and build up of the group, like Marvel did, Then put them togeather.

    Look at it this way, more films to see. If they really pushed they could do 2 more films, NOT batman and Superman,

    Not so sure how a Wonderwoman film would do. Most people I have talked do could care less about her. Get a Flash and Aquaman film on the same tone that leads up to JL and you will have a good start. But If I had money to spend and I wanted to do it right. Back that money truck up to Christaian Bayles house and ask him to do a few more.

    You know darn well if hes in that movie it would sell like Hotcakes. The world things hes gone from the last film. but to introduce him into JL, would be out the box.

  21. What I would do if I was WB/DC is just take my time. I’m 100% sure that people would wait a few years to see an amazing Justice League than have one in 2 years and it’s complete crap. Start with The Man of Steel and make good quality solo movies for each character that would have a large role in the Justice League there is no rush. I think it’d be wise to have Batman make a cameo in those films as a person who is collecting information about the each hero in their respective movie because he somehow knows of a larger impending problem that will be the main issue is the Justice League movie. That’s just what i’d do though.

  22. Where are the real Batfans? If they want to rush a JL movie, that’s fine. But, there better be a full on Batman movie shortly after. The more Batman, the better. Who would ever vote against another Batman movie?

    • I would vote against a Batman movie based on the Nolan Batman. Would be hard press to take that formula and go with another director. Nor would I want a rushed Dark Knight movie. One of the things I liked about the Nolan series, was the anticipation on the next installment, I was left wondering what the next movie would be like, and it improved to the point. I have 3 Of the Best Comic Book Adpatations of all time, and feel if WB/DC Rushed it, it would cheapen it.

  23. I like the idea of Man of Steel leading right into Justice League. To the common person Batman and Superman are far and away the most and to alot of people the only recognizable DC Justice League characters. They key will be Batman. I truely believe Man of Steel is going to be great. If they recast, handle the Batman situation right, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel can be lead in enough for an enormous Box Office hit. My hope is they somehow get Christian Bale to come back and be Batman.That Batman can lead JL and be the seasoned veteran just as was mentioned above. Also, Joseph Gordon Levitt could be involved if they were to make him Nightwing. Nightwing has been involved and made cameos in JL comics. Henry Cavill and Joseph Gordon Levitt could be enough star power to push the JL movie as well which I would prefer a little known actor as the Batman. How cool would it be to have Superman and Nightwing seek out a retired Batman and bring him back to help?? I love the idea. Also, the Green Arrow series starting on TV in October looks promising. There, he’s already cast. Other Justice League characters scare me. Green Lantern was a flop and he really does not fit Nolan’s universe. The Flash could be made realistic. Wonder Woman is possible if theyre successful at pulling off Superman. The others… i Just dont know. Itll be interesting to see how DC handles it. Crazy pressure on their shoulders. This movie will determine the companies future for the next 10 years really.

  24. Are the Wachowskis’ even fans of the source material? I haven’t read anything about them being big Justice League geeks. They did write some horror comics for Marvel’s subsidiary label Razorline. And their connection with The Matrix movies gives them some street cred. But I think when it comes right down to it, WB is fishing. And I still think Bruce Timm is the right choice to take the reins of the DC Movie Universe (if I can even call it that.) BT could be DC’s Kevin Fiege.

    What is amazing to me about Marvel is the success they’ve had with second tier characters. Iron Man? Thor? Captain America? Marvel’s biggest selling comics were always Spiderman and X-Men….. right? They made pretty successful solo films with their weak selling characters and then a hugely successful Avengers movie.

    You would think WB could crush Marvel’s second stringers with DC’s hottest comic book properties, namely Superman and Batman.

    Guess we’ll see in 2015?

    Justice League vs. Avengers 2

  25. Batman needs a reboot, but not another solo movie to rehash his origin. We all know why he’s Batman. Some of the others, however, should have solo movies to set up the JL movie, like Flash and WW. GL can work with a soft reboot in the JL movie, bring back Reynolds and work on his costume.

  26. The decision to skip solo franchises for Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman is absolutely unforgivable. WB clearly has no confidence in their properties, meaning audiences won’t either. Justice League will now seem like a desperate move motivated by Marvel’s success.

  27. Other JLA members maybe need origin movies (in GL’s case, just a better sequel with less CG costume, please), but not Batman. We already know the origin, so in the next reboot just get on with the story/action, just like Burton’s Batman 1989. I don’t mind the origin movies of The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and heck, Aquaman. DC just need to do these right. Remember, ensemble cast and character’s movie is tricky.

  28. If Batman is there can we have him with A Robin who is A kid. Instead of A teenager ready to leave for collage. This could humanize him wene he acts like A father to the kid. Heck have Flash show up with his nephew,Martin Manhunter with his Neice,Aquaman with his foster son. Have it happen at the end of the movie.

  29. RUMOR in capitals is the preferred usage
    form in the context of The Justice League.

    DC/WB will not even consider even green-lighting The Justice League
    unless and until Man Of Steel is a proven success and should it
    be the logical director would be the proven Zack Snyder.

    Zack said himself Superman’s house has first
    be placed in order then all things are possible.
    I think Zack telegraphed the studio’s thinking.