Batman to be Rebooted in ‘Justice League’ Movie?

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Batman Reboot in Justice League Movie Batman to be Rebooted in Justice League Movie?

Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale The Dark Knight Rises may have been a great critical and financial success – but it also left the character of Batman stranded in a strange situation off-screen. With recent news that  screenwriter Will Beall is working on a Justice League movie script – and continued rumors that next year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel will also launch DC/Warner Bros.’ shared movie universe – fans have been wondering where Batman fits in; especially since Chris Nolan made it very clear that his Batman is not a part of that equation.

We’ve said it before here at Screen Rant that one strategy DC/WB might take is forgoing any relaunch of Batman as a solo movie franchise – instead reintroducing the character as part of the Justice League team. Now, sources are rumbling that this is exactly what might be happening.

Batman on Film is pretty meticulous about what they report and who they believe, but the site claims to have a source who is asserting that Justice League is indeed the next step after Man of Steel. The article speculates on 2015 as a release year for Justice League – which makes sense, considering the necessary timeline for production (only now in the scripting stage); not to mention that it would compete with Marvel’s release of Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.

DC/WB is also not likely to get anything out before 2015. Aside from Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld’s upcoming adaptation of DC’s Metal Men – which is not yet specified to even be part of the DC shared universe – there have been no real strides to put any solo character films into production. The same FlashWonder Woman or even Lobo rumors of yesteryear still persist today, while Disney/Marvel is launching headlong into sequels to blockbuster character properties – and introducing new properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man to the market. In short: At this point, DC/WB may need to go big and do a Justice League movie – with a skilled director like a Ben Affleck or Wachowskis at the helm.

superman batman movie Batman to be Rebooted in Justice League Movie?

Inevitably, there will be those who feel that launching into a team-up film so quickly cheapens the introduction of each respective character in the DC universe (Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, etc.). But after the disappointing returns on films like Green Lantern and Superman Returns and the still untested mettle of Man of Steel (of which only two brief teaser trailers have been seen)…

If Justice League fails to firmly establish the sort of brand that Marvel did with The Avengers (and make a lot of money, to boot), then at least the wound closes off there, and self-contained solo films (like Nolan’s) are still possibilities down the line. If Justice League is a rousing success – in terms of box office earnings and introducing audiences to the heroes of the DCU  – then the post-Justice League solo films will have an easier time launching themselves than they arguably do now.

While this BoF rumor is just that – a RUMOR – logic suggests that DC/WB, at some point in the next year, could (will) officially make it known that Justice League is up next. How Batman will be portrayed in that shared universe – young, angry, rookie crime fighter, cynical seasoned veteran (my vote), or something else entirely – remains to be seen. But it should probably be the main topic of fan concern, for the time being.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on Batman, Justice League, and all other DC Superhero movie news and rumors.

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Source: BoF

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  1. yeah i def think there has been enough batman movies i think the the ending of darknight rises was perfect and the actor that played john blake should def be in the justice leauge movie as nightwing:)i love batman i am a huge batman fan but 7 movies is more than enough they need to do the other members of the justice leugue movies first then put them all togther:)learn from marvel:)

    • I think they should have a solo film with John Blake becoming NightWing and other solo movies for the heroes, except Martian Manhunter should be like the “recruiter” at the end of each film and then when Justice League comes out and we see all the heroes together for the first time Batman (Christian Bale) emerges from the shadows and we learn that Superman saved him at the end of the Dark Knight Rises when the bomb exploded because that is the only possible way he could’ve lived, unless maybe Martian Manhunter saved him. I think that would be pretty epic if they did that, I really hope they don’t reboot it, I hope thats just a rumor so the audience will be stunned when Christian Bale returns in the Justice League. Please dont hate on this idea it’s just my opinion on what I think would be epic.

      • Oh yeah and Green Lanter sucked so remake that

        • After a lot of thought, I’ve decided a Green Lantern Reboot would be a waste of time. I think if you just have a Green Lantern 2 and have a good story, Christopher Nolan may need to help, you might be able to make it good as long as the movie ties into Justice League. Martian Manhunter can “recruit” him into the team at the end of the movie or end credits.

        • Dude at the end of the dark knight rises we all find out that the autopilot was fixed on the bat so batman saved himself but putting the bat in autopilot

      • I 100% agree with you that Batman does NOT need to be rebooted!!! Myself, very sick of Marvel movies because of the way they cant seem to keep the same actors or using same actors to be different comic book charactors. Now….. if they wanted to do away with Christian Bale as the Batman then they could and let this John Blake be the new Batman but lets think for a minute…. Batman has been done in the same way for a long time now, what if…. just saying, what if we change him into a different Batman. Like a Batman from the animated show Batman Beyond!!! That way we get to see a Batman thats more tactical and can be explored further.

        • “very sick of Marvel movies because of the way they cant seem to keep the same actors or using same actors to be different comic book charactors”

          what on earth are you talking about?? the only time they switched actors was the Hulk going from ed norton to mark ruffalo. i can understand if you got pissed for the one thing, but why are you “sick” of something they did just ONCE?

      • Don’t hate on this idea of yours. It is the best idea that anyone (in my opinion) could come up with to merge Nolan’s Batman to Superman The Man Of Steel, and ultimately the rest of the Justice League. Sometimes the simplest ideas (that make sense) are the best. That’s what Marvel did with merging all their characters for The Avengers movie. People have to remember that these are still comic book heroes at the end of the day, no matter how realistic a director can make one of these characters become. Yes I love that Nolan’s Batman seems to be an almost believable, real life character that if someone wanted to do creat bad enough, in real life, they could, but he is still Batman and he is still a comic book character that was brought to life on the Big Screen, so why not let him (Nolan’s version) join the other members of the Justice League like he does in the comics. That is part of who Batman is. Batman should have a very believable story, because he is really the only one that has to use technology to be a part of the super hero crime fighting world. The rest of the guys should be out of this world anyways. Maybe the thing to do is not bring anymore earth comic book characters like Flash and Aqua Man, so that the rest can be more easily believed since they would be from world unknown with possiblities not imaginable to Bruce Wayne. That is how it could be made to still be real life since we as humans do not know how real it is to come from krypton and so forth. I would rather do without The Flash that give up Nolan’s Batman. I am sure there are other ideas that could be added to what I have come up with, but I had to comment on your idea of Superman saving Bruce Wayne. Please Nolan, WB don’t make things so hard. The fans want Bale as Batman in the Justice League so give it to them. This guys idea is the way. You people that want things to be more complex than this guys idea think too much. I think Nolan thinks too much, and, therefore, cannot even come up with an idea like this man’s idea that would actually really work to merge all of this. Put that rescue revelation in The Man Of Steel movie and the fans will not be able to be quiet about it for years to come. Brilliant work sir.

        • FYI, I am only 16yrs old. Thank you for liking my idea so much. Your idea of not having Flash or Aqua-Man has got me thinking, I agree it would be difficult to make them believable, but not having Flash in Justice League? I for one think you can’t have a Justice League without him. But, it is really difficult for me to picture him as a real life character, he was my favorite hero in the animated series of Justice League, but that was animated. Maybe if someone could design a cooler costume (not spandex) it would be easier to imagine. If we find the right actor to portray him (good luck with that), we could possibly make him a believable character. I’m almost sure though that even if we could do all that his origin/solo film will probably end up like the Green Lantern’s, I believe the Green Lantern could’ve been done better though. Comment back and tell me what your thoughts are on this.

      • I truly think Nolan’s superb Batman, and Christian Bale, should stay on as the Batman of the Justice League. Anything else would be very disappointing, or even if they were ambitious, still somewhat disappointing. I want to see Christian Bale’s/Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight really Rise, somehow being sucked in to the Justice League. The only reason I will want to see Justice League is The Dark Knight, expanding that dark struggle storyline for Bale and including refined gadgets. Anything else is just an action movie, but I don’t think Bale’s story is resolved. Most fans don’t have closure with the Dark Knight anyway, and I would rather Nolan is continuing working on the same Bale Batman regardless of other media.

  2. nah batman reboot would just be a waste of money because people loved the nolan batman,, no one would be interested to watch it anymore specially the last batman was just so recent. so just introduce batman straight away in justice league at least there are other characters that people would be interested to watch

    • I am sick of people talking about john blake as batman.
      First of all, Justice League requires Batman , not Nightwing..
      John Blake is not suited for batman in any way cause he was robin in Nolan’s trilogy, rebooting him as bruce wayne will cause confusion for viewers.
      And it has to be “Bruce wayne” in Justice League, so John Blake is out of the picture entirely for me. Some new actor should become bruce wayne entirely.

      But without a solo reboot of batman, and other heroes, I can’t see it as even a hit outside of US. Thats not what the WB would want from the JL movie. it has to be done right, just like marvel did. Slowly building and crawling their way.

      • John Blake was never Robin in the movie. Only by birth name. He inherited the Batcave and took over the mantle of Batman.

      • I completely agree. Because it worked when Marvel rebooted the hulk and fitted him into the merge universe ended up with different actors and still be bruce banner. So why not do the same with batman.

      • Why can’t Christian Bale stay as Batman. He survived in the last movie, so why does it need to change?

  3. I would love to have Christian Bale back as Batman. Just make the basic idea for the justice league serve as an immediate sequel to The Dark Knight Rises. Much like how Tony Stark talked about the Avengers initiative at the end of the Hulk, someone can come describe the possibility of a justice league to Bruce Wayne. After persuasion that the crisis is too great for him not to join, he dons the cape and cowl once more convinced that he doesn’t just need to be a symbol to Gotham, but a formidable protector of Earth.
    He can even say with great power comes great responsibility if he wants to.

    • Having Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale) come back would negate the end of The Dark Knight Rises, in that he finally figured out that it was being in Gotham City that was making him miserable, and that he had to get away. Why would he want to come back to being Batman for (and why would Selina Kyle want to come back to being Catwoman?) The’re both happy where they are in Paris-let them be.

      No, Batman needs to be rebooted for the Justice League, or maybe, the makers of the film need to just make the Justice League movie with them already the heroes, and something brings them together-even better, why not just adapt the first issues of the New 52 Justice League comic book instead?

      • Giving Batman a new direction would not discredit the ending of the Dark Knight Rises. Despite the fact that he retired in TDKR, he can still return to solve a global crisis if the need arises. Wayne is familiar with his talents, and so the justification for him jumping back into the fray is already there. It would just be a new iteration of Batman’s role in society, first as Gotham’s protector and a symbol of hope, and secondly as a talented man with skills to save the world.
        For JL, Bale would be fitting as his character already carries a degree of authority established in the trilogy. A new actor has the potential to fall to the wayside against the pre-established Superman. Imagine if Joseph Gordon Levitt were to take up the mantle next to those other superheroes. He would be seen as the child. Likewise, in my opinion, any other actor that doesn’t carry the same sense of command as Bale did in his performance would fall flat against the rest of the cast for a JL film.

          • My biggest frustration comes from the fact that everyone treats TDKR ending as the holy grail of all movie endings. Yes, its the end of the arc. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t refashion Batman into a new role. Whether it be a Bruce Wayne in retirement called into action to stop a threat, or a Bruce Wayne training a John Blake when the world’s safety in jeopardy, there is still more of a story that can be told without ruining Nolan’s vision. Bale carries the most contemporary, familiar, and powerful presence as the Dark Knight, and would have a very fitting role in the Justice League. The personality set in the Dark Knight mythos sets up for a fresh take on Batman being the normal man in a world of superheroes.

            • Nolan’s Batman is gone.Out of the game! And it’s best to stay that way! A new Batman movie will be made…WHY? Cause its about got damn time they get more into the science fiction of the story and have him fight super villians, unlike Nolans “based on reality” universe. It’s time we get a movie were Batman goes up agianst clayface, solomon Grundy, heck they should bring Mr. Freeze back…If he can be done right! Look. It’s gonna happen. Nolan’s Dark Knight was great…But it is over. DONE!!!

              • Your right, I guess the problem I have is that I don’t think it can be done right. I don’t want Batman to be rebooted and it to be crap, we have a good Batman I thought we should just go with it, but it should be made more like the comics

                • I am very much afriad of a horrible Batman reboot also. I’m sure the reboot is gonna happen. I hope they know what they are doing.

              • Someone up above vented about too many Batman movies already. I would have to say that I agree with that. Please don’t learn the hard way WB. There will come a day where this reboot crap will be retired permantly just like a fad. With WB’s luck it will hit them when they reboot Batman. Audiences are ready for the next great thing to come along like DVD players did Iphones, and so forth. So WB give it to them. Surprise the fans and let The Man Of Steel save Batman in the atom bomb blast (reveal it in The Man Of Steel movie) and merge Nolan’s Batman with The Justice League. People will pay to see that. Don’t mess up the story and people will be going nuts anticipating The Justice League movie until it come out. Somehow creat the events of Superman to have taken place before Nolan’s Batman Trilogy so that it makes sense on the timeline.

    • Ok, I agree with everything you said except he can’t say “With great power comes great responsibility” Thats Marvel Spider-man

      • My poor attempt at humor. Regardless, different character, same lesson

      • My poor attempt at humor. Regardless, different character, same lesson.

      • Haha I was thinking the same thing

  4. Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe Batman started the JL. So to introduce anyone other than Bale as Batman would discredit the job he did. Also, whoever it was that brought up the man of steel saving the bat at the end of TDKR, i thought the same thing. If anything, in the actual JL movie, introduce all five members in their natural homes, showcase their individual power. After, show the ways in which they were recruited. You’d be blind to not show trust issues, along with certain connections.

    • I was the one who mentioned Superman saving him, and they should have separate movies showing he five in their natural places, it would take longer and cost a lot of money but I think it will be worth it in the long run

  5. Didn’t Batman die at the end of TDKR, and Alfred just imagined him in that coffee shop ?

    • No, its real because It showed Selena Kyle and Alfred wouldn’t have known about her and Bruce so that was real, plus they said the autopilot was fixed. Why would they say that if they intended everyone to think he was dead, I don’t think the auto pilot being fixed would help him a lot though, Superman or somebody ha to have save him and that is my personal opinion

      • Nah that was a fact. Anybody who thinks otherwise is an wrong. And hell Bruce even said himself that he would want to go to Paris. Plus the autopilot thing made morgan freeman smile happily

        • Which part was a fact?

  6. Would love to see the batman in the justice league fighting alongside superman and other heros.

  7. Would love to see the batman in the justice league fighting alongside superman and other heros…

  8. It would like great to see batman on the justice league, but ithink the script for justice league would suck, since Christopher Nolan pretty much shut the door for another movie. But it would be cool to fuse together man of steal with batman, but would that mean that batman would come back in the picture? As in Christian Bale being Batman, or would they try and bring someone new?

  9. Yep. Definitely just have Joseph Gordon Levitt become Nightwing, then stick him in the Justice League. (Now, where did I put my easy button?)

  10. It will be so glorious to think back on this entire Nolan trilogy as a precursor to the JLA movie. One of the most powerful moments for me of Batman was the beginning of The Dark Knight, and after Bale has fallen off the van with his pneumatic mangler, he gets up, walks so powerfully with the burden and power of Batman heavy on him, looks down below, and leaps and stamps on the vehicle, crushing it beneath him. In the sequel he has rebuilt the cave, he can’t let go of who he is if he feels he is needed. He has access to Wayne Satellites to observe the larger threats to come, or… I suppose it’s possible Superman could have become aware of him with the national attention Bane brought Gotham, but I like the idea of Bale being smart enough to get out of the blast. Catwoman, as a character, does have a heart but struggles with things that happen forcing her to return to what she knows best, but this isn’t essential, as long as they keep Nolan and Bale on Batman and the Justice League. Eventually, when years have passed and they finish the Justice League, they can introduce Batman Beyond, and by then that Batman will be more at home with the more advanced technology commercialized in Society, but we should keep Nolan/Bale’s Batman on until then.

    Even in the animated series, after years of being Batman, Batman finally joined the JLA after an Alien Invasion, and the Epilogue to the Same Series is tied with Beyond, so they should wait on that until Bale and Nolan finish the JLA project.

    I also want Robert Downey Jr. to stay on as Iron Man for multiple Iron Man sequels, but in Nolan’s case the continuity is further important than just the actor, but the actor does shoe more authority established in the JLA. Right now is a strange year, because it is in between whether we will know if they are smart and keep Nolan’s Batman with Bale, and RDJ as Iron Man, or if they outrage and disappoint.

    JLA should be a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises. Bale went through all those years of pain and sweat, blood and tears to become the senior member of The Justice League. They can consult me on a screenplay if they want, or other fans, it’s to their benefit to do this right. If they write it well, they will totally do excellent at continuing the Dark Knight of Nolan and Bale as enhancing the future of the DC cinematic universe with the Justice League. It would be awesome to have that be the Official Batman. I do not want another Batman, but keep the Nolan Bale Batman as the official Dark Knight.

  11. I don’t think they should do a new solo series for batman the most recent is only a year old but I really want to see is that if batman is in it that so is catwoman and robin or else I won’t want to watch it

  12. You will not get Christian Bale. He has publicly said he will not be involved and Nolan has publicly said TDK universe has no supers!
    If Goyer can do JLA well enough maybe we can get some tie ins and JLA sequels that connect the series. The Blackest Night series has a JLA without a Batman, well it has a zombie batman which turns out to be a clone. which could be the after credit tease.
    But I think we need a Flash movie with both Barry and Wally, since he is really the JLA recruiter and has the ties to GL, MM, and Robin. then you can have the Blackest night JLA movie and use the black lanterns to cameo any other JLA characters for the sequel(s)