Rumor: Batman Reboot Delayed Until 2017 or Later – Is it Still Too Soon?

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Batman Reboot 2017 Rumor: Batman Reboot Delayed Until 2017 or Later   Is it Still Too Soon?

One of the trickiest issues standing in the way of DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ Justice League movie universe is the question of what to do with characters that have already been established in independent film franchises – namely, Batman and Green Lantern.

With The Dark Knight Trilogy over and Green Lantern not really connecting with mainstream audiences, DC/WB has to figure out how they can introduce the characters in the 2015 Justice League movie – and then, spin those characters off into successful film franchises. Today we have word on the plan for Batman’s future at the movies.

The succes of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy has ironically enough created the biggest headache for WB. Those films redefined Batman for a new era, and the memory of that interpretation of the character is going to be long-lasting (permanent, in certain cases). So how do you make another film with your most successful franchise player without turning-off audiences – and without the resources that helped you win in the first place (Nolan, Batman actor Christian Bale)?

Not too surprisingly, the answer seems to be “Delay, delay, delay…”

Dark Knight Trilogy Rumor: Batman Reboot Delayed Until 2017 or Later   Is it Still Too Soon?

Batman on Film reports that they have a source they trust who claims that – while a new Batman could indeed debut in Justice League (2015) – the earliest we’ll see a new solo Batman film is 2017. For the mathematically impaired, that’s five years after Dark Knight Rises and two years after Justice League.

The strategy is sound: respect the artistry of what Nolan did, and play things safe by gradually introducing a new Batman in the context of a team film. Even if Justice League bombs, there is still room to wait two years and start (sort of) fresh with a different version of Batman. (Pretty much the advice our own Andrew Dyce gave as part of his Justice League movie gameplan.)

However, what is somewhat curious is the notion that a new Batman movie would come so close on the heels of Justice League, when there are multiple other characters that could first be explored – characters we have never seen before on film. Unless they have those Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, or other DC character films scheduled between 2014 – 2017 (which we have little-to-no evidence of), it would seem that Batman is going to be one of the first solo characters up to bat in this shared universe. Batman. Again.

Justice League New 52 Flash Rumor: Batman Reboot Delayed Until 2017 or Later   Is it Still Too Soon?

The decision to jump into a team-up film so quickly (as opposed to going the ‘Marvel way’ of doing all solo character films first) has been controversial from the beginning, and the implications of this Batman reboot date will only fuel the DC naysayers. It’s all speculation at this point (though we expect some big reveals from DC/WB in 2013), but it at the same time follows a certain “studio logic” to the letter: Keep playing the trump card, as much as fashionably possible.

What about you: Are you hungry for another Batman movie sooner before later? Or do you think the franchise needs time to breathe after Nolan? Which heroes do YOU think DC/WB should be lining up for solo films before Batman?


Justice League is set for Summer 2015. The future after that is anybody’s guess.

You may be able to see this whole DC Movie Universe begin in Man of Steel, which hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: BoF  (Batman Art Found @ eWallpapers; Dark Knight Trilogy Art Found @ Fanpop; Justice League artwork property of DC Comics)

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  1. For one, MOS has just come out, DKT is open ended, GReen lantern has saved the universe, dont these production films ever look ahead to see what else they are going to elaborate on. The Marvel pinnacled with AVengers which never totally captured all of marvels characters that have come out in theaters with no tie in to the avengers.What about spiderman,fantastic four,ghostrider,xmen ? although they are not well written into the avengers alliance, the dc universe is going to have to outstage the Avengers Alliance. BAtman, SUperman, green lantern have been done, now give some of the underdogs their opening stage, Wonderwoman,aquaman, and a flash for goodness sake. He has never been on screen, and the last i seen him was the three season tv series, which really gave the depth of Flash and his “detective skills”. Since Flash was the first one to bring a comic to life, its about time the Flash returned(especially with the CG they have today, would make it awesome). ANd bring it out like THOR, where one movies character begins to spread out the imagination of the audience on the other nonfeatured theater characters. PLease oh please do not put leo Dicaprio as Flash, bring him out as Christian bale was on Dark Knight, he was rarely famous until he became Dark knight, but i know the history of Batman and Keaton will always hold that top significance for me. THere was no lightweight fabriccs in the 80’s, nor CG. It made things alot harder for KEaton, and i agree on the dark knight 4,(bring out riddler with a new robin and while your at it, expand on the dc universe a bit to prep the audience for the upcoming attractions of wonderwoman,flash,etc.

    • agreed definitely should make a new batman with robin

  2. Something I was thinking of for a new trilogy…

    First movie villain: Joker
    Secondary villain: The Penguin

    Second movie villain: Joker
    Other villains: Black Mask, Deadshot, Deathstroke

    Third movie villain: Joker
    Other villains: Harley Quinn, Hush

    • And….
      Don’t forget about Eddie!! 😀
      I really want to see Riddler as well.
      I love your ideas for the movies 😉

  3. Its way too soon, Hollywood needs to come up with some orginal movies instead of a ton of sequels and remakes :(

  4. well, i’m mad. I haven’t read the comics of Batman, so i don’t know if they are as good as the movies. But, i think the movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) should have one final one. It should continue the storyline with Robin AND the Nolan’s version of Batman. I mean even if they didn’t have the comics to make the movie based off of slightly, it still wouldn’t be very hard to think of a storyline for it. Maybe, involve the life of Robin at for a quarter of the movie. Also, at the end of the Dark Knight Rises, everyone knows batman didn’t die so they are going to disappoint A LOT of fans if they start a remake, or new series. but seriously, if you give me a month or two because o school and stuff i could probably at least come up with a storyline for the next movie to follow, but then Nolan would have to take over for his dark side of it. I have no problem with the movie coming out in 2017, well… wish it would be sooner. But, that just gives them more time to make an amazing movie. Did something happen to Nolan? Is that why they can’t just make another one with Robin? I just feel that if they do the Justice League or pick all new characters for Batman, it will become really cheeses with bad acting or rushed for the justice league. For instance spiderman didn’t really have a huge storyline in my opinion, but Batman has such a big storyline. You could pretty much do anything they want with the Nolan’s twist. All in all, I just hope they make the next Batman about the Nolan’s Batman and Robin, it would be so good. Like maybe have Batman start to teach Robin and so fourth until they get an enemy. Then, ave Robin help take down the enemy. Just don’t make a gray-suited comic Batman please. LOTS of people like it how it is.

  5. Now not later the foundation for the follow up is there . Addition of Robin and. Cat woman as a good guy is a great foundation. For the good guys, should be easy. Just getting the right number of bad guys with a natorious plot. Keep Christan. Bale and all the same characters. Watching the black night leaves me wanting more. now. It won’t be the same without the chemistry that was developed in the dark night rises. movie. I am 53 and grewup with barman and Robin and now the foundation is. Set for continuation. I want to see it in my life time and the longer you wait the oldert . The character gets to play the parts. Why do we have to wait I saw Ironman,1, 2,and had no problem with the avengers.Ironman 3 came too late I wanted to. See it earlier and was not dissappointed. There can be more than one set off movies at one time. Pay the original Tony Stark getting new people to play the roles suck. You make more than enough on these movies.Give the people what they want and make continuations off the last movies. PLease a big fan you will reap t he. Beneffitts with a new Batsman movie. I give you my money several times repetitively even though I am handicapped. And can’t afford too but they are great to make things better. Please come out with another batman now or as soon as possible please

  6. Christian Bale I think was the best Batman . To change him would hurt the next movie

  7. They left Dark knight rises open for the Batman to return with Robin. They have a good series started so why change it. Thats a problem with films these days. The change actors, directors and the whole direction of the series in the middle of things. I wished they would just continue the way they are headed now instead of waiting for a copy of the avengers.