5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a ‘Justice League’ Movie Universe

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Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

[NOTE: This post was written prior to the revelation of the Batman vs. Superman movie coming in 2015; however, what we said back then still holds true for how Batman can exist in the same film with Superman. Enjoy! –The Editors]

It’s a bittersweet time to be a Batman fan: The Dark Knight Rises is still fresh in memory, and the cinematic future of the brand is uncertain. Though the truth may not be what fans want to hear, facts are facts: Christopher Nolan has finished his ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ and confirmed that his time with the character is finally over. With Nolan gone, and Bale claiming to be gone with him, the door is open for a new director and actor to tackle the iconic hero.

Director and star may be finished, but DC and Warner Bros. certainly are not. The Justice League looks to be the next film after Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and is tasked with both introducing new heroes, and (according to reports) rebooting a new Batman movie franchise. While Nolan loyalists may claim the odds are stacked against the next actor to put on the cape and cowl, we see opportunity.

There are some major elements of the Batman character and comics that Nolan completely avoided, and were largely under-represented in past movies as well. If the next Batman films were to tackle those themes and angles, comic book fans could be in for a treat.


5. The World’s Greatest Detective

Batman Reboot Worlds Greatest Detective 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe
One major aspect of Bruce Wayne’s character that Christopher Nolan’s films never truly explored was his intellect and deduction skills, choosing instead to let his fists and willpower lead the way, with Lucius Fox’s genius making it possible for him to do so safely. Aside from brief scenes in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne’s detective skills in the Nolanverse begin and end with watching the evening news, not spending hours at a crime scene or behind his Bat-Computer trying to deduce the method to a villain’s madness.

But in a Justice League world full of criminal masterminds and super-powered heroes, Batman can’t rely solely on his strength. As “The World’s Greatest Detective,” the Caped Crusader depends on reasoning and mental acuity to see the things others don’t; to see weakness where others only see strength. Instead of reacting to the grand plans and attacks of eccentric villains, the next Batman could spend his time on the offensive: tracking, investigating, and confronting evil.

A Batman film that was first and foremost a good mystery/detective story – and an actor who could portray the genius-level detection skills of Bruce Wayne – would be a welcome take on the character we’ve yet to see.


4. The Master Strategist
Batman Reboot Military Strategist 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

As the resident expert in martial arts and military tactics, it makes sense that Batman occupies a leadership role within the Justice League. But his unique morality brings far more than experience to the team. While Flash and Green Lantern (whether played by Ryan Reynolds or not) make jokes at a new enemy being revealed, and Superman remains stoic in the face of overwhelming odds, Batman is thinking. Not just how best to tackle the situation, but what will happen if it all goes wrong. This is the part of the character the Justice League director must do justice to, since Batman’s intelligence and willingness to accept the reality of no-win scenarios are what make him relevant among DC’s greatest super-powered heroes.

It also opens the door to the kind of moral dilemmas and debate that great ensemble films are made of. Joss Whedon’s Avengers showed what’s possible when heroes disagree, but ultimately unite; a Batman who thinks innocent lives must be put on the line would take that same premise to a much more serious place. A genius tactician willing to accept hard truths instead of refusing to believe them, would prove vital to any super-team.


3. Bruce Wayne vs. Lex Luthor

Batman Reboot Lex Luthor 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe
There’s going to have to be some crossover between the Superman and Batman continuity if the pair are ever going to occupy the same movie universe, and Lex Luthor is without a doubt one of the DC Universe’s greatest antagonists. Considering he basically is Bruce Wayne (even if the thought would disgust him), Lex acts as a moral foil to the billionaire genius, each opposing what they deem to be the greatest threat to humanity: for Wayne, the criminal element, and for Luthor, Superman.

Even so, the two entrepreneurs have rarely gone face-to-face, but any attempt by DC to build a movie universe akin to Marvel’s would do well to build it around a common foe. It’s hard to think of a more recognizable villain that fans would enjoy seeing in more than one franchise – but with the right casting, the economic battle of wits between Metropolis and Gotham’s leading men could be just as exciting as a super-powered brawl.


2. The Boy Wonder

Batman Reboot Robin 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

This one is always a longshot, dismissed by movie fans as too juvenile, with even Nolan explaining his lack of interest in introducing Robin to his trilogy. It isn’t hard to understand why, since merely mentioning the name ‘Robin’ automatically conjures images of red and green spandex (or worse, Chris O’Donnell in the Joel Schumacher Batman films). But in practice, Batman and an adult Robin working together wouldn’t be that much different from Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in TDKR, which offered a unique dynamic to the stereotypical superhero movie. And with an origin story for Batman already told (please, please, don’t let there be a re-tread) introducing Robin could scratch the same itch.

As for the exact incarnation of Robin, well, the film’s creators have a handful of choices. DC’s recently-rebooted New 52 comic book universe features Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, and even Jason Todd as in-continuity. Seriously, how many ‘Dynamic Duos’ are there in the comic book genre? Batman and Robin are a package deal, and if the next creative team is looking to get fans excited for some change, then announcing the return of Robin to a darker, mature setting is a guaranteed way to do it.


1. Striking Fear

Batman Reboot Fear 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

Audiences were never meant to be afraid of Christopher Nolan’s Batman when onscreen, but a take on the character where the Batman is genuinely terrifying to both criminals and moviegoers would be something completely new, and a true treatment of an antihero. Beginning with Batman Begins, the audience was allowed to see that Bale’s Batman was a creation with a purpose: he was trying to be scary. But revealing an imposing figure known to be on the side of justice is not the same as leaving the audience speechless, gripping their armrests when seeing what Bruce Wayne becomes when the cape and cowl are worn.

It’s about time movie fans beheld a Batman that they would walk a righteous path just to avoid. Considering that early word on the Justice League film is of a darker tone, a Batman who isn’t completely devoid of laughs (Bruce Wayne is a shmoozer, after all) but is downright terrifying when in costume, would be a fantastic mix of mood and entertainment.


What Are Your Ideas?

5 Things Batman Reboot Can Do Differently 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight trilogy’ has shown what is possible from comic book films, but to claim it’s the be-all, end-all of the character’s big screen incarnation is selling the source material short.

We’ve stated our ideas concerning aspects of the Batman universe we’ve yet to experience on film – but they certainly aren’t the only ones. So feel free to share your own thoughts:

  • Should the next Batman be more grounded, or less?
  • Is a new origin story necessary, or should it be skipped?
  • Keep the tone the same, or inject a bit more humor?
  • Which villains should appear in the next films?
  • Which writers/directors/actors would you like to see involved?


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  1. i honestly think the next villain should defiantly be hush.hes a basically the only that can get to batman and deeper into bruce wayne than even bane can.he even tried too ruin his name but stealing his identity

    • I will always support the introduction of Hush. But I don’t know if that story could a) be fit into a single film, or b)deliver that much history while keeping fans invested.

  2. I for one cnt wait for a new batman that actually knows martial arts, is great detective, is scary as heck wit occasional of the cape covering his whole body like in the comics, n have The Fass do it or my top choice, Armie Hammer. O n have his nxt solo film b called The Caped Crusader!

    • I know it seems a bit stupid (especially considering he’s already playing a superhero) but I always wanted to see Hugh Jackman have a go at playing Batman as I think he ticks practically all of the boxes:

      Batman is supposed to be about 6’2…HJ is 6’2.5
      HJ can play both the moody aggressive aspect of Batman aswell as having the skills (and tbf looks) to pull off a billionaire playboy
      He looks like someone who could handle himself in a fight
      He has a practically the perfect physique for it (I always thought Bales head looked a bit too big compared to his body when suited up)

      As for Armie Hammer, I think he would be perfect for a young Bruce Wayne but I think he looks a bit too delicate/soft to be Batman and would probably have to resort to some weird grumble to try and scare the people he was interrogating

  3. I think Warner Bros. could follow the lead of the Rocksteady games in idea and tone. Also have a Robin existing, just show flash backs of his or they (Dick and Tim’s) origins.

  4. I think it’s really stupid that Green Lantern is thought to be on the comic relief side with Flash. Hal Jordan, not Ryan Reynolds version mind you, was as big as Superman and Batman in the Justice League in the beginning. He’s kind of been thrown to the side with John Stewart, although even that changed in the Blackest Night. Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan didn’t deserve the honor that was given to him and a Justice League movie would be as big of an insult as Ryan Reynolds wearing the ring again. Give us a real Green Lantern before you reboot Batman for the seven hundredth time.

    • A-FRIGGIN-MEN, Preach on brotha!!!

  5. I think that the next incarnation of the Dark Knight, should be a pseudo-continuation of Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader. I think he should be taken farther into the darkness though. I agree that he should be a totally frightening figure, almost a split personality of Wayne, if you will. If you think about it, it would make perfect sense, tragic childhood event, time spent in the criminal underworld trained by ninjas to be judge, jury and executioner. At some point, at this has got to chip away at his morality.

    A reboot at this point is unnecessary. 90% of the world knows who Batman is, so build on the previous 3 films.

    Keep the films tone serious and dark, and go darker.

    Introduce Robin into the mix. Go one better and poll the fans as to which incarnation of Robin they want to see, and listen to them. It would be simple six months before the script writing begins, put up a website give the fans the opportunity to choose and get involved in the creative process. Offer them every incarnation of Robin, from Classic Robin to Nightwing.

    As far as villans, Black Mask would be a good choice. He a total psycho, he killed Robin. He controls Gotham’s criminal underworld. He might be just the catalyst needed to push Batman into darker territory.

    For the second film, Riddler and maybe Mr. Freeze, with the introduction of Harleen Quinzel, as the Joker’s Therapist.

    And for the third film, someone will have to step into the purple suit left empty by Heath Ledger. The Joker and Harley Quinn.

    Writers, Director and Actors are a toss up at this point.

    • “DARKER DARKER DARKER.” Everything has to be DARKER!!!! Why? And how dark? Until we can’t see anything? Dark Knight and Rises is as dark as it gets. You can’t move forward with that franchise. Nolan’s done, Bale’s done, no Gordon-levitt Robin. It’s over. Okay?

  6. Sorry. But…Why is everyone fixated on the Nolan Batman…do people not understand:


    Nothing…and I stress…NOTHING should be taken from the Nolan films because they are irrelevant to any other film ever made.

    Robin is an annoying person…and he wont be needed and no director on earth could possibly make him bearable.

    • Are you basing that on any particular version of Robin? Since it seems like most of the commenters on here have at least one former Robin they didn’t find terrible.

  7. I want to see a Batman that is Between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I would love to see a scene between Batman and Deadshot, where Batman make Deadshot miss him.

    Where Batman is just starting out, and where he will make mistakes, which leads up to him becoming Batman. I want to see him use his mind before his fist.

    Is that too much to ask for?

  8. I think even though Nolan did amazing things with the concept and mythology of the Batman comic, he didn’t do much of interest to the character himself besides from his believable ‘real word’ gadgets. Will love to see what they do with him, but NO campy. Nolan put an end to that!

  9. I will answer those question at the end :P

    Should the next Batman be more grounded, or less?
    Less grounded, go comic booky fantasy as this is in the same universe as Superman after all!

    Is a new origin story necessary, or should it be skipped?
    Nah, no origin story. Also the orphan aspect of batman has been used everywhere now, and had been done almost perfectly by nolan, so like you say, lets dig deeper into the vast source material. Or is that aspect of batman too intergal to ignore? Still nevertheless, origin story does not need to actually be shown.

    Keep the tone the same, or inject a bit more humor?
    Totally depends on their plans for the tone of the justice League movie.

    Which villains should appear in the next films?
    Riddler (cos he was sadly missed in the nolan films), croc guy (cos you cant say we are going proper comic booky more than getting out a giant humanoid reptile), joker (but not till the end film of new series), Mr freeze (done right at last please!), Lex (credit clip), cat woman as villain all the way this time.

    Which writers/directors/actors would you like to see involved?
    Zack Snyder (writer or producer) to help with continuity between the Batman film and zack snyder’s superman. Different director though. Possibly Ruper Wyatt (RIse of the planet of the apes) cos Rise showed that he is good at getting what can easily be campy material but making it feel serious, relevant and still fitting to the original mythology. Plus his prison break film The Escapist shows he’s good with villainous characters, even giving them a sympathetic, relatable side like Loki in Thor! unlike the scary dark mentally warped damaged psychos we see in Nolan’s trilogy. It worked in Thor and Spiderman, so maybe give it a try to make a change in batman? IF JOSEPH GORDAN LEVIT COULD REPRISE HIS ROLE AS ROBIN THAT WOULD BE A SLIGHT MIND BOMB BUT GREAT TO SEE WHAT HE COULD ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN LIKE IN COSTUME. maybe even be Nightwing?

  10. Why does everyone jump up and down about origins? This is a different continuity altogether, so how can you not have some sort of origin whether it be through flashbacks or chronologically? Are we to simply transpose the origin of Nolans Batman to the next one? Or should it be from the New 52? How does the audience know? A character as complex as Batman needs some explaining. That is why the Avengers worked, each character had their respective origins fleshed out so that they could dive right into a story for the group as a whole. DC should concentrate on getting Man of Steel going and then introduce the new Batman in its sequel (this would work even better if the Wonder Woman cameo in MOS rumor, is true) to let everyone he exists in this new continuity and even hint at his backstory, that way when JL happens there is already a foundation for two of its main characters.

    • I, personally, have zero interest in having to, once again, see Bruce Wayne out at a show, his parents get killed, it makes him sad, grows up, blah blah blah. It’s already been captured by Christopher Nolan who brought some needed realism and artistic cinematography to the scene. If you’re going to see a Batman film, spending time on his childhood beyond flashbacks or a handful of scenes just feels like a re-tread.

      It was my main issue with the Amazing Spider-Man (just re-filming the same events to take up screen time) so I don’t think an extensive, time-consuming origin is necessary. Especially with it being so close to Nolan’s films. Batman has ONE origin, and we have seen it explained and alluded to plenty of times.

  11. For Justice League villain, I’m most excited about Brainiac:)
    And once the have Justice League and Avenger movie’s out there, excited about when they do a cross-over:)
    (Yes, they had these in the comics for those who don’t know)

    • A Justice League and Avengers crossover would be amazing, though I think it would be tough to find a proper villain for that. Perhaps a betrayal within the group or a fight between the Avengers and the Justice League.

  12. They ended batman very well. watched it twice. A robin film would be good with joseph gordon levvit

  13. After watching the Dark Knight Rises for the third time, what Nolan did of ending the series was a wise, yet unpredictable, move. Continuing where it left off with Levitt becoming the new Dark Knight (or Robin, or Nightwing) is really risky, let alone Nolan is completely done. Re-booting is just a thought that shouldn’t even be considered. I don’t see how anyone else can make a better series on Batman. Superhero series have to come to an end sometime; they can’t drag on to the point of becoming awful sequels (Batman & Robin, Spider-Man 3). All in all, just leave it as it is.

    • Trey,

      I disagree. There is so much Nolan left out of his series. I don’t feel at all that Nolan’s Batman was the definitive take on the character, not by a long shot. I’d like to see someone take a crack at making Batman a master detective, or presenting Robin in a way that does not diminish Batman in any way.

      There is so much furtile ground to work from with Batman. With the right writers and director, I think Nolan’s series can be topped. No doubt about that at all.

      • @filmboy

        I agree, I liked Nolan’s grounded gritty take on Batman, but it was definitely very molded to his vision and does not represent Batman’s complexity in its fullest. Like many people (including myself) have said many times, the biggest thing he left out is his detective side. I was happy at the bone Nolan threw at us in the beginning of TDKR with him collecting evidence and researching catwoman on his “Bat Computer” but it really should have been more than just that. It would be nice to see a version of Batman that is equally as much brain as brawn…

  14. They’ve got to introduce Dick Grayson/Robin in a new Batman franchise. He’s truly a great character and I’ve yet to see him really portrayed the way he should be. I was also playing around with the idea of having a sequel with Jason Todd as Robin, drawing influence from A Death In The Family, and maybe even a third film based on Batman Beyond.

  15. How about no more Batman.

    As good as Nolan’s Batmans were there comes a time when maybe things should just be left alone. Give it some time to rest.

    There are so many other characters in the DCverse that havent had a decent treatment of any kind why not put resources into something that audiences have never seen before?

  16. The quin

  17. The quintessential Batman can be seen in, Justice League: The New Frontier, when Batman confronts the Man-hunter and says’s ” I have a 70’000$ sliver of radioactive meteor to stop the one from metropolis, with you, all i need is a penny for a book of matches.”

    • CLASSIC!

    • @Stabber I totally agree….
      my take is that the grizzly, hard decision and back plan making, genius detective, that is ready to smash any of his superpowered teammates if out of line…..

      ok normally hate fan ideas cause they’re ridiculous and masterbatory begging for your favorite minor s***-character to get screentime or something silly like that or screaming something sucks because you dont like an actor or something….i love the comics and that is the true foundation(New Frontier and DCAU is pretty cool)…and also the realist take on batman…but i too like most of us want MORE out of the fuller DC Batman to come onscreen….and if they wanted to, and it would have been different than Marvels plan, they could have rolled from the Nolan Batman into a kind of “s*** hits the fan scenario”, Supes is doing his thing in Metropolis and a much older Bale cough Bruce is seeing these things unfild in his world, watching waiting preparing almost in a “wtf” mode. honestly, it would never happen, but i thought if nolan NOLAN to push the envelope the current bale batman would work as that older grizzlied hero from a world before some alien pops up with blue tights and red cape, and some hotshot pilot got a superpowered ring and all kinds of craziness starts happening all over the world and bing bang boom superheroes ARE existing in this once realistic world…and here’s Batman, older, wiser, preparing and even stepping his own game up..they turn him into the batman we all know and love that kicks ass in the greater dc universe

      ok so thats my screen rant

  18. The “rebooted Batman” should be mysterious and feared, even by his own teammates. No matter how powerful a member of the Justice League might be, in the back of their mind, they should know that The Batman can take them out.

    After Batman’s prowess is established, he is then the default, leader, detective, and strategist of the JLA.

  19. Im all for the Batman ‘re-boot’ being done….I just wish they would have done films for everyone else and gave the Batman franchise a good 5 year rest!

    Having Superman first, then the other JL members then a good Batman film linking it all together leading into a JL film would have been nice, as by then I would want another Batman film…at this point, I dont! Its to soon.

    Robin, yea…I know Nightwing is great but I cant be bothered to watch scenes with Robin in tights prancing around…unless its a very brief back story and they use Nightwing properly. I think people are assuming that they are going to make Robin ‘Nolan style’…you forget that if they start making Batman more like the comics, then Robin will have to be that irritating kid otherwise people will moan about not sticking to source material, although Im fine with him being in the film if the Joker beats him to death with a crowbar.

    Im not anti-Robin…I just think that as this Batman will have to be more fantasy, people wanting Batman to be scary, Robin will just ruin it in that context by just being annoyingly light when its meant to be a dark film. Nightwing yes. Robin a big fat NO.

  20. It is interesting you posted this article. I did something similar on my blog shortly after TDKR was released. Many of your points were the same as my own.

    I felt Nolan missed one of the great aspects of Batman by avoiding his detective skills althogether. It made his series less interesting in my opinion. Nolan’s Batman was more blunt force than careful master detective. He was more reactionary and less proactive. It made his character less interesting and was disappointing to me.

    As far as who to bring in for the eventual reboot, I would cast Ryan Gosling as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Bill Nighy as Alfred. Then I would introduce Robin, making him an college aged teen. Bring in Harvey Bullock. Then make the villain The Riddler. But use him in a way that makes him more of a menace. Then introduce Penguin as a drug kingpin, or gangster. Again make them different drastically from their previous big screen incarnations.

    There is still plenty left to draw from for any Batman reboot. I only wish WB would do a reboot film before launching into Justice League. There is no shame in using the same model as Marvel did. It obviously worked. Eh, I guess we will see if the WB model works or not.

    • Agree with most of that…the one thing nobody ever mentions is the constant feeling I got that Batman was always Vulnerable in the Nolan version..It was almost to ‘real’.

      Love the trilogy, its great. But Batman needs to be a badass in the re-boot.

  21. Dark knight rises is by far better than the dark knight. Personally i thought the Dark knight is one of the most overated movies of all time. However Dark knight is a good movie and still much better than th average movie. Dark knight Rises> BB> Dark knight Dark knight vs Dark knight vote here! http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/566831

  22. Nolan’s trilogy died a hero instead of living long enough to become the villain!

    • Actually, if you count TDK and TDKR, Bats figuratively did both

  23. Bring back Adam West and Burt Ward!

  24. One of the more interesting ideas put forth in the Justice League comics was that it was discovered that Batman kept secret files on his own team mates. In case he ever needed to take them down.

    So for the Justice League movie we could have a Batman who isn’t exactly a team player. And manipulates his team members to a certain extent. You could have the story come to a point where Batman has to trust his team. That would be a major thing for Batman. Realizing he can’t always go it alone and you don’t use your friends.

  25. This is great. I like the approach you took, citing the focus of the movie, not a plot or casting notes. Here are my thoughts on how rebooted Batman can work in harmony with a Justice League movie: http://underscoopfire.com/4-ways-to-make-a-good-justice-league-movie/

  26. For a proper JL movie, I believe WB should get Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and the rest of the DCAU involved with the script. They, I believe, truly understand the team dynamic and the individual characters more than anybody else would.

    • Agreed.

  27. My take..

    The JLM (Justice League Movie) would be primarily focused on BATMAN & SUPERMAN with others (i.e. Flash & Wonder Woman) playing supporting roles that do not get involved till the 2nd or 3rd act. This way the bulk of the film focuses on the 2 big money characters while still giving some measurable screen time to other secondary level characters.

    The setup starts in SUPERMAN Man Of Steel. In a post credit scene we see Superman doing his flying around thing (on patrol from above) when out of nowhere we see him lose it and fall crashing hard to the earth. Its as if he had his powers sucked from him. Fade to black. Superman wakes to find himself in a cell occupied by only 1 other. The other prisoner does not identify himself and he has mask to hide his face. Superman is without his powers and it takes little time for him to realize it is due to the Kryptonite lined rocks near his cell. Its not enough to kill him, just make him mortal.

    Shortly an argument between the 2 ensues and slowly turns into a brawl. The masked man whips up on Superman pretty good but Supes is not without skill (the JLM version of superman is one who has skill and is not solely dependent on his unending strength). Just as the masked man has Superman beaten pretty bad the guards come to break it up and the masked man quickly turns from Superman to taking out the guards. The masked man then frees himself and then Superman. Supes watches as the masked man retrieves some clothes and stuff from a nearby locker and begins to dress. Superman is till partly out of it and not far enough from the cells kryptonite to fully regain himself. Slowly he sees the makes man transform into the vigilante known as the Batman.

    Supes realizes the whole thing was staged to get the guards into the cell. He thanks Batman for his assistance but quickly dismisses him and says that batman should leave to avoid further injury and that Superman will take care of their host as soon as he has regained his strength. This is where Bats lectures Superman in a way no one else ever has or would even dare.

    BATMAN: “Really? You may be able to leap tall buildings in s single bound and outrun a speeding bullet but you just had your ass handed to you by a mere mortal whose total strength could not hope to stand up to what you posses in just one finger and all because you think with your muscles and not your head.”

    SUPERMAN: You had the advantage only because of the kryptonite lining of the cell walls.

    BATMAN: I was talking about our host and how he took you down with little effort. That skirmish in the cell was a little dance and nothing more. Personally, I don’t like you. Your arrogance and superiority would get any regular human killed. You may have super strength but you certainly aren’t super bright are you?

    SUPERMAN: That’s might cocky coming from a guy who runs around dressed like a bat hiding in the shadows. You’re brave only because you know I’m weak right now.

    BATMAN: Actually I was suspect that you were weakened by the meteor rock but was not certain of it till you opened your big mouth. Not only do I know it but so does our host (pointing to a security camera on the wall). Its one thing to let that kind of dangerous info get loose with me, its another thing altogether when a madman like Lex Luther knows it. Its that kind of of leaping without looking that gets the normal person killed. You may be immune to harm but others around you aren’t and one day your arrogance is going to get someone innocent killed.

    SUPERMAN: We’re prisoners of Lex Luthor?

    BATMAN: Yeeess. Surprised ey? Thats because you underestimate him since he is only a weak earth man. So far today you;ve been taken down and imprisoned by one weak earth man and hand your ass handed to you by another earth man. Perhaps you need to re-think the whole “super” tag line? Lex was not aware of your kryptonite weakness but is certain to now thanks to your bug mouth. Do you ever think before you speak?

    SUPERMAN; I’ve had just about enough of your arrogance and demeaning attitude. If Lex did not line the walls to hinder my powers then why did he put kryptonite in the cell walls?

    BATMAN: I’d say it looks like you’ve had more then enough of my fists then anything I’ve said. Bessie, Lex didn’t line the cell walls with kryptonite, I did.

    SUPERMAN: (In a shocked tone) Why? Why would you do such a thing?

    BATMAN: I’m taking Lex Luthor down tonight and I don’t need some goody two-shoes Chippendales boy model in tights amateur crashing the party and messing it up. So you stay down here and rest and once I’m done with Lex I’ll be out of here. The walls are covered with a derivative of the meteor in a mist form. It should dissipate within less then an hour at which point you should be back to normal.

    SUPERMAN: We’re not done. This is not over!

    BATMAN: My advice, stick to wooing female reporters and leave the real crime fighting to those of us who do fear death and therefore respect the job.

    Cut to credits.

    In the First act of the JLM we’d see a turn of events where bats is on thee down and Superman comes to save the day but he has to do it without his powers. The end result of that event is that batman respects Superman because he did the job without being super powered. Bats still doesn’t agree with Supermans philosophy nor does he like him but he does respect him and that’s the start of the JLM that follows a WORLDS MOST WANTED story line in whcih the 2 heros are setup and thrown together and end up being dependent on each other to clear their names. The angle in this story is that Superman is powered down thanks to kyrptonite lined chains compliments of Luthor industries and Batman is without any gadgets and has only his skills, with and detective skills to clear his name.

    The 2nd and act plays out with others entering the story line, Flash, Wonder woman and maybe 1 or 2 others. They all believe that either one or both of the 2 heroes are being setup and so they offer to help. In the final act we see that they have been tossed in with Superman & Batman and are also sought as terrorists by the Lex Luthor lead administration (Lex is president) .

    At the very end Superman gets his powers back and Batman his toys and we se an epic battle as Superman battles an alien visitor that has been working with Lex Luther while Batman attempts to get past Lex’s super empowered body guards and to the plot device that the worlds destruction is ensured by; some kind of super bomb or something like it. Lex has gone insane from the kryptonite he’s been treating himself with in an attempt to make himself immuned to Superman and does not realize the oath of destruction he’s laid out for the planet.

    In the end the hero’s realize that things got to where they did because of mistrust and hatred between them ,especially between Superman and Batman. they decide cooperation is needed and so the Justice League is born.

  28. I think that if they do a reboot they should have robin and/or nightwing in it. It would be awesome if they could even put the whole bat family in it! It would also be awesome if they could have Redhood in it and do that story line.
    Robin is my favorite so whatever they do I hope he is in it.

  29. Regardless of what direction the next Batman movie takes, it does not need to be another origin story. That is what it killing these movies in general. One trilogy is made and the next director steps in and has to tell his origin story. What you end up with is basically the same hero, in a slightly augmented costume, fighting the same baddies.

    Unless you have been living in a cave, you know who Batman, Superman and Spiderman are. You already know their basic origin story. Bruce Wayne is a rich orphan, Superman is from Krypton and works for a news paper, and Spiderman was bitten by a spider and got his powers.

    These complete reboots that happen, when a new director takes over will eventually kill the Comic Book movie. I’m sure that I am not the only one out there who thinks this.

    I think the Superhero movie genre should take a page from the James Bond franchise. Everyone know who 007 is, even though, he has been portrayed by six different actors over the years. Because of the familiarity with the character, there is no need to reboot the franchise.

    Perhaps the comic industry should try this approach with an established hero. Make stand alone adventures with an actor and then when the time comes bring in a new lead. I admit that this approach was tried with he original Batman franchise and it failed miserably. In my opinion, it was doomed to fail because of Tim Burton.

    I hate Tim Burton’s, take on Batman. I hate most of his movies. It seems like he wakes up in the morning, takes a hit of acid and then says to himself, “I think I’ll make a movie now.” His style choices were terrible and the franchise got worse as other directors took over.

    I think though, if the next director approached the character with respect and intent that Nolan used for his trilogy and simply built on the mythos of the character, even if he chose to take the character in a slightly different direction it would make for a much more enjoyable film than complete reboot and retelling of the character’s origin.