5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a ‘Justice League’ Movie Universe

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Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

[NOTE: This post was written prior to the revelation of the Batman vs. Superman movie coming in 2015; however, what we said back then still holds true for how Batman can exist in the same film with Superman. Enjoy! –The Editors]

It’s a bittersweet time to be a Batman fan: The Dark Knight Rises is still fresh in memory, and the cinematic future of the brand is uncertain. Though the truth may not be what fans want to hear, facts are facts: Christopher Nolan has finished his ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ and confirmed that his time with the character is finally over. With Nolan gone, and Bale claiming to be gone with him, the door is open for a new director and actor to tackle the iconic hero.

Director and star may be finished, but DC and Warner Bros. certainly are not. The Justice League looks to be the next film after Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and is tasked with both introducing new heroes, and (according to reports) rebooting a new Batman movie franchise. While Nolan loyalists may claim the odds are stacked against the next actor to put on the cape and cowl, we see opportunity.

There are some major elements of the Batman character and comics that Nolan completely avoided, and were largely under-represented in past movies as well. If the next Batman films were to tackle those themes and angles, comic book fans could be in for a treat.


5. The World’s Greatest Detective

Batman Reboot Worlds Greatest Detective 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe
One major aspect of Bruce Wayne’s character that Christopher Nolan’s films never truly explored was his intellect and deduction skills, choosing instead to let his fists and willpower lead the way, with Lucius Fox’s genius making it possible for him to do so safely. Aside from brief scenes in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne’s detective skills in the Nolanverse begin and end with watching the evening news, not spending hours at a crime scene or behind his Bat-Computer trying to deduce the method to a villain’s madness.

But in a Justice League world full of criminal masterminds and super-powered heroes, Batman can’t rely solely on his strength. As “The World’s Greatest Detective,” the Caped Crusader depends on reasoning and mental acuity to see the things others don’t; to see weakness where others only see strength. Instead of reacting to the grand plans and attacks of eccentric villains, the next Batman could spend his time on the offensive: tracking, investigating, and confronting evil.

A Batman film that was first and foremost a good mystery/detective story – and an actor who could portray the genius-level detection skills of Bruce Wayne – would be a welcome take on the character we’ve yet to see.


4. The Master Strategist
Batman Reboot Military Strategist 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

As the resident expert in martial arts and military tactics, it makes sense that Batman occupies a leadership role within the Justice League. But his unique morality brings far more than experience to the team. While Flash and Green Lantern (whether played by Ryan Reynolds or not) make jokes at a new enemy being revealed, and Superman remains stoic in the face of overwhelming odds, Batman is thinking. Not just how best to tackle the situation, but what will happen if it all goes wrong. This is the part of the character the Justice League director must do justice to, since Batman’s intelligence and willingness to accept the reality of no-win scenarios are what make him relevant among DC’s greatest super-powered heroes.

It also opens the door to the kind of moral dilemmas and debate that great ensemble films are made of. Joss Whedon’s Avengers showed what’s possible when heroes disagree, but ultimately unite; a Batman who thinks innocent lives must be put on the line would take that same premise to a much more serious place. A genius tactician willing to accept hard truths instead of refusing to believe them, would prove vital to any super-team.


3. Bruce Wayne vs. Lex Luthor

Batman Reboot Lex Luthor 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe
There’s going to have to be some crossover between the Superman and Batman continuity if the pair are ever going to occupy the same movie universe, and Lex Luthor is without a doubt one of the DC Universe’s greatest antagonists. Considering he basically is Bruce Wayne (even if the thought would disgust him), Lex acts as a moral foil to the billionaire genius, each opposing what they deem to be the greatest threat to humanity: for Wayne, the criminal element, and for Luthor, Superman.

Even so, the two entrepreneurs have rarely gone face-to-face, but any attempt by DC to build a movie universe akin to Marvel’s would do well to build it around a common foe. It’s hard to think of a more recognizable villain that fans would enjoy seeing in more than one franchise – but with the right casting, the economic battle of wits between Metropolis and Gotham’s leading men could be just as exciting as a super-powered brawl.


2. The Boy Wonder

Batman Reboot Robin 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

This one is always a longshot, dismissed by movie fans as too juvenile, with even Nolan explaining his lack of interest in introducing Robin to his trilogy. It isn’t hard to understand why, since merely mentioning the name ‘Robin’ automatically conjures images of red and green spandex (or worse, Chris O’Donnell in the Joel Schumacher Batman films). But in practice, Batman and an adult Robin working together wouldn’t be that much different from Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in TDKR, which offered a unique dynamic to the stereotypical superhero movie. And with an origin story for Batman already told (please, please, don’t let there be a re-tread) introducing Robin could scratch the same itch.

As for the exact incarnation of Robin, well, the film’s creators have a handful of choices. DC’s recently-rebooted New 52 comic book universe features Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, and even Jason Todd as in-continuity. Seriously, how many ‘Dynamic Duos’ are there in the comic book genre? Batman and Robin are a package deal, and if the next creative team is looking to get fans excited for some change, then announcing the return of Robin to a darker, mature setting is a guaranteed way to do it.


1. Striking Fear

Batman Reboot Fear 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

Audiences were never meant to be afraid of Christopher Nolan’s Batman when onscreen, but a take on the character where the Batman is genuinely terrifying to both criminals and moviegoers would be something completely new, and a true treatment of an antihero. Beginning with Batman Begins, the audience was allowed to see that Bale’s Batman was a creation with a purpose: he was trying to be scary. But revealing an imposing figure known to be on the side of justice is not the same as leaving the audience speechless, gripping their armrests when seeing what Bruce Wayne becomes when the cape and cowl are worn.

It’s about time movie fans beheld a Batman that they would walk a righteous path just to avoid. Considering that early word on the Justice League film is of a darker tone, a Batman who isn’t completely devoid of laughs (Bruce Wayne is a shmoozer, after all) but is downright terrifying when in costume, would be a fantastic mix of mood and entertainment.


What Are Your Ideas?

5 Things Batman Reboot Can Do Differently 5 Ways to Reboot Batman in a Justice League Movie Universe

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight trilogy’ has shown what is possible from comic book films, but to claim it’s the be-all, end-all of the character’s big screen incarnation is selling the source material short.

We’ve stated our ideas concerning aspects of the Batman universe we’ve yet to experience on film – but they certainly aren’t the only ones. So feel free to share your own thoughts:

  • Should the next Batman be more grounded, or less?
  • Is a new origin story necessary, or should it be skipped?
  • Keep the tone the same, or inject a bit more humor?
  • Which villains should appear in the next films?
  • Which writers/directors/actors would you like to see involved?


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  1. Andrew, one small typo with Lex Luthor, you have “fact to face” instead of face to face.

    I think they could do a quick origin in the JL with all characters at the beginning by showing each’s arrival/origin very quickly. Like Kal El’s spaceship crashing in Kansas to the Wayne murders to Hal getting his ring to Barry being struck by lightning, banishment of Diana, and the arrival of the Martian Manhunter.

    • No will fcking care about the characters if WB just jumps right into a JL movie. Avengers was succesful beacuse each team member had their won movie.

      Even the idea of intoducing the characters like Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter in only Justice League is retarded.

      Back to the topic.

      I agree with everything except Robin. How would Batman strike fear into the audience If he has a lame sidekick. Batman is a loner. I never liked any of the Robins maybe Nightwing.

    • they could do that during the credits

    • I do not think that a quick origin would be so great… because in some cases you’re giving a refresher but in other cases this is the first time you are introducing the character. For the new ones what is the motivation for them to be part of a team? What have they been doing since they gained their powers?

      They need to think this through as it will impact any solo projects going forwards.
      Doing this movie before establishing other core leaguers seems rushed…

      • Batman should be fully formed by the time Justice League film comes out. He should never be seen out of costume or hinted at being Bruce. It should be completely ambigous as to who is under the mask. Like Karl Urban’s Dredd. The credist should read Actor – Batman, not Actor – Bruce Wayne/Batman

        • Ignur, I like that idea. Just seen as Batman and not shown or hinted at as Bruce Wayne. JL Animated series did that for a few episodes and I thought it set the tone nicely.

          MSCI, language and spelling.

          Los, I think the Flash, WW, and MM are the only three that would need an explanation of sorts but I don’t think solo movies are necessary for the three, specifically WW and MM. You could show each leaving their respective homes for whatever reasons and with MM, he could be the catalyst for whoever the villain is like Darksied or maybe Brainiac. JL New Frontier did a good job of introducing the characters.

          • Some interesting ideas all around. I do think that the Avengers being praised far more than any of the component films (with the possible exception of Iron Man) and becoming the highest-grossing of the group to date might have more to do with excellent writing and performances than viewer investment. Going by just the numbers, it’s clear people went and saw The Avengers without having seen all of the lead-ins. Hawkeye and Black Widow had almost no backstory to their characters, yet anchored the film based solely on their history.

          • Dont think you want to throw Darkseid or Braniac at the Justice League on the first go. It should be Earth Based Criminals first. If you throw the most powerful of foes at the JL on the first shot, they will defeat them. Then you will have a problem with a sequel which would raise the question “You defeated Darkseid, but have a problem with Joker and Luthor?”

  2. They should look to his portrayal in the recent Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games. Those two films really captured his spirit from the comics. In many ways, they were darker than the nolan version while still keeping a comic book tone. I feel that his depiction in the games would mesh well with a justice league shared universe. Plus, Kevin Conroy’s voice IS batman! No more growling please!!

    • Completely agree!!! That would be epic on the big screen.

  3. If they ever did add one of the Robins into the movieverse, I would want them to do Jason Todd first and then bring in Dick Grayson or Tim Drake in later.

    • +1

    • That ignores the timeline, Dick Grayson is the Robin that should be introduced, and have him evolve into Nightwing. Brining Jason Tood off the on the first shot would invoke Red Hood.

  4. I definitely think the tone should remain dark as far as Batman goes. Leave humor to Flash. Make Batman dark and humorless and as you said, someone to fear. I think as long as they put the money in to get a good cast on par with Man of Steel’s cast… It’ll be a good thing.

      • Fleshy explosions. That takes me back…

        “Where is Harvey Dent?”

        “…what time is it?”

        “Why does that matter?”

        “Weeell…depending on the time, he could be in one place or…several.”

  5. More cowbell! Definitely needs more cowbell!

    • ^ This FTW.

  6. @Andrew Dyce
    Where did you get that picture? Is that the TDK suit or New 52? I cant tell b/c the gauntlets look like the TDK one.

    • I think it’s the suit from Detective Comics or Batman: The Dark Knight.

    • Pretty sure it’s the New 52 suit…

    • It’s actually pulled from Jim Lee’s ‘Icons’ artbook. As far as I know it’s not exactly used in any regular series run, but is one of my favorites :D. Definitely hope the more armor-like style of some of the New 52 pushes it more this direction.

      • Thanks. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

  7. How about no Justice League…

    and give Batman to Aronofsky.

    • Did you read his script for his Batman movie.

      It was even more different from Nolan’s Batman and it was completely HORRIBLE!

      • I always wanted to hear more on his take, I heard Bruce didn’t even suit up until the very end of the movie. I believe Aronofky is the one who suggested Bale for the part originally.

  8. Bruce Willis MUST play Lex Luthor … That is all !

  9. You really didnt say anything. You threw out a few half-baked ideas but nothing of merit like change of tone, adding fantastical elements, costume, more Batman,less Bruce etc.

    1. Does Batman need a magnifying glass to be considered a detective? In TDK he used irradiated bills to track the mob’s money and used Wayne Enterprises to pinpoint the final money launderer. If you want the CSI Batman, that is dependent on the villain (i.e. The Riddler).
    2. Is that not a given? Every live action movie has pretty much showed Batman as the master strategist.
    3. Lex vs Bruce is best left for comics. Useless side plots that will take up better character development/interaction time.
    4. Agreed. But his inclusion must serve a purpose, not fandom.
    5. ?? How was he not scary? If you watch the reaction of the villains, most are scared when he appears. BB did that wonderful. TDK did one better and made the Joker even scarier than the Bat b/c he has no rules. Just like the comics Batman becomes less a terror to the new era of “freaks” who realize he has rules.

    • Ignur…

      I happen to agree with all of your points, but I think one of Andrew’s points may have been misinterpreted.

      I think he meant that Batman has appeared scary to the criminals IN the film, but those of us WATCHING the films have not had cause to fear. I believe (apologies to Andrew if I butcher this) he wants the AUDIENCE to feel nervous when Batman appears onscreen…sort of a negative inspiration to us, so that we carry that fearful image with us even after the credits have rolled…a PALPABLE fear.

      I would very much appreciate this IF it could be done without any cheesiness.

      • Idk the first time I saw Batman begin’s interrogation scene with Flass the whole audience was like OMG!

        • IMO Nolan’s Batman has gone through an evolution of the fear he instills. BB was the unknown terror of Batman. He was shot visually in a way that we barely got a good look at him and as Merciful Rao said, The Flass interogation was pretty terrifying as an audience member. IMO that is about as scary as Batman will get in a solo outing for the audience, because we know Batman’s rule. But the glimpses of Batman losing control (i.e. Joker interrogation) can also be scary in it’s own way.

          In an ensemble film, the dynamic is different (and better) b/c the focus isnt on Batman/Bruce the majority of the time. By eliminating the Bruce Wayne character he becomes scarier because he becomes the incarnate of fear instead of a person, like Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd is the law. Like Riddick in Pitch Black, it allows for Batman to be a background terror. Always present, lurking in the shadows.

          • Yea now that I think more about it the Joker interrogation was another “terrifying” scene in it’s own right. The only time his mask should come off is during the end post battle when their retire to their respective cities/bases etc.

          • Exactly. I missed the full-of-rage Batman from BB…he was always too calm afterwards. The Flass interrogation was definitely a highlight…I haven’t seen it for years but I still remember it pretty well. “DO I LOOK LIKE A COP!?” The Joker interrogation almost touched it, but that was more out of fear and desperation than pure, inhuman and unrelenting rage and intimidation. I got the same feeling when he was asking who had the detonator in TDKR.

            But if he was in Justice League, he would never just “show up”. Fights would happen, and henchmen would suddenly disappear or get jerked into the shadows, and we would barely see a flash of a black cape in the darkness. Glint of his eyes from the shadows as he steps out, seemingly like a madman, consumed by rage and burning only through his eyes. We need an actor who can truly treat the character of Batman as a mask behind which he can truly allow his darkest, most primal side run rampant. We shouldn’t LIKE Batman, as an audience; we should be in fear and awe because he has gone further down the darkest pits of his mind than we ever have, and he uses that. Like a bat in its cave.


            • @The Realist: PERFECTLY SAID. “We shouldn’t LIKE Batman.”

              • Thank you good sir. Weird because I’m repeating the same sentiments today, and getting drawn back to these articles and seeing what I wrote a full year ago.

        • I’m just thinking it was more shock than actual fear…the surprise of seeing Batman being so brutal in a film (hence, though STILL inexcusable for a PG-13 film, those idiotic parents who brought their small children to TDK and TDKR).

          THAT is why agree with Ignur about that point. It was great, definitely, but not frightening for the audience, IMO…at least not as scary as it COULD be in a future Batman film.

          • Oops…the agreement should be with Andrew on this particular point; otherwise, I DO agree with Ignur.

            That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing MORE (more developed/in-depth/etc.) of the characteristics Andrew mentioned, just in keeping with a more comic book-centric reboot/restart/whatever.

      • I think you’re right about the author’s intention of the fear point, but I just don’t see how any audience who has any familiarity with Batman would fear him. They know he’s a good guy fighting bad guys, so even if he jumped out of a dark corner or something. I mean he doesn’t even like to kill, just capture bad guys so how is the audience going to have any fear of him when they’re going to be rooting for him to show up and save the day?

    • Well,

      1. Nolan’s film had a bit of detective work, but Batman wasn’t necessarily portrayed as a detective in, say, the Sherlock Holmes, way.

      2. It’s about Batman being a MORALLY GRAY thinker when it comes to solving the types of problems the Justice League faces, and his contrast to the idealism of other heroes (save, maybe, Wonder Woman).

      3. If you have shared DC Universe, the parallels between Luthor and Bruce Wayne are too obvious to ignore. They are the top businessmen on the planet.

      4. Agreed.

      5. The point is not “make Batman scary” it’s portray him in a way that the AUDIENCE is a little bit scared of him.

      • @Kofi
        1. Agree. But that mainly depends on the villain and the villains motives. The Riddler, Cluemaster, The Mad Hatter are thetyoe villains that can really bring the Detective Batman to the surface.
        2. As i said is that not a given? In TDK Batman had Harvey Dent & Racheal followed. I would assume the same thing in a JL movie but with greater consqeuence.
        3. A JL movies should focus on their costumed personas, with solos balancing both personas. Even in sequels and solo films Lex shouldnt be a real Bruce Wayne antagonist. An a cool easter egg maybe. Anything more is asking for a IM2 Justin hammer incident.
        5. You can see my above post for my full thoughts. Batman is in a group dynamic is automatically gonna make him scarier to the audience b/c he will not be in spotlight. Especially if he is a true embodiment of fear like Judge Dredd is the law, meaning no Bruce Wayne.

  10. I like all those ideas. My least favorite is the idea of Robin which is something I personally am on the fence about. On one hand I think he might be a good addition but on the other hand idk Batman seems like a lone wolf and having robin makes him seem softer

    • I think if DC is really serious about creating a quintessential movie continuity of their heroes, having Robin NOT in the movie is a massive missed opportunity. If they want to avoid the origin story and just revisit it later through flashback or just a conversation that’s fine, but to avoid using the ‘Dynamic Duo’ in the Batman film universe just makes Batman more similar to the other heroes than, in the comics, he is. He TOOK an apprentice. That alone makes his character more mysterious and unique than all the other heroes.

  11. As long as they keep it in line with the animated movies theyve been producing, I’m fine with a reboot. Those animated films have all been smart, inclusive, and not afraid to go dark. They don’t meddle with origins and play to each of the characters strengths and weaknesses, both physical and emotional (especially Doomsday). Keep it smart and character based, a solid plot would follow.

    On a side note, I would love to see a Luthor solo movie. Something the chronicles his childhood and influences. How he starts trying to do good and slowly is driven mad by how superman gives people safety when Luthor believes they have to work hard for it to last. He wants to live in a world where society don’t need an almighty protector. Superman is enabling human and making them soft. Luthor starts by doing hard work to help people and try to get them to turn on superman. This all leads into him turning ino a villain himself. The other thing about Luthor that I never see done right is why superman can’t beat him. Superman fights crime by the book, Luthor is so smart and wealthy that superman can never pin the crime on him and take him to court. This is one of the reasons Luthor is a great villain, not just because he’s nega-batman

    • I definitely agree that would be a smart take on Luthor, drawing sympathy the way that Loki did for Marvel in ‘Thor.’ He’s eccentric to those he’s not trying to kill, charismatic, brilliant, and devoted to an idea. That alone should make him interesting in a capable writer’s hands.

      Assuming Luthor won’t be introduced to Superman until the sequel to ‘Man of Steel,’ shaping Luthor as somewhat of a hero for humanity in the ‘Justice League’ movie, only to be embarrassed by Superman and the other heroes, and seeing how people QUIT fighting when they arrive, having him take on an antagonist role in the next film would make sense.

  12. Why would it need to be an adult Robin? Kick-Ass showed that a kid crime-fighter can be awesome, and as such both Tim Drake and Damian Wayne are viable and age-appropriate choices for a Robin!

    • I don’t disagree with you at all. My only reservation would be that Tim Drake (since I doubt they’d dive into the Damian drama immediately) is still just a kid. Hit Girl had guns, so she was as dangerous. Watching a young boy using martial arts on grown men with weapons and actually buying that they couldn’t just overpower him would be tough. Not impossible, in the right director and stunt coordinators’ hands, but tricky.

  13. As for Batman, leave him in the cowl for the entire JLA movie. Never even show his alter ego; 100% Batman. Show the entire gamer of Batman’s skills. Personally, I wouldn’t even reveal the actor’s name portraying him. Though audiences would figure it out if it was JGL, but I still wouldn’t do it. Shroud the character in mystery. Then reveal his alter ego in the inevitable Batman solo film

  14. Should the next Batman be more grounded, or less?
    Less. Have characters like Clayface and Mr. Freeze.

    Is a new origin story is necessary, or should it be skipped?
    It probably isn’t nessasary as long as you go into why Bruce is doing the things he does.

    Keep the tone the same, or inject a bit more humor?
    It’s Batman. He shouldn’t be funny IMO. Keep the dark tone

    Which villains should appear in the next films?
    The Joker and Harley Quinn should be present throughout the next Batman series, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Killer Crock

    Which writers/directors/actors would you like to see involved?
    I remain unsure. Chris Hemsworth would make a good Aquaman, but he is Thor. I thought Ryan Renolds wasn’t bad as GL.

    • Oh, and I think Robin and Nightwing should be included. (not at the same time of course.) Then you could have the “Death in the Family” and “Under the Red Hood” storylines.

    • ^+1^ Totally agree! I would really love to see a great JL film, but I don’t think this is going to work. It’s unfortunate.

  15. the quick origin idea is good lets get a JL movie then have the back stories movie almost like prequels in away

  16. Nolan set up the next Batman installment(s). Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or his character) takes over. Since he’s a cop ,and wasn’t trained by the league of shadows, it makes sense he’ll use his brains more than his fists. Finally PLEASE not another origin story!!!!!

  17. The type of batman they choice should dictate whether or not Robin is in the film and if so, which one.

    A young batman who is still learning and dealing with all his issues needs to be alone.

    The detective batman is a teacher and thinker. He pairs well with the original robin. A young Dick Grayson

    The Fear based batman, like it was already mentioned is a loner, overly aggressive and doesn’t really need to be dragging some kid along. If it’s absolutely mandatory to have a partner this would be after the death of Jason Todd. So you can have an adult Dick Grayson as Nightwing and play with that dynamic in which Batman is just way to close to the edge and contradicting the things he thought a young DG causing a lot of tension between the two.

    The ultimate strategist batman is the type that would team with superman not because he thinks it a good thing but because he’s wants to keep an eye on the most powerful alien on the planet. This batman is complicated, he is in some sense a perfectionist and holds robin to ridiculous high standards but is internally very proud of him. He hasn’t forgiven himself for Jason Todd but has moved on a bit to the point he is not angry all the time, on the surface anyway. This would be a good match for Tim Drake.

  18. Jon Hamm should play Lex Luthor.

    • Ya know, I actually like that idea!

  19. I dont see why everyone thinks robin needs to be an adult in the movies. I mean, I understand that everyone thinks batman willingly bringing in a kid to his dangerous world is stupid, but if said kid forces his way into that world and impresses batman first there shouldnt be a problem with it.

  20. I disagree with #5 (Greatest Detective) and #1 (Striking Fear) in terms of what Batman “should’ve been” in the Nolanverse. Nolan’s Batman did some great detective work in The Dark Knight. Remember the scenes leading up to Gordon’s fake death? For the subject, of “Striking Fear”, doesn’t the author remember when Batman hook-lined Detective Flass in Batman Begins? Or even when he pushed Morone off a building in The Dark Knight?

    • WHOA, never said this list was things that Batman “should’ve been,” since I love Nolan’s take. I’ve commented on the actual wild goose chase the fingerprint/not actually investigation in TDK, and the scene with Flass was one of the high points of that aspect for me.

      These are just things that could be done differently. As has been well-stated by other commenters, Batman, in costume, shouldn’t be someone that the audience is only happy to see. As for the wisecracking in TDKR….c’mon.

  21. I really feel Guy Ritchie or Ben Affleck would do good helming the next series of Batman films.

  22. Agreed. Nolans batman is great but misses some major aspects of a classic batman movie. Two things I would like to see.
    1: For the reboot, Leonardo DiCaprio as Bruce Wayne or the Joker, I think he would play either of them brilliantly.
    2: Please bring Bane back, if not as the main villain at least as a separate character like they did with Harvey Two face in Dark Knight.

  23. Make Batman gay, introduce homosexual themes in the film. As simple as that. If the topic of the word Gay is becoming important in the comics why not film too. We have had blockbuster movies like Brokeback Mountain and many others. It could introduce a much more dramatic storyline involving a relationship between him and another possible male enemy or him choosing between what he believes is right. I think this would be a nice change of pace to see in a superhero film since I am gay too.

    • 5 reasons for no
      1. No
      2. No, these films should not be about sex/sexuality ever.
      3. Batman should not ever be gay, he already gets enough flak about robin(s) from too many people.
      4. Changing a long standing characters sexuality just to bank on current events/hot topic/controversy is just wrong
      5. Captain Sunshine.

    • But Batman isn’t a homosexual…
      Not to get into the whole debate (and just so you know, I’m not a homosexual, nor am I homophobic), but if society is supposed to accept people for who they are (whether they b gay, straight, trans-gender, etc.), why should we have to CHANGE the

      • Damn, something went wrong. Let’s try again:
        If society is supposed to accept people FOR WHO THEY ARE (whether they be gay, straight, trans-gender, etc.), why should we have to CHANGE a person (granted, a fictional character) to make it politically correct? – Doesn’t that go against the whole “be who you’re meant to be” thing?

        Batman has ALWAYS been a ladies man… he’s always been a playboy when he’s not wearing the mask – it’s a part of the character (of the Bruce Wayne “facade”).

        So if Batman isn’t gay, why should he be “re-imagined” as a gay person?

        • As a comic book fan, it’s fairly clear that if there’s one thing that most iconic heroes (DC’s especially) exhibit, it’s a complete de-sexualization. Their sexual identities are completely ignored altogether, replaced with potential romance, or medieval ideas of chivalry. Batman NEVER had a sexual impulse towards Rachel, nor was their relationship ever painted that way.

          Generally, the sexualized characters are almost always villains (Poison Ivy, Catwoman). We could get into a discussion of why that is in a medium that began being read by children (I’d really rather not) but the fact remains: Superman or Batman thinking about sex, or their libidos just doesn’t fit the overall genre or archetype. Batman’s got other things to worry about than taking the Batsuit off with other characters, regardless of sexuality.

          And, to be totally honest, there’s enough well-written academic papers and books on Batman’s homosexuality for you if that is something you’d like to see discussed. Check out the wikipedia page alone for a few smartly-written papers on Batman’s “Gayness” in a way that doesn’t change the way to read his character.

          • You have a point there, but with all due respect, Batman definitely has the fairer sex on his mind (at least, some of the time).

            In TDKR he and Talia had something going (there was even a sex scene if one could call it that) and of course, at the end of the movie he and Catwoman got together…
            Plus, in the comics Batman (and Bruce Wayne) has had countless love interests (all female to my knowledge).
            Take a look at the New52 Catwoman Vol.1 and tell me that Batman doesn’t like the ladies… ;)

            Like I said, I have nothing against homosexuals, and I’m all for people being who they want to be, and with whom they want to be, but I’m not really a fan of changing an (arguable) major aspect of one of THE most iconic characters of all time just for the sake of political correctness.


  24. There’s a difference between dark and real. Nolan went for real, but he didn’t really do dark. I say go for the detective angel, noir style and let Batman take out someone both angry and viciously.

    Batman breaks bones, we should see more of that. After all, he’s a cross between Jason Born and Sherlock Holmes.

  25. I’d like to see a less grounded Batman movie, and it would be awesome if Clayface was introduced in DC Cinematic Universe through Batman movies, and it needs some humor. The last one was so humorless it was tiresome. Don’t make it a comedy, but give as a couple of smart jokes.
    But I think they are making a mistake by making a Justice League movie before stand alone movies for every hero. WB can say whatever they want, but they are making this one because of the Avengers. They would make it eventually, but the arrival of the Avengers just speed up the process of making it.
    Green Lantern should have done to DC movies what Iron Man did to Marvel movies, and it failed, and if the same thing happens with Man of Steel (which I think will be the case), well, I think we will still see Justice League movie, but will people even care then?

  26. We want smart scary batman and arkham asylum adapted story.
    It would win all my loves.

    • I think the Batman reboot should definitely take a LOT of elements from the Arkham games (like the detective skills, the gadgets, the villains, the costumes, some of the fighting – just with less flips and jumping ;, the supporting characters, etc.), but IMO it shouldn’t be a direct adaption of the games… it’ll have to be a bit more contained methinks.

  27. I think they should split the story Temporarily. Let Blake be Batman, while Bruce dances around with Justice League for maybe one or two movies, then bring him back to Gotham while Blake becomes Nightwing, and Bruce kicks %*&

    • Bruce wayne is batman.

      • @Cody Bruce Wayne isnt thr only one to hold the title batamn in and out of continuity stories.

        I like that idea. Batman Incorporated-ish. Gives a creepy feeling that Batman is everywhere. However I think Reboot shld cut all ties to the TDK trilogy.

        • I think it’s a bit early to reboot the franchise. I know Warner Bros. Wants to do the Justice League. I think they should just ease it in, over time. Focus on Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, ect. Build on it and over time, reboot Batman, and have him found the Justice League. I just think Warner is just jumping into this fast because of Avengers. They don’t realize that Justice League isn’t as flashy and spectacular like Avengers. It’s a whole different concept and style. It’s a different animal all together.

          *shrugs* Work off of what Nolan left it off on. Or let time pass to reboot.

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