Batman Movie Reboot ‘The Batman’ in 2019?

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The Batman Movie Reboot 2019 Batman Movie Reboot The Batman  in 2019?

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been quietly assembling the most ambitious shared movie universe plan to date – one which we expect will be revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming in 2016; a rumored release schedule points to Shazam and Sandman releasing that same year; Justice League, Wonder Woman and a Flash/Green Lantern film in 2017; capped off by Man of Steel 2 in 2018. That’s all rumor for now; but a rumor that’s looking more and more likely – in overview, if not pinpoint accuracy. Of course, there’s been a noticeable absence in all this DC movie talk:

Where is The Batman?

Batman vs Superman Photo High Res 1024x681 Batman Movie Reboot The Batman  in 2019?


According to a new Latino Review rumor, what we recently discussed on the #SRUnderground DCU podcast is indeed coming to pass: Batman will be rebooted in 2019, in a solo film titled The Batman. LR lays out a logical line for why this is happening this way – as opposed to launching Batman (the company’s strongest brand) in the nearer future – and it looks like this:

  • New Batman Ben Affleck presumably has Batman V Superman production tying him up until 2015.
  • He directs his delayed project, Live By Night, in 2015 for 2016 release.
  • He’s back in the cowl for Justice League in late 2015/2016.
  • By 2017, Justice League promotion is done, film is in theaters, and Affleck can turn attention to The Batman.

Justice League Movie Discussion Characters Batman Movie Reboot The Batman  in 2019?

There’s no solid confirmation that Affleck will direct the Batman reboot along with starring in it; but one imagines that a multi-Oscar-winning writer/director like Ben Affleck would at least be in the running. After Batman V Superman and Justice League, he’ll probably have a good handle on the character – and we’ve always maintained that he has proven ability to create the sort of hard-boiled detective Noir film we’d want as a fresh adaptation of the character.

If the 2019 rumor is true, that will be seven-year span between the last of Nolan’s films and the start of a new franchise (there were eight years between the Schumacher and Nolan eras). That’s plenty of space to let the solo franchise air out, while team films keep the franchise headliner (Batman) in play, warming him to audiences in smaller doses first. There’s of course the reality that any of these plans could change depending on the market (if a character is or is not very popular, if contract or business climates shift) – but assuming all of the aforementioned info is in the blueprint (Kevin Smith thinks it is), it will be especially interesting to get Superman and Batman solo films so close together.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Banner 1024x576 Batman Movie Reboot The Batman  in 2019?


Many speculate that the Last Son of Krypton is going to have his image ‘lightened up’ from the more solemn and serious tone of Man of Steel, and any dedicated reader of the Superman/Batman comics can tell you: the fun between these two titans is often the disparity in tone. Superman is light and hope; Batman is darkness and cynicism; therefore, the two characters and their respective films probably need to reflect that difference.

Hopefully, the close proximity of these films (and a quickly expanding DCU) help to inform and shape each of them into experiences that fans will celebrate as more authentic, while regular moviegoers see as them as refreshingly different (even better) than the previous films they’ve seen.

Batman vs Superman Interview Batman Movie Reboot The Batman  in 2019?

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In any event, we can all be sure of one thing: Batman IS coming back to the big screen – but would a winding path through years of the DCU make the journey back to Gotham City worth it?


NEXT: Jason Mamoa is Aquaman


The Batman will be here in 2019, if reports are true.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. How about instead of another reboot, continue to teen titans story into nightwing. Batman can become peripheral. In the meantime build on the Justice league. Then bring batman back when he is older and start Static and Batman Beyond, etc…

    • How about no.

      • Yeah, how about a hell no.

    • I mean, you can have Nightwing in it, but not the Teen Titans. Also, WB would never do a Static or Batman Beyond movie because WB just wouldn’t all be interested in that.

  2. Exactly how little information do you people have to (not) have before you don’t act like you know exactly what’s coming?

  3. A reboot is what Nolan did. He told the beginnings of Batman. That’s a reboot.

    The new batman movie is not a reboot. it is not a retelling of his origins. It’s a continuation of the Batman story TOLD by a different person.

    So whenever a new writer and new artist are put on a Batman book it is not called a reboot. So don’t call a movie that is just a different telling of Batman in his later years a reboot. If they redo his origins and make it an origins story then yes it’s a reboot.

    Bunch of re-re’s on screenrant.

      • This is all debatable semantics, but it does seem safe to say that the third or fourth instance of Affleck as Batman will in no way be a reboot, nor an origin story, unless they really intend to make him seem much younger. Unless they are rewriting history or telling a prequel tale, I don’t see how it could be called either. On the hater hand, it is not accurate to say that “there is absolutely no connection or continuity between this Snyder Batman and the Nolan Batman.” We start with the assumption of knowing who he is, based on other Batman stories, then we learn the changes and context of the newest version. ( The connections to old stories are assumed, implied, and often strategically severed). Nor is it accurate to say that “reboot” means the same as “origin story.” The concept of a reboot is to overtly distance a new treatment of a character from what has come before, indicating to the audience that a different story is being told. A standalone version of the comic The Dark Knight Returns could be seen as a reboot, despite starring a very old Bruce Wayne. His history is assumed, and his backstory is whatever we expect it to be unless otherwise specified. No origin occurs, and the story is not a sequel in any traditional sense.

      • He’ not saying that the reboot will be the next chapter for the Nolan versions. He’s saying that without an origin story it’s not a reboot. Given that the Batman v Superman film has Bruce being Batman already without the film showing how the hell he became Batman.

      • EXACTLY Dude! They ARe already rebooting Batman beginning with Batman vs. Superman. It is just that, like the “Incredible Hulk” and “Punisher: War Zone” movies they are avoiding saying it is a reboot to avoid the mess with fans losing their **** over such. There were many fans who wrongly thought Ang Lee’s Hulk movie was good and complained about the Norton’s Incredible Hulk being a reboot so producers are wary of unnecessary detail-spilling like this.

        But if anyone thinks the Ben Afflect Batman is going to be at all relevant to Nolan’s films then they are stoned.

        I don’t personally want to see anymore superhero movies ever again and I say this as a huge comic book reader/fan for 30+ years. Hollywood just screws the genre with bad movies almost every time.

    • Well, what’s a re-imagined re-telling of a re-boot smarty pants?

  4. I think there are way too many great batman story arcs to explore before going to a Batman Beyond story. Isn’t Batman in his nineties in the Batman Beyond?

    The Batman stories I want to see are Batman Arkham Asylum, Superman -Batman Public Enemies, and I don’t know what the story was called but Batman (Bruce Wayne) , was missing and Superman came to Gotham to find him and dressed as Batman to find Bruce Wayne with Robin.

    I also want to see any story arc that would have the Black Mask, Killer Croc, and Hugo Strange in the same movie.

    I just don’t want to see Calender man or Professor Pyg as the main villains in a Batman movie, they can make an early appearance but not the main villain.

    • Black Mask would be a great villain in a Batman movie. He kind of grew up with Bruce Wayne, although he despised him. Both of their parents were “friends”. Also, the KGBeast would be a formidable foe for the Batman. And Clayface would bust through the doors of the DCCU if done correctly.

      • I forgot all about Clayface. So make that Black Mask, Killer Croc, and Clayface in the same movie.

        Just to have some good different villains for a change. But I still want to see Arkham Asylum with all his villains.

        I also want the great detective Batman that’s always one step ahead with all the gadgets, and a master at several fighting styles.

        • The only problem is, can Affleck play Batman once he’s into his 50′s?
          I also don’t think a BB is out of the question, but, adapted. Like Terry McGinnis, his mom, brother and dad’s death, him being Bruce’s son, etc. But it would just happen earlier. You could even have Robin(Damian) and Batman(Terry) fighting side-by-side.

          • Damien would be a lot older than Terry McGinnis.

        • They should also do a Ra’s al Ghul from the comics. Although Christopher Nolan’s Ra’s as Ghul was great, I’d be more interested in the one where he’s over 400 years old.

    • “I don’t know what the story was called but Batman (Bruce Wayne) , was missing and Superman came to Gotham to find him and dressed as Batman to find Bruce Wayne with Robin.”

      That story is called “Knight Time” and it was an episode of the Superman cartoon from the 90s, not a comic book story. Also, it would be a lame movie. Quit being stupid.

  5. Batman perfect. Nice if it were a year or two sooner, though. No. 1 voting “It all depends on the universe they build” ? WHAT ? It`s BEEN BUILT for the last 76 years ! yOUR JUST PLAYING IN THE TOYBOX NOW. How hard or tricky is that ? It all depends on the universe they build. Yea, right.

    • They’ve only just started building a shared universe, starting with Man Of Steel, it’s pretty much a fresh start/reboot from all of the previous DC movies

  6. 200!

  7. I am more than excited for all of this, I am a DC fan, always and forever. BUT, one concern, its small and a bit nitpicky, but, Batman’s suit in the pic, it looks kind of like the fishnet/spiderman-style bumpy material, quite similar to the Man Of Steel costume. I just hope, that ALL the JL characters don’t ALL have that same bumpy/net-like patterned suit. I hope some of the suits (Green Lantern/Flash/Shazam/etc) are a bit more smooth or streamlined. That is all, I am very excited about all the news though!! Even the new Bat-film title is cool “THE BATMAN”. Bring em on!!

  8. I want Batman Reboot movie action figure toys and vehicle toys for the movie.

  9. 2019? Really?? That’s a long wait for a batman movie.

    • Thank you for raising the level of discourse?

      • Ooooh you are very welcomed! It was my pleasure?

  10. Why not just leave Christian Bale as Batman???!!! :(

    • Because Cristian Bale didn’t play Batman. His Batman was stupid, all they did was play up the action part, and completely neglected Batman’s intelligence and detective skill. Batman is supposed to be a grittier, modernized Sherlock Holmes, not a blithering idiot.

  11. I totally agreee with you mr glass and drell christian bale wanted someone else to take the mantle of batman

  12. It would be funny if Battfleck bombs.

    Just speculating on the box office with similar like with The in the title, like The Wolverine had the lowest box office take for a spinoff in the Fo-X-Franchise.

    • The Wolverine didn’t bomb though.

  13. Wolverine in my opinion was just another sick joke for a paycheck

  14. I think they should have the justice league universe with Affleck and then have another sequel of the “Dark Night” series with Nolan and Bale. I know it would never happen, but I’m not a total comic book nerd and I like my superheros seperate in their own worlds not all hanging out high fiving each other.

    • Opps I basically wrote the same thing twice. Didn’t think the first one worked. Long time reader, first time typer.

    • Well that wouldn’t fair. With…

      -Superman being the strongest on earth
      -Flash being the fastest on earth
      -Green Lantern wielding the strong power in the universe on earth
      -Aquaman being the strongest of the seas of earth
      -and Wonder Woman being the strongest Amazonian on earth…

      they need a normal human being to deal with the super powered enemy’s janitors and mechanics. Enter Batman. With 99 percent of the members being god-like, this is why the JLA was always over the top.

  15. I think they should have the Justice League universe with Affleck, then for the stand alone continue the Dark Night series with Nolan and Bale. I know it would never happen but Batman is my favorite superhero of all times. I’m not that much of a comic book nerd and I like my superheros seperate in their own worlds not hanging out high fiving each other like in the avengers. That being said I am 36 and I’m sure if I was 12 I’d love the high fiving.

  16. I’m OK with anything they do as long as Robin doesn’t exist.

  17. I’m just praying that Arrow and Flash and Gotham etc are all linked to the new DC shared universe

    • I definitely want and see Arrow and Flash could be part.
      But I don’t think Gotham will be.

      Unless they’re building to a multiverse with a Infinite Crisis event in 2014, and Gotham’s part of one, Arrow and Flash another, and the budding movie universe another.

  18. so this is how you do real journalism? Get actual facts about other DC movies coming out up until 2018, dont see a Batman solo movie in there, so lets write an article saying batmans coming out in 2019 to get people to click and read what they already know (thats theres no confirmed batman). And i know this article is going by a “hot rumor” on another site, and i honestly think that guys fulll of s*** too. He just made that s*** up based on what we already know, Anyone who read the DC list of movies coming realizes there was no batman and are thinking maybe its coming in 2019.
    Ive always wanted to write a blog but felt like my education wasnt good enough and i wasnt a great writing but reading articles from other online sites the past few years is making me think maybe its not as hard.

    • “So this is how you do real journalism?”

      One, it’s internet blogging mania and two, Fox/CNN leads the television media. There is no more actual journalism.

      • its still a b******* article, theres not even talks about a batman reboot yet

  19. Hell, yeah. Keep the party going.

  20. So…long…can’t…wait…that…long…
    My shortened American attention span isn’t very happy with the movie being rumored for 2019…
    It would be cool if superhero franchises could release new movies every two years, but I understand how difficult that is for everyone involved.
    Especially with the Justice League and all the cameo appearances likely involved across franchises…stupid Justice League, I just want more Batman movies!!!

    Haha, I’m kidding, I’m kidding…ok not entirely, I’m a Batman fan, but like him being separate, but I like the other DC heroes too, so of course I’ll watch it.
    You know what would be cool? A Batman Beyond spin off series!!!
    With all the DC heroes, there will definitely be a futuristic technology-like world, especially with Cyborg involved, AND with Affleck playing an older Bruce, why not put on some prosthetics and set the film in the same universe, but in the future?
    Huh? Huh??…sorry…my brain is just in denial about the 2019 release date…so far away…