Batman Infographic: Every (Significant) Bat-Suit Ever

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Batman Infographic Every Bat Suit Ever Batman Infographic: Every (Significant) Bat Suit Ever

Comic book writer Grant Morrison said it best: “[Every bat-suit is] completely different” – sometimes insanely different – “but they’re all instantly recognizable as [the-bat-suit].”

Unlike Superman, who has more or less been wearing the same blue and red strongman since Action Comics #1 in 1938, Batman just keeps changing his appearance every few years to keep up with the times. Basically, he’s the Madonna of superheroes.

Which is why I created this Batman infographic — to keep track of every single “significant” bat-suit across all mediums (which excludes a grand majority of the bat-suits featured in non-canonical comic books, in case you were wondering).

In part, what makes Batman such an excellent comic book/movie/television/video game/theatrical character is his unique ability to comfortably exist inside of just about every kind of story. He can fight gods. He can play superhero. He can be the world’s greatest detective or just solve petty street crimes. Whether the story is gritty, ridiculous, or brimming with science-fiction – or in the case of Grant Morrison’s work on the character, all of the above – Batman is always capable of thriving creatively.

Batman’s neverending bat-suit wardrobe is a symptom of that. He can wear just about any sort of outfit, for any sort of story or scenario, and still be the most popular superhero in existence. He’s just that good, man.

Check it out below – and CLICK TO ENLARGE:

batman infographic Batman Infographic: Every (Significant) Bat Suit Ever

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Do you have a particular favorite bat-suit, Screen Ranters? A particular least favorite? Let us known in the comments.

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  1. Hey, great collection up there screenrant!

    I’d love to see you do that to other characters too ;)

    and well.. a favorite costume for me would be… hmm.. the Year One costume. Also the No man’s land was great.- and I’m good with the new costume of 52 too. Once again, great collection up there!
    Now, do spidey! hehe

  2. I think Lee got it right in “Hush” — the only thing missing for me is the yellow oval. I like Miller’s explanation that it serves as a nice target to draw criminal’s fire instead of having them aim for the head. It’s interesting to look back now and realize how BLUE the Adam West version was and how PURPLE the Superfriends version was.

  3. Ben, did you draw these yourself?

    • Of course!

      • Those are some excellent drawings! I know how tough it is to draw. The Avatar that I’m using – the tongue-sticking Einstein – is my own drawing as I love to draw face-portraits as a Past-time.

        • Very cool.

        • @ Amol

          It is tough. I been drawing since middle school & done it more in high school among other things. Im good at drawing comics mostly. I got inspired because of Bruce Timm & Co because of their work on Batman:TAS thru JLU. Loved the animation, especially how they kinda mixed Max Fleisher’s animation w/ their own 90′s animation for Superman:TAS. I drew pictures of the Phantom Prowler comic character from Nightmare On Elm Street 5 film & they turned out great. Im still learning though as i have trouble drawing people. I make them look like the person, but they look too cartoony imo. I do other stuff like paintings, sculpt, make my own custom JLU figures even,lol. One of my nieces seen my past work, so now i got her interested in art & she’s only 5 & catches on fast for her age.

          Anyways, nice picture you drawn.

  4. I thought this was going to be all of the comic versions (different armor types, different artist styles), still pretty cool though seeing all of the cross media versions!

  5. Love this graphic and echo the call to see something similar for other characters. While I’m partial to Batman’s SuperFriends and Silver Age costumes for nostalgia’s sake, I think the New Adventures (TV) suit is probably the best. It’s been pointed out that a bright yellow oval on his chest would make a good target.

    • @ Brent McD

      Imo, i dont think would make a differance the yellow oval was there or not. I doubt anyone would target it know how agile & good Batman is able to hide himself in the darkness. They’d shoot everywhere. Even with no yellow oval on the costume.

  6. Is there anyway to get a poster of this?

    • Me, too.

    • i need a poster of this too, would even pay a sh*tload of paypal-kudos for it…

  7. Though only a “variation” the winter white bat-suit, worn several times in the animated series is I think striking as well as nifty enough to render it “significant.” A very fun idea, any chance of making it commercially available as a poster?

  8. First place: Batman, The animated series 1992-1995
    Second: Batman television 2004-2008

    I think the two I mentioned compose a very good balance between the others. On one hand you have a batman you don’t want to mess with, on the other – there’s still the comics wink that I think is missing from the recent movies.

    • @ Eddie

      Agreed with the costumes regarding Batman:TAS 92-95. Not to mention the way the villains looked in the series.

  9. You forgot the batman and robin suite with the silver bat symbol :)

    • No, that was the ice-suit referenced in the text at the top of the infographic. I purposefully didn’t include multiple suits from individual films.

  10. Did you consider the suit from the graphic novel Gotham by Gaslamp? I would call that a significant suit to include.

    • No, from the beginning I decided not to included alternate universe suits, as that would’ve been an immense list.

      • I see. That makes sense, but with that parameter, I would think that the Batman Beyond and Dark Knight Returns suits would have been excluded.

        • Batman Beyond was a TV show and The Dark Knight Returns (the only alternate universe comic book suit, as stated at the top of the infographic) is one of the most well known comic books of all time; also, it irrevocably changed both Batman and comic books in general and is one of the most popular books of all time, in spite of being over twenty years old. Thus, that suit obviously falls inside the realm of ‘significant bat-suits.’

  11. I liked the one Batman wore when he faced the Predator in the final showdown in the crossover comic.

  12. The suit in Chip Kidd and Dave Taylors “Death by design”, coming out this may. Has a reinterpretation of the original Batman-logo (no head)

  13. Pretty awesome! Beyond suit the best, can’t wait to see a live action film.

  14. Dear Lord, how much I hate that new 52 outfit! Sadly, next year when it all goes back to normal your poster will be obsolete.

    • How so? The suit will have still existed, yes? Or are you implying someone is going to go back in time and kill the suit’s parents so it was never born? That doesn’t even make sense, man.

  15. For the next live-action bat-costume, id like to see the No Man’s Land Batman costume design be brought to film in the next reboot. I too would like a poster & would pay money.

  16. Very cool! Though weren’t there two batsuits in Batman Forever? I seem to remember he wears the one you drew in most of the movie and then at the end he changes into one without the yellow oval, and instead has a much larger Bat symbol across the chest.

    • Yes, hence the term “significant.” I also left off the Clooney “ice-suit,” as stated in the text at the top.

    • @ KP

      I know the 2nd Batsuit in Batman Forever was for story purpose but the 2nd Batsuit in Batman & Robin was just ice suits probly to help the film sell toys,etc.

  17. Earth One Batman: Graphic Novel 2012 Batsuit looks like a great choice to have for Batman wear in live-action.

  18. Batman

  19. !!!!!!!!!!!!!URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You forgot the Sinestro Corp. Batsuit

  20. great list…but you missed one of the best. Batman year 100 and Batman from red son.

    • We purposefully didn’t include the millions upon millions of alternate universe bat-suits (except for DKR, which obviously is the most significant of that bunch).

  21. Hey you forgot the most significant batsuits of all…the ones that predate and inspired Batman!

  22. interesting that you consider those particular BF and B&R costumes significant when they are relatively similar to the Burton Batman suits, and to each other in all but colour, and in fact both movies have a significantly different (although simply recoloured in B&R) suit for the climax, i believe it’s called the Bat-Sonar suit in BF, and in B&R it’s the suit seen in most of the ad campaign.

    • Haha, TO EACH HIS OR HER OWN. But are those BF and B&R suits that you claim to be insignificant not the ones Batman wore for the majority of those films? Those are “the” suits from those films. Whereas the other suits you refer to that appear in the last half hour of each are freaking action figures and McDonalds toys. I don’t consider them the significant suits from those films, and I was just drawing one per movie. You can make your own infographic, though, if you’d like, and in that infographic, feel free to use whatever versions you want!

  23. You’ve got the wrong emblem for Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman

  24. My favorite costume is the “The Dark Knight/Rises” one. Built for what its purposed for. Being armor and part of theatricality. Also Batman can turn his head and it’s a very practical suit.

  25. My favorite was the one from Batman Returns. The one from Batman Begins was also good.

  26. I wish you sold the Batman poster Every significant Bat suit. I would love to purchase as a gift.

  27. I like too bee a Batman member

  28. the Forever one is not right.