‘The Dark Knight Rises’ To Shoot In India

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the dark knight rises script The Dark Knight Rises To Shoot In India

Nestled within the rumored plot synopsis that has once again prompted speculation about the possible appearance of Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises, there was also information about the shooting locations for Christopher Nolan’s new film – specifically, locales like Pittsburgh, New York, London, and India.

Now there’s been semi-official confirmation that Nolan’s third and final Batman pic will indeed be shooting on location in India. If nothing else, this information lends further support to the idea that the League of Shadows will indeed play an important role in the film – even though it may do so in a fashion that differs from previous rumors on the topic.

The Daily Bhaskar is reporting that Dark Knight Rises will be shooting in Jodhpur – also known as “the Sun City” – the second-largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. To refresh your memory: in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) spent a period of time imprisoned in Bhutan prior to his meeting with Henri Ducard/Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) and training with him at the League of Shadows’ home base, located somewhere within the vicinity of (or actually in) India.

Between Josh Pence’s role in Dark Knight Rises and Gary Oldman’s comments about the third movie bringing Nolan’s Batman trilogy full circle, it seemed all but a given that the League will play an active role in the film – and not just appear via flashbacks. However, while this new information supports that (admittedly, at this point, kind of obvious) idea, I wouldn’t say it lends further credence to the Hugo Strange rumors. Then again, it’s still all just speculation at this point, right?

Marion Cotillard Joseph Gordon Levitt The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises To Shoot In India

The recent official confirmation of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard as being members of the Dark Knight Rises cast also included information about their respective roles in the pic – and, naturally, many a fan (us here at Screen Rant included) were immediately suspicious about the true nature of their characters in the film. With Cotillard in particular, there seems to be good reason to suspect that she could actually be playing Talia al Ghul, who uses the name Miranda Tate as an alias (like her father did with Henri Ducard).

It is of course possible that Cotillard’s character has no secret identity, but (as I see it) there are a handful of reasons to think otherwise (Nolan’s tricky tendencies aside):

  • If the League of Shadows is playing an important part in the plot of Dark Knight Rises, then Talia seems all the more likely to show up as well.
  • Tate is said to be aiding Bruce Wayne with his “philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.” So isn’t she also well positioned to either ruin and/or control his resources – a position someone like Talia would definitely covet?
  • Both Talia and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) are morally ambiguous anti-heroines who (in the original comics) become romantically involved with Batman at one point or another. So if the two were to both show up in Dark Knight Rises, it would really force the Caped Crusader to question his own beliefs about the criminal mind – and offer him all the more temptation to embrace “the dark side” of his vigilante personality, so to speak.

To reiterate: it’s entirely possible that Cotillard’s Miranda Tate has no ulterior motive and that the League of Shadows won’t feature that much in the plot of Dark Knight Rises. For the time being, however, I think there’s good reason to be suspicious.

All will be revealed when The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: The Daily Bhaskar

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  1. Either way,im gonna punish somebody by the end.

  2. India huh?….Sounds like the location of a Lazarus pit.

    • The Lazarus Pit wouldn’t fit in Nolan’s “realistic” take on Batman. Unless it’s about cosmetic surgery :P. I think this confirms rumors the League of Shadows will return as well as that flashback of a young Ras Al Ghul.

  3. I had an epiphany this morning: it’s been revealed time and again that “The Dark Night Rises” will bring the events started in “Batman Begins” full circle and that it will complete the Nolan’s version of the Batman story to his satisfaction. IF “TDKR” is to feature the League of Shadows, what are the odds that everything that’s happened in Gotham was exactly as they planned?

    Ducard/Al Ghul claims the League has been working for thousands of years; would they really be thrown off their game by one lone kook with a hero complex? That HAS to figure into their plans by now. It can’t be the first time its happened. I think the League saw a way to fold this violent sociopath into their plans for Gotham: to bring it down from the inside. Isn’t subtlety one of their marks, the natural evolution of their process (in the Nolanverse)?

    Things have gotten worse in Gotham since Batman started his crusade (again, in Nolan’s version of events). Crime was always a problem and has always been a problem in major metropolises. Graft, corruption, these have been the norms of society. What Batman introduces is a war of escalation. He brings down Scarecrow with plots and plans and cash, metaphorically emasculates and decapitates the crime families, leaving a power vacuum open for so-called “super criminals” to start consolidating muscle and capital. They bring more money and bigger guns, so Batman has to up the game. Already, in the first two movies, we’ve seen the closure of Arkham Asylum, the walling off of The Narrows to form a new superprison, the streets have become a war zone between two heavily armed and well-funded “terror groups”, the vigilante force of Batman vs. the well-coordinated army of the Joker. Harvey Dent, Gotham’s White Knight, is “dead” and Two-Face has gone on a rampage; buildings have been destroyed. Presumably, the entire rogues gallery of Batman’s villains are waiting in the wings to start carving out their own niches… And one could argue that Batman is directly or indirectly responsible for it all. Who created Batman, taught him to use his strength, brains, resources, etc? The League. It seems to me he’s their best weapon yet.

  4. I hope that filming will take place in Armenia as well. Hollywood should make more movies there.

  5. Armenia? Eh why not.
    @Ghost: I think after Ra’s little spill off the choo choo train it’s gonna take a $h!t load more than just a little Beverly hills 90210 surgery to fix that mug lol cmon, the guy had to be barely identifiable after that, prob just ash and bones. Well, maybe HUSH cud pull it off lol
    I see what u mean though Ghost

  6. Ninja tactics, illusions and mysticism were used in Batman Begins. The Lazarus Pit can be highly plausible if it seen as an “elixir” bath that utilizes special or rare herbs,flowers etc. Elixir baths and drinks are are VERY ancient concepts that are still being used today by martial artists, mystics, shamans or medicine men in the far east and Africa, and it doen’t have anything necessarily to do with “magic”. So as long as it is used from that perspective, I can totally see Nolan pulling off The Lazarus Pit.

    • sort of like the wax baths used in wanted. nolan could totally pull that off !!!!

  7. I talked this over with Dutch and he said, “This is getting better by the minute!” I totally agree. The Dark Knight Rises is gonna rule all superhero movies!

    • haha

  8. Sad to see and hear that the Dark Knight Rises will be the last for Nolan. Suck!

    • Some of us are happy to see him go. Cheer!

  9. Bring on “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS” live action film then, if it is Nolan’s last take on the franchise. I cant wait for YEAR ONE also, both are gonna be aweome animated films. There is so much left to explore in the batman mythos.

  10. Imagine Nolan’s take on the Black Mask? or RIddler, Great White Shark, or even Croc?

  11. Batman fights a cobra

  12. Ra’s will return in his rejuvenated form played by the facebook actor due to Talia dipping his corpse in a Lazarus Pit

  13. Well Warner/DC and the Nolan’s are keeping everyone guessing about how their two top hero character movies are going to pan out. On the face of it both look like confusing bunched up messes. But by keeping everyone guessing and holding their competitive cards close to the vest they’re certainly building and intensifying interest and keeping the competition off balance as well. I look for them to continue to hold us all in suspense up until the time market and advertising is ready to kick in…

  14. I knew it! I knew it!

    First, they outsource customer service to India.

    Now, they are outsourcing DC Comic vigilantes.

  15. Bring it on !

    If true then it’s lovely news for Bat-fans from India like me …and especially the ones from Rajasthan.

    As an Indian, I only hope Nolan does **NOT** paint Indians in s stereotyped ignorant way like they were in ‘Slumdog Millionaire(2008)’ (Yeah, even though I know SM was about slums from India and not the corporate section of India…still..it was a little too much extreme).

    But In Nolan, we trust. (He’s no Boyle and in fact is …(cough, cough) better than Boyle.)

    • Batman began in the Himalayas here in India and will **PERHAPS** fittingly end in India. I’m loving it. :)