Marion Cotillard Claims Her ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Role is ‘A Secret’

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Recently it was announced that Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard has joined the cast of Chris Nolan’s third (and presumably final) Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. In the official press release, Cotillard’s character was described as “Miranda Tate, a member on the board for Wayne Enterprises who will aid Bruce Wayne on his ‘philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.’”

Now, some people are easily cowed and at once thought “Oh, I guess that’s who Cotillard will be playing.” – but not us here at Screen Rant! And today, we (sort of) have further evidence that the actress’ role may not be what it initially seems.

SIDENOTE: A few days ago I reported on a quote from actor Denis Leary regarding The Amazing Spider-Man‘s ending. A lot of people read that post and had the reaction that I was reading too far into things/over-analyzing (at best), or reporting “non-news as news” (at worst). Let me be clear about something: digging deep into every little tidbit of movie news – especially comic book movie news – is what I do. If I had to wait until a suit confirmed what we fans wanted to know, or wait until I was in a theater seat to learn the twists and turns a movie was going to throw at us…there’d be no point to my job, or me doing it.

I say all that to say: take the following assessment however you will, but I’m going to dive deep into the matter and give you my best analysis. Again, JUST MY OPINION, TAKE IT HOW YOU WILL:

In a recent interview with 24 Frames, Marion Cotillard was quizzed about The Dark Knight Rises and gave the following evasive answer:

“My role is a secret, as is the whole project.”

Some people are going to read that and respond with the easy answer of “Dude, she can’t talk about the project, that’s all she’s saying!” and that is all well and good. But I’m not buying it. We here at Screen Rant have always maintained that Cotillard will likely play Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the villain played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins. We know that Nolan intends to tie The Dark Knight Rises back to Batman Begins, storywise, and having Talia come in to finish her father’s work – and erase the stain of chaos left by The Joker in The Dark Knight – was always seen by us as a logical way to accomplish that goal.

Talia al Ghul Dark Knight Rises Marion Cotillard Claims Her Dark Knight Rises Role is A Secret

Of course, the inclusion of Talia would be as obvious as it was logical, and to that end it makes sense that Nolan would want to throw fans off the scent, having us believe that TDKR will focus on Catwoman and Bane (Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy, respectively) as the primary antagonists. However, we’ve known for some time that Batman 3 will feature two female leads (presumably two love interests), so a Batman/Catwoman/Talia triangle (with Bane thrown in as a suitor for Talia) was not only possible, but A) Fitting  B) In keeping with several Batman comic book storylines C)More and more likely, the more we learn about the film.

Again: I know people are still going to accuse me of “reading into nothing” and there will inevitably be some “Slow news day?” jokes that get cracked at our expense. But if Cotillard’s “Miranda Tate” role is ultimately revealed to be little more than a mask for a more sinister character, don’t worry: we’re not the type of site to say “Toldja So!” ;-).

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: 24 Frames

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  1. Marion Cotillard is so dreamy in that photo. :) It’s one of my favorite pictures of her.

    Here’s hoping she looks good in Dark Knight Rises. It’ll be a true first for a female lead in Nolan’s Bat movies.

  2. And, Kofi, I like the arguments and explanations you make here. It seems there’s always that small group of boisterous individuals who can’t stand people on the Internet who like to ponder the possibilities and try to mine actors’ words for what they say and what they DON’T say.

    Generally, I’d rather have people think too much than not think enough. And with the Internet message boards as my evidence, it’s obvious that most people are in no danger of thinking too much.

    No one’s forcing anyone to come and read the ponderings, which do entertain plenty of people, such as myself. That’s fine that they don’t like such blog entries, but they do make me wonder why they don’t seem to like other people enjoying wrapping their minds around every little tidbit or rumor that comes along and engaging in discussions about that information.

    Keep on pondering the possibilities. :)

    • Well said!

      • Thanks! I’ll buy that for Two Dollars! :)

      • I Second $2!


        That’s some great use of words!

        • Thank you, too! :)

  3. In the movie, Bruce will say to Miranda that he looked on the Screen Rant comments section and knows that she is actually Talia Al Ghul.
    Miranda will say, “Oh god, you’re one of those Tate=Talia fanboys? What a douche, I bet you still think that the Riddler is going to be in this too.”
    And then Jett from Batman on Film will make a cameo out of nowhere and announce, “See, I knew all along!”

  4. Marion is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl. French perfection doesn’t get much purer than her. I hope that she does more American mainstream films from now on.

  5. I trust Jett more then I do the whiny fanboys out there. Miranda is Talia. No way around it.

  6. Marion Cotillard is the most captivating beauty in film today
    possessing charisma and femininity rivaling old Hollywood.
    And being a great actress puts her in a class by herself.

  7. My thoughts: Miranda Tate will be an alias of Talia Al Ghul just as Henry Ducard was an alias of Ras Al Ghul.

  8. Shes Talia there is no way Nolan wastes talent like that for some Board member, same goes for JGL he’s a bigger player in this then we all think. IMO we will see the development for many of Batman’s rouges in this one how else would he end it? I mean besides tying up TDKR to BB there has to be a reason we see Bruce decide to be Batman Forever (see what i did there?) lol, anyway The Juno girl “Street Savy Gotham girl” sounds like a potential villan (Harley Quinn or a spin off on her) JGL as a cop I doubt it (Riddler,Hush,DeadShot,Night Scourge or even a much younger Dr. Hugo Strange) all im saying is there must be a reason in the end for us to know that he will continue to be Batman and the only way i see that is by showing us in small glimpses villans decideing to become villans.

  9. Slow news day eh?
    but i hope you are correct :D

  10. Well, duh, it’s Talia!!!

  11. I like this article because I agree with almost everything said! You guys should totally say I told you so when you are right. Some of us screenrant fanboys deserve it!

  12. Hey can I read into her comment even farther and throw out that maybe just maybe her character will be…… (dun,dun,duh)… Secret. The Character, Secret….. eh maybe thats to deep…. Besides that would be a pretty bad spoiler… Hey! Spoiler! Maybe shes Spoiler. Thats more plausible…. eh okay…. Im done.

  13. As much as I’d love Talia, and I would, putting both her and Catwoman in the film is gonna feel really cluttered.

  14. So Im guessing Harley Quin is out of the question cause thats who I was thinking, Someone as crazy as the Joker but really pissed off and wants to kill everyone plus the Batman. It would be a hell of a movie epecially if you add a Harley vs Catwoman faceoff.

  15. No interest in seeing Talia in this film I’d be so let down if she is.

    I love how the article is basically 90% of you trying to defend your self and only 10% actually has a point.

    Best line of the article

    “there’d be no point to my job, or me doing it.”


  16. Could she not be Bane’s girlfriend and also Talia, she finds out Batman & Bruce are the same guy and orders Bane to kill the Dark Knight, take over from him and destroy gotham just like the LEague of Shadows tried.

    Meanwhile, Selina is busy stealing from Falcone and gets caught – Batman saves her from henchmen and she falls for him and becomes an obsessive and feels the only way to meet him is to become an alter-ego as well, Catwomen.

    Seems to write itself, Talia is about to finish off TDK and Selina kicks her ass because she fancies him.

  17. I can see the first trailer now. Bruce is having dinner at an expensive restaurant with some business men when ms. tate comes up to him and says “Mr. Wayne. Could I talk to you? I believe you knew my father.” Bruce says, “Well Ive known a lot of men, miss. WHat was your fathers name?” and she replies, “Henri Ducard.”

    and now your hooked.

  18. I guess I’m all alone out here thinking Batgirl might be a character. And I dont think ” its a secret” is an evasive answer. It’s a straight answer. No harm in speculating though.

  19. Your speculation reads pretty spot on, Kofi. Slow news day or not, I’d rather get info from a thoughtfully written post, than some ravenously belligerent fanboy carrying over the storyline from their last online action figure play date session and claiming it studio grail. Anticipation for this final installment in a movie franchise that, in my opinion, transcends the confines of the CB genre, is already at a fevered pitch within the movie fan community, and any well opined forethoughts are always useful. Great post!

  20. She is hot.

  21. Kofi – I think you’ve nailed it. If it turns out this is true, be sure to make reference back to this so you get credit for calling it that far in advance.

    Don’t suppose there’s any chance that Marion Cotillard even somewhat physically resembles the version of Talia in the comic book clip in this piece?

  22. Harley Quinn?

  23. Dude, every fan just needs to stop with these frickin’stupid Talia al Ghul rumors! Seriously, she’s a lame character, and Nolan has finally given us a duo of villains that are bound to entertain us just as much (if not more)as Two-face and the Joker. Just get excited with the idea of Bane as the main villain and Catwoman as the love interest, okay?

      • I think i should have that guys job. I called cotillard as talia al ghul the second i walked out of the midnight screening of TDK. Im being truthfull on that. I also called black mask as well. looks like I was wrong on that one so far. he WAS the original choice for the villain in batman begins

    • Think about this. Does anyone think nolan would actually cast an oscar winning actress like cotillard to just play some stupid second rate character like miranda tate? WTF?? come on. i think the new set pictures of cotillard as “miranda tate” leading a bunch of commandos were major spoilers. yeah she definatly looks like “just” a board member to me. Maybe i missed something cause i dont recall seeing the other wayne employees leading armies. LOL!

      • Her character was probably being held hostage and forced to lead them to the Tumbler. And just because she’s not cast as a comic book related character doesn’t mean she’ll be useless. Remember Rachel?

  24. Why so serious?

  25. Has anyone read the comics? In Bane’s first comic appearance he utterly destroys Batman. He was Batman’s equal, and his own person. No one was controlling him. He’s a self-made villain, like Bruce Wayne is a self-made hero. I highly doubt Bane will play second fiddle to any other character because in his original appearance he was always the one in control. I know his character well, and since Nolan has a habit of reaching the roots of the villains, Bane will be too big of a character to share screen time with any other villains besides Catwoman. It this trilogy comes full-circle, Bane will most likely be in charge of the League of Shadows. Forget Talia or Black Mask.

  26. Today i spent a lot of time in this page reading most of the Nolan’s final Batman movie. I guess your “job” is interesting, and you do have some good possible ideas and ways to reveal the “secret2 of what’s behind the shooting, but you know what? I’ve have enough of that for today (and ’till the movie is released).

    I guess it was better to us fans to see Miranda Tate become Talia in a surprisingly way but instead you have totally spoiled it, at least for me. Reason why I won’t come to this website again or at least, to read things of my own interest.

    Best regards from Colombia

  27. Whay about Poison Ivy? Surely we would have heard if she was going to be a villain in this but Bane and the League of Shadows could be using a poison created by Ivy to take over Gotham.

  28. As much as I would absolutely love to believe that Marion is a lead, I can’t, because she gave birth to her son I think the week after filming started and that’s why she was downgraded from the role of catwoman. I don’t think she could be a lead. And also, she had about one millisecond of screen time in the ad, if she were a lead, would she not be marketed more?

  29. Awesome. Glad I read this after I watched the movie because otherwise I would have been underwhelmed.