Juno Temple Joins ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Last week’s confirmation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a lock to star in The Dark Knight Rises also brought the news that lesser-known actress Juno Temple was in consideration for a role in director Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film.

Now Temple has officially joined the cast as well, as a character that’s been described as “a street-smart Gotham gal.” That description has already kicked off avid speculation about who exactly the actress will be playing – even as conflicting reports concerning Gordon-Levitt’s role in the movie have rejuvenated discussions about the actor’s possible part.

Variety confirmed Temple’s involvement with Dark Knight Rises, meaning that she’ll join Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Hardy as newcomers to Nolan’s grounded take on the Caped Crusader. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman are set to reprise their roles from the previous Batman movies, and Morgan Freeman is expected to return as well.

Temple’s resume largely consists of indie titles, including Atonement, Greenberg, and more recently Kaboom (we’ll pretend Year One didn’t happen). Her star has been on the rise of late, and the actress will be appearing in this fall’s Three Musketeers adaptation. She was previously a candidate to star in Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer as well.

Juno Temple Dark Knight Rises roles Stephanie Brown Carrie Kelley Holly Robinson Juno Temple Joins The Dark Knight Rises

L to R: Stephanie Brown, Carrie Kelley, and Holly Robinson.

The secrecy surrounding Temple’s Dark Knight Rises role so far has unsurprisingly prompted a good deal of speculation about who her character might be. Some of the least likely, but more popular theories have pegged her as possibly playing Stephanie Brown – daughter of the criminal Cluemaster, who eventually served as the fourth Robin and is the current Batgirl – or Carrie Kelley, a.k.a. the female Robin introduced in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”.

Another possibility (and, arguably, a much more realistic one) is that of Holly Robinson, who was introduced as a juvenile prostitute who lived with Selina Kyle in Miller’s “Batman: Year One” and is a frequent ally of Catwoman – even taking up the post herself, following the birth of Kyle’s daughter.

catwoman yearone Juno Temple Joins The Dark Knight Rises

Holly Robinson and Selina Kyle

Robinson would make the most sense, given the possibilities of how Catwoman could fit into Dark Knight Rises – and Hathaway has confirmed the character will appear in the film (in some form). It’s also possible that Temple will be playing a one-note supporting character of little importance, but her rising stature as an actress makes that less likely. Plus, that’s not as much fun to speculate about, is it?

Production begins this summer on Dark Knight Rises, so we should have a bit more concrete information about the whole cinematic endeavor in the near future (“a bit” being the key phrase).

All will be revealed when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Variety

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  1. yeah I can see her playing Selina’s ward, Holly Robinson. The two other ideas would really just piss me off if he went with them. If he were to go with Batwoman and use Steph Browns character first is just horrible, Id consider it as bad as Batman and Robin and having her be Alfreds neice. As for Carrie Kelly, Dark Knight’s Robin, no no no, again NO !!!, Grayson or none and he said no Robin so lets keep it that way

  2. Harley Quinn?

    • wouldn’t that be something????

      • Makes perfect sense to me. She could be trying to follow in the Joker’s footsteps.

        • OMG I would be super happy if she was harley quinn!

          • I feel the same way. Soon after seeing The Dark Knight, after talk of the sequel already began picking up with Dark Knight was still in theaters, I was hoping Harley Quinn would show up.

            I don’t think she needs the Joker by her side for her to make a showing. Nolan’s putting his own spin on matters anyway, and it’s not much of a stretch to have an angry Harley Quinn on board, as she’s mad and delusional that the man who so inspires her is in prison. Just as Batman inspires cops to take action, the Joker inspires the crazy criminals to take action against Gotham and against the Bat.

            • Only things I can see are that she is either Harley Quinn as mentioned, or maybe Batgirl? please let me kow if there’s no chance in hell of the second happening.

    • I honestly think it would be a sin to put Harley Quinn in the movie w/o The Joker.

      • on point again dude. couldn’t agree more. she’s way too “cartoony” for nolan’s serious tone.

        • I wouldn’t say she’s “too cartoony” for Nolan’s films, but Harley has always been shown as The Joker’s sidkick, just like Robin is Batman’s sidekick. You can’t have one w/o the other, imo.

          • unless its a cameo as Harley when she first arrived at Arkham asylum as a psychologist, before she became fixated with the joker

    • now thats a good idea

    • …and, that is how you make “The Dark Knight Rises” into a perfect sequel. :)

    • she looks just like a harley…

  3. Christopher Nolan is the undisputed best and greatest director in the world. The Dark Knight Rises will be the biggest movie of 2012. Watch out Avatar!

    • Well, for a start he isnt the best director in the world. Secondly, TDKR isnt in 3D and therefore could never hope to beat Avatar’s box office gross.

      • He’s right. Hayoa Miyazaki is the best director. :)

      • I agree that Nolan is the best director there is. But this issue is merely one of opinion; no one can actually be RIGHT on this. So Dr.Sam, who do you think is the best director?

        • Honestly I don’t know, if you go by sheer body of quality work then I would have to say Steven Spielberg, or possibly Ridley Scott, I agree Nolan is a great director, but only time will tell if he is truly one the all time greats.
          I think The Prestige and Inception are epically brilliant films, his best work. But I don’t love his Batman films, I like them but don’t love them.

      • avatar didn’t become the highest grossing movie of all time because it came out in 3-D, it reached that point with a well written script, Interesting and memorable characters and an engaging plot line.

    • Which Avatar needs to watch out, The first one or the sequel….because the sequel comes out December 14th. 2013

    • I think the coen brothers trump nolan by far. But that is my opinion. I think QT is better too. In fact Nolan isn’t even in my top ten.

      • In fact I can think of 30 other directors who are better than Nolan. He’s kind of a one trick pony IMO.

    • I think Francis Ford Copolla, Marty Scorsese, and Kurosawa would beg to differ with that assessment.

      All three have created more works that have stood the test of time.

      Hitchcock, Kubrick, Orson Welles, John Ford, & John Houston also have pretty high batting averages as directors.

  4. Christopher Nolan as the undisputed & greatest director in the world? Ummmm I think James Cameron would hold that title before him for a good long while. TDK didn’t surpass Titanic nor Avatar, so don’t hold your breath.

    • perhaps Cameron holds that title in your head, not in mine. sure i’ve enjoyed his movies a lot, but in my mind he’s not that good of a director. i think Nolan is better.

      • Yes, but do you think he is the best director Magnus?

        • I’m not sure.. i think i like Snyder better.. LOL no im joking haha. but i havent really made up my mind about who the best one is.

    • And if we went on box office you would be right but honestly Avataris not that good and Titanic IMO was horrible and is almost completely unwatchable a second time. Dont get me wrong Cameron is a good director but I dont think he is the greatest, and absolutely not because of his box office. Nolan is a great director also , but I dont think he is the greatest either. Hitchcock, kubrick, and Scorsese, would probally be the top three of all time. Kurosawa is a phenominal director, but of the current director coming up and Nolan is on that list but he is still an infant in the industry compared to my top three. Top Three right now would be the Cohens, Nolan, and not exactly a newbie, would be Ridley Scott. Oh and I just want to say yes there are a ton of other guys out there that I respect behind the camera, but those would be my tops IMO

    • cameron is a stool sample. hasn’t made a decent flick since the terminator. 1984 was a long time ago.

    • Box Office results are not my criteria for measuring the greatness of an individual.

    • Total gross has really doesn’t have any direct correlation with the skill of the director to do with the skill of the director. Sure, it’s a factor, but it’s certainly not the be-all-end-all.

  5. I find it quite funny that everytime somebody else joins the cast there’s a huge flurry of speculation about what major character they’re gonna be.
    Sometimes people are just cast in minor roles as well you know. Look at Eric Roberts in TDK, his screentime was what? About a total of five minutes.
    Before TDK came out I remember reading an interview that an actress here in the UK gave about her upcoming role in the movie. She’s never been in a movie before and the only thing on her resume was that she’d played a character in Hollyoaks which is a long running teenage soap opera.
    From the way she was talking in her interview about how excited she was about her upcoming role in a batman movie & how she hoped it would be her big break in Hollywood I made a point if looking out for her when I watched the movie.
    From what she said I assumed she had a fairly significant role but it took my second viewing of the film to actually spot her. She was in one scene for about 30 seconds, sitting with Falcone in a nightclub. The role was actually so insignificant that she may as well not of even been there at all.
    Obviously it’s fun to speculate everytime a new cast member is added, but in a movie that’s already overflowing with strong characters, most of these new cast members just aren’t going to live up to expectations.

    • But Eric Roberts still played an important part even if it was minor, his character is from the comics.

  6. I just googled “Juno Temple” (LoL) So I could find out who she is and see some more pictures of her and Damn!! She is a splitting image of Harley Quinn. I wonder if that’s who she’ll end up playing ?

  7. How many characters are in this movie now? 327?!

    • Who cares? Just because a “name” joins the cast of TDKR, doesn’t mean Nolan is trying to pull a Spider-Man 3.

      There were a lot of new characters in The Dark Knight that didn’t hamper the film: Joker, Harvey Dent, Gordon’s 2 Cop friends, Sal Maroni, Chechen, Gambol, Mr. Reese, William Fichtner as the Bank Manager.

    • Actually scape 328 and counting!!

  8. I was going to say Spoiler. She looks the part. Hahaha. But obviously that can’t be it and there are a lot of characters that are slowly crawling out of the woodwork because of Mr. Nolan’s innovative knack for redefining characters from the Batman universe. I’ve reached the point where I just want to be surprised by Nolan’s interpretation rather than looking for news and previews of the latest Batman flick.

  9. How about Catwoman’s sidekick, Holly. Makes sense.

    • only thing that makes sense.

  10. What if at the end of the movie she appears as Batgirl, and then there will be movies about Batgirl on hero own.

    • No.

    • no no no please no

  11. PLEASE let it be BARBARA GORDON!!!

    • Barbara Gordon was in TDK, and she was about 7 years old so I doubt it.

      Holly Robinson, especially given the influence of Year One in the previous films, would make more sense.

      • Well, it depends on how much time has taken place between TDK, but yeah, I doubt it’s Barbara.

    • I totally agree! finally, we could see a SUPERHEROINE movie… which of course, hasn’t happened in SIX YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Harley Quinn please, I have a thing for cute blonde girls in clown makeup.

    • Yeah I’ve always had a thing for Harley.

  13. It’s Holly. The qoute “street-smart Gotham girl” kind of proves that.

    • or a few others as well, like Steph Brown or Cassandra Cain.

  14. hmm interstin this will be kool to see

  15. maybe harley quinne? or joseph gordon levitts as riddler?

    • Nolan has already dismissed The Riddler, but I say JGL is Black Mask.

    • Crap! She would make a great Harley Quinn.

  16. The Huntress

  17. Good job remembering Holly Robinson. That’s who she’s likely going to be, IMHO.

  18. If she turns out to be Holly Robinson, I will consider this movie to be boring. Harley Quinn, The Huntress, and Poison Ivy would add a spark of flavor to this trilogy. Even though everyone here is pointing out the most likely character, I don’t think Nolan should end the trilogy on a too serious and realistic note.

    “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” were way-way too serious for long term ‘fun’.

    Where is the kid in everyone?

    • Why not make the film serious? Both of his Batman films were serious, and Batman himself is a serious character. When you make the character “fun”, you end up with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. We all know how those films turned out, don’t we?

      • I understand where you are going. Nolan’s version of Batman is a breath of fresh air; however, it lacks the fun and excitement that made the franchise alluring. Batman have never been a very serious character.

        Villains such as Killer Croc, Clayface, KGBeast, Killer Moth, and Man-Bat prove the franchise should not be taken seriously.

        Nolan has turned “Batman” into a serious “James Bond”. Instead of fighting crime in a tux, “Batman” is wearing an armored shell.

        • Marcus,

          The seriousness of Batman itself is fun and excitement. Batman means serious business. For fun and excitement of the campy kind, people should opt for Spiderman and Superman or for …Burton’s or Schumacher’s Batman.

          Nolan will most probably won’t involve campy characters like Killer Croc, Clayface, KGBeast, Killer Moth, and Man-Bat unless he wants to interpret them in a realistic mature way.

          Anyway character that has been born out of the pain of witnessing his parents’ murders in front of his eyes is bound to be serious. No joke really. And I hope it stays that way or else a smiling Batman would be an insult to his parents. As Bruce Wayne though he can have as much fun as he can. Because Bruce Wayne is the mask Batman wears to hide his pain/anguish.

          • @ Amol

            The character of Batman gone through changes through the comics ever since his comic debut from killing to No Killing policy, but even today Batman would take a life if there was no choice. You can’t just go by shows & movies depictions of the character. With all the Batman comics out there, there could always be balance. Say a example would be a movie of Batman that combines elements of both Burton’s & Nolan’s films can be done id done carefully and proper. Take the way Bruce Timm created Batman:TAS,now a reboot film series done the sameway like that can be done by right director. I asked people on the net people i know in person about that idea and they loved the idea. One of the let downs i had in Batman Begins was, like the previous Batman franchise, bruce’s parents murder was done in flashbacks. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm showed a great way of bruce trying to stop crime before he becomes batman. Imo i like only the first 3 Robins. And i believe they can work out well on film when done properly. Im thinkin people don’t like the character because of how old he was when Dick Grayson debuted as Robin in the comics. Or they use the 60′s Batman show as a excuse to bring the character down. What catches me about the Dick Grayson’s Robin is how he almost lost his parents in the same manner as Bruce did. I wouldn’t call Killer Croc,KG Beast campy villains except for Nolan’s films. I do find villains Man-Bat, Killer-Moth, Clayface difficult to be on film,but then again it would take one heck of a script & director. Keep in mind how they plan to bring the Lizard to the big screen in the Spider-man reboot. If the Lizard goes over well for fans in the new spidey film, then villains like Man-Bat or Clayface could work. Who knows.

          • that was beautiful.

  19. I think Anne Hathaway should’ve been Harley Quinn. She just does not fit Catwoman.


    -Robin (Male or Female)
    -Harley Quinn
    -Wrestling mask on Bane

  21. Robins have always been a strict “NO NO !” zone for me except the one from…”The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller. Everything related to the story is simply great and I have to admit it includes ..Robin too.

  22. the movie has made its debut, so who is Temple playing? exactly what it was said she was playing “a street-smart Gotham Gal” = THAT’s IT, nothing special, she isnt anything associated with the Batman Lore in any form, the end. ….as a Nolan TRILOGY concluded, THREE movies, now its done.