How Bane Will Fit Into Chris Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Rises’

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Bane in The Dark Knight Rises How Bane Will Fit Into Chris Nolans Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. sent the fan world into frenzy yesterday with the announcement that Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy will play Catwoman and Bane in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

While fans had long-expected Catwoman to make an appearance in Batman 3, the addition of Bane was more surprising. The masked bruiser was always an option, but the majority of the speculation up to now had revolved around the character of Dr. Hugo Strange. Now that we know Bane is the primary villain, what does that mean for the plot of The Dark Knight Rises?

Although Bane is a widely known figure to comic book readers, the majority of casual Batman fans may only know the character from his absolutely horrendous appearance as a pumped-up Poison Ivy pawn in Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin. In this article, we will offer some better background on “the Man who Broke the Bat” and some speculation as to what Christopher Nolan’s “new interpretation” of the character might look like.

Who is Bane?

In brief, Bane is one bad mother. Created in 1993 by the team of Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, the comic book version of Bane was quite literally born into a life of crime. Raised in a prison from a young age as punishment for his father’s crimes, Bane quickly learned to fight to survive, killing his first man at the tender age of eight years old. He also showed a tremendous aptitude for learning, becoming a verifiable genius in addition to being a muscle-bound brawler.

Realizing what a unique specimen they had on their hands, prison officials decided to test a dangerous super-steroid on Bane called Venom. Although it nearly killed him, the Venom serum worked, giving Bane enhanced strength and agility. In retrospect, giving a super strong genius even more power was probably not the best decision. Bane eventually broke out of the prison and moved to Gotham City to square off with Batman in the classic “Knightfall” storyline.

At the beginning of the “Knightfall” story arc, Bane organizes the mass breakout of Arkham Asylum. Why? He did it to test Bruce Wayne both emotionally and physically. After months of grueling work bringing down the various psychos tearing apart the city (during which time Bane figured out Batman’s true identity by observation alone), Batman finally faced off one-on-one against Bane. The result was not so good for the Caped Crusdader.

As promised, Bane “broke” the Batman – quite literally snapping his spine in half (and giving us one of the best splash pages in comic book history). He then took his place as the king of Gotham’s underworld, at least for a little while, before being defeated by the new Batman, Jean-Paul Valley (a.k.a. Azrael).

Bane Breaking Batman How Bane Will Fit Into Chris Nolans Dark Knight Rises

Bane in the Nolanverse

Now that we’re firmly caught up on the comic book version of Bane, we can start to think about what Bane might look like in The Dark Knight Rises. As he has demonstrated with his previous Batman films, Christopher Nolan likes to keep things firmly based in reality. That’s one of the things that has made his Batman movies so good (for some). Is it realistic that a billionaire playboy goes out at night to fight crime as a masked vigilante? Of course not. But in Nolan’s movies, you believe that it’s at least possible, which makes the story and characters that much more engaging.

Given Nolan’s penchant for realism, a steroid-enhance super-genius like Bane doesn’t seem like he would fit. Of course, by those same standards, a psychopathic clown with nerve gas that makes people die laughing also seems far-fetched. As we all saw, however, Nolan (aided greatly by an Oscar-winning performance from Heath Ledger) managed to make the Joker not only a believable threat, but also one that fit perfectly within his vision of Gotham City.

Using Nolan’s version of the Joker as a template for Batman villains, there are a couple of good ways to bring Bane to the big screen.

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  1. I guess we all know the character that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing then. I think Nolan will have him playing Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael). It makes sense. At the start of Batman 3 (Dark Knight Rises), Bane will put Batman out of comission, now enters Jean-Paul (Azrael). Now that Azrael (going through his own personal demons) taking out the baddies the wrong way. Talia hires Bane to be her assistant taking on Catwoman and the NEW BATMAN (Azrael). Azrael dies (left for dead) saving her life. Catwoman goes into hiding. Several years later. Batman and Catwoman hook up and takes out Talia and Bane. In the shadows Azrael is brought back to life spawning into Nightwing. Nice twist ending, you think…….???

  2. well if Bane is in Batman 3 he could be a bodybulider who has quite the amount of intelgence more than a crimnal who like Batman wears a mask a blue and white coloured one with red eyes that glow brightly who wants to merely to ‘break’ The Batman emotionally and phiscally in order to be the new mob boss of Gotham but his regin is shortlived when Jean-Paul Valley (aka Azrael)starred by Leo Dicaprio comes to town.

    but in Batman 3 Dr Hugo Strange is a mentally crazed pyhicatist who is wanting to fill his own ventatta agaist Batman by learning Batman’s secret from bruce though theapy sessions with him through theapy questions so bruce will tell him but Dr Hugo Strange gets too obessed with batman to point that he thinks that he is the batman and starts to dress like him,behave like him and even act like him then if lucky kill bruce and become the batman by batsuit and gadgets and etc.

    but for Catwoman in Batman 3 she is Selina Kyle a Cat burglar\Prostuite who grew up in the Narrows of Gotham who pickpocketed and did prostuition who as she grew up she became obessed for shinning things like Dimonds,Cystals and Jewelly and above all cats and kevlar and carrying a whip she sometimes has been a threat to Gotham and Batman but she also had became Bruce\Batman’s lover and someother times a crimefighter in her own right in the east side of Gotham as a crimefighter over there from crimnals over there.

  3. After seeing the Dark Knight Rises teaser, I think I know what they are going to do with Bane. You get to see his mask very briefly in the trailer. For those of you who read Dark Knight Returns, there was a villain in that story that was the leader of the Mutants, the gang of killers that had taken over the city in Batman’s absence. The mutant leader was all bulked up muscle, just like Bane. Just like Bane, the mutant leader “ruled the city” in Batman’s absence. The mutant leader also seemed not quite human, and his most memorable feature was an oval mouth full of long, pointy teeth.

    If you watch the Dark Knight Rises trailer, they show Bane from the front for just a few seconds. His mouthpiece looks like it was designed to very closely resemble the mutant leader’s mouth of long sharp teeth. I think that Bane will be a hybrid of his original Vengeance of Bane and Knightfall version, combined with the mutant leader from Dark Knight Returns. I think the plot of the movie is going to take at least many of its cues from Dark Knight Returns… the city has gone to hell in Batman’s absence, an almost inhuman psychopath leads a gang of crazed punks and rules the city, and Batman has to come back and reclaim his place as the city’s protector.

    • I think Batman will come back into action once the city is in a much larger threat then a gang of buffed out mutants. I think Bane will break everyone out of Arkham Asylum. Then after mass panic and rioting Gotham City will be quarantined. Kind of like “No mans land” only no earthquake. Batman will fight Bane one on one in the end and either Bane kills Batman, or Batman comes out victorious and maybe takes on Robin as sidekick before the credits role.

    • I completely agree with you, I was thinking the same thing. It you look at the trailer, Gordon is in the hospital and talking to someone offscreen telling them that they need to come back and it’s Christian Bale’s voice. Also, Nolan designed the tumbler based on the Bladerunner “Spinner” and a tank like the one in the Dark Knight Returns.

  4. In the comics isn’t Bane the son of a guy who breaks out of prison and is kept in prison to serve his father’s sentence? I’m not a die hard comic book fan. I read the occasional comic. Ra’s al Ghul is in the dark knight rises. Liam Neeson has been filming and apparently they are just flashbacks. Could it be possible that Bane is locked up serving Ra’s al Ghul’s time in prison? Batman killed Ra’s al Ghul so is Bane wanting revenge because of that? Seems more realistic than all this “mutant” talk. Nolan isn’t going to have all that.

  5. Here’s my thought on it: Bane is such an intriguing foe for Batman in the comics (for me anyway) because the Bat in the comics in is quite a physical specimen himself. However, compared to the super-steroid South American he seems frail. This is pretty much the same kind of engaging matchup in the James Bond film Goldfinger when the original Bond went against the strongman Odd-Job. It’s also interesting that Bane is capable of outthinking Batman. Furthermore, Bane in the comics is a threat to the Dark Knight’s great longtime reputation. With the movie characterization(s) of Batman this effect(s) is largely lost. Anyone else thinking along this line?

  6. Those are some good ideas and I think you might of got it. I jus need to know one thing. In the Dark Knight Harvy Dent appeared to become two-face in the end. I jus dont think they should drop that storyline. I wish he cold be a minor villain in the Dark Knight Rises.

  7. I hear Bane may have some history amongst the league of shadows. This may explain his appearance – injuries from the past.

  8. Hope this sets up the whole Knightfall/Knightsquest/Knightsend saga with JPV and the mean motorized batsuit!! I used to run home from school to hear this on the radio in the 1990′s!!!! I had all the comics (subsequently lost in a house move)they could easily do it as another Trilogy with perhaps a darker director/writer — if you have read the knights saga it practically writes its self and in BM Begins bruce wayne trains with Shiva who then retrains him in the knights saga so it could tie in real good……..

    • Lol love the enthusiasm but man are most of you wishful thinking. This movie will not spawn another trilogy or anything. Once it’s over Nolan is done with the series and trust me when I say he is ending it without any openings. He chose Bane so for the first time batman can’t just fight his way thru hopefully ull see more of his detective side in this film. Also it brings to light his true identity which also hasn’t been done at least never well. Should be another great film but all in all Heath ledgers joker was just too perfect. One of the best performances I have ever seen. I know this next movie will be great as well but the dark knight will be the best movie out of the trilogy thanks to mr. Ledger and joker.

  9. Ok 1st of all, Bane’s costume looks horrendous. No matter how you put it Bane is a massive man of raw power. You need a more ‘jacked’ actor to play him. Also, keep his original outfit but you can alter it a little. You need have some sort of tubing going on Bane to indicate he’s on Venom. Have at least one of his goons or second hand man to help give Batman more of a challenge of strength and intelligence. You need Bane at least off venom 6’5 and on probably over 8ft. He can have his intelligence, but you need him to look like the original so he is more identifiable by his followers and his advantage over Batman! Take this in to reconsideration and remake his uniform!!!

    • that’s just your opinion

      I think Bane’s costume is awesome. I liked his new mask just the way I liked Ledger’s carved mouth and war paint. I like his vest which makes Bane look more shredded. I can see his triceps and biceps more which is good because the arms are the most important feature for Bane (well, in my opinion).
      The fact that Hardy’s not that big makes it more interesting. He’d be like Bruce Lee but bigger.

  10. If Nolan does have Bane break Batman, he should do it in the first 20 minutes, then have him work back to defeat him, thus ‘rising’

    It is well known by now that The Dark Knight Rises takes places 8 years after The Dark Knight. So with Batman broken right away, Bane takes control of Gotham. Bruce spends years preparing to fight Bane again, when along comes Jean Paul Valley, a buff cop, to take the mantle of the Bat. Problem is, he was involved in a cult when he was a child and he has delusions of divinity, so he starts to take things to far and kills criminals. Eventually, Bruce dons the Mask of the Tengu Bat Spirit, goes through the necessary training, and then kicks Bane and Valleys asses

  11. Well considering what I have read so far and the material that have been released on the internet this was what I could come up with as plot for dark knight rises

    First all the gap of 8 years, we should presume that batman has been forced into hidding hence does not have the support of the people in fight crime, and that Bane has taken control of gotham city (as villan) as he tries to break the bat. He doesn’t succeed in this alone but works with a new character who is connected with Ra’s al Ghul(possible his daughter).

    This part I’m still trying to figured. Bane succeeds in breaking the Bat, but only we come to find out that it was someone else impersonating batman. Batman returns proclaim his lost city and to save it’s people only to realize that he can not work alone and hence that where Catwoman comes in. Nolah may introduce cat woman as in previous batman film a woman who seek vengeance of her own.

    Bottomline my for my theory is:
    We shall see two villans working hand in hand to destroy batman, Bane and New character (possibly Ra’s al Ghul relative, daughter or son perhaps)

    Two batman, whom one we shall see fall in the hands of bane while the other one rises to take the role of the dark knight and defeat Bane and his army

    Cat-woman, will be introduced as batman loves interest who helps in getting the city back to normal but with hidden agenda of her own possible seeking vengeance to one of the villains working with Bane

  12. From the 7 Minutes of The Dark Knight Rises it looks like Bane does indeed destroy Batman, possibly breaking his back or even killing him. Either way Christoper Nolan is setting up the finale to his trilogy in such a way good luck to anyone who wishes to reboot it because they will need it and hopefully the suits at Warner Brothers will let Batman end with dignity..

  13. I want my 5 minutes back.

  14. Fascinating insight here, not sure why I can’t just wait for the movie, but for some reason I’m intrigued by thus one question: What will happen to Bruce Wayne?

    Here is what I have been able to put together through these comments and the trailers, plus the first 6-7 minute trailer, and articles on the internet:

    So right after “The Dark Knight:, Batman hangs up his cloak and cowl, thus honoring Harvey Dent’s vision and the comments made in “The Dark Knight” which happened over the dinner scene, and went something like “How could he want to continue to live like this? (referencing the batman) It is clear he is just doing this now against this threat before he goes back to a normal life.”

    So, we then enter the 8 years. Bruce has retired from being a masked vigilante and is enjoying life as a playboy, and the City has entered a time of peace (hence the discussion of peace during the most recent trailer by Matthew Modine). Batman is considered an outcast/villian during this time anyway because he took the crimes of Harvey Dent upon himself. Enter a large party that is celebrating the times: Selina Kyle warns Bruce that he better “batton down the hatches” because a big threat is coming. In fact, Selina Kyle knows Bruce Wayne *is* batman (hence the shocked look, and him backing away during the most recent trailer, when he is at a party).

    What comes next I have not been able to piece together fully. Clearly, Gordon is critically wounded and hospitalized during an assault by Bane, and he pleads for Batman to return. Heck, even the Police want Batman to return. Gordon pleads with Wayne that Batman must return to battle this new evil after Wayne says “what if he doesnt exist anymore?”

    This scene (Gordon in the Hospital) is critical beacuse: 1) if it happens before Bruce re-dons the Bat suit, that means any speculation as to his fate is fair game; 2) if it happens after Bane “breaks the bat”, then it opens other possibilities. My guess is #1, although it would seem really strange to me that Bruce would let the City drop into such bad shape first before intervening, then again, was that not a decent plot device in the Will Smith super-hero flick?

    Then we see the following: 1) A messed up Bruce Wayne that appears to be addressed by Bane, where he says “When Gotham is ashes, then you have permission to die.” 2) A scene where Bruce is in a prison, asking where does that go? and an inmate says “rise.” 3) A scene where it appears that Bruce is in his home, approaching a covered dinner platter/silverware, with a cane (all of these scenes in most recent trailer).

    Additionally, a recent leak/rumor suggests that Bruce is being dragged to a kangaroo court held by Bane and company after they have practically taken over Gotham City, where he is to be “sentenced” before a Judge (scarecrow?), but Selina Kyle/Cat Woman intervenes.

    #1 suggests that Bruce is not killed by Bane right away, so he survives an encounter with Bane, but to what end? It would seem logical that Bane then imprisons him (in Bane’s prison), or perhaps Selina Kyle helps be imprisoned versus executed, and then Bruce escapes to fight Bane in the ultimate epic battle. However, if this is the case, then it does not corroborate with us seeing (at least it APPEARS to be) Bruce walking with a cane, since in the prison scene Bruce has no limp. So what we’re left with is something like:

    1) Bruce gets beaten by Bane TWO times. The first time he is just bloodied up, sent to Bane’s prison, then he escapes, fights Bane again but is brutally beaten again, and Bane is defeated only because Batman had assistance (eg catwoman, etc). That the cane scene is shown basically at the end of the movie, ending with him having to physically just hang it up since he has only 1 good leg.

    2) The story follows Knightfall and just has another person don the cloak and cowl, which would fit in Ras al’ghoul’s “You have to be more than a man…you have to become legend.” (hence, Batman is an idea that can be embodied by someone strong enough to do it, not just one man). Frankly, this ending would suck for me, but whatever.

    3) That somehow Bruce recovers from the bum lug or the suit is somehow designed in a way to compensate him for it, so that he goes one last time against Bane in an epic fight at the end (which would go to Christian Bale’s comment of something like “how much pain can one man take?”)

    Then there are the fight scenes to consider:
    1) One where we see an exhausted batman breathing very hard and Bane methodically walking up to him, and in the BACKGROUND – as in behind batman, to his upper right- [if you havent seen this its in the trailer with Gordon in hospital] there is a sniper wearing, oddly enough, whitish clothing. Likely aiming at batman and maybe, combined with Bane, puts batman down. This scene appears to take place in a sewer like environment. Bane is wearing his flack jacket but has no shirt underneath.

    2) The fight scenes outside City hall where you see police vs convicts. Batman vs Bane. It is snowing outside. Bane is wearing a long sleeved shirt under his jacket.

    I bring up what Bane is wearing and the environments because it does, of course, suggest two different fight scenes (I suppose Bane’s undershirt could have been torn off during the fight, but I did not notice any torn undershirt on him in the sewer scene). With, of course, the epic batman + police vs Bane + convicts being the climatic fight scene.

    If this is the case, is the batman there Bruce Wayne? What happened to his leg? Or is his leg, like I am speculating, hurt in this fight? Or maybe, just maybe, he was given something with long term implications that would help him versus Bane? (again, referencing the Bale comment of “just how much pain can this guy take?”).

    So, there you have my long two cents. Which raises more questions than answers.

    Will have to see when the movie comes out.

  15. Please bear in mind the following :

    Ras al’ghoul’s daughter is in the film and there is a scene where she is riding one of the 3 Batmobiles- tumblers controlled by Bain’s army.

    The movie should be called “Alfred Rises” instead of “The Dark Knight Rises”

    Cat Woman speeds on her bike afeter Banes Tumblers to save Gordan. While the Batman is in the Batwing racing after them.

  16. Bane is a master terrorist who’s obssessed with Batman. The CIA tried to stop Bane from his mad plans but failed (The IMAX Prologue). Bane takes siege in Gotham and it’s up to Bruce Wayne to become Batman again and fight Bane and his army of crazies (Knightfall + Dark Knight Returns).

  17. and no levitt WON”T be valley. his name is already confirmed and it was not JPV

  18. I personally wish this film would the a bit over 3 hours :D

  19. Bane is the best