‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Theories on Bane’s Mask & Venom Serum

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Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header The Dark Knight Rises: Theories on Banes Mask & Venom Serum

Today we got an unexpected (but very welcome) surprise as the first official image from The Dark Knight Rises appeared online in conjunction with the film’s official website and viral campaign. That image was, of course, Tom Hardy as Batman nemesis, Bane.

Now that we have a look at Hardy’s Bane and how the character is being imagined for the Nolan Bat universe, the time has come to dissect the image in all it’s detail, while discussing some theories about why Nolan is going with this particular costume design, as well as what it means for the character of Bane, and subsequently, the overall story of the film.

But first things first: If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the first image of Bane below:


Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header The Dark Knight Rises: Theories on Banes Mask & Venom Serum

So, a couple of things to discuss about this image. First of all, it looks as though Hardy has definitely bulked up the right way to play the physically imposing Bane. Many know Hardy best from his charismatic role in Inception, but true cinephiles know that he first made a big splash playing another bulky bruiser – infamous UK criminal Michael Gordon Peterson – in Nicholas Winding Refn’s stylish biopic Bronson. It was that role that made Bat-fans confident that Hardy could inhabit the role of Bane properly, and judging by this image, he certainly looks the part.

The bigger topic of discussion, however, is the headpiece that Bane is wearing in this picture – which looks somewhat reminiscent of Shredder in the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies from the early ’90s. In the comics, Bane is known for wearing a trademark mask – one that is part function in addition to fashion, providing conduits which Bane uses to pump an enhanced steroid known as “venom” into his body. The venom serum gives Bane wildly augmented strength and stamina, but as a side effect it also makes him dangerously psychotic. There’s been a lot speculation about whether Nolan would include venom in his “grittier and more realistic” version of Bane, but this headpiece, when examined up close, certainly lends credit to that theory:

Tom Hardy Bane Mask Venom The Dark Knight Rises: Theories on Banes Mask & Venom Serum

The inclusion of venom makes a certain amount of sense when you think about it. We know that Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Shadows uses psychotropic materials in their rituals and practices, as seen in Batman Begins with the blue flower that Bruce Wayne was tasked to carry to the League of Shadows stronghold, and the hallucinatory vapor that was derived from that flower and used by Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) for his fear gas. It’s speculated that Bane will be aligned with the League of Shadows in Dark Knight Rises, so venom being another chemical derivative utilized by The League is not really a stretch of imagination to envision. Those “skeleton fingers” tubes on the front of the mask could certainly play a part in this theory – say, if in the movie Bane’s venom was ingested through inhalation, rather than injection like in the comics. In that sense, the skeleton finger tubes would function sort of like inhalers, would provide this mask with specific functional purpose for its macabre design.

Furthermore, recent rumors have pointed to the possible inclusion of The Lazarus Pits in The Dark Knight Rises. In the comics the pits were used as “Fountain of Youth” sources for League of Shadows master Ra’s al Ghul to rejuvenate himself at key intervals. Photos of the The Dark Knight Rises‘ India set have revealed structures that could be Lazarus Pits, though the rumor mill is leaning toward the explanation that in Nolan’s universe the pits would be used as a source of Bane’s venom, rather than the supernatural function they serve in the comics. Does Bane’s intricate headpiece lend credit to this idea? It’s certainly becoming a strong possibility…

Right now, all we can say for sure is that it’s exciting to see some official materials from this film appearing on the Internet, as fans are almost certainly eager to participate in yet another great viral marketing campaign launched by Warner Bros. We all know that when it comes to films like this, most of the fun is in the anticipation and analysis of every picture and poster and trailer. We’re looking forward to it!

Bane will attack when The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. What about that faint scar looking thing on his back between his shoulder blade muscles? It looks like there is something there, but I haven’t seen anybody mention it yet.

    • okay i’ll mention it.. theres a scar on his back! lol.

      • You are a Smart Ass but that was hilarious! rofl!

  2. He doesn’t even look like Bane, looks like a swole Hannibal Lecter in that mask. I knew Nolan would do something like this :(. This is why I never liked his Batman movies, at least Marvel Studios tries to keep the same stories (modernizing them and change some things) but he always makes every thing “his own”. He killed Two Face, made Ras al Gul a crazy ninja guy and Joker a psycho serial killer with drippy make up

    • @ CapAmerica

      That makes two of us then. I had a feeling aswell Nolan would have Bane lookin like somthing like that, didn’t want to though. I Nolan’s Batman films, however i don’t think they’re perfect as people give credit for. I agree about Ras Al Ghoul being a teacher to Bruce but anyone should know when Bruce traveled the globe, he had more than one martial arts teacher & Ras was differently not one of them. I liked how he handled Two-Face despite it wasn’t acid that scarred him but thought he could of had that Bruce/Harvey friendship instead of who’s the new DA? And i enjoyed Ledger’s performance as the Joker but not his appearance as like other’s said he looked little too much like The Crow. Now Bane lookin like Hannibal Lecter as a generic goon again? I just hope Hardy pulls off the role.

      • Watch the “Bronson” movie trailer.. Tom Hardy is in it. I’m sure that’ll put your mind at ease for sure!

      • I agree with you both, I did love how Heath portrayed the ‘Joker’ but when the film was first released I spoke to my friends about my disappointment with his looks.
        After watching the trailers/seeing the pictures, I noticed how… Ordinary looking Bane is. I understand they can’t have a hulking 8ft man-beast but C’MON! I still want a little bit of the original Bane! As most will know, in Banes first appearance, when Batman went up against Bane, Bane broke his spine and Batman had to recover before he re approached Bane and bested him. This description clearly shows Bane is not someone you walk up to and punch in the face, yet in the trailer Batman is clearly having a fist fight with Bane! Just because he’s ‘lesser recognised’ doesn’t mean you can change him so dramatically. I already dislike Christian Bale as the Batman due to that ridiculous voice he puts on, so lets hope they can really turn this film around.

        • @ Luke

          Glad im not the only one. My friends & i enjoyed Ledger’s performance of the Joker but didn’t care for his apperance as much. It’s the same with Bane that we feel. Bane didn’t look he towered over Batman in Batman & Robin & it’s the samething with this film in a different way. Bane seems like himself mixed w/ Mutant Leader or just some generic goon in appearance but as in Ledger’s Joker my friends & i hope Hardy can atleast pull off a great performance in the character. Im still skeptical regarding that voice thingy he wears, not to mention how they fixed the background noise in the trailer for film. We still didn’t see why Bane couldn’t have his traditional mask when we seen Scarecrow wore one. The only time he’d be considered scary to anyone was when he spray his hallucination at people. Nolan at first didn’t even want scarecrow to wear the mask that i read but what’s scarecrow without a mask right? Im glad this will be Bale’s last film as Batman with that voice. Like others, glad im not the only one as even Kevin Conroy voiced his opinion on the issue.

    • Are you crazy. He looks awesome and REAL. The huge scary monster thing is cool in comics but thats where it belongs not on film. The biggest thing nolan has made apparent is that his batman films were realistic. So obviously bane would be changed who wants to see a big guy wearing a luchador mask like in the comics. Thats not intimidating at all this mask clearly has a more signifigant purpose. He did kill two-face as in wow he made that character awesome beyond belief. And newsflash the joker IS a pshycotic killer? Did you want his makeup to be all nice and done like a girl? There will NEVER be a better joker than what Heath Ledger did. And marvel keeping to story lines?!!! HA! have you seen what they have let fox do to xmen? Nolan has made the best films surrounding our dark knight to date. Judging from what you said about the villains clearly you forgot this was a batman film it needs to be dark it needs to be real. This movie will be the biggest of the year. Bet.

      • @ joeybatman

        No im not crazy, im just stating my opinions thats common sense. Of-course he looks awesome & REAL for a realistic take of the character but that’s it. Imo, he’s still not intimidating. You’d be surprised at how many want to see someone play Bane who would tower over Batman & wearing his trademark luchador mask. It would be intimidating lookin that way from the comics on film if it’s done proper & NOT like it was done in Batman & Robin. Even in that film, must i say it? Not intimidating because Schumacher messed up the character obviously as he did Mr.Freeze, Two-Face even. Outta all the villains Nolan’s worked into film, Ra’s Al Ghoul & Two-Face were my favorites. Nicolson’s Joker was psychotic aswell as Ledger’s. Both actor’s performances were great. I like the traditional appearance of characters as they’ve appeared in the comics. I understand Nolan’s decicison of why he has them appear as they do as his take on being realistic. Just my opinion of not likeing this or that as anyone else might. I go as far to say there Never be a better Joker than what Heath Ledger’s. That’s what they’ve said about Jack Nicolson years ago. If people say Ledger’s top Nicolson’s then someone else could always top Ledger’s years later. Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to X-Men films. Fox makes the decisions on how the X-Men films will be made till they no longer want the franchise. Actually the Batman franchise started off dark years ago with Burton’s first two films. While alot of people seem to blame Joel Schumacher solely, it was Warner Bros. idea to have the franchise light-hearted & (family-friendly) in the first place. Schumacher had his fair share of mistakes. Even Nolan made mistakes on villains or had ( too many villains) like previous films been critize for. Burton’s first two Batman films did well without all the marketing Batman Begins or TDK had. Anyways, it’s hard to compare the films when Burton’s films were taken to be dark & realistic as Donnor’s Superman films & Nolan’s films taken to be even more realistic. From what ive read online heard from people i know, they liked TDK mostly because of Ledger’s performance alone but the movie itself not as much as the first couple times they’ve seen it.

      • I agree with you all the way fox did kill xmen…hopefully if they redo xmen let Marvel STudios take over it since they did a good job on The Avengers series. If you guys really want to see a joker with perfet make up, or an 8ft Bane, or two-face,etc go watch the first five films with arnold and jim carey,etc. When being a director you either 1) make a redo of a movie (same storyline, just better actors,sound,effects,etc) or 2) redo a movie with a little twist and some changes to keep the viewers on their toes. I mean you can only redo a movie so much before people say screw this movie it’s the same movie just different actors in it….oMG justin beiber is playing batman oh wow. I would rather see a little twist to make me pay attention to the movie. I mean would anyone see “The Amazing Spiderman” movie coming out if they knew it was the same exact storyline and villain that was in the old spiderman with Tobey Mcquire played in?

      • Count on DC fans to support something so far from the comics, if i didnt actually see batman in the movies i would assume im not watching a superheo movie at all. The Avengers jumped to the number 4 movie of all time and is the biggest grossing movie from disney and marvel for a reason. Great storytelling, STAYING true to the comics, and clips from each movie that merged a universe with an all star cast. Maybe one day DC will wake up. I love batman and personally they should just pay rocksteady to produce batman with the arkham asylum series. maybe then well actually get a decent batman.

  3. it is impossible to make a movie directly from a comic as if it were a storyboard. and b4 anyone says ’300′ and ‘watchmen’, significant changes were made to both so that they played out better AS A MOVIE.
    i love batman comics but its unrealistic to expect an exact translation of the source material. comics (particularly superhero ones)are ever changing anyway…there is no definitive version of batman or superman or whoever as different authors have worked on them throughout their literary lifespans. nolan is just another author and in my opinion a very good one…although he did owe a lot to ledger for making TDK what it was

    • I agree batfan. Although, I think Nolan’s joker character was an actor’s dream and I reckon any decent and crucially unexpected actor could have filled those boots just as well

  4. The mask is a prison-mask like Hannibal Lector in “Silence of the lambs.”

    • No, the mask-*SPOILER ALERT*- is made to deliver a drug that both keeps him alive and augments his strength massively.

  5. cripes..

    I think the mask serves up a more modern and realistic look. and the mask may or may not have attachments, which would lend a chance that there could be a second part of the mask that may cover his face and have a luchador style to it. the fire rises chant says “bane bane matalo matalo”, which is spanish. So i believe there will be more additions to the mask. Just wait for it y’all.

    • no the chant is moroccan arab, and they really say “dey-shey dey-shey bah-sur-rah bah-sur-rah”

  6. Tim Burton is only a one-dimensional director who knows how to direct Gothics and Fairy-tales **O-N-L-Y** (Read – The Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride – all SUPERB movies IMO). Unfortunately Batman is not any of the stuff from those two. Even the Comics/novels which were the basic sources, are mature. The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Gotham By Gaslight, The Cult, Son of the Demon, Hush, Blind Justice, Black And white, Strange Apparitions,… you name it. I can’t even believe Burton based his 1989 stuff on the richly developed ‘The Killing Joke’. Where was the depth in the characters? And I’m not talking about the gimmicky stuff like falling in the chemicals pit and and all.

    Unfortunately THAT was the only stuff that Burton got right from that book. Whereas that was the ONLY thing that Nolan did not lift from the book. Thankfully, everything else that was worthy of being picked up was put into this series by Nolan, The Joker’s richly developed personality that is.

    The same is going to happen with Bane. Nolan will hit the bull’s-eye regarding the basic personality of Bane. The gimmicks regarding Venom and all don’t matter to me.

    Burton’s Batman is ideal for children to getting introduced to Batman for the first time ever in life. But are totally cheesy for mature guys. Nolan’s Batman is a mature guy’s Batman.

    …And his Bane will be too.

    • …And I believe if there is any actor who will top Ledger than it’s Hardy. Bronson still plays on my mind…

      • @ Amol

        If he was younger, Mark Hamill would top Heath Ledger. Actually imo, he’d top both Nicolson & Ledger’s Joker.

        • Hamill? Are you on crack?

          • @ peter

            No, if i did it would of been years ago & i probly wouldn’t of graduated from high school etc. Hamill imo would be fantastic as the Joker w/ the right script & director just as Kevin Conroy would of been the perfect Batman. Not sure how old Conroy is now but he’d would blown all the other actors away, even Keaton & Bale’s Batman. Hamill just has more than one Joker laugh i always liked when i watched Batman:TAS, and the comics ive read before and pictures of Joker in books i have now still, i can hear Hamill’s laughter match that. Imo Ledger didn’t have much of a laugh to him, kinda sounded fake or less effort. For some reason i thought Ledger’s laugh sounded great in one of the trailers but in the film, not so much.

    • @ Amol

      Besides Napier falling into the vat of chemicals & becoming the Joker, Burton did do that character great in the film imo. There was depth w/ the characters such Bruce, Vicki Jack Napier aka Joker, etc. At a time Batman did kill in the comics, which some people that i know in person didn’t know about till i told them. Burton got Bruce’s parent’s murder half right, even though it wasn’t Joe Chill they were shot after leaving a movie from a theater & even hinted Bruce Wayne & Harvey Dent knew each other already despite not being seen together. Ledger’s performance was just as great as Nicolson’s imo. Personally thought i thought Nicolson’s Joker was more traditonal & true to the comics at the sametime than Ledger’s. The way Nolan will handle Bane matters to me just as he handled Joker. Especially if Bane will use venom cause what would Nolan really have Bane do? Overdose on steroids instantly & live or somthing? Burton’s Batman Cheesy? lol His films imo have a darker feel than Nolan’s films. Even Gotham City in Burton’s films looked darker than whats seen Nolan’s films. Only cheesy Batman film made was Batman & Robin. I hope Bane won’t be a disappointment a second time.

      • (“Nicolson’s Joker was more traditional & true to the comics…”)

        I hope you know that there is NO definitive definition of ANY character in comics throughout the character’s history…and that includes Batman too.

        As time travels, things evolve. So did Batman.

        So your above statement is CORRECT. Because Burton did get inspired from some Batman comic and it has to be the first one: B#001 (1940). And an Iconic one at that. The First Batman Comic ever. Undeveloped. Raw. No Depth in characters. Just purely made with children as targets.

        Nolan based The Joker on the critically-acclaimed ‘The Killing Joke (1989)’ and ‘The Long Halloween (1996-1997)’.

        And the difference in evolution between the first Batman comic (1940) and ‘The Killing Joke (1988)’ is for anybody to see …which is as clear as Night and Day.

        • yeh man

    • dude you are right on

  7. As for the similarities between The Dark Knight and The Killing Joke, please refer to:


    …where I have stated them.

  8. burtons harvey dent was black

    • @ lul wot

      Yes, Burton’s Harvey Dent was black for some reason. I disagree w/ Burton on that decision but they made up for that obviously by buying Billy Dee Williams out of his contract so they can have Tommy Lee Jones play take the role as Two-Face. Anyways, some People were fine w/ Michael Clarke Duncan being the Kingpin in Daredevil and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord in G. I.Joe when the character isn’t.

  9. I’m sick of hearing “stick to the comics.”

    First, things have to update as time passes. Batman has been around since the 1930s. Should he still be driving the same batmobile? Should we be including Robin since he was with Batman since the beginning?

    Second, things that happen in comic books don’t necessarily translate well to the big screen. Do you realize how ridiculous Bane would look with his mexican wrestler’s mask on?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a *total* butchering of the comic storyline (like the x men movies), but a little creative interpretation is just fine.

    • @ xXx

      First, The tumbler isn’t even refered as the Batmobile other by name by the filmakers & fans and i have no problem with change of Batmobiles lookin different aslong as they look somewhat great. Robin wasn’t w/ Batman since the beginning.

      Second, Doubtful Bane would look ridiculous w/ his mexican mask on if they designed & made it proper. Imo Joker looked little bit like the Crow as others mentioned & looked crappy when the war paint wore off his face. Right now Bane in the above picture looks as if he’s Hannibal Lector on venom w/ that kind of a mask, or just a generic goon again.

      • The joker didn’t look crappy when the paint began to ran, imo and im sure most others, it looked even better. It bled with the continuity of the film running off when things heated up like when batman was pounding his face in the interriation scene. This adds effect as well as realism. I don’t think I’d like your vision of a batman film wally

        • @ peter

          Looked better? Sure, but imo in one shot of him sitting down talkin to that detective, he looked like a out of work bum clown. And that would be when he was a failed comedian before becoming the Red Hood & falling into the vat of chemicals. Do you think id care if you liked my version of Batman films? I wrote ideas for films people enjoyed years ago, some i havn’t finished yet. Im not talkin about just my friends i know in person but people i talk to online because i once wanted to go into filmaking but changed my mind. So your opinion of my Batfilms could end up being means nothing to me.

          • Why didn’t you go into film making? you could have had the Nolan brothers quaking in their boots…

            • @ peter

              It was a number of reasons i didn’t. And i wouldn’t try to top the Nolan brother’s work neither, not who i am. Couple of reasons was college & finding a good enough job while attending. If i was to be a filmaker & deliever the best movies people expect to see, than then i would as much freedom as i can to make the film regarding Characters for the story, script etc. Even the best directors have their limitations depending on films due to budget concerns among other things. And there were personal reasons.

  10. Bane’s Mask & Venom Serum sound soooooo BAD … I can’t wait to see the trailer.

  11. Here’s my take on what the plot could be:
    We know Ra’s al Ghul makes a return (likely through flashbacks). I believe that early on Bane will enter the film and raise hell in Gotham, possibly working with the LOS (Ghul’s daughter is suppose to be in the film). Its possible that Batman has an encounter with Bane, gets his back broken ala the comic, and through his recooperation, Bruce Wayne trains at the newly finished Wayne Manor, using his memories (flashbacks) of his time with the LOS to push through the pain. I also think Cat Woman will be more of a pain in the ass than a true villain (as a love interest/hinderance). She may come in at the end to help Batman defeat the other villains, after which she’ll escape again..

    I’m guessing we’ll be getting a new Batmobile in this movie as well :)

    • I think your half right. Clearly this movie is going to be LOS based. I mean all the signs are there (Liam Neeson, Bane, The Lazarus Pit) Also, I agree that Ra’s will be in this only as a flashback. But I think the flashbacks will be for Bane when he was a child before he goes off to prision. I was thinkin that maybe nolan would probably switch it around so that he trains him as a boy so that he can survive in prision.

  12. ●●●●●●●●●

  13. I don’t like the Bane mask, quite ugly and messed up. Should’ve made it more similar to the comic version.

  14. what i want to know is that does anyone think nolan won’t put the the venom element into the film so it’ll fit into the basis of realism for the batman films?
    if so, won’t it ruin the whole idea of bane, which it was the addition of the venom which made him the only man to break the bat.

  15. Isn’t Tom Hardy like 5″9? How in the hell is he going to play a 6″8 Bane with venom? Like what the hell was Nolan thinking????

    • @ BatmansBlackJewFriend

      Id have to say it’s Nolan’s version of Bane, not the comic book version just as Joker was among other villains we’ve seen & will see in TDKR.

  16. Yeah the Bane Character is suppose to be a Hulking monster according to the comics…But he is also a Genius, How many people that are 6 foot 8 can actually act intelligently. Tom hardy is a Brilliant actor that can pull off the persona as Bane. And Nolan’s realistic visions of the Batman movies are brilliant. I agree with some above comments that the older Batman movies were geared towards children where the Nolan versions are for Adults who are tired of movies solely based on special effects and explosions with nothing towards plot and Intelligent acting.

    • @ TheRenegade

      I think it was just Batman Forever & Batman & Robin there aimed towards children since WB wanted to take the franchise into that direction after they felt Batman Returns was too dark, among other issues. One thing Nolan’s films lack is good action scenes. Hopfully the next reboot can find a balance between what both Burton & Nolan have done to make the franchise different while exciting aswell.

      • Nolan films have quite a bit of action actually so your wrong aboutthat stamement. Havnet you seen dark knight and Inception?

        • Agreed

        • @ justin

          I don’t think im wrong. Others mentioned the samething about the action in Nolan’s Batman films isn’t that great. Action involving Batman that is. I should of been more clear on that. And Inception is overhyped imo.

  17. Some of you are reading WAY too much into this. Everything has to be spot on with you people, let Nolan work. It’s not like we all aren’t going to go see it. Tom Hardy is a great actor, it’d be more realistic to have someone who can act that someone who is legitimately 6’8″ in real life and can’t act do the part. Hell, since we want this to be so realistic, if Bane doesn’t break Batman’s back in this movie, we’ll riot. But we know that’s not realistically how this movie will end. Just relax and wait for it to come out, the trailer looks amazing.

  18. You guys are looking into this way to much. I loved the comics of batman and the older movies, but you have to look at each media and movie as a whole different version. Bane’s mask looks more metal and gritty because that is what the Dark Night is all about! It’s about a savage modern world. you can’t expect Bane to come out in the mask he wore in the comics! It just would not fit in this “Dark Night” world.

    • @ BatGirl

      Imo Bane could still wear a mask simliar to the ones he wore in the comics or even like that artist’s concept art would look great in Nolan’s film. Forget which Batman article on here it’s shown on though. Even Scarecrow had his mask, but of-course how can use him as a villain without his mask right? Nolan just had him wear the mask & a suit. If he could that, he could made Bane wear his trademark mask in version of films aswell. Whatever Bane wears over his mouth doesn’t look menaceing to me.

  19. Take a look in “Batman Begins”, when Ra’s Al Ghul tells Bruce what is he going to do with the machine and then he puts on a mask that seems like Bane’s mask on the new Batman film.(srry about my english, i haven’t practice for a long time).

  20. from the look of some of the pictures bane is in the batcave. that should mean bane will break batmans back in this movie

  21. A THEORY:
    Here is something I haven’t read anywhere but to me, seems like at least a possibility. A lot of people have been suggesting Bruce Wayne could die in TDKR, and I could certainly see that happening. The quote from the trailer where he says he hasn’t given everything yet certainly makes that case.

    It appears there will be some sort of dynamic at play in the movie regarding greed, wealth and decadence. Hathaway’s quote about living large, the stock market shoot-up, etc. all point to some kind of story that mirrors the 99% vs. 1% bickering going on in the United States right now.

    Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. We all know he’s a billionaire with a passion for justice, but most see him as a vapid playboy. My theory about TDKR is that what Batman (or more accurately Wayne) has left to give isn’t his life – it’s his identity. We’ve been told Gotham is a war zone in this film, possibly cut off from the outside world after those bridges are blown up. We see a scene in one trailer where police and some other group run towards each other in an almost “Braveheart” kind of way. We see Batman fighting Bane in the middle of a huge brawl.

    It seems like Bane is going to let the public know the truth about Harvey Dent, which will be a problem for Gotham’s morale, but will also clear Batman’s name. If Gotham is at war with Bane and with itself over the 99%-1% deal, maybe Bruce reveals his identity to the public to bring everyone together to defeat Bane. If Gotham’s residents see that a billionaire, who could choose not to lift a finger for the rest of his life and has everything to (seemingly) lose is the man putting his life at risk to save them, it could galvanize the people enough to fight and defeat Bane.

    The problem with my theory is what happens after Bane is defeated. Does Bruce go to jail? If the city is cut off, is it possible Gotham protects his identity from the rest of the world? Does Bruce leave Gotham forever, finally put his past behind him, and go live somewhere else in anonymity, maybe with a woman? Does someone else take up the mantle of Batman if he departs? I don’t know what would happen, but I do think it’s possible the last thing he gives to Gotham is the knowledge that someone who seemed on the outside not to care about anyone but himself has really made the greatest sacrifices of all. Maybe in the last battles with Bane he fights alongside the people in Gotham in his suit, but everyone knows it’s Bruce Wayne underneath.

  22. I liked 3 comics in my life,
    first was batman for its dark weirdness, joker killing robin for him to come back as nighthawk. joker working with batman cuz he gets set-up, bane breaking the bat. AT the moment im enjoying the Arkham games cuz its well written (with no silly bale voice).
    secondly was xmen, the films were all wrong, they cut out jubilee from 2, jugganaut is xaviers bro etc I can go on. then we hit origins….not only was it all wrong but they completely cocked up the best marvel character who is my fav of all….Deadpool….
    If someone else cocks up his movie(if it even starts) i will have no faith in movies & I’ll stick to the xbox…
    Plus Bane’s mask will inject an anaestetic into him…not venom :(

  23. Why can’t they have the Bane from the previous 1997 batman movie

  24. Does anybody else wonder how Bane eats and drinks with that mask on?

  25. In the movie the mask is mainly used as pain releif from the jack job surgery he had in The Pitt. This gives bane an advantage. He can take as many hits as he wants and constant pain relief means he can take it. Punching into walls also. It’s not shown how he eats but in the movie you see him spill a cup of water meaning he could possibly be drinking through the grate structure in the middle of the mask.

  26. Bane’s character was born and raised in a prison, as he was to pay for crimes committed by his Father. Bane was raised in Pena Dura (hard rocks) after a series of events that give him not only physical streantgh but mental genius the guards in the prison decided that he would be a good fit to test a new serum called titan turning him into a super soldier. The mask he wears distributes the titan directly into his blood stream. The test almost left him dead because the titan was injected directly into his brain. What the mask accomplishes is to distribute it evenly so he may survive. the mask is his lifeline without he is dead.

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_does_bane_wear_a_mask#ixzz21lRupc1d

  27. Bane’s character was born and raised in a prison, as he was to pay for crimes committed by his Father. Bane was raised in Pena Dura (hard rocks) after a series of events that give him not only physical streantgh but mental genius the guards in the prison decided that he would be a good fit to test a new serum called titan turning him into a super soldier. The mask he wears distributes the titan directly into his blood stream. The test almost left him dead because the titan was injected directly into his brain. What the mask accomplishes is to distribute it evenly so he may survive. the mask is his lifeline without he is dead.

  28. Ummm, Joker kicked ass, btw, and I really don’t think he would give a s*** if his make up is running. He’s trying to cause chaos. And Bane was okay I guess, but he really wasn’t that scary or anything, but I was just wondering, wasn’t he like a slave of Poison Ivy or something?

  29. Yes, if you like his mask, you can buy a good mask. You are bane today!