‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Updates: New Cast Member, Set Pic & Budget Info

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 9:31 pm,

the dark knight rises script The Dark Knight Rises Updates: New Cast Member, Set Pic & Budget Info

Anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises reached a whole new level this month as the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy officially entered production. As usual, we have more questions than answers when it comes to the plot of the film – but recent set pics, unexpected casting announcements, and vague assertions from some of the film’s stars have helped paint a clearer picture of what fans can expect.

There’s still a sense that we only know as much as the filmmakers want us to (which is to say very little), but that certainly hasn’t stopped us from engaging in impassioned bouts of speculation and debate. Consider the following developments more fuel for that fire…

On the casting front, Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul has signed on to The Dark Knight Rises and according to Xnet he will “embody the image of a particularly evil mad scientist”. Aboutboul has appeared in various films and television shows including Body of Lies, Munich, Fringe, The Mentalist, Castle, and NCIS.

The mad scientist description certainly isn’t going to help quell those persistent rumors that the character of Hugo Strange might appear in The Dark Knight Rises. Fans have been teased with the possibility of his involvement from the earliest stages of the film’s development and his name popped up again just last month.

Gary Oldman previously hinted that a large portion of The Dark Knight Rises would center around another major villain who had yet to be announced. While Strange seemed like a strong contender at the time, recent revelations from the set in India are starting to make his inclusion seem far more unlikely.

Although the idea of Christopher Nolan incorporating one of Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Pits into the film’ storyline still seems slightly out of step with the more grounded approach he took with the mythology in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight,  the rumor that one of these pits is somehow connected to Bane’s origin and is filled with Venom (or at least this film’s equivalent of it) doesn’t seem totally far-fetched.

Either way, my money’s on Aboutboul’s character being a scientist who has a hand in the creation of Venom and is somehow tied to the League of Shadows. In fact – fans of the comics may remember that when Bane was initially exposed to the drug, the doctor who administered it coincidentally looked quite a bit like Strange.

If they are indeed using one of the pits as a component in Bane’s back story, then they’re making substantial deviations from the character’s  incredible origin from the comics.  Nolan has certainly earned our trust at this point, though – and there’s definitely a very intriguing finale coming together here.

Now that filming in India has been completed, the production has moved to London and Hollywood Chicago has a few details regarding what’s taking place there. The crew have set up shop in the Farmiloe Building on St. John Street – the same structure that doubled as the Gotham City Police Department in the previous two films.

Nolan and co. are gearing up to shoot two scenes next week and nearby residents & local business owners have been informed that they’ll be hearing gunshots coming from the set. The reader who took the above picture also sent along the following info:

These are the same SUVs that we saw filming “The Dark Knight”. They have also put black tarpaulin over the front of the building to stop light getting in that would ruin a shot. They have HUGE cameras and fans down the side entrance. There about 20 film crew on site. The name on the side of the trucks is Panalux.

I also spoke to security. They hinted that this will be the inside of a police station. They said the set inside looks amazing. Security said there’s only one entrance and I will definitely see people entering and leaving next week. They were adamant that the main filming is all of next week and the work this week is all preparation.

Despite the fact that cameras are already rolling on The Dark Knight Rises, there appears to be some tension mounting between Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures regarding the film’s massive $250 million budget and who’s going to be picking up the tab. They split the cost of The Dark Knight 50/50 – but according to the LA Times, Warner Bros. is evidently looking to secure a bigger chunk of the profits this time out.

Warner Bros. has enjoyed a long-running and successful partnership with Legendary that includes teaming up for blockbusters like The Hangover & Clash of the Titans and a rift in their relationship could potentially make it harder for them to minimize the financial risk of greenlighting future genre pictures.

This is far and away the most expensive film in Nolan’s Batman trilogy – Batman Begins cost $150 million and The Dark Knight came in at $185 million. It sounds like they’re pulling out all the stops for this installment and considering how epic in scope The Dark Knight already was, it’s pretty exciting to consider what the filmmakers might have in store for us this time.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Source: Xnet, The LA Times, and Hollywood Chicago.

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  1. I think he would be a good Hugo Strange.

  2. Too many villains?

    I think we’re being fed a steady diet of mis-information on this film – personally. I would bet that all of these so-called casting announcements amount to a single line of dialogue from an unnamed character.

    I would like to believe that Nolan wouldn’t fall prey to the Spidey 3 trap.

    So far I would believe only Catwoman & Bane – that is all. No Ra’s, No Hugo, No Talia, No Croc, No whoever else you think looks like a Batman villain that has been cast as Policeman #4 or Scientist #5.

    • I agree that Nolan isn’t going to pull a Spider-Man 3, but I understand how some might feel that the film is in danger of getting too crowded. I’m already quite sure that this will be the longest of the three, though.

      Also, even if Strange DID turn up in the film (which I highly doubt) he wouldn’t necessarily have to be one of the main villains. The same way that when those b.s. TDK Oswald Cobblepot rumors surfaced, the idea was that he’d only make a brief appearance in the film. Something akin to Lao’s screen time in TDK – important to the plot, but still a secondary character. Again, unlikely – just saying it could work.

      Marion Cotillard already acknowledged that there’s more to her role than what we’re being told and the fact that we know Ra’s and the League of Shadows are somehow involved means that there’s probably A LOT more to this story than just Bane & Catwoman.

      I still really love the idea of Bane inheriting the role Ra’s was grooming Wayne for in BB. It can still work without Ra’s appearing in the present day, but I don’t think that’s anywhere near as effective. I’ve said this before, but the Contagion arc in the comics really showcased how well the Batman/Ra’s/Bane/Talia dynamic could work.

      Personally, I think they really dropped the ball by not including Talia in BB. She’s certainly a far more endearing love interest than Rachel. Being torn between her father’s wishes and her love for Bruce has always been so integral not only to the Bruce/Talia relationship, but to the Ra’s/Batman conflict as well. If Ra’s does indeed return in TDKR, there’s still the potential to explore that, but with the inclusion of Selina Kyle it seems like Nolan has other ideas for their character arcs.

      Only time will tell, but I believe there’s a strong chance that Batman might have bigger problems than just Bane in TDKR.

      • hmm

    • No Hugo,yes Talia.
      I´m sure Talia WILL be in TDKR!

      • Yeah! Talia is HOT!!! 😉

    • Spider-man 3 didn’t many villains.

  3. i’d definately believe talia is in it. since theyve always said the third will tie in with BB.

    • Clearer doesn’t mean a full picture. If you look back to just a month or two ago, our understanding of what the film would be about has changed considerably.

      And yet, we’re probably still in for a number of surprises. So even though it feels like we probably know very little in the scheme of things (the truth about those pits, Cotillard’s role, what function Ra’s will serve in the story), that info has still helped shape a much different view of what we can expect to see.

  4. I hope they continue the story arc with a different director and crew, instead of rebooting the franchise again.

    • Bats falls into a lazarus pit at the end of the third movie and “rises” with a slightly different armor and face… a regeneration ala Doctor Who..

  5. I think Nolan is a pretty smart guy and he has come to realize that simply casting actors is creating buzz and making us fanboys drool and speculate; especially in this age of techno-transparency.

    I think with that in mind he is specifically letting us know all sorts of casting choices so that we all get so crazy with possibilities we won’t possibly be able to discern his real plan.

    It’s at least what I would do. Red herrings for everyone!

  6. If he really put that many Batman-charachters in this movie, maybe not everyone gets that much of screentime, theyre could be many cameos as a nod to the Batman-fans.
    But many fans could be disappointed about the short screentime, on the other hand theyre also disappointed when theyre not in it at all, so no matter how you do it, somebody will allways be disappointed.

  7. With that many villains it sounds like they are using part of the Bane story line where Batman is worn down by having to hunt down a bunch of escaped villains before he faces Bane. So most of these castings will be for one battle with Batman.

  8. I really don’t see a big deal with “too many characters”. Most of the movie does have numerous “real -life” characters, the only difference is we are talking about a comicbook movie, so what are you guys expecting?

    The Dark Knight Rises will be a Game-changer movie, in terms of scope, story, cast and complexity.

    Remember that the important thing will be how all those characters connect to the story, wheter they’re villians or not. They’re characters above anything else.

    I don’t see no Spiderman 3 syndrome. BB and TDK had many characteres that supported the story as a villians (the mob, corrupted cops, comicbook villians, CEO) and heroes (the police, Batman, Alfred, Harvey Dent)

    My two cents…

    • That is exactly what i was thinking.
      Rename Scientist #1 with doctor hugo strange, henchman #2 with deadshot, crocodile in a zoo with killer croc, just kiddin on last one 😉
      Its the Batman-universe, a cleaning lady in the movie could have the same name as a cleaning lady in the comics but no one would notice.

    • How can it be a game changer when that is one of the factors that killed the original set of movies with Micael Keaton and the string of other Batman wanna be’s.

      • Actually, Batman Begins changed the industry just in case you did not notice it. All superheroes movies after Begins are and will be compared to this serie.

        Batman was sterile as a character and was shown in the the screen as a pop-culture figure, rather than translating the complexity of his universe, greatness of his villians and flaws as a human, that make him the most interesting superheroein the world.

  9. I touched on this the other day, with all the casting going on and all these rumors for diffrent villans in the film I FEEL as if Bane will be the main villian and Catwoman will provide a nice distraction for Bruce/Bats. But IMO i feel as if we will see the develeopment of a few rouges how else would we know he will be Batman forever, So the inclusion of Dr. Hugo Strange,Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Talia and TLOS is all possible. Granted do i think he will spend alot of time on these other rouges? NO not at all I think Bane and Catwoman and the tie in to BB will be the main focus, But to see rouges making the choice to be more then just your average criminal that is something we might see. Seeing The Riddler come up with his first Riddle who is Batman? We can see the street savy Gotham Girl sure sounds alot like a spin off of Harley Quinn get a job at Arkahm where she meets Hugo Strange who asks that she helps him with a certain inmate. So on so forth hell we might even see a Dick Greyson cameo lol In Nolan I Trust!

    • I couldn’t agree more Nolan has yet to disapoint why loose faith now.

  10. It would be realy cool if nolan makes a james bond movie.
    He said he would love to do one and i can’t believe that any studio would say to nolan to do a film for them. Since the quantum-part was not so good, the next one, i don´t know, but then, nolan make a bond-movie please, i beg you.

  11. I think that there are too many bad guys, like spider man 3 and xmen 3, but (batman 3?!?!?!?!) this movie has nolan directing it, and so far, i cant judge him to hardly because i hvent seenth movie yet…

    Im worried and hopeful, mostly hopeful, nolan hasnt done wrong… and may not in this movie, but the third superhero movies are always bad, superman, spiderman, xmen… hopefully nolan can change that…

    I trust he can 😀

  12. I have to agree with everyone. I hope Nolan doesn’t make a threequel mistake like everyone else. (x-men, spidey)

  13. I could only speculate on all of this, but what I can say for sure is that this is the most anticipated film in. . . my life! lol

  14. Wow! When I read that a film has a $250 million dollar budget with a director who uses as few computer generated effects as possible and has already blown us away with BB & TDK I get excited about this even more. I don’t see this money being wasted on a better craft srevice table. Nolan is known for getting the most out of studio dollars and doesn’t go over budget. So this could mean more IMAX scenes and bigger and better practical effects. I have never been more excited for one film….

  15. i wouldn’t be surprised if the tie in with batman begins is an arc in the story to include inner turmoil at wayne industries.
    i think rutger hauer’s character would still have some bad blood towards bruce and others for humiliating him. he may have some ties to the villain(s).
    don’t be surprised if that pool is full of toxic waste from a wayne industries manufacturing plant that bruce doesn’t know about.
    it is kind of hard to run that size of company with worldwide ties with only the trust of lucius fox.

  16. 1,2 or 3 main villains will appear in beginning mayb the flash backk is the main intro.
    b4 batmans intro an other sort screen time villain will appear.
    like in TDK (scare crow scene) bats takes him out.
    umm might go back to main villain #1 in the present.
    possibly after that #2 main villain & his hench men will appea.

    jus a thought.

  17. I dont see the need for Catwoman in all this. Just saying.

  18. For all of you on this Spiderman 3 train of thought, let me just say, Sauron, Saruman, orcs, The Nazgul, Gollum, and some minor irritations,the watcher in the water, the cave troll, the balrog,and The Ring. Not to mention the brief conflicts with Boromir, Faramir,(especially)Denethor,and Theodens initial reluctance to aid Gondor. Oh yeah, lets not forget Grima Wormtongue. Hows that for over crowded with villains and conflict?

    • The flaw in your logic is that LOTR was covered over three films, and allowed for more character development.

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