‘Dark Knight Returns, Part 2′ Trailer: Batman vs. Superman, The Joker & More

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DC Universe’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 covers the third and fourth issues of Frank Miller’s trend-setting Caped Crusader comic book series, picking up where Part 1 (read our review) left off. That means more brutal street warfare between a greying Bruce Wayne (voice of Peter Weller) and the criminal factions of Gotham, putting Bats at even greater odds with the authorities and convincing the U.S. government to recruit the Man of Steel (voice of Mark Valley) to take down the masked menace.

The new trailer for Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 teases all that and more, including the newly-released Joker (voiced by Person of Interest star Michael Emerson), who has emerged from a semi-comatose state that began once Wayne decided to retire his cape and cowl.

Emerson’s voice sounds weird coming out of the Joker’s mouth to me, as someone used to Mark Hamill providing the Clown Prince’s demented vocals and cackle. Of course, there’s nowhere near enough material here to determine if the former has put his own impressionable spin on the character (who doesn’t appear in the trailer – at least, not long enough to register). All the same, one might imagine the Joker in Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 sounding even more manic than usual, after storing so much psychosis over the course of a decade.

There’s little reason to doubt that Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 director Jay Oliva and screenwriter Bob Goodman will fail to capture the political subversiveness and grisly tone of Miller’s source comic – that is, as well as they did with Part 1. That’s why my focus with this trailer breakdown has instead been on ‘fringe elements’ like Emerson as Joker or Valley as Superman (whose voice seems a reasonable fit for the morally-righteous superhero).

batman dark knight returns part 2 trailer Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 Trailer: Batman vs. Superman, The Joker & More

Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 features some of the more memorable iconography (not to mention, brutal imagery) from Miller’s comic, such as the visual of Batman sending painful bolts of electricity surging through Superman while the two engage in fisticuffs. The animation (like in Part 1) lacks the rough and scribbly texture of Miller’s drawing style, but the darkly-handsome character design does not diminish the story’s impact. For those reasons, this film seems like a must-see for hardcore Batman fans (even those who decided to pass on Part 1).

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 should be available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download by early 2013.

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  1. The First one exceeded my expectations, no doubt this will be even better.

  2. Part 1 was a little light in action for my taste. And I was put off by the Batman’s voice; something doesn’t fit for me. The clip for part 2 is equally jarring in terms of voice acting. I don’t like Batman’s or Joker’s voices. I’m hoping both grow on me while watching Part 2.

    • Joker’s voice sounds good, IMO. It seems to fit for an older version of the character. There’s nothing spectacular about Batman’s voice, though.

  3. The war goes on…

  4. Peter Wellers Batman voice continues to be terrible

  5. Why wasn’t this just released as one movie? WB figured it was easy enough to screw batman fans i guess

  6. Absolutely brilliant! Cannot wait. Part 1 was superb, subverted the fairly gruesome art of the comic and focused on the great story, also, Mark Valley seems the perfect voice for Superman. Emmerson is a good fit for Joker too.

  7. I loved Part I, and this looks like it will continue that high standard of quality. The “cleaned-up” animation is great (and an improvement, IMO, over the irritating art of the graphic novel). The voice work continues to impress me. The 2nd part also DOES seem to possess all of the necessary brutality of the corresponding written/drawn work (at least, as far as I can tell from just a trailer).

    I can’t wait…

  8. That’s a horribly cut trailer. Takes all the suspense away, it’s unfair to the people who have not read the book.

    FYI I own TDKReturns.

  9. The artwork from the graphic novel is what originally put me off in the first place. And now, WB and the cast and crew have made me a genuine fan. They knocked it out of the park. As far as Batman and Hokers voice, hey I understand. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are awesome. Bur why not try something new? Personally, Peter Weller nailed it, especiallt when reciting the line:
    “You dont get it son. This isnt a mud hole. Its an operating table. And Im the surgeon. [crack!]”
    And Emersons:
    “B-b-Batman. Darling.” (smile)
    Awesome. Goosebumps. Cant wait.

    • Goosbumps..!! even from reading that line.

  10. Even though the voice of Bats and Supes is kinda off-puting and I’m strating to get really sick of Batman, this trailer has me excited for the movie.

    Here’s hoping it will be better than Part 1.

  11. I would see this movie and Part 1 IF Kevin Conroy voiced Batman, but since he’s not, I won’t even waste my money, And the Joker? WORST voice ever.

  12. i wonder if there gonna be green arrow (he is in the comics)

  13. i did not like animation in part one it was crude. when there is not action on screen it was bland and emotionless, but i guess heavy metal dark knight returns animation style would be to much to ask…

  14. Don’t forget about the plumped out Selina too…is she in it I wonder?
    I agree, the trailer told the whole story…bad deal there. I hope the last scene with the Joker is uncut from the graphic novel…that image is gruesomely memorable.

  15. Silly question and I haven’t read DKR because Frank Miller is a little overrated for my taste but why is Batman carrying a gun and using a gun? That’s the most off-putting thing about the trailer for me.

  16. Screen Rant – You mention Dark Knight RISES several times in the post instead of RETURNS – FYI.

    Returns was pretty awesome, I really enjoyed it!!

    I am all for a Rated R Returns and/or Strikes live action movie, instead of a reboot of Batman for Justice League. Limited audience (150/200m box office instead of 400+m box office) could make for a real gritty and dark movie.

    • Thanks for catching that, it’s been corrected.

  17. Graphics are great. Voices, not so much.

  18. From what I WAS able to watch on stupid frakking iTunes (thanks for nothing) since you can’t really rent movies anymore, the voice actor made a decent Bruce Wayne and a better Batman; he sounded like Michael Ironside a lot of the time.

    The only part of the video here that particularly put me off was the first part of Batman talking, because it didn’t even sound like the same person. Most of the rest of it, fine.

    I’ve also noted that “It ends now” or “It ends tonight” is a line that gets repeated a LOT throughout the DC World. It sucks because DC otherwise doesn’t really dissapoint for me, and when they do, you can tell what they were going for even if it wasn’t perfect. Yes, Including Green Lantern 2. I liked it better than Thor, which bored me. Deal with it.

    Man, it’s hard not being a pirate in general, though. I gotta actually BUY the stuff I like. You know how little money I make? It’s tough beans.

    • Uh, make that Green Lantern 1. Lol. I’m hopeful.

    • In all fairness, you seem to be in the minority.

      Pretty much everyone I’ve read thinks that, although Peter Weller has earned a LOT of kudos over his career and is still regarded as a good actor, his was an unexpected choice and not very successful rendition of the Dark Knight.

      I like Peter Weller a whole lot and I#ll still watch him in whatever he turns up in, but he simply doesn’t have the voice for Batman.

      • In ACTUAL fairness, you likely don’t know enough people to presume that Weller failed as Bruce’s/Batman’s voice with the majority of watchers. In fact, ALL the people I know that watched Part 1 (or, at the very least, the trailer for it) LIKED his voice and thought he did a great job.

        Does my ALL trump your PRETTY MUCH? By your standards, yes. In truth it simply means that one group of people disliked him; another group liked him…and THAT is all it means. So, NO, Michael is NOT in the minority. He simply might wish to avoid going to see films with you and your friends.

        • Nope, he sucked as batman. I know a lot of people.

          • Ah…arrogant denial.


  19. No, Batman. You are not the law. I am the law.

  20. I watched the previews in the DVD and I saw something instering well to me anyway. It showed Batman kissing some overweight lady in A Wonder Woman suit. Is it Diana,Artmes or Lana Lang or is it someone else.

    • It’s Selina Kyle. The joker dresses her up like WW

    • ***SPOILER ALERT****


  21. Green Arrow better be in it….

  22. Watch out Kanyes gonna sample Bruce Wayne’s heart beat and rap over it any day now.

  23. Funny, Superman IQ quotient is not that low to fall on Batman’s trap but then again this is a Batman movie