SR Geek Picks: Batman in Classic Christmas Movies, Why ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Fails & More

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Anchorman Drinking Game

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Joaquin Phoenix Is Challenged to Quit Smoking

Before talking about Joaquin’s new film, Her, Jimmy tries to get his friend to quit smoking cigarettes.


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  1. The critique of Star Trek Into Darkness, although lengthy and not necessariy eloquently stated, was nevertheless, in many ways, spot on.

    By the way, Simon Pegg is a moron. I can’t believe the guy actually lied, over and over again, about the villain in the film, rather than just declining to discuss it.

    • Pegg is a well known twat.

      • Whatever Pegg’s particular issues are, the filmmakers put the cast in an impossible position. Everybody knew from the get-go that the villain was going to be Khan. It wasn’t at all a secret that it was going to be Khan. And then you prohibit the cast from answering point-blank questions about whether Cumberbatch is Khan? That’s nonsense. Nonsense in service of nonsense.

    • To be fair, Abrams himself was flat-out denying the villain was Khan, so maybe Pegg was just doing what he was told on that one.

  2. I don’t like Fallon, but Joaquin Phoenix was real funny. He’s good.

  3. I have to disagree with the critique of Star Trek Into Darkness. My main issue with the originals were the tendency to make them into soap operas in space, while adding in terribly choreographed fight scenes, and the overacting by the majority of the cast. The new Star Trek movies have focused on gaining a broader audience and that requires revisiting some key themes.

    • But if you want to get a new audience, why make the villain Khan? Why not make it a new villain?

    • It’s the opposite, surely? Revisiting some key themes was the misguided attempt at appealing to the established fans; you only gain a broader audience by trying something that hasn’t been seen before.

      Also, say what you will about the originals, but none of them contained anything as overtly soapy as the current Spock/Uhura relationship.

    • “the tendency to make them into soap operas in space, while adding in terribly choreographed fight scenes, and the overacting by the majority of the cast.”

      What are you talking about…NONE of the original movies had anything to do with soap opera themes. Not even the worst TV seasons wasted much time on lengthy relationship, who-with-whom love triangles as seen on many modern TV shows (Arrow, Smallville etc come to my mind)…

      Old Star Trek at its best was simply ABOVE all of that. It was a self-contained world, a bit overloaded by techno-babble from the 90s onwards but it wa still lightyears ahead of most competing programs back then. The only show that has recently outscored original Trek is Nu Doctor Who because it takes the genre beyond the final frontier…

      The new movies are a bit too formulaic and too close to your average big bang blockbuster to be considered good Star Trek, but at least the first one was a good movie. STID on the other handed was ludicrously ridden with shoehorning, plotholes and pointlessness. It was a 180 million VOID… truly “into darkness” or rather into “nothingness”… WORST STAR TREK EVER!

  4. Nailed STID as the piece of sh.t it is.

  5. that women complaining about STID is one bitter B*&#H… get over it.

    • She is one 100% correct B*&#H.

      • 100% correct?? So her opinion is the end all be all. There was nothing in your mind that you found to be off by her comments?

        • Don’t get semantical. He probably agrees, as do I and many others, that the film was bad, and he probably also agrees, as do I and many others, with many, if not most, of the points that she makes.

          If you seriously have a problem with something as litte as him saying that she is “100% correct”, then you should have a problem with many of the much larger lapses in Star Trek Into Darkness.

          • I don’t have a problem if that is what he (JSG) thinks, I was just asking him a question.

            I would like to think that most people appreciate the comparative analysis she is trying to make but could live without the 15 out of 30 mins of wasted video in which it is just a bunch of contradicting, dismissive, curse filled complaining much like the actors and producers comments she started her video with, making her seem bitter.

            • BUT… maybe I misunderstand and this is exactly what she was going for in which case.. I guess she did a really good job with her video.

    • Right, and you’re not bitter at all.

      • Nope, not one bit. Happy Holidays!

  6. Interesting critique on STID, albeit misguided.

    JJ and co. wanted to make an ST movie for the general movie goer, and not the hardcore Trek fan. If you expected something more than that, then you’ll surely be disappointed.

    ST, under the JJ regime, is now a 2 hour (or less) summer movie thrill ride. It’s fun for a while, but like drinking soda, is filled with empty calories. If this movie franchise is successful for Paramount and everyone else involved, then expect more of the same. If not, wait for the next reboot cycle (which may come sooner than you think).

  7. I liked star trek into darkness, im watching right now, dont give in to the babies.

  8. Star Trek Into Darkness video steals jokes and direct quotes from Red Letter Media’s review of the film. So in addition to disagreeing with him/her, I find their style to be quite “wack” for stealing from reviewers i enjoy…not cool.

  9. LMAO, great ST vid. The only thing that I can do about this current crap is not support it, so I don’t. I am at the point, where I want NO Star Trek at all. If it’s going to be anything like this, don’t call it Star Trek, just make more generic action movie bullshiit for the same fans of Bayformers, and call it something else. 10 years ago, I felt exactly the same way about Enterprise, so it’s a tough situation to swallow. Star Trek is dead. It has been dead for a long time now. Let it exist in the novels.

    I said previously that I actually didn’t think it was the worst film ever made, but I can’t get through it again, I tried. I even got through The Motionless Picture and The Final Frontier more than once. That doesn’t say much about finding any reason to defend this travesty. It looks nice. I’ll give it that. Not nice enough to sit through though.

    At this point, I even despise the cast. Let this incarnation die.


  10. After listening to the first 90 seconds of the narrator’s opinion, there is no reason to continue. Why bother with another 32 minutes?

    Complainers about the new Star Trek movies remind me of the people that wrote-in about Stargate Atlantis and then further amplified their gripes about Stargate Universe. Eventually, there was so much negativity, that these shows (and series) were cancelled. Now, you have nothing to complain about in the SG franchise. Thanks, thanks a bunch.

    – VKM

  11. “Why Star Trek Into Darkness Ultimately Fails”

    I agree to EVERYTHING said here. The movie was such a waste.

  12. I’m not a huge Trek fan. I casually watched TNG, and liked some of the films (saw them all; First Contact was the best). I also went back and watched all the original series films (Wrath of Khan was the best, but overall they weren’t all that great).

    I quite liked both Abrams Trek films. I don’t care about all the nit pickyness about Into Darkness in the video. Yes, I could have done without the cheesy “Khaaannn!!” line, and the deus ex machina of resurrecting Kirk, which could be seen a mile away, and the rehash of the ending of Wrath of Khan but with the roles reversed (and also the blatant showing off of Alice Eve’s body), but other than that, it was quite a fun movie and very entertaining. I only watched about 10 minutes but I could nitpick some of the points she makes too since there are explanations for quite a few of them.

  13. The vocal minority gets a higher soapbox thanks to Screen Rant. No one with an objective view is calling STID a failure. Quite the opposite. The sites that aggregate reviews all have the movie near the top of their lists. This week, EW’s Critical Mass list for the films of 2013 places Star Trek at the top…in the company of other critical darlings such as Captain Philips.

    It’s made more money globally than any other Star Trek movie. The franchise is vibrant and healthy again. But the Talifans that are offended by the tiniest change to the original show are definitely making the most noise…full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    The reviewer hates just to hate. She goes out of her way to suggest how a thrilling opening, full of drama, action and ideas begun in the earliest episodes of TOS, could be executed as a snoozefest. She mocks the science of STID while neglecting to mention that the franchise has been full of convenient technobabble since the beginning. “The Genesis Wave has somehow regenerated Captain Spock.” Eyeroll.

    Most disappointing to me is that the comments from Screen Rant seem to suggest that they have caved to haters. I just listened to your STID podcast recently and every person raved about it…then went on the kiss Robert Orci’s fanny in the follow up interview. Now they have turned on him for his reaction to “honest” reviews. So what’s the implication here SC? Are you saying your initial reviews weren’t honest? Just buttering up the writer/producer to land a marquis interview? Shame on you.

    BTW, I was in that chat room when Mr. Orci was attached. Yes…attacked in the most offensive and disrespectful way possible. The commenter got what he deserved. I was embarrassed to be a Star Trek fan that night.