5 Actors Who Should Play the Next Batman

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Actors To Play New Batman[We wrote this a few months ago, but in light of the recent official announcement of a Superman/Batman movie, we thought we'd re-post this. - Ed.]A character endowed with dual identities is nothing new to drama or fiction, and can lead to some of the richest - or shallowest - performances, depending on the talent entrusted with doing justice to both personas. Batman wasn't the first masked vigilante, but he may have become the most famous. Not to mention the most challenging for actors.Now that it's been officially confirmed that there will be a Batman/Superman movie, we've singled out actors who possess the ability to play the charismatic philanthropist Bruce Wayne, the chilling Bat-Man criminals fear, and the brilliant detective that lays in between.Putting personal hopes or fanboy desires aside, these actors have the skills to play the role convincingly - and more importantly, might actually be considered for the next Batman.

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

While Holloway may forever be known for his southern drawl as Sawyer from ABC's Lost, we know he's capable of much, much more. His turn as Agent Hanaway in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol showed he could pull of the secret agent persona better than some of his fellow cast members, and we're not the only ones who see super-heroism in his future.As much as we'd like our expectations for Quasar in the Marvel world to be tied to Holloway, DC could surprise us by snagging him first, putting his effortless charm into the creation of a new Bruce Wayne/Batman.There was much to like about Lost's Sawyer: a truly scarred man who kept others at a distance, and used charisma to hide his suffering - until someone pushed him too far. Most importantly, Sawyer was a character we wanted to like, despite what darkness we knew lay just beneath the surface. That's a proven Bruce Wayne if there ever was one.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Nightwing Batman vs SupermanAs the lead in USA Networks' White Collar, Matt Bomer's no stranger to characters operating on the fringes of what might be considered 'legal action.' But the success of the show is due in large part to the nuances and likeability Bomer has brought to the stingy and sterile world of crooked millionaires - a trait we hope to see Bruce Wayne exhibit as well.It's easy to see why Bomer has found an audience among females, and gained more fans after his appearance in Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike (2012). DC and Warner Bros. have also noticed Bomer's range, signing him to voice Superman in their next animated feature, Superman: Unbound (2013).The similarity of Bomer to British actor Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) has been noted in the past, looking more like brothers than dramatic foils. While some might see that as a drawback, passionate fans of both heroes' animated TV series might argue that a shared jawline is more essential than problematic.

Anson Mount

Anson Mount Batman Bruce Wayne

Many movie fans may only know Anson Mount from his time working on the railroad as Cullen Bohannon of AMC's Hell On Wheels. Those who've watched the western don't need to be told how much nuance (and beard) Mount has brought to the role, with miniscule dialogue with which to work, and a mission of vengeance driving his character.But beneath that hair, grime and Southern drawl is the same 'heartthrob' that romanced Britney Spears in her big screen debut, Crossroads (2002), meaning Bruce Wayne's public persona isn't too much of a stretch either. If you saw the Jason Statham action flick Safe, you saw Mount's action/combat skills as an evil ex-special forces bagman.Portraying a brooding man on a secret mission  gives Mount an edge at present, with the build and look that would fit right in among Gotham's elite - after that, Batman should be a cakewalk. And as his quirky turn as bespectacled 'Chris' in the underground Poolhall Junkies (2002) proved, he's anything but a one-note performer.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans Fast Furious 6

If Warner Bros. Intends on keeping up their habit of casting lesser-known but proven actors as superheroes with serious depth, then they would do well to take a look at Luke Evans as a successor to the cape and cowl. He's even British!Evans may certainly sit within the 'face, not a name' category at this point, but he's been turning in standout performances in otherwise lacking films (see The Three Musketeers), pairing his looks with undeniable screen presence, and always with an edge or air of unpredictability. His star will continue to rise as 'Bard the Bowman' in the upcoming releases of The Hobbit trilogy, and the central antagonist of Fast Six (2013).For now, the Welsh thespian may be most familiar for his recent performance as Zeus, opposite Henry Cavill in Immortals. Of all the actors on our list, Evans is the only who can already be seen alongside the soon-to-be Man of Steel, and the results speak for themselves.

Richard Armitage

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Richard Armitage

As a regular on the BBC's Spooks (broadcast in North America as MI-5) Richard Armitage has convincingly played one of the British government's most respected (and personally troubled) intelligence agents, as adept at hand-to-hand combat as he is detection and counter-terror investigations. You see where we're going with this.Armitage, like Evans, will be garnering more attention thanks to director Peter Jackson, already having appeared as king-to-be Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. That makeup and digital trickery conceals Armitage's 6'2" frame (and more than a passing resemblance to Hugh Jackman), so he has the stature to go along with the skills.An unknown with a proven track record as a high-level covert operative makes him the perfect fit for the rebooted version of Batman we hope to see, and The Hobbit will certainly be putting him on studios' radars; we hope DC and Warner Bros. are among the first to intercept him.


Actors To Play New BatmanThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could bring all the necessary skills to a new, rebooted Batman in the Man of Steel sequel - and  Justice League. They're not all headlining acts, but we think any director would be remiss to overlook them.What's your take on the possible recasting? Do you think any of our picks are particularly interesting, or will WB and DC buck the trend and go with an established star?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. I could see a couple of people taking on the cowl. My thoughts –
    * Will Arnett. The guy’s already voicing Batman (I know it’s in the Lego movie but still) and it hasn’t been uncommon for comic actors to turn it around and really make splashes in the superhero genre. He has a serious face and I could it behind the mask.
    * Nathan Fillion. He has a touch of the gritty voice and can do both suave/charming (Castle) and dark/dangerous (Serenity and the “Out of Gas” episode of Firefly).
    * Jon Hamm. This was brought up already, but I’m also throwing my voice in support. I think Hamm speaks for itself.
    * Christopher Meloni. The guy made his career doing investigation and taking down the hardest criminals on SVU and almost without breaking a sweat. He’s got the intensity, he’s got the sheer badass capability, and he’s easy on the eyes.
    * Adrian Pasdar. Now I may get some eye rolls here, but hear me out. I’m not the first to think of him as a superhero in the comic book sense (he’s playing Iron Man in “Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” whatever that is), he can rock a suit, again with the gritty voice, and he can play both tortured and easy in making the tough decisions.

    • WOW ~ I can not even begin to tell you how awesome I think it would be if Nathan Fillion was cast as Batman. He is so intelligent, witty, charming, very handsome, and a great actor.

  2. I honestly think matt bomer looks too much like henry cavill to play batman and that the only good actor with these choice is anson mount but he would look too much like the bruce wayne portrayed in the dark knight series by christopher nolan why not go for a new look for bruce wayne? perhaps the classic short hair and more broad look that has been shown in cartoons, comics and video games since the beginning and i think the perfect actor for that look would be matthew fox

  3. Armie Hammer Disney’s “THE LONE RANGER” can make an awesome BATMAN. I think it will be a good idea for him to play Bruce Wayne disguising himself as “The Dark Knight” in BATMAN vs SUPERMAN.

  4. I would pick Jensen Ackles over any of these five save Matt Bomer. Ackles would play both personas of Batman and be awesome.

    • there’s a reason why Ackles doesn’t star in movies

  5. It should be Fassbender

  6. It should be Fassbender.

  7. When WB was initially talking about rebooting Batman, my choice was Matt Boomer. He’s young enough to grow with a franchise and he has the Bruce Wayne Charisma in spades. But since the World’s Finest announcement, Boomer wouldn’t play off well against Henry Cavell. He just doesn’t have Cavell’s screen presence to effectively square up to him. And I mean that “acting chops” wise, not any kind of physical fighting or anything like that. While there are a lot of actors that could pull it off, my choice now is Keanu Reaves.

    While I like Fassbender, he’s not Batman in my mind, he’s Magneto. That and he’s also going to be in Assassin’s Creed. Those two high profile films makes it damn near impossible for him to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman effectively IMHO.

  8. Nah none of them i’m gonna put my money on Stephen Amell, from CW’s Arrow.

    • Cant really do Stephen Amell cause of Arrow, people will go crazy, but i would love it,

  9. I think that Joaquin Phoenix would be a Great Choice for a Older Batman ,if someday they will do a adaptation of Frank Miller The Dark Knight returns
    But as i said it My choice for The Man of Steel 2 would be Michael Fassbender or Scott Adkins

  10. I pick… Jensen Ackles (from Supernatural).
    He has the acting capacity to portray both Batman and Bruce Wayne. (Yes, the two should be distinguished, despite that they’re one person.)

    • Yes, Jensen Ackles would make the perfect Batman! He’s got the acting chops, the look & the voice. Make it happen WB!

  11. So I was just reading an article about this elsewhere, and a name came up that is the only one to have really excited me yet: Jon Hamm. Granted, he might be little old from the standpoint of planning several films. But this Batman thing is make or break for WB. They’re not going to get another chance to build a huge universe if they miscast Bruce Wayne, and they need to get someone with serious, authentic presence. They read that excerpt from The Dark Knight Returns. Jon Hamm. That is all.

    • Because DKR centers on a Batman that’s just come out of retirement, they would need an older actor to do it. However, they’ve said that they’re not doing DKR, they were using that to reveal that there would be conflict between Batman and Superman. In the interest of a multi-movie deal and so that Cavill doesn’t outmatch his Batman costar by too much, they cannot do someone that’s more than 5 years older than him. Jon Hamm is 42, Cavill is 31.

  12. Gabriel Macht from “Suits” would play Bruce Wayne better than any of these actors, and the Batman story is all about Bruce Wayne and his complexities.

    • Batman is all about Batman, Batman’s complexities, and Batman winning. Bruce Wayne is a mask that Batman wears. Also, Macht is 41; he’s too old.

  13. Luke Evans will be amazing Bruce Wayne and Batman too,

  14. Jensen Ackles

  15. Karl Urban. I’m being serious. XD

    • @Levi

      Why would anyone think otherwise? Karl Urban is a very strong choice for Batman, whether people want to notice or not… People seem too preoccupied with who looks like Christian Bale… Let it go guys, that Batman universe is not part of the new connected universe DC is trying to form…

      • They dismiss it because, like many other fan suggestions, he’s too old. Karl Urban is a decade older than Henry Cavill. Urban will 43 by the time Superman/Batman comes out. They need to cast with idea of having this actor be “THE GUY” for several movies. I don’t think they should go with anyone older than 38, unless they absolutely have to.

        • Coincidentally, that’s how old Robert Downey Jr. was when he was in the first Iron Man. I guess you’re right, that would never work…

  16. “Joe” Manganiello

    • Too tall, too buff, and I have no idea if he can play anyone with snobbish sense of entitlement.

  17. Ok so I just finished watching “No One Lives” and I think Luke Evans would be a badass batman !! He would be able to play Bruce Wayne so well , and as well play a very scary but smart /detective batman.
    Luke Evans is my number #1 choice

    • Wise words.

  18. All of these choices are horrible with the exception of Matt Bomer…who looks WAY too much like Cavil …I say go with Jensen Ackles…he’s got the look, the voice, the right age and he wants the role…He’d be a great Batman next to Cavil’s Superman!!!!

  19. From the actual Screen Rant list, my two choices would be Anson Mount and Luke Evans. Both have a very dark and commanding presence, with Mount carrying more natural grit and Evans exuding more natural poise and polish. Don’t quite agree with the idea of someone like Bomer portraying Bruce simply because even outside of the cowl, Bruce still had a natural darkness too him. Bomer has too much brightness in him. If the Nolanverse were ongoing, then yes JGL would be fine because the idea of that version was that anyone could be Batman. However for this movie I imagine the aim is a presence and character more true to the comics. Remember Batman is almost as big as Supes is. Just from mere physicality, neither matches up to what Cavill presented in Man of Steel sizewise. Mount gives that matchup naturally. Evans if selected would have to train his butt off to match up, but if Cavill could do it, so can Evans. Plus Evans and Cavill, based on past interviews, work very well together.

  20. I cast my vote for Sam Witwer…

    • Yes!!! Thank You!!! Sam Witwer would be the perfect comic book batman!!! Which zach Snyder is trying to do! Lol and he’s only 35 so he could do it. I mean Robert Downey jr was like 45 when he started iron man so Sam could definitely do it. He also has the perfect chin

    • Yes!!! Thank You!!! Sam Witwer would be the perfect comic book batman!!! Which zach Snyder is trying to do! Lol and He also has the perfect chin

    • Yes!!! Thank You!!! Sam Witwer would be the perfect comic book batman cuz he does have the chin

      • He doesn’t have the look to be Batman. You’re right he has “the chin.” That’s the problem. That is a very distinctive and identifiable trait that is shown in the Batsuit and that would appear on every picture of Bruce Wayne.

  21. Jensen Ackles should play Batman!

    • Jensen Ackles is the best so far second to Anson Mount. They have a similar look if you shave Mount.

      • Mount is at least 5 years too old. You cannot debut a character for a multi-movie franchise with a early 30’s costar when your actor is currently 40 and looks older.

    • They mean Hoechlin, the guy that plays Derek Hale, not Posey, the main character.

  22. Scott Adkins, since he could actually be Batman in real life.

    • But can he act? Or emote in any believable way?

    • That´s True
      Scott Adkins is phisically THE BATMAN and BRUCE WAYNE it would really be Great if they cast him for the Role

  23. Jensen Ackles would make a great Batman, ’nuff said.

  24. I’m not sure what I think, really, but I can say that none of the actors mentioned in the comments or in the original post would do more research than Richard. He read a book on Nazi psychology for a ten minute role in Captain America!!! He will respect the source material, I think, more than any actor playing the role to date

  25. 1) Too Old.
    2) I might be okay with this
    3) Too Old and not the right look
    4) Not the right look to play either
    5) Too Old, and I don’t know if he can ditch the accent.
    The suggestion that I’ve been the most okay with so far is Tyler Hoechlin, but that’ll depend on his screen test results.

    • It’s kind of funny. Scrolling through this one page alone, every one of your comments except for one has to do with someone being too old… How old are you?? lol 😀

  26. For a younger Batman, I’d like Matt Bomer, Michael Fassbender, or Charlie Hunman. If they go older then Jon Hamm or Gerard Butler. If you’ve seen Bomer in Chuck and White Collar, one can see that he has the chops for it. Plus he is only a couple inches shorter than Cavill. Fassbender is awesome but looks a bit older than his years imo, but still would be great.

  27. For any actor that can still play a teen role in movies or shows shouldn’t be cast as Batman. Also I don’t think it’s a good idea having a blonde batman. It just doesn’t fit. From all the website I’ve seen I think Karl Urban is the best bet so far.

    Please no young modeling dudes are blonde actors. It’s just wrong.