Batman Reboot Could Be ‘Batman Beyond’ Movie?

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Batman Beyond Movie as Batman Reboot Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?

There are many hurdles facing DC/Warner Bros. when it comes to the future of their superhero movie universe – including: how to approach the task (solo character films vs. team-up films), which characters to focus on (Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc…) – and of course, how to treat properties that have already had a recent cinematic run (those lingering Green Lantern and Batman reboot questions).

In the case of Batman, the issue is especially problematic: Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was so beloved by fans that they still can’t accept the idea that it is 100% over – even though the director and his stars keep insisting that it is. Any actor who tries to step into the role so soon after Christian Bale is going to be facing an uphill battle, but a new rumor hints at a scenario that could conceivably help ease the transition.

Batman on Film is claiming that they’ve heard “whispers” that while DC/WB is currently tossing around any number of ideas about how to continue their Batman franchise, one of those ideas – which fans will no doubt appreciate – is to make a cinematic version of the popular ’90s cartoon, Batman Beyond.

For those who don’t know: Batman Beyond was set in the Gotham City of 2039, twenty years after the final appearance of the Batman. Bruce Wayne (now weakened and aged) meets Terry McGinnis, a teenage kid hiding noble sensibilities under a huge chip on his shoulder. After fighting side-by-side with Terry in a skirmish against a local Joker gang, Bruce is left in a debilitated state and must rely on Terry to make it back to his mansion; there, the young man quickly discovers that the old man he’s assisted was actually the legendary hero known as Batman. When the Joker gangsters murder Terry’s father at the behest of a corrupt executive within Wayne’s corporation, Bruce gives Terry the chance for justice in the form of a hi-tech Batman armor and an array of fancy gadgets. After nabbing the bad guys that killed Terry’s father, Bruce and Terry provide one another with new purpose in life, as they embark on a campaign to truly transform Terry into a fully-trained and capable Batman for a new era.

Old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond  Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?

Old Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Beyond’

According to BoF, there could  be two-pronged approach to making Batman Beyond fit within in a DC movie universe – namely by using the character of Bruce Wayne as a bridge. In the Justice League era, Bruce would be in his prime and still active as Batman; in the Batman Beyond future era, Bruce would be aged and serve as mentor to Terry. That theory makes about as much sense as any, and it would certainly be more pleasing to fans that trying to wedge the Terry McGinnis Batman into a modern-day Justice League roster; not to mention, both franchises could benefit from using the same actor as both the old and young versions of Bruce.

As for translating Batman Beyond to the big screen? In the last few years, several studios (including WB) have batted around the idea of making futuristic versions of classic characters like Robin Hood or Zorro – so Batman wouldn’t be all that far-fetched, nor unexpected (fans have been calling for a Batman Beyond live-action movie for years). In terms of adapting the cartoon: a piece of concept art by artist Mark Vick  started circling the Internet awhile back, detailing what the Batman Beyond armor might look like in a live-action film, and the results certainly struck a cord with fans:

Batman Beyond Movie Armor Concept Art Fan Made 570x343 Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?


For my part: Batman Beyond was just one of many great shows that DC/WB put out in the ’90s era, so a film franchise based on that property is already a welcome proposition in my book. More to the point, it would give fans several things they would likely value:

  1. A chance to explore the character of Batman in a new world, from a new angle. 
  2. A chance to explore a new character behind the cape and cowl in a new context, free of the same kind of hinderances that come with trying to, say, introduce the Dick Grayson Batman within a “Bruce Wayne prime” era.
  3. A chance to mix the mythos and thematic strengths of Batman with a bonafide sci-fi movie experience.
  4. Did we mention a rogues gallery that mixes (and remixes) both new and old villains?

Marvel Studios is currently expanding their movie universe into futuristic sci-fi territory with Guardians of the Galaxy - and it will be interesting to see how audiences react to that idea – but clearly, the ambition of mixing superhero action with heavy sci-fi tropes  is already being pursued (WB already tried and failed in that endeavor with Green Lantern). No matter how GoG does, or how lukewarm GL was, Batman is a brand that sells itself, and the notion of “Batman in the future” is one that could easily entice millions of movie fans before they every see one second of trailer footage.

For now, however, this is all conjecture; DC/WB has NOT chosen to go in any particular direction yet (that we know of), but Comic-Con 2013 could (hopefully?)(maybe?) change that. If you need a taste of what Batman Beyond is all about, watch the pilot episode opening, below:

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We’ll keep you updated on any and all Batman movie projects; stay tuned to our Comic-Con 2013 Coverage page so that you don’t miss any breaking news.

Source: Batman on Film

Image sources: EditNinja (via CBM) & Mark Vick 

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  1. As much as I would *LOVE* to see this story in a live action feature film, Cant see this actually seeing the light of the day due to too many reasons:
    Firstly, it wont be *Main Stream-y* enough – the whole futuristic sci-fi setting may still be limiting its box office prospects. The general audiences prefer to see the superheroes in a *real world* setting than in future. This in turn would restrict the warner bros executives main intentions to produce a 1.5 billion (or more) grossing blockbuster. Dont get me wrong that dont want to make a good bat pic; but eventually they would want to make a movie which would make them the most money with the most reliable superhero in their stable. So its all about earning potential.
    Secondly, in a related note, the mainstream audiences still would not fathom or favor why the Batman is not doing the batman stuff & someone else is doing it? I know a lot many people who could react in that way & could be turned off.
    Third – if they had to go for a batman-who-is-not-a-batman option, they (warners) already have a ready made and better sellable option – JGL as robin which could theoretically continue from where the dark knight trilogy left off – the audiences could be made to believe that – why would they go for a newer batman-who-is-not-a-batman in-a-futuristic setting ?

    I Again reiterate I’ll be delight to see Batman beyond…just dont see this happening unfortunately.

  2. You just got through with the batman reboot, so it’ll be like a breath of fresh air to continue with Batman Beyond, you cant do a reboot of the original and the just rebooted franchise just a while after they got done with the Christopher Nolan movies

    • ‘you cant do a reboot of the original and the just rebooted franchise just a while after they got done with the Christopher Nolan movies’

      Why not?

      Would you not go see it? Would people be confused?

      Yes you can.

      • The point was it’s too soon on an intellectual level, sure sheeple would flock to it but (much like The “Amazing” Spider-Man) it would have to try to distance itself from its predecessor too much and screw up basic and fundamental pieces of the character’s story, regardless of what your opinion of the predecessor was.

        • You mean like Nolan didn’t screw up basic fundamental parts of the character’s story? He didn’t add characters that were never in the comics? He didn’t change practically everyone’s origin stories? People will go see it, not because they’re sheeple, but because they love the character. It’s the same reason people read different story lines in the comics: it’s all the character. And to say it’s too much on an intellectual level makes it sound like you’re calling people stupid.

          • 90% of people dont know his proper origin story, dont pretend like everyone knows every fascet of a fictional character. Nolan didnt screw anything he changed them willingly. People will see the character for the name

        • What just because you like movie/character/story there is a perceived time frame before it can be redone/reimaged/rebooted?

          I dont understand the term used ‘intellectual level’. I wont make an assumption as to what you might have been inferring.

          However people are not stupid when it comes to movies and change. In less then three years Rhodey was changed and there was no difference.

          The thing most complained about was the story. As long as the story makes sense and the film overall is done well there should be no issue.

          Now am I saying change a character every 6 months with a new twist/reboot/actors/etc? No but 2 or more years after the last one there should be no issue with starting anew.

          It wont have to try and distance itself. The only comparison you will get is the story and acting levels. If it comes out like the Batman TV series then yes you will get backlash. If it comes out like Death in the Family you go down a whole different path.

          They do not have to make it clear as day that there is no more Nolanverse. I will say it again the public does not need to be hand held and coddled.

          If your Writing, Acting and Directing are top notch people wont care. It is only the fanbois that THINK there will be an issue.

          • Never said it didn’t have missteps (I personally thought Rises was a trainwreck of an end to a great new take on Batman), did he change things? Yes, but up until TDKR the small alterations were tolerable for the sake of story. And no, calling a move unintelligent doesn’t necessarily mean I’m calling people stupid, smart people do stupid things all the time. Is this a financially sound decision? Of course. Is it a smart idea to reboot it so soon from a fan-service standpoint? Heck no! And comics are different, you can pick and choose what you read, with movies the universe is permanently stuck with that movie’s existence (especially if it’s part of something bigger AKA Iron Man 3 and the MCU).

            And the difference between Rhodey’s was noticeable and a detriment, Howard acted better as both military and Tony’s best friend, Chedle is good too but gives a noticeably different performance. But that’s beside the point, the point is that it’s both a lack of respect to the predecessor and doesn’t give people a chance to cleanse their movie palate in between blockbuster releases.

            And I resent the accusation of being a fanboy, I am one of the most critical people when it comes to franchises I like which is a driving force in my opinion. (Sorry about the length).

            • ‘Is it a smart idea to reboot it so soon from a fan-service standpoint? Heck No!’

              Yet you never give a reason. Fan-service I will assume you mean the comic fans? Casual fans (which make up more seats then comic fans) dont care.

              Respect and Clean their palate? How long does it take one to clean their palate of a movie? Again it took 2 years for Iron Man, 5 for Spidey, 6 for Superman. As for respect there is no respect it is a business. An entertainment business. If they can both entertain why does it matter? I pay my money to be entertained not to have a deep longing relationship with the film series. Again if the writing etc is worth it it is money/time well spent.

              It has been about a year for Bats by the time they nail it down, get the writing, actors and directors it will be 3 if not more. People will have had time for their palate to be cleansed heck some are ready now.

              I was not jabbing at you as being a fanboi. If you enjoy movies you should be able to watch the same character in two different stories with two different sets of actors and enjoy them both for what they are. I can watch Tobey and Andrew back to back and still enjoy both of them.

              • I’d honestly say 5, especially for a bigger series. If you start planning a reboot within a year after the last of a series it’s too soon. I realize that puts us at 2017/18 but in the meantime you build up to it, especially considering the amount of introductions that need to be made for a JL movie (origin movies are important, especially for comic-based characters),and even more so for characters yet to be properly adapted to film (Cyborg immediently comes to mind).

                And I know there’s no respect, but there should be. I know I’m not talking about what actually will be done, I’m talking about how things should be done, everything and everyone is treated well and given the time it needs to come out well. I guess that’s my biggest fear here, I don’t want more Batman churned out for the sale of money, I want PROPERLY developed movies. Besides, it also shows a lack of respect for the cast and crew of the new entry because now you have to follow the last film up while it’s still on people’s brains.

                “I pay my money to be entertained not to have a deep longing relationship with the film series.” But that’s what makes for good storytelling, if Star Wars hadn’t been built the way it was but was instead made only for entertainment value (AKA a popcorn flick), would it have had as much a cultural impact as it has had? When people look back on our time of cinima (probably something like “The Plastic Age”) I want them to look back at the MCU and (hopefully) DCFU(?) as this generation’s defining Sagas, not Twilight and whatever tween garbage they think of next. So actually, a deep connection IS important, for sheer entertainment look to something like The Expendables.

                As far as fan-service goes it’s a multi-layered beast: you have to be pleasing to more casual audiences while also informative and true to character to form a good introduction. For more well-versed fans it has to build their knowledge and appreciation while presenting a character they’re already familiar with and for diehards you have to play out a story that represents the character pushed to their limits and proving how far they will go and having the understanding and BACKBONE (*ahem* Nolan anyone?) to play it through to the correct ending, you must make them look at this film and say “THAT was a Batman film”. By rebooting so soon you don’t let it sink in as completely as it could because you’re sitting there compairing it to the other movies.

                • But you more or less convey the reason FOR reboots that are sooner rather than later.

                  Because of it being a multilayered beast the reboots (again within reason) can be made.

                  As long as it is well done. Which includes not insulting us fans of the history and appealing to the casuals.

                  You cant have a DCFU (DC Film Universe) without Batman. In order to have Batman in a DCFU you need to expect (casual and fans alike) a Justice League.

                  At this time Superman (MoS) is the tent pole. If you had Bruce Wayne show up in MoS (or even eluded to) you have already pushed away the Nolanverse.

                  No one will ever say ooo ooo we are going to see Bale. They want Batman. They dont (to a degree) care who is under the cowl as long as it is a fairly accurate representation of the Dark Knight.

                  While you enjoy the lasting impressions a film series leaves on you, I want the overall stories that can/should be told as fast as possible. Again within reason and with quality.

                  Sorry as for SW and the its following…. it is a shell of other movies/stories before it. Deep down it is nothing but a good vs evil. The story telling and stuff when examined is sub par. It was just great for its time.

                  • Is that MCU the one with Voldimore???

                  • I think Dave Chapelle should play the new Batman, imagine a Black Bat man that tells jokes.
                    Alfred should be played by Simon Cowell.
                    Robin should be played by Mac Miller and Batman keeps using him as an ashtray for his cigarettes. And kicks him down the stairs all the time.
                    Commissioner Gordon should be played by a stressed out Jesse Einsburg in Old man Makeup.
                    The Joker should be played by the Dad from Grounded for life. And through out the movie joker should yell at everyone… that there grounded for life.

                  • Personally I think before any of this Warner Brothers needs to turn out the Space Jam Sequel. Michael Jordan started doing underwear commercials the guy is so bored.

                  • First off, I don’t know how you get sooner out of what I just said but my thoughts are clearly for later.

                    Moving forward it’s not insulting to make it ACCESSABLE to casual viewers, why not share the love? Warping key pieces of Batman mythology is one thing, I’m just talking about making things just a little more understandable to those not familiar with Batman. For example: Instead of just saying “The Bat don’t use guns” maybe just explain why he doesn’t just blow the Joker’s brains out since he’s a murderous psycho that’ll just break out and do it again with a clever plot device like in The Red Hood (great example of Batman done right), not saying dumbing it down but making it a little easier to digest, and maybe just only the first one, might not need to do that for any sequels depending on the plot.

                    And YES they care who plays him, going by your logic Bill Hader could play him, Batman is equal parts the Bat as well as the Man. The symbol and human machine underneath. And I agree, don’t drag it out too long, but pacing is important. The original Star Wars was too drawn out and it suffers a little in my opinion. But then again you can’t move too fast or people get lost, even longtime fans.

                    As a side note: I take it you aren’t much into the Star Wars Expanded Universe, there are some GREAT canonical works, Galen Marek’s story from The Force Unleashed project in particular fleshes out some SW storylines nicely.

                    • Sooner based on your last paragraph except for the last sentence.

                      How long does a story take to sink in? You give wondrous reasons for sooner rather than later then ruin it with that last sentence which makes no sense which appears you assume people have the attention span of years. Some do, however most have the attention span of a rock.

                      Having a Batman (or any other movie) change story lines (especially after a story line has been told re: Nolans Batman) soon is no big deal. The story is over. What must I wait 5 years for everyone else to ‘get it’?

                      Why Batman does not kill is quite simple. He is a good guy. He has seen violence first hand with the deaths of his parents. Cowards use guns. A simple one line in the movie can cover that. People know enough about Batman. They tried all that stuff in Vals Batman….. ;)

                      You are sharing the love when you dont show horn people into believing Nolans Batman was the be all end all. You are sharing the love when you bring another Batman out sooner rather then later showing that there are other stories other sides truer representations of the character out there.

                      As I said about the person playing him… to a degree. However going off Nolans Batman anyone can be Batman……… In the books I believe his background has changed a bit. I remember reading Shaman. Is that still canon or was it ever? Hence the reason TRUE fans need to stay away from the movies. There is a fine line in comics between great story telling and WTF moments especially when talking to the general public.

                      No I am not into the SW expanded Universe. I enjoyed the Toon(and movies) on CN but never got into the novels and such. I did play the Kyle FPSers though Dark Forces I believe they were called.

                    • I stand by what I’ve said, I believe time and understanding all levels of fan-dom are necessary to reboot any character, especially one we all love so much. As well as a fair amout of respect for all involved. That being said it apparently doesn’t matter because they’re just going to shove a new Batman into the next Man of Steel apparently, which I have my own issues with but as far as the series of DC movies goes it might not be a bad idea this close to TDKR. I guess this discussion is moot now anyway.

                    • I did also want to say though that I think the Arkham series of games is a good example of serving as both an introduction to newer fans while pleasing the hardcore ones, and still providing a fun overall experience. I would not be upset if a new director followed Rocksteady’s stories (heck, just have them make it).

                      P.S. I’ve just taken some cold medicine (For a cold people!) so if this seems a little left of center please forgive my lowered grasp of the English language.

                • The expendables is have been a reason onset diabetez all shugar no shake. when wake up in my morning allI see is Affleks, Stellers, Demon, Pott no klass… What have we done. Am there no gre quality for comumpssssiiioooonnn, or is wee all chumps?
                  I ask you.

                  • Are you high?

                    No, seriously…I’m concerned.

                    • You have to pay the troll toll if you wanna touch the boys hole.

                    • Paddy…

                      Seek help.

    • Why they did it with Spider-Man

  3. I’d totally be down for a Batman Beyond film. It’d be cool to have two time periods within the universe, I think that’d introduce a couple of intersting storylines. I wish they’d do a Nightwing film as well.

    • Can’t do Nightwing without having a Robin first. And yeah I’d like whole 2 time periods thing. That’d be unique.

      • Why does there have to be a Robin first? One line of dialogue can explain that Nightwing used to be Batman’s sidekick/Robin before he graduated to his own alter-ego.

      • Yeah I was thinking about that but, while it would piss off a lot of the hardcore fanboys, they can maybe modify the origin a bit. It’d be risky though considering it has to accommodate for all the history between Batman and when Dick Grayson was Robin but I think it can still be done.

      • I’m still confused on exactly how much Robin’s there are. First there was Dick Grayson, then the one that died, thrown into the Lazarus pit and came back as the Red Hood (Nightwing’s nemesis…?), and then Tim Drake… Right??

  4. Do I want this? Heck yeah! But it needs to be done right, otherwise DC/WB blames the change of Bruce for Terry as Batman and we don’t hear anything about a Beyond movie for another 15 years (close enough).

    ALSO Nolan, Bale and Levitt are done with Batman (and considering how that marathon of a third movie ended, it’s for the best).

  5. I am totally fine with this as long as Batman is still Bruce Wayne in the JL movies. They can do both. They could even use the same actor Bruce and do some Story of Benjamin Button makeup for Batman Beyond. They’re gonna need to introduce Cadmus in JL as well if they wanna tie in Amanda Waller. She was the entire reason Terry became Batman.

    • The expendables is have been a reason onset diabetez all shugar no shake. when wake up in my morning allI see is Affleks, Stellers, Demon, Pott no klass… What have we done. Am there no gre quality for comumpssssiiioooonnn, or is wee all chumps?
      I ask you.

    • Is Benjamin Button that Voldimore???

  6. At this point I don’t really care how they approach it they made a mess of man of steel so what’s stopping them from making a mess of batman once again? I’m not really sure who is really responsible for but I bet this whole lead to justice league is going to be as campy as clooneys batman.

  7. A Batman Beyond film would be fantastic! I loved the show: such a great character and the premise is really good. Batman Beyond could be such a great, unique cross-genre piece, what with the heavy sci-fi/thriller aspects.

    That said, shouldn’t DC be focusing on introducing a Batman to appear in the Justice League movie? Something not too far off from the Arkham games maybe? (gritty, dark, but still having that fantastical, gothic tone as well). A new Bruce Wayne that is believable standing next to Henry Cavill’s Superman? IMO that should be the priority.

    …so yeah, I’d love to see this, but if it’s at the cost of seeing Batman in a JL movie, I’d prefer it if they hold off for now.

    • you don’t need to introduce Batman, He is freaking Batman everyone knows who is he. He is the caped crusader why can’t he show up in Justice League all the time with the cowl. Thats what makes Batman so interesting how mysterious he is.

      • It’d be kinda cool if there was someway they could keep which actor is actually playing batman a secret, even in the movie itself.

  8. why not both?

    • Why not Zoidberg?

  9. Get the Wachowskis to direct! The futuristic scenes from cloud atlas were great. I can picture batman beyond have a similar vibe.

  10. Would be cool to see them jump 40 years into the future of Nolan’s Gotham. Let Bale’s much older Batman train a new Batman aka Terry McGinnis. Nolan’s Gotham is established with rich characters that fans wouldn’t mind seeing what happened to them.

    Might excite Bale to put on some make up on and stretch himself.

    I think Nolan would love it since he seems to be into the sci fi thing now.

    What do you guys think?

    Even though I know these guys are done with Batman would be cool to see.

  11. Oh my god yes!!! I love Batman Beyond but I don’t think its ever gonna happen.

  12. This would be better than acting like Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Dark Knight trilogy never happened. Set it like 10 years after or so maybe even a few months after TDKR. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Fincher in

  13. This is perfect, and genius. Yes, yes! Contribute to any all new Batman and follow-up from latest Batman (without touching Nolan’s Batman, and at the same time not acting like Nolan’s Batman never happened), and the audience will automatically assume it’s just a spin-off from Nolan’s movie. Yes, YES.

    Make it happen.

  14. On a side note, all the batman beyond episodes are on Netflix. They’re just add good as I remembered them!

  15. How about this for a Batman introduction. It borrows from a few stories that have already been done, but it can work. In Young Justice, Kid Flash goes back in time on a one-way trip, only in this case it’s a clone of Bruce Wayne, who is already trained to be the Batman everybody wants. His deep, dark secret is that he is from the future, and was created as a joint effort between Cadmus and, wait for it, Vandal Savage !!! He would have a small team come back with him to form Batman, Inc as well, and have some cool future tech. Who do we need to talk to in Hollywood guys, I’m available to jump on board with this !!

  16. I think this would be a smart idea on DC’s part the series was pretty great i’m up for it sure

  17. Eh…

    I would love a Beyond movie, but not as the first introduction to Batman’s part of this universe. Maybe open with a huge foreshadowing towards Terry McGinnis and “Project: Batman Beyond”, but not an entire movie YET.

    You want the general audience to understand the main focus is on the original Batman, which is Bruce Wayne. Once that is defined, Bale’s story will be put aside by those who think this was supposed to be continuing Nolan’s trilogy. Because when TASM was marketing, a lot of people thought it was supposed to be connected to Raimi’s SM trilogy. A lot of those people didn’t find out until they actually watched it.

    A new Bruce Wayne must be born before you venture off into the world of Terry McGinnis. It would make a genius movie after the majority understands that it’s not Nolan and Bale anymore.

  18. If they are going to do an aging Batman movie, I want THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. With Jeff Bridges.

  19. So instead of doing the OBVIOUS thing and continue with the current POPULAR version of Batman, someone comes up with this idea? WB never falis to amaze me with the absolute dumbest ideas. Here is an idea…why not have George Clooney play an aged Batman? (I am sure something like that would actually be taken seriously).

    My advice to WB … sell their DC property!

    • It’s popular because it’s the only freaking version we’ve had for the last 7 years. Will Ferrel has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t make him funny. Ultimate Spider-Man is a crappy show but it’s still running. Die Hard is still alive, Fast and Furious is still alive.

      You’re just PO’d because I remember making you some high and mighty comment on another article, claiming up and down non-stop, that Nolan and Bale were returning because they like to keep things secret and, (gasp), you were WRONG. Which automatically makes everything that isn’t what you wanted a “dumb move made by the studio”.

      And now you’re going to wish death upon the franchise because they didn’t meet your precious Nolan needs. You aren’t the first one to do this and it gets old.

      • You have NO idea what you are talking about and let me prove it to you!

        “It’s popular because it’s the only freaking version we’ve had for the last 7 years.”

        ANSWER: If that is the case then Superman Returns should have been popular

        “You’re just PO’d because I remember making you some high and mighty comment on another article, claiming up and down non-stop, that Nolan and Bale were returning because they like to keep things secret and, (gasp), you were WRONG.”

        ANSWER: I never stated that the were coming back, I stated that Nolan does not need to come back as a director (as with Man of Steel) and that Bale NEVER said he would ONLY work for Nolan or that he did not want to return to the role. People have read into what he said because they want Bale to somehow endorse their personal desire (the vast minority by the way) the he should not come back.

        “And now you’re going to wish death upon the franchise because they didn’t meet your precious Nolan needs.”

        ANSWER: I don’t wish “death” on anyone or anything…but if a studio is so stupid as to piss away their MOST popular Batman and literally hope that they can “reboot” him after literally years of failed attempts at superhero films, then it does not take a rocket scientist to know what is going to happen when they do try to reboot the character. Marvel understood this perfectly (and no I am not a Marvelite) when they made sure the Robert Downey Jr. reprise his role as Iron Man – despite him also similarly suggesting he wanted to do something else.

        Fans have every right to express what they want to see. Poll after poll has shown the PUBLIC would like Christian Bale reprise his role and the Dark Knight movies incorporated into a Justice League film(s). Don’t you think that WB should listen to the public?

        • Can you PLEEEASE stop whining? Just go write the script yourself, turn it in to DC, LEAVE US ALONE!


          • I don’t “whine” about anything or anyone. I express my opinion. I understand that you don’t want to read it because time after time I prove my point and completely disprove yours but that is no reason for you to try to pretend that 1) you represent anyone other than yourself (“…LEAVE US ALONE”) and 2) what I write is not the truth!

            If Warner Brothers wants me to write a script or even a treatment I would be happy to do so. All they need do is ask!

            • Your constant complaining is the DEFINITION of whining. As for your “truth”, get a dictionary. Your truth is nothing more than your OPINION…thus, no more legitimate or correct than ANYONE else’s.

              You never PROVE or DISPROVE anything; you simply say your own drivel louder and more forcefully.

              • Of course…you have nothing to say so you resort to labeling …excuse me …trying to label what I wrote as “whining” and “drivel.” The fact that you cannot refute it in any constructive way must make you REALLY upset.

                • Heh-heh…I have nothing to refute. After all, how can an OPINION be refuted?

                  …and that is ALL you have.

  20. MICHAEL KEATON or KEVIN CONROY For OLDER BRUCE WAYNE NOW!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN! They are two people I can only see playing the Older Bruce Wayne Damnit, If WB wants to get any kind of Love back from the Fans they will do this Right and Put Either Michael or Kevin in that Role!!!!!

    • MK FTW!!

  21. Michael Keaton should definitely play the old Bruce Wayne.

    • Michael Keatons Career has s*** the bed.

      • +1

        Take my like Paddys.

      • Paddy, stop rolling on E. Keaton is still a very talented actor.

        • Hey Maz!
          Michael Keaton- You peaked harder then Nicholas Cages Hairline, Boom Roasted!

          The greatest movie in your career was centered around you beating the crap out of Danny De Vito, Boom Roasted!

          But you did a great job as president in Air Force One… No wait that wasn’t you that was Harrison Ford, Boom Roasted.

          Beetlejuice, White Noise, Mr. Mom, Multiplicity, and Jack Frost… the story of a Dead Dad who takes the Body of a slowly melting, hockey playing snowman, All set to Sheryl Crow singing Landslide in the backround, Boom Roasted!

        • @Maz
          Michael Keaton- You peaked harder then Nicholas Cages Hairline, Boom Roasted!

          The greatest movie in your career was centered around you beating the crap out of Danny De Vito, Boom Roasted!

          But you did a great job as president in Air Force One… No wait that wasn’t you that was Harrison Ford, Boom Roasted.

          Beetlejuice, White Noise, Mr. Mom, Multiplicity, and Jack Frost… the story of a Dead Dad who takes the Body of a slowly melting, hockey playing snowman, All set to Sheryl Crow singing Landslide in the backround, Boom Roasted!

  22. The WB is always considering doing something. Isn’t this like the second time they’ve talked about a Batman Beyond movie? Come on WB/DC follow through with something, please!

    • Yess agree have none gone right? Am it one hug mess… Soon I call taxi he come pikk up me, and I say c U Tomm Welling, C U cieraa geller, good bye Famous Jett Jackson. Maybenotherday, maybenotherday.
      Answer if u C to it.

  23. LAME, LAME, LAME……stop trying to “stuff” the franchise

  24. I would like to see a Batman Beyond, but, a JL movie needs Bruce Wayne.

    • +1

    • +1

  25. I was thinking Clint Eastwood would be an awesome older Bruce Wayne (he might be a bit too old though)

    • No Eastwood…. Grrrr It’s Michael Keaton or Kevin Conroy for Older Bruce Wayne or Bust. These two men are the the Face and the Voice of Bruce Wayne. I’d give it to Conroy for one reason he’d be in Terry’s ear and we’d all enjoy the dulcent tones of the Barry White of Voice Actors while we watched Terry kick ass. Conroy can talk a fangirls pants off with a simple “I’m Batman”!

      • There’s no denying Kevin Conroy is THE voice of Batman, but this will be alive action movie, meaning it’s not just about the voice.

    • As long as hes the same racist D-bag as in Grand Torino. I wanna see him pull a shot gun out on a Asian Peguin reboot, and say get the hell off my lawn.

    • Stephen Lang for an older Bruce Wayne.

  26. No thanks.

    Hated the Batman Beyond show. Like, really didn’t like it.

    • It relied too much on the classic Batman, I agree. The villains were bland and forgettable.

      The only things I loved about Beyond were:

      1.) Terry McGinnis
      2.) Batman Beyond batsuit
      3.) The music
      4.) Bruce Wayne mentoring Terry McGinnis
      5.) “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker”

  27. Seems like this makes sense as a way to do something new with Batman on film, and perhaps fit into the continuity of the Justice League without crowding the waters in the present. I’ve never seen Batman Beyond…

  28. A batman beyond movie as a reboot is a terrible idea